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Finally, I get to Upgrade, but I have question...

Q: Finally, I get to Upgrade, but I have question...

Ok, well, I feel good now that I can upgrade my system even 3 times faster than my computer you can see in my sig. Well, here is the hardware:


Athlon XP 1600+

Geil Ultra PC2700 RAM, 2x256 (512MB total)


Now, with that all coming on its way. I have a question. What do I need to do before I install my hardware? Do have have to backup my harddrives? Thanks!


Preferred Solution: Finally, I get to Upgrade, but I have question...

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Finally, I get to Upgrade, but I have question...

Well, XP does not like being moved to a different motherboard because of chipset changes and it may refuse to boot. So, yeah backing up would be a good idea. You can also try installing the new chipset drivers on the old system just before you replace the motherboard - although this does always work.

After transplanting the HDD, it may work, or you may have to do a repair installation, or a full format and reinstall(best result). You may want the 60GB HDD as the primary since its gonna be faster then the old 12Gb Fireball. Your data can be safely stored on the one drive you do not wish to reformat or touch.

I use to have a write-up on how to successfully move XP, but Microsoft removed the link from their website

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Hello guys,
Back when the Windows 7 Student Discount was going on my parents bought the upgrade for there computer. Unfortunantley they got the 64bit version instead of 32bit. As I know, you cannot upgrade directly to 64bit from 32bit. They want to do a direct upgrade so they can keep there software. I have a Windows 7 32 bit CD and I am going to let them use it to upgrade there PC. Can I use the 64bit key with the 32 bit CD? I just wanted to know because I know you can with Retail keys, but can you do it with digitalriver's key? Is it identical to a retail key?

A:Using Digitalriver Student Upgrade finally, can I use the 64 bit key?

I am now starting to think that this does not belong here, I don't know where it should go so I will move it to General Discussion, please move it if needed

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Hi,Have upgrade to win 7 ultimate.Everything work except touch display .... and there are just 3 unknown device (whitch are ACPI but I'm thing they are related to bios) but bios have to by in legacy mode then not really problem hope so...Have just question if any one know if is posible to make work the multitouch displey, try find but no luck..Thanks

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hi, i have one error, these days, I'm trying to upgrade my windows 10 to ver.1703 - and finally me appears this windows;  impossible update the system partition reserved why please make me, one solution please. 

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I pray that there is an answer to this question. I watch videos on the net. I love to watch the wmv format videos with realplayer or windows because you can make the video fit the full screen. But now alot of videos are in an mpg format and its a quarter size of the screen in quicktime and they suck! Whats the solution when the videos I want to see are usually in quick time format? How can I blow it up to fit the screeN. Im convinced that I cant but hope I am wrong. Please keep in mind I am not very computer savy.

A:Question Driving Me Nuts For Years Finally Asking!

It looks like Apple issued an upgrade to address this a couple of months ago. Here's the link.http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/qui...forwindows.html

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I followed a post by "Brink" which says that using gpedit.msc on win 7 and 8 "pro" machines one can block the win10 upgrade by through Group Policy Objects by "enabling" and therefore blocking OS upgrades to the latest version through win update.

I did this manually and even later tried to upgrade that machine to win10 and it could not do it. Hahahaha finally a fairly simple means of blocking win10.

I work with several hundred customers and therefore several thousand win7 pro machines and would like to automate this change with a script, or bat or .reg file. I tried to customize a .reg file to do this and it made changes in the registry similar to what the gpedit.msc did but it did not make the changes in the gpedit.msc console and later it still tried to upgrade to win 10.

I am not a win 10 hater my work uses proprietary software that just only works with win7 pro...Any ideas thanks very much Gordo

A:GPEDIT.MSC blocks win10 upgrade (finally) can I automate with script?

Hello Gordon,

You could use step 3 in OPTION ONE of the tutorial below to disable the "Upgrade to Windows 10" update with a .reg file.

Upgrade to Windows 10 Update - Enable or Disable in Windows 7 or 8.1 - Windows 10 Forums

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Okay flame me if its right in the instructions (I never read them) but with Vista will I have to supply SATA drivers or is it native? If its not native do I have to load up the XP drivers and hope they work for vista because I know the drivers on the website for my MB do not surrently support Vista.

