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IDE boot on K8N Neo4 Platinum???

Q: IDE boot on K8N Neo4 Platinum???


I have been looking for a new mobo and I have found the MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum. This looks to be quite a good board but when looking in the description I found that it did not state that it supported boot from the IDE drives.

http://www.msi.com.tw/program/products/mainboard/mbd/pro_mbd_detail.php?UID=637 - here it says 'supports boot from LAN, USB and SATA.'

Does this mean that I will have to use a new SATA boot disk instead of sticking with my old IDE???



Preferred Solution: IDE boot on K8N Neo4 Platinum???

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: IDE boot on K8N Neo4 Platinum???

That motherboard can use (and boot from) IDE hard drives no problem.

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Hello everyone! I was looking at mobos' and i came across the DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D and the MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum mobos. The lanparty mobo seemed more attractive, where as it seems to be more of a "gamers" board. I have never built with these two brands, MSI and DFI, so i was woundering which mobo would be the best for gamers. The lanparty mobo has 2 PCI-express slots, not SLI, and it cost about 10 bucks more. I dont really need the extra pci-e slot, expecially if its not sli. I also have herd many talking about the lanparty board being difficult to install and it being very picky about the memory. As for the MSI board, most of everyone has said it to be a breeze to install. I would rather get the MSI board, which is less expensive, and it being very easly to build with, rather than getting the lanparty board, having it to be more expensive and difficult to install, but yet is basicly the same as the MSI board. Perhaps some help from people who have these boards would be helpfull. Any help will be welcomed. Thanks

MSI board

DFI board

A:Lanparty or Neo4 Platinum?

I used the MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum motherboard on my first build and found it easy to setup. I don't know anything about the DFI board though.

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I am after a nForce4 Ultra chipset board and have got it down to one of the two boards:
Asus A8N-E
MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum

I very much like the MSI board, but have read VERY comflicting reviews from sites and customers. Some say it is a great all round board with heaps of features and so forth, others comment how it is unreliable/unstable/buggy (although this stuff usually gets fixed with a BIOS update, right?)

The Asus board would suit me fine and has all good reviews, so it is an easy choice.

The reason why I rather the MSI is that it has many more features than the Asus and would allow me to try out over clocking, have heaps more storage and various other things, where as the Asus is limited in OC ability and has a limited number of storage devices supported.

I can get the Asus for $145AUD or the MSI for $195AUD so price isn't a very important difference, but still $50...

I would whole heartedly jump for the MSI, but I am just very worried after reading some reviews (from newegg.com mainly). I have also been told that MSI is typically a cheaper brand not doing as higher quality parts as Asus for example.

Apart from this, the only comment which makes me a little aprehensive is
One of the problems we faced with the nForce3 chipset was selecting DDR400 speed from the BIOS with four memory modules- it just didn’t work. Unfortunately, that still remains an issue and we’re pretty sure that this is a chipset and not a motherboard related issue as we have also rec... Read more

A:Asus A8N-E vs MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum

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MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum vs Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D

which one?

A:MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum vs Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D

I think I would go with this one becuse of the overclock features Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D DFi are really well made boards that get overlooked becuse of MSI and Asus...

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My questio/problem is this:
My DVD/CD-ROM (LG some thing another) is installed on the IDE1 port as primary slave (jumpered) and the WD Raptor is jumpered Master and connected to the SATA1 port on the mobo. In my BIOS the Raptor is listed as THIRD Master and the DVD/CD ROM is listed as SECOND slave. Not sure why that is or if I need to correct that?
System runs nice, XP loads quick etc. Do I need to change that?

System specs.
above mobo and HDD, Athlon64 3500, 1GB OSZ platinum DDR (2X512MB), GeForce 6600GT (I know, need 7800 GT soon).

Any help, suggestions greatly apprieciated.
PS, I up graded the on-board LAN drivers and nVidiaGF4 drives via the MSI live update application. That was slick and made HUGE difference in system speed and stability. This system was just built by me on Saturday morning , i.e brand spanking new and already had to upgrade chipset drivers to get it to work like a real computer.

A:WD Raptor 36G SATA HDD 10KRPM on MSI K8N Neo4 SLI Platinum

If there's no problems with your system, then you don't need to change anything.

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MSI K8N NEO Platinum- RAM problem- doesnt boot!!


