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Laptop Display not working on laptop, butg it does work on old monitor

Q: Laptop Display not working on laptop, butg it does work on old monitor


I hope someone can help...

I have a SONY VAIO PCG-GRT170 that is 4 and a half years old....the display has stopped displaying.....

Wehn I plug in an external VGA monitor, I can see everything on the monitor.

I did the Function F5 kek, I did the WIndows Logo and D key to refresh the laptop monito to no avial.

It just automnatically stopped displaying last night. I shut it down, and reboooted and still nothing.

Id the screen on the laptop shot? If so, it is repariable or am I out of luck?

Thank you all for your help.

Preferred Solution: Laptop Display not working on laptop, butg it does work on old monitor

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Laptop Display not working on laptop, butg it does work on old monitor

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Hello, I've had this problem with my laptop display for about half a year. When the laptop starts, the backlight turns on, but there is no display of Windows. When connected to an external monitor or projector, this displays the image with no problem. Thus, my question is: if my GPU and backlight are working, what component is causing the problem and how can I fix it? It is worth mentoning that sometimes on start up the display came back to life, and then if no shutdown or battery depletion occured, it would function normally. However, if the battery ran out, the problem came back (since I very often just put the laptop on sleep, this system functioned for a while...) Then, a couple of weeks ago this happened again, and the display hasn't worked since. I am now working with an external monitor.  Looking forward to your answers. Many thanks, Stefania

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hai every one,

I was install windows8 in a dell inspiron n5110.
After finishing installation the lap was rebooting.
For few sec laptop monitor working and windows8 logo appeared,
but when it enter to the user logon screen monitor display goes to black.
again and again I reboot the lap the same problem.
by accidently I connect the extend monitor and reboot the system win8 start and the logo is displayed in lap monitor when user logon screen comes the lap display goes black but extended display shows the screen.
I check the display drivers of lap its ok.
I was tried to change the display setting in projected second screen display on personalization setting. there also I can't get display in laptop.
if I install win 7 it work very well
I activated win8 already..
anybody help me to solve the problem
thanks in advance....

A:laptop screen not working but extended display work well after booting win8

Perhaps the resolution being set by windows 8 is too high for the screen to show on the laptop? Check device manager to see if there's any issues with the video or display.

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Guys am new to forum forgive me for my errors

my laptop hard disk is not working on my laptop but work on my pc. when I connect it to lap it jest hang on posting(power on self test) but when I connect it to my pc it works. also when I boot with linux mint cd it shows that hard disk is not good

A:Laptop hard disk is not working on my laptop but work on my pc

The partition is good (assuming you can read data when attached to the PC) but the MBR is corrupted.

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My HP XH555 laptop motherboard went down beyond repair. The display is still good....can I use the display for a monitor with another box?


A:can I use laptop display as monitor?

With the technology for in-car LCD, I would think there is some manner or even the future chance of adapting it. I would like to hear more on this, however, I hope to still use mine, even though it broke off on one side of my laptop. Consider the option of finding a replacement base on eBay... They are being sold at modest prices

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Just bought my wife a new Asus laptop, and at times she wants to have it hooked up to her monitor. When I plug it into the VGA port it works fine, but when I close the laptop it goes into sleep mode and she can no longer use it.

Is there a way to set it up so that she can have it hooked up to the monitor and have the laptop closed without it going into sleep mode?


A:Laptop Display on Monitor?

What system does when lid is closed can only be set on Battery power option or plugged in power option.
If you set this option it will be set despite the fact whether external monitor is plugged or not.

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This is a real tricky one, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Basically the problem is:

We have a laptop, which like many laptops has an external display connector (standard 15 pin D-SUB VGA) but also like many laptops looks for an external monitor & if it can't find one (presume via the sense lines) disables the external output.

3 Modern flat panel displays I have tried work fine but 3 older CRT's do not (they come up initially when the computer boots then at a point it the startup when it does the check the external signal shuts off). I have to get it working with one of the CRT's.

Yes, I can force it to output with keys function/F12 but it has to be an unattended feature during power cycling.

In the cable can I short a combination os sense pins to mimic the newer screens so that the external VGA output is always on.