A:Going to load vista tomorrow (I got the x64 to finally work) I have a quick question

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Windows 10:
Why it's finally time to upgrade from Windows 7

Carey Frisch

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Windows 10:
Why it's finally time to upgrade from Windows 7

Carey Frisch

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Windows 10:
Why it's finally time to upgrade from Windows 7

Carey Frisch

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Windows 10:
Why it's finally time to upgrade from Windows 7

Carey Frisch

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Windows 10:
Why it's finally time to upgrade from Windows 7

Carey Frisch

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Windows 10:
Why it's finally time to upgrade from Windows 7

Carey Frisch

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Windows 10:
Why it's finally time to upgrade from Windows 7

Carey Frisch

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Ok I love to use windows 98 2nd edition but now needing to upgrade as the world has moved on the problem is
Compatibility of my hardware: now I have the drivers on cd and on my pc I made a backup copy when I get to the part that says supply the files it doesnt acknowledge them from the copy on pc and if I try to put in cd to provide them it goes to bluescreen saying error reading cd
now how Am I to supply the file when either way it will not let me? and how can I preinstall it when I need win 98 file to run my pc?

here is list the the compatibilty check stated:

BDA IpSink [not currently present]
BDAMPEFilter[not currently present]
BDA SlipDeframer [not currently present]
IntellUSB 2.0Enhanced host controller 24d3
Intel [R]82801 EB SMbus controller24d3
Internet Connection Sharing
NABTS/FECVBI Codec[not currently present]
Nvidia GeForce 5700LE
USB 2.0 Root Hub Device
World Standard Teletext Codec [not currently present]

2. I tried booting from cd it states that the following file is missing or corrupt<windows2000root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe please reinstall a copy of the above file

3. Then I tried making the 4 floppies for a floppy boot it stated setup. txt is missing when it tried booting
4.Now problems 2 and 3 could that be
from the fact that
I am trying to install from a Backup copy
[not original cd of windows 2000] Im asking is
windows 2000 copy protected?
I Would Appreciate Any Help
James Mihm

A:Trying to finally upgrade from windows 98 to windows 2000

Sorry very much but I don't understand;what CD are you using & exactly which files
are you missing?Drivers for 2000 & 98se are different if you mean modem drivers?The
file system is different from memory-2000 using NTFS(New Technology File System)-98
built upon DOS.Thats the compatability issue-everything for the drivers is on the net,
Drivers .com is a place to start-all other files also available here and there.Look at
www.windowsreinstall.com for the info&links.

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FF 3 has been out for a few weeks now. Has anyone had any problems other than add-ons for older versions not being updated yet?

Seems to me I heard in a few places that the beta version had caused some problems, so I am curious as to how the full release has worked for people?

Are there any real security or functionality disadvantages to staying with the previous vesion (

I also read elsewhere that 3 comes with the Google toolbar - are you given the option to decline that during the install? I sure as Hell don't want any Google software installed on my computer without my consent...

A:Firefox 3: To upgrade or not to upgrade, that is the question

I am using firefox 3 now. its a bit disappointing to know that it does not work with the real player plug-ins for downloading movie clips and music videos especially from the youtube site.

if it suites that you seldom download clips nor music videos then you can install firefox 3 and wait for realplayer to upgrade its plug-ins for compatiblity with firefox, otherwise, stick to version 2.0 until all is well fixed with the compatibility issue.

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My current system has XP Home and I would like to upgrade to XP Pro. My question is, does it take a special upgrade cd or can any OS cd work. My current cd is XP Pro w/SP2.


A:Upgrade question

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Hi, I've got an HP a1034n desktop and want to upgrade the ram to 2 sticks of 2G PC2-6400. My understanding is that my chipset has an 800 MHz FSB, but when i go to the HP site, the specs say that the speed supported is a PC 3200.

