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how do i get more gigs on my computer?

Q: how do i get more gigs on my computer?

If anyone knows how to get more gigs(gigibytes)please reply to [email protected]

this is highly appreciated,
Aaron Kaar

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Preferred Solution: how do i get more gigs on my computer?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I used HDClone to clone a 10 GB to a 40 GB disk. The program is very simple dealing with Source and Target, bit to bit copy. I left the option bit to bit copy unchecked in order to leave the recommended setting.

After finishing this I connected the cloned drive to the master connector and removed the original disk from the system. I already thought it wouldn't let me boot to XP because it's a different disk. After the error I restarted booting the XP-Disk. I tried repairing using bootcfg /add. It found the Windows installation and I could add it. But after the restart, same again:Error loading operating system.

So, what could be the reason. Partition not set to active? MBR? Should I make a bit to bit copy?

Thx in advance, I'll try tomorrow again.

A:Solved: Cloned a 10 gigs HDD to a 40 gigs, doesn't boot

The mainboard uses an Award Bios too old to handle a disk capacity above 33 GB.

So, I'm gonna limit the capacity by jumpering it in the proper way. I think the BIOS is the latest.

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Ok so not sure what has changed my laptop used to show 12 or 16 gigs memory when I had that much installed.  I downgraded to 8 gigs to help wife's laptop and just today reuped the ddr3 to 12 gigs.... That being said windows 10 is only showing 8 gigs. This is on a 17" lenovo G70-80 I3. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated!

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I have a really weird issue, here are the details.
Firstly, as stated in the title i do have Vista 64 bit.

Recently bought 2x2 Gig DDR3 1600 (corsair TW3X4G1600C9DH) with timings 9-9-9-24. My motherboard is an Asus P5Q3 Deluxe.
This chipset (Intel P45) has know issues with DDR3 running at higher than 1066, but this has supposedly been rectified with a BIOS update which i have flashed, so not sure if that is relevant as my problem is not speed related.

Under system properties the ram is shown as 4 Gigs but in task manager it says: Physical Memory, Total: 2046. The usage graph shows about 1.1 used and is just over half-way full.
Not sure if this is valid but i have a pre-release SP2, not sure if this could cause such a problem.

CPU-z shows both modules are there, but shows total 4 gigs, however Everest only shows 2 Gigs.
Screenshot below, hope this is not too big, but theres a lot of info to squeeze in.

Any help will be most appreciated.

A:4 Gigs DDR3 Ram showing at 2 Gigs in Vista 64

Thats strange

Try these things

1.Try force HAL



Check options which I show + restart

2.If point 1 no help try update drivers for motherboard chipset and BIOS

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I bought a new computer today to replace my old crappy one and I am having an issue with my RAM, its not major by any means but is just a nuisance. The hardware is an Intel i5 750, the Mobo is an ASRock p55M Pro, the ram is 3 sticks of 1 gig each. As for the problem, Windows 7 x64 only shows that 2 gigs of ram DDR3 is installed when 3 gigs is installed. Now even though the RAM is DDR3 this mobo only supports dual channel ram, not triple channel, so I am thinking this might be causing the issue.


PS I checked the bios post on boot and it does not recognize that 3 gigs is installed, there appears to be no settings for it in bios.

A:Windows 7 only recognises 2 gigs of 3 gigs installed

P55 mobos only support dual channel DDR3 RAM. If you have triple channel RAM, you'll have to exchange it for Dual Channel DDR3 RAM. X58 mobos are the only ones I think that support Dual and Triple Channel DDR3 RAM.

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the bios reads it as 120 gigs in my computer it reads as 31 gigs in everest ultimate it reads as 115 gigs

please help.

have tried every different jumper setting and to no avail

running windows Vista Ultimate

here are my system specs:

Computer Type: ACPI x86-based PC

Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate

CPU Type: DualCore AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2200 MHz (11 x 200) 4200+

Motherboard Name: Foxconn A690GM2MA/A690VM2MA Series (2 PCI, 1 PCI-E x1, 1 PCI-E x16, 4 DDR2 DIMM, Audio, Video, LAN)

Motherboard Chipset: AMD 690G, AMD Hammer

System Memory: 1920 MB (DDR2-667 DDR2 SDRAM)

BIOS Type: AMI (03/14/07)

Video Adapter: ATI Radeon X1200 Series (128 MB)




A:Solved: hard drive says 31 gigs, but it is 120 gigs

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Alright, first they told me it was an 100GB HD.
It's a Seagate, 100GB HD.

