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WinAPI. Where are pipes storage in windows?

Q: WinAPI. Where are pipes storage in windows?

Good evening. i am learning how to work with threads and process in WinAPI. During this, i faced with interesting question. When i created
named channel i used pipes. I used #define BASE_PATH_PIPE "\\\\.\\pipe\\PipeName". So can you please answer me. In wich folder pipes storaging in my computer. I used search on my hard disk and did not find it. Where i can find this storage with pipes.
Thank you

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Preferred Solution: WinAPI. Where are pipes storage in windows?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Am using 32 bit VB4 Prof. my speakers make lots of sound when I boot to windows or something that
windows should make a sound for. Like when I use prinkey and click on Print! Thats a great screen capture utility by the way! Wouldn't that indicate that the thing Beep should be heard?. The sleep api definitely works.

A:Beep command in WinAPI in VB$


May move you to Development, if it ends up being a programing thing

Have you created a program that runs on startup, or are you using one that uses VB4?

Lets have a look at whats on startup:

Go to Run and type MSINFO32
On the left choose Software Enviroment, then Startup Programs. Copy/paste the list here.



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How effective are heat pipes, could they be used to cool a P4. If the copper pipes were brought outside the case and placed in a sutible cooling medium e.g an ice bath and the section of the pipe that was in the case was insulated to keep the case temp down, would this make a suitable silent cooling system.

A:Heat Pipes

Heat pipes are now used in heat sinks very effectively these days. I was a little sceptical to the efficacy of heat pipes till I realised that most laptops use this tech to keep the CPU cool, and comparison tests have shown that its much more efficient thatn without it.

How it works:
Basically, it just provides a heat conducting rod with low thermal resistance. Therefore, its efficacy is reduced the longer it is. Its like stretching a metal rod over a fire, a short one you'd burn your hand pretty fast, a long one you might not feel anything at all for a long time.

Also, I doubt you'd want to insulate the section of the pipe in the case, you'd more probably insulate the whole thing. At least you'd insulate the bit outside the case, so that the cold temps from your ice bath will reach the PC. But you want it to reach the CPU, so you'd insulate the whole bit. And you'd need a really thick heatpipe....

I won't suggest you do that.

A better solution? Water cooling, and run your radiator through that ice bath of yours

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Recently I was getting artifacts in games and noticed that the card was running hot so I got an Artic Cooler on it which is fine (much cooler now).

However in games I get the checkboard pattern over the game. The framerate is perfectly fine. Setting games to use 16 bit color / z-buffer reduces the problem slightly. I installed ATITool to see if underclocking would help then I noticed in the window "Active Pipelines: 8". Its a 9800SE, it should have four pipelines and every time I have used ATITool before it has reported four.

I have never done the soft or hard mod to this card.

I've tried a complete format and reinstall with various old and new drivers and the problem I still there. As I said the framerate etc. is fine. From what I have read about the softmod, the checkboard effect is often because the card can't handle the mod and do eight pipelines, so (hopefully) if I can set it back to four it will work fine.

Any idea why it would set itself to eight even though I have never modded it?
Is there any way to set it back to four? Maybe a bios flash that restricts it to four?

Thanks for reading.

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Hello, I just bought a hyper 212x a little bit ago and i smell something's that smells like its coming from the heat sink. I checked the the copper pipes sticking out of the heat sink and there was one that looked like it shouldn't be like it and was very small.

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I need help unlocking unlocking pipes and shadders for my 7800GT , like it says in the title.

Thanks for all the help I know I will receive!!

(450/1.08 OC'd @ 500/1.18)

A:Unlocking pipes and shadders for my 7800GT


:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

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I have a HIS x1800gto that i know is unlockable with the right bios, ive acquired a bios that will do it its just that i am having incredible difficulty doing so.

