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X270 (20HMS1QR00) Support WWAN: Fibocom L850-GL 4G LTE-A Cat9?

Q: X270 (20HMS1QR00) Support WWAN: Fibocom L850-GL 4G LTE-A Cat9?

https://www3.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/thinkpad/thinkpad-x/ThinkPad-X280/p/22TP2TX2800Because I need LTE900 (Band 8) for my LTE module. Is my model support with Fibocom L850-GL 4G LTE-A Cat9 which in the list of x280?Lenovo Part no. : 01AX786

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Preferred Solution: X270 (20HMS1QR00) Support WWAN: Fibocom L850-GL 4G LTE-A Cat9?

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I currently have T580 with pre-installed WWAN module (Fibocom L850-GL) and trying to get to work it on Linux. It works perfectly fine on Windows. So far I discovered that Windows driver uses PCIe protocol to communicate with WWAN module, but Linux is supported apparently only through USB protocol, and if PCIe is enabled, the module ignores all USB commands according to its hardware specs document (page 26) - https://www.mev-elektronik.com/files/MEV%20Elektronik%20Service/produkt-downloads/rf-microwave-wirel... Fibocom recommendation is to disable PCIe in BIOS, that is not supported by stock ThinkPad. Thus in Linux the device is only displayed as "Wireless controller: [0d40]: Intel Corporation Device 7360 (rev 01)" through lspci , and nothing on lsusb . Any suggestions how to make it work on Linux? As an alternative I'm considering getting another WWAN module, but it's quite likely it will not work due to whitelists. The only other module that is whitelisted for sure is L830-EB, that does not have global coverage and thus doesn't work in the US or China, even so it was reported that it's Linux-compatible (USB-mode only). Maybe there is a patched BIOS that has whitelists removed? Wondering if there are Linux enthusiasts who are also looking for a way of using WWAN.

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Fibocom L850-GL 4G LTE-A cat 9 is orderable with X1 Yoga 3rd Gen. Could it be installed in my X1 Yoga 1st Gen to upgrade the current em7455? If the bios whitelists are shared perhaps the vid/pid for the Fibocom L850-GL 4G LTE-A cat 9 is in the list and it will be accepted. Or is it a pipe dream? I want to stick with 1st gen as the 3rd gen lacks OLED screen option, which I have.

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I am considering buying an X1C gen 6.The model that is available in my region is: 20KH007JIVAccording to https://psref.lenovo.com/Product/ThinkPad/ThinkPad_X1_Carbon_6th_Gen?ch=20kh007It has a Fibocom L850-GL. Does it work with ubuntu 18.04 ? I mean does it work reliably after editing some files here and there or it's a mess ? (I am ok to edit some configs if required). Should I check anything before purchasing ? (I am plannig to only have Ubuntu 18.04 on it for development).I know there seems to be some problem with sleep mode but there are acceptable workarounds. Thank you in advance !

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Hello all, just bought a X1 carbon from costco. i noticed a empty WWAN slot when i took the bottem cover off. i think i believe a Fibocom WWAN will fit there but i cant find where i can buy it anywhere . i will be using this for work and need this WWAN. can anyone tell me what the part number is and where i can buy one? thank you 20KG-0022US.

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Hi! I have a new T480 with the factory installed WWAN option. It works on a fresh startup, but when the laptop goes into hibernate mode (not sleep) and then I wake it up, the WWAN stops workding. Windows Device Manager shows it as "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" Why does this factory installed option not work correctly in normal use? I would prefer not to have to disable hibernate or have to restart the laptop every time I want to have working WWAN. Thanks for any advice!

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Good morning! I have X270, machine type 20K6S04F00 and looking to add a WWAN card. As I understand, compatible cards are either 01AX746 or 01AX748. Can please suggest if my machine 20K6S04F00 is WWAN ready?