I've copied the specs below. Thanks

Base processor
Pentium4 530 (P) HT 3.0 GHz:
800 MHz Front side bus
Socket LGA775
Intel 915GV
Manufacturer: Asus
Motherboard Name: PTGD-LA
HP motherboard name: Goldfish3-GL8E
Component Attributes
Memory Installed 1 GB (2 x 512)
Maximum allowed 4 GB* (4 x 1GB) requires the replacement of the installed 512 MB DIMMs

*Actual available memory may be less
Speed supported PC3200 MB/sec
Type 240 pin, DDR2 SDRAM
DIMM slots Four
Open DIMM slots Two

A:Ram Upgrade Question

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trying to upgrade my psu, i have a dell 4600 250wpsu. i would like to upgrade my psu to a 450w, but i dont really know how to buy one. my current psu vents out the rear of the pc and the plug is obviously in the rear as well. i dont know where the air is being vented, i suppose its inside the pc, then vented out right below from the pc's fan. so in buying a new psu, do i just look for one that only has one intake fan from the rear???? should i buy one that has multiple fans even though i dont know how its being vented (still assuming its from the pc fan below the psu) and do i absouletly have to buy one with a fan from the rear???? thank you

A:psu upgrade question

Make sure you buy a good power supply unit to avoid fluctuating current flow and system crashes. You will need this adapter to make it fir to the Dell PSU connectors http://www.endpcnoise.com/cgi-bin/e/std/sku=dellconverter , but any good ATX power supply will fit.

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I recently upgraded from ME to XP Home using the Windows XP Home Upgrade cd-rom. I installed XP using ME as the origonal OS and by doing so carried over much of the old clutter and junk from the old OS. I also selected FAT32 not knowing XP was made for the newer and more efficient NTFS. Now I would like to start over with a CLEAN install of XP using the NTFS file system this time. Can I use the same registered cd-rom again?(I have installed a new video card and power supply since upgrading) What particular problem's should I anticipate? Thank's

A:RE-Upgrade question's

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I apologize if this has been answered already elsewhere, the search didn't bear fruit. I'm trying to hunt down an answer for a family member and haven't had much luck as of yet. I even tried to call into Microsoft but their phone reps couldn't seem to understand the details of the question.

A computer was purchased with OEM Windows 8. The user wanted to upgrade to Win 8 Pro but is old fashioned and prefers to have disks for this type of thing so they purchased item 3UR-00001 from an online retailer. Reading into the details I see that this will for sure complete the upgrade from Win XP, Vista, 7, 8 Consumer Preview, and 8 Release Preview. However nowhere can I confirm one way or another if this item will bump us from OEM Win 8 to Win 8 Pro successfully.

I'm trying to locate a definitive answer before we open the package so it can be returned in case this will not do the job. Any help would really be appreciated.

A:OEM Win 8 to Win 8 Pro upgrade question

Welcome to EightForums.

No install files needed.
Only the Upgrade key is need.
Upgrading from Windows 8 Hp to Windows 8 Pro Pack use the Add features.
Add Features to Windows 8

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Hello- being new to the site I am hoping that someone might be able to give me some information. I just purchased a used HP Pavilion ZE5270 with 2.4GHz P4 socket 478, and I've read that some folks experienced an overheating problem because HP used a desktop P4 in this model. I have looked this up and that model runs at about 59W, whereas the P4 Mobile 478 socket runs about 35W.
My question is whether or not switching to the mobile processor would be possible- I think this would give the laptop a longer run on a battery charge, and alleviate or reduce the heating problem. The mobile processors are available for very little money on eBay, and I thought this might give the older machine a little longer lifespan.
If the FSB speed and cache specs are the same, shouldn't the processor be compatible?
Thanks for any help!

A:P4 Upgrade question...

i need an upgrade like that too

I am having the same problem persay

my cpu is the only thing i haven't upgraded yet
right now i got the p4 478 2.4ghz probably like u (mine is not an HP thou)
and i wouldn't mind getting the 3.0ghz

my mobo specs are
PCChips M925G (V9.1b)

CPU : Socket 478 for Intel Pentium 4, Prescott Celeron processor
FSB : 533/400 MHz
Chipset: P4M266A/8235

at newegg the 3.0s avaliable have a 800mhz FSB
so my question: is:

are the 3.0ghz 800mhz CPUs BACK-COMPATIBLE with a 533mhz Mobo?
does my chipset limit the processor vertion ergo limiting my upgrade?