I have tried shorting pin 11 (Sense ID 0) to ground and pins 4/11/12 (sense ID 0,1 and 2) simultaneously to ground but still the laptop does not detect the monitor.

This should be really simple but it isn't I have spent hours and hours researching on the Net to no avail.

Hope someone can help.

Lee Gibson

A:Help with laptop external monitor no display

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I have an Elitebook 6930p with a broken screen and in order to use it I need to plug it into an external monitor, the problem is now it won't display on the monitor at all.

It's not the VGA cable OR the monitor that's the problem because I tried hooking both up to a friend's laptop and it displayed just fine so it has to be the laptop. Idk what the issue is, sometimes it will work for a split second if I move the pc around and then cut to black again, but most of the time it doesn't work AT ALL. This is really frustrating because I can't see the screen so I can't mess with any configurations but I assume that's useless anyway since it's more than likely a hardware problem. I've also noticed that if I press the VGA cable into the back of the laptop really hard that I'll get a response, but not the response I'm looking for as it'll just say "signal not found" before cutting to black again. So is there any way I can fix this without going to a repair store? I don't have the money right now and I have really important information on that laptop. Even if it's possible to somehow get the data from that laptop into another one or a portable hard rive that'll be fine too, I just need help figuring something out.

TL;DR: Laptop screen is broken and it won't display on another monitor I'm using, problem is neither the cable or the monitor and I need help figuring out how to either get i... Read more

A:My laptop won't display on acer monitor

Could be a bad connection somewhere, hard to troubleshoot without any display.

You can take the hard drive out and put it into a Usb caddy (or use an adapter cable) and connect it to another computer to get the data you want off it.

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I have a HP Pavilion Entertainment PC, model #dv4-1225dx with Windows Vista OS. ​
I've had this laptop for under a year, about 6 months, so the warranty still applies, but I wanted to see if I could figure this out on my own before resorting to have to take it in to Geek Squad.​
Yesterday when I was browsing the web on the laptop, the screen just all of a sudden started flashing back and forth from a blank screen and regular display. It did this for maybe 30 seconds and then just stayed blank. The processor was still running and working fine (the music I was listening to was still playing) but the screen wouldn't display. I plugged it into my desktop monitor and everything was working perfectly and the display was showing fine.​
I've tried restarting, increasing the brightness/contrast, FN+F4, a system restore, and removing the battery to no avail. I'm just lost now *_*.​
Anyone have any idea what's wrong and/or how to fix it?​
Thanks ahead of time ^^​

A:HP Pavilion Laptop monitor won't display...?

You may just have a loose cable connecting the display to the motherboard. Its can usually be found under the keyboard but I don't know if you are comfortable with doing this.

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My Advent laptop (running XP SP2) has just developed a display problem. When I start it the monitor shows the POST page (if that's what it's called) and then the Windows display. After that the screen goes black, it seems to turn off not just display black, if that makes sense. I can use the key that selects laptop or external display to make the screen light up again but it only displays black. If I start in Safe Mode, the screen displays properly.

There have been no changes to the hardware / software recently although shortly before this I did a delete & wipe of the free space on the C drive with BCWipe. I think the screen was OK a short time after that but can't be sure.

Any help much appreciated.

A:Disappearing laptop monitor display

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Hey everyone,
So today my friend dropped his laptop and said that the computer wont work. So I took it in my hands. The laptop is a Acer 5532-5194. The problem is that when ever i boot the laptop, all the leds turn on ( the power led, the optical drive led) and even the optical drive can eject, but no display! Its just a black screen and nothing appears. I tried to boot it without the battery and just AC adaptor but that didn't make a difference. I swapped hard drives with my own laptop, that didn't work. Not sure what else to try and what the heck the problem is. I even plugged it into a external monitor seeing if that would do any good...NOPE, I was wrong. So could someone else tell me what I could do to fix it and what the problem may be?

A:Laptop display wont work

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I'm really hoping that one of you guys can help (and I'll rep the heck out of whoever finds a solution for this one!!!)...

I've got an HP ze4325us Laptop. I've upgraded the RAM to 1GB, and it's got a 40GB hard drive in it. Runs XP just fine. Vista won't hardly run at all (although Vista gave me the same display problems I'm running into with 7, but wasn't worth trying to fix). I installed 7 on there, and with the exception of the display problem described below it runs great! I really want to get it working, so I'm hoping someone will give me some assistance.