This one, actually:

The total size is 93.1 Gigs.

And my freespace is 68.5, when I have 14.6 Gigs taken in all my folders.

83.1 Gigs.. where's my other TEN GIGS? And if you're wondering, I've defrag'd, disk cleanup'd, and tried to access hidden folders, which i found none.

A:Solved: External Missing Gigs..? 16.9 GIGS?

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I am used to running windows xp Pro 32 bit with 4 gigs of ram and only 3.5 showing up, but ever since I installed a new motherboard, the ram is only showing 3.24 now. Does anyone know how to fix this or what may be causing this? Even the bios shows my entire 4 gigs of ram.

Here is the motherboard I am using:


and I am also using 2, 2 gig sticks of DDR2 800 MHz ram for a total of 4 gigs of RAM.

Other Specs:
- Windows XP Pro 32 bit (sp3 I believe)
- 3.16 ghz Pentium Core 2 Duo
- Geforce 8900 GS 512mb
- 500 WATT output Power supply
- bad to the bone looking case

Thanks ,

A:Windows XP 4 gigs of ram, only showing 3.24 gigs

Have a read here:
In short - and a general answer - Windows XP 32-bit sees a maximum of 4 GB which includes all other hardware RAM.
If you want a real detailed explanation Google 'Windows XP RAM limit'.

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I recently upgraded from 4 to 8 GB of RAM in my Windows Vista Ultimate x64 machine. I was happy for a while seeing 8.00 GB in System Properties for the RAM. Then I opened up system information and saw this:

Installed Physical Memory (RAM): 8.00 GB
Total Physical Memory: 4.00 GB
Available Physical Memory: 5.07 GB
Total Virtual Memory: 16.1 GB
Available Virtual Memory: 13.2 GB

Shouldn't "Total Physical Memory" read 8.00 GB as well. I thought that my computer was justso fast with the 4 GB installed that I wasn't seeing in improvement with the 8 GB, now I realize that Windows was just reporting what was physically there, not what was usable. How can I make all 8 GB show up, this really pisses me off. I know I only spent $160 on the 8 GB, but it's money I could have not spent if it's not all going to be used.

Someone please help me out with this, I don't know if it's a setting I need to change in my BIOS, or a jumper or whatever (there are very few, and I mean like, 1, jumpers on my Mobo). Anyways, can someone please tell me how I can fix this.

A:Vista x64, 8 gigs of RAM showing as only 4 gigs in Sys Inf

Have you installed Vista, SP1? Is the new 4GB memory compatible with your motherboard. It is the same brand and type as the original 4GB?

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Today I installed my 4gbs of Gskill ram. But when I checked my basic information on windows 7 64 bit it says i have 2.5 gigs but according to PC Wizard 2008 I have the full 4 gigs of ram and I read on the internet most of the people who have this problem have 8800gt's so could it be my xfx 9800 gt the picturesof the basic information and pc wizard 2008 information. I also heard you could fash the bios in your gpu to get this problem fixed but i can find a flashe xfx 9800 gt bios anywhere......

A:I installed 4 gigs of ram and only 2.5 gigs show up

run msinfo32.exe (i think they have it in 7) it will tell you how much is installed and how much u are using, you probably hit your computers maximum

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The C drive in my computer is 139 GB (150 GB hard drive).

Windows shows that there is 45.5 GB free, but if I select the contents of the drive and check the properties, it says that everything on the drive is taking up 70.8 GB on the disk.
But in doing the math (139-70.8 = 68.2) it looks like there should be 68.2 GB free.
There are no files in the recycle bin, and I can't imagine that there are 22+ GB of hidden files.
Where did that 22+ GB go?

I'm sure I'm missing something fairly obvious here, any help would be appreciated.
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

A:HD has 68 Gigs free, yet only shows 45 gigs

Have you taken hiberfil.sys, pagefile.sys, restore points ? and other hidden files. Also often the disk space required will be more than the file size for example, depending on how the drive was formatted, all small files take up a minimum of 4K or one block. Files of say 1.50 Kb will take up 4.00 Kb of space, the properties of the file will give both figures and believe me there are thousands of small files on your drive.