478's at newegg:

PS i do suffer from heat issues too, i got the stock intel cooler + Zalman grease so my temps are 41 Idle, 52 normal load, and 60 full load
(according to my research on a stock cooler those temps are fine)

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I just bought a computer from a guy. He has the windows 7 eval. copy 7100. He has just been put in jail, and does not look like he will be getting out any time soon. What do I need to do to upgrade this copy? I keep seeing that it will expire soon? Could somebody give me some basic info on what to do before I load all of my stuff into this computer. It will not let me even connect to my printer??


A:Upgrade question


Sorry to hear that. You will need to buy Windows 7 now. Head to here: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/buy/default.aspx

I believe you can get the Upgrade version for about $100.

The you will need to do a clean install with it: Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Hope this helps,

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I have a friend that is having problems with WinMe and wants to Up-grade to XP. However she doesn't want to lose the data from WinMe. The question is about installing XP over Me rather than Formatting first. Is there a possibility that the original problems will remain?

A:XP upgrade question............

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Hey folks. I was reading dobermans thread about upgrading his cpu. I am thinking about doing the same thing. I have an old gateway G6-400. runs win 98se. has 256 mb ram(sdram). has original 10 gb HD and an additonal int. 30 gb HD that I installed. has an internal DVD-rom and ext. usb 2.0 cdrw.
i've been looking on the net and saw a slot 1 cpu upgrade to 1.4 gz from evergreen technologies for $120. i can get an additional 256mb of sdram for $80. i was hoping that for around $200 i would get enough of a boost to the system that it would be viable for a few more years. i also want to use the machine to hook up a dvd burner so that i could convert old family vhs tapes to dvd and archive them before the deteriorate much further. or am i better off applying the $200 to a new pc?
one other question. someone posted that the sdram would bottleneck the performance upgrade, could some one explain why? thanks for any help.

A:another cpu upgrade question


There is simply only one answer for this question. Save you money and apply it on a newer unit.

The concerns I have are as follows:

The Gateway platform has so many proprietary items that they are tough to upgrade.

As a rule, their power supplies are working right at the edge a good bit of the time, so as you add things, there is not enough power to run the items you are looking at.

The Evergreen chip while it will do the job will not suffice for the gains you are looking for.

Many times the cases (don't know about yours) for Gateway, again are proprietay, so not everything new fits in them.

Sdram will work but can not compete with DDR when it comes to speed.

A suggestion:

Why not take that 200 bucks and buy a nice case with a good power supply.

Take the money left from that (100 plus bucks or so) and buy a newer motherboard (about 50 or so) that accepts both the Sdram and the DDR memory. (There are several that accept either)

That way you can use your present memory until you get enough money to buy the DDR.

Buy a used CPU on Ebay for about 50 and you are in business.

Use your other items in thh new unit (cards, modem, etc) and you have a much faster unit for the same price you would have put into the old gateway.

Well, just my opinion anyway.

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Yesterday, I added a 168-pin PC100 SDRAM 128 MB module to the empty RAM slot in my Compaq Presario 5900T desktop, which already had a 64 MB module and another 128 MB module.

During startup, the screen showed that all 320 MB of RAM was recognized, then the words, "164 - memory size error", appeared for several seconds. Another message appeared very briefly after that and disappeared before I was able to read it. Windows then continued to load normally.

320 MB of RAM was recognized in the system properties window, in Belarc Advisor, and in Everest Home Edition. There have not been any further messages since, nor any problems.

What was the cause of the message during initial startup?

A:A Question About RAM Upgrade

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My lap top only has 2 gigs of ram in it. Because its DDR, the modules only come in sized up to a gig. As a result, no matter how much ram the motherboard/chipset will support, I can never have more than 2 gigs because there are only two ram slots on this board.

With that in mind, other than the ability to addres obsene amounts of ram, what other advantages are there to runing a 64 bit operating system.

I am going to put ulitmate x64 on my desk top as soon as I get time to get it done. the board it that machine can take up to 8 gigs.

so is it worth the effort to put a 64 bit os on my laptop.
thanks in advance.