Here's the deal:

Upon initial install of 7, I get in Device Manger my display listed as "Standard VGA Adapter", but it has an exclamation mark next to it. The display only works at 640x480 (does not even fill the screen) and at 4 bit color (which is awful to look at). When I try to install drivers (first tried the XP driver) The display then is listed as Radeon IGP 320M, but still has the exclamation point, and the display doesn't change. Under properties I get a message with something about the device is not able to find sufficient resources (which I don't quite understand how that's possible).

I've tried some hacked ATI drivers, but I get something about not having a low level driver.

Any ideas or things to try? I really want this to work!


A:Help getting display to work on HP ze4325us Laptop


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Hi, I am using 3005pr  USB 3.0 Port Replicator with my laptop. Now i would like to extend the display of the laptop with the monitor that has been connected to the port replicator via HDMI. Tried to extend via display settings in laptop but it couldnt detect. Could someone help to configure it ? Thanks in Advance. Suresh 

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Hi,I have a Zbook G3 which has and HDMI port to connect to an external display. The monitors I have are EliteDisplay E241i which have display port connectors (as well as RGA and DVI, but I'd rather not use those). Can you please point me in the direction of a good connector that will allow me to display my Zbook on the above monitors?Thanks in advance,Phil

A:HDMI (laptop) to Display Port (Monitor)

Hi, Except for VGA, from HDMI to DisplayPort or DVI is digital signals and you should get same result on your current monitor. Any standard HDMI to DVI or HDMI to DP cable will do the job. Regards.  

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My Friend has a HP Pavilion DV2000 Laptop. His display isn't work. Suddenly display gone. But I thought it could be Display problem not a VGA. So, i tried to connect an external monitor and used Shortcut keys to change the display. I pressed fu + F1 or Fu + F2 or Fu + F3 or Fu + F4 up-to F12. But no result.
I couldn't check whether it's a Display or VGA card problem. IS there any other way to check it. in addition to these is there any other combination keys to Change the display to an external monitor. I'm unable to check whether i get login or not. if I can login then i can use Windows Key + P. Then i can select mode. But I'm Unable to anything here. Please help me to find the problem and i have to take it to repairing shop.
Thanks in Advanced

A:Change display of laptop to external monitor

It should be the Fn + the key that shows a monitor symbol. If it still doesn't display, the motherboard video processor has failed, and not the LCD Panel

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I have a laptop as my main computer and I have it hooked up to an external keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Sometimes I like to unplug everything and just use it like a normal laptop. When I use the Fn+F5 key to change to the internal display, the resolution is still the same from the other display. It is still readable but there is a black space where the screen could expand to. I tried to (while hooked up to the external display) change the resolution of the secondary monitor (the internal one) but it keeps just copying exactly what is on the first display (the external one). If I change the resolution on one monitor, they both change to that. If i click "Identify" it shows a number "1" on both monitors. I could just change the resolution every time i switch monitors but then when i plug it into the external one it is a little distorted (enough that i could navigate to change the resolution back though)

Or is there a batch or vbs script that could toggle the resolution between the two?
The two resolutions are: External: 1024 x 768 Internal: 1280 x 800

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I have a MSI A6300 laptop
Windows 7 64 bit operating system
ATI Mobility Radeon HD4270

It will not detect 2nd monitor.. i have confirmed the wire and monitor works on my backup computer. I tried to connect to projector and it doesn't work..

Help please.

(when trying to detect monitor it says "another display not detected")

A:Windows 7 not detecting 2nd display / monitor on laptop

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I just got Win8CP installed to a VHD and rebooting did not display anything to the monitor. I opened the laptop to view the bootup on its screen and it did get to the boot menu and then booted OK to Win8.

I used the FN/F8 to select to clone to display #2 but that did not help. The monitor is still black.

Rebooting to Win7 and the monitor does display as normal (tho nothing is visible till it gets past the BIOS boot display).

This is a Dell Latitued D860.

Any ideas?

Gary Davis

A:Docked laptop Win8CP does not display to the monitor

Most likely it's not working because Windows 8 only came with generic drivers for your laptop. You may have a better chance if you create a partition for Windows 8 rather than installing to VHD.

