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Refresh rate is stuck on 30Hz when i try set it to 1080

Q: Refresh rate is stuck on 30Hz when i try set it to 1080


Recently i bought a new monitor (samsung p2250) which neither vista/win7 allowed me to set the resolution to 1080p.

The resolutions already exist when i open Nvidia control panel, but windows doesn't allow me to use it. My refresh rate is stuck on 30Hz when i try set it to 1080p through the normal "screen resolution" option. I followed your method in vista and it works perfectly (thanks!) but when i try the same thing in windows 7, it says the resolution already exists and doesn't allow me to create the custom resolution.

Any idea whats going on? is it a software or hardware problem?

Preferred Solution: Refresh rate is stuck on 30Hz when i try set it to 1080

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Refresh rate is stuck on 30Hz when i try set it to 1080

Hello Anon, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if installing your monitors drivers may be able to help allow you to select the refresh rate afterwards. I found these at Samsung. Not sure what the difference is with LCD and Premium, but they are the same driver though. Click on the Driver option to see them under the Downloads tab.

LCD P2250:
Support for P2250 SAMSUNG

Premium P2250:
Support for P2250 SAMSUNG

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I know, I am here AGAIN, but it's great to know that there's a place where the members actually help you.

I have Asus X51RL and the Refresh Rate is stuck to 60Hz. Is it possible to make to change it a bit? I have noticed that ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 drivers aren't being updated by AMD, so I am stuck with what was on the CD that came with the laptop itself; it could be the graphics card's fault, but it could be a driver issue, or something with the LCD -- it's recognised as a Generic PnP Display, because no drivers for the LCD came with the laptop, nor are there some in Asus' website.

A:Refresh Rate Stuck to 60Hz

I don't think increasing the refresh rate on an LCD display has any effect? It makes a big difference on a CRT but is inconsequential as far as LCD's go. LCD's don't refresh, the pixel is either on or off. The big thing is to set the resolution to the native resolution recommended for that display. My two LCD's show up as Generic PnP Monitor in device manager, but if I go to the Screen resolution window they are listed as AG191. I have the option for 60Hz or 75Hz but I don't think it matters which one I use. I've always just left it at the default 60Hz.

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Hi, To have maximum performance of the monitor, i tried to change the refresh rate of monitor from 60 to 75 hertz. But on going to the advance menu and monitor, there is no hertz to select, it is set to use hardware default settings. thereis no drop down menu showing the hertz. How to have thoses hertz.
I remember seeing those hertz sometimes back. My OS is window 7 ultimate

A:I could not change the refresh rate of monitor as no rate is there

Could i expect the reply. Why refresh rate is absent

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I get a pronounced flicker on my monitor if I set my refresh rate at anything higher than 60 Hz.The recommended refresh rate at 1024X76 resolution is 85 Hz.When I boot up I get a warning that the resolution is set too low.What is my problem?

A:Refresh Rate

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I get a warning on booting up stating that my monitor is running at a lower refresh fate than recommended. I checked the refresh rate and there are only three listed, 60, 75, and 80 hertz. I have it set at 80. What do I do next?

A:Refresh Rate

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I just replaced the CRT to a 19" LCD monitor and now adjusting the settings to best suit my eyes.

Staring at the monitor more than 8 hours a day sometimes strain my eyes, so I want to ask how I should set the screen resolution and the screen refresh rate.
The manufactures' recommended resolution is 1440 x 900 but the refresh rate is maxed at 60. If I select 1280 x 800, refresh rate goes up to 75 Hertz.

Are LCD the same as CRT when it comes to screen refresh rate Hertz? My main concern is my eyes.

Thanks for your time.

A:CRT Refresh Rate same as LCD Refresh Rate?

At least the blinking and hor. lines and stuff like that, which were a problem on CRTs, do not apply on LCDs. I hear. So, you could propably just set it at 1280x800 @ 60 Hz.

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What does the refresh rate do? My current setting is 59 Hertz. What would happen if I change it to 60 Hertz? Would there be a slight boost in games or whatsoever?

A:Refresh Rate?

The higher the refresh rate, the better games and general viewing will be.

