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Dell XPS 13 9350 Airplane mode sleep issues

Q: Dell XPS 13 9350 Airplane mode sleep issues

This happens randomly. I can't seem to reproduce it on call. Basically I close the lid to put it to sleep but the computer doesn't go to sleep. Airplane mode just turns on but the laptop stays on.

Preferred Solution: Dell XPS 13 9350 Airplane mode sleep issues

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Dell XPS 13 9350 Airplane mode sleep issues

Hi Viper2ko,
Thanks for writing to us.
When did the issue start?
Please update the BIOS and video drivers, also check the advanced power option settings ensure nothing is hindering the sleep mode from working.
Also do let us know what windows the system is running on, do PM us the system tag# by clicking on my name in blue and select send a private message .
Meanwhile you can go through the below steps to check more on the issue
Open the Start menu and then enter cmd into the search box. Hit enter and the command prompt window should open for you. If not, click it in the search result list.
Note: it is possible that you will need administrative privileges to complete the next part successfully. If you are having trouble, you can attempt to run cmd as Administrator. To do this, search for cmd again, and then right-click it and select Run as administrator.
Now that you have the command prompt window open, enter the following at the command prompt:

powercfg -requests
There is a space after powercfg
Hit enter .
If any process or device is preventing your system from going into sleep mode, information about it will be displayed here. The program will attempt to give you precise information on the disturbance
Though we can always rely on this method, but good to give it a try.



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Hello, I have a problem with my Dell XPS 13 9350, FHD edition. My laptop sometimes wakes up in airplane mode. And it sometimes wakes up even though the lid is closed, so when I take my laptop in my hands, it is hot and the battery is drained.
It does this behavior sometimes, like 30% of the time. But it is really annoying since I cannot trust that my laptop will be fully charged when I need it.
I tried following solutions:
 - I updated all my drivers, including BIOS.
 - I fiddled with almost every setting in power options.
 - I changed my wireless card to a better known model (Intel 7260 or something like that)
 - I formatted my laptop and reinstalled Windows 10.
Nothing helped, the problem continuous. So how can I solve this?

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I am on 10565 Pro version though this occured in last build too. Whenever I come back to my pc in the morning after putting it in hibernate mode for the night my airplane mode is always on. I notice it first by my bluetooth mouse being disconnected and then wifi connectivity.

The one fix I tried is unchecking the allow to shut off option to save power under device manager properties for my wifi adapter.

Using a Dell XPS 9343

A:Airplane Mode Is On When Computer Wakes Up From Sleep

I have been having the same problem over the last week or so, same computer as well (Intel AC 7265 and clean install of Windows 10 Pro after I bought the computer). How do I check the build I'm on?

I'm also experiencing issues with window sizes (like an open Explorer folder) changing when I come back from sleep, as well as the task bar resizing even if it's locked. Don't know if either is even remotely related.

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I have 3 issues with my Dell 3147 laptop.
The first one has to do with the keyboard and touchpad. For no apparent reason, the touchpad will disable and re-enable itself and in the process the physical keyboard will completely disable and won't enable again unless I restart the laptop
Second issue has to do with the sleep mode. Whenever I put the laptop on sleep mode I cannot go back to my session and have to press the power button for several seconds until the laptop resets/restarts completely.
Third issue has to do with the screen. It will flip upside-down without me doing anything, which means that I need to manually revert it using the keyboard shortcut everytime.
Appreciate any help.
My laptop is still under warranty, only bought it 10 months ago.

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Hello, I am having trouble recently with my dell xps 13 9350. The computer starts up from OFF fine, however if I try to wake up the laptop after closing the lid or pressing the power button quickly (which in both cases causes the laptop to sleep) all i get is a blue screen with a loading wheel. The computer does not wake up and must be restarted by holding the power button for over 4 seconds. 
I have had this computer for two months and this is the first issue I've had with it. Hoping someone can help me resolve this issue. Thanks!

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hi everyone,
my laptop screen goes gray (see picture below) every time the computer returns from sleep mode. the issue is resolved only after restarting the computer.
graphics drivers are up to date, any ideas how to solve the issue?
thanks :)

A:dell inspiron 13 7368 | screen issues when returning from sleep mode

I'd suggest updating the system setup(BIOS). Please watch Dell video to safety install latest BIOS version in the link below:
How to Update BIOS (Official Dell Tech Support) - YouTube

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After a clean installation, whenever the laptop is put into sleep mode and woken up it'll flicker much like what is shown here  I need help from where to start to eliminate this problem as the corresponding model from the post doesn't necessarily apply to me...

