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Domain Password Generator extension

Q: Domain Password Generator extension

Hi everyone,

today I want to share with you this useful extension, which allows you to generate passwords from website's domain and master passphrase.

Original description:

This firefox extension allows you to generate site-specific password from a single master password. This avoids the hassle of remembering a unique password for each website you sign up to.

We all have dozens (or even hundreds) of website accounts we have to remember. We are then tempted to reuse the same password for several websites. If one of them is hacked or malevolent, you risk exposing your other accounts.

It mixes together your personal master password and the website domain using a little cryptographic magic we call SHA-1. It will always get the same result if given that domain name and master password, but will never get that result if either changes. (Well, once in a few billion times it might.)Click to expand...

This extension is avalaible for Mozilla Firefox and Firefox-based browsers.

LINK: Domain Password Generator

Github page: GitHub - xvello/moz-password-generator: Generates unique passwords from website's domain and master passphrase

Thank you all for reading

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Preferred Solution: Domain Password Generator extension

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Dell D600 Lost HDD password, need the SN run through a password generator if anybody can help me out? I know Rustam has one but havent been able to reach him.

SN #**84A51529T-595B

Thanks Muchata

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Hiya; my first time. Would someone suggest a password generator/manager? I've had a heck of a time trying to install such systems as RoboForm and webreplay. Thanks

A:Password generator and manager

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I thought of this idea that there should be a downloadable program to generate and remember unique passwords to every site you visit that requires a password.Everyone knows that it is dangerous to have a same password for every site you use that requires a password.However, it is very inconvient to have to create a different uniqure password for every site you ever visit that requires one. It would be near impossible to accuraetly and safely store such passwords.Does anyone know of a program that you can download that will safely generate unique passwords and apply them to any and all sites you may visit?EDIT: Moved to more appropriate forum - MG

A:Password generator program

I do not use it but know many that do and love it. RoboForm

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I just deployed LAPS out to all out windows 7 computers and it has been great, but there has been a slight issue with the passwords it generates. The technicians have been getting confused when similar characters are being used, such as upper case I and
lowercase l, or O' and 0 which has caused them to occasionally lockout the local admin account and have to wait 30 minutes before they can try to login again. Does anyone know if it is possible to remove select characters from the password generator so that
it cannot use these similar characters?

Thanks in advance
Or another thought, is it possible to change the font to another one that better distinguishes these similar characters?

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I have gone through all the steps suggested to get rid of the virus. I have random files in my c: drive under the X Password Generator file and I can't uinstall or delete them. I am having browser problems where randomly (especially when I am going to sites to try to fix my problem), I get an error message; the address switches to http://idsnerror.com and there is an icon at the top of the page with the following message: "The page you are looking for is probably blocked by adware/spyware on your PC. remove it with System Doctor software. Click here."I did have Virus blaster removed on Sunday, which is the same day I was infected with the X Password Generator files.The following is my log:Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 6:40:18 PM, on 10/17/2006Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\Ati2evxx.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\Ati2evxx.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.e... Read more

A:Virus Blaster / X Password Generator / System Doctor

Hi and welcome to Bleeping Computer! My name is Sam and I will be helping you. Please download SmitfraudFix (by S!Ri) to your Desktop.Extract all the files to your Destop. A folder named SmitfraudFix will be created on your Desktop.=======================Please download AVG Anti-Spyware and save that file to your desktop.This is a 30 day trial of the programOnce you have downloaded AVG Anti-Spyware, locate the icon on the desktop and double-click it to launch the set up program.Once the setup is complete you will need run ewido and update the definition files.On the main screen select the icon "Update" then select the "Update now" link.Next select the "Start Update" button, the update will start and a progress bar will show the updates being installed.Once the update has completed select the "Scanner" icon at the top of the screen, then select the "Settings" tab.Once in the Settings screen click on "Recommended actions" and then select "Quarantine".Under "Reports"Select "Automatically generate report after every scan"Un-Select "Only if threats were found"Close AVG Anti-Spyware. Do not run a scan yet!========================Open the SmitfraudFix folder and double-click smitfraudfix.cmdSelect option #1 - Search by typing 1 and press EnterThis program will scan large amounts of files on your computer for known patterns so please be patient while it works. When it is... Read more