But. Your monitor must support the higher refresh rates

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i just got a new video card

Asylum Geforce FX 5200 256 MB AGP Insane 3D Graphic Card

but on 3D Benchmark i scored around 5000, i was expecting higher score...

in CS my fps always bounce from 60 to 30 never really steady, and so I was wondering on my monitor setting, there are "hertz" which one should i set it to for the best FPS results? its currenlty to 60 rite now, I have viewsonic 19" CRT monitor, set to 1024x768.

Does higher hertz get better fps?

how do i fix this problem so i can get the best fps in game?

A:refresh rate...


Your card is my card, almost to a T. My card sucked also, until I got omega drivers and cool bits. I let cool bits overclock the card after I installed the omega drivers. If you do it, let cool bits auto detect the settings. The driver number is 14523a for whatever OS you are running.
Mine still isn't the greatest, but she is clocking and playing games MUCH better.
Might want to give it a whirl. Also, if you don't want to reset it on every start up, check the box that says apply on start up.
Refresh rate, 100 worked for me.
P.S. You can't overclock with nvidia drivers unless you reset it everytime you reboot.

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Which impacts the windows refresh rate system resources or ram? I have 768MB ram and periodically get really slow window refresh rates. Running win 98 SE on Dell PIII. Thoughts?

A:Refresh Rate

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Hi there,
I noticed that there was an option to create a new custom resolution on which had 60 Refresh rate , and i could make it higher.
What is it?

and also, what is Allocation size?
When i format , the default is 4096.


A:What is refresh rate?

The refresh rate is how fast your screen refreshes. So the higher the better, which means that it will update the screen at 60 hz. I don't know exactly how fast that is, but its roughly the standard.

Allocation size is the HDD RAM I believe. Its what the system uses when it runs out of RAM. It is much slower, but keeps the system going.


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when i play lots of games it asks what to make the refresh rate lstuff like 85htz or 55htz or othere numbers what it mean the higher you put it the better or the lower you put is better

A:What does refresh rate mean

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I am working on 17 inch samsung monitor (Samsung 753s )on 1024 x 768 resolution anyone tell me what is the best refresh rate for working and not damage my hardware.

A:Refresh Rate

Recommended: 1024 x 768 @ 85Hz Click to expand...



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I ve heard about monitor's refresh rate.
In winNT, could u plz tell me how to set the refresh rate?
(Also, which is the right number).

A:Refresh Rate on Win NT

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I formatted the HDD on this computer and re-installed XP on it. It seems fine, except for one problem.

When viewing webpages (with any browser, such as IE or Firefox) it has what seems to be a terrible refresh rate. If I scroll down, it takes about 3 entire seconds to redrew the window. It's so bad, I can see the "refresh" scroll up replacing the page with the new content. As far as I can tell, this isn't a problem with Windows Explorer windows. It's really slow in this case.

Any idea why?

A:Bad refresh rate?

Since windows was re-installed the thing that has to be done is to install all of the special drivers like chipset, buss, network, audio, video and others, they can be installed in any order you wish and can be found on the system recovery disk set for the computer if it is an OEM like Compaq, Dell etc. or if you do not have a recovery disk set the drivers can be found on the manufacturers web site for either the motherboard or the manufacturer of the computers web site. You can download these drivers and burn to a CD-R and then install those following instructions to reboot when asked.

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I currently have my refresh rate on my monitor set at 84hz, but windows will let me put it up too 100hz after i check the option to only display modes my monitor can handle. However in my monitors manual it says only 85hz. Is it dangerous to put my hz up to 100.

A:refresh rate

Yes. This message was too short - dumb rule when the answer is simple.

However - YES!

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Its been a while since I last read up on the subject, and was wondering if there was a fix for the 48Hz refresh rate cap so wa can run it at 60Hz. Thank you.

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Just bought myself a new monitor. Bit of an upgrade from the 15" to 19".

One thing I have noticed, is the brightness. I have changed the screen size to 1024x768.

I'm currently running Win2000 as the main PC, and the refresh rate is currently 60Hertz. I have a choice of:

60, 70, 75, 80

Which is the expected refresh rate?

Thanks in advance


A:Refresh Rate

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I want to buy an AREA-51 m15x notebook, and was wondering what the max refresh rate was? are they all 60? Or can I > the RR by < the Resolution?

A:Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is dictated by the monitor and it is genrally not a good idea to fiddle with the settings of laptop screens - if it locks up you cannot unplug it and reset it. It will already be optimised for the machine anyway.