I have just bought MSI K8N NEO Platinum... With a single RAM in slot 1; it seems to be working OK, however whenever I tried to install two RAMS in slots 1&2 -or- 1&3, it does not even boot post!

Now: RAMS are identical (2 256 MB kingston ddr400 RAMS) so it should not be a RAM incompatibility. Either of these RAMS- work fine. i.e. Machine runs successfully with a single RAM.

I tried updating BIOS- but there is not a significant change. i.e. with dual RAM configuration; before updating the BIOS the motherboard gave a beep-beep sound and did not boot at all. After updating BIOS, it did some sort of boot, but froze again... (did not boot post)

What do you think the problem might be?


A:MSI K8N NEO Platinum- RAM problem- doesnt boot!!

use memtest to test each stick thoroughly alone. could be a board problem or bad bios settings.

ps> was your ram listed on the msi website as tested w/your board?

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I bought all my hardware last year from newegg and successfully put together a functional PC.

A year later (yesterday) I bought a case and tried to swap everything from the old case into the new one.

However, the PC turns on, all fans are powered on, but it doesn't get past the "Platinum" screen (the screen before going into Windows). I can't access BIOS or go into POST mode either.

I've tried putting in my Windows XP disc, but without going into BIOS, I can't choose to boot from the CD ROM drive.

If i take out the Hard drive cable, it gets passed the screen, but then it says something like "failed to load system disk" or something.

I've gotten into CMOS now (by removing the CD-ROM and HD cables from the mobo), and was able to set the boot priority to CD-ROM 1st. I saved & exited, then powered off the machine, and rehooked a brand new HD (jumpers set correctly to single/master), and rehooked the CD-ROM drive with my Windows XP disc. I've run into the same problem of it just sitting on the "Platinum" splash screen again.

I've also tried:
- Using a new cable for the HD to go into the mobo
- Using a new cable for the CD-ROM to go into the mobo
- Unhooking all my PCI cards from the slots
- Removing all RAM sticks but one (they were 4/4 before, and i never even touched them while i was switching cases, I just left them in the mobo).
- Unhooking the Floppy drive
- Hitting the... Read more

A:help with MSI k8n neo4 motherboard!

Welcome to Techspot

Is the CD drive set to slave on the jumpers, if it is on slave then try a different CD drive.

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i have got the k8n neo 4 mother board, with an AMD 64 3500 processor.
i am trying to run windows small business server 2003 on it, but after the installation, i cant install the drivers for any thing on the motherboard, they say that they dont support the operating system.

can any one help??

do i need to change the mobo and cpu??

please help as i have purchased all of this stuff for the company, thinking that it is the best spec to run a server.

any help would be very much appreciated


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Hello ....
I am building anew PC. I have two SATA drives and an MSI K8N NEO4 Platinum mobo. Windows XP Home edition SP2 will NOT finish installing. It hangs as it is trying to "save settings". The drives are Seagate ...
a 250Gig and an 80 gig. Both, are I believe, SATA II. I have them plugged into the high speed SATA ports on the mobo and the onboard controller shows enabled in the BIOS. But XP will not detect the drives either as regular SATA drives or even in a RAID configuration. At F6, I have tried loading the manufacturer's disks, but they do not appear to read. I don't think those drivers should even be needed, but the floppies spin but do not read.
The floppy drive is brand new so I guess the floppies could be bad but I also made my own floppies and they do not read either. I am at a loss.
The BIOS is V1.B which is the latest oner available.
Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
Thanks much .... Easydog

A:SATA and MSI K8N NEO4 Mobo

Ah yes, the good ol' nForce4 chipset

What do you mean when you say "the high speed SATA ports"? You will want to use the purple SATA ports for the system install, since they more closely work like an IDE channel. Also, is the 80GB drive is for the system install? If so and you aren't planning on RAID striping them, I would just try to install with the system drive plugged into the #1 purple sata connector (oddly, the 2nd one from the battery).

As for the floppy drive issues, I have had a high failure rate on floppies as of late, so I just keep trying a different one until one works. My complaint with the nForce4 chipset is that all the components it controls aren't recognized by Windows until it is completely installed and you run the main nVidia installer that installs all of the individual drivers. Then, your RAID & LAN and the rest start working. Also, at that point, you should be able to get the Silicon Image RAID stuff working correctly.