My comp at first didnt have a floppy drive so i went with boot cds. The bootable cds wouldnt work for reasons unknown, i created like 5 of them, none would really get working so i jsut caved in and attatched a floppy drive.

created a bootdisk with atiflash, didnt work, reasons unknown, maybe because its a HIS ICEQ3 x1800gto and not a native (made by ati) card, so i used flashrom240, 237 and 16p. none worked. the same problems would come up-

device 0 not found
ati adapter not found
error 0FL01 when i tried to force flash.

obviously the card is there and is working fine. before this a while back and as recently as a few hours ago i attempted atiwinflash. ive heard horror stories about this program but it never really did or work for me till about 40 minutes ago. what i did was i just flashed it again with a fresh HIS x1800gto bios in an attempt to get flashrom to recognize my card. no dice.

now im at a loss since i know the card is there, its operating normally, its not overclocked, temps are prolly at 40c i would wager, so everything should be a go. anybody else have this card or been thru this?

thanks for any help my dudes.

A:Trouble flashing HIS x1800gto into having 16 pipes

Flashing those cards isn't guaranteed to work. If it was, they would be sold with all 16 pipelines already enabled. Maybe MOST of them can unlock, but maybe yours just can't. Obviously, if they could ALL be flashed to 16 pipelines, they would be sold as having 16 pipelines because the company could sell them as a more powerful model and get more money from them. Those ones are cards that were made to run on 16 pipelines, but were unable to according to some test (however inaccurate that test may have been). This means that some WILL run at 16 pipes but some won't. I guess you just got unlucky

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 Hi, There seems to be 2 types of fan modules installed on the T460s (besides the one that is for the model with dGPU). One of them is with one heatpipe, the other one is with two heatpipes. Two Heat PipesSingle Heat PipeCan someone tell me what is the difference between two and which one is more efficient? Lenovo Staff maybe? Also what is the reason for that some i7 are with 2 Heat Pipes and others are with 1. There is also difference between the fan modules. The single heatpipe fan is with 4 wires, while the other one is with 5 wires.  P.S.> And NO it is not the i7 vs i5 CPU, because I have i7 and I am with single Heat Pipe.   

T460s - Core i7-6600U, 12GB RAM, 512GB SATA 6G SSD, FHD, EM7455 WWANT440s - Core i7-4600U, 12GB RAM, Crucial MX200 500GB SSD, FHD, WWAN

Go to Solution.

A:T460s - Different FANs and Heat Pipes

The only one I have seen has 2 pipes.  Was one of them made earlier than the other?  (On the model sticker, there is a manufacture date after the serial YY/MM.)  The parts list only shows one manufacturer.  As far as 4 wires vs. 5 wires, I would expect it wouldn't matter.  Normally, only 3 wires are used - power, ground and tach pulse.  I would expect it wouldn't matter.  I looked at eBay for T460s fans for sale thinking I could see a picture.  They had 2 for sale - one with 1 pipe and 4 wier; the other with 2 pipes and 5 wires.

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ok, so it's an msi m/b


I'm only overclocking the cpu, using an Noctua NH-U12P

Will the m/b heatsinks cope with the cpu at around 3GHz?

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I was asked by answers.Microsoft.com to refer this question to this forum.

BTW there doesn't seem to be an option for Windows 10 forum. So I  had to choose Windows 8.

1st of all everything was fine until 2nd of December.

My Laptop installation of Winodw 7 and then upgraded to 10 was configured from the start to have the USER folders (u sing a script provided by Microsoft) on an SD card through an Expresscared media read/write because my system disk is a 64gig SSD
( which BTW means that system restore has been disabled).

on 3rd of December when:

I turned the machine on it couldn'the read my user profile.I tried to login in safe mode but I got sihost warning: unknown hard Error! But I got into prompt screen and ran diskpartThere is an inbuilt SD card reader slot in the machine where I store large downloadBut the system could only see the main SSD and the expresscared SD card with user folders on itI ran sfc /scannow &  then DISM and the sfc /scannow again until both were successful.But again diskpart  only detected the SSD and Expresscard SD cardBut the attributes on the SD card claims that Current state read-only : Yes although read-only flag is No.I have checked the SD card on other machines and it is not write protectedI have tried introducing writeprotected entry in the registry with values of 0 and 1 without successI have tried everything else that I could in Safe mode but other than what is expected in safemode (e... Read more

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I created a Storage pool with the following setup. Three 3TB drives with parity all in an external enclosure with eSata and USB 2/3 ports. It was connected via USB when created and had production data loaded and tested without any issues.
After a few days of use I decided to see what happened when I tried to access it via the eSata port. No luck, due to a driver on the eSata card issue with Win 8. So I powered all back down and plugged back in via USB. At this point the Storage pool went
into the state as per the screenshot below. Any suggestions to either fix the issue and/or retrieve the data that is in the volume?