You could try installing the latest drivers for your Dell by right clicking on the driver and installing in compatibility mode. The link below takes you to the Dell driver download site.

Drivers and Downloads | Dell [United States]

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I just re-installed windows 98 SE on my laptop. I tried to change the screen settings to 800x600 resolution and the color to true, but there is no option to change the color settings to true color. And the screen resolution slider will not move. Can someone help me?

A:Laptop Monitor Display Properties Trouble

You need to install the video drivers.

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I have a monitor connected to my laptop (running Windows XP) because the display is much better than the laptop's screen. It works just fine except for 2 things.

1) When I use the command prompt, and I go into full screen mode, the monitor turns off. The laptop screen displays properly.

2) When viewing video in Windows Media Player, the laptop screen works fine, but the monitor doesn't display the video. It still shows the menus, controls, playlist, etc., but there is a blank black box where the picture should be.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?


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I'll hook my HP laptop using Vista to a monitor, that is larger and easier to read. However, when I do this the monitor on the laptop is also showing. This is distracting, so I would like to know how to shut off the smaller HP monitor, and use only the larger Sony monitor.

Is this possible?

A:Solved: Close laptop display when using different monitor

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I recently got a new laptop (Sony Vaio F series w/ Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit) and today I tried connecting the laptop to my NEC MultiSync LCD1990SXi monitor using the monitor's VGA cable. It worked and I tested it out for a little bit and then disconnected the monitor from the laptop and plugged it back into my computer tower (Windows XP Professional SP3). When I turned my XP desktop back on the resolution was "off," as if everything was squashed/distorted or fuzzy and blurred. I went to Control Panel - Display - Settings and adjusted the screen resolution to every setting but none of them look right; none are clear or sharp. I don't know what resolution I'd always used before changing it around to all the other ones today but I'm pretty sure it was either 1280 by 1024 pixels or 1280 by 960 pixels. If I had to guess I'd say it was the 1280x1024. (The laptop uses 1920x1080 pixels if that makes any difference).

I also noticed in the Control panel - Display - Settings window that it says "Display: Plug and Play Monitor on NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS"
I can't swear that it didn't say this before, but I don't think it did. I think it used to say NEC LCD1990SXi or something to that effect, so I don't know why it changed or how to change it back. I clicked the Advanced button in Display - Settings and clicked the Monitor tab and it just says "Monitor type: Plug and Play Monitor." I couldn't f... Read more

A:Fuzzy/distorted display on monitor after having used it with laptop

One way to determine if the monitor is the issue, is to try another monitor on the PC for test purposes...

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I have a Dell Ispiron 1720 running vista. It was a gift from my uncle.
Once I connect it to a monitor (using VGA connections) it will run the start up (I can see this all on the monitor)and always ask if I would like to run safe mode etc.
If I choose the regular start up, it will show the loading then loose signal instantly and black screen
Now if i choose any of the safe modes it will load on that said monitor, no problems.
I have no idea what the issue is... But I cant exactly do much when in safe modes.
If someone could help me with this Id be greatly appreciative since all I have to work with because of this problem is a bleeping E-Machine.

Im guessing it has to do with the configuration in the regular start up with split screens etc, but I do not know how to fix it is I can not see it...

So yea.


A:Display-less laptop, connection to monitor issues.

so, laptop monitor is dead ? or you are trying to run dual monitors ?

while in safe mode. go to Control Panel -> hardware -> Display . see if it will detect the external monitor

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Hey all, I recently got an amazing 20'' widescreen monitor (Dell UltraSharp™ 2007WFP 20.1" Widescreen LCD Flat Panel Monitor), problem is I have nothing to run it on now. So what I want to do is get a new laptop, but be able to use my monitor with it when the laptop is in my room. (keeping the high quality image I could have gotten with a PC).

Do you guys know of any good laptops that can do this? Or what extra cables/adapters I would need? I plan to use the laptop for media, school work, and web browsing (money really isn't an issue).

Thanks in advance!

A:Laptop to work with DVI monitor?


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I have a sony Vaio vgn-s460 and I primarly use it with a LG FLATRON l222wt via VGA out. one day I was setting up my computer and when I went to plug in the monitor to the VGA it made a little spark and stopped working.

