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Looking for Midi Software for creating and editing midi files?

Q: Looking for Midi Software for creating and editing midi files?

Any suggesting on what i could maybe download for free or up to $20 from Cakewalk or Magix. All i want is something basic. I did pick up something called Midi studio (Magix) at best buy for $10 a few years ago after XP was released but this software i'm assuming was copywrited in 2001 before the release of xp. the system requirements for this software are as follows:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000. Computer: Pentium with 200Mhz minimum, 32 MB (64 MB) minimum, 100 MB free disk space minimum, resolution 800 x 600 with 16 bit High-Color 16 bit sound card, CD-ROM drive. Microsoft mouse or compatible, DirectX 6.1

Is this something that would be safe to install on my computer or should i should for something else?

Preferred Solution: Looking for Midi Software for creating and editing midi files?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Looking for Midi Software for creating and editing midi files?

Try maybe Anvil Studio.


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I have about 30,000 ring tones that are in MMF format, but my phone only accepts midi. I was curious if there was any cheap/free software that would convert MMF files to MIDI files.

A:Software to convert MMF files to MIDI

First try changing the extention to .mid and opening the file..

Here's a few converters that may work..


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Using my Free Midi to Mp3 converter, I converted a midi to mp3 on my new desktop whereas I was using my laptop for years, I choose a soundfont and name it midi.sf2 like it said to do but the results are astronomical, It sounds like a symphony orchestra when that soundfont normally doesn't. I go ahead and use several sound fonts and got similar results, now I take that midi and those same soundfonts back to my laptop and get the usual more variations between soundfonts like I normally do and not so symphonic. I noticed similar results in Sony acid pro and Ableton, which none of those did that on my laptop
On my desktop it sound like a real concert which doesn't work for the reason why I can converting these.
Why are these having different output results if everything is the same? Should they sound exactly alike because the same everything was put in?

A:Same software, same soundfonts, same midi files, same OS, Different results :(

The desktop probably has hardware effects enabled in the soundcard. There should be a control panel for whatever sound chipset is used in the desktop, you may find something like reverb or artificial surround is enabled.

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Can anyone provide me with a software that can convert .midi, .mp3 or .pdf files to .mtd (Digital Music Sheet) files? Files types other than .midi, .mp3 or .pdf are okay. Thanks in advance.

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I've been in contact with MS Support, about that in the Win7 Sound panel there is no longer the ability to change MIDI Port from the internal GS Wavetable synth, and got confirmed that they've removed this, both for Vista and Win7

"The ability to choose a different hardware or software MIDI synthesizer other than the default Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth has been removed from the user interface for audio configuration in Windows Vista/Windows 7. A different output MIDI synth or output device port can be selected only by editing the registry".

I really want to select the MPU-401 compatible MIDI Port, so I can make use of my old Roland MT-32 and the old Sierra games through DOS-Box

Does anyone know how to do / already done this?

I don't know why MS removed this setting, I can imagine that many musicians will get very angry when they wont be able to change this easily...

A:Changing MIDI Output Device (SB XFi MIDI (8080))

I found this in the web

Windows 7 midi

Published Fri, May 29 2009 1:46 AM | Ramon Smits
My midi hardware it working nice in my DAW home studio but today I noticed that I do not have the ability to change the default midi out device in Windows 7. After googling around it seems that this was also the case in Windows Vista. But luckily there are options to configure the default out device!
The first that I found was the Windows Vista MIDI Mapper control panel and minutes later the Vista MIDI fix. The control panel application fixed my problem but only lists hardware midi stuff like my MIDI USB keyboards and the hardware midi output of my Creative card as the Vista MIDI fix application lists more midi out options but I haven' not tested those yet.
Both applications run without any problems here on my Windows 7 RC x64 installation.

Direct Links:

Akkordwechsel Windows Vista und der MIDI-Mapper
Vista MIDI Tool • benryves.com

Good Luck


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I was wondering if anyone knows what virtual midi controller works with win7 x64 in order to turn my pc keyboard into a virtual midi keyboard to use with Reason 5.

I can't afford an actual midi keyboard at the moment.

Any suggestions or tutorials would be great.