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The post talking abou this subject seems to have been closed 
without reason as the problem is NOT SOLVED 

The computer is still not going to sleep or hibernate but instead of this goes ao AIRPLANE

There is post from "Robert"  but doesn;t solve anything = I have Toshiba SSD in the computer not an INtel SSD !!
No fix for the moment

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Hi everyone,
I have encountered the problem that when my XPS13 is on sleep mode during the night, in the morning the battery is 10-15% or totally dead. I normally leave it at 100% or 80% so that's a lot of battery life lost. With hibernate mode on, the battery does not drain, however, I am not a fan of hibernate mode as it shortens the lifetime of the SSD and takes a longer time to start up. Normally, I don't leave any high-performance apps open during the night, it's normally only Firefox, Skype, and Word that are left open in sleep mode. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

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Since last BIOS update, my XPS13 9350 won't stay in sleep mode after I press the power button or select sleep mode from the start menu. It goes in sleep mode and wake up 3-5 seconds after. It was working just fine before the last update! Can anyone help?

I've tried whatever is on other forum so far including making sure the network adapter can't wake on, rebooting, etc.

Please help!

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Nothing worked out to take off airplane mode. Still grey. I have tried all these options, have reset my system, & still stuck with it. I have a Dell inspiron 7000 series. No physica swich like Lenovo laptop. I have called Dell support but no solution. What I can do?  I'm follwing my courses on my cellphone.

A:Stuck with airplane mode with Dell inspiron 15

I'd suggest you enter service tag number [or click Detect Product] onto link below. After entering service tag number, stroll down to Network and then expand it. Please install Dell Airplane Mode Switch Driver onto system.
Drivers & Downloads | Dell US
If installing latest Airplane Mode Switch doesn't work, I suggest you check out the troubleshooting steps in link below:
How to Fix Airplane Mode Issues in Windows 10

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A lot of people seem to be having trouble with the Wi-Fi button and with the airplane mode icon displaying when it shouldn't in Windows 10. Is there some kind of explanation or fix? I did a clean install of Windows 10, and the HP Wi-Fi button driver was installed automatically by the Windows installer, or at least I'm pretty sure it was. I seem to recall seeing it listed in Device Manager or someplace. Anyway, the button was working fine, but today I tried to switch my Wi-Fi off using the F12 button, and it didn't work. I clicked on the Wi-Fi icon in the task bar and switched to airplane mode that way. That worked, and the light on the Wi-Fi button changed from white to orange. I still couldn't use the F12 button to turn airplane mode off. I turned airplane mode off manually and reconnected to my Wi-Fi, but the airplane mode icon continued to show on the task bar, even though I was connected to the Internet, able to browse web pages, etc. I rebooted, and still the same problem. In network settings I went in and turned airplane mode off there (even though I was already connected), but the Wi-Fi button is still not working. Is this all a Windows 10 bug, or is there a fix? I noticed similar behavior on a friend's newer HP laptop (a Notebook 15 model) that came with Windows 10 installed--i.e., the airplane mode icon displaying despite the system having an active Wi-Fi connection. Thanks in advance for any advice or explanation.

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Please, please, please help.
Since Windows 10 upgrade cannot use wifi 
Have tried every solution out there, the Fn+ Prnt Screen, updating network drivers, I am going insane
There is no wifi button on the keyboard
If I try to turn it off in settings it just bounces right back. 
Too late to uninstall Windows 10

A:Dell Latitude E6430 Stuck in airplane mode

Click the link below to follow the steps listed to turn airplane mode off in Windows 10.
How to Fix Airplane Mode Issues in Windows 10

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Having an issue where the Bluetooth driver is not letting the laptop sleep or even shutdown - It powers off briefly then an notification sound is played and the laptop is powered back on. I get the following pop up message upon restart 'This operation is not allowed by the group policy set by your administrator'. I run an admin account and have not set any group policy. 
Many thanksAnton

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I updated to the new windows 1730 update and now when i close the laptop lid , the computer thinks i basically pulled the plug like on a desktop and it restarts asking to check for any issues.  I cannot open the lid and have the previous screen prompt where it just asks for your password.

Anybody experience these issues as well??

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I am have recently bought a dell inspiron 15 7000 series laptop. Its only been a month that I have been using it. Everything was fine but my airplane mode button (the button beside F12 and PrtScr which are working fine) stopped working. Any help? Every other buttons on the button row is fully functional so I fear its not a keyboard matrix problem?  
Please help me. 

A:Airplane mode button not working. Any help, please? First time dell user.

Hi I have figured out your problem, there is a button on your keyboard that looks like a wifi tower press this button and it should allow you to turn off the airplane mode, good luck my friend

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I received the Latitude E5440 last night.  It stuck in airplane mode. I tried all options the following post mentioned here. Any idea? DELL/MIcrosoft support phone number to call?