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My K8N NEO4 system which ahd worked great for 5 months will no longer power on. I removed the power supply (400W Sp-400) and had it tested and it apparently works. All I get on my system is a flickering blue light on the front of the Antec TX640B case next to the disk drive icon.
No Power ...... I would greatly appreciate any ideas.

Thanks much

A:K8N NEO4 Power Issue

OK, firstly take out your RAM and try with only one of the two(if applicable). Sometimes different modules can cause problems. Try resetting CMOS as well.

And the second thought I have is to try a different GFX card. If that doesnt work try taking it out, blowing and giving it a really big blow and push when putting it back in.

Hope this helps

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The fan on the chipset cooler for the MSI K8N Neo4 F board my friend has went bad. Do I just call MSI and get a new one? I was hoping there was a silent heatsink that could be purchased that would work with this board. If you are familiar with this board let me know what heatsink would work. Thanks.

A:Need a chipset cooler for the MSI K8N Neo4 F

There's this one by Thermaltake which is a bit beefier than the passive ones by Zalman.

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After designing a quiet system i have recently noticed that the northbridge fan on my MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum motherboard is getting increasing noisy.

I would like to swap it for a silent/quiet solution, i was thinking maybe the Zalman NB47J.

However due to its location this becomes very difficult as it is located right next to the PCI express graphics card, with only limited clearance.

What do you suggest? as i was considering trying to modify the zalman cooler or possible remove the exisiting fan and replace it with another, possibly larger fan mounted else where.

A:Noisy Northbridge Fan MSI K8N Neo4 Plat

To replace it you will need to completely dismantle your pc as the screws or clips that hold it in place are usually only accessible from the back of the mobo.

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Hey all,

I am totally new to overclocking or working with the inside of a computer in everyway. I watched my friend put this computer together for me (he recommended what parts I buy, etc.) about 2 years ago. The only thing I did was to pop in the RAM

Ok so 3 basic questions I have then I will list my specs:

1) Is it worth it for me to overclock? I am super tight on cash and just want to buy some new RAM and get this thing faster for about 12-18 months till I can afford a new computer.

2) I am considering buying 2 gb of Kingston ValueRAM 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) System Memory Model KVR400X64C3AK2/2G - Retail for $65 bucks (thats my budget unfortunately). So is it a good idea?

3) Any advice on some basics of how I can begin to overclock on this board?

Specs follow:

Name: AMD Athlon 64 3200+
Code Name: Venice
Brand ID: 4
Package: Socket 939
Technology: 90nm
Core Voltage: @1.4 V
Family, Model, Ext. Family: F
Ext. Model: 2F
Stepping: 2
Revision: DH-E6
Instructions: MMX(+), 3DNow! (+), SSE, SSE2, SSE3, x86-64
Core Speed 2010.4 MHz
Multiplier: x10.0
Bus Speed: 201.0 MHz
HT Link: 1005.1 MHz
L1 Data 64 KBytes 2-way
L1 Inst. 64 KBytes 2-way
Level 2: 512 KBytes 16-way

Size: 64 KBytes
Descriptor: 2-way set associative, 64-byte line size
L1 Cache Size: 64 KBytes
L1 Cash Descriptor: 2-way set associative, 64-byte line size
L2 Cache Size: 512 KBytes
L2 Cash Descriptor: 16 way set associative, 64-byte line size ... Read more

A:Looking for advice to OC my AMD 3200+ on K8N Neo4-F board

HI calio, welcome to Techspot
what is it you want to accomplish with OC'ing? is it for gaming performance?

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Hi gurus! I thought I would humbly ask for some advice from the experts since I am having a bit of a time trying to get my mobo/card combo to work correctly. The system is a bit dated, I built it back in '05 and it has run pretty well since then. When I first got it up and running, everything, including the SLI, was working just fine.

Fast forward to a week ago when I get a wild hair up my *** and decide that the computer feels slow and it needs an OS reload anyway. I stick all my junk on my 500gb slave sata drive, disconnect it for safety's sake, and commence deleting partitions and formatting my primary drive. I reload windows, and everything is going smoothly until I realize that in order to get SLI working I need to flash the bios. Okay, no biggie. I go to MSI's website and they're flaunting the new 'live update' function as the most awesome thing since sliced bread. I notice it doesn't need a floppy disk in order to do its thing, and I don't have any lying around since I moved, so I'm like HELL YEAH. And I try to run it. BAD IDEA! My computer promptly takes a huge dump and bluescreens, then tells me 'keyboard error or no KB present'. Having run into this problem before, I reset the CMOS (and test all my connections on the mobo just in case) and restart.