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after you come from the cliffs and your heading into the pipes, right after the loading screen for the next stage my game keeps freezing my guy so he cant move but i can still move around, its really strange. My friend (who was the one playing at the time) said the same exact thing happened to his game in the exact same spot and it was fine before steam came out but since steam was released there was some update where now at that point it freezes on a bunch of systems...whats the deal? is this fixable?

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7 Month old HP Win7 6gb x64 machine. Keyboard and mouse drivers unaffected.USB Mass storage device properties messagewith driver check on:"Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device."with driver check off:Tells me drivers are corrupt or missing.Search show diver where it should be: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\usbstor.sys (also usbfilter.sys).Used the HP Recovery Manager to restore factory setting for USBStor.sys, it indicates it is successful but no changeon reboot, still cannot use flash drives, SD cards, external HDs. Units work find on my laptop.Called HP 4 times, after extensive troubleshooting each time, following their instructions, go to hp.com/go/instant, get screen saying request has been received. Each time tech tells me he cannot find my request.After a while, read 2 hours, told they need to talk to supervisor, will call me back, KISS OF DEATH, never hear from them.So can I fix this or am I going to have to pay for repairing a seven month old HP?Or am I going to have to buy yet another pc?

A:USB Mass Storage Device will not recognize external storage devices

Nobody has a clue, huh?
I guess I am the only one ever to have this happen!
Ok, thanks, goodbye.

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I have read many places that MS SQL Server using Named Pipes is using port 139 and port 445. But I don't know when port 139 is used instead of port 445 and vice versa?

Are port 139 and port 445 actually duplicates?

I have limited knowledge in NT Networking.

A:Named Pipes, Port 139 and Port 445

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I currently have the Intel ICH9M E/M Sata AHCI Controller, driver version dated 4 June 2009. Does anyone know if it's possible to upgrade to Intel Rapid Storage Technology, and if so, what's the latest version I can safely upgrade to, and do I need to make any BIOS changes?
As usual any help is really appreciated.

A:Can I upgrade from Intel Matrix Storage to Rapid Storage?

I have an Intel ICH9R controller and am using the same driver version. Was not able to find a newer one. I think the newer drivers aren't compatible anymore.
(Windows 7 has been installed few weeks ago.)

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I have an Acer Aspire One CloudBook 14 with absolutely no storage space at all...not even for critical updates. It came with 28GB of which most of it was used for a reinstallation of the OS because of infection. There's a Windows.old file that for some reason I cannot delete no matter what...tried adding an external (flash) storage to no avail...At my wits end...there has to be a way to retrieve some if not all my storage back...

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Has anyone tried the new Storage Spaces feature in Windows 8? Your experience with it?

More specifically:

1. If this system is used on a shared network with other operating systems such as XP and Windows 7, can the storage pool drives be set up as shared, and become visible and usable from the XP and Win 7 machines?

2. If you have a Network Backup drive, like WD My Book Live, will it see and back up the Storage Spaces configured drive just like any other drive on the network?

A:Storage Spaces (Storage Pool) Experience?

I've only set this up on a Windows Server 2012 configuration therefore I cannot provide the exact steps on how to set one up in a client environment. That being said, a storage space/pool is essentially a virtual disk that resides on one or multiple physical disks allowing you to accumulate free space. For example if I have multiple servers with free space on their data drives I can then create a storage pool to accumulate this. To allocate this storage pool/space to a user or machine you will need to decide what you wish to do with it. Below are a couple of examples of how:

Share via Windows Folder Sharing (UNC Path)Use iSCSI to use the current ethernet infastructure allowing you to assign the storage pool/space a drive letter to the client machineIn a server environment you may wish to use it for DFS (Distributed File System) to maintain redundancy

Personally I use my storage pool as an iSCSI drive for which i have partitioned.

You can only use the free space of a non Windows install drive. To my knowledge you cannot overcome this with partitioning.