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i cant change my monitor refresh rate!it keeps giving the only option of default hardware settings help

A:refresh rate

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I bought my son an old compaq pc , its a p2 350 . I put a gf 2 ti 64meg graphics card in it . It works on most games but I cannot change my refrsh rate or resolution. I get a mess too check my display driver and hardware settings. I am using the current g force drivers. Any one have any thoughts ?

A:cannot change my refresh rate or res

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Hey guys!

I am brand new and this is my first post on the site. I am also not extremely knowlwdgable about computers. I have a OS of Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit with 3GB of memory. I hope this is sufficent.

When I am on a web page reading an article, after a certain amount of time the page will automatically refresh/renew to the top of the page & I need to scroll down and find where I was. I did try for an hour to repair the problem on my own by going on the windows help site. It said right click on desk top- click screen resolution- and then I tried two options with display & monitor& one which goes into "advanced setttings". The bottom line is 60 Hertz is the only option in the "drop down menus" that I seen.

The problem is major annoying. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thank you

A:Changing My Refresh Rate. Can anyone help please!

The problem has nothing to do with Windows itself. Its actually a problem with the web page. I really cannot tell you whats going on without seeing it for myself. But the issue you mention isn't something that can be fixed via Windows settings.

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CPE Info

The host machine is running Win XP Pro Service Pack 2 all current hotfixes, patches, and updates.

The hardware is an emachine T2893 all hardware specs can be found @ http://www.emachines.com/support/pro...es&model=T2893

The client machine is my PC at work, which is more powerful than my host by far. Pentium 4 dualcore with 1GB of ram, and some cheap HP peripherals for the video, etc. Also running WinXP Service Pack 2 all current hotfixes, and patches.

End CPE Info


The RDP works great. I have no problems with the RDP session itself. I can establish the session, do my work, etc without a problem.

I use the RDP client from work to login to my PC at home so I can do stuff that I can't do from work. So I RDP to my home PC at the start of my shift, and leave the session logged in the whole time, until I leave for home (11hrs). My power scheme for the host is, everything on all the time, unless the UPS kicks in. SO I do not believe the issue is being caused by a standby or power saving mode.

The problem is when I get home and I turn on my monitor (CPU is obviously already on) I get a message that the screen refresh rate is out of range (80Hz). And I can't get the monitor to display anything, unless I login to the PC from RDP again, then the monitor will display the windows message that this computer is in use and has been locked.... I log out of RDP and the monitor goes back to Refresh rate is too high...

I'm watching all th... Read more

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my New Benq E2200HD monitor is connected to my VGA card with a D-sub cable. i cant get it to get more than 60Hz of refresh rate when i change the rate in the personalization options in vista(it says it's out of range)

will i be able to get better refresh rates with a DVI cable?

A:would i get a better refresh rate with a dvi cable?

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whats the difference between frames per second in games and refresh rate on monitors?

A:frames per second and refresh rate

Frames per second fps is the actual amount of frames the video card will redraw

Refresh rate is the actual frames per second the monitor will redraw.

A problem arises when the refresh rate is lower the the fps thus limiting the video card to perform slower as it has to wait for the monitor to draw the frames.

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I have a brand new computer with a nvidia 64 ddr video card. I am using an old Gateway EV700 monitor. I am running win xp and the refresh rate is currently only 60 hertz. Can I increase it to 75 or will that hurt the monitor? Thanks.

A:Monitor refresh rate

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just wondered what the reccomended refresh rate is for LCD widescreen monitors, as i have just bought a 20". On my old 17" CRT screen i always had the refresh rate at 75 hertz as my eyes could not stand 60 hertz. I now have the refresh rate set to 75 hertz on my new monitor, but was wondering if that was correct for a LCD widescreen monitor???

thanks in advance

A:Recommended refresh rate?

You don't get that option with LCD. Only CRT.

Leave it alone.

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when i start my computer, pentium 200, win 98, 64 meg ram, nec fe700 monitor, i get the message that the refresh rate is to low and to consult my manual for the correct settings. the problem is i do not have any manual. this problem just started recently, i've had the monitor for 3 years. any ideas?