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A:how to check if my x270 gets wwan?

i put sim in but no response

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Hi everybody,I search and find kingspec with this property is it compatible to x270 wwan m.2 slot?https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Kingspec-256GB-SSD-HDD-22-42mm-NGFF-M-2-MLC-Solid-State-Disk-Harddis... The only evidence I have found in internet was 256GB transcend, there is no review for other products, I will happy if someone have experience with king spec and share it here.

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I would like to add an SSD to the WWAN slot in my x270. I have read around that the format is M.2 NGFF 22*42mm. This KingSpan seems to be the cheapest option I can find. A similar KingSpec on Amazon. The 2nd link shows the CrystalDiskMark scores, and they are way down on my current main SSD in the x270. Are these cheap SSD drives worth it? Trust worthy? Is there a better / faster option that isn't going to break the bank? As much advice as you have is appreciated.

A:Best SSD for WWAN slot in x270? (M.2 NGFF)

From the documents, that's a SATA slot.  ~ 500MB/sec is the best it can support.

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Hi Today I bought the 120GB ADATA M.2 ssd and insert if to my x270 wwan slot when power up halted and error 1802 Unauthorized network card is plugged in - Power off and remove what should I do ?

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Hi Can this combo be done? Has anyone tried? Or are there any BiOS restrictions that will prevent me from using whatever I want? And if so, is there anyway around that?

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I have a disk spinning X270 and I plan to upgrade the SSD. After reviewing a bunch articles I decide to use the WWAN slot.I saw a thread using a transcend 256G M2 SATA as following,https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/X270-Bios-Update-v1-11-Broke-my-M-2-SSD-WWAN-... What I am really interested in is that if I can use the WWAN slot to install a M.2 2242 PCIe, instead of the SATA, such as a Toshiba RC100 M.2 2242 240GB NVMe PCIe 3.0 x2 64-layer 3D BiCS TLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) ... There are posts on Reddit saying that the 2242 has to be SATA, but it was in early 2017. Anybody know if it is doable to put a M.2 PCIe in the WWAN and boot the system on?

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Good evening all! I am a very happy owner of an X270 laptop, running Gentoo Linux. Everything (with the exception of fingerprint recognition) works very well indeed. I want to put a second SSD in the WLAN slot, but I am struggling to find clear specifications as to what can be fitted. Can anyone please point out where I should be able to find this information, or better still give me a clear specification so I can order a drive. I am looking at https://www.scan.co.uk/products/256gb-scanfx-sm961-polaris-m2-nvme-mlc-v-nand-ssd-pcie-30-x4-read-31...It appears to be correct, but I am not sure if the physical size is OK or not. Many thanks for your support!

A:SSD Specification for X270 WWAN slot

Hello and welcome,
I don't have hands on experience but based on these documents that SSD won't work.
First, the 2nd SSD goes in the WWAN slot - presuming you don't have WWAN or WiGig already.  The WWAN slot doesn't support NVMe, and isn't that physical size.
"Some: 128GB M.2 SSD / SATA 6.0Gb/s, in WWAN slot as 2nd Storage,
mutually exclusive with WWAN and WiGig"
Looking at the HMM, the SSD tha would fit is 2242 SATA.
Hardware Maintenance Manual - ThinkPad X270
The SSD you linked is 80mm NVMe and could go in the primary slot - with proper frame and cable - but not in the WWAN slot.

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Hello,  I have MTM number 20K5S0E900. I put a sim card into the slot and cannot make it active. Any tips and tricks for this job? First time dealing with WWAN card.  Many thanks!

A:Thinkpad X270 activate WWAN card help!

Welcome to the Communityx270 MTM 20K5S0E900 isn't equipped by internal wwan modem, but is wwan upgradeable as it.has wwan antennas kit and the SIM card reader.

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Good morning..Buy a ThinkPad X270 Type of machine model: 20HNCTR1WWand I want to put the wwam card I have a wwan card Sierra Wireless Airprime 4G LTE WWAN Module EM7455 Lenovo PN: SW10H24567Header Code: S1NNFRU PN: 00JT547EC # 243581 and I want to know if I can use it on my laptop. if it is not compatible. is so kind to tell me that wwan cards are compatible for my laptop thank you very much... 