I have tried different cables and a different computer and am positive that the monitor works. I have also tried just about every output setting and nothing. The computer knows when the monitor is plugged in and what model number it is and the monitor knows when the computer is plugged in but will not display anything.

I tried replacing the card that the VGA gets plugged into but it still has the same problem.

I am considering reformatting the computer with hope that it is a software problem. Any good ideas?

A:second monitor does not work on laptop

I tried replacing the card that the VGA gets plugged into but it still has the same problem.

WHAT? please be more descriptive. what card? make model type interface. did well with identifying your monitor and computer but ..... yea more info,

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Is there any way to connect my laptop and have that screen show on my pavillion 23 model 23-h110? im not sure if any of the ports are inputs. Thanks for the help! 

A:Connect laptop to display on touch screen monitor

Hi,You cannot connect your laptop to this AIO model. It doesn't have any standard video input pors.http://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c04485451RegardsVisruth

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Hi All,
I have an Evision Monitor and I finally have turned off the 'hotkeys' for it, because I believe I'm hitting a combination of keys which makes the monitor display do wacky things i.e. rotate completely around so the display is upside down. I was able to rectify most issues I've run into, except this mornings. I have both my laptop and Envision displaying, except the laptop display is displaying larger so that 1/4 of the display cannot be viewed, if I don't move my cursor. When I use my cursor the Envision display is fine, but the laptop display moves with the cursor. I am not sure if what I am trying to relay to this forum makes sense , hopefully it does. I've gone through the whole Pivotal properties etc. trying out different ones, and can't seem to get the laptop displaying correctly. Your assistance in rectifying this issue would be greatly appreciated!

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Dell Inspiron M731R
When turning on the laptop it has white screen at boot-up. I hooked up an external monitor(hdmi) and when it reaches the window 8.1 splash screen then the external monitor kicks in and everything works fine(laptop lcd is still white with vert and horizontal lines (I can kind of see whats displayed). But when I tried in safe mode the external monitor doesn't display anything. I can barely make out what is displaying on the laptop but when I try to project on to the external monitor I get a message 'your PC can’t project to a second screen. Try reinstalling the driver or using a different video card. 
Could it be an inverter for the white screen and driver for not projecting in safe mode? Reinstall the display adapter?

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Hi guys

I have read quite a few forums to try and find an answer to my problem, however everything I have found and tried has not worked. Please read bellow and see of anything pops into mind to help.

I am extending my display to a Dell monitor and the screen wont fit the monitor exactly. I have tried all possible resolution options as well as going into the Advanced settings for the monitors display settings with no success (changing the monitors screen refresh rate - only the 24Hz option works). I have not tried to alter any graphic card options etc and took a screen shot of what I think the graphics card is, just in case it helps.
Another issue which I have noticed is that when moving my mouse left and right from display to display, it gets "caught" at the bottom of the screen but not at the top. I know its from the positions that are set for display 1 and 2 in the display options menu - as in the screen shot. Is there anyway to overcome this? Because when I move the screens around it still gets caught because of the different sizes of the screens.

I have attached an image with a few screen shots of all settings I have been playing with as well as a picture of the problem (Screen2).

I am using a Acer TravelMate 5740G laptop and have attached image (Screen1) showing the graphics properties.
Dell 26" monitor

Could someone please assist in getting my screen to fit the monitor exactly?

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I'm helping someone fix a Lenovo 3000 C200 laptop that has a 1124x768 screen. The image on the screen stretches past the right edge of the screen by maybe 2 inches and past the bottom edge by about 1/2 inch. I checked the resolution and it's set at 1124x768. However, I checked the hardware settings on the monitor and Windows reports it as a 1280x800 screen, which explains why the image appears stretched off the edge. Windows is trying to stretch the image to fill pixels that don't exist. Is there a way to force Windows to recognize the screen as the correct resolution, or is this a hardware problem?

A:Laptop Display - Windows thinks monitor is bigger than it actually is

Anybody? The sooner it gets fixed the better.

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Hi All,

I was running the Windows 8 CP on my PDC laptop up until this weekend when that machine died.

