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Mouse stutter when using any USB dock - T480

Q: Mouse stutter when using any USB dock - T480

I'm using a Razer Trinity mouse, and it works fine, as long as I plug it directly into the laptop's USB port. If I try to use any sort of USB hub or switch (I've tried three different hubs -- each with a different set of USB cables) the mouse cursor randomly freezes on screen for about one or two seconds at a time. I tried installing the Razer Synapse 3 software on the laptop, and turned off the mouse lighting (to reduce power usage and rule that out), but that didn't help. I've also: -updated all drivers/bios via System Update-installed all Windows Updates-tried all three Windows power profiles

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Preferred Solution: Mouse stutter when using any USB dock - T480

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


When we have a USB Mouse and or Keyboard plugged into the laptop or the ThinkPad Pro Dock (M3F00) it will not boot, it will boot however if we turn off the USB UEFI Bios Support off, then we will have to use the laptop keyboard to logged in. Then the external mouse and keyboard will start working after that.How do we get this to work with the external keyboard and mouse. Seems to be a hit and miss issue with our organization.Added note...Mcafee Endpoint Encryption is also installed, and the system will lock up either before or at the McAfee login screen. Machine Type Model: 20L6S0SJ00Operating SystemWindows 10 (64-bit)Processor: 1x Intel Core i7-8650U Processor(Core i7-8650U)Memory: 2x 16GBDDR42400Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64(EN:English)Hard Drive: 1x 512PCIeNVMeOPALWireless Network: 1x Bluetooth Version 4.1Ports: 1x RJ-45Camera: 1xGraphics: 1x Intel UHD 620Monitor: 14.0 FHDIncluded Service: Sealed Battery Replacement

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I have a user with two LT3053s (2560 x 1600) and his previous T440 + Ultra Dock (I believe) supported the full resolution at 60 Hz (again I believe).  I upgraded him to a T480 and our standard Type-c dock that we deploy limited the screens to 1920x1080 @ 60Hz.  After this and complaints from the user of headaches from the drop in resolution we purchased a TB3 Gen 2 Dock and even after plugging the dock in to the actual TB3 port on the laptop (not the top type-c port) we are having issues with not all of his devices working, namely the kb+m. Any ideas here?  Right now we are running it with the 135W power adapter that it came with, but there is also another power adapter available that did not come with the unit we purchased.

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Hi guys, I have a ThinkPad T480 combined with a Pro dock (side). I was hoping to use 3 external monitors (not including the laptop screen). The pro dock only has 2 display ports and the laptop has a HDMI port which i was hoping to all use to get my 3 displays.My setup is 2 VGA external monitors to display port adapters and 1 hdmi monitor to the laptops hdmi port directly. 2 display port monitors display fine, however the HDMI display goes black. If i un dock the laptop, the HDMI monitor works.Can i not output all 3 at the same time, i know the laptops chipset allows 3 monitors.I was thinking of buying a USB C to HDMI adapter for the 3rd monitor, maybe this would resolve it? thanks in advance

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Hello,I've just bought T480 with Thunderbolt 3 Lenovo USB-C hybrid dock and my laptop is not charing when connected to dock. External monitor and other devices connected to dock work fine, but laptop even do not recognize dock as charger. It acts like it running completely of battery. Where can be a problem? Thank you

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Hi Guys,I have a T480 laptop with a pro dock docking station and 3 monitors i want to try to get working.2 of the monitors are working fine via a VGA > DP adapter. The 3rd i bought a USB-C to HDMI adapter, though i cannot get this to work, even with the other two monitors disconnected.If the laptops undocked and the 3rd monitor is connected to the USB-C port, it works. Has anyone had luck with 3 monitors on this docking station? I have been considering a display port hub, can we use adapters with these hubs ok or does it only work if the cable is solely DP Thanks guys

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All, Can you use the T480 with the Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Dock that has the external GPU.Look for the solution to attach 3 external 2560 x 1440 monitors (DisplayPort and/or HDMI) at 60 Hz. Also would the 40AJ0135US Ultra Dock allow me to use the 2 x DP and 1 HDMI at the same time. Thanks

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Hi.  Hoping that someone can provide a little guidance, and show me where I must be doing something wrong. T480 (20L5 model) running Windows 10 1709 (Core i5, 8th Gen Intel)Thunderbolt 3 Dock (40AC model)Installed Thunderbolt Software is: BIOS is:  1.12BIOS Thunderbol setting:  Security Level - No Security When I connect the dock to the laptop via Thunderbolt 3 connector, the laptop DOES draw power.  So I know that it basically works.What it does not do is anything else.  Connecting ethernet, usb keyboard and mouse, or even VGA monitor has no results. Des anyone have any suggestions about what I might be doing wrong here?  Other settings to check?  Or am I possibly dealing with a faulty component? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Chris