This program can tell you whats taking the space


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Now what motherboard should I look in too? also what video card should i get for nice graphics and has HDMI ability?

A:I would like to build my first computer with 16 gigs of ram....

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So i just installed 2 more gigs of RAM in my PC, and turned it on, and it will either not do anything (the computer is on, but my monitor has no input, the light on the front just flashes), or if i turn it off and on a few times ill get a message saying "Overclock failed. Press F2 for SETUP or Load default settings"

I set my RAM speed back down to default, and tried booting with 3 sticks in, but it will only work with 2 sticks in. Anyone care to help me?

A:Added 2 more gigs of ram. Computer won't boot

System Specs?
MB, Processor, etc
OS, /SP# etc
Memory Details...

It sounds like the memory is wrong for the MB...
Depending on the board, it may be necessary to load memory in pairs...
though this may no longer be true... or not true for your board.

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I just got a Gig of Ram to add onto my 1.5 gigs. My old Config was 3 512 MEG STicks. Now i have 3 512s and a One Gig sTICK . I insert the one gig stick in the first slot, works fine, then the 512 works fine, then the other 512 im up to two gigs works fine. when i add the final 512 to equal 2.5 and when i startup the computer starts beeping and wont boot up at all. please help. i got a gateway 702GE intel pent 4 processor 540. THANKS

A:Computer Wont Accept more than 2 Gigs of Ram

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In 42 days my new internet connection has transmitted 5.21 gigs of data. How do I find out what's being transmitted and how to stop it please? Do I have a trojan or something? Can somebody help me please.

A:My computer uploaded 5 gigs unknown to me. Help!

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First of, some quick system specs:
Processor: AMD Athlon 64X Dual Core Processor 6400+ . 3.2gz AM2
Ram: Value kingston/hynix 1gb 667 x2
Motherboard: Gigabyte MA770-US3

I have grown tired of the crappy windows vista 32bit system, and luckily my university licenses students with free windows 7 professional copies. So I have decided to take that up and install windows 7, while i'm at it, I decided to go for 64bit and upgrade my ram.

I have done quite a bit of research, and catalogue trawling but I cannot seem to find any good 4gig ram packages that are both 800Mhz + DDR2 + work with AMD / AM2 sockets.

Does anybody know of any ram that would suit this. Personally I am a gamer, so whilst I will take any ram, would prefer ram with a bit of class.


A:RAM upgrade help, 2 gigs to 4 gigs

check your motherboard compatibility,
but this is very good.

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Hey i have 4 gigs of ram. 2x2GB of Kingston and 2X2GB of Acer (or is it apacer). In My Computer it shows Memory 4.00 GB but in task manager it says:
Total: 3007 MB
Cached: 880 MB
Available: 866 MB
Free: 319 MB
and at 2.08 GB it starts telling me that to prevent Data loss, i have to close [insert program here]. Hell, i have 2 gigs of memory left, why would i even do that?

OS:Win 7 x64

A:4 gigs of ram, screams out of RAM @ 2 gigs

What was the exact error message?
It isn't clear from your post that the problem was related to a shortage of memory.

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I am running vista 64 Ultimate with 4 gigs of DDR2 800mhz Ram.
I have a 6400+ AMD and a 8800GTS 320mb Card.

My question is this:
All my games work fine with this setup except for 1 game (Bioshock).
For some reason every time I try to access a vending machine it Crashes.
I removed 2 gigs of ram and guess what. Problem solved! I know all 4 sticks of ram are fine and they work on all the other games. For some reason, this game is the only one that crashes with 4 sticks and it ONLY crashes when I try to buy items from the vending machines.

Anyone have an idea what would cause this? Why would it work with 2 gigs of ram and not 4 and it's isolated to one game and one event within the game. Is it a game bug?

Also, with the specs I'm running with my processor and video card, should I just stick with 2 gigs and scratch 4 or will 4 actually improve my performance? I could not notice much of a difference when I had only 2 gigs in but this could be because I'm not running games like Crysis that have not come out yet.