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I have a Machine with windows 7 x64 pro which was connected to a domain controller that is dead and not available anymore.
I want to continue to use this computer standalone and keep all the software and configurations already installed, however i need to change my pass and i am not able to do it getting this msg : configuration
information could not be read from the domain controller, either because the machine is unavailable, or because access is denied.
How can i solve this (change the pass or copy all the user settings to local) without the domain controller server?
thank you

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We have a remote user using windows 7 pro 32 bit and  cisco vpn on his laptop.
The remote user is prompted to change his password while he is connected to the domain during the vpn session.  He follows the prompts to the change the password.
When he performs the following Ctlr+Alt+Del, selects lock, and now tries to unlocks the laptop with the new password he  receives the message of 
?The trust relationship  between this workstation and the primary domain failed?
In order to get into the laptop   the remote user restarts the laptop and uses the old password with his domain username.
Even though he is vpn into the network  the remote user  is unable to gain access to any network resources since domain password was changed.
VPN password and domain password are different.  The Cisco VPN username/password account is keep on the ASA.  The domain username/password is keep on a Microsoft server. 

Does anybody know how to get the changed domain password onto the laptop while VPN?

Thank YOU!

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Hi everyone!

Today I want to share this new, and really simple, extension, Password Field.

This extension simply allows you to show and hide passwords fields in the webpages, and it is avalaible for Mozilla Firefox and Firefox-based browsers, but there are also other extensions like that avalaible for Chrome and Chrome-based browsers, for example: ShowPassword

LINK: Password Field

Thank you all for reading ​

A:Password Field extension

This is an excellent utility add-on! It is not always necessary for passwords to be invisible while they are being entered.

I would like to contribute to this thread, if I might, with the following related add-on: Password Exporter
Password Exporter is a nifty add-on which allows you to export the passwords and usernames which are saved in your Firefox browser, to .xml or .csv files. (NOTE: The add-on also allows you to obfuscate those files for extra security in storing your passwords)
You can keep the exported files as a backup and you can restore them at any time in any Firefox browser that has this same add-on installed.

Thanks for sharing this add-on, @Jo Man!

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I've managed to setup email forwarding for my wife's new marketing business so I get emails coming to the POP3 email account [email protected] from the email address [email protected] and also [email protected]

However, when I send an email it appears (in someone else's inbox) to come from
Joanna Rigby <[email protected]> when I would like to appear to come from
Joanna Rigby <[email protected]>

I want them to see her domain name @madeyousmile.co.uk NOT the pophost.123-reg info.

Any suggestions on how I do this please? I'm running Microsoft Outlook Office 2007.

kind regards,

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Keepass and similar softwares have "edit/view" button where the password can be seen easily.

Do you guys know if there are any similar softwares where it is not possible to edit/view/see the password?

So: Only one master password and all the usernames and passwords would be under that for copy&pasting?

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Problem: When installing KTS and KPM, KPM doesn't install chrome extension...so I have to manually find it...which is brutal.

I contacted Kaspersky support, they sent me to this link:

How to add the Kaspersky Password Manager 8.0 (Windows) extension to Google Chrome

Unfortunately, the extension on that list is different than the one I had 10 days ago (had to re-install). Does anyone know where I can get the updated (if there is one) extension? The one I had before was more polished looking than this one (chrome icon matched the look of the KPM tray icon).

A:Kaspersky Password Manager Chrome Extension

Found it!

Kaspersky Password Manager

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So I bought my daughter a new PC from Christmas ... we now have 4 PCs at home ...

So, I decided to finally form a Workgroup to network the PCs as well as network the Printer.
All is fine EXCEPT on one of my PCs, I changed the domain to the new WorkGroup ... I rebooted, but now it won't accept my previous password which was, I believe, tied to the old domain....