I've searched google and youtube but mainly only found things that worked with xp and I don't want to screw anything up.

Thx in advance

A:Virtual Midi Controller + Midi Keyboard w/ Reason

have you tried analogx's virtual piano?

Virtual Piano allows you to play your synth by making the computer keyboard into a 4-octave piano keyboard.

it's freeware and claims to work with windows 7.

good luck!

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Is it possible to capture a streamed MIDI file as MIDI rather than as audio from the soundcard?

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Hello, Since I'm running Vista x64, I cannot use my usb/midi keyboard anymore, cos x64 usb driver doesn't exist.
I should find somewhere midi device and connect my keyboard to it, but I am not sure that it will work under Vista x64.
My midi keyboard is Miditech's.

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Hello. I am playing a game which uses midi files for background music. Unfortunately, the midi playback volume is ALWAYS maxed out, such that it drowns out voices. Is there a way to adjust the audio balance so that the midi volume is quieter than other sounds? I remember windows XP had a bunch of audio balance options (left/right speaker, wave, midi, etc...):


but win7 only has left and right balance. Help?

A:Any way to adjust MIDI playback volume? MIDI playback way to loud!

Haven't heard the term MIDI used for a long time.
Did you scroll down in the speaker volume popup? If you have more than two speakers defined, there should be a scroll bar on the right.

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My dad has come to me for help (he's been in the business for 40 years, so, you can imagine that this is major). He makes music using midi software and two programs he uses are Band in the Box and Symphonic Orchestra. According to him (at least what I could get), Band in the Box is easy to interface with his other software. Symphonic Orchestra won't interface with Band in the Box. I don't know what I need to ask him to figure out what needs to be done to get these programs to work together because I, myself, have not used midi for 5 or 10 years. If anyone has any answers to get these two pieces to software to work together or if you have software that more easily allows midi software to work together, I would appreciate it.

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Can somebody please recommend me a really easy to use midi keyboard software program for Windows 7. It would be great if I could also record my own sounds and get the keyboard to play them. I have an Asus Xonar D2X and Roland midi keyboard.

A:Easy to use midi software

Hi enner100

Try Anvil Studio Catalog

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I have a MIDI capable keyboard. I would need to know what connections are necessary to interface from the keyboard to the computer. I also need software. I don't need anything very high-end or geared towards digital audio -- I'm just looking to sequence, edit and notate general MIDI (GM and/or XM).

A:Anyone recommend MIDI sequencing software?


I've moved this to the Multimedia forum, as you may get more response here



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Gateway/Windows XP Media Center

I can't get midi files to work in my OE6 or my Namo Webeditor. Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks, Jerry

A:Midi files


Do you mean, if someone sends a midi file to you, you are unable to listen to it?

Do you receive an error message? If so, please provide it.

Also, go to event viewer & send information from any error events noted when you the problem occurs.

start > run
delete the contents of the long, skinny, white box
type: eventvwr.exe
left click "ok"
Maximize the screen.
On the left, left click on "applications"
On the right, look for errors
Right click an error.
Note the event ID, source & description

Repeat for "system" on the left.

Provide the source, event ID & description for errors that occur at the time your computer has the problem you described.

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Not sure if I'm in the right category!

How do I put a midi file on my website?

Is it possible to have it playing continuously no matter which page you are on, or would I have to put it on every page meaning it would restart each time you changed the page?

A:midi files

<embed src="http://angelfire.lycos.com/realm2/testrun0/music/thegrgig.mid" autostart="true" hidden="true" loop="true"> <font face="comic sans ms" color="#577ac6">There are a number of ways to put a midi file on your website.
First, find a midi, upload it to your site, then link to it.
I always just use </font>&lt;BGSOUND SRC="http://www.my_site.com/my_music/my_midi.mid"&gt; <font face="comic sans ms" color="#577ac6">but this might not work for all browsers.
I'm lazy like that.
If I want the midi to play continually, I use </font>&lt;BGSOUND SRC="http://www.my_site.com/my_music/my_midi.mid" LOOP="infinite"&gt;
<font face="comic sans ms" color="#577ac6">This only works for that particular page.
I use different music for each page.

