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Thin grey vertical band on laptop screen

Q: Thin grey vertical band on laptop screen


Had IBM Thinkpad 600E fixed under warranty for faulty screen (which had ceased to work) - problem turned out to be faulty motherboard, and motherboard was replaced.
Since getting the laptop back, there is a thin (about 4mm) vertical grey band down the entire screen which obliterates whatever is behind it. This line is about a cm in from the left hand side.
the band comes on from start up...ie through the black POST screen, and if operating in DOS - the same. The correct drivers and refresh rates, etc were already loaded. OS is Win98SE.
Wondering if it could be caused by something simple like a loose cable?
The reason I'm asking is that I'm in Sydney & have to send the laptop back to Melbourne to be fixed....if it is something that has happened in transit, there's no point sending it back to have the same thing happen again. Any ideas much appreciated.

Preferred Solution: Thin grey vertical band on laptop screen

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Thin grey vertical band on laptop screen

That could be a physical flaw in the screen, but hopefully it's just a loosened connection in the wiring involved.

It probably did happen in transit, since the repair techs would have noticed and called you if they saw it.

You could have a local tech try to check the wiring first, but you'll probably have to send it to Melbourne again. If so, use a bigger box and ship it wrapped in something big and soft like a down-filled winter coat or quilt. You might also want to insure the parcel for the round trip if your postal system or courier company offers the option.

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1) A couple of months ago 3 vertical lines have appeared on left of laptop screen.  Then the last couple of weeks all of a sudden the entire screen turns into a grey color with vertical lines.  Happened three times already and don't know what to do.  Not too computer saavy (I'm a senior) and will bring it in for repair but I don;t want to get cheated and want to be at least knowledgeable on what it might be.  Read something about an inverter (don't know what this means).  When this happens I obviously turn off the pc wait a couple of minutes and turn it back on.  Just do not know what is causing this. Perhaps I need to change the screen, is this costly? 2) Also I'm on a wireless network and the pages sometimes have a delay in loading or it says it's not connected.  Have called my provider and they do not know what the problem is.  Fox six mos their service worked fine, all of a sudden it doesn't and of course they blame my pc.  Would anyone know why this would happen intermittently ? Thanks in advance. Appreciate all of your help..........

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Any ideas on what could cause a thin blue vertical line on side of screen? Any ideas on how to get rid of it?  I have  a Dell Inspiron 2200 Laptop.  New to forum, thanks for any help on this!

A:Thin Blue Vertical Line on Screen on Laptop Dell Inspiron 2200

I have the same laptop and have a thin green horizontal line on my screen.  Hope you get an answer here that will help me too.

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I have the problem with my laptop, where a vertical band has suddenly begun appearing. I bought my laptop in 2013, so I don't really have any warranty remaining. I have replaced a screen before (I assume thats the only fix for this?) but it was an x201 and I must admit it wasn't the easiest fix I have done. Lenovo will totally rinse me to repair. I'm based in the UK, is it worth taking it to somewhere like PC world?  ?

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I have the problem with my laptop, where a vertical band has suddenly begun appearing. I bought my laptop in 2013, so I don't really have any warranty remaining. I have replaced a screen before (I assume thats the only fix for this?) but it was an x201 and I must admit it wasn't the easiest fix I have done. Lenovo will totally rinse me to repair. I'm based in the UK, is it worth taking it to somewhere like PC world?  ?

A:IPS screen vertical "band" - what should I do?

The fix is replacing the panel, as you guessed.  The panel on the x220 is a lot easier to replace than the panel on the x201.  The panel screws into the lid, rather than into the hinges.  The service manual says you should remove the screen from the base and I would always advise that you follow the manual, BUT this is how I do it.  The first step, whether you follow this procedure or the manual is the most important.  Unplug the machine.  Remove the main battery and push the power button several times to drain any capacitors.  That model has a VERY fast burning fuse and you don't want to blow the motherboard fuse.  Lay the screen all the way back so the machine is lying fully open.  Remove the 2 screw covers at the lower corners to expose the screws.  I stick them onto waxed paper so they can be reused.  Gently, working with your fingers remove the LCD bezel, trying to retain as much of the adhesive as possible.  You will see the 4 screws that hold down the panel.  Remove them.  I lay a cloth or dishtowel over the keyboard and flip the panel over onto the cloth, without straining the cable.  You will see the connector at the bottom.  The connector on the cable is fragile.  Whether you follow this procedure or the manual, be very careful not to damage it.  The tape that holds the cable my be damaged when you remove it.  If it is, use a piece of clear tape.  Remove the... Read more

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Running XP Personal. Have attempted two re-boots with no change. Recently a light, transparent vertical band showed up. It runs down the right side of the screen from top to bottom. (I have an ACER Aspire 5000, btw) Any suggestions on how to rectify this?