I picked up an Asus R500V from Micro Center. Everything seemed to be OK, but when I hook a second monitor up to the laptop nothing happens. The laptop my come out of power save for a second or so, but goes right back to thinking it has no signal. I've tried with several different monitors and with both the VGA and the HDMI ports. No luck.

I went out to the Asus website and downloaded the NVidia driver from the Asus support site. Now it's got this weird thing where it thinks "something" is connected (I can drag the mouse over) but it doesn't really seem to know what it is and doesn't recognize when it's disconnected.

This is the third laptop I've installed Windows 8 on this weekend where there was some sort of show-stopper; tried an HP, no drivers for the WiFi, tried a Dell, no drivers for the main display. I'm getting a little worried and can't keep taking laptops back to the store.

Does anyone have any advice? I'm getting a little desperate.


A:Help! Can't get external monitor to work on my new laptop


Drivers are no problem. Let me know whatever you need and then I'll request a little specific info. Once I have it, it's all butter from there.

As for the external monitor, first thing is to check that Windows is set to supply 60 Hz for the refresh rate to it. If it is set at anything other than that, change to it.

After doing that, if there is still no luck, try running a Windows Update while the monitor is connected to the machine. It might give you a monitor driver.

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I have an Acer Aspire 8935G with W7 HP 64 on an SSD and Vista HP 64 on an HDD. The Fn keys controlling the display brightness control work on the Vista boot but not on the W7 boot. All the other Fn keys function as they should on the W7 boot. The Aspire has an OEM ATI Radeon HD4670 graphics card. I've tried all 3 available driver versions for the card & OS from AMD but these two Fn keys won't work. Any ideas what's going on here? Do the W7 drivers override or deactivate the Fn brightness control keys?

A:Fn Keys for Laptop Display Brightness Control Don't Work

I realise that the following link is for a different laptop, but it might open some ideas for troubleshooting:
[N120] Win7 and 'easy display manager' for brightness & volume controls (when dual booting) - FIXED

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Hi. In late June 2007 I purchased an HP dv9535nr laptop. The LCD display is no longer working. I can still hear the startup Sounds and there is still a backlight. I connected it to an external monitor and it still didn't work. The Led lights (volume, quickplay,indicators, dedicated media controls) still work and are not flashing. The computer is almost a year out of warranty but HP offered to replace it for around $300. Does anyone know what is acctually wrong with the machine and if you do, do you know any trouble shooting methods or methods cheaper than HP's solution. I realize its probably the GPU and the best method to fix would be to ship it in, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
1.5 GHz Intel Centrino Duo processor T5250 w/ 2MB L2 Cache
2 GB DDR2 System Memory
NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS w/ 256 MB dedicated
Windows Vista Premium w/ SP1

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Hey guys, so I have a really weird issue. After flashing a new BIOS, my laptop display is no longer working. I've installed a custom display in my laptop and it was working fine before the BIOS flash. The BIOS flash was clean, and I can still access my laptop through an external display over HDMI. The laptop display also seems to be working. I can adjust the backlight, but the screen remains black. I've also tried another working display, which exhibits the same behavior. The display shows up under device manager as "Digital Flat Panel (1024 x 768)" when in fact it's a 1600x900 monitor and usually shows up as "Generic PnP Monitor"

I've already tried:

Flashing back to the original BIOS
Pulling out the battery and pressing the power button for a minute
Resetting the CMOS by pulling the battery for a minute

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Laptop Display not working. Help!

Can you flash your BIOS back to the previous BIOS it was using before the display issue? Chances are the new BIOS doesn't recognize/support the new display.

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I bought a G50-80 Lenovo Laptop about 1 year ago, and the warranty just expired last week, so unfortunately this issue won't be covered by the warranty . Basically all of a sudden my computer won't show anything on the display when I turn it on. When I pressed caps lock and NumLock button indicator was not turned on.Only laptop light is on.

A:Laptop Display not working

Without parts to try , it is impossible to be 100% certain whether it is the motherboard or the LCD, but if it will display on an external monitor, the problem is usually the screen

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I have an HP zd7360us laptop with NVidia GeForce FX go5700 display adaptor. The problem is that upon startup I see the windows xp logo on the screen and then it goes completely blank... no display. However, when I connect an external monitor that works fine and I get no error messages. I am not sure what the problem is. Can anyone help me?