A:Dell Latitude E5440 stuck in airplane mode Windows 10

Dell Technical Support is specific to country. What country are you in?
Are you saying that "out of the box" Airplane mode was turned on?
Was this purchased new directly from Dell? Or from a reseller?
How to Turn on/off Airplane mode in Windows 10
Review this document.
Use hardware switchMany devices have a hardware switch to turn on or off the Airplane mode. You can use that button or switch to turn off all the wireless signals from your device. However, Microsoft says that using a hardware switch may not necessarily disable all the wireless communications. Some Windows Store apps have the ability to bypass the hardware switch to connect to GPS or cellular data. The best method, according to Microsoft, is to use the Airplane mode button available via Notifications in System Tray.Use Notifications shortcutTo toggle the state of Airplane mode in Windows 10, click on Notifications icon. Scroll down to see the options. Click on the button saying Airplane mode to turn it on or off.
Use Windows 10 SettingsYou can also use Settings to turn the airplane mode off or on in Windows 10. Follow these steps:* Open Start Menu* Click on Settings* Click on Network and InternetChange Airplane mode to OffChange Wireless devices to OnIf Windows 10 is stuck in Airplane mode, here are few things you may want to try. Before you begin, make sure that if your device has a physical Wi-Fi On/Off button or switch, it is set to the On position.* Try pressing the Fn+Radio Tower key. On my Dell,... Read more

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I have a DELL XPS 13 9350 2016. I purchased it about 7 months ago.
I am getting this issue just today. It takes forever for the laptop too boot after I type my password in. Also, it takes forever to start the starting programs. Its so slow that I can't even post about it using the laptop.
Does anyone know what to do about this?
Also, how long does it usually take to get technical help?

A:DELL XPS 13 9350 booting issues

Are there any bluescreens / system crashes? Is there any damage on the system?
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us. These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional. Also, run an extended / thorough tests on the HDD and memory to check for any possible errors. 
If the system is under warranty, we can help book a service call if the hardware has an issue and needs to be replaced.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I've got an XPS 13 9350 with a clean install of Windows 10 on it on Bios 1.2.3.  The touchpad has a couple of issues:
1) Bouncy when scrolling.  In a web browser, when using two fingers to scroll down, upon releasing the screen jumps back up a bit - occasionally jumps to the top of the page again.  This is best described is this post, but with no resolution: 
2) Tap to click sometimes stops working.  When this happens if I wiggle a finger on the pad a bit and try again, it starts working again.
3) Click drag releases by itself.  More often than not, if I click and hold the button on the touchpad to move a file, it releases before the button is released.  Its almost impossible to move emails between folders in outlook due to this behaviour.
Are these common issues?  Could I have faulty hardware?  I've run the Dell update utility, but apparently my system is up to date.Any pointers appreciated!

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 Touchpad Issues

Hi, I had scrolling issues specifically in Chrome when the XPS13 9350 came out In November. The Windows 10 TH2 update fixed that however. I would assume you have already updated Windows? 
Yours sounds as though you have faulty hardware and should be an easy diagnosis for Dell support. 

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So, my ultimate goal is to connect a Firewire 800 device (medical instrument) via thunderbolt. I got my hands on two Apple thunderbolt adapters, first a TB 3 to TB 2, and then a TB 2 to Firewire 800.

When I connect the TB 3 to TB 2, Windows says "Try improving the USB connection" and it links me to this page. Opening the thunderbolt software shows no connected devices. I have the latest drivers that I am aware of, software package version I have BIOS version 1.4.10. I have disabled the thunderbolt security in BIOS and enabled the boot related thunderbolt options.

What else can I do? Thankful for help!

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I think I did the worst choice ever... I bought this Dell XPS 13 on last February which was replaced on summer, because I had problem with the grafic card probably ( couldn't connect it to an external display). 
This is an i7 proccesor 6560U, 16G ram 512 ssd... and infinity touch display. running win10 pro
the main reason that I bought it was that the battery lasts up to 18 hours like it says to the dell's site.
I am not new to this of cource I know that 18 hours are unreachable but I was hoping at least to 9-11.
on the contrary the battery does not last more than 4-4.30 hours. with normal use... email serfing on the net , youtbe....
I have the latest BIOS of course ... 
I had even left the laptop on the Bios screen open to check how long it will last with no apps running in the background ... same result ... 5 hours at most .. 
the battery was replaced 2 month ago with no improvment ... same with the new battery as well. 
I have turned the touch screen off, bluetooth as well... everything that I could in order to increaase the battery but with no result. 
I also run the battery test according to the dell's technicians advise, with the result saying that the battery is in good condition.
According to dell all theese are normal... but for me is unexeptable. My macbook pro is 5 years old and the battery lasts 4 hours !!!!
this is my expirience from the top model of dell!! 
any advise before I through it away?