A:Vertical Band on right side of screen...

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While viewing Netflix and YouTube there is a thin red vertical line running through the center of my screen. HP support claims its an issue with Netflix. Netflix support claims it is an issue with HP...(sigh....) No one has been able to help. Who will save me from the evil red vertical line???

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I have a thin vertical green line that is going down my screen. It disappeared when I rebooted and went away for a short while. Now it is back. What can I do.

TOSHIBA Satellite L305-S5933

A:Thin vertical Green Line on my screen

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 There's this white vertical band in the middle of my laptop screen V3-574G-77P6.  It doesn't appear when I take a "screenshot" so I suppose the white band is on the LCD screen itself. I googled and found that I share the same case with this guy owning an Acer Aspire 7540G laptop.    http://www.tomsguide.com/forum/70068-35-acer-aspire-7540g-strange-lines-screen Anyone here knows what could cause this? Thanks! 

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 Hi,I am noticing a strange issue with my recently bought laptop . Attaching some pictures for more details. To me it seems some kind of gap or break in the LCD display.I hope this can be worked out as it is still under a month when I bought it. Please suggest.?  ?  ThanksAD

A:Thin vertical line on my newly bought laptop

It could possibly be due to a faulty data cable and at worst the screen itself. Only solution would be to have it serviced by a Lenovo technician as it is most likely hardware related. 

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a thin white vertical line on my laptop display ... a single vertical white line

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Hi please help me my laptop(HP630) is showing a thin red vertical line on the left side of the screen and it also appears on Bios screen. I have switched it off and on but it still shows the thin line it's really annoying, please help how to fix it. I have no warranty now my laptop has been with me for 6 years. I would appreciate a step to step guide on how to fix it myself.please help?

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Hi, I's ve just bought a new T460s but unfortunately the LCD seems has a problem. There is a black dimmed vertical line always appears in the middle the monitor when looking in profile. You can see the attached photo to be clearer. I think this is a fault of LCD panel because it displays when starting up. I also work around like updating the latest driver of graphics but nothing changed. IMO this is not about of Windows 10 64 bit. Anyone has a solution to solve this problem because I am really frustrated with the error. If not, should I contact with Lenovo Warranty Team. Thank you

black dimmed band.jpg ?2139 KB

A:Black simmed vertical band on the screen of new T460s

If you have a nearby dealer who does thinkpad warranty service (like a premier dealer) I think that is the best choice.  When I have a screen defect like this, I think it is easiest to explain if everyone is looking at the same screen.

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my x1 Carbon screen freezes randomly and vertical grey bars appear on the screen, it unfreezes after a couple of minute or if a repeteadly press the left bottom of the screen. I replaced the screen and it still does it. Any suggestions. I believe I have a 2nd generation x1 carbon 

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That's my little problem... I have ignored the little thing, and now it it irking me to do something. It's a little annoying to see this kind of just see it just move down my screen, while surfing the web, or playing gmaes (like the picture there).
Could anyone help me with this?
As well, sorry for the toaster quality photo. I only had a tablet on-hand to take pictures with...
Here is a slightly higher quality photo...


A:Vertical, thin, pink dotted line on computer screen...

Do you have or have access to a different monitor that you could try your computer with?You could also try booting into Safe Mode to see it also happens there.

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I am getting game crashes that are not usual.When crashes happen cant go back to windows I need to restart my computer.When game crashes screen is gray with vertical stripes, most of time,somtimes is just black screen.I thought graphic card is
faulty and took it for testing in store where I bought it but they couldn't find any problems and said that game I play causes crashing or some driver incompatibility.Game I play is World of Tanks.Game crashes are totally random it could happen after 15-20mins
of playing,then I restart and for the rest of the day I don't get crashes.somtimes it crashes after 2 hours then I restart and could countinue playing.Can anyone help because those hard restarts cant be good for computer
Here is what it looks like:
There are no files in minidump,but there are dmp files in LiveKernelReports folder