I had to manually remove all the components of the MSI live update service in safe mode, as the uninstallation tool was corrupted and because everytime it tried... Read more

A:Problem with K8N Neo4 SLI mobo bios - will not enable SLI

Does this help locate the correct Bios rom

kimsland said:

MSI Drivers
Click to expand...


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I have new MSI Neo4 Platinum mobo and 80gb and 250gb sata hds....

when using the win98 boot disk, i can see the hds but after doing first stage of windows xp install then the reboot part, the computer stops at "Verifying DMI Data Pool...."

I can see the hds in the Bios, I do not want to run it using raid, just normal mode using nforce4 sata controller.

I searched google, but most of the solutions say use the driver on floppy supplied by mobo, but i dont even get to that point.....can someone help??!?!!?? Much oblige....

Pete :bounce:

A:Cant install XP Pro with Sata HD on MSI Neo4 Ultra Mobo - help!!!

Welcome to TechSpot

Yes I'll try.
You do need the drivers on a non bootable floopy.
When starting the install of XP (boot from cd?)
almost immediately you are ask to press f6 to load
any third party scsi drivers.
All MoBo's I use that have sata it's reffered to as scsi
and requires the drivers on a floppy(floopy).
Try this and post back what happens or if you
need more or dif help.
G'Luck :approve:

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I am a Realtor and used the calculator for a long time since 1990.  I never noticed  the RPN in the Mantel. In the meantime, Im having problems with simple additions or substractions.  I put the first figure then ENTER and when I go tothe second figure is recorder next to the one.  In other words the ENTER key does not seem to work until a pressed it several times.Does the RPN in the mantel has something to do with this?  Please advise. THANKS!

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Hi Everyone

My husband was lent a DVD and he used it on one of my computers. Unfortunately this DVD is obviously a dodgy one and it has added something to my computer and altered settings on it. Now when I turn the computer on a screen comes up with graphics and PLATINUM written across it. Does anyone have any idea what this might be or how to remove it? It altered the date and time settings on my computer - I am not sure if it altered anything else but the computer is now very, very slow. How would I find out the extent of the damage done?

The computer is running windows XP

Any help would be very gratefully received but please bear in mind that I am only mildly computer literate.

Many thanks


Is WinTiny Platinum CD 2nd Edition legal?

A:WinTiny Platinum CD

Is WinTiny Platinum CD 2nd Edition legal?Of course not

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Hey guys,

I have been noticing that my MSI P7N SLI PLATINUM take about 5-6 seconds to display the POST screen once you turned it on, plus it remains 3-4 seconds in the POST screen loading the hard drives. Plus once it loads Windows after several hours or even minutes, it freezes.
Is that normal to do, because my other computer is fast on the POST.

Thanks in advance

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Hey guys,

I have been noticing that my MSI P7N SLI PLATINUM take about 5-6 seconds to display the POST screen once you turned it on, plus it remains 3-4 seconds in the POST screen loading the hard drives. Plus once it loads Windows after several hours or even minutes, it freezes.
Is that normal to do, because my other computer is fast on the POST.

Thanks in advance

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Just purchased and installed the above. Then I ran the installation disk! Now of course I have around 27 creative programs running at startup! Please! Is there anyone out there who can tell me which 2 or 3 do I actually need at startup, so I can turn off the rest? My machine used to boot in about 45 seconds now it takes forever! I thank any and all of you in advance for your input.

A:Audigy 2 ZS platinum

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I am hoping I can get at least a little help. We recently changed over to Juno Platinum,lol {Half the service for half the price},lol
I am hoping someone see's this, that uses Juno, or has in the past. Juno support isn't much good. Since I have changed over to Juno, it seems to have taken over my computer, or something.
Is there anyone out there, that can help me out with Juno, it shuts you down, off line after not being in use, idle for more than 15 minutes, the Platinum bar, won't stay at the bottom, I would rather not have it on there anyway. I guess what I guess I am needing, is someone who uses Juno or has in the past or uses it now, and has fixed the problems that come along with Juno, or at least figured out, the ups and downs of Juno P.

A:Juno Platinum

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I got some serious problems overclocking this one. Can anyone help me with previous experience. I know that I am supposed to be able to OC to 2.7 at least but know I get bluescreen at 2.4. I am no noob really at overclocking but I'm missing something here.