I can not log onto this PC ... HELP !!!
It is running MS Windows 2000 Pro


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I recently purchased a Lenovo / IBM notebook from a company that I worked for and tried to change the domain to my home network (workgroup). My user ID and password now does not work and I am not able to sign on. Is there anyway that I can recover short of a factory reinstall?

A:Solved: Domain Password

Unless you can re-join to the domain, no easy way, so I suggest a clean install of XP.

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I have searched google far and wide without a solution with no luck so maybe someone here has had the same issue. At my work we are having an issue when people are changing their domain password and Outlook immediately forgetting the password for their Pop3 account that the users have saved.

The only possible problem I can see - We use to have norton corporate v10.1 and it was ripped out about 3 months ago using Rnav2003.exe utility

Any help would be greatly appretiated

A:domain password / outlook

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Quick question :

If i enable the GPO Minimum password age = 1 day : can a domain administrator reset multiple times in a day this users password? or is the domain admin blocked as well through reset password in AD?

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I have this strange problem I don't know how to solve:

I've forgotten my password (I haven't used the account for months)
The password/account is a domain account but the computer is not currently connected to the network/domain (and there's no chance of doing so for a long while).

I know XP caches the domain account password somewhere on the local machine because you can usually login to that profile even if you're not connected to the domain but as long as you have the right domain selected at the login screen.

Fortunately, I remember the (local) Administrator password so I have full access to the system but don't know how to retrieve the password for the other account!

any ideas? Would much appreciate any help. cheers!


A:Domain password problem!

Welcome to TSF

Please read the Rules, we cannot assist in bypassing passwords.



We will not provide any user with information about the location of websites that assist with the following activities

? software pirating
? hacking
? password cracking
? keystroke recording software
We will also not offer advice, assistance or instruction with regard to any of the above activities, illegal or otherwise.

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Im setting up a new PC on my works domain, the PC is running windows 2000 im afraid as i dont have an XP or higher disk to hand at the moment....anyway! Once ive added it to the domain and it restarts, i need to log in as administrator to add the correct user, but it keeps saying the password is wrong, when its definitely not! Administrator is spelled correctly, so is the password and the correct domain is selected, but it keeps saying its wrong. I can access admin account on other domain machines but only this new one...

Any clues?

A:Solved: Domain Password

Are you trying to log in with the local computer's Administrator account or a domain administrator account? If it's the local admin account, are you selecting the local computer name in the Domain drop-down box at the login screen?

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It's Win98 (don't laugh) and I'm getting the following message: "The domain password you supplied is not correct, or access to your logon server has been denied"

I'm not sure how the password got altered because all the workstations have the same password but this one is the only one not working and it's the most important.

I have both Elcomsoft: Proactive System Password Recovery and Passware but I've yet to be successful in recovering the password.

Again the password is for the network as I can get on locally.

Any help in greatly appreciated.

A:Domain Password not working?


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I just purchased a toshiba computer which I hate.  I'm trying to get on internet explorer and I keep getting a log in  which says  connecting to 062d-gni-wfe-pri-vip-spoded.com. . .asking for log in and password which I don't know. 
How do I find out what the login and password are?


Do you mean that IE is automatically redirected to the webpage and inform you to type a name\password which you don't know? Are you able to connect to other webpages? Please check whether the internet connection is fine. Some ISP might inform you to enter
an credential if you want to gain internet connection via IE.
If the webpage is not set by ISP and you even don't know why it occurs, then I would recommend you run a virus scan in case malware\virus infection.
Or open IE, check the homepage, please also check IE proxy setting under internet option\Connections\LAN settings.
Or Lanch IE in no add-ons mode, check the result, run iexplore.exe -extoff
to launch IE in no add-ons mode.
Yolanda Zhu
TechNet Community Support

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i have found out howto recover or i should say reset the administrator password on a windows 2000 computer running pro or server (server as a member server), but i haven' found out how to reset/recover the administrator password on a domain controller. could someone pls help.

to recover an administrator password, i used a program called passware, great software for it.


