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How to re-install windows 7 after replaced hard disk (details inside)

Q: How to re-install windows 7 after replaced hard disk (details inside)

Laptop model: Dell Latitude e6420
I found the windows key within the battery compartment
Windows version: Windows 7 Pro OA
I replaced my old hard disk because it simply did not work anymore and now when I try to start my laptop, I get the message that there are no boot devices.
My mom bought me this laptop years ago and it is a refurbished laptop. How do I re-install windows on it?

'Hope someone can help. I know nothing about computers. Thank you in advance to the kind soul(s)!

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Preferred Solution: How to re-install windows 7 after replaced hard disk (details inside)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have a laptop with processor 1.7ghz and 512DDR2 RAM which suitable to install vista. I heard many people said that 512 RAM just only eonugh store vista services.. means that no more available memory to store other third party software services that installed...

I know I can increase my page file but I don want to do that because it will slow down performance.

Is possible install VISTA inside external hard disk? Because I don want install vista inside fixed disk which required reformat disk if vista not suitable for my laptop. Very time consuming to uninstall OS on fixed disk....(Haha I just want to try VISTA only)

Here's my question...

1. If boot from windows Vista DVD, will it able to detect my external hard disk(Is required to change bios settings?)

2. Now if having two OS which XP inside fixed disk and Vista inside external hard disk, How I gonna choose which OS I want to login at the startup?

A:Possible? install Windows Vista inside external hard disk?


1. That depends on if your bios is capable of booting from a USB device. Read the manufacturer's instructions to see if this is possible.

2. You are probably going to have to choose one or the other by changing the settings in your bios to point one way or another. So each time you reboot, you are going to have to go into your bios and select the bootable device.

Some other observations: I think that the performance that you are going to get is going to be substandard... you already don't have enough memory and the fact that you will be running the OS from the external drive, well, that should slow it down quite a bit as well.

Be sure that if you do go through with this that you don't accidentally wipe out your fixed disk... I have seen this happen a lot with people "trying" Vista.

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I sent my portable to Hp on account of a hard disk problem.  My disk contained Win 10.  They replaced the disk as my portable is still on warrantee.   For some reason that I cannot understand they shipped my portable back to me with Win 8 in it instead of my Win 10.  I am getting the run around from people on the help lines(from other countries); You should hear some of their solutions, i.e replace the chip on the MB and other stupid answers. I am trying to get my Win 10 back, surely HP must be able to supply me with a link, but I guess that is beyond their comprehension. Sorry for sounding so hard but at 80 years of age,  I don't have much patience left. Maglite

View Solution.

A:Wrong Windows on replaced hard disk

Hi, As mentioned on my last reply, HP can only reset your machine back to its original Windows because HP does not own Microsoft products. Many thanks to let us know Microsoft gave you free upgrade because they stopped this few days ago. My last point: I don't know why they (from HP Support) asked you to change chip on the MB. Have a good weekend. Regards.

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I am having HP pavilion sleek book laptop and it was having Windows 8. Recently the hard disk got crashed.
I have replaced it with new one and installed windows 8.1 from Microsoft site. Since it is EOM based, Windows didn't get activated. Unfortunately I don't have recovery disk and HP asking too much money for providing the recovery disk.

Can you please suggest how to fix the issue.

Thanks in Advance...

A:Windows 8.1 activation - Hard disk replaced

You will need to extract your Windows 8 OEM key and activate with that.

Product Key - Find for Windows 8 (option 5 will backup you key for future reference)

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Lenovo laptop G580I have created a Windows 10 recovery onto to a USB stick.I have replaced my faulty hard drive, but now I can't recover windows to the replacment hard drive.When starting up with the new hard drive installed I get the blue screen with "Choose Language Option"After choosing language I get the Troubleshoot or Turn off  optionWhen choosing the Troubleshoot option, I only get the optionsSystem Restore - use a restore point recorded on your PC to restore WindowsSystem Image Recovery - recover Windows using a specific system image fileI am not seeing the option Recover from a Drive, which should be there, I believe, from various Internet messages and posts I've seen Can anyone hlep please to get my laptop back up and running Windows 10 ? Geoff