A:MSI K9N Platinum AM2 and a 3800+ X2

What settings are you using to overclock? Voltage..FSB..??

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I just got a comstar platinum 500GB external hard drive but i need to know if it will be compatible with my mac, or if i should get another

A:comstar platinum on a mac?

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How can i install windows movie maker and the default game on it.(freecell hearts) I looked under add and remove components but they are not there.

A:Tiny Xp Platinum

I don't know of any legal versions of Tiny XP. If you know otherwise, you may, of course, appeal the closure of this thread to higher powers.

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Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

I'm trying to run the CD and even tried running from the setup file inside the root.

I currently run a 40GB SSD drive to just run my OS and Browser, that's it. It has about 2.5GB free. I have a TB as my data drive and where I install all other programs.

When launching Nero's install it tells me I don't have sufficient space. I can't even launch the setup to get it to change to my E:\ drive. It tells me I need 3.5GB free.

Anyone know how to make this thing launch? I plan on installing it to the E:\ drive, but it won't even let me launch the setup.

A:Nero 11 Platinum

It wants to unpack the executable to a temp folder and install from there. I don't know if you can change that location or not but the best thing would be to make room for it. Just like a spinning platter drive, SSDs don't respond well when they start getting down under 10 or 15% free space (when used for the system drive).

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I have recently purchased and installed Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platinum, everything works fine untill I try to play it. When I double click on it the screen goes blank, I can hear everything but the screen is blank. I have installed various graphics things including ATI Raedon but nothing works. I have also called up the support line and the thing they recommended me didnt work. Can anyone help me as I'm dying to play it!!!

A:Problems with RCT 3 Platinum

hey buddy, yeah i got the game yesteday and everything working fine for me but like when u zoom out everything like dissapears untill u zoom in again. to help u try re intalling the game check you monitor and everything is pluged in right!! um yeah if anyone know about the zoom thing post a message

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Hello all you new people!

So, here's the story. I was bad and overclocked my AMD Athlon 64x2 2.4 Ghz processor. It eventually went bad. Didn't have money to fix it for a while, and today I just purchased a 2.0 Ghz Athlon 64x2 for next to nothing.

Now, it posts in the mobo, and I can get into the bios, then it just...shuts off. I try turning it back on, fans come on, shuts off again almost immediately. Let it sit a while, then I can get into the bios for a minute or so before it shuts off again.

I finally figured out, that the MOBO is recognizing the processor at 3800+ (which is correct) but it shows a speed of 2.42 ghz instead of 2.0!!!

I have no idea what to do, but I'm not messing with it again until I get some answers

please help? Thanks

A:MSI K9N SLI Platinum - wrong CPU!

Reset the BIOS. That should fix it.

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Hi Been using EZ for quite a while & no problems.........recently I've noticed when burning applications to disc it only appears to have burnt one (application eg windowwasher) even though a few shown during aplication ?

No problem with photo's, MP'3 as 'Data'

Just a little thing I guess, just wondered why ?
Perhaps 'am doing something different, but what was applied to photo's MP3 was usually applied to applications.

Appreciate any help

A:Solved: EZ CD 5 Platinum ?

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how much is an sb live platinum (NOT 5.1) worth used? i can't seem to find it on pricewatch.com

A:how much for sb live platinum?

Originally posted by heyzeus
how much is an sb live platinum (NOT 5.1) worth used? i can't seem to find it on pricewatch.com Click to expand...

Not much, I can still get new SB Live ! value for about $30 for the 5.1. So I would try to get about $30 if you can. Good luck !

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I have installed this on my computer. When I first try to run it it prompts me for the registration number...etc....I put all that in and is says congrats and to re open the program. When I try nothing happens and I can not get it to run. Any one have this problem and any idea how to get it to work?


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Anyone have comments on this software? I have used version 7 for a long time and love it, way better than Microsoft Windows explorer. Since I have vers 7 now, I can get it for only $ 29. That is a very reasonable price, but I don't want freezes or any other problems. I have VISTA home premium SP2.

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Can someone tell me where to find drivers for the MSI K8N Neo Platinum MotherBoard NetworkCard? I did a quick Google search but didn't see what I wanted/wouldn't know what sites are safe to download from anyway.

A:MSI K8N PLatinum Drivers

Well, did you check the MSI Site???