Here is LiveKernelReports folder:
Here is my configuration
i5 4670
asus z87-c motherboard
Kingston hyperx 8gb 1600
asus radeon r9270x dc2top 2gb
Windows 7 64bit Ultimate

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This problem has just occurred for me. I am only on a single screen 27" Mac, running Windows 10 on Bootcamp. I have had this computer form about 3 years. The problem does not exist on the Mac side of my computer - as always everything on the Mac side
runs spot on, its only over here on the Microsoft Windows side that I end up with issues. The only reason I use Microsoft Windows is to run Autodesk Inventor Professional for design and drawing. Inventor hasn't been written in Apple language as yet but I'd
wish they'd get their finger out and get it done. I dislike having to partition my drive and lose space because of a business biase. I also use the browser Edge to run tutorials on drawings. The cursor change only seems to occur after a period of non use -
initially I though it was after a timeout but I notice that the screen doesn't have to go to screen saver or blank-out for the change to occur, only a certain period of non-use maybe 5-10 minutes. It would be nice to see so attention paid to this issue after
sooo mannnnny years of existence. I see this forum issue goes back to 2009. I have contacted Microsoft recently once so far without charge and was told to delete the mouse driver and allow the automatic reinstall to occur. This still hasn't resolved the problem.
I see your above work around of enabling a mouse trail as one of my alternatives otherwise it's a restart to rectify. I will log another call to Microsoft help in an endeavour to apply more weight t... Read more

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Hello all,

I have recently upgraded from 7 to 8. Have only one complaint - in 7 I used to be able to make my taskbar thin while in the vertical (LHS) of the screen, it was a bit hacky, you had to:

Set the taskbar to autohide
Stop the "desktop window manager session manager" service
Restart the service
Turn autohide off

I had written a batch file and just set it to run at start and it worked fine.

However it doesn't work in 8 and examining the list of services, it seems that desktop window manager session manager has disappeared. A quick look at the wiki page says that it now cannot be disabled and is running all the time.

Is there any way to do this in Win 8?

To clarify, I'm trying to get this:
Instead of this:
Any options considered!

Thanks in advance


A:Thin Vertical Taskbar

Right click taskbar - select properties. You will see taskbar location on screen box with dropdowns of bottom, left, right, and top. Select the position you wish it to be and click "apply". Taskbar will change to that position. Hope this is what you want. If you use small icons, it will be thin, I believe.

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I have a Dell Inspirion 9200 Laptop with Windows XP, recently I have noticed a thin white vertical line that runs on the left side, top to bottom. Every once in a while there is one that shows up in the middle, but it disappears once it has finished uploading. Is there anyway I can check to see what may be causing it?

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I have had my t410s for a couple of months, yesterday a vertical band appeared in my display.  A quick search online brought up this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rM9_ZM_8qkQ which is exactly what I see. I am about to lose my t410s for a couple of weeks (or so I am told by the Lenovo support rep), is this a problem that Lenovo is able to reliably fix?  (namely it is clearly endemic to the t410s as I have seen many posts on the matter, my concern is that their fix is just temporary until it happens again)   Do others who see this problem find that the repair sticks? btw, I have to say that the Lenovo return mechanism which required me to talk to someone I could barely understand did not help.    I used to love the Thinkpad line for its robust design (and had many), the T410s, which was not inexpensive, felt flimsy in comparison and having the screen die in such a short time is disconcerting (and seeing how many people are dealing with the same thing is a further concern).   

Go to Solution.

A:t410s vertical band in my LCD

I hope you can get it fixed.  Yeah I agree that the tech support having a strong chinese accent 'doesn't really help at all.

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I just got a brand new Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming laptop and not even one day later, a thin squiggly vertical black line appeared on the right side of my screen! I had done absolutely nothing to damage the laptop. I have the latest drivers and everything. Is there any way of fixing this or am I going to have to exchange it for a new one?