A:Can't recover Windows 10 on to replaced hard disk

If you are not getting the Recover from Drive option, you must have missed selecting the option to "Backup system files to the recovery drive" when creating the Recovery drive, so you will have to download and create Windows 10 Installation Media to reinstall Windows 10 to you laptop.     Download Windows 10https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 When you get to the point where it asks for a Product Key, select the to skip  (or I do not have a key) option and Windows will automatically activate upon completion of the installation.  Unfortunately you will be starting clean, so any data will have to be restored from backup, and applications will have to be reinstalled.  FYI, If you do no have your data backed up, with luck you may still be able to recover it from the old drive if it just failed to boot from the drive, by mounting the drive into an external 2.5 inch USB enclosure, and copying off the the c:\users\<username> folders to your new HD.  Cheers, 

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Hi, I have a LACE 500 gb, external hard drive that I purchased for myself to help with the memory space on my laptop.

Anyways, a few minutes ago, I plugged it into my laptop via the usb cord and waited for it to boot. It started booting up, and then suddenly when it was loading in the Autoplay, it was taking forever at a certain folder and started making a clicking noise. I canceled the Autoplay and opened up My Computer to get the drive from that area. I click on the H extension, open up the hard drive and I am searching to get a picture that I want that's in a folder. I click on it and it takes forever to load, making that clicking noise and then finally it opens. Everything is taking forever to load, and when it's loading, it makes the clicking noise in my external hard drive.

The other day, I was carrying it, and it fell out of my hand but I wasn't high so it didn't fall from a high distance. I thought it was fine, because I recall using it previously before my attempts today. So I have no idea what's wrong with it. When I click on the image itself, it opens up fine in the Windows Viewer, and doesn't do any clicking noise whatsoever. It only does it, when it comes to folders.

It is opening up, but it's taking FOREVER and it's making an annoying clicking noise. Can anyone tell me if they've experienced this before and what they did to fix the problem?

Thank you and look forward to the response!

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Hello every one.I am having a very wierd issue with my hard drive dissapearing.

When I Run a specific Bukkit Minecraft server (I have MANY servers with the EXACT same configurations and plugins;none of these have this problem) which is on my E Drive (Which is not a partition of my c drive)
my C drive usage will start having 100% usage spikes and after a few seconds the C drive stays at 100% usage
and then the E drive dissapears and won't reappear on the list until I restart the computer

P.S. When Firefox is open Firefox seems to be using the disk at 100% but when fire fox is closed the System process seems to be using the disk (or System Host (Peer Networking)Sometimes)

A:Wierd hard drive disconnect issue. Details inside

Since these are shares. Are they coming off of a remote server, or a server in your place of residence.

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So my laptop broke, something to do with corruption of data and i have no idea how, already angry because of something i didnt want to happen... during a very important time of the year for work...

I now am in the situation where i already spent around 300 dollars USD fixing my laptop, now that i have a fresh new working hard drive how do i get my OS back?

I bought it from a retailer, my broken hard disk is inaccessable so i cant get into it and seek out it's activation code ETC.

Anyone ever had this situation before? how do i get back my windows 7 OS with it's key that no one is using.

Im not going to spend all of that money again since it was part of the package of buying that laptop.

Please assist.

A:Laptop Broke, replaced hard drive Disk, What about my windows 7!?!

Quote: Originally Posted by louis cardinal

So my laptop broke, something to do with corruption of data and i have no idea how, already angry because of something i didnt want to happen... during a very important time of the year for work...

I now am in the situation where i already spent around 300 dollars USD fixing my laptop, now that i have a fresh new working hard drive how do i get my OS back?

I bought it from a retailer, my broken hard disk is inaccessable so i cant get into it and seek out it's activation code ETC.

Anyone ever had this situation before? how do i get back my windows 7 OS with it's key that no one is using.

Im not going to spend all of that money again since it was part of the package of buying that laptop.

Please assist.

Your laptop should have a sticker on the bottom with the key for your version of windows. Also, your manufacturer might provide recovery disks.

This is another good reason to always make the recovery disks when you first setup your new laptop.