Please advise if you have any idea what could be causing those crashes from "too much" memory and how much of a difference 4 gigs makes over 2 gigs with my current processor/video card.


A:4 Gigs of Ram Vs. 2 Gigs for Gaming

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I was just wondering if anybody could tell me why my 4 gigs of ram are only being detected as 3 gigs in my system information? Does this mean that 1 gig is completely ignored? I've heard that this happens on 32 bit operating systems and was wondering if there's a way to get the computer to detect all 4 gigs?

A:4 gigs of ram registering as 3 gigs on 32 bit os

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Would like to increase my ram from 6 gigs to 16 gigs not sure which ram to buy.
Model# dv7-4285dx
serial# [Personal Information Removed]


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A:Increasin RAM from 6 gigs to 16 gigs

Hi: The maximum amount of memory you can install in your notebook is 2 x 4 GB of PC3-10600 memory. Only the models with the 1st gen quad core processors and motherboards can take 16 GB of memory. Since you already have a 4 GB memory module, you can remove the 2 GB chip and get this one if you want to upgrade to the max of 8 GB. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231341  

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My question for you is will I see an improvement on loading times when i'm gaming, multitasking, etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated. My specs are as follows...Windows XP, SP3, 1.68 GHZ speed with a nvidia geforce 7300 graphics card.

A:Going from 1024 gigs of ram to about 4 gigs

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Which one would be better for gaming and intense internet multitasking?

A:4 gigs of 533htz vs 2 gigs 800

depends which the mb supports and pricing.

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So Im gonna be making an upgrade this weekend and was just looking for some input.

I know my intel board will only accept a max of 4 gigs on the board, however I already have a GeForce 7600GT videocard which has 512 memory on it.

I currently have 2 gigs and wanted to upgrade to 4 gigs ram on the board. The more im reading though, it seems that if i have an actual 4 sticks plus my videocard, is it a waste?

Does it mean if i have 3 gigs + my 512 videocard, thatd be close enough to 4 and not worth the extra $70 or so right?

any input is awesome guys! thanks

A:3 Gigs Ram or 4?

Can I assume that you have 32 bit?
If you have 32 bit, 3GB is the limit. 3.5 at most. Save your money.

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I have just built a computer with an Intel core 2 duo, I am running 2gb of corsair ram, and was thinking about installing another 2gb to give me a total of 4gb. I am going to also upgrade to vista as soon as it comes out, I have been using the beta on my laptop and love it. I am also running an ATI PCIE radion x1950pro graphics card. I play the half life series, fear and other head games as they come out.
Do you think this will help or am I just wasting my $300.00 ?


A:4 Gigs of Ram?

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Q: Gigs

Hello all,

Another problem I can't solve! I have an 80 gig computer but only 21.49 gigs available. What could have eaten it up? All I have on here are accounting software, a few pics and only 1 song in My Music. I do have about 12,000 documents in My Documents folder. Other programs are picture editing, etc.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


look through your program files, there may be some resibual bloatware from some software you used to have, like old promo offers and stuff, the installation wizards could be taking up some space. If all else fails, backup the pictures, song, and documents, (i assume you have the Cd's to reinstall windows, the photo software, and your old drivers/utilities. If not, ignore my next suggestion) then reformat your C:/ drive. For instuctions go to this page <http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic53502.html>.

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I own an Alienware Area-51 7500 with XP x32, and an SLI enabled motherboard. I am recently experimenting with having 4 gigs of ram (4x1).
Now, System info shows 2.5 gigs of ram, Task Manager shows 2.62, and Cpuz shows all 4096 megabytes. I know that XP itself (x32) cannot work with more than 3.5 gigs (right?), but then what about my other 1 gig or ram?
When it says that it has only 2.5, does it at the least still use all 4 of my gigs of ram?
I also heard something like SLI boards only being able to go up to 2.5 gigs, but than why is the board able to have 16 gigs of ram??

A:2.5 Instead Of 4 Gigs Of Ram...