A:Thin squiggly vertical line! Help please

Hi fredamdo,Thanks for posting.Apologies your computer is not working as you expected.  Please perform a diagnostics test by either using Dell Support Assist, or by pressing F12 at startup. Make a note of any error messages, and give Tech Support a call for additional troubleshooting and possible resolution.  You can contact Tech Support at 1-800-624-9896 or 1-800-288-4410, or you can initiate a chat session http://dell.to/2v4snVm

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Hi i wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction too solving my problem.... evertime i turn my pc on the manufactures logo appears ( COMPAQ ) but with thin vertical white lines a bit like adidas stripes, then the moniter goes black and then thin blue vertical lines appear over the (microsoft corparation boot screen) and then fials to start up .. i have used my recovery discs and set it back to the original factory settings which wiped all my files, it works fine for a couple of hours and then goes back too playing up again , what do i do now and what is the problem...` iam using a Compaq presario pc with vista home, with a nvidia geforce 7500 limited edition grx card... hope someone out there can help .. many thanx..

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When openning folders of photos or using Windows Photo Gallery some thumbnails display as narrow vertical bands. If I start a slideshow using that folder they appear normally full screen. All images appear normally in Photoshop Elements.

Dell Laptop XPS 1530 with Vista Ultimate

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I bought my XPS 13 9360 during black friday and just opened it up for Christmas. Immediately during the first start up I noticed a persistent thin green vertical line in the middle of the display.
I hooked up an external monitor and i've confirmed that it is only on the laptop screen. Is this a common problem and is this something that Dell can resolve immediately with  replacement or is this something that will have to be sent in for repairs?


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I am using Windows 98 with a HP Scanjet 5200c scanner. When I scan a document, a 3/8 inch dark band prints out on the left side of the paper. It appears over the text. If I have a smaller picture that I place on the left inside of the scanner, the band will appear as a light blue line. The scanner surface looks clean to me! Why is the scanner doing this?

A:Unwanted vertical band in scanned document

This might help:


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On my 3 year old laptop (HP dvEnvy7), a very thin line of black pixels has showed up. The first time it showed up was on the red background login screen, and I think tapping the monitor made it go away, but that might've been coincidence. I just noticed it again in the same place where the color of the screen is green. I was running an MBAM scan while that showed up and the line went away, again I don't know whether that was coincidence. I've read that this problem could be caused "by the traces going bad in the video cable going from the LCD the the main board" due to the laptop lid opening and closing. The lid is getting a bit loose. Is this the answer or could there be something more malicious, as my paranoia comes back to haunt me?

A:Thin black/dead vertical pixel line

If it's a single pixel width from edge to edge, it will almost certainly be a fault inside the LCD panel itself. Individual pixel drive signals are not carried on the LVDS cable connecting the panel to the mainboard, as that would require thousands of individual conductors. So a "hard fault" such as a complete black column or line is usually due to a bad connection in a heat bonded loom inside the panel, or an intermittent line or column driver IC which are also integrated into the bonded loom matrix inside the panel. Pressing or tapping the screen/frame can commonly make the symptom come and go in its early phases.
With that said, odd line-like faults can be a result of poor contact on the LVDS cable connector(s), and dismantling enough to gain access to this and cleaning the contacts with alcohol can solve it.

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Nothing that I know of just showed up today.

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Hello Guys,

I'm new here so pleae go east on me. Its my first post. I noticed yesterday that there is a very fine thin line on the left side of my desktop. In the screen shot you can barely make it out, but you will be able to once you see ot from the left corner of task bar. it does not appear when i open a browser or a folder or even start menu. It only shows on the desktop screen and is really annoying. I tried disabling some odd services and restarted the computer as well, but still no luck. A little help will be appreciated.

P.S: Screen shot is below.

A:Thin White Vertical Line on the left side of desktop

Hi there
If you are using an external TV type of monitor go into the menu of the Monitor -- usually via a remote controller etc. Somewhere in the Video / picture setups you should see an option like auto adjust picture / size or something like that -- then the image should fit the screen perfectly.

(Assuming of course that you have set the resolution (in the PC settings) of the monitor to one it can handle).


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Hello. I recently opened a 2 liter near my laptop and it exploded everywhere. I immediately flipped it upside down in hopes to prevent any damage but it appears it didn't seem to help.

I have a rather large (approx 1/3 of my screen) white bar on my screen. It flashes every so often for a few seconds and changes to a darker shade, and then back and forth almost at will. I looked for solutions but was only able to find those dealing with relatively small lines. The picture attached is one of the times it is darker.

A:Large vertical white/dark grey bar

Hi first thing you need to do is take it in to get it cleaned out. the soda will damage it. if your up to it you can take laptop apart down to the motherboard and clean it with isopropal alchol let dry and put back together. hook it up to an external monitor and see if same thing shows on it.