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I have a hp laptop dv6502au . The hard disc of my laptop is gone so i replaced it with a new one. The problem is that i created a set of recovery discs using a option in my laptop. But if i insert that recovery disc in my laptop it shows that 'this system does not support this recovery disc' I dont know how to install vista back to my laptop. My laptop came with original version of windows vista home premium. I have a product key also at the bottom of my laptop. Please help me to install legal version of vista back to my laptop. If you want any further details i am ready to provide it.

Bharathwaj Vijayakumar

A:please help to install windows vista in a hp laptop replaced with a new hard drive?

hi,,, if you know anyone with an origanal vista disc then they can install vista back on your machine using the product key on the bottom of the laptop,,, a greenish blue sticker with microsoft on it,,,,, this install will not load all the HP stuff that comes with your pc when new,,,, but once the os is back on you could look on the discs to find all the HP stuff,,,,
good luck

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1. I have Win7 64-bit installed.

2. Earlier I installed MySQL and created database (size: 2 GB) in my D: drive (size: 52.8 GB).

3. Then I formatted my C: drive and installed Win7 again. As a result, MySQL got uninstalled and something happened to the database in D: drive.

4. After the new Win7 installation, My Computer shows D: [50.8 GB free of 52.8 GB] but the disk is empty.

5. How do I recover these 2 GBs?

A:Hard Disk space seen as occupied... But disk is empty inside

Post a screen shot of Windows Disk Management, showing all the details of the D drive.

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After replacing a crashed 320 GB disk with a 1 Tb disk and following recovery proceedure the new disk now operates OK but only shows the same amount of space as the previous disk. Is it possible to bring into use the missing disk space.

A:Replaced Hard Disk

For others to help you please post on of these.

By Golden:
Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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Okay, this computer is about a month old and already its loading extremely slow. The small yellow light below the power button is constantly flashing (indicating constant work) and the system is starting up extremely slow.

I've done the following since I got it:

Downloaded about 30 gigs of information
Tried making my computer uPnP compatible, which failed because I run through a modem
I turned off all non-microsoft services except the one that updates my anti-virus software
I turned off all the start-up programs except the ones I thought "might" be my keyboard so that my media controls would work, which I have no idea which one it was

I've thought about a few things. My computer might be acting wierd because of the uPnP stuff I did. It might be trying to use services that programs I activated on startup doesn't have (because I turned on anything that might be my keyboard)

I'll post my HijackThis log in a few moments.

A:Windows XP loading amazingly slow (details inside)

One more thing, I've been getting attacked by some virus or trojan or something named "Helkern" and my virus scanners don't pick it up, they just alert me that it's blocked.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 7:56:33 PM, on 1/8/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_06\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Boot Optimizer\HPBootOp.exe
C:\Program Files\Gaim\gaim.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Owner\Desktop\hijackthis\HijackThis.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = http://ie.redirect.hp.com/svs/rdr?TYPE=3&tp=iehome&locale=EN_US&c=Q305&bd=pavilion&pf=desktop
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL = http://ie.redirect.hp.com/svs/rdr?TYPE=3&tp=iesearch&locale=EN_US&c=Q305&bd=pavilion&pf=desktop
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Inter... Read more

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Windows 7 is occasionally crashing on me,
here is the error code it is giving me,

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 2057

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 9f
BCP1: 0000000000000003
BCP2: FFFFFA8010A7B060
BCP3: FFFFF80004B243D8
BCP4: FFFFFA8013180B80
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:
Any help or solutions from the computer gods here would be much appreciated


A:[SOLVED] Windows 7 crashing (error details inside)

Please read all of the following instructions found here: http://www.techsupportforum.com/foru...ta-452654.html

After reading all of the instructions found above post the required logs in a new thread: BSOD, App Crashes And Hangs - Tech Support Forum

Please note that the BSOD team is very busy and will get to you in due time. If you do not get a reply within 72 hours then you may bump the post.

Do not post any logs here!

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I reinstalled Windows 7 yesterday. Upon reconnecting another drive which contained my personal files from a previous installation, the startup took ages and the drive became inaccessible after I logged in. I have two partitions on this drive, one containing my files and one containing old program files. The drive containing program files can be accessed just fine.