A:refresh rate on monitor

More than likely the refresh rates are to high not to low.. To fix it, press F8 while booting and choose to boot into safe mode.. When in safe mode enter the display properties and set the display to 640 X 480 and the color depth as high as it'll go. Reboot and the adaptor should default back to the default 60hz refresh rate, you can then further adjust your adaptor settings through the display property settings.

(Right click on the desktop and select properties to enter the display settings, click the settings tab to alter the color depth or resolution and click the advanced button under settings tab, then the monitor tab to change the refresh rate.. If you set the refresh rate to high it can damage your monitor or make it not work correctly)

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Yeah I reformatted my computer. And Im trying to edit my refresh rates... but the new Drivers in my Advanced Video Card Settings dont display the old ... options. Because before there was a list of differant resolutions and next to that was default.. but now thats not there it.

A:Refresh Rate Overides

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please read below:

the clueless person that i am, changed the refresh rate of my monitor to about 75Hz (or so) and now i'm having a problem booting. this might not be the problem but i thought id mention it. not sure if my monitor supports it (ive got a Mag Innovision Model no. 900P...at the back it mentions 60Hz so...)

everything is normal up until the windows xp loading screen after which the screen goes blank. the monitor is not however on standby and i tried logging in (knowing how to without the screen) to no avail

ive tried booting in safe mode, with networking and with command prompt, ive used the lot!!

i have no on-board graphics card so hell that doesnt help at all!

using an Nvidia 6600GT 256Mb it that could help....

thanks in advance!

A:Monitor refresh rate

hi llama91

Your screen is only capable of a 60Hz refresh rate and therefore when it loads Windows it wont be able to load at 75Hz (the amount you've changed it to). You'll have to connect a monitor that IS capable of allowing that refresh rate and then revert it back to 60Hz once started up. I'm pretty sure you'd be able to disable the drivers (and then enable them again once you've set the refresh rate back) through Command Prompt as well but I must admit I'm not sure of how that's done.


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hey ,
i was setting the refresh rate on my monitor and i set it too high . monitor went black , i have hit all the reset buttons on the monitor itself but no change . restarted the computer still no affect .
anyone have any suggestions to how to get the pic back .. it was an ATI graphics card setting i was changing = refresh rate , hit 200 instead of 100
thanks '

thanks m8 .. i already got it ..
for anyone else , go into safe mode . f8 and login as administrator ..and select your refresh rates as needed--as mentioned in the above
, cheers

A:Solved: HELP refresh rate ,?

Boot to safe mode by tapping the F8 key when you power up the machine. Just tap it at one second intervals until you get the option of safe mode. If you hit the windows logo screen you waited too long to hit the F8 key.

Log in as administrator and change the refresh rate the way you normally would. Restart the computer and things should be fine.
Pre-XP OS's sometimes dump the video driver and it may need to be reloaded.

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RDP connects fine from home XP to office XP but screen refresh rate draws from left to right and down very slow especially when viewing PDF docs with pictures. Connection at home is DSL and connection on office is T1.

A:RDP slow refresh rate

Problems with viewing PDFs and graphics is a very common issue when using RDP. I recommend you look at Ericom Blaze, a software product that accelerates AND compresses standard Microsoft RDP, so it speeds RDP while conserving bandwidth. Blaze accelerates RDP performance by as much as 10-25 times, and helps deliver higher frame rates and reduce screen freezes and choppiness.

You can read more about Blaze and download a free evaluation at:

Or view a video demo at:

Hope this helps.


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What is Screen Refresh Rate and what is the recommended Hertz I should set it at? Mine right now is at 60 Hertz.

A:Screen Refresh Rate?

Refresh rate is the number of times that the image on the display is drawn each second.
Say your CRT monitor has a refresh rate of 72 Hertz (Hz), then it cycles through all the pixels from top to bottom 72 times a second.
Refresh rates are very important because they control flicker, and you want the refresh rate as high as possible. Too few cycles per second and you will notice a flickering, which can lead to headaches and eye strain.

What do you keep your screen resolution at?
See here: http://www.grandtec.com/resgwb.htm

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Hi gang,
Im having a problem with the 1280 x 1024 resolution on my monitor. any other resolution works fine. when i change it to 1280 x 1024 I get wavy flickering semi round lines on either side of the screen (kind of looks like a faint contour map). my first instinct was that the refresh rate was wrong so i set it high and low and no luck. its currently at the supported speed of 75Mhz. again it works fine at any other resolution, and is a supported res.