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I bought two brand new X270's WWAN upgradable and bought EM7455 cards separately. I installed the cards as directed. When I booted the laptop the first time after installation, a warning message saying something to the effect of "unknown network hardware EM7455." Windows didn't detect the newly installed card. So I did a CMOS reset (removed the extra battery, disabled the built-in battery on the BIOS and pressed the CMOS reset button to the left of the battery bay). After the CMOS reset, Windows recoginized a new hardware by the name of "Sierra Wireless EM7455 Qualcomm" but couldn't install the driver (see the attached screenshot). I did install Lenovo's EM7455 driver (total file size 191MB) and didn't work. I turned to Sierra and found a generic USB Build 4581 driver and it didn't work. When I restarted Windows, the newly found hardware was gone. I did a CMOS reset again and it came back up on the device manager list.  So I turned to Windows update. It found a driver update by the name of Sierra Incorporated - Ports dated 10/20/2016. It tried to install it but it failed. However, the device's name was changed to Qualcomm COM Port (3) and it was still not installed properly. I went to the device's properties and changed the port to 8. It recognized the full name of the card but GPRS connecitons on Windows didn't show up. I restarted Windows, and the device was gone again! I checked the BIOS permissions and I tried different scenarios (disabled WWAN, e... Read more

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Gurus, Here is what I know so far, could use some help understanding if I'm using a hard drive that is no longer supported (brand new laptop and hdd) I have an X270 with PCIe SSDI added an M.2 SSD in the WWAN slot (confirmed with Lenovo support and parts department that this was supported for my configuration) This worked great in BIOS version 1.10, I had it setup with the M.2 SSD as my boot drive with Win10, and the secondary (stock) SSD as my Data/Storage drive. The other day I applied BIOS update version 1.11 for the X270.  The BIOS was applied successfully, and after restart, I get an error:"2102 Detection Error on storage device (M.2 SATA SSD)"   and won't boot into Windows (that's by boot drive) I was able to roll back to BIOS 1.10 and it again recognizes the M.2 SSD driveI applied the latest BIOS version 1.12, and I get the 2102 Detection Error.  Same with v1.11  Is it possible that BIOS 1.11 removes my ability to use M.2 WWAN Slot drives, or just certain ones?It seems like I can't upgrade my BIOS anymore, on a brand new laptop...  Thanks,Mike

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Hello everybody I bring support to a Thinkpad x270. It ran Windows 10 in the main SSD and client decided to buy an extra SSD for saving files. So i bought a Trascend TS512GMTS400 and installed in WWAN slot. Now my problem is every random minutes, The Transcend Disk it just disappears from Device Manager so it became not accessible. In fact if I suspend and restore the notebook, the trascend disk appears connected again and I can use it as usual... but just for few minutes. I tried:- Configure the power manager to never suspend disks. Did not help.- Upgrade BIOS firmware. Did not help.- Using Lenovo Storage Device Firmware to update firmware's disk: It looks like has no support with Trascend SSDs. Now i really don't know what to do. Are there BIOS settings that could help? is this disk compatible with these notebooks? I appreciate every idea or help I can get. Thank you very much.

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Good morning..
Buy a ThinkPad X270
Serial number: PC******
Type of machine model: 20HNCTR1WW
and I want to put the wwam card
I have a wwan card Sierra Wireless Airprime 4G LTE WWAN Module EM7455
Lenovo PN: SW10H24567
Header Code: S1NN
FRU PN: 00JT547
EC # 243581
and I want to know if I can use it on my laptop.
if it is not compatible. is so kind to tell me that wwan cards are compatible for my laptop
thank you very much...
Moderator note: serial number removed to prevent abuse.

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my system software is win10 enterprise 64bitall drivers has been installed...but sytem cannot detect em7455 in device manager...!! 