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Hello,I've got brand new T480 with ThinkPad Hybrid USB-C with USB-A Dock and I'm experiencing USB issues when docked.I have read related topics and they seems to be dead without any working solution. Description of problem:When I docked my T480 for the first time, all USBs (only mouse and keyboard) were working. I had left office for night and when I have returned and docked my laptop again, USBs seems to stop working. I?ve tried to reconnecting dock, powering dock off and unplugging devices or changing USB slots without any success.Only restart of computer seemed to get USBs working back again. BUT, there have been about 5 minute period when USB devices were randomly connecting and disconnecting without any warning.Problem appeared again when I left my desk for 30 minutes without turning off or putting laptop into sleep. USBs were dead again. Only restart helped and it was followed with 5 minute period of randomly disconnecting USB devices again.All other connected devices ? 1x FHD monitor via DP, 1x FHD monitor via HDMI and headphones via front 3.5mm jack are working without any problems and laptop is charging properly as well. My laptop is fully updated via Lenovo Vantage and dock in currently at only available FW. Is there any solution to this? It?s get pretty annoying for laptop that is meant to be docked! And it seems that problem occurs accros multiple ThinkPad Thunderbolt docks.. Thank you

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I own a Thinkpad T480 (20L5: Intel UHD graphics, Core i5 8th gen) and since it supports Thunderbolt 3, I want to attach an external GPU and display for light gaming. I see that Lenovo itself has a "Lenovo Thunderbolt Graphics Dock" but does not offer that as compatible with the Thinkpad series. Nevertheless, as Thunderbolt 3 is a standard, I am wondering if the Graphics Dock works with the T480. Did anybody already try that?

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I have a T480 with Windows 10 Pro connected to a Dell U3415W monitor via a DisplayPort to HDMI cable via a 40AJ0135US Ultra Dock (DisplayPort side connected to the docking station, HDMI connected to the monitor).  While using this setup, I will occasionally (sometimes quite frequently) get black-outs in the monitor for a few seconds and then the display returns without issue.  Its extremely annoying and interrupts my work.  Often, restarting the laptop will help resolve it for a while but it always returns in some fashion. I have run the ThinkPad Docking Station FW updater and it said everything is up to date.  Additionally, Lenovo System Update is 100% updated.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi I cant seem to locate a fix for my lenovo t480. I cannot get any usb ports to register through the dock. I have tried reinstalling usb drivers through device manger, updating dock firmware, updating all lenovo system drivers , changing power adaptor through the dock and re seating it multiple times. I have other t480's that work on this dock. The usb's work fine on the actual laptop just not the dock. Any help would be apreciated. Thank you!

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I have a new T480 and Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 dock. I find that often when I close--but in no way shut down--the computer for the night, when I restart in the morning, it completely restarts, so I lose open tabs, unsaved work, etc. I can understand enough of the system event log to determine that the computer always goes to sleep when I close it, then, per the power plan, hibernates three hours later--or at least tries to. The first sign of trouble in the logs comes at the time of hibernation. For example, at 2:37:25 this morning there is the routine Information event, "The system is entering sleep. Sleep Reason: Hibernate from Sleep - Fixed Timeout." This is followed immediately by the warning, "6105 - deauth after EAPOL key exchange sequence". Over the next 5 minutes come two more warnings and eight errors. Then nothing until I start the machine in the morning. One of the first events on restart is the information message, "The last shutdown's success status was false. The last boot's success status was true." It appears to me that this only happens if the computer is plugged into the Thunderbolt 3 dock overnight. To the dock are connected a (gigabit) ethernet cable, a displayport monitor, a mouse, a keyboard, and a pair of headphones. Here is a fuller dump of the error log at the last time it was hibernating, or trying to: Level Date and Time Source Event ID Task CategoryError 7/30/2018 2:41:33 AM Microsoft-Windows-DistributedCOM 10010 None The server {3EB... Read more

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What is the proper way to undock a T480 from ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Dock?Based on previous laptops I was expecting some sort of "undock" button, i.e., to safely remove hardware... Thanks in advance.BR

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Dear all, having just updated my the firmware of my Ultra Dock (40AJ0135EU) via Lenovo Vantage to V5.0.6.1, there is now something truly wrong with the power supply; on startup, I am greeted by the famous "low wattage" screen and when using windows, the battery is slowly drained (Lenovo Vantage claims that a 25 W USB-C adapter would be connected instead of the 135 W one). The issue never occurred prior to the firmware update and consistently shows up for any other power cable (trying several ones, including 90 W). So while the "low wattage" screen is annoying, the more severe issue is the constantly drained battery which makes using the dock basically impossible over time. Any ideas? I did not find a way to undo the firmware update - or is the recommendation to wait and hope for yet-another firmware update that (may) solve the issue? Maybe someone has a similar issue and a better / working solution Thx!