Any ideas?

Samsung SyncMaster 955DF
ATI HD 3650 1gb

A:Wrong refresh rate?

Did you install the monitor driver or are you using Native drivers?

If you need the manual, try here;


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i'm using win XP professional and am unable to change the refresh rate on my monitor to correct an annoying flicker. when i go to Display Properties > Settings > Advanced > Monitor there are no options for the refresh rate. i'm in the process of tracking down a driver for my monitor (a dell trinitron) to see if that helps, but after reading a few posts about dell trinitron monitors not needing a specific driver to run correctly i don't know that it will help.

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I put in a new motherboard and cpu recently and it seems to be running fine but with a slow refresh rate with the onboard video but when i use the HIS AGP Radeon 9550 it will work for about a minute and when i start up any type of internet browser it will crash and restart.

can this be a power supply problem bc i have a 300w?

A:Very Slow Refresh Rate


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I do not have driver my microvision monitor, Widows Xp load it as plug & Play monitor and assigned 85Khz at 32 bit color..

For my microvision 17" monitor 70Khz, the other refresh rate available are 60, 72. 75 & 85... etc. So I adjusted to 72KHZ and hear hissing noise from moitor. however with 60Khz refresher rate there is no noise..

I need to know, is it advisable to run the monitor at lower screen refresh rate.?

How to get the refresh rate to the monitor default value of 70Khz.?

Do anybody know where could I get the driver for the monitor?


A:Monitor Refresh Rate

Contacting their tech support would answer all of these questions

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I am currently using a gf4 ti4600 graphics card, and my problem is that in counterstrike my monitor's refresh rate as of yesterday is being forced down to 60 hz. I was using the 'Override Refresh Rates' option in my gf4 video settings, and for the resolution i am running in cs i have it set to where it should force it to 85 hz. It is now being forced down to 60 hz. can anybody help me?

A:Refresh Rate Problem

Perhaps thats the maximum the monitor can take for the partcular resolution you have it set to.

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Bought a 512MB stick of PC133 SDRAM recently but found out that its refresh rate is different from my existing PC133 SDRAM. I think it's causing problems but I'm not sure; I put it in DIMM slot #3 and it worked (maybe caused the problem I had burning CD's shortly after installing) with my existing RAM, but then I moved it to DIMM slot #1 and my computer crapped out a while after boot up.

Is having different refresh rates a problem?

AIDA32 reports 15.625 us (normal) refresh rate on my existing RAM, and 7.8 us (reduced) refresh rate on the new - that's the only difference I could see.

If it is a problem, is there any way I can adjust the refresh rate?

I thought all the information you needed was PC133 SDRAM; I had no idea there were other identifying categories to RAM. None of my RAM stick labels indicate anything about refresh rate??

A:New RAM's refresh rate is not the same as my existing RAM?

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Ok, I have read a lot of different places that people have this problem but then I don't see an answer. The monitor refresh rate is only going to 60 herts, I have to have it go higher! I have epilipsy and this is killing my head. I have a Sony Vaio CR series wuth Vista home prem. installed.

A:Refresh rate 60 hertz

Hi hookem,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

You will just need to adjust your screen resolution to a different size until you find one that supports a higher refresh rate. It may take a few tries to find one. This is limited to what your video card and monitor combined can support.

Hope this helps,

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Im using a old samsung crt monitor(14'). Since the display was flickering a lot i tried to increase the refresh rate from 60hz to 70hz using the xpertvision software(i have geforce 8600GT 1gb graphics card) .I did not know that my monitor supports 70hz but applied the settings. Then the display went blank with the monitor led blinking furiously. I tried restarting the system but after the windows splash screen, it goes blank again with the led blinking.
I have ubuntu installed on my computer as well. I tried to place the xpertvision folder(the one in C\program files\) in a different drive and checked windows again but it still didnt work.
I really am in deep trouble guys, please help me

PS: I can connect a new monitor which supports 70Hz refresh rate and change it back but its tedious and not practical for me

A:refresh rate disaster

Have you tried going into safe mode?
If you can, try deleting your display adapter and monitor from device manager and then restarting. Note you will then have to reinstall your nVidia GeForce drivers again from the CD.