2.5 gB is low - are you sure that you're using the /pae switch in your boot menu? Check boot.ini (a hidden file in the root directory (C:\)) to see.Check your Event Viewer to see if there's any errors related to the memory (Start...Run...type in "eventvwr.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter).Download this free memory tester and put it on a bootable CD (there's instructions on the website) and boot from the CD to test your memory. Let the test run for a minimum of 3 passes (but overnight is better). If you start getting errors you can stop the test and start trying to figure out what the cause is. Here's the link: http://www.memtest86.com/

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What kind of new and interesting things can I do with my 2 gigs of RAM that I might not have been able to do before with 1 gig of RAM?

A:So I got 2 gigs. Now what?

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Have both win7 beta 1 distros - 32 & 64.

3+ year old laptop. amd 64 2.2 gig, dual core.

2 gigs ram - machine maxes out at 2 :-(

4 gig readyboost flash stick - if that matters....

Will 64 be worth installing?

With only 2 gigs ram max, will it be any better than using 32? Any worse?

Suggestions and consensus please....

Thanx for the help.

A:32 vs 64? Only 2 gigs ram :-(

You aren't going to see any benefit on x64 with only 2 gig. I'd go with x32.

Readyboost really only creates a quick access pagefile on your stick, so it's not really a 'ram upgrade' so to speak.

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I am new to vista and I do like it but my question is ... What is alll this new Corsair Dominator going to do?? I ran 3d mark 06 and I scored 1000 less that Xp... I havesome of the basic Vista clean ups done ( i.e. aero off, etc...) Thanks for the read

A:8 gigs for what?

Originally Posted by REDdawn6

I am new to vista and I do like it but my question is ... What is alll this new Corsair Dominator going to do?? I ran 3d mark 06 and I scored 1000 less that Xp... I havesome of the basic Vista clean ups done ( i.e. aero off, etc...) Thanks for the read

Hello REDdawn6,

Welcome to the forums!

Isn't the whole point of having 8GB of Ram to have a better computer experience?
Then why do things (like disable Aero) that lessen that experience!

Windows Aero

Just a thought.
Later Ted

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Hey guys,

Well got my new system running, so I bought 8 gigs of DDR2 Mushkin 8500
in the mean time I also installed windows 7 - what a blast....,
I got multiple drives in my comp - one setup for windows 7 and one set up for windows xp x64, what's happening is when I got 8 gigs of ram installed the windows xp x 64 won't boot up, it goes as far as loading windows witht the log showing and then reboots the system and on and on.... *** ???
I pulled 4 gigs out runing only 4 and it boots no problem..., ram is all good tested and running in windows 7 like a charm...,
is windows xp x64 unable to run more than 4 gigs of ram ???
is there a solution around that ???,
I am totally disappointed, I would stay with windows 7 , I like it a lot, but it's only the BETA version, and who knows how long its gonna run, I do work on my computer so it is crucial to me that my operating system won't fail me...

any reply would be appreciated.
PS I do not wanna switch to VISTA under any circumstances...


A:xp x64 - 8 gigs of ram *** ???

anyone ??? Please

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Hey Guys,
I was going to buy Windows 7 anyway, so i decided to get 64bit so i could use all of the ram on my computer (4gigs, plus my SLi video cards have 500mb or 1gig each, can't remember)
Since vista 32bit could only use 3.5 gigs

but now to my dismay it seems like i can still only use 2.5 gigs of ram

Imageshack - 66298765
Imageshack - 86877221

Anyone know how to fix this?
I read something about remapping ram or something but how do you do that or how can you tell if it is possible?
Thanks for any help

A:only 2.5 gigs ram in 64 bit?

Do your BIOS see all 4 GB of RAM? If not, I may suggest you a BIOS update.

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Strange,I check almost every Folder, But I cannot find all those missing Gigs, even have System Restore Turn off to make sure.......See Screenshots
No System .iso made for Adv. Recovery,see Screenshots.

A:Where Are All My Gigs?

Hard Disk Space - Free Up and Recover

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My computer is fairly old not sure how old or what motherboard i have and i was wondering if there was a way to know if i got a 300 gig harddrive that i would b able to use all 300 gigs and not just 130 and i have a 160 gig external usb 2.0 hdd and i can use all 160 gigs is this a sign that the 300 gigs would work on the internal ide harddrive?

A:only see 130 gigs?