A:Low wattage issue T480 after dock firmware update

 By chance did airplane power mode get turned on? The only way I know to check this is in the Lenovo "Vantage" tool 

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I am using a T480 with the TB3 dock and 2 external monitors.My problem is my screens go black for a couple of seconds every x amount of time. I've updatad all drivers found under the Display and Video graphics section Drivers T480I remember when updating to Intel Thunderbolt Software for Windows 10 (64-bit) - ThinkPad T480, T480s, X1 Carbon Gen 6 - 1.41.565.0I received the following screen:(I did get 2 Thunderbolt SW apps in my start menu and uninstalled the one which was visible via add/remove programs) These updates did not resolve my monitor issue.I later on noticed there is a new TB3 Dock FWWhen I wanted to make the update I got the message the TB SW had to be above (the version insalled and active was 1.41.565.0) I reinstalled TB SW and performed the TB3 dock FW upgrade. Now I am in the situation I do not have a Thunderbolt SW application to allow/select TB devices to connect.V1.41.565.0 seems to be a new DCH driver. reverting back to the legacy driver is not somethig I should have done.It seems the DCH driver came with it's own Thunderbolt SW application, which is no longer available. Is there a procedure to completly reinstall the DCH driver including the Thunderbold SW or revert back to the legacy driver with Thunderbold SW (which now states the application is not in use anymore) Thanks!

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T480/40AJ0135US dock using Startech MSTCD123HD not working, does this dock support USV-C video out to 3 HDMI displays

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Hello, Looking for recommendations for a docking station for Thinkpad T480, with Intel video,  that will support 3 external monitors (all) at 2560??1440 resolution. Thanks

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So I just got a brand new Lenovo Thunderbolt3 Dock Gen2 to use with my lovely T480. The dock works ok but I have a big problem everytime I put my laptop to sleep at the end of the day. In the next day when I wake my machine (by pressing the power button on the Gen2 dock) my system wakes up fine but my external keyboard doesn't work.I have to reboot my laptop to get the keyboard working again. Anyone have dealt with the same problem with Lenovos docks? All drivers and firmwares are installed from Lenovos site and the Thunderbolt3 software (the older app not the new UWP) sees the dock fine. Tried to unplug and plug back the USB keyboard but still it doesn't recognize or work.

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I have two 27" 2560x1440 60hz monitors that are plugged into the new Pro side-connect dock (40AH) with a new T480 (Intel 620 integrated graphics) in Windows 10 Pro. I can get either monitor to work fine with the dock individually, but trying to run both simultaneously by extending or duplicating the desktop between them seems to fail as selecting either option under Display Settings just makes the primary monitor black out for a few seconds then come back - the secondary monitor stays black.  There's no error msg or popup that would help me investigate further unfortunately. I'm trying this with the T480's lid closed, and I'm running the latest 1.14 BIOS update and latest Intel HD graphics drivers. This setup worked fine on my old OneLink dock and X1 Carbon previously, so I don't think it's an issue with the monitors themselves. Anyone have a similar setup with the new Pro dock that's working?

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Instead of my mouse moving smoothly, it feels like it skips. I'm a pc gamer, and this is really affecting the way I play. It wasn't doing this before, now it's all of a sudden lagging. I've tried plugging in a usb mouse, and that still didn't help.


A:Mouse stutter/lag

Hello and welcome XX mate some system specs please before we can do anything System Info - See Your System Specs

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I'm not great at explaining things, but what's happening is when I move my mouse across the screen, it occasionally freezes for under a second, and in games the entire game freezes and sound stops during that small time.
It doesn't only happen when I'm in games, it also happens when I reboot my pc and no programs are active.

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This problem appeared after I installed IE7. Basically any CPU intensive task, such as starting applications and running multiple CPU heavy tasks at a time makes my mouse stutter very badly. It's very difficult to steer the mouse. What makes things worse is that it appears also in CPU intensive games. So in FPS, I get jerky movement because of my mouse. I had an Logitech MX700 which I recently switched for an Razor DeathAdder, and both mice have exactly the same problem. It is definitely windows related.

I'd appreciate any ideas how to fix this problem. I wouldn't want to reinstall the whole system as I'll anyway do that in two months when I get a new pc, but until then this jerky mouse is terribly annoying.

My setup specs are:
Windows XP Pro SP2
Athlon Thunderbird 1,4GHz
768 MB RAM
Nvidia TI4600


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Hello there I need help with my mouse.
The problem is whenever im doing some thing on desktop the mouse just stutters for a split second. Once it even disconnected and reconnected after 5 seconds. After that I changed the USB port it was plugged into. I changed it from 2.0 to 3.0 (not that it did much) but I did it incase the port was broken. After I changed the port the "stutter" still appears.
It started happening a couple of days ago 2-4. I might have gotten a virus because one day it was normal the other day its broken.
Today I reinstalled windows 8.1 and downloaded new drivers for the mouse. Yet no luck.
Now the strange thing is. I dont think I have experienced this in any games. I play Counter Strike Global Offensive and no stutter there.

Pc specs.
gtx 770

A:Mouse stutter/freezes for a split second.

Okay. So I went into CSGO and just kept shooting. After a couple of mins the mouse "stuttered" BUT. I think its the mouse disconnecting rather than " freezing" Because while it was stuck. I couldnt use my left mouse or any other button on the mouse. So the problem is that it dissconnects for a couple of seconds and then reconnects...