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So when I play this game called Garry's Mod my whole pc will crash, it happens like this. I will be playing Garry's Mod then my screen with have grey vertical lines on it, I can still hear my game for about 3-5 seconds then there is no sound, just the
vertical lines then at that point I just restart my PC. It hasn't happened that much but it's starting to occur more and more. It only happens in the game, and I tried cleaning my PC, reinstalling the game but still nothing. I need help with this problem please!

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Hi, I'm having problems with this X240 that gives me grey vertical+horizontal lines on it's LCD.External monitor works fine. Please advise. Thank you

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I just got my laptop 2 days ago and it almost immediately started doing this to me. When I open the lid all I will see on it are gray lines with the mouse being a square shaped slightly off color gray line area. When it does this I have to completely power down my laptop to make it go away. Once I power it back on again it works perfectly fine though.
How do I fix this on my own or do I have to send it back to dell since its a faulty laptop? I really don't want to send it back though so any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Inspiron 15 7000 gaming has grey vertical lines after opening the lid

Send the system back for replacement - the other option is a repair, which will also require sending the system back -- and makes little sense on a brand new system.

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My Billion BiPAC 7800VDOX Dual Band Wireless VoIP ADSL2+ Router has two bands:  2.4GHz and 5GHz.  and is wirelessly connected to my laptop OMEN by HP Laptop PC  17-w007tx.  It always shows as connected via 5GHz band only.  My laptop also shows 5GHz band only in the list of available networks;  2.4GH does not show up in the list of available networks.  It is not so in my other laptop which is also connected to the same router and that laptop shows both the bands in the list of available networks.  Thus, I can choose to connect to any of the two bands as per my choice. I have tested the router and it is working perfectly; there is nothing wrong with it.I wonder what can possibly be wrong in my OMEN laptop that it does not show both the bands which it should. At times, when I click to open the list of available networks, 2.4GHz may appear momentarily only and then disappears; thus I can not choose it for connection. I would appreciate any help to resolve this issue so that my OMEN laptop shows both the bands in the list of available networks so as to choose either one for connection.

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I have a Samsung NP350V5C-A02UK and it is a great laptop. However, recently I have noticed a thin black border around the screen. I couldn't get a good picture with my camera but it looks very similar to this picture http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3519/t/19434351.aspx however, it is just a little thicker on my screen. I am not sure if it was there since I bought the laptop however, I am pretty sure it wasn't. Could any one please tell me how to fix this or if this is normal on all laptops.
Any replies will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:Thin black border around laptop screen. Please help.

What is your screen resolution set to?

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Today I turned on my laptop and there is a blue line running vertically down the left side of the screen that I can not seem to get rid of .  I updated my video drivers and restarted the system but its still there. the lapptop is a week under a year old. HP ZBook 15 G2 Windows 7 NVIDIA Quadro K2100 M.  I never dropped the laptop or anything even rouch to it. I am very careful.  Please let me know what i can do. Thank you 

A:thin blue line on laptop screen

Hi Kerberg, Can you try the following troubleshooting steps to see if it's hardware/software issue: - Connect the notebook to an external monitor to see if the line appears on the external monitor. - Go into BIOS by tapping "F10" key during boot up and see if the line appears on your main display. If it doesn't occur in BIOS, the hardware is good. We will have to focus on video drivers- onboard and discrete card. If the line appears on the screen, please call 800-334-5144, say notebook and then zbook through the promot. Thank you, -Tenzin

I am an HP employee.Make it easier for other people to find solutions, by marking my answer ?Accept as Solution? if it solves your problem.***Click on "Thumbs up" button to the bottom right side of my post to say thanks!***#hpexpertday

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2 days ago, I noticed my display was flickering with a thin vertical stripe on the right third of the screen and a pink/green 1 inch band at the bottom screen that flickers. (I have had this laptop for about 2 1/2 months). I have updated all recommended drivers, followed the tips on deleting display driver software and updating, uninstalled some game apps and any that appeared to have installed (3D builder) just prior to the issue. I uninstalled some of the games and reinstalled a few. I do not have Norton, icloud or IDT apps on the laptop that are listed as potential conflicts with Windows 10. I am still under warranty. Is there anything else I can try or do I send it back to Lenovo? 