In relation to your second question, you will only able to use the share as a safepoint backup if it is shared via Windows Folder Sharing. For example: \\computername\share

Also you will need to make sure that the NAS is on the same workgroup as the Windows 8 machine hosting the storage pool otherwise it will not be able to find the share. Hopefully this is what you asking however pleas... Read more

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When I got my laptop it was set up with a 1TB storage device but my pool only has 250GB even though I set up the device, how do I add storage to the pool?

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Windows 7.
With Google I couldn't find answer, how to handle USB removable media inside camera.
With camera there is no "Safely remove hardware and eject media" option.
When Photo camera is connected, a new camera device is installed and GUI window is opened with option to browse or copy photos. But there is no removable storage devise eject button on notification area. The USB removable Storage devise is also present on File Manager Computer left panel but again, there is no mouse right button eject option as normally with removable storage devices. I have checked in on several computers. How to understand. I don't believe that it's camera specific but Camera is Canon S95.
Any ideas?

A:How to handle and difference of USB storage and in Camera USB storage

Can you set the camera to "Disk Mode"? If so, it will treat the camera as a flash drive.

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I have a legacy Windows XP x86 machine that I am trying to migrate.  To do that I have mapped a number of shares on a Windows 10 x64 machine.  Most of them map normally.  However, when I try to map one of them I get:
Using a command line:
L:\>NET USE I: \\NYW10-0016\Install /PERSISTENT:YES
System error 1130 has occurred.
Not enough server storage is available to process this command.
Using mapping from File Explorer:
Windows Explorer
\\NYW10-0016\Install is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

Not enough server storage is available to process this command.
The share shows up in my network places and I have been able to map it before to an XP machine.
The big difference between this share and others that I can map is that the share is a USB drive.  Again, please note that in the past I was able to map it.  Has something changed in Windows 10 to prevent mapping to a USB drive?


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Dear Sir,
We have windows 2008 R2 domain controller and we have just purchased windows 8.1 desktop but after joining domain users are not able to access windows 8.1 local d drive. all computers having same OU with other OS like windows 7/8/8.1.
We have enable removable storage access policy to block pen drive but local drive also block. if i remove this computrers from domain or move at computer OU then its working fine.
please help me to resolve this issue because i have 150 windows 8.1 desktops.



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Hi there,
i created a storage pool on windows 10 (goal was actually to create a windows firendly RAID0). Problem is when i plug it on a windows 7 machine, i can see disks in the disk manager but the Storage pool it self is not mounted. I cannot access the storage
pool like in windows 10, where it is mounted as a normal Hard Disk.
Are storage pools compatible with windows 7 ?
Thanks for your help,

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hey i recently bought an SSD with 250g space on it and i would like to move my OS and boot from there along with a few other programs from time to time, however i would like to continue using my HDD 1tb as a storage device with everything still intact. Im pretty uncomfortable with messing around with HDDs and backing up and stuff for whatever reason so i'm here asking for some advice before i get started!

A:put windows 10 on SSD and use HDD as storage

That's a perfectly standard setup that many people use.

You can either clone/migrate the current HDD to the SSD with the software that come with it or use a third party tool to clone it over. You can then then erase the HDD and move over the data you want to store on it. This will only work if you have less than 250GB of used space.


You can do a fresh copy of Windows onto the SS, install your programs, then clean up the old HDD and use it for the data. In this scenario I would move the data to the SSD you want to keep and also format the HDD so Windows is no longer there, then move the data back. But if you want to keep Windows and the programs on the HDD as a backup you could just leave it as is, just make sure the computer is in fact booting and running completely off the SSD; check teh BIOS boot order and boot it a few times without the HDD connected.

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My laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad) needs me to free up space as I have apparently used 111GB and have 7.38GB free. It also shows that I have used 88.1GB on Apps & games. However, when I sort my apps from largest size to smallest and go through the list, the largest size is 2.05gb and the rest of the apps are less than 10GB added up altogether.
For example, the list goes 2.05Gb, 1.28Gb, 1.02Gb, 797mb, 399mb, 363mb, 289mb, 172mb, etc. I want to know how I have used 88.1GB and how to free up space as I am unsure where the other 78gb on apps and games has gone. Thanks for your help

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Hello. I read somewhere in a Storage space you can attach drives with different sizes.. I got a pool made of 3 x 500 GB drives. Now i added a 3 TB drive to the pool. But when i try to moves files to the drive. The disk goes offline and under "disk managemet" the disk is offline cause its out of space. Is it cause it cant use the 3 tb drive with 3 x 500 ? in a pool ?