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Hi everyone,
I bought a Dell XPS 13 2016 (9350) FHD, i5, 8GB, 256GB and two weeks ago i received it. It has a great hardware but software is not very optimized and I have a frustrating issue with the display: it flickers everytime i turn the Bluetooth on and stays on. I cannot figure why but I really hope it's a software issue because is very sporadic, at the moment it never happened today, I really don't know what to do.

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 screen flickering issues with Bluetooth on

Did you ever get this resolved? I'm experiencing the same issue with my Dell XPS 13. It's associated with the Bluetooth being on.

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I installed Ubuntu 16.04 on my XPS 13 9350.  It does have the Broadcom wifi/bt adapter.
My wifi issue is the computer will not connect to my 5GHZ network. Every time I try it just fails to connect and asks me for the password even though it's correct.  I can connect to my 2.4ghz but not the 5ghz

My BT issue is I have always have to repair my BT mouse when the computer restarts.
I previously had a 9343 and I had no issues like this.  I was able to connect to my 5ghz network and using Bluetooth manager as a trusted device my mouse always reconnected at a reboot.  
I know there are some issues with Broadcom adapters but my 9343 had one and I did not have this issue at all.  Is it just because the 9350 has a newer broadcom chip so it's not fully supported?

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I have removed the original Win10 and reinstalled from scratch Win8.1 Pro on my Dell xps 13 9350. I have downloaded all the possible drivers from the official "Dell driver download" page and run them all in the order suggested. Also the BIOS is updated. However, there are still several devices not recognized: 1. There is no Win8.1 driver for the trackpad. The one of Win10 is not compatible with Win8.1, so the trackpad is currently recognized in the device manager as PS/2-compatible. Moral: the scroll function does NOT work!! 2. Under "other devices" I get two "PCI data acquisition and signal processing controller" icons and one "unknown device" flagging "there are no compatible drivers for this device" 3. After installing the latest drivers (February updates -not sure which one in particular created the problem) I now get also under "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" and icon with "Standard SATA AHCI Controller" flagging "this device cannot start. (Code 10)" While I can live with 2. and 3., the issue 1. with the trackpad is VERY annoying, and it would be great if Dell would provide a driver for it (btw., this model is now more than 3 months on the market). PS: the February update seems has fixed part of the problems with the WiFi and with mouse. I could solve them temporarily in January by installing other drivers of another model (Dell xps 15 9550), in particular these two: Communications_Driver_G1... Read more

A:Dell xps 13 9350 downgrade windows 8.1, trackpad not working and other issues.

Hope this helps for items 1 and 2, not sure about item 3...
For item 1, have you tried using the Windows 7 touchpad driver?  Download link below.  When you run the downloaded Dell Update Package, choose Extract (not Install), and create a folder to extract the files.  Then right click Setup.exe, choose Properties, then click the Compatibility tab, and then check the Compatibility box and choose Windows 7.  This should allow the driver to install successfully.
For item 2, you'll need to install the Serial I/O driver, which isn't listed for Windows 8.1, but you can find it in the Dell Driver Pack for Windows 8.1, link below also.  You'll need something like 7zip to extract the CAB file, but you'll find the driver buried in there.  Once you have the driver pack extracted to a folder, you can go into Device Manager, then right click the PCI Data Acquisition device, then choose Update Driver. Then choose Browse, and point it to the extracted folder and make sure include subfolders is checked.  The driver should then install.
Windows 7 Touchpad driver:

Windows 8.1 Driver Pack:
http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=DRW70&fileId=3491046975&osCode=WB64A&productCode=xps-13-9350-laptop&languageCod... Read more

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Ever since I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10, this SoftThinks Agent Service is taxing my HDD to 100% slowing things down.
This is related to Dell Backup and Recovery software. I can kill this service and that's that but every-time I start up, this happens.
As for sleep mode, I will come back to my laptop and raise the lid, hit the keys, move the mouse, nothing. I hit the power button and nothing. So I hold the power button and then hit it to boot up, so clearly there are issues in relation to sleep mode and something shutting it off. (others have posted the same)
I installed all newest Intel drivers on your site and I read 1 user stated to uninstall Intel Rapid Storage, which I did. Intel Management Engine remains as I am still trying to troubleshoot. Are you testing all these new drivers you are putting out for download? Do I need to go back to Win8.1, your site said my laptop could be upgraded.
Please advise and "do the needful".