A:Domain Password Recovery


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I would like to know if anyone can tell me the difference between a workgroup and domain. Also, is it possible to put a password on a workgroup? I am running xp pro, if that affects anything.

A:Domain and password question

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I'm new here and had a (hopefully) simple question.

I log on to my companies domain through Cisco's VPN. Our policy requires I change my domain password every 90 days. How do I do this?

If I log on to VPN, then CNTL/ALT/DEL, then "Change Password", it doesn't seem to work.

My PC is not on the company's domain when I boot, it's a stand alone PC.

Any thoughts welcome!


A:Change password in another domain

you should have your own technical support team at the company you work for. They will be able to advise you. Im not giving out any free hacking advice even if you pay me. The rules on this site are clear http://www.techsupportforum.com/foru...ork&page=rules
see section 3 paragraph 2

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Hey guys, got a question and I was wondering if anyone could provide divine wisdom. User forgets a domain account password while remote. How do you reset a password in this situation? The user has VPN to access the network but obviously can't use the domain account to get connected.

I tried to log on with the local admin account and signed onto VPN and then tried CTRL/ALT/DEL and went to "Change Password" and then changed all the info to match the users domain account, it did change successfully but still did not cache to the local. Any ideas?

A:Resetting domain password when not on the lan

/me looks around the room

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When people are logging on to the domain there are 2 prompts 1 for the domain password one is a windows password. We want to totally get rid of the windows password prompt so it just asks for the domain password. Anyone know of a way to remove this second password prompt?

A:Windows 98 Password - on a Domain

Go into network properties, remove Microsoft Family Logon (If its there) and insure that Client for Microsoft Networks is selected as Primary Logon.

If that doesn't work look at Control Panel>Passwords.

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I need help, Im a Helpdesk Analyst for a company of roughly about 150 computers all running Windows 7. They are all in our active directory domain and all running TightVNC . Problem is that most of the newer PC's are on one Admin password and the older ones on a different Admin password. We need to place all the PC's under 1 Admin password for VNC. Note I am not talking about local Admin passwords I am talking specifically about VNC Admin passwords on those PC's. Can anyone give me an idea of how to deploy this change to all the computers in the domain without having to go each individual PC? Appreciate any help you can give me. 

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Hi - i can see my workgroup and my freinds. Im wanting to restrict access to mine by password protecting my workgroup if possible.
I have windows xp with sp2 and using wireless networking.
I have tried disabling the guest user account, and my account is adminstritive one with a password yet he can still access my workgroup !
How is this done, i have forgot..
thanks in advance

A:How to password protect a workgroup or domain

You can try this http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;307874

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Hello All,

I have recently switched my network from a workgroup to a Win2K domain. I have a Win2K server and Win98 clients. All but one of my Win98 clients are logging into the domain with no issues. I have adequate licencsing on my server for all of my workstations. With that one individual workstation, I am receiving the message:

No domain server was available to validate your password. You may not be able to gain access to some network resources.

I am able to ping the server, and I my drive mappings are coming up right away if I "enter through". I have not had any issues gaining access to the server from this station. It simply will not validate the password.

Note: I have the password set as blank.

I have done the following up to this point, and it is after doing all of this that I am lost:

-confirm protocols are bound correctly to adapters
-uninstall - reinstall TCP/IP
-confirmed NetBEUI is loaded
-uninstall/reinstalled the DSClient for Win2K (from the Win2K server cd)
-deleted/recreated user account
-restarted between almost every task.

If anyone has an idea on how I can get this last workstation to log on successfully to the domain (validate password), I am open to any suggestions/questions/comments. I am stuck, folks.
Please help!