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I have a new system with a Chaintech 7NIL motherboard, a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 (External via USB), and a wireless mouse and keyboard combo.

When I'm playing music and I use the scroll on the mouse, the music stutters. Any idea why or how to correct this? it is irritating.


A:Mouse Scroll Causes Music to Stutter

Nobody can help me?

At the very least is there something I can try here?

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Hi guys, hope you can help!

I've recently installed a new graphics card - BFG nVidia GeForce 8800 Ultra (768mb). This single card replaces my previous SLI setup of two 7800GTX 256mb cards.

When I'm in the Multiplayer screen for Call of Duty or Call of Duty: United Offensive (where you change options and select a server to join a game) and also in-game, the mouse moves in a slightly jerky motion around the screen rather than moving smoothly. It seems to do this stutter every 2 or 3 seconds.

CoD2 is fine as is ArmA.

System spec:
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 Dual Core
M/Board: ABIT AN8 32X
RAM: 2 x 1GB Corsair PC3500LLPro
Sound: Creative Soundblaster Audigy 4
H/Disks: 2 x 250GB Samsung Spinpoint SP2504C
PSU: Tagan EasyCon TG580-U15 - 580watts
OS: Windows XP Pro

I'm using the latest official nVidia drivers:
158.22 released 17 May 2007 and I've also tried 162.18 (beta) released 5 July 2007

I've tweaked with (reduced) various graphics settings and, via Task Manager, I've changed the Affinity to one CPU and I've increased the Priority - all to no affect.

However, on looking at the CPU usage when CoD:UO is running (in the background) the percentage is constantly changing back and forth from around 29-31% to around 50% and back again. This seems a bit odd to me as the game is just idling at the options screen. This pattern continues whether there is 1 or 2 CPUs being used.

I'm at a loss as to what could be the iss... Read more

A:Mouse stutter in CoD:UO with new 8800 Ultra

You might have a trojan or some spyware that is doing this. It is fairly common to have one or two of these. Do a full system scan with Ad-Aware and Spyware Doctor (download them from http://www.download.com) and then see if that resolves your problem. If it doesn't help, then go to this thread and follow the instructions precisely. Hopefully, Howard will be able to help you ASAP. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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I spend at least 4 hours playing online all day so this really effects me, the mouse will just stop receiving all input altogether (movement + mouse clicks) for about 1-2 seconds then go back to normal. This also happens to my keyboard, this is all completely random, but I can't go 2 minutes without it happening (although, sometimes it doesn't happen for over 30 minutes). It has also happend during my normal IE browsing sessions.

I'm pretty certain this isn't spyware/virus related.
I have BitDefender Professional 9 Pro Plus, Ad-Aware SE Professional, XoftXpy, Spybot S&D, SpywareBlaster and MS Anti-Spyware. They all detect nothing.
I have also re-installed Windows recently due to an unrelated problem, no difference.
At first I thought it was due to my mouse (a refurbished MX500) however I tried another mouse and although the problem wasn't as severe, it was just as bad.

All my drivers are up to date. Here are my specs
MSI KT400 VIA \ 768MB PC-2700 RAM \ Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb \ Windows XP Pro SP2

A:Random mouse/keyboard/PC stutter


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Hi All

I had a PC built about 3 months ago for work purposes (3d rendering) and i`m having an annoying problem when one of the rendering processes I use takes up most of the cpu (98-99%) causing the mouse to freeze and stutter. The only way to reduce this problem is to set the process to a lower priority.

Now I`ve used this same program on other pc`s and have not had this problem and yet I`m using the fastest PC yet and its causing this slowdown.

I`ve tried a program called PRIO to save this task priorty to low but because the process is run from a command prompt via a exe it doesnt seem to recognise it and I have to keep resetting the priority manually, its driving me nuts.

Any ideas?



A:Mouse stutter/lag when processes using high cpu.

Welcome to the Windows 7 Forum. I have never used PRIO but lets start with the basics. Turn off PRIO and lets get into Windows for testing. Looking at you Specs it would take a lot of rendering to slow it down as to make the mouse do what it is doing. Go to msconfig/startup and see what is running at boot in the background. I have very little checked. Security and mouse and keyboard.
1. What antivirus do you use?
2. What actually are you doing on your computer when this problem happens?
What programs are you using?
3. Have you tried another mouse?
4. What kind of mouse are you using?

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Figured this is where this question belongs. I am having stuttering Issues while playing any game, occasionally my mouse does this laggy thing on the desktop but rarely, but when in game about 5 minutes into it the game starts acting like im having lag spikes, but it does it when playing non online games as well. Mainly Metro 2033 (most noticeable when a bomb goes off) and Counter Strike GO after 5 minutes or so.

When I originally had this problem I had used a program called ToolWiz which I would not recommend, it changes way to much and deleted things from windows. In any Case I reformatted my computer hoping it would solve the problem...It did not.