A:HP laptop display not working

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Toshiba Satellite S855D Laptop

Hello, I have my laptop connected to a monitor through hdmi. The way I have configured this is that the display only shows on the monitor, and the laptop screen is just black. This is working perfectly. The problem is, when I disconnect the hdmi cord from my laptop, the display on the laptop does not work, it is still just black. What this essentially means is that I cannot use the laptop unless I have the monitor present, which is a big problem for me because I take the laptop places and it is not practical to carry my monitor around everywhere as well. I have tried messing around with the screen resolution/display settings on my computer and here is what I found. The two displays listed are 1. HP w2207 Wide LCD Monitor - this is correct this is the monitor that is working fine, and 2. Generic Non-PnP Monitor - this here is the problem. I have no idea what that is and it was not there before the problem started. It used to say something different which I assume is the name of the laptop display that is now no longer working. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me to resolve this issue, thanks for your time.

A:Laptop display not working

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K I need to get this laptop working.. It will power up just fine but the display will not turn on. I've checked for loose connections and such and it all looks good. I can hear the windows startup music and everything after a bit but no display.. here is the catch. The keyboard doesnt work either so I cant just hook it up to an external monitor and press the FN F5 or whatever it is to switch monitors... BUT I have a usb keyboard ... so what would the command on a usb keyboard be to switch monitors? they dont have FN keys...

A:Laptop display not working

interesting, power on the machine, using the usb keyboard, enter setup. Look out for option (if any) that would allow you to select external monitor as primary boot device. If this works, and the monitor works, then its most likely your LCD screen needs changing. You should buy another keyboard as well.

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DV4 2170US Laptop Goes through boot sequence, but screeen never comes on, or even flickers. It can't be the video crd, since an evternal HDMI monitor works just fine. I already tried removing the battery and cord, and draining residual power. The laptop crashed during a Microsoft update on Feb 10, 2012, and I am trying to resurrect it for an online course, since the specs are pretty respectable. Do I need to use my USB Flash Restore drive, reset the system (I backed everything up while connected to the external screen) and see if that fixes it?Is it just a video driver I am missing?Is the cable delivering data to the screen bad?The screen looks like it did when I first bought it, no chips, cracks or scratches, so I doubt it is physically damaged, but... HELP???!!!??

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Hello all,

I've set my external monitor as primary because the laptop screen is broken, via Q&A: How do I make an external monitor my laptop's primary display?.

However, when waking from Sleep the primary display is switched to the broken laptop screen instead of the external. If I hit Window+P on my external wireless keyboard, I am able to select the external monitor and then it will come on, most of the time.

Is there a way to set the external monitor as the primary after sleeping? Perhaps a third-party program or registry tweak? I've googled around and searched this forum, but have not had much luck. All drivers are up-to-date

I found this forum post which looks promising, but not sure if the solution proposed is applicable to my case.

Thank you.

Laptop: HP Pavillion G6-1d60US
Monitor: Viewsonic VX900

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Issues again with laptop monitor.  Passes all hardware tests.  Did a complete reinstall of Windows 10 using MS Media creator.  Laptop monitor worked with 2006 MS Generic Graphics driver but when updated, laptop monitor went blank but external monitor started working.  Believe this is a driver problem but each one I try has the same result.  
Had same issue in January.  Was under warranty at the time and ultimate result was to reinstall Windows from Microsoft, motherboard was also replaced although the tech didn't believe it had anything to do with the problem.  Laptop monitor worked fine until a couple of weeks ago when new Windows updates were installed.  I have seen several other posts that are describing the exact same issue.  
Currently, I have latest drivers for the graphics -, Windows 10.0.15063.  At this time, my nice expensive laptop is just a desktop.  Any suggestions on what to try next?