A:Inspiron 3542 - Win10 upgrade issues - SoftThinks Agent Service utilizing 100% HDD & sleep mode/power issues

same thing here as far as the power issues. you must remove the 2 other intel things that were installed along with the Intel rapid storage
intel security assist
intel management engine something or other (cant remember the exact name) 
i still have the intel graphics and chipset drivers installed without any problems. it was just the intel rapid storage stuff that caused all the power , sleep mode problems..

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Before I start my Thread i apologize for me English, It is just from google translate.

My girlfriend's laptop had been a BSOD. This includes the kernel power Event ID 41. This issue seems to be the WiFi driver. Now I want to update it, but that is not the current problem. If I take the laptop out of airplane mode, the screen flickers blue and I can do nothing. If the laptop on airplane mode, nothing happens and operates the laptop normally.
How can I solve this problem? If Annex I added the ZIP file of the dm_log_collector. I hope to have sufficiently informed you with this.

A:BSOD turning off airplane mode, in airplane mode no BSOD

I am extremely sorry that this thread was not attended to. There are not many people in this field
In case you still require help, kindly respond to this thread and I will be notified via email and you should expect a response from me in 48 hours.

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Hi people, I have two dell machines one at work and one at home. When left for around 1 hour they go into standby and never come back out again no matter what i do. The monitor light just stays on orange and no longer green. This means i have to power the machine down by holding the on/off button.

Sometime the machines can come out of standby but not often.

Has anyone any idea what might be causing this, seems to be a Dell only thing?


A:Dell PC going into sleep mode

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Hi there, I purchased my HP spectre about a month ago and have had the same recurring issue since the purcahse. When the laptop is resumed from sleep mode it sometimes has real issues. The cursor jumps about all over the screen, cortana is triggered and the laptop unusable. I'll then have to struggle to get control of the cursor, save all my work and reboot. After rebooting, the issue is resolved. Any suggestions? Thanks 

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I have my pc set up to turn display off after 15 mins and go to sleep in 30 mins. Hibernation is completely disabled per SSD set up instructions.

Today, I changed my HP Keyboard out for a brand new Logitech K120. The Sleep settings work as described above, but the pc will not wake up with Keyboard. The old HP Keyboard woke the pc by tapping space bar.

I have changed none of the 'powercfg' settings, nor messed with anything in Device Manager. I do not know anything about USB settings in the BIOS, so that was never tweaked. (What do I look for in BIOS?)

Could someone please help me out with this?... let me know if there are any screen shots needed to view settings.

Thank you in advance for any help.

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Dell laptop with Windows 10 suddenly will not wake up out of sleep mode, nor hibernate mode.  Goes into sleep mode fine but no buttons will wake it up, and pressing the power button will only shut it down, so it must be rebooted.

Unit is Inspiron 3521 from Dell, upgraded with Windows 10 from Microsoft.

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Just received my Dell 8920 system and it really is fantastic. The only issue I have is being unable to 'wake' it after it goes into sleep mode other then pressing the power button which re-started it. I remember reading somewhere that I need to enable USB wake in the BIOS. Am confident to do this but just wondered why Dell don't set this up from new since they actually supply a USB mouse and keyboard? Thank you for advice on this Sam.

A:Dell 8920 Sleep Mode

You did exactly as you should when a computer is in Hibernation. A brief press of the power button (NOT a  press and hold which shuts it down) will wake the computer from Hibernation. You can change power settings in Power Options, change Advanced settings. Rule is try the mouse or key press first and then the power button if a key press doesn't wake it.

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i have a dell inspiron 531 with a 128 mb nvidia graphics card
athlon 64x2 processor running windows vista.
when i push power, the fan will run and the light on the tower will turn blue,
but the monitor will show entering power save, i've tried to push the space bar, move the mouse, push the power button, etc, but my monitor will only show entering power save, self test on the monitor passes ok, and i've tried another known good power cable. still same thing, i've also tried to remove the memory cards and re-install one at a time,the monitor cable is connected to the proper port on the tower and i have only 1 graphics card installed,i can't even get to bios settings to further diag
-anyone have any suggestions?

A:dell inspiron 531 will not come out of sleep mode

ok thank you for the honesty :/

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HP Envy17
Windows 7 x 64

Many times when trying to put the computer to sleep, it either does not sleep or it will sleep but when I re-open the lid all lights and power comes on but the screen does not. This forces me to shut down the machine by removing the battery, thereby losing my work.

Any help is appreciated!

A:Sleep mode issues - Windows 7 x64

You may have to update the video drivers if you can...