System Specs are as follows:
CPU: Phenom II x6 1090T
MOBO: GA-970-UD3
RAM: Corsair CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9 4x4GB. Running at 1600Mhz . 1.55 volts
GPU: Gigabyte HD Radeon 7870 2GB Ghz Edition
PSU: Corsair something or other 700W
HArdDrive: Kingston Hyper X 3K 240GB SSD

Have a Hyper 212 on the CPU 4 great case fans. Idles temps are CPU: 29c 39c under load.... GPU 30c 47c under load

I used FRAPS when in CS GO to check FPS and normal I get about 120fps, WHen the glitching stuff started the fps never went below 90fps, so given for changes in enviroment, I would say FPS isnt an issue.

All drivers are updated. Going to run Memtest tonight, but doubt that I will see any issues.

Okay so quick update. Im trying to get Memtest to boot from disc, but cant seem to get it to loa... Read more

A:Stutter/Lag when playing games and mouse cursor


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A couple of months ago, I notice that my wireless mouse was starting to hesitate and lag. Usually, I could move the dongle to a different USB port and that would solve the issue for a while. However, a couple of days ago, it started getting really bad. Now it doesn't matter what port it is in. I have tried: updating/reinstalling all mouse drivers. Nope. I even bought a new Microsoft mouse with a big "Windows 10 ready" sticker on it. Nope. Other mice have the same issue, too. Not sure what to do next. Basically, my computer is a 25-lb paperweight if I can't get my mouse working properly. I did look at some threads on this forum with folks who had similar issues and tried a few things there (disabling Realtek as startup was one idea. Another suggesting to turn off the "scroll when hovering over an inactive window" in settings.), but none of those worked, either.

I've been using Windows 10 ever since it was released last summer, so I don't know why this problem is appearing now. Seems like something that would crop up on a brand new build.

A:mouse lag/stutter makes it almost impossible to work

Oh yeah....and a Microsoft bulletin suggested the "sfc/scannow" approach. It didn't find anything wrong.

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I have recently bought the inspirion 7577 with the 1060 gtx and 256 gb ssd. But it seems that my mouse stutters when I sometimes right click on the desktop or sometimes when I open a program. Is there a fix for this problem?

A:Inspirion 7577 mouse stutter problem

Click the link below for resolving touchpad issues with your laptop.
Touchpad Usage and Troubleshooting Guide

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I have a Sony VAIO notebook and have noticed that my mouse 'stutters'. Every minutes or so the mouse will stop for a very bried moment and then continue working.

I ran the Perfromance Monitor under the Administrative tools in the XP Control Panel and noticed a CPU spike everytime the mouse stuttered. On closing all of my programs down etc and nothing affecting these spikes I turnwed my wireless netowrk off and hey presto no more mouse stutter. Not a really good solution as I use my laptop all the time for surfing etc.

Any ideas why the wireless network may be causing my mouse to stutter?

Any help would be really apreciated as it's driving me nuts



Sony VAIO PCG-GRT19V laptop
Razer Viper optical mouse
Windows XP Home SP2
Draytek Vidor 2600WE router
Bulldog 8Mb Broadband (and yes it works !!)

A:Wireless network causing mouse stutter ??

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Hello all. I'm trying to fix this strange mouse issue I'm having. Once every second my mouse will have this micro stutter. I've disabled that FMAP thing and the problem persists. When I search for solutions, most people say it's once every 2-3 seconds. For me, it's every single second. This doesn't happen on a fresh install and it doesn't happen immediately after booting up (only after 10-15 seconds). I haven't installed any weird software. Just a few drivers and essential programs. The stutter seems to sync up with the refresh rate of task manager which may be a clue? Or maybe not. Also, I'm trying to install the Energy Manager driver and I downloaded the .exe which downloads this install.cmd file and when I try to run it, this pops up for a second and disappears...and thats it. Any ideas??

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Recently got a new computer, though not a new mouse, as i've used this mouse for a while now and it worked fine without any freezing/stutter on my other Windows 8.1 PC.

Anyway, the problem is very random, but from time to time the mouse pointer freezes for a split second, and comes back again working as normal. This has been happening while am on the desktop, going through my computer files, and while surfing the web.

Anyone experience anything similar? I know there was some problem in games a few years back, with freezing mouse pointers, but as this is happening on the desktop i guess this is another problem. Maybe there is something funky going on as the mouse is USB2 but is connected to a USB3 on my motherboard?
Edit: Mouse is Mionix Naos 7000.

A:Mouse pointer freezing/stutter on desktop?

Anyone have any clue what this could be?

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Good evening readers!

As a last resort i am posting this thread on this forum. Tomorrow i will go and buy a brand new mobo and HD, unless some brilliant mind could provide me with an answer to this problem:

a few days ago i upgraded my RAM. I upgraded from 2 x NANYA 1 GIG, to 2 x KINSTON 2 GIG.

Since i am using XP 32 bit, it only shows 3,25. That doesn't bother me. The problem is that since a few days my sound stutters when my CPU gets busy. Also, my mouse lags a bit. These stutters and lags get worse when the CPU load gets higher.