A:Flex 5 1570 Display vertical stripe and lower pink band - flicker

Hi MsRL,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
You can try to check if you have the same flickering line when connected to an external monitor.
Compare it when you start your computer in the BIOS if the flickering line is visible.
To go to the BIOS , shut down the machine and use the novo button (item 2 page 11) for the Novo button and choose BIOS set up option taking note of the issue on each screen. 
If the line shows in the Novo menu or BIOS and not in the external then it most probable be the LCD screen/ cable.
Call in technical support so you can discuss the action plan to proceed.
Hope this helps answer your query.
Update us how it goes.

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I have a dell latitude E6530. A sony bravia TV. Its connecting via HDMI input. I cloned the two together to project on the TV. The TV projection is grey. I need it color. I tried updating the drivers, I tried configuring the Nvidia control panels. and still nothing. I tried hooking up another computer and it works fine so it can't be the HDMI cable. I guessing I'm missing a control from Nvidia control panel or the Intel graphic control panel. Can anyone help on this?

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I took apart my advent netbook to repair power button. Took the old one off, soldered a new one on the board, and it boots up, terrific!
One small problem. I now have a grey screen. There is backlight but no graphics whatsoever.
I tried hooking up an external screen and it works great.
Is the problem with my screen? Cable? How can I diagnose this? How did this happen as I'd did not mess with the screen?
Would appreciate any ideas.

A:grey screen on laptop

While you had the laptop apart you may well have disturbed the ribbon cable connection that goes to the screen.

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hey hi, i am observing black thin lines on my laptop screen resemble like pencil mark these grow progressively Any solution plz.??" i hav haier laptop running windows 8.1 pro.

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Hi was really hoping someone could halp me! I was using my toshiba laptop normally and half the screen suddenly turned grey. From the little bit of the screen i can see everything looks to be working fine just the screen!
Is it broken?! It had windows vista if that help! I'm obviously rubbish at computers and now stressing!!
Thank you so much!

A:Half my laptop screen has gone grey!

Try to gently flex the screen, or press around the periphery of the LCD (on the plastic bezel). If the screen comes back, it's on it's way out. You may be able to flex it to fix it for a while, but eventually that will no longer work.

It's possible that it is a cable (internal), but less likely.

You should be able to connect an external monitor and see the entire screen.

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I purchased this laptop a year ago (Medion Akoya MD 97960) with Vista Home Premium. I'm currently having problems when I boot it, all I get is a gray screen with vertical lines of dull blue/green/red. It sounds like the HDD is booting the OS and it's the display that's playing up, but I don't think it is because I can't access the computer through the network. Left for a couple of minutes, the screen turns gray with a large black cloud in the middle.
This is a sporadic problem, I can get it to work fine sometimes, but then it just opens with this problem and I can't use it for a couple of days maybe. It has been about three weeks this has been happening.

To clarify:
I've never dropped it, never stepped on it, always used it indoors, never exposed it to UV light, cleaned it periodically and closed it when not in use. So it is not any of these.
Photos http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/5834/img0241sz.jpg

A:Laptop won't boot - grey screen

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I have a 2 year old Gateway laptop which, I understand, was actually made by Acer under license.

All of a sudden a vertical line appears midway in the screen display. Sometimes it is a red line, sometimes a white line.

Does anyone have any idea why this occurs? Is this a sign of the "kiss of death" for my laptop display, to follow? Does this mean the "end is near" for the screen?
44 Guy

A:Gateway Laptop Screen-new vertical line half screen

Same problem in Safe Mode?

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Random Blue Thin/Dotted Lines on My HP Laptop Screen

I was recently transfering files to my new laptop, and uninstalling programs on my old laptop when I suddenly got thin blue lines randomly on my old screen in dark or black areas (see images). It is not in the same location on the screen depending on what I am viewing.

I hooked an external monitor to my laptop and the image is perfect. Another odd thing is when I screen capture the bluelines and view the image file on another PC, they do not show.

Any ideas?


A:Random Blue Thin/Dotted Lines on My HP Laptop Screen

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Hello,I have a hp Pavilion g6-1d48dx Notebook PC and have recently been unable to get it to start. When I turn the power on, it takes me to the Windows Error Recovery screen and asks me whether I want to launch startup repair or start Windows normally. No matter which option I choose the computer becomes a grey screen (although i can still move my mouse). Anyone else have this problem? - regards, Josh

A:Laptop won't start past grey screen

Hi Please try these steps and check and let me know how it goes. Once unit is powered on keeping tapping the F2 key run the start up test and let me know the result for the same. 

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