A:No Domain server available to validate password

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I need help, Im a Helpdesk Analyst for a company of roughly about 150 computers all running Windows 7. They are all in our active directory domain and all running TightVNC . Problem is that most of the newer PC's are on one Admin password and the older ones on a different Admin password. We need to place all the PC's under 1 Admin password for VNC. Note I am not talking about local Admin passwords I am talking specifically about VNC Admin passwords on those PC's. Can anyone give me an idea of how to deploy this change to all the computers in the domain without having to go each individual PC? Appreciate any help you can give me.

A:How To Change VNC Admin Password For All PC's In AD Domain

You can set the default password in TightVNC as part of the package deployment. Therefore, have you considered doing this and then pushing out the updated version via a GPO? That's one way to do it in a domain environment. Within our organisation, we use PDQ Deploy. While we use the Enterprise version, the Free version will, I believe, integrate with Active Directory (AD) for pushing out packages. That way, you can create a package for distribution, set the password, and then push out the updates via AD.

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i was given a computer xp pro (sp3) that was part of a domain. i do not have access to the domain but i have the administrator password so i'm able to login to the computer. i made the mistake of removing a previous computer without the password.

i think i need to add an user with administrator privileges before changing to my workgroup at home? if so, that would be
1. My computer/manage
2. Local users and groups
3. add a user
4. make that user a member of Administrators

then when i change from the domain to a workgroup i'll be able to login? anything else i need to do?

A:removing from domain; have admin password

If any computer policies were applied, you'll be stuck with those regardless of what account you use. It's always best to do a clean install in this kind of situation. Otherwise you'll likely be fighting with one problem after another.

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W98 Remote Access User:
Authinticates on domain A and Email resides on Domain B. Network Neighborhood shows domain as being A. Both domain passwords expired on the same day.

The user went into control panel and changed his password for Microsoft Networking. The password was changed for domain B and not domain A. I always understood that the domainthat is listed in Network Neighboorhood properties was the domain password that will be changed in the control panel. Therefore the password that should have been cchanged is domain A not B.

How can i tell which password will be changed for microsoft networking if the user users multiple domains?

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My friend has a laptop that runs Microsoft XP Professional. I was helping a friend set up his wireless network. I got it to work fine with encryption - he then wanted to be able to use his shared network printer. He uses a domain at work, so i changed him over to the home workgroup and restarted the computer as advised. Now, he cannot log in as his typical user name. His password has become invalid for some reason. Any advice would be wonderful! (Note, this name was the Local Administrator on the computer, so it was not a name that he had to be connected to his work domain to use.)


A:Domain Change Password Problem

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I left my computer on today while doing other things. When I started to work with it in the evening, I discovered it was "hung up." So, I rebooted it but it took a long time to come up and when it did it was asking me to log on. I have not been using a password or having the logon screen before. Although I do not remember ever creating a password, I tried to log on using many of the possible passwords that I might use. None worked and each time I received the error message that the domain "my desktop" was not available. Then I tried loging on as the administrator with the same problem. I don't know whats going on as I did not put in a password. I suspect some file is corrupt but I don't know where to look and besides I can't get access to my machine even with safe boot or at the command prompt. I have a laptop and another desktop connected to this computer via a home network and the network is working fine. I have wasted hours on it and it really irritates me. I went to the microsoft site but couldn't come up with any problems that were the same as mine. I did see a similar item in this forum but it was for SP1 and I am using SP2. Do I need to re-install or repair windows? Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

A:Password Not Recognized, Domain Not Available Error

Leave the password blank and just press the <Enter> key.

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I have a windows server 2003 with a domain set up and the password security settings for it set up for things like 7 chars, Capital letter, non-capital letter etc, but it seems the Windows 7 users can't sucessfully change a password to meet the requirements.

When they change it and the password should be allowed it says that it doesn't meet the correct settings? Is local group policy overriding this on the PCs?

How can I fix this?