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First Issue: Networking

I don't know whats happening but suddenly past few days any time my laptop
goes in sleep mode, the network shuts off and ridiculously takes several
attempts to connect after coming back out of sleep mode. It always disconnects
and then connects "with limited access" (in other words, ziltch).

This is what event log shows:

Helper Class (RNWF MSM Helper Class) Event:

Wireless Diagnostic Helper Class Event

For complete information about this session see the Wireless Diagnostic Informational Event.

Helper Class: Native WiFi MSM
Initialize status: Success

Information for connection being diagnosed
Interface GUID: a4d82cd3-f26f-4c5a-86a7-4e928b1a8402
Interface name: Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection
Interface type: Native WiFi
Profile: Secured
SSID: Secured
SSID length: 7
Connection mode: Infra
Security: Yes
Connect even if network is not broadcasting: No

Result of diagnosis: Problem found

Root cause:
Windows cannot connect to "Secured"
Wireless association failed.

Detailed root cause:
802.11 connection failed due to status code 14: Received an Authentication frame with authentication transaction sequence number out of expected sequence

Repair option:
Try connecting to "Secured" again
If the problem continues, contact your network administrator or hardware manufacturer for further assistance.

Event Verbosity:0Click to expand...

- System
- Provider
[ Name] Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Netw... Read more

A:sleep mode / network issues

Try disabling IPv6. That caused many problems on the beta versions of Vista with wifi adapters...

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Hi Everyone!

Question regarding the Sllep feature settings on my computer. When my computer goes into Sleep mode, I cannot get it to come of it regardless of what I try unless I manually press the button on the front of the computer. Before it used to work with me depressing on the keyboard keys or moving my mouse. Is this a Standby or Hibernate feature?

Is this an option that may have been changed? Is there something I can do to correct this?

I am running Windows XP.



A:Sleep Mode/ Stand by issues

Have you checked in the Control Panel under Power Management....

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#1 Problem: Network Connection Sporadic

Any time I go into sleep mode and return my network is *usually* ok. However, a majority of the time now even after a fresh reboot, my network shows "connected with limited access", which simply equals no connection. I do not know why this keeps happening. I've restarted my system, router, modem and still the problem occurs.

#2 Problem: Sleep Mode Takes a Long Time to Return (15-20 seconds after pressing power button)

Windows has started up:
Boot Duration : 129858ms
IsDegradation : false
Incident Time (UTC) : 2/28/2007 10:17:07 PM
Event View Logs:

Windows has started up:
Boot Duration : 42627ms
IsDegradation : false
Incident Time (UTC) : 2/28/2007 10:57:30 PM


BootTsVersion 2
BootStartTime 2007-02-28T22:57:30.718Z
BootEndTime 2007-02-28T22:59:37.879Z
SystemBootInstance 95
UserBootInstance 89
BootTime 42627
MainPathBootTime 26227
BootKernelInitTime 27
BootDriverInitTime 1567
BootDevicesInitTime 5072
BootPrefetchInitTime 51856
BootPrefetchBytes 340992000
BootAutoChkTime 0
BootSmssInitTime 4003
BootCriticalServicesInitTime 3481
BootUserProfileProcessingTime 614
BootMachineProfileProcessingTime 8
BootExplorerInitTime 1800
BootNumStartupApps 8
BootPostBootTime 16400
BootIsRebootAfterInstall false
BootRootCauseSte****rovementBits 0
BootRootCauseGradualImprov... Read more

A:network and sleep mode issues

For Problem 1 the windows power management is not compatible with your wireless network card. A reboot wont cure this, but a cold boot, i.e. shut down then restart will probably fix this. I had a similar problem on a friends vista machine with a USB wireless dongle. On suspend or hibernation the network card would not power up, in all cases a cold boot cured this.
You can probably expect a fix when MS release Service Pack 1 but be prepared to wait.

Your system takes a long time to load 129s, the days of a fast boot time are gone, its a trade off with stability versus performance, as for sleep mode this may be due to a device or driver not coming out of suspend properly.

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I upgraded to Windows 10 and I am having sleep mode and shutdown issues.   When I put the computer to sleep the screen goes off but the fan and power button light stays on.  Once this happens, the system locks and I have to do a hard restart to get it to power back up.  The same thing happens when I click "shutdown" to turn the computer off.  I get a message that the system is shutting down but it doesn't turn off.  The screen goes off but the fan and power light stay on.  Any help solving this issue would be appreciated.  