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I've been reading through your messages and many are similar, but not quite my problem. So here goes-

My son recently rebuilt my computer for me. 40 gigs was installed. I'm running Win98SE. The mother board is his old one. So the bios is not new, the bios date on the systems summary for it is 4/07/99).

My problem is that C drive is showing only 6 gigs total of the 40(it's not partitioned - yet). My son's computer has 30 gigs and win98SE and he's showing all 30 on C drive. His motherboard is brand new.

So, is this a bios problem? My husband believes that partitioning will solve the problem. Is this right? Do I HAVE to partition? I noticed that some people have used EZBios to solve their problems, is this my answer? Or a new motherboard?

As you can tell, I'm somewhat computer literate. About 4th grade or so. Please be gentle!

A:Only 6 of 40 gigs

Go to the manufacturer and see what your system will support.
I'd see if there is a BIOS upgrade available. I'd also use any disks that came with the hard drive as they may contain overlay software which will allow the whole drive to be seen. Hang in there though, bhesson and/or bd will be around with something to tell you for sure.

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I hope I am in the right location for my question and if not please let me. I had problems yesterday with a virus that wanted me to pay for protection against all the evil that will attach to your system. Today I have no disc space on my system. The last time I checked there was at least half of 320 GB available. I started by cleaning up a few things, I deleted 16 GBs and after doing so I checked the space on my C: drive and it only showed 3 Gigs of space, in a few minutes it was all gone. Back to zero bytes available. I would not mind paying for a good program to install on my system to help with problems like this. I just thought that before I formatted my drive and reloaded someone might have an answer for me on what to try.  I have a Dell Laptop that is a few years old with 4 GB Ram, 320 GB hard drive, Inspiron 15 HD widescreen, Core 2. Hope this helps.

A:All my Gigs are Gone

Hey, I now out of the blue have 3 GB free...Don't everyone jump in at one time. This must be a tough one to answer but one thing for sure it's way over my head.

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I just had to do a system recovery and afterward, my hard drive was almost completely full. I had to move all my photos to my laptop, just so I'd have enough room to defragment. I've been cleaning out some junk files and such but I came across a program called Disc Space plus that shows how all my gigs are being used. I have two questions. If I am the only user of my computer, do I need an owner account (9.5 GB) as well as a default user account (12.8 GB)? And, my Windows System 32 files use 18 GB of space! Is this correct? Or could I somehow get some of that space back? Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Where have my gigs gone?

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no matter how i try i can not find/account for about 30 gig,on my d drive in my caculations i have aloud for windows backup(allmost 20gig)were on earth has it gone.????

A:were have all the gigs gone

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Last night I was running low on harddrive space, (Like 200mb left on my harddrive) so I freed up some space and ended up with 3 gigs left on my hard drive. Still not a lot but i'm workin on that. But it was enough to get that stupid message off my screen about making free space..

To get the free space, I just did the typical disc clean up, erased files that I didn't need anymore and uninstalled some old games that I didn't play anymore.

Well, I went to sleep and left my laptop on, and then when I woke up, I noticed that the message of not having enough space was up again, and when I looked at my harddrive, it says I have 3 MB left!! I was like WTF? I freed almost 3 gigs of space last night, how in the world did it get taken up overnight?

My guess is I have something installing files or a virus taking over my laptop. Can someone give me any idea on what this can be or any ways to check what is taking so much space?

Thanks again.

I'm running vista btw.

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Hi...I have a very small SSD, and can only hold so many files in order for my HP Stream to function normally, so what I'm asking is: can someone please recommend which large files, ( for instance how much of the winsxs) can I delete.

Thank You

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im missing about 70 gigs on my hard drive

xp pro sp2
150 gig hdd (total) consisting of:
a 144 gig ntfs partition
4 gig hidden fat 32 partition
office 2003
visual studio 2005
sql server 2000
sql server 2005
xp tells me i have 11 gigs free on the ntfs main drive.the combined size of all the files on this drive is only about 60 gig.so im missing about 70 gigs.the page file is max 2 gig.the recycle bin is about 2% max.i freed up some space 2 days ago by deleting some music files etc until i had about 18 gig free.yesterday i checked and i only had 11 gig free.i suspect sql server has something to do with this perhaps theres a log file or something.please help

A:missing gigs

Hello rimmoah

System Restore can take up quite a lot of space. Look for the hidden folder "System Volume Information" where it stores the Restore Points.