I drilled down to the Driver Download page:


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I have a game called City XL platinum' I am trying to install it on my computer which is a windows 7 with a new graphics card that i was told would run any game. I downloaded on my other computer which is a windows 7 laptop and it works just fine. I cant understand why it works on one and not the other. I get this message. "error decompressing data corrupted installer" ..what does this message mean and is it fixable? Hope you can help thanks !

A:city xl platinum

Hi and welcome to TSG.

Where did you download the installer from or are you trying to install from a CD/DVD?

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Hello guys! first time for me asking for computer solutions on a forum so please point out if i'm doing anything wrong.

Anyways i'm having some problems with my X-Fi Platinum card and can't for the life of me find out what's wrong.

The sound is working but it's reaaally low, Have to crank the speakers(Z-5500) halfway to have a normal volume but this results in alot of static sounds when no sound is playing which is really annoying.

And i have to use Stereo settings aswell cause if i use 5.1 i get the words most awful BOOM from the bass unit.

I have the latest drivers, windows 7 64bit and even tried downloading some windows 7 specific tools but nothing seems to work.

And also my microphone seems to have taken a beating about this since when i speak people tell me it sounds like i'm sitting on a airport runway with a Boeing 747 taking off right next to me.

Anyways if anyone would take some time out of their life and help me i would really appreciate it.

Thanks in Advance

A:X-Fi Platinum working really bad

Idolator, welcome to the forums.

One thing to check first,

Don't know how or why, but occasionally after installing the drivers, the individual speaker levels will be lower than the main volume.

Also are you connected to the speakers via digital or analogue?

For the mic have a poke around in the Windows settings. Make sure the mic boost is enabled, try different levels, and on the Advanced tab try a lower setting or two and see if that helps.

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Received Message Create Overlay Failed Lower Screen Resoluti

Screen Resolution Is Lowest Dvd Will Not Start Windows Xp

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Is there anyone who can give me instruction on how to reset my sound audigy back to default setting. I don't need any echos or hall, or room effect. some kids playing with my setting and I have a long echos like in a tunnel effect. need help on changing back to standard no effect in the enviroment or is it EAX

Thanks in advance for your reply,

A:Audigy platinum

Go to control panel, and if you donwloaded all the software, there should be an Icon for "AudioHQ", click on this, then EAX Control Panel, and you should see Audio Effects at the top left, highlight "FX" and then just to the right highlight (no effects).

Hope this helps.

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the yamaha 16x10x40 error message

E80041927:Trackwriter error-aspi failure-[t7121]

what is this or is there any other software that will use this sorry crap *** burner.
please help

A:any one have adaptec platinum

try nero http://www.ahead.de

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I have been having problems with this program in the past few days, I have been using it for several years with no problem. Without going into all that I have done the bottom line is: After uninstalling and re-installing a few times, I now get this error message when trying to open--"Load IPLib error
No IPLib DLL was found in the Waterfall procedure" after clicking I get "The application failed to initialize properly (OXC 0000142) Clickon OK to terminate the application"
I'm using a Gateway Desk top with Win XP

A:MGI PhotoSuite 4 Platinum

philmac said:

I have been having problems with this program in the past few days, I have been using it for several years with no problem. Without going into all that I have done the bottom line is: After uninstalling and re-installing a few times, I now get this error message when trying to open--"Load IPLib error
No IPLib DLL was found in the Waterfall procedure" after clicking I get "The application failed to initialize properly (OXC 0000142) Clickon OK to terminate the application"
I'm using a Gateway Desk top with Win XPClick to expand...

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They switched our office computers from 98 to XP. My laptop wouldn't play dvds anymore. We got windvd platinum. I get the "cannot create overlay" message on it when I try to play a dvd. I have lowered the screen resolution and the color setting, same result. The CPU is a Pentium 4, 1.6 GH. Any ideas?

A:windvd platinum on xp


Take a look at this. There's some ideas:




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This combination gives me the bsod and an error atikdmag.sys. I have the latest drivers. I have Vista 64 Home premium and 2 gb RAM
Any ideas?

A:MSI KN2 platinum sli and ati HD 4850

Welcome to the forums, pnrc5.

Where did you get those drivers? atikdmag.sys means that there is a problem with your driver.. Try googling that error and see what other people say about it. And, this is a question rather than something I know, but an nforce mobo with ATI GPU? Does that work together?:s ...