Here are some observations, details and steps I took so far:
The drive IS accessible through Linux. In fact, all (or most) of my files are intact.
chkdsk /r on Windows results in 10% read of the USN Journal, then fails at step 3 of 5. chkdsk /f fails at step 3 of 3, same issue with the USN Journal.
Right clicking on the "Local Disk" (it used to be called Files) and going to properties is so slow that I'd just stick with the command prompt.
It's an NTFS drive at 2.5 TB. Not very old.
This is not a driver issue, since half the drive managed to be recognized. Drivers were also update on reboot and that didn't help.

So my questions are as follows:
Am I in for a complete reformat? I have over 400 GB of personal files, and I made the mistake of not backing them up as time went, so I'd try and avoid reformatting at all cost. If it's absolutely necessary, I can try and back up everything useful.
Would this be a bad sector issue, or a USN issue. If it's an USN issue, is it safe to rebuild a USN Journal on this drive using fsutil, since the old one refuses to be read?

A:Drive is Semi-Inaccessible through Windows (Details inside)

Hello and welcome Luftwaffle mate some system specs would be really handy to even begin to start on this one System Info - See Your System Specs

Now two things I must ask is what have you got set as boot device in the BIOS and is the large drive visible in diskpart?

If you want to back up then maybe an image is the best way to go see this
Imaging with free Macrium

Another useful tool for working with partitions is this
Best Free Partition Manager Freeware and free partition magic for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP 32 bit & 64 bit. MiniTool Free Partition Manager Software Home Edition.

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I am facing the problem of Hard drive failure with my laptop. I was told to replace with a new hard drive. So, am looking for the replacement details (right from the cost to the service centre location and procedures). It would be most helpful from some guidences.

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how to claim HP OEM western digital  hard disk, incase any issue araised with the hard disk?

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3 year old Gateway computer running XP, shut off computer one day, it had been running extremely slow, went to start up next day, wouldn't turn on. Replaced the PSU and booted it up, now getting error message while booting up:

Pri Master Hard Disk: S.M.A.R.T. Status BAD, Backup and Replace.

I can hit F4 to boot up all the way.

Any chance this is related to the psu dying or just a coincidence the hard disk is now failing too.

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Dear Community Members, My hp Machine is - Pavilion 15 n210se I old hard disk failed and i need put all including OS and Drivers.  I machine came with windows 8, is this upgradable to Windows 10? Please mention the steps to install the Genuine Windows on my PC.  my question is 1. Where i can download the Genuine OS ? 2. Is it possible to place the DiskImage of WIndows Installation as before, so that i can use the recovery tool.3. how to get the Windows 10 ?      or shall i install windows 8 and do all updates to get the Windows 10?  With Regards,Faizana 

A:Hard Disk replaced - How to get back Genuine OS?

Hello @faisana,  You need to know few things about HP Recovery Media:1) It is NOT downloadable, you have to order the physical media2) It is not free, you have to pay for it You can look online for Recovery Media starting with the linked paged: http://support.hp.com/us-en/driversOnce there, input your Product name or number. On your Software and Drivers Download page, select your Operating System and and Version. Click "Update". If HP Recovery Media is available for your machine, down near the bottom of the page, you will see an entry for Order Recovery Media-CD/DVD/USB. Click the "+" symbol to expand that entry and click on Order Media for details.Or, if you prefer, you can do the same by contacting HP Customer Service:If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/phone-assist.html#section1If you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-contact-us.htmlNOTE: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while!If you have trouble finding a phone number, then try: 1 (800) 474-6836If HP no longer provides Recovery Media for your model, a couple of other sites you can check are: http://www.computersurgeons.com/ and http://www.restoredisks.com/Good Luck Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again !!  **Click the White Thumbs Up Bu... Read more

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Hi, I forgot to create any recovery disks for my E532 laptop and the hard disk has failed. I?ve bought a new hard disk thinking I could download a build disk from Microsoft and input the key for Windows. However I get no boot options at all, i.e. the bootable device list is blank. I have changed the boot order to no avail. I don?t want to have to buy recovery disks if possible so is there a way round please? It was Windows 8.1 when I bought the laptop and upgraded to W10.Thanks