I immediately:

- checked both HD's (2 x WD 320 GIG, sata) and they turned out to be okay.
- still ran chkdsk just to be sure on both disks.
- Relocated my M-Audio Audiophile 2496 soundcard on mobo
- switched back to original RAM
- booted with one disk at a time
- Reinstated original onboard audio (this seems to reduce the problem, but doesn't fix it)
- Disconnected IDE DVD-writer
- Updated mobo drivers

So, nothing really helped. So my only option at this point is to buy myself a new mobo (and while i'm at it, getting myself a brand new 1 gig sata drive as well..)

My setup as it is now:

MSI p965 NEO
Core 2 Duo Intel 2 x 1.80 Ghz
2 x Kingston 2 GIG RAM
2 x WD 320 GIG HD SATA
NVIDIA Geforce 7100 GS (i do not play games) :-D
M-Audio Audiophile 2496 soundcard

Does anyone have a clue about what's happening to my system?
Could it be CPU related perhaps?

Thanks a million..


A:Unsolvable problem (sound stutter and mouse lag)

When you reinstalled your mombo audio drivers did you uninstall and reboot first.
Just reinstalling existing drivers will not fully overwrite the existing driver and so the problem persists. Uninstall, reboot, and then reinstall.
What do you do with the computer that causes the cpu load to be high?
Have you run scans for malware?

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Figured this is where this question belongs. I am having stuttering Issues while playing any game, occasionally my mouse does this laggy thing on the desktop but rarely, but when in game about 5 minutes into it the game starts acting like im having lag spikes, but it does it when playing non online games as well. Mainly Metro 2033 (most noticeable when a bomb goes off) and Counter Strike GO after 5 minutes or so.

When I originally had this problem I had used a program called ToolWiz which I would not recommend, it changes way to much and deleted things from windows. In any Case I reformatted my computer hoping it would solve the problem...It did not.

System Specs are as follows:
CPU: Phenom II x6 1090T
MOBO: GA-970-UD3
RAM: Corsair CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9 4x4GB. Running at 1600Mhz . 1.55 volts
GPU: Gigabyte HD Radeon 7870 2GB Ghz Edition
PSU: Corsair something or other 700W
HArdDrive: Kingston Hyper X 3K 240GB SSD

Have a Hyper 212 on the CPU 4 great case fans. Idles temps are CPU: 29c 39c under load.... GPU 30c 47c under load

I used FRAPS when in CS GO to check FPS and normal I get about 120fps, WHen the glitching stuff started the fps never went below 90fps, so given for changes in enviroment, I would say FPS isnt an issue.

All drivers are updated. Going to run Memtest tonight, but doubt that I will see any issues.

Okay so quick update. Im trying to get Memtest to boot from disc, but cant se... Read more

A:Stutter/Lag when playing games and mouse cursor

Moving to VIdeo card forum

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T480 user here (purchased summer 2018)
I was working just now and suddenly my bluetooth device "Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse" stops responding
It seems Microsoft or Lenovo pushed an updated that screwed something up!
Now I cannot remove the device or try to add it again, bluetooth is not working AT ALL
Way to go!!!
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A:T480: bluetooth mouse stops responding

Things I have tried : Connecting bluetooth  mouse to a different computer ----> IT WORKS !!! Installing bluetooth driver (Nov 7, 2018) and rebooting ----> WIN 10 STILL CANNOT SEE ANY BLUETOOTH DEVICES Checked windows update history ----> CAN CONFIRM MASSIVE "FEATURE" UPDATE (1809) SHOVED INTO MY SYSTEM YESTERDAY I'm honestly considering formatting my T480 and switching to Linux at this point

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I just updated to Windows 10 (from Windows 8.1) and noticed that the built-in mouse buttons (the ones just below the spacebar) started working really erratically. When held down, they act likethey are been pressed down repeatedly like 10 times per second.  This of course could be a hardware issue, but they have been working OK for 2.5 years now and it would be quite of a coincidense if they would somehow break at the same moment when I install Windows 10. To demonstrate, I attached an image showing continuous lines drawn in MS paint while holding the mouse buttons down. The ones drawn with the built-in mouse keys are dotted, while other lines drawn with an external mouse are solid lines.  See image here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2130481/hpmousebuttonstutter.png  Interesting thing is that this behavior seems to be a bit random. Sometimes I am able to draw a solid line also with the built-in keys. The other built-in keys (just below the touch pad) seem to work ok, as does the touchpad itself. I downloaded and installed the latest driver from hp.com (sp72041.exe, version, date 11.6.2015), but it did not fix the issue. This is very annoying and makes it pretty much impossible to use my laptop without an external USB mouse. Maybe the touchpad driver is incompatible with Windows 10? Please let me know if you need any more details about my setup. 

A:HP Elitebook 8570w, built-in mouse key stutter (Windows 10)

Update: I installed Synaptics driver version from their site, the problem was still there. I still get dotted line and using the mouse is impossible.   HP: are you aware of this problem and are you working on this with Synaptics? I can use the mouse buttons OK if I uninstall the synaptics driver, but then I get another annoyance: the base of my thumbs accidentally hit the touchpad causing unintended clicks because without the Synaptics driver I cannot disable the touch pad!