Hibernation will take up space equal to the RAM installed

Download and run SpaceMonger
Click on a "Space" for more information


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I want to install XP Home 32 bit along side my Vista Ultimate x64 in a dual-boot configuration. I've set up numerous dual-boot systems so I got that covered.

This is on my new build and I'm currently running Vista with RAID 0 on two Raptor 150's. I'm going to put XP on the third Raptor.

My only concern is the 32 bit XP install will have problems with so much RAM. I know it will only use and recognize 3 gigs or so but will it have any other effects?

Windows Vista Ultimate x64
Lian Li Case
DFI Lanparty LT P35-TR2 Motherboard
E-8400 @ 3.6 ghz
8 gigs Crucial Ballistix 800 mhz RAM
2 Raptor 150's in RAID 0
Corsair TX 750 PSU
8800 GT 512 mb Graphics
Auzentech X-Fi Prelude Audio
Zalman 9700 Cooling

A:XP Home 32 bit with 8 gigs RAM

Dual-Booting Win XP and Vista &#8211; PC Magazine


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I've got this Gateway 2160 Convertible tablet with a 1.7gHz processor and 2GB of RAM with Vista Ultimate installed. And I'll be working on it, and it will seem to be running fine, but then--for no reason--it won't let me open new IE window, or--come to think of it--any sort of window-- unless I close some other window first. After a while I won't be able to bookmark pages, open the context menu, or make use of dropdown boxes. It?s like there's a popup blocker running amuck.

This has happened several times in the past few months. Most recently, it happened this morning. And when I tried to open HiJackThis I got this error message that said "Out of memory". This is crazy because I was only running IE, Yahoo Messenger, and Windows Messenger. Then, when I tried to open a OneNote side note, the note closed as soon as it opened.

This has been happening off and on since I got the thing about six months ago. I reformatted and reinstalled Windows a couple of weeks ago and its still happening. Which is why I'm posting here instead of in one of the Spyware forums.

So...anyway...what's going on with my machine...and how do I fix it?

A:2 Gigs Of Ram And No Resources?

What anti-virus are you using?

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Hi i don't get why 2 gigs of my memory are being used i have 4 gigs and when i am not running anything but google chrome my laptop is using up 2.50-2.00 gigs of memory and i only have about 4 tabs open and no backgrounds programs i used one of AVG's programs to get rid of any useless programs that start up and i don't know why it is using 2 gigs when it should't any ideas of why and how i could fix this?q

A:Why are two gigs of memory being used?

Are you using 32bit?

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Hi I have a 90gig ssd drive used for windows7/programs when I look in my computer I have 40.8 free of 83.8 when I run windirstat c drive size is 30.1 so if I take 83.8 - 30.1 = 53.7 that 12.9gig missing any idea as to where it gone?

A:missing gigs

Hello Baccini,

If you like, go through each item in the tutorial below to see if may help ID where the space may be used at.

Hard Disk Space - Free Up and Recover

Hope this helps,

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hi i just got a new system totally up and running and noticed that my hard drive is showing way too much used-space. i have maybe 50gigs of media and then just a handful of programs that ive installed but it says my capacity is at 153G.

when you use explorer and add up everything in the c drive it comes to what it should, 50 some odd gigs. what could this other 100 gigs be from? could it be my hard drive is bad and it just appears full? virus? norton says im clean. TIA

A:HD showing too many gigs

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I moved a bunch of folders to a different folder (about 50 gigs total) and now I can't access them.

It says "C:\blah blah blah is not accessible. Access is denied." when I try to enter any of the folders that I moved.

When I right click on any of the folders and select properties, it shows the size as 0 bytes. I tried popping in an Ubuntu LiveCD thinking that it might be a problem with windows, but it gave a similar message there. I also ran Chkdsk and no problems were found. How can I get my music back and what happened? :(

Not sure about the inner workings of how NTFS manages files, but my guess is that the file table somehow got corrupted in the process since I know it doesn't physically copy the files to a different location if you just drag the folders and it's on the same partition.

A:My OS ate my 50 gigs of music


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