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A:Sleep mode and shutdown issues

HOW TO RESOLVE SLEEP/SHUTDOWN ISSUES Download version 9 or 10 of the Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver.Navigate HP's Software and Driver Downloads site (http://www8.hp.com/us/en/drivers.html) to find the latest approved driver for your model.  Filter by version, selecting Microsoft Windows 8.1 on the dropdown menu.  Look for the download in the "Driver-Chipset" category.  If an MEI driver with a version number starting in 9 or 10 is listed, download it.  [Version 1.5M (http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp66001-66500/sp66228.exe) will work for most models.]If an MEI driver with a version number starting in 9 or 10 is NOT listed, download the appropriate driver directly from Intel (https://downloadcenter.intel.com/search?keyword=intel+management+engine).  [Version 1.5M (https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/23091/Intel-ME-9-Management-Engine-Driver-for-Intel-NUC) will work for most models.]Download the Windows 10 "Show or Hide Updates" Troubleshooter Package (http://download.microsoft.com/download/F/2/2/F22D5FDB-59CD-4275-8C95-1BE17BF70B21/wushowhide.diagcab).Change the Windows Update Services setting from Automatic (Delayed Start) to Manual.In the Control Panel, select Administrative Tools and open Services.Scroll down to Windows Update and double-click it to bring up its properties.Click Stop to stop the service from running.Change the Startup Type to Manual and click OK.Install version 9 or 10 of the Intel Ma... Read more

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I seem to be having the same issue that many other HP users are having. If i leave my laptop unattended for a period of time the laptop will go into sleep mode, however the lights go from white to amber and then the computer will just be stuck there. After this the computer will not wake up and I have to force shut off and restart the computer. Being a student and having to do this 10 or more times everyday is really making me regret buying this computer. I have tried the graphics card solutions, tried updating drivers, tried trouble shooting, and nothing has fixed this issue. IF ANYONE could please help me I would be so aprreciative. I am willing to try anything. I have also tried the windows defender scans for malware and my computer is fine. ONCE AGAIN ANYTHING WILL HELP!!  Thanks. Mike

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Sorry if this issue has already been addressed in another post. If that is the case please point me in the right direction to locating the solution. If not, my issue is with sleep mode in Vista Home Premium edition. Vista is running on a Gateway Laptop, Model: MT3422. The issue arises when I close the laptop screen while it is running in Windows. The problem is as follows: When the laptop's screen is closed it is supposed to go into sleep mode and then when opened back up it is supposed to come back out of sleep mode. However, this isn't happening. When the laptop is closed it does indeed shut off the monitor, however when I open it back up the screen remains black and does not seem to be quite in sleep mode(there is no slow pulsating of the status lights that is supposed to mimic sleeping). However, because the screen is black it seems to be in some kind of standby mode. I have to hit the power button to get it to respond, which it does. However, It goes back into windows for about a sec or two then the screen sort of blinks real quick, then the screen goes back to black. This state does not seem to be sleep mode because as stated earlier it does not pulsate the status lights on the outside of the laptop in a slow pattern. Also, while in this state, if I press the power button it THEN goes into sleep mode and pulsates the status lights. It is like a weird “half-sleep” mode but not actually in sleep mode. I have ruled out that it could be ... Read more

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Greetings to all of you,

I've used Windows 7 RC for 3 days now, and quite love it actually. But, from the moment I installed it, I had a weird issue. Whenever my computer (laptop/notebook (whatever you call it where you're from)) goes into sleep mode, (as it was configured by default after xx minutes (can't remember)), as soon as I wake it up, it appears to have "lost" the sound driver, as it says: "no audio output device is installed". But when I restart, I can use audio speakers with no problem.

(took a while to find out problem was sleep mode, because with laptop/notebook I do --> close lid, unplug power cable -->move somewhere --> plug in power cable --> leave it for 30 minutes...... )

Summary, computer goes to sleep mode --> wake up --> audio driver is unavailable --> no sound output until restart.

A:sleep mode causes sound issues

I just installed Windows 7 RC ed. on a laptop and PC. Not only when it goes to sleep, but also on Hibernation, it would be safe to say that any form of shutdown that is not a complete SHUTDOWN tend to bring up this problem. I don't find the driver dissapeared. Only the sound muted, as I can still manage to display the sound properties and watch that little green bar activate whenever a sound emerges from the software. Simply, the sound is muted, but no I don't see any drivers dissapearing. It's bad on my laptop cause I frequently put her to sleep. I gotta restart it if I wanna hear some monster slashin on my WOW game.

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i am having issues with my system/monitor when it goes into a sleep mode or is left on over night. When i try and wake it up in the morning 80% of the time it will wake up but will only display brown/white/black vertical lines.

I am running vista home premium and am using a refurbished dell ultra sharp monitor.

Any help is appreciated.