A:Windows 7 Password issue on domain

Check WMI filter in relation to Password complexity policies

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You have heard this time and time again but here is my problem. We have a NT server, 10 workstations running w98se, we use a hub, 10/100. We purchased a new computer for one of the workstations, we took the replaced one and moved it to a different workstation, then took that replaced station out completly. The computer we moved was giving us a lot of errors, I think the operator deleted more than just files, so I ended up re-formatting and re-loading W98se.
I copied the protocol, workgroup, and domain down from all the other computers. I have "microsoft for networks", the adapter card"," netbui",and file and printer shareing. in the network setup. I have checked the "share level access control", log on to windows nt domain" and logon and restore places. I have also checked netbui as default.
we only have one workgroup, and our domain and workgroup are named the same. when I boot up I get the "no domain server error" when I click cancel and go to nn I cannot see the other 9 computers but they can see me, they get an error if they try to access it. I have set up sharing on "my computer"
I have looked at the user's on the server and I see nothing different for this computer.
I tried removing all from the network setup , then disconnected the cable, then turned the computer back on, it found the adapter card, I installed the netbui again, and sharing etc. restared again but it still doesn't work.
The old mach... Read more

A:no domain server available to validate your password

On the workstation you are having trouble with, go to Network>Identification and note the machine name. On the NT server go to Server Manager, delete that machine name and enter a new name for that workstation. On the workstation enter the new machine name and reboot. You should be able to join the Domain.

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I have just installed a new PC running Windows 7 Professional for an existing user on our Windows 2003 domain. When she tries to change her domain password, she gets an "access denied" error message. I am able to change her password on the server, and the new
password works fine. I have added her to the local administrator group. But no success. As a test, I added a 2nd user from the same domain to the users on the PC. The 2nd user is able to login and successfully change her password. Not sure where
to go from here except to create a new account on the Domain for the 1st user. Any help would be appreciated.
This is a single forest, Windows 2003 domain, with no other trusts.
This is the 1st Wiondows 7 PC added to the domain. All other workstations are Windows XP.

A:User cannot change their Domain password on new Windows 7 PC

Check her account in AD, is it set to require logon to change password in the "Users must log on in order to change password" check box in the Account Policy ?

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I have a laptop from my university. When I'm at home, obviously it cannot connect to the university domain controller. However, instead of just going with the locally stored password, it will spend a good 30 seconds trying to connect to the domain controller. Is there any way to reduce this timeout to a more reasonable time (i.e., 5 seconds) or disable it altogether?


A:Reduce domain password check timeout

Hi there,

From you home....were you trying to logon using the domain LogIn which causing a delay? or... you were logging in locally?

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone know how someone can change a user password from his own PC.
I have a user that change his password. I am not sure how he has done that. since I always have to go to the domain server to change users password.
He had administrative access to his PC, since then I have change it to restricted.
I am just curious of how he changed his password. since I have all user set for the password not to expired and user can not change the password... well that much for that.


A:changing users password on a domain server

Sounds like your trying to hack an administrator's password.

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Hi Guys,
Have you experienced when unable to logged on to windows, you got a message "Incorrect password" although your were really sure your password is right?
Now it on my face. If the LAN cable was plugged out, It was succesfully logon, plugin the LAN Cable then restart the computer, after that I was successfully logon without LAN Cable. 
I would apreciate if there are anyone who could share and help to resolve this issue..
good luck guys

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Hi there...

Is there any possibility to prevent the expiration of domain user password on sundays?


A:Prevent domain password expiration in sundays

Normally the domain admin sets the change password expiration #of days, It also gives you something like
notifying you a few days in advance.

The Admins control that thru their security policy. I don't believe that it can be controlled to prevent expiration
on sunday but you do get a few days notice of expiration of passwords.


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We have implemented LAPS into our network, 2 domain(A, B) and they work well.
The client is PC join A domain, we install FAT UI and can access password of PCs on A domain via FAT UI. But we want to access password of B domain via the client. Can the client access password of PCs on another domain?

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So, I get a call that this domain username is giving invalid password. Of course, like any other tech, I assume that the user is putting in the password wrong, so I get into the remote access for the computer. I put in the password. No dice.