Webmonkey has more info on other ways to add a midi to your site:
I'm gonna go try one of their suggestions...

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Not sure if this is the appropriate forum but my question doesn't seem to fit anywhere else really.
My question basically is, are there a number of different sub-formats that come under the 'MIDI' umbrella and if so is there a way to identify them.
Basically, I have a lot of midi files on my computer that I want to put on my Sharp GX10 mobile phone. they all work fine on the PC, but on the phone very many of them don't work at all. The phone recognises them as midi files, tries to play them, and just produces silence.
When on my PC, there seems to be absolutely no way to distinguish between a compatible and incompatible midi file for the phone. I can't just download them and see which work by trial and error, because I've been uploading them to my webspace and downloading them by WAP which is quite costly when they end up not working.

A:MIDI files

I have expierinced the same problem with my Nokia 3510i polyphonic

I reccomnd opening the midi filed with quicktime or any midi editer and looking out for

" polysynth " or " general synth "

any midis with theses dont work on my phone yet sound simlar 2 other midis

hope this helps

some of us are thinkers , others doers, me.......I cook.

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I am in an amateur chorus. I have a program - Cakewalk- that enables me to listen to individual lines of music. I have in the past downloaded MIDI files to the program and than was able to used them.

I recently tried to go a site that I had used previously. But now, I can't seem to copy the file into Cakewalk. I have no idea what to do. Please advise me.

This is one of the files that I have attemped to download: http://www.classicalmidiconnection.com/cgibin/x.cgi/mid/haydn/hayln01.mid

A:MIDI files

What happens when you try to open the file in cakewalk? Do you get an error or anything?

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When I click, to download a Midi file on a Web Site, my computer freezes

A:Midi files

Hi john webb, and welcome to TSG.

Some more information may be needed before anyone here has a chance of helping out.

1) What is your operating system?

2) Are you trying to download the file using your web browser, if so exactly what web browser are you using?

3) Does the web browser allow you to play the midi file instead of downloading and saving it?

4) Can you download and save any other types of files without any problems?

5) Does this only happen on one particular web site or do you have the same problem with any midi file on any web site?

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So this has been an issue for a long time but ONLY for my desktop (it works fine on my laptop, but since I have gotten a lot of free time as of recent I want to use it on my desktop). I have tried several different types of music software, Ive tried different MIDI keyboards AND I have checked my devices under sound and they ALL say "working fine". So I don't understand, whenever I try to use my keyboard with a software on my Desktop ONLY, it just doesn't work, despite everything else seeming fine.
I do look for the device in every music software I use because they all have a section labeled "MIDI setup" so I ALWAYS go there and its just empty, my keyboard isn't there. But yet I go into my devices and my MPK mini is there and says "Working Properly". I plug it into my laptop, and it works just fine, I plug it in and I'm immediately able to use it.

I say again, I have tried different MIDI keyboards, I have tried different software, I have looked up the problem but everyone else just simply isn't having it install to their computer, mine IS installed, it just isnt working on my desktop ONLY.

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No sound on MIDI files. Sound on other formats. Win Media player or IrfanView or vanBasco all indicates file is playing. I think I lost sound when I was cleaning out junk from system. OS Win98se.

A:No sound on midi files

Hi moldy811, and welcome to TSG.

Double check your volume / sound mixer control panel settings. Make sure that the "SW Synth" channel is not muted and that the volume control slider is not all the way down.

If the settings look OK then double check the System Control Panel / Device manager to see if there are any warning symbols for the sound controller.

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i want to play midi files but it cant hear anything
when i open it it just plays it but i cant hear anything
anybody konw what the problem is

A:how do play midi files

Could be several things.

Open your control panel, open Sounds and Audio devices, click the AUDIO tab.

In the MIDI devices section you can see/select which device plays the MIDI stuff, and then click the Volume button to make sure its up.

THis is for XP...if you have an older Windows platform its similar, but the item names will vary a bit.

Try that, report back, good luck.

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Is there a way to email a MIDI file and have it open automatically when the email is opened. I would like to do this using Outlook 2002 to send such things as birthday greetings to my family. I know how to send attachments but they donít open when the email is opened.