A:Monitor sleep mode issues

Hello ConnieMac, and welcome to Vista Forums.

It may be time to exchange it for another one.

Double check to make sure that all of the monitor cable connections are not loose, graphics card is inserted completely and properly into the slot, and have the latest graphics and monitor drivers installed.

Hope this helps,

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This machine is locked in sleep mode as verified by the screen. No amount of keys pressed or mouse toggled will open it. Also i can not open the disc drive. There is a amber light on on the motherboard. I turn the power off for 1 hour and then turn it on you can hear a click then all stops except for the lights (incl switch on lights)
I replaced the ram with a known one from another computer, that was the only spare part i have. I would appreciate any input. Thanks

A:Dell Optiplex 6x 620 Locked in Sleep mode.

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You guys seem to have a good record of solving these BSODs. I have had several Laptops in the last few years and have only experience the rare BSOD. My new Dell however has had 6 in the last couple days. The last two seemed to occur while in sleep mode.

System Specs:
Dell Inspiron 1545 GP8J2N1
Windows 7 Home Basic sp1 64bit
Pentium3 Dual-Core T4500 2.3Ghz
Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset

All info is attached as requested.

Hope you can find something in all this.

Thanks in advance!


A:BSOD Win7 x62 Dell Sleep mode ?

Update your Realtek USB Mass Storage Driver and your Wireless card driver
Drivers & Downloads
Run a RAM test
RAM - Test with Memtest86+

Dumps also blame NETIO.sys and a McAfee software is the cause
Remove such software and use MSE

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

A driver is causing an inconsistent power state.
Arg1: 0000000000000004, The power transition timed out waiting to synchronize with the Pnp
Arg2: 0000000000000258, Timeout in seconds.
Arg3: fffffa8001869680, The thread currently holding on to the Pnp lock.
Arg4: fffff80000b9c4d0

Debugging Details:

FAULTING_THREAD: fffffa8001869680






LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from fffff800030e2f92 to fffff800030e04da

fffff880`031dc500 fffff800`030e2f92 : fffffa80`01869680 fffffa80`01869680 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : nt!KiSwapContext+0x7a
fffff880`031dc640 fffff800`030e57af : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000... Read more

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I've noticed this happening now for a long time but never bothered to ask about it as it's no biggie. Whenever I put my Dell 8200 in sleep mode (via the keyboard button) and later wake it I have no sound. For some reason this act knocks out my sound totally. No music, nothing. I have to reboot in order to activate my sound.
Is there a setting somewhere I can tweak to correct this?

A:No sound after Dell 8200's sleep mode

Install the latest bios. Sleep state mapping code fixed in A07. Download A09 here:

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So, sometimes when my Win 8.1 machine comes out of sleep mode, it seems to lose focus. What I mean by that is some items in the notification area disappear and that item no longer works.

Example: Windows just came out of sleep mode and now my Outlook icon has disappeared in the notification area and Outlook is no longer functioning. Same happens with other items in the notification area like Catalyst Control Panel, SoundBlaster soundcard control panel, and a few other items. They just disappear from the notification area and cease to function. The only way to get them back and functioning again is to restart the PC.

This only happens when the PC comes out of sleep mode, though it is random.

Any ideas?

BTW you can view my system specs for questions concerning it.


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Hello. I recently bought a StarTech MDP2VGA Mini Display Port to VGA Video Adapter Converter for my laptop, as I had a perfectly good monitor sitting in my closet that I had the idea to use as a second (extended desktop) monitor, but no VGA port built into the laptop.

Everything seems to be working great with good quality results, except for one thing, which is Sleep Mode. 9 Times out of 10 whenever the laptop goes to sleep, be it by a set time of inactivity, closing the cover, or manually telling the machine to go to sleep, when I wake it up, I get the ?blue screen of death? on my primary (laptop) display, which most of the time displays a heading of ?BAD_POOL_HEADER?, with the only way out to force the computer to shut down.

My specs are:


? Dell XPS L702X
? Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) SP 1

Display Adaptors:
? Intel (R) HD Graphics Family
o Driver Version:
? NVIDIA GeForce GT 550M
o Driver Version:

MiniDisplay to VGA Adaptor:
? StarTech.com MDP2VGA Mini DisplayPort to VGA Video Adapter Converter

Second Monitor:
? Dell 1907FP

The steps I have taken so far have been checking to make sure all the video drivers are up-to-date and updating where needed, uninstalling software I installed in the last few days to try to see if I was blaming the issue on the wrong thing, likewise, I did a System Restore to about 3 days back. I also installed a driver for the monitor, which all it seemed to do was to have its name display in the Device ... Read more

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