A:upgrade question ( not what you think)

I would suggest you to stay with the 32bit OS. Main problem being that since you are on a laptop, it is not always easy finding 64bit drivers for the laptop's specific hardware. Unless you need the 64bit for specific applications to crunch some numbers, the fact that you only have 2Gb of RAM in there, I think it would be best just to stick with the 32bit. What laptop do you have btw?

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Ok guys,

I Just finished DLing SoLoRs 7260iso (thanks man)

I want to try the upgrade option cause i cbf installing all my apps again.

So i was wondering, Whats the best way to upgrade?

A:Upgrade Question

Upgrade works, but it takes a looong time. Sort of like installing the Service packs for Vista (shrugs). And it kind of makes a mess on the hard drive too. I prefer to clean install and then reinstall my apps.

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I have Windows 8 Pro w/ Windows Media Center. Can I upgrade for free to Windows 8.1 Pro w/Media Center? I'll stay with Windows 8 Pro if it will cost me money.

A:Upgrade Question

Hello MJ, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you update through the Windows Store like in the tutorial below, then yes it will be a free upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro w/Media Center.


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Hey there,

I have a valid product key for windows 7 home premium and I activated and all.. then I found out that my school had a promotion so I got a legitimate professional product key.. question is can I upgrade my current version with the new product key?

Thanks a lot

A:Upgrade question

I'm sorry. Its solved.

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Hey i am thinking about upgrading my cpu + memory .
currently i am running :
AMD 2400+ default @ 2.0
samsung 2x256DDR @ 266
It works just fine but i think i want some more power for the heavy applications + the games i am playing . my question is would this give me a performance jump --
AMD 3000+
Speed:i 2167
L2 Cache: 512KB
FSB: 333MHz.
2 of these -->Canyon DDR 512MB PC3200 400MHz CL2.5
Memory Device DDR SDRAM, 512MB, 400MHz j(PC3200).

how much more performance would i really have for the price .
total is$350.00
thanks for the input

A:Upgrade CPU question

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I'm looking into getting Windows Vista when it comes out. I know there are two types of installations for people with XP, Upgrade and Clean Install. I have two hard drives, C: has the old XP OS and will be where I want to put Vista. The other HD is used mainly for storage of music, videos, and pictures. If I opt for a clean install, will the media on the other HD be safe from deletion? I expect C: to be wiped clean with a clean install, but I want to make sure my media is safe on the other hard drive.

A:Upgrade Question

Yes, the installation will only affect the drive that Vista is installed on and the boot drive (if it's different from the installation drive). I've done this several times without any problem.

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Hi.... I have noticed a change in my computer,and do not know why this change has come about.After doing a ram upgrade,from 2 sticks of 256 Mb,to 1 stick of 1Gb ( which went well).

I have noticed that when scrolling a text page on the internet,the text gets very choppy,and distorted as the screen scrolls up or down.
naturally it is quite clear as soon as the scrolling stops.So I quess this isn't something that would cause me to go into too much effort to correct...
The point is it wasn't like this till the ram change / upgrade... I would almost think that something isn't being read as rapidly as before hence the jittery appearance of the text,as it scrolls.......
Has anyone ever noticed this change from a ram upgrade...???
I have a older system (not that I can see this point should be of mention).
I'm running Win XP Home ..... 1400 Athlon,1 Gb Ultra DDR 2100 mem,SB Audigy,ATI 9550 256 Mb,21" CRT .... @ 800x600 res.... Note:My monitor is the famed Toshiba TIMM... I love it.Albeit the highest res is 800x600 ..... I'm not having any problems with anything that causes a great deal of concern...It's just this change in the smoothness of the visual experience (scrolling only) sence I did the ram upgrade...
I have seen it written that 2 sticks @ 512,are preffered to 1 stick @ 1Gb.....
Of course I read this after I did the upgrade.
I do not know the brand of my original mem.I do know it had chips on both sides of the stick,16 in total per stick = 2... Read more

A:Ram Upgrade Question

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will upgrade install keep all my programs games data etc


A:upgrade question

yes it should do.

it's always a good idea to back up important data though

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Hey guys,

I've been running an C2D 8500 for about a year now. Been a brilliant chip, rediculous OC ability, with rock solid stability. I must say I have been very happy with it and to be honest, it could go for another twelve months without any dramas.