A:hard disk replaced need to rebuild laptop

just follow these simple steps:download the iso file of microsoft windows 10 (x64 if your PC has over 4GB of ram) http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10download Rufus, plug an USB flash drive and set Rufus as on the home page screen:https://rufus.akeo.ie/?locale=en_USclick on the little disk icon on Rufus and point to the downloaded iso filelet Rufus copy the installation files on USB flash drivereboot your PCplug the USB flash drive, press F12 at next boot and choose the USB flash drive as bootable deviceproceed with windows 10 installation and skip the product key requestenjoy your windows 10 installation

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Hi, I have Lenovo T430 Laptop and Harddisk is damaged and wanted to purchase a new one and need to know what is the proper harddisk size and brand to purchase. Laptop Serial Number is; PBLEYKY Thanks

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I bought a notebook in 2010. I upgraded to Windows 7 Pro right after purchase.

I created a Windows 7 repair disk April 2011.

My hard disk crashed this month and will be replaced and loaded (by manufacturer) to the image as of the purchase in 2010.

When I get the PC, will it help me to use the repair disk?
In my dreams, I'd want to restore Windows and maybe settings and drivers at least to the time the repair disk was created.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance,


A:can I use Windows7 repair disk if hard drive is replaced?

Quote: Originally Posted by thomas1004

I bought a notebook in 2010. I upgraded to Windows 7 Pro right after purchase.

I created a Windows 7 repair disk April 2011.

My hard disk crashed this month and will be replaced and loaded (by manufacturer) to the image as of the purchase in 2010.

When I get the PC, will it help me to use the repair disk?
In my dreams, I'd want to restore Windows and maybe settings and drivers at least to the time the repair disk was created.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance,


When you get the PC, it will have Windows on it just like when it was new. Using your Repair Disk would not put your settings or anything else that you had put on there. It is only for, well Repair. You will have to install all of your programs again.

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Hi! My sister's PC went dead and technician said the motherboard had to be replaced. When she got back the PC, the hard disk had been modified -- she didnt have all of her applications and her documents and personal stuff were in a new folder with her name. I wonder if if is necessary to install a new HD when the MB is replaced. Wouldn't the previous hard drive work with a new board? Thank you for your help.

A:Solved: Replaced motherboard -- hard disk changed

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So lo and behold this morning I found my internal hard drive disk was not working. I ran the pre boot diagnostics and everything else was working fine. I went to best buy and got another hard drive (1 TB SATA drive) and switched the old one with the new one. The computer still won't boot, but now the pre boot diagnostics recognizes the drive is present and says it's working fine. Any ideas?

A:Internal Hard Disk Drive not found... After replaced!

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I have a Dell Inspiron N 5010.  I had to put in a new hard drive.  I do not have a disk with windows 7 on it.  I have a recovery disk but it does not work.  How do I get back my OS?  Also the windows code on the bottom of the computer has worn off and is not readable.  Can anyone help me?

A:Dell Inspiron N 5010 replaced hard drive have no OS disk

Is your Dell registered with Dell? Have you contacted them to see what help they can provide?

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After I tried to make a dual boot with Ubuntu and Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit), Windows now does not boot. I have tried to reinstall and repair the HDD but the disc fails to recognize my HDD (Western Digital Scorpio Black 500 GB). My HDD is Basic, has 3 primary partitions and 1 extended (3 logical). Ubuntu 11.10 can boot fine.

A:Windows 7 Install Disc fails to see hard disk after Ubuntu install

Did you install Windows 7, then install Ubuntu?

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My friend's hard drive failed on his Win 8 laptop. He never made any recovery media or images. Once I replace the hard drive, if i install Win 8 from a downloaded iso, will the Windows product key (it's not on a sticker that I can find, from what I've read it is stored in the mobo) be able to activate that version of Win 8? I seem to remember reading conflicting reports about whether or not this will work. Thanks

A:Install Win 8.0 on newly replaced hard drive

Activate retail Windows 8.1 with Windows 8 Product key.


BIOS-embedded Windows 8 product keys - reinstall troubles?