A:help!!x270 (20HNCTO1WW) cannot recognize em7455 wwan card...

Hello and welcomeDid you install modem on the photo yourself?

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Model Satellite L850-Y3110(PSKFWG-00F00C)
my laptop specs are i73630QM with 8gb DDR3 Ramand Raedon HD7670M 2Gb graphics in 64 bit Windows 10 pro.When i purchased it was installed with Win8.1 afterwards i manuallyt upgraded it to Win10.Everything was fine graphics is also ok.

From toshiba's website i found that my laptop is not up-gradable to Windows10. Anyway i have upgraded and there is no going back.
So my drivers are now auto updated with windows.

But to find drivers from my OEM's website i checked all toshiba's websites.But most of them does not recognize my model except this website.
In this site also i am not getting any drivers of Windows8.1.Only drivers of Windows 7 is available.

1)I would like to know where i can get these drivers.(Win 8.1)?

Please check with my model number before replying because i have spent many days for this.Again toshiba-india website provides only bios update drivers for my version.
2)So i would like to know whether other L850 model's drivers are compatible with my lap?

Now i will come to actual problem.
From intel's website i am aware that my laptop is having inbuilt graphics intel HD4000.
3)So where is it?
But nowhere in my laptop i can see this display adaptor.I looked into bios also to see whether it is disabled in bios.
And i found that there is no tab in bios regarding display/graphics.

I tried all latest drivers from intel for HD4000 and drivers from AMD for Redon7670M.
Everytime intel's setup driver installation fails.Add de... Read more

A:Support for Satellite L850

Hi there, I know it's been long and you could of changed your laptop already but did you find a solution for this?

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dear all, i just purchased the X1 Carbon 5th gen 20HR-A01JHH, found the micro SD slot and the SIM card slot at the back, i am wondering my one is WWAN supported but this is not my intention. how can i confirm my one is WWAN supported or not? i tried to insert a micro-SIM card and it can, but seems nothing special after going into the windows. please kindly help. brgds/fred

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I have a T470P laptop. I wanted to upgrade it with a WWAN card. Checked the supported devices and bought the Sierra Wireless EM7455. I installed the card and I got the 1802 unauthorized network error on boot up. Check this forum and I can see that there is a FRU number and that is important to be compatible. This is out of my mind how it is possible that this important information is not written at the supported cards. Now I have a EM4755 card with newer FRU number that is supported and I can not use this. Is it possible to update the supported card list in the bios or some other trick to use my stuff? Thanks a lot

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hi everyone ..what is meaning thinkpad p50 not support Network Card ? what card done ? It does laptop not connect to the internet and Wi-Fi ?

A:Network Card , No WWAN Support

Hi friend,
Welcome to Lenovo Community! And happy to have you here.
As I understand that you have query regarding Network card, No WWAN support in P50
Here's No WWAN support means there is no WWAN card in the system. It is different from WLAN card P50 has WLAN and you have access to internet and Wi-fi.
I hope the above information helped you
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
Regards,Prabhansh_______________________________________________Tap that Kudos button if I helped.If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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Hello! I just buy X1Y without WWAN-modem, because I don't really need it for now, and try to use empty WWAN M.2 slot for SSD like I did with all my previous Thinkpad's - so I install Transcend TS256GMTS400 that perfectly works at my previous Thinkpad Yoga 12... but SSD does not apper at BIOS! At "BIOS - Boot priority" there are some empty device named "NVMe0" - because of absent of external NVMe ports and present of Samsung SSD as different device at M.2 2280 slot, its possible can be support for NVMe-PCIE SSD at that WWAN-slot... but I can not find any SSD M.2 2242 NVMe at all world...  Also I dont find any WWAN-antennas near WWAN-slot. Also because of gluided Yoga touch screens its unpossible to install WWAN-antennas by user without waranty lose. So it seems that X1Yoga's that sell's without WWAN-modems does not support WWAN-modems at all! So after all those problems it seems that at all configurations of Thinkpad X1 without WWAN-modem this WWAN-slot is absolutely useless!!! PS Also X1 have flimsy soiled case, loud keybord and a specially very loud touchpad buttons and trackpad buttons!  Does Thinkpad X1 with such problems are really premium device?!?!?!  Any suggestions for WWAN-SSD?!