But I'm giving some serious thought to upgrading to a quad chip. Probably a Q9550 or a Q9650.
I have my 8500 running at 3800MHZ, which is plenty enough for me. I have it under a Thermalright 120 with temps under full load around 45 degrees. I think that is pretty solid. I've had it at 4.0 stable, but I wanted the whole thing to be a bit cooler. I recently put it in an Antec 1200 case, which has rediculous airflow...I also have a GTX280 card that runs stock under rediculous load @ 55-57 degrees. I am more than happy with those temps. Especially on the GPU.

I multibox World of Warcraft. I see the real benefit in moving to a quad is being able to set core affinity to create a better running experience when running five instances of the program. Its a long story.

Is a 9650 worth the extra $$ over the 9550? Granted you get an extra .17Mhz out of the box, but is that worth the extra?

On top of that, Under air, say OC'd to 3800 or so, with BOTH of those chips, what could I expect the idle & load temps to be?

Also, any opinion on the performance of these quad CPU's would be appreciated.

I know the 8500/8600 dual core chips are dead set OC demons. I'll be upgrading an older box with my tried and tested 8500...Thats for su... Read more

A:CPU Upgrade question...

hm....... how much are you wanting to spend on the upgrade?....

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I am considering upgrading from my present vista home premium 32 bit to Windows 7 Ultimate,"being purchased from Microsoft". My question is when i boot off cd and clik custom install and reformat and wait for it do do its thing, and then reboot to i run cd again and clik upgrade? any links or comments greatly appreciated.

A:Upgrade question

"and then reboot "do" i run cd again and clik upgrade? any links or comments greatly appreciated.

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Right now, I have a PC with Win 7 Ultimate. So when I buy an upgrade of Win 8, it will work.

But what will happen down the road when I need to resintall that machine ? Do I need to install Win 7 first, and then perform an upgrade to Win 8 again?

A:Upgrade question

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I have a Dell Precision M4500 that is giving me problems. 
I am currently running Windows 7 Pro x64 with 4GB RAM ( (2)sticks of Samsung 4GB (2x2GB) 1Rx8 PC3 10600S -09-11-B2 Laptop Memory). I recently tried to upgrade one of the slots using (1) PNY - 8GB DDR3 1.6GHz DDR3. Once I replaced the RAM and started the computer, I got the prompt that windows failed to start and gave the options to run startup repair or start windows normally. Neither option worked. I ended up putting the original RAM back in and it worked fine. The new PNY 8GB stick is Single Channel with CL of 11. The existing RAM has a CL of 9 (not sure if that makes a huge difference). If anyone has any idea what the issue might be, I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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Sorry for my question if it is lame , but I'm a noob when it comes to hardware stuff (i'm a software guy myself).

I want to upgrade my CPU from the 1000Mhz Intel Celeron with 810 chipset that is to something newer (like better than Celeron). I have a Intel Corporation Whitney System CR Board on this pc and I don't understand how you know what CPUs are upgrade compatible with your motherboard. Can anyone tell me what CPUs I'm limited to in upgrading or where I can find this information. I looked it up a bit on the intel site but couldn't find quite what I was looking for, figured I'd be better off just asking somewhere. Thanks for any help guys/gals.

A:CPU upgrade question

- Its not a lame question

I don't know exactly, but I don't think that you'll be able to upgrade to get much more performance just be upgrading the CPU.

Although its the most expensive option, new CPU /mem/ mobo will probably be the only option that will give you a significant performance boost.

If you want a reasonably priced option, I would recommmed something vaguely along the lines of:

AMD XP 2500+/2400+
Abit NF7 - nForce2 - USB2+A133+Dual DDR400+AGP8x
512mb DDR

More experienced members may alter that slightly, but that's about right I think.

That should give you a serious performance boost for about 200 / $320

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HiI am having hp pavilion 15 ab035TX model in which I want to upgrade my graphics card from 940m 2 gb to higher like 950m/960m/970m/950m 4gb even also 950m 4gb.is it possible to upgrade and if possible then can it from service centre of hp help mePlease reply

A:an upgrade question please help

Hi, It is a no, no, and no; you can't. Uprading video card on a normal laptop is from hard to impossible. And in many cases cost more $$$ than buying a new machine. Regards.