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I'm sorry I am sure that this has been asked before. I upgraded my ram to 2gb I purchased a brand new 500gb and installed it with no problem, but when I go to install my files it gives me the blue crash screen before it is able to install. Any ideas what I need to do to fix this and get my laptop up and going? Thank you for any help

A:Hp dv6000 hard drive replaced but won't install

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My DELL XPS 17 L701x laptop was equipped with Samsung Spinpoint MP4 HM640JJ 640GB 7200rpm hard disk. Last month, due to noise and auto shut down, i gave my system to dell service center for repair but took out my hard disk as it was containing "sensitive" data and i don't want to take any risk. Also i needed it for my dissertation. as my all data was on it. In the mean time i bought another Seagate Momentus 500GB 7200rpm drive as the xps has space for one more hard disk.
i put the samsung hard disk in usb case which need both side male usb connector. i was having an old connector which i tried to use but i can hear a little sound and it is not detected by my home desktop. so i got a new usb connector and it was easily detected and i used as usual usb external storage. when my laptop was fixed, i took back the samsung drive along with the new one to service center. and when they tried to place both drive, the system didn't responded at all, after some tries, they announced the samsung drive (which was originally shipped with laptop) has gone bad and is unable to detect. so i asked them to only fix newly bought drive in the system and make it workable by installing OS.
Now the issue is that my samsung drive can't be detected anywhere. neither in laptop, nor in my home/office desktop. though i was able to use it as external storage before but it suddenly stop working, leaving me nowhere. i have lot of important data on it and i want to recover it myse... Read more

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i have previously installed win 7 ultimate, 64 bit n windows 10, ran dual boot
aftr a while i deleted them both n also all the partitions like recovery ,reserved etc. except some imp partions of my personal files
i have efi system with gpt partition style
when i try to install its not working
it shows windows cannot b installed in gpt system...
what can i do to solve my prob?
pls help me out!

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I just replaced my hard disk put a new one on my inspiron  5520 I couldn't no data left on old one. I wanwanted to install Windows 10 that I had before but it is not booting up from my USB drive. I don't know what to do is this have something to do with BIOS or something.

A:Windows 10 on new hard disk can't install it.

The Inspiron 5520 was never tested for Windows 10 so it could be anything from BIOS incompatibility to other hardware.  I wouldn't bother with windows 10 imho.

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I got a Dell Inspiron 6400 with XP and I'm trying to do a clean install of Windows 7 but this message shows up, any ideas how I can get passed this?

A:Cannot install Windows to this hard disk?

Quote: Originally Posted by doh23

I got a Dell Inspiron 6400 with XP and I'm trying to do a clean install of Windows 7 but this message shows up, any ideas how I can get passed this?

Use the winpe, diskpart and imagex approach to force it to do what you want. If that disk can boot XP, it can be wiped clean and forced to boot 7. Tell me more about your system, and the exact errors and I'll point you at the right tutorial.

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I'm having problems reinstalling Windows XP, it keeps saying that there is no Hard Disk Drive detected. I want to format and then reinstall through the windows setup cd.

I have a Compaq V3793TU laptop.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel Pentium III processor, x86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1014 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family, 384 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 72614 MB, Free - 13357 MB; D: Total - 80003 MB, Free - 1075 MB;
Motherboard: Wistron, 30CD, 80.49,
Antivirus: Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Disabled

A:Windows XP Install - No Hard Disk

Here is the support site for the Compaq Presario V3793TU laptop. You should add and save this site in your browser favorites/bookmarks list so you can readily refer to it when needed.

It's product specifications section lists hardware and devices that are completely different than what you've submitted. I suspected something was wrong when I saw an Intel Pentium III processor listed along with 1024 MB of RAM. I've never seen a computer with that processor that supports more than 512 - 768 MB of RAM.

From what I can determine, Windows Vista came pre-installed in that laptop. Did you do a "downgrade" to Windows XP?

Are you using an actual Windows XP CD and have you set the optical drive first in the boot order?


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i have previously installed win 7 ultimate, 64 bit n windows 10, ran dual boot
aftr a while i deleted them both n also all the partitions like recovery ,reserved etc. except some imp partions of my personal files
i have efi system with gpt partition style
when i try to install its not working
it shows windows cannot b installed in gpt system...
what can i do to solve my prob?
pls help me out!