A:Emailing MIDI Files

With Outlook Express, use the Format/Background/Sound navigate to it and click play automatically. Not sure about Outlook.

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I try open .mid files but there is no sound!!!
I can play any other audio file (.mp3, .wav, .ogg) with winamp and windows media player.
What's going on?

A:Midi files Problem

OK I solve the problem.
Forget it.

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Windows XP Home with SB Audigy sound card. System has worked fine for 10 months until today. Have lost all sound except for .mid files which play fine. No .wav files (consequently no system sound events audio), no MP3 or CD audio. AVI files play video without the audio. No conflicts in device manager and sound card is listed. Reinstalled audio drivers from SB disk to no avail. Tried several System Restore points going back five days and no help. Windows audio is turned on in system services. I have followed every step in the Help Center troubleshooting guide to no avail. Volume is up and no mute boxes are on. Have tried both WMP and the SB audio players. Both will play the .mid files but nothing else. Files seem to be playing and progress bar advances but no sound. Any ideas short of a reinstall? Could the sound card be defective even though it is detected and indicated as working properly?

A:No Audio Except Midi Files

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Hello, I don't know if this is possible but, I am trying to download a piece of music that is legal to the sound files in outlook express emails. I create some types of msgs in those email and would like to place a sound with it. I see that there are many sounds already in outlook sound. The is a song that I have tried to d/l at it sez d/l to midi but I cannot find it after it is done.
I am using media player.


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My midi files won't play, they used to play ok and i dont remember
making any changes to anything in the multimedia or sounds.

The section in the volume controls is greyed out, i can't seem to
figure out how to un-grey it.

Any help much appreciated, John

A:Looking for help to get my midi files to play ...

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Have a constant problem with my media players. I use Winamp and Windows Media Player. Some applications use RealPlayer. My operating system is Windows98 on a Compaq 7470. Up until this evening everything seemed fine, and then suddenly none of my .wav or .midi files would run, nor would anything come in off the web. My CDs play, and Real Player radio works and my machine talks. I also use Lime for musical composition, and suddenly that stopped working, too. The programme loads up, but no music. I have re-installed all my media plug-ins and drivers, and still not a peep. Any suggestions?

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This laptop (netbook) which runs Windows 8.1 is fairly new. On my old netbook (Windows XP) I had no difficulty playing MIDI files, specifically the choir part learning files on the website CyberBass_Home_Page. On this computer they just don't play at all. Yet it is said Windows Media Player is automatically installed with Windows 8.1.

Please can someone tell me what I am doing wrong.

Thank you for any help!

A:Playing MIDI files

It's probably the website player at fault.

I just tested a midi on my computer & it played.

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I've always had music I could send with my Ecards from WebShots and I can no longer see where the sound function is located. The help section says you need MIDI sound files but I have not had this problem before sending sound and I can no longer see the sound listing at all. I am running XP Pro.

Thank you for any ideas,

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There are so many beautiful midi files out there that I would like to burn to CD and play on regular cd player audio equipment. Is that possible??

A:Burning Midi files

See here :


Also for further utilities should you need them see here :


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I love those Six Flags commercials, the jingle is catchy, So I downloaded the MIDI, except I need to edit the MIDI because the song is long and I only want the part of the song featured in the Six Flags commercials. So basically, I need a MIDI Editor...or I need someone who will Edit the file for me. Thanks a lot for ANY help.

P.S. If someone is willing to edit it for me, PM me, E-Mail me, or hey..respond to this thread and I'll upload it to the net so you can download it.

Once again, thanx!

A:Edit MIDI Files

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Is there a way to link midi files to play the files when one ends another starts playing?


A:How To Link Midi Files.

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Prior to upgrading to WMP 11, I could send both midi and wav files via Outlook Express e-mail to my friends. When they opened their Outlook Express e-mail the wav or midi music would play. Now, since upgrading to WMP 11 only wav files can be sent by me and played by the recipient. Midi files do not seem to imbed, if that is the correct terminology, and do not play when received by the recipient.

Any thoughts by anyone as to why the change? That is, midi files will not imbed.