Update: I found the answer. The storage pool does not automatic rebalance the drives. Will this be added in the future ?

A:Windows Storage spaces

Take look at those tutorial:
Storage Pool - Delete in Windows 8
Storage Spaces - Add or Remove Drives from Storage Pool in Window 8
Storage Spaces - Create a New Pool and Storage Space in Windows 8
Storage Spaces - Delete a Storage Space in a Storage Pool in Windows 8
Storage Spaces - Rename Storage Pool, Storage Space, and Drives
Storage Spaces Shortcut - Create in Windows 8

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Ya its a big problem you know. I start my pc with new installation with 40gb partition where 38gb is free. but after 2-3 months it becomes 15gb free space. I used ccleaner uninstalled many programs and deleted so many files. But i don't know why the hell it is not making free space. after all of these there is 20gb free. but how??? and why??

Pls need help

A:windows xp storage problem

Use one of these to see where the space is being used.
Hard Drive space usage:
TreeSize Free
Disk Detective



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Hello. I read somewhere in a Storage space you can attach drives with different sizes.. I got a pool made of 3 x 500 GB drives. Now i added a 3 TB drive to the pool. But when i try to moves files to the drive. The disk goes offline and under "disk managemet" the disk is offline cause its out of space. Is it cause it cant use the 3 tb drive with 3 x 500 ? in a pool ?

Update: I found the answer. The storage pool does not automatic rebalance the drives. Will this be added in the future ?

A:Windows Storage spaces

Take look at those tutorial:
Storage Pool - Delete in Windows 8
Storage Spaces - Add or Remove Drives from Storage Pool in Window 8
Storage Spaces - Create a New Pool and Storage Space in Windows 8
Storage Spaces - Delete a Storage Space in a Storage Pool in Windows 8
Storage Spaces - Rename Storage Pool, Storage Space, and Drives
Storage Spaces Shortcut - Create in Windows 8

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So I bought a pc from a friend who is not a computer guy at all.
When he bought it, he let his acquaintance install the operating system for him.
Hard drive is total 300gb,but the problem is that the dumbass partitioned it 30/270gb
I am fighing for free space.. (cache is cleared, windows update files cleared, everything..)
So I want to repartition it, but I don't know if I can add 20gbs to the C drive without formatting the 270gb D drive.

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I have a HP Stream Laptop. It says I don't have enough memory to download Windows 10, so I am trying to use a 16GB USB stick as an external storage device... can I do this? If yes, how? Thanks

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I got a new HP Pavilion Gaming Windows 10 laptop on Thursday. I?ve been able to install the programs I need but I?ve been having problems with storage space. Currently, I?m trying to export a little over 90 GB of music from my iPod with CopyTrans. Last night, I got a notification that the drive was almost full. I was surprised because I thought this laptop had 1 TB of space. I looked and I see there are two hard drives: the C drive with 118 GB and the Data D drive with over 900 GB. It seems that documents, pictures and other folds are on the C drive. My previous laptop is a Lenovo Windows 7, which has a Local C hard drive of over 400 GB. I see that there?s a way to change the save locations for your files, which I want to change to the D drive instead on of the C drive given the space difference. Still, I don?t know if I would be doing the right thing.

For the time being, the music that did transfer to my laptop is not on there anymore. Everything is still on the iPod. I know there are ways to free up space on the C drive but even I did that, 90 GB is a lot. So my question is this: is the D drive for the Windows 10 the equivalent of the C drive for the Windows 7? Is there any way to make the D drive my main hard drive? I did the Cortana set up when I first booted up the laptop. Is there a set of second steps?

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Help w/ storage on new Windows 10 Laptop

I think that you need to be more clear about your disk "drives." Do you have one hard drive with "C" and "D" partitions (that Microsoft likes to confuse us by calling them "drives")? Or do you have a small hard drive (with "C" partition) and a large hard drive (with "D" partition)? Or a relatively small SSD (with "C") and a large hard drive (with "D")?