A:not able to install windows on my hard disk

What version of Windows you are trying to install ? How did you delete the partitions ? Try some 3rd party ( like Partition wizard ) program to wipe the disc and format it .

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Trying to access one of my hard drives resulted in My Computer locking up, and upon ending the process explorer seems to get shut down. Task manager wouldn't come up so I'm forced to reset. Also trying to play something in winamp resulted in a sound driver error, when it was working fine beforehand.

I'm currently running Avast and MalwareBytes, and will keep this topic updated, I hope I can fix this....

If anyone has any input please share.


I'm hoping this was just a random fluke and I'm being paranoid about nothing. Both MalwareBytes and Avast have come up with absolutely nothing on my main drive, though I'm still scanning my backup drive.


Weird, all those problems stopped on their own, guess it was just a fluke.

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Right, so my mother has had quite an issue with her computer for a long time. I never use the PC, so I haven't been able to actually experience all the symptoms. I believe she has a virus. And these are the symptoms I've experienced.
- Random freezing and crashing.
- Computer refuses to install Windows Updates. Even something as little as 1.0mb
- Couldn't install anti-virus software as if something was blocking it from finalizing the process.
- Avast anti-virus scans hangs on one thing indefinitely as if something is stopping it on purpose
I have tried using Malware Bytes to scan for anything but to no avail. And the avast just refuses to work.
This is what the DDS.txt has found.
DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64 
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16476  BrowserJavaVersion: 10.45.2
Run by Alicia at 12:21:21 on 2014-08-04
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium   6.1.7600.0.1252.1.1033.18.2999.1266 [GMT -4:00]
AV: Microsoft Security Essentials *Enabled/Updated* {641105E6-77ED-3F35-A304-765193BCB75F}
AV: avast! Antivirus *Enabled/Updated* {17AD7D40-BA12-9C46-7131-94903A54AD8B}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Outdated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
SP: avast! Antivirus *Enabled/Updated* {ACCC9CA4-9C28-93C8-4B81-AFE241D3E736}
SP: Microsoft Security Essentials *Enabled/Updated* {DF70E402-51D7-30BB-99B4-4D23E83BFDE2}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaun... Read more

A:Not sure what's going on; details inside

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Please download AdwCleaner by Xplode onto your Desktop.Close all open programs and internet browsers.Double click on AdwCleaner.exe to run the tool.Click the Scan button and wait for the process to complete.Click the Report button and the report will open in Notepad.IMPORTANTIf you click the Clean button all items listed in the report will be removed.If you find some false positive items or programs that you wish to keep, Close the AdwCleaner windows.Close all open programs and internet browsers.Double click on AdwCleaner.exe to run the tool.Click the Scan button and wait for the process to complete.Check off the element(s) you wish to keep.Click on the Clean button follow the prompts.A log file will automatically open after the scan has finished.Please post the content of that log file with your next answer.You can find the log file at C:\AdwCleaner[Sn].txt (n is a number).===Download the version of this tool for your operating system.Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (64 bit)Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (32 bit)and save it to a folder on your computer's Desktop.Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.Press Scan button.It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run. Please copy and paste it to your reply.The first t... Read more

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Hello everyone,

Due to the fault on my hard disk, i was forced to format one of the partitions and install Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. But, the installation process can not proceed after Copying the operating System files and displaying an error message.

What is the best remedy to install the operating system on the first partition without losing the data on the 2nd partition?


A:how can i install Windows 7 on one of my hard disk's partition?

Welcome to Seven Forums love, what is the error meassge?

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Ok here's the deal -

I have had xp for a long time on a custom computer. Recently I contracted a virus (namely the xp antivirus 2012 system virus). I decided to reformat the hard drive, as I do not have the original xp discs, I bought windows 7 (the full version, not upgrade). While trying to install windows 7 and subsequently reformat the hard drive, the installation program can not detect any hard disk whatsoever.

Another problem is that the virus has corrupted my computer to the point where I cannot even load xp. All my computer is currently good for is watching it try to load.