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Hi ive had my Fujitsu C2220 lifebook laptop for about a year now and about 6 months ago i decided to reinstall windows XP... the problem is it wasnt a real copy since i dont think i ever got the copy that was suposed to come with my laptop..

when i installed the XP there have been a few problems... Firstly i just recently purchased THE SIMS 2 and installed it fine but when i go to play it, it comes up with the error "failed to find any DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapters in this system" .. since im a novice at computers i dont know what i can do but ive tried downloading all the video drivers n stuff for my exact laptop of the fujitsu website but they just wont install no matter what i do and i think the games problem may be due to this

also when i scroll on any web browser or in any folder ect.. the scrolling goes reaaaaaaaaaaaaly slowly and jercky and takes ages to move to the destination. also some flash games and other games go really jerkcky aswell............this isnt due to the 'smooth scrolling' thing ive tried that but i think its also to do with the driver for the video card ... if it helps it says Ati Radeon 2 and pentium 4 on the laptop please help!!


Try using the Catalyst 4.12 driver (available from ATI's website). You may also have to download and install DirectX 9.0c

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How to fix the xp refresh-rate problem?

A:xp refresh-rate problem

More system info would be nice....namely your video card.

If you have an nVidia card, here's a link to the page, download it from a link on the right.

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Hello, I'm experiencing a strange annoying little thing with Doom 3. When I'm on the game, I click my monitor menu button to bring up the Brightness, Contrast settings etc and I notice something odd... The refresh rate's set on 60Hz for some unknown reason. On every other application I run at 1024x768/32bit(or lower) and on my desktop I have my refresh set at 85Hz. Why does Doom feel the need to forcefully bring it down and not allow me to alter it?

Not that I know whether or not this is lowering my gaming pleasure, I do experience tears as it renders the scenery sprites etc...

A:Doom 3 - Refresh Rate

Doom 3 is locked at 60FPS max....I forget why they did it, but they did. If you turn on vsync in the Doom 3 options, that might fix it...or if it's already on, then turn it off.

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when i connect my charger so suddenly screen has black,then after 2 secs screen appears.. similar thing is happend when i removed my charger

A:except 40 and 60, What is best refresh rate for hp ProBook 6...

60 is the only refresh rate you should use. You are seeing the laptop apply the power management settings for switching from battery to AC power and vice versa. 

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Please help, i just bought a samsung 40" LED tv i use for a monitor, and its a 120hz tv... but when i try to change the refresh rate of my computer, the last option to choose is only 60hz... the text on my screen is kind of blurry, not as sharp as it was through VGA..

can anyone tell me how come i cant get my computer to output in 120hz..

running Win 7 ultimate 64bit, HD Radeon 4850, AMD phenom II quad core processor black edition... not sure why i would be having trouble..

using DVI to HDMI cable for connection... any help would be greatly appreciated, waiting by patiently for your inputs

also there is a 1 inch border along the entire screen in black i cant get rid of... display shows 1920x1080
OK ... so i updated my cards drivers... and restarted, now the border is 1 inch over the display, but settings still show 1920x1080..

ok i found it for whoever needs to know.


Even though you can force a 120hz refresh through the Nvidia control panel, I think the TV only takes 60hz refresh rates listed in the manual (pretty sure no TVs accept 120hz inputs but that would be nice). Check the manual for PC compatible timings.
As far as the overscan, make sure the PC is plugged into HDMI-1 on the TV. With the remote, re-name HDMI-1 to "PC" and set picture size to "just scan".

If you already did all that, downloading the latest Nvida driver should fix it (as it did for me). These sets are very PC freindly so you should not have any overs... Read more

A:Please help with Monitor refresh rate..

I've experienced exactly the same thing (on a Samsung 52" lcd). It isn't the refresh rate, it's the overscan/underscan settings.

Open Catalyst Control Center and find DTV in the list on the left. Click on this and you should get a list of options and settings. The one you want is "Scaling Options." Click on it and you should now see a slider labeled Underscan at one end and Overscan on the other end. Slide the pointer all the to Overscan (0%).

The desktop should now fill your screen (no borders) and the text should be sharp.

Hope this helps.


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What is the best refresh rate to use when playing games and can it affect my fps if i Change it.

A:Solved: Refresh rate

Are you using 70 MHZ?

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