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Hey Everyone,

Recently I've been having some weird issues with my audio and video stuttering randomly. Sometimes it happens when I open up a website, sometimes when I open up an application. There's nothing in specific I can do to reproduce the issue, it just happens randomly and often.

At first I thought it was an audio/sound card issue, because it happened when I was listening to a song on spotify, however after some testing that doesn't appear to be the issue.

Just for reference my system specs are:

Processor: I5-2500K O.C. @ 4.0 GHz
Mobo: Asus P8Z68 M-Pro
Ram: Corsair Vengance 4x4GB
Sound card: Asus Xonar DSX 7.1

I'm not really sure what the issue was. A few ideas were it was related to sound or my harddrives. Perhaps it was slowing down because something was loading? But for it to occur this often, it seems odd.

Here's what I've done so far:

1. Every time it happens I check the Application event logs. Nothing out of the ordinary there.
2. I've ran a Disk Check on all 6 of my HDD's. No errors found.
3. Verified and reinstalled my audio, video drivers.
4. Made sure I had the latest windows updates
5. Ran a SFC scan.

All without success.

From some google searches and other threads, I've noticed people posting their LatMon stats. I'm not really sure what these are used for, but here are mine. Hope they can help. These are from about 30 seconds of running the program, about 5 minutes after a fresh reboot (once all of my applications have loaded).

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A:Random audio/video/mouse stutter [Windows 8.1]

Wow.. I was just reading through the forum and found your post after I posted mine:

Audio Glitch After Desktop Background Change In Slide Show

Do you have a Desktop Slideshow enabled?

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I am running windows xp 64 professional on a dual boot system.
Recently the mouse staggers and the boot windows sound is distorted. (in xp 64... 32 pro works fine)
I have tried running a system restore, but windows always reports that the restore was unsuccessfull.
I have installed the latest logictech driver for My mouse... still not fixed.
Any ideas?
I have been thinking that I need to repair "damaged" installtion. But I am afraid of bringing both operating systems on dual boot down.
Is there a way to "repair" my xp 64 pro - without affecting the 32 on the dual boot?

Thanks for any help,

Mikey B

A:XP 64 on dual boot system, mouse and sound stutter

Go to Start/Run and type SFC /scannow put the XP 64 bit CD in and it will replace any missing files. You can also try doing a Repair Install

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Hello all. I'm trying to fix this strange mouse issue I'm having. Once every second my mouse will have this micro stutter. I've disabled that FMAP thing and the problem persists. When I search for solutions, most people say it's once every 2-3 seconds. For me, it's every single second. This doesn't happen on a fresh install and it doesn't happen immediately after booting up (only after 10-15 seconds). I haven't installed any weird software. Just a few drivers and essential programs. The stutter seems to sync up with the refresh rate of task manager which may be a clue? Or maybe not.
I'm trying to install the Energy Manager driver and I downloaded the .exe which downloads this install.cmd file and when I try to run it, this pops up for a second and disappears...and thats it. Any ideas?
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A:Yoga 3-1470 - Mouse stutter + Difficulty installin...


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Hi, I'm posting to share a fix for a sudden problem I encountered. The problem was my computer started running very slow, the mouse would stutter (especially if more than 1 program was opened), my audio (from all players and my recording software) would stutter and skip A LOT! Was very frustrating/painful. I really dont know anything about computers, so i took it to Geek Squad. They did a diagnostic test ($59) and said it failed their hard drive test. They said i needed a new hard drive and everything would need to be reinstalled! I just couldnt believe my 1 yr old HP zv6000 that i just cleaned/deleted a bunch of stuff went from working perferctly to having a bad hard drive.

Soooo, i read A LOT of internet postings on the same problem and tried a few things (chkdsk, disk frag, etc)...THEN...i decided to search under "itunes stutter". And there it was...a fix. And how simple it was. I 've copied the text 'cause i dont think i could word it correctly... Here you go. Good luck! Basically, uninstall the primary ide if its PIO mode (which my computer automatically switched to after a few poor shut downs on my part). THE FIX IS to get it back to DMA mode. To see what mode youre in now, go through the Device Manager, open the primary ide, right click to properties, go to advanced settings, and look at Current Transfer Mode. If it reads PIO Mode, click on the Driver tab, click on Uninstall, OK, reboot, etc and thats it!...read the solution ... Read more

A:Fix for mouse / audio stutter, computer slowdown FIXED!

glad u fixed the problem =]
should get your refund from those the geek squad > : )