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Hi,some people are reporting, that they can receive a GPS-signal with their Dell 5520 mobile broadband card.Actually a GPS-Button was shown in a former software version of the Dell Mobile Broadband Card Utility.In the specifications for the 5520 (Dell) and EU870D (Novatel) is no precise answer to this question.Does anyone definitely know if there is GPS support by the 5520 card? If yes, why GPS isnt supported by the newest Dell software for the 5520 card?BTW: Anyone got the firmware upgrade files for supporting HSDPA up to 7,2 Mb/s yet?

A:Does the Dell WWAN 5520 HSDPA Minicard (Novatel EU870D) support GPS?

Answering by my self: GPS works fine with the Dell 5520. It needs just a registry hack...

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Hi everyone, I'm a student and planning to buy the Campus version of the Thinkpad T480s with the Nvidia chip. It doesn't come with a WWAN module, but I'd like to add one. Information on that topic seems sparse and I tried to look for M.2 slot WWAN modules at different online stores. I found a few ones, namely- Huawei ME906S, listed to be compatible with 2016 Thinkpads- Sierra EM7455, listed to be compatible with the *70 series Thinkpads- Fibocom L831-EA (Intel XMM 7160), listed to be compatible with *70 series Thinkpads According to this reddit, at least the Huawei and Sierra ones are incompatible unauthorized for a T480s which, if true, is simply inconvenient, annoying and disappointing. As I mentioned above, buying a Thinkpad with a pre-installed LTE module is not an option because I'd like to have the Nvidia chip and am buying a Lenovo Campus Thinkpad which comes at a reduced price (and in Germany, it's the only way to get one with an Nvidia chip). As the Lenovo configurator and the T480s platform specifications indicate, the Fibocom L830-EB (Intel XMM 7262) and Fibocom L850-GL (Intel XMM 7360) are officially used and should definitely be compatible. However, I can't find them anywhere except pre-configured with a Thinkpad, which is not an option for me. Can anyone please help me with either of the following:- Is the Fibocom L831-EA (Intel XMM 7160) authorized for and compatible with the T480s?- Is there any place where I can get a Fibocom L83... Read more

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Hi All, I'm trying to update the firmware on the Fibocom WWAN device on my X270 laptop. I'm running windows 10 x64. I downloaded the Firemware update from here: https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles/nz2wi01w.exeThe Readme is Here:https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles/nz2wi01w.txt When I try to run the unpacked executable, L831_FWUpdateTool_L831_V2E.0C.00.16_NAND, nothing happens. Don't even get a window that then prompty dissapears, just nothing happens. I've tryed starting it from a commandline and using /? type switches to see if I can get anything else from it but nothing happens. Also checked to see that it's not blocked, or being stopped by AV, also checked event logs, there's nothing there.... Any ideas? Is it me, or is the EXE at fault? I've checked the manufacturer site directly, but they don't offer firmware downloads (As I'd exepect really) My laptop is currently running v7 so this would be jumping to v16, as at the moment I only get a "Limited Service" with my sim card. I've checked the Sim in a MiFi device and on a phone and it works fine. So I'm hoping a firmware update will help. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.  

A:Fibocom Firmware Update Tool Doesn't Run

Welcome to the CommunityTry to perform the fw update from either Lenovo System Update or Lenovo Vantage applications.

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Windows still uses Microsoft made "Generic Mobile Broadband" driver, even after installing the Fibocom L830-EB Wireless WAN Dreiver For Windows 10 (Versio 1709 or later).  This ends in only giving a 50 mbps LTE connection even if the location, sim card and subscription gives 300 mps connection possibillities.   Windows only sees the generic driver, even if I manually try to choose a driver for this. No Fibocom drivers are found in the list.  Is there something that got broken during the latest 1803 installation? Has anyone else noticed this?