I log into another computer in the same area, log in with the username and password, logs in without issue. Go back to the offender and log in with an admin domain account, no issue. So, now, I've blown out everything related to this user account, removed and readded it to the valid user list, nuked and deleted the user profile by deleting from profile list, physically deleting the profile, and making sure that the profile wasn't in the registry. Still no dice. I even tried removing and readding to the domain just to say I did it. Any thoughts?

A:Domain PC won't accept known good username and password

Went in a reset domain password anyway...seems to have worked.

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My wife's company recently moved to Windows 7 Professional. One issue that I'm currently having is that when her laptop is locked, we cannot unlock it. I assume this is because it is at home and not attached to the domain. However, it was not attached to the domain when we logged into it, was never on the domain while it was logged into, and was not on the domain when it locked. We type the correct password in, but it keeps saying "the user name or password is incorrect". There is no red button in the bottom right corner to allow for restarting the computer or shutting it down when it is locked. The only way to restart the machine is to hold down the power button and force it off, then it wants to check the disks when it comes back on. After forcefully restarting it, we are able to log on using the password even though we are not connected to the domain. It works OK if she logs off when she's through using it (logon works, unlocking doesn't), but if she locks it, hibernates, puts it into standby, or leaves it unattended too long, we're up the creek. The only options on the lock screen are EASE OF ACCESS and OTHER CREDENTIALS. Clicking OTHER CREDENTIALS shows her locked account and INSERT A SMART CARD. Why will it not unlock with the correct password, but it will accept the password for the initial login? Setting it to not require a password when it wakes up probably isn't feasible in her workplace. TIA

A:Win 7 Will Not Unlock With Correct Password When Not Connected To Domain

Sounds like this policy is enabled:
Interactive logon: Require Domain Controller authentication to unlock workstation.

This can be disabled, it will still require a password, but will allow it to use cached credentials, same as logging in after rebooting.

Click Start, type secpol.msc, press Enter
Navigate to Security Settings | Local Policies | Security Options
See if you can change that policy to disabled. If this is set by a Domain Group Policy, then that policy will need to be changed by the company. They may need to create a separate OU for people who take PCs home to do work, then they can still keep that policy for computers in the office.

Also sounds like this policy is disabled, which would explain why the shutdown option isn't present from the Lock screen:
Shutdown: Allow system to be shut down without having to log on

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Hi all,

Been using Win7 since beta. However, i just now installed it at work and this is the first time i'm using win7 joined to a domain. I assuming being joined to a domain is what's causing the problem. The problem being that each time the UAC prompt comes up, i dont just get a yes/no click, i have to enter in my username and password each time. And it's the same user/pass that i'm logged in with.

Is there any way to do away with the requirement of having to enter my user/pass each time? I dont mind so much just having to click yes or no, but constantly having to re-enter my login info is getting annoying.

A:UAC in domain requires username and password each time

I have not dealt with this, but,,, you may need to add yourself as an Admin to the local PC.

Since I have not done this in 7, maybe someone else can provide the way of doing it when joined to the domain.

However, are you a Domain User or Domain Admin?


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I have only Windows 7 machines in Server 2012 domain (Server 2008 R2 functional level). Everything is working fine except when a user changes his/her domain password from Windows 7 machine- it takes a long time ~5 minutes or more to successfully change the
password but changing a users domain password from the DC (2012) works instantly.

I hope I posted this in the right forum category.
Thanks in advance.

A:Windows 7 slow domain user password change.

Please check if there are some related errors in your Event Viewer. Also, check the error on your DC side.
Tracy Cai
TechNet Community Support

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So we have 1 system that the default domain admin account will not allow us to log into the system. It says bad username or password. We have specified the domain (domain\administrator) no change. The password is correct and you can even right-click run
as and have full admin access. The local account is disabled and renamed. We have attempted to log in it says the account is disabled but it is not disabled. Single 2008 SBS controller.  Resetting is not an option at this point. We are just curious as
to why this is happening on just this one system.

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