Red Boy

A:Solved: WMP 11 and midi files

Please disregard the previous post of mine. I found the error of my ways.

Red Boy

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I'm trying to download .midi files to play on my website and upon openning them I find that none of my media players gets any sound from them. I tried Windows Media Player, WinAmp and QuickTime. Yet they play find on my other computer. Is it possible that I have .midi files disabled somehow?

A:Not playing .midi files.

Check your volume control to be sure that that SW Synth (or similar) volume is enabled and turned up. It is a different volume control than that used by other sounds.

In the Control Panel, Under Sounds and Audio Devices, Audio tab, be sure that "Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth" is chosen under MIDI Playback.

You might also try going to Start > Run and typing:
Click OK.

Click each tab to see if damaged or missing files are listed in the lower window.

Under the Music tab of the interface that appears, in the box for what port to use for testing, choose "Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth [Emulated]" and then click the "Test Direct Music" button to see if it plays.

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Where can I upload wav of mid files? So that I can get a link to them?

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I am the only operator of a stand-alone PC-P4/2GHz -512RAM -new 11/2001. I have Win XP-Prof.Edit.,OE & IE 6, -DSL.
*.mid is associated with Windows Media Player(WMP) but attempting to play midi files at a web site produces a WMP error, "System cannot locate resource specified."
WMP did play midi files at web sites. I then installed the Quick Time program and QT played the midi files on the web. I then deleted Quick Time and now get the WMP error.
The extension *.mid is still associated with WMP in that program's "Options" and in the OS file list.
How do I get back to playing MIDI files when I am visiting a web site?
Thank you,

A:Playing MIDI files at a Web Site

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What driver can I send midi files to in REALTEK AC97 so they will play? Or -- is there a midi I can download and install that will work with my AC97 setup?

A:What driver can I send midi files to ?

Go to the Sounds and Audio control panel/Audio/MIDI playback and check that your sound card is selected.If that doesn`t work,select one of the other choices.If that doesn`t work get a soundcard that supports MIDI.There`s also a software synth called Wingroove,but hardware solutions are better.

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Hi everbody i'm new to this site, So could someone help me
I've just bought a new pc with vista home premium, my old pc ran on XP.
My problem is i use guitar pro5 and on my old XP that was fine. but this new vista one won't play the sound which i believe is in MIDI. In the options on guitar pro u can choose the midi driver u want to use(on XP it was Microsoft GS Wavetable synth) but on this new vista pc there isn't one so i can't get playback. people say vista hasn't got one.Is this true? and is there one i can get installed? I think this is a common problem.
Also do all dedicated sound cards u can buy play midi?
Please help me..

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My dad has a new (to him) laptop Windows 7 64bit - He wants to play midi files on it like he did with his old XP machine but all he gets is the message "unable to play because there is a problem with your sound device. There might not be one installed on your computer. it might be in use by another programme or it might not be functioning correctly" he is using windows media player - there is a device sound card which is working he also has a USB soundcard "soundblaster x-fi audio" But has never been able to play midi files since he has had the laptop - I have played midi`s successfully on my own laptop same Specs - Any help gratefully received

A:Unable to play midi (.mid) files

I have a recording studio. MIDI files are not the same as standard wave/mp3 audio files. They are data and require a MIDI Synth to be able to play them and the appropriate CODEC. The Microsoft GS Wavetable MIDI synth is included with Win 7 (or normally is) thus it sounds like a CODEC is missing.

The K lite Codec pack has been popular for a long time. You may want to give it a try. Be careful when downloading or installing as most "free" downloads want to install a browser toolbar and/or a different browser and/or make some other page your home page. Make sure you uncheck these options. K-Lite Codec Pack Full

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Hello everyone. I'm new here, because I don;t know where to turn. I've looked high and low through this vast series of tubes we call the Internets, but all answers either didn't exist, or led me in confusing circles.
However, I picked up a few tidbits of info, which I will relay here.
My problem is, I can't play MIDI files. This is a problem, as I have a copy of Sibelius and would love nothing more than to compose a ditty or two.
I tried numerous programs, and got nothing. I then figured I'd poke around and see what's wrong. Best as I can tell, my sound card's CD didn;t come with the right files, or something. I have a Realtek High Definitiuon Audio card. That's as specific as I can find.
My dxdiag dealie says that "No General MIDI DLS file was specified in the registry."
The file in reference is, I believe, gm or gs.dls. I do not have that file.
I am running AVG antivirus, which one person said may be the cause of my trouble. As I am missing the file entirely, I doubt it, but am open to thoughts.
I can post my dxdiag.txt file if it would please the court.
Anyways, thanks for the help, and if anyone thinks I am leaving any info out, I will do my best to provide.