A:Windows 7 install can't detect any hard disk

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Can I install windows 10 on external hard disk and run all programs on that windows without any problems (Photoshop, Revit, Lumion). If it is possible, what type of external hdd should I buy (maybe link of product)? Thanks

A:Can I install windows 10 on external hard disk and run all p

No you cannot install windows on any external HD & use it
you have to install windows on the internal Hard Disc

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my HDD failed, I bought a new disk and put it in my z580 laptop and started it up with the windows recovery disk in the DVD drive.  It came up with 'press any key to start from DVD' which I did.  It ran for a few minutes then failed with the error that a required hardware device was missing. Tried again with an original Windows 7 install DVD but that failed with the message 'failed to verify image - access denied'. Tried again with a Windows 8 install disk, failed again with the same message as the restore disk above.  I also have a Windows 10 upgrade disk but that fails as well. What can I do ?

A:Hard disk failure - how to install Windows ?

Which OS came with the laptop?  

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I am trying to install windows 8 with my bios set to RAID mode however the hard drives are not showing when going through the installation options.

From googling it seems that I need to load the hard drive or raid drivers during the installation but how ?

is there a exe that needs to run or is there a specific driver file that I need to browse to before rescanning for hard drives again ?

My name is the HP Elitebook 840 G1.



A:Windows 8 RAID Install - can't see hard disk

Yes, you have to load RAID with the OS. Then you have to create the RAID sets from 2 or more drives. I THINK you can load IRST RAID program AFTER the OS is loaded but that isn't the way I did it so have no experience of that route.

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Hey there,

I had Windows 7 RC etc running recognizing all my hard drives, now after a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate I cannot access drive E:

"E:\ is not accessable"
"Access denied"

It's a Seagate 1GB Sata which contains most of my data, so I really need to get access.

Thanks for any help.

A:Windows 7 cannot access Hard Disk after install

Its a permissions issue, you need to take ownership of E: (Right click on E: in windows explorer)

Then grant the proper permissions for it.


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I'm trying to format and install Windows XP pro on an old laptop (HP Compaq nc6400) but when I boot from the DVD after it loads all the files it tells me that the install cant find the hard disk and I have to cancel the install. The laptop boots up just fine so I know the HDD is still working. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Windows XP Pro Cant Find Hard Disk On Install

If you can boot successfully...why do you want to install XP?

Please boot the system...and then Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic323892.html/page__p__1797792#entry1797792 .

What is the origin of the DVD...you are trying to use to install XP?

Since you want to reinstall...why aren't you doing a clean install...or using the HP restore-to-factory defaults option?



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My dad was cleaning out the office and came across a nice, unopened, sealed box copy of Windows XP Professional. He told me they never used it, so he gave it to me.

I've got my handy dandy 500GB External Hard Drive here, I'd love to experiment.

How can I install Windows XP to the Hard Drive and boot off of it?

Do I have to do anything special? Or is it like installing to a regular computer; boot into the installer, select your drive, install, yay.

Any help would be nice--thank you!
Oh yes, I have posted this in the External Hardware forum as well, I was unsure where to post it, sorry if its considered spam!!

A:Install Windows XP to External Hard Disk?

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I am not able to install windows on the machine. I have Dell Inspiron N5010.
Getting below warning.
- Windows cannot be installed to Disk 0 Partition 2.Details: Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure the disk controller is enabled in the computer BIOS menu.

A:Not able to install Windows after formatting hard disk

When you formatted the disk did you also partition it?   Also, what version of Windows are you trying to install the the system, and what media are you using to install it?
Have you gone into the system BIOS and changed any of the SATA settings to see if you can get Windows to load on it?

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Hi every body !
Today I will teach you how to fast install Windows from the hard drive with BootICE. You may have to install Windows 32bit from Windows 64bit and backwards.
NOTE: This guide applies to Hard Disk Drive Lecagy-MBR
Download Tool: https://goo.gl/gx1E8c
Step 1: Extract Windows Installer ISO Format on another drive you want to install Windows.
Example: You want to install Windows on driver C, you may extract the Windows Installer ISO Format on drive D or E, etc.
Step 2: Go to partition you just extract Windows Installer, rename “bootmgr” as you wish. This guide, I rename “bootmgr” to “W8’.

Step 3: Run BootICE, change boot loader on your Hard Disk Drive
Step 4: Run test boot, if result the same image is OK. You restart computer to Install Windows

Good luck !

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