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My OP is Windows XP. I have been using Printmaster Platinum 17 for a few years with out problems. Now when I restart my PC a message comes up that Print Master is installing., although it is already installed and I must click on it 3 times to rid it.
I have try to removed it by using the control panel add/ remove and this does not remove it . Sometimes I get a message "Fatal error during installation", also error 1325. I have tried removing with HI JacK This, but I still have it I should add I cannot use PM because it tells me it is installing..I would like to continue Using Print Master . I have all the disks.
I would be pleased with any help.
Thanks Bill

A:Printmaster platinum 17

Try the Microsoft "Fix it" HERE.

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hey i have a msi p35 platinum motherboard and im going to be overclocking a core 2 duo to around 3.0ghz.
I dont know what cpu cooler i should by because there is not a lot of room around the cpu socket because of the rollercoasted like heatsink.
I was lookin at a asus lion square or a Thermalright ULTRA-120 Extreme i dont know i dont wont to get a water cooler but i wont my cpu cool.
plz help!!


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Yesterday I installed the trial version of Ghostsurf Platinum. When I tried to open the internet explorer after installation nothing worked, everything was blocked. When I tried to uninstall it the first time I got the following message: ERROR - EXTERNAL EXCEPTION E06D7363. Then I tried to uninstall a second time, it started but after a few seconds it just hanged and didn't show any progress in the uninstallation progress bar. I'm running Windows XP. I would appreciate and be very thankful to someone that could help me uninstall this program manually.

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I keep getting an error message when I try to burn a DVD with DVDXCopy Platinum on a LITEON LDW 851S DVD burner. It will read the DVD fine but when I try to burn I get the error message. The DVD burner does burn with DVD Clone and with Nero 6 Ultra. I had this drive working fine with DVDXCopy but something changed.
Any Ideas?

These three errors are in the System Info:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Cdrom
Event Category: None
Event ID: 7
Date: 12/07/2004
Time: 4:12:01 PM
User: N/A
Computer: RSS-01
The device, \Device\CdRom0, has a bad block.
Event Type: Error
Event Source: Application Error
Event Category: (100)
Event ID: 1000
Date: 12/05/2004
Time: 9:38:58 AM
User: N/A
Computer: RSS-01
Faulting application Platinum.exe, version, faulting module Platinum.exe, version, fault address 0x00443629.
Event Type: Error
Event Source: Application Hang
Event Category: (101)
Event ID: 1002
Date: 12/03/2004
Time: 4:31:07 PM
User: N/A
Computer: RSS-01
Hanging application Platinum.exe, version, hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000.

OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600
System Manufacturer MICRO-STAR INC.
System Model MS-6580
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 4 GenuineIntel ~1804 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. V4.0 0, 09/14/2004
SMBIOS Version 2.3
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A:DVDXCopy Platinum

I noticed that the device is using the driver from the SP2 upgrade.I found the driver specifically for the DVD burner. Let me know if it works out.LITE-ON DVDRW LDW-851S driver

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I use a MSI DKA790GX Platinum MB with 4 GB 1066 OCZ Dual Channel Memory, the CPU is AMD Athlon X2 6000+ (ADX6000CZ)

Now the problem is that with default settings the Memory run at 750 MHz only.

Regarding the MB's manual there no any limitation and regarding MSI's web site even the OCZ memory I use is fully supported at a speed of 1066.

Complaining to MSI's Service in Thailand and via e-mail to MSI Taiwan I was getting the following infos:

After checked with our engineer, the AM2 CPU just support frequency to 800MHZ
And EPP Function fail is because AM2 CPU has no support 1066MHZ
So it is CPU's problem not MB.
That's why you have to use AM2+ CPU for DDR2 1066 MHZClick to expand...

An other messages, received via the MSI Service Thailand, I got the following Info:

Our engineering team has make some test and reply as below

Equipment : CPU?AMD 4800+

Memory?Samsung DDR2 800, 2G, 2pcs

Test result ?1. In Cmos show up 4G, under XP show up 3.25G, (BIOS version
is A7550AMS. 190)

About your question our RD team has feedback? If you use CPU AM2+ than
everything will be OK (it?s mean if you using CPU AM2+ then Memory 1066
will show up 1066)

The CPU AM2 system can?t to support.

Your customer using ATHLON 64 X 2 6000+C, this CPU is belonging to AM2. So
that?s ... Read more

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