A:MIDI Files won't play, no DLS file

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Can anyone help? In XP I could go to Format menu in Outlook Express and choose Background and then Sound and browse for saved midi files in my Media folder and embed a midi file into an email.

Windows Mail (which has superseded Outlook Express in Vista) does not produce sound in an email after following the above procedure.

Can anyone suggest any way of getting music into emails using Windows Mail and Vista?


A:embed midi files into email

hi this may help untill you get a better answer http://www.thundercloud.net/help/show-me.htm

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Can one send midi and wav files via Microsoft Word in e-mails as one cab with Outlook Express? And, if so, how?

Red Boy

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My Windows 98se system is set up to play midis with Real Player. However, when the music starts, it jumps and falters - sounds like it has the hiccups. I was considering installing QuickTime, but I heard that had some security issues with older versions. I'm not sure the latest is compatible with Windows 98. Is there a better program to play midi music on Windows 98se?

A:problem playing midi files

You could try a free version of Winamp.

You may also want to check to see if you have any background processes running that could cause playback hiccups.

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I love to listen to MIDI files. Kinda like an electronic "instrumental" so to speak. Don't get me wrong, I like all kinds of music including voice tracks but I have developed a strong liking for listening to MIDIs.

Here is what I was wondering. Is a MIDI file a "fixed" thing, or is it something you can work with to make it sound different. Most of the MIDIs that I listen to are rather simple, with maybe two or three instrument sounds combined.

Is there any software that will let you easily (I know that's relative) change or "enhance" a MIDI, either permanently or just while you're listening to it? For instance, could I take a simple MIDI and play it through a player of some kind and add different instruments or effects to make it sound different?

OK... Like it sounds to me that many MIDIs have a Xylophone type sound to them. Is there software (or a player) that will let me hear what that MIDI would sound like if it instead was being played on an organ, or brass instrument etc...? Or is a MIDI file just an "as is" file that you cannot alter either file wise or listening to?

Thanks in advance


A:A couple of questions about MIDI files...???

A MIDI file is only like a piece of sheet music. The sound it produces is synthesized by your sound card or other midi device. Of course, you need software to read it.(Windows Media Player).

You can edit them, although I have never done so. There are many, some free, some pay. Do a search on Google or Cnet.

A couple I found quickly: http://download.cnet.com/Anvil-Studio/3000-2170_4-10018271.html

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Sempron(tm) 2200+, x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2015 Mb
Graphics Card: VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 120001 MB, Free - 98866 MB; D: Total - 118463 MB, Free - 117640 MB; S: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 328307 MB;
Motherboard: , KM266A-8235, ,
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

All sound files play fine on Windows Media Player 11.0571 and Real Player. Player progress slide shows midi files playing but no sound.
Checked device manager and have no problems.

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When I play MIDI files, there's no sound. There's no error message or anything. In control panel, under Sounds and Audio Devices > Audio, Default MIDI Playback is blank. When I select "Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth" and click apply/ok, it turns back to blank when I open Sounds and Audio Devices again.

I can play MIDI files in quicktime, but only if I select "Quicktime Music Synthesizer" as the Default Music Synthesizer. If I select "General MIDI", there's no sound again when I play it.

Screenshot of settings:


A:No sound when playing .midi files

Try getting and installing the latest drivers for your audio device.

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I downloaded an XP compatibility patch for a game I recently bought and apparantly that file contained some type of "virus" (Norton said it was clean) and now ANY midi file I play on my computer now plays terribly with high pitched screeching noises.

I'm wondering if there are any alternatives to fixing this problem other than restoring.


A:Midi files now play defectively

any suggestions would be very helpful

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