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If I was to purchase an anytime upgrade to ultimate. I currently have professional installed. I found a good deal on amazon for a ""Microsoft Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade (Home Premium to Ultimate) for 94.00$" can I up grade from Professional to Ultimate with this Key, or do I have to have Home Premium installed? Or do you just need to have any windows 7 below ultimate installed? May be a stupid question, I just don't want to waste the money

A:Question about an upgrade

You'll need to buy the Professional to Ultimate Anytime Upgrade: Windows 7 Upgrade Paths

In fact I would decide only based on features since performance is identical: Compare Windows - Microsoft Windows

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Obviously, will you upgrade? Hit Yes, No, or Maybe. If maybe, what's your reasoning?

A:Will you upgrade? That is the question...

I like it. Its seems snappier then Windows 7 and I love the fast boot. I also find the Start Screen easy to organize and use.


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Hi Every one,

I like to Upgrade my Desktop RAM to 1GB RAM from 256MB.
I need the help on followings.
What are the things to note before go to buy.?
How can i know weather the mother board is able to take 1GB RAM.?

Advance thanks for the your replies.

A:Question about RAM Upgrade

First, tell use what your computer is? Model number and make?

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According to my Mobo specs My Mobo will support up to 4 gig of DDR2 800MHz RAM.
According to my SIW report .. I currently have 2GB of (333MHz ) Ram installed ..
(2 of .... )
Capacity 1024 MBytes
Memory Type DDR2 SDRAM
Speed DDR2-666 (333 MHz)
Data Width 64 bits
Voltage SSTL 1.8V
Error Correction None
Refresh Reduced (.5x)...7.8 s
Manufacturing Date 2006, Week 39
Module Height 30.0 mm
EPP SPD Support No

Im thinking about upgrading to 3GB of 800MHz RAM.
Am I reading this right .. (comments) ??
Can you verify my conclusions and suggest some good (reasonably priced) Newegg RAM Modules ???

A:RAM upgrade question

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Hey all,

I am thinking about finally upgrading my HDD to a SSD I have my eye on this

Samsung 840 EVO 250GB 2.5 inch Basic SATA Solid State Drive: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories

I have a few concerns/questions however since this my first time upgrading the HDD

1. The SSD come with cloning software, Does this clone the OS or would I need to re buy Windows

2. Does cloning windows to a new drive break any windows license policies

3. If these answers are no it wont clone windows and yes it does break rules, can I keep the HDD for the OS but run all of my games (and only my games) from the SSD to get better performance?

Thanks for any help


A:Question about HDD>SSD Upgrade

Hi there Phill3990!

Don't worry, there's nothing too complicated when using a SSD.

1. The cloning software basically copies your first storage device onto a second one, all with OS, settings, programs etc. The only condition here would be the capacity range, meaning that if your hard drive is larger than the SSD in capacity, you should delete as much as to the capacities should fit. You don't need a new OS.
2. Cloning softwares are legal, official and some of them even paid (this applies to proven softwares, of course). They shouldn't be breaking any windows license policies. Besides, if you are buying the SSD and it comes with the software, it then certainly shouldn't be a problem.
3. SSDs are faster than HDDs, but not that big in capacity most of the times. Usually for best overall performance, users using both, would load OS and all programs/games/software from the SSD (for speed) and use the HDD for storage purposes only (capacity).

Hope this helps!


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hi guys,
i would like to get some advise what way is the best for upgrade.
right know i have an quadcore 8200 cpu and video card hd 4890 xxx
what would be better, to buy a second hd 4890 xxx or to buy a new cpu i7 920
and not a second card for now? i know i need a new board thats for sure.
what would be a better performance boost?
please let me know,

A:upgrade question

Depends on what you play. Some games rely more on CPU power, some on GPU power, some are pretty balanced. Neither of what you have is not significantly inferior.
In any case, you won't want a second 4890. When you next upgrade your graphics card, sell the 4890 and get a Radeon HD 5xxx series card, probably 5870... 5970 if you want to splash money around. Or if you now upgrade your CPU to i7 920 or i5 750, then you could see whether ATi comes with newer, better price/performance cards, or what nVidia's GT*300 series holds...

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