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Hi all,I have issues getting mobile (3/4g) broadband to work with my new T470 Thinkpad. In Ubuntu, the Fibocom Adapter is only detected as a generic MBIM adapter, and although Network Manager (and it's applet) display my network provider, the connection is not established, and the system process mbim-proxy is hanging at 100% CPU. This issue has been reported here (but seems to remain unsolved ?) : https://www.spinics.net/lists/linux-usb/msg158286.html Did anyone get this to work?Best whishes and thanks for any hints!

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Hi all,I have issues getting mobile (3/4g) broadband to work with my new T470 Thinkpad. In Ubuntu, the Fibocom Adapter is only detected as a generic MBIM adapter, and although Network Manager (and it's applet) display my network provider, the connection is not established, and the system process mbim-proxy is hanging at 100% CPU. This issue has been reported here (but seems to remain unsolved ?) : https://www.spinics.net/lists/linux-usb/msg158286.html Did anyone get this to work?Best whishes and thanks for any hints!

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further to my recent post re drivers for my inbuilt webcam after much frustration in trying to find said drivers I decided to source a replacement camera module which I found for ?4.99 on ebay after fitting it hooray as if by magic windows 10 finds my camera & it works great,I didn't think for one minute that it could be a faulty camera but obviously I was wrong,anyway problem over

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Yesterday i have update my Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. For the installation i used no key.
Now i need the key to activate windows but i dont have any one. I tryed to reset my windows to an earlier time but it doesnt work.

I called microsoft for help but they only said that i must get my original Windows 8 key from toshiba.
Can aybody help me with that please?

PS: Sorry for my english.

A:Satellite L850-1K1 - Need Win 8.1 activation key


I have updated my machine too but there was no reason for any key activation because original Win8 version was already activated.

Can you please tell us which notebook model do you have and do you use original Win8 version that you got with your machine?

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As my Hard Disk is broken, how can I install a new OS on the new hard drive? As I boot with my cd/dvd optical drive the installation of windows won't start! I tried toinstall Ubuntu on another Hard disk and there's non problem. The problem is only trying the installation of windows. Can someone help me? Tank you

A:HD Broken Satellite L850-1PD

Hi Geminy,
let's make sure that you:

1) replaced the broken hard drive for a new one that is working fine

2) tried to install Ubuntu linux using your DVD optical drive, and installation were successful (or you just tried to start system from live-dvd and not finished installation to HDD)?

3) put the Windows installation media in your DVD-drive and – what happens? It will not boot from the DVD-disk, it will not start installing windows, it does not see the HDD drive and says there is no place for install… Does the windows installer raport any problems? Do you see any messages? Does it restart by itself?
Which version of windows you try to install? Is it the same version you had on your laptop before the HDD crashed?

Is the new hard disk mechanical hard-drive or electronic SSD type?

Possible problems are with: the BIOS settings (UEFI / CSM mode, secure boot option and so on), with HDD/SATA drivers (AHCI / compatibility…) or maybe simply you have installed Ubuntu on hard drive and now windows has no space to fit there, nor it sees any space as it is XFS/EXT4 formatted by linux. There are also many other possibilities, so please give as many information as you can.

best regards

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Hello guys!

Can I upgrade my :
Satellite L850-188 PSKDGE-01H010Y4

I want to replace my I3-2370M with Intel Core i7-3610QM.
Can I do it?

I want also upgrade my RAM to 8 gb.


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Guys,today i bought new laptop (model in thread title) and laptop was without windows.I installed win 7 64x and i installed "all" drivers. When i go to device manager "network controller" is on "?".I cant install this driver. I went on toshiba's site and choosed this model and still driver doesent work.I think that is wlan driver cuz when i put ma lan cable in laptop internet works.I tried to install driver but i have message" driver not installed sucessuflly" .i rly dont know what to do :S I can try only with windows update... am pissed :S

A:Laptop TOSHIBA L850-13p

Btw i also updated bios.and still nothin.