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Hello fellow thinkpad owners,
I have a new t420s (41717FU) core i7, 8GB RAM, and NVS 4200M discrete, win 7 64-bit pro.  I use the minidock with 2 external 28" displays on DVI out.  
I discovered major issues with latency with this machine; very noticeable loss of control for about half a second, plus annoying audio stutter, especially concurrent with network activity. This is quite frustrating, especially for a machine that is supposed to be high end core i7 with discrete graphics. I had a t410s previously and also had latency problems, and I know this is a real problem with several different models (just search 'annoying audio') on the forums.
I have used dpc latency checker as well as latency mon and narrowed the probable culprit to the network drivers associated with the gigabit ethernet.  It took me a while to discover the relationship to the Intel 82579LM, since LatencyMon will identify the problem with NDIS.sys or NETIO.sys, giving sporadic latencies over 20000 microsecs, which made me think it was a Win 7 tcp stack issue or maybe some internal windows firewall blocking.  During these spikes, the audio stutters, the mouse won't move, everything on the system just stalls for a split second.  Temps on CPU seem within normal limits at about 70-80C.  I've read everything I could find about this issue, including problems with NVIDIA drivers, ACPI, firewall/antivirus, etc etc, and tried most of those suggestions. &n... Read more

A:DPC latency + audio/mouse skip and stutter on t420...

I (and many other owners of T420, 520, etc - see other posts if you doubt it) have *no* latency after installing this older driver from HP. But as soon as I install the Lenovo-provided driver 11.12.38.* or any later one from Microsoft or the Intel generic driver (intel no longer publishes the old driver), I see *immediate* problems with latency, mouse and audio stutter. But use the driver published by HP (specifically version, published 5/4/2011) -- Problem solved!  I tested with streaming and browsing for several hours and no spiking or stutter.
Here's where to get the english language download from HP:  >> DRIVER DOWNLOAD PAGE HERE <<
Lenovo, PLEASE: this is strong evidence of a faulty driver for those of us with a t420s (and other thinkpad users out there using the intel 82579LM chip under x64).  I encourage you to review this solution and engineer an update for the Intel gigabit adapter, or at minimum, roll back to the older driver or some Lenovo approved derivative so it doesn't cause all of us notebook users such a major headache.  It's very bizarre that we would need to go to another manufacturer to get a working driver...I was ready to return the machine over this issue! 
Aside from that adapter problem, I've been pleased with the t420s performance and features.  Thanks again lopiuh for this workaround.  
Mojojojo in Austin TX
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Can somebody please give me an idea what might be causing my cpu to spike?? basicallythe mouse stutters and locks up and if i hit cntl/alt/del then it shows the cpu jumping from around 4 to 100%, ive run housecall, avg, pandas titanium and a bunch of other antivirus stuff and it seems to be clean, so im clueless, any help is appreciated.

Also can anyone recommend a registry cleaner thats free and actually works (not microsoft regclean!) preferably a full working version not just a demo or trial that only cleans about ten entries.


windows xp
amd athlon 2200xp
1.79 ghz
768mb ram

A:Cpu Spike Causing Mouse Stutter And Software Crash!! Aaaargh

I had the same problem when I set a process (I think it was a video editing program) to Real Time priority. To view the priority, press Ctrl-Alt-Del and select the Processes tab. Then select View, Select Columns... and then check the box named Base Priority. Only taskmgr, winlogon, and csrss should have High priority (at least on my computer, yours may be slighty different). However, nothing should have Real Time priority unless you manually choose it. Everything else should be Normal.
Hope this helps! :grinthumb

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The freezes last for about 5-10 seconds before stopping briefly before the next one. I have checked, and all of my drivers are up to date, and I ran a Malwarebytes scan and found nothing. What do I do?
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Version 2002, Service Pack 3
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430
CPU: AMD Sempron Processor LE-1300
2.31 GHz, 3 gigabytes of RAM.

A:Computer freezes every 20-25 seconds, no mouse movement, audio stutter

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic323892.html/page__p__1797792#entry1797792 , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.

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Common problem reported on the internet, when using an external mouse and/or keyboard on my Precision 5510 which uses Realtek Audio and USB drivers, the mouse stutters and the keyboard also stutters in that if I am typing when the issue occurs, the keyboard thinks my last key is still depressed and it looks like "thissssssssssssssss"
This happens every 5 to 20 seconds, and makes the device simply unusable. The problem occurs in all of these scenarios:

Blue Tooth Mouse
USB wireless mouse/keyboard connected to the laptop's USB port or to a Dell docking station
Occurs with both the thunderbolt Dell docking station, and the USB3 model (I use both, one at work, one at home office)
Occurs with a wired mouse as well

Laptop is pretty much out of the box, all updated with Dell's recommended software upgrades and patches. Problem got exponentially worse after upgrading to latest bios on 8/1/17.
Searching tech forums suggests a conflict with the Realtek drivers. I was able to temporarily resolve the issue by uninstalling the Realtek USB and Audio drivers, but then my sound does not behave correctly - system won't recognize my headphone jack nor my external speakers connected to either docking station. After a couple of reboots, Windows re-installs the driver again and the issue returns.
Please help, willing to send any diagnostics necessary. The device is effectively useless in this condition unless I use the on-board keyboard and mouse which defeats the purpose ... Read more

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