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Hello everyone I am hoping for some help. My laptop was working fine last night, I either shut it down before I went to bed or not, can't be 100% certain. I got up this morning and pushed the power on, heard sounds (fan, but no windows noises but I don't know if my volume was up), the computer acts like it has booted up. Light next to my power button is blue. I have tried several troubleshooting steps.
Computer is running Windows 7, has Avast antivirus installed
connected to external monitor-no picture
used the windows key, and right arrow on keyboard to restart (heard more computer noise but no sound)
turned sound up using the keyboard
tried F2 when computer restarted
pulled battery, held down power button for 1 minute, put battery back in, plugged in power cord and restarted.
put in music cd, I can hear the dvd drive spinning but no sound (again I don't know if it auto plays)
shined a flashlight at the monitor (didn't see anything)
I am thinking it is my graphics card, and I replaced one in another computer before so I feel I could do that. I hated to buy one and try it thought if I wasn't pretty certain that is my problem.
Can anyone help with other troubleshooting steps I should try or provide any suggestions at all?
A VERY frustrated college student who has my homework assignment completed and ready to turn in on that computer!

A:Acer Aspire 7741Z-4643 laptop no display on monitor

Laptops have integrated graphics/video...on the motherboard, there is no physical card to be replaced, so don't buy a graphics card.
System manufacturer and model?

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Hey guys i just singed up to this forum soo,
My laptop is Toshiba Qosmio X875
CPU Intel Core i7 (3rd Gen) 3630QM / 2.4 GHz
Graphics Processor NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M - 3 GB GDDR5 SDRAMi
Its a very powerful laptop but it used to have overheating problems but now its fixed .
So the problem now is that the display makes a sound like plug in and plug out thing the screen goes black for 2sec and switches from the Mobile Display to Generic Pnp Monitor . i went to screen resolusion when it happens and it shows 1|2 multiple monitors and then it makes this unplug sound and goes back to normal Mobile Pc Display. It usually happens when i play a game and its really annoying.

Any help will be appreciated Thank You.

A:Laptop switches to Generic Pnp Monitor and back to Mobile Pc Display

Have you been attaching another monitor to your laptop in the past by any chance?

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Thus far I've been unable to make my Vizio HDTV work as a monitor with my Toshiba laptop. I've followed instructions and connected my laptop to my TV. I made a VGA to VGA connection using a 6-foot cable and a 10-foot extension cable. Next, I turned on my computer. I used my TV remote to set the TV to RGB. My laptop wallpaper is now visible on both my laptop and my TV, although the picture on my TV is a bit distorted horizontally. The strange thing is that 10 of my laptop icons have been transferred to my TV display and are no longer shown on my laptop! Whereas my laptop normally shows 60 icons, now it has only 50 showing because 10 have moved to my TV display. I am able to use my wireless mouse simultaneously on both laptop and TV. However, when I click on the Google Chrome icon on my TV the browser opens on my laptop! Why does that happen? When I clicked on a photo icon on my TV it did open up on my TV screen. Other than that, though, all I've been able to see on my TV is my laptop wallpaper and 10 icons.

My question is what should I do next? What must I do in order to get my TV to function as a monitor which I can use to surf the Net, watch videos, etc.? I figure I may need to make a setting change or changes on my laptop? I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who might be able to help. Thank you.

A:Unable to get my HDTV to work as a monitor from my laptop.

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I recently was forced to use a company Laptop to remotely connect to work.  When booting up the Laptop it goes to a Logon screen to connect to work.  I can't seem to boot it up to the the Windows screen to use for personal use.I would like to use my HP100b monitor instead of the laptop (along with mouse and keyboard but those are not an issue).The issue is that there is only USB ports on the HP100b.  The laptop (lenovo Thinkpad) has an HDMI output that I know I can hook up to a newer Monitor but I don't have all that much room in my home "office" and don't want to buy another monitor.Is there a converter to go from the laptop HDMI to an HP100b USB port? 

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I was playing COD4 and my computer freezed again. so I turn off my computer and turned it on but now my monitor wouldn't work. I heard welcome to windows sound but thats all.
Monitor is just black and I cant get other monitor to work also.
Is my video card broken?

My ~3 years old coputer is: Ordi Enduro 7590BF
Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 2,2GHz
nVidia GeForce 8600M GT 512MB
2048MB DDR2 667MHz

A:Laptop monitor doesn't work after overheating

So you have tried plugging it into an external monitor and you still don't get any picture? That would indicate a fault with the graphics card itself.

Try shining a torch at the screen when it is booting up etc. and see if you can see a feint image, if you can, it might just be the backlight / inverter that has failed.

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