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Hi guys,
I'm having these BSODs with "DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE" bug check code, I tried updating my BIOS and other drivers but the Microsoft guys say that I need to update my power driver but I can't find any in
my specifications are:
Toshiba Satellite L850-B452 (PSKG8V) with Intel core i7-3630QM.
here is one of the mini dumps, the rest are in this zip file:
Dump File : 042614-58609-01.dmp
Crash Time : 26/04/2014 11:39:18 AM
Bug Check Code : 0x0000009f
Parameter 1 : 00000000`00000003
Parameter 2 : ffffe001`eff448e0
Parameter 3 : fffff801`61193930
Parameter 4 : ffffe001`dbff9550
Caused By Driver : ntoskrnl.exe
Caused By Address : ntoskrnl.exe+153fa0
File Description : NT Kernel & System
Product Name : Microsoft? Windows? Operating System
Company : Microsoft Corporation
File Version : 6.3.9600.17041 (winblue_gdr.140305-1710)
Processor : x64
Crash Address : ntoskrnl.exe+153fa0
Stack Address 1 :
Stack Address 2 :
Stack Address 3 :
Computer Name :
Full Path : C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\042614-58609-01.dmp
Processors Count : 8
Major Version : 15
Minor Version : 9600
Dump File Size : 251,790
Dump File Time : 26/04/2014 11:40:17 AM
================================... Read more

A:BSOD on Satellite L850


All drivers for your notebook model you can find on http://www.toshibamea.com/en/Download-Files

Your PSKG8V model is listed there. Maybe it sound stupid now but I don't know what the ?power driver? is. If your notebook was delivered with original preinstalled OS I recommend you to set BIOS to default settings and install original recovery image.
After doing this you can test functionality with ?factory settings?.

Post some feedback please.

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how can I reset my toshiba laptop to window 7
Toshiba L850
win 10 pro

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Hi everyone

my satellite 850-138 with W7 was updated in its day to the W10. Ewerything Works fine.

I want the applications I had with windows7 and gives no option to download the W10, only to Wind. 7 or 8.1.

Thank to all.

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Hi all,

I really hope somebody could help me please.

I went to turn on my laptop and it wouldn't turn on.
The fans aren't starting up, I have a white mains power light on with no blinking and and also the same with the battery light (white on and not blinking)

I have tried taking the power away completely and held the power button for 30 seconds before replacing battery and mains power to the machine.

I really am getting to a deperate stage as have all my photos of children, family wedding day and honeymoon on my laptop.
Please help if you can.

Thanks in advance.

A:Satellite Pro L850-1EF does not power up

First of all a good news: your personal files on the HDD like pictures, photos should not be affected.

You could get access to the files removing the HDD from the notebook (details here: http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/CRU2603C20000R01.htm) and connecting this HDD to another computer using an USB-SATA 2.5” enclosure.

Now bad news: from my point of few your notebook developed an serious hardware malfunction; maybe its just an RAM module problem… in such case you would need to replace only the RAM modules but in worst case the motherboard could be faulty and such fix could be very expensive procedure.

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hello , i want ask about my recovery portition my laptop satellite L850 corei7 .
i got these pc about 3 years ago and my recovery partition was deleted by mistak and i found one partition about 1.46 gb it tiltled by healthy active recovery partition .my question is ,is these the recovery partition ? if its how can make it work agine ,and if not how can reback my recovery partition agine ....if it need to make an order in egypt how much it cost .. and thx in advence

A:Satellite L850 and recovery partition

This recovery partition belongs to OS itself and has nothing to do with Toshiba recovery partition. If the recovery partition is deleted you cannot get it back.
Only thing you can do is to reinstall recovery image and use notebook with “factory settings” again.

In my opinion only option for you now is to order original recovery installation media - https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx

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