A screen shot of the Disk Management window would help somebody help you. If you need help with a screen shot see TSG Posting a Screenshot. FWIW to take screen shots with Windows Vista or latter I prefer to use the built-in Snipping Tool.

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I am getting a pop up message stating my storage is almost full.  I only have 2mb left of 918gb of storage.  Over 800 of it is in the system files.  I upgraded to windows 10 quite a while ago and don't really have that much used in other areas
of my computer.  Why would my system files be so high?  I did the clean up like it suggested and got rid of the old windows 8 files.  What is going on with this?  There doesn't seem to be a virus or anything....  HELP!!

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Hi Everyone Long time reader just needed help now ,
Been running 4x 2TB HDD In Parity mode within storage spaces.
I have just added 2x 2TB more to the storage pool. Which went fine.
So i now have a total of 6x 2TB drives.
question i have is the 2 new drives are empty. I thought storage spaces would move all the data so all the drives are in sync.

at the moment the 4 old drive have the data and the new drives dont have any.
Of course i understand this but point using storage spaces is if a drive fails i can replace it and not lose any data. if there not all in sync this wont work right ?
Am i missing something ?
thanks alot all

A:Windows Storage Spaces.. Little help ?

this the only way ?

Right now the poor man's rebalancing is:- right-click largest drive in pool, select Remove
- wait a day
- re-add drive to the pool
- right-click second largest drive in pool, select Remove
- wait a day
- re-add drive to the pool
- right-click third largest drive in pool, select Remove
- wait a day
- re-add drive to the pool
- ...
- right-click smallest drive in pool, select Remove
- wait a day
- re-add drive to the pool
Storage Spaces already is recognized by the "Disk Defragmenter and Opitmizer" as being a Storage Space, and will offer to "Optimize" the drive.
Except that it claims the efficiency is 100% when in reality it's not 100%:
It seems like there's was the spot created where the functionality was *going* to go; it just never ended up being written.
It would be nice to finally have it written.

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I want to install windows 8 on my 60GB ssd and use a 1TB hdd I have using storage space feature in windows 8. Is this possible?

A:Windows 8 storage space ssd and hdd

You can create a storage pool with a single drive...you just won't be able to use any of the resiliency functionality, but can expand it later.

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I'm working with a bootloader program for a product with my company. The code designates the USB connected product to act as a Mass Storage Device with 64Kb of memory. This is important because the image to be loaded is exactly 64Kb. This process
works perfectly for Windows 7. On Windows 8 and Windows 10 when looping at the properties of the Mass Storage Device there is 1Kb of (1024 bytes) of used space when the device should be completely free. I'm not sure where this mystery 1Kb comes from. Does
anyone know the differences between Windows 7 and Windows 8/10 with regards to initializing a Mass Storage Device?

To make this problem even weirder I discovered that if the computer goes into Sleep mode and is woken up from Sleep mode. The the Mass Storage Device is fixed. It shows 64Kb of free space and the mysterious 1Kb is gone. What happens to the USB drive
in sleep mode? Is there a reset that occurs that causes the computer to reread the correct storage space?

When I unplug the USB and re plug it back it the problem returns. And is again fixed by a Sleep mode cycle.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

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Can someone give me a simple explanation of how Windows 10 backup works? I am not asking how to set it up, or how to create a system image, but rather how it behaves. When it backs up files, does it compare source with destination, then copy only if the source file of the same name is newer? Or, does it copy all files, regardless, filling up my external hard drive. I would like to limit the amount of storage for backup. In other words, if it's safe, I want to delete everything that is not up to date.

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I have been running windows 8 since the 1st Developer preview and have loved every minute of, not had a single problem. When I upgraded the the final version of W8 I decided to use the storage spaces feature to pool my media drives.

And all of a sudden last week i was unable to vie my storage space, looking under the settings for the storage space. it says "Media Drive 1" 'Warning separated form pool; reset drive'.

I am am not able to access any of the data on the two drives. I have physically removed 1 drive and tried to access the data, I have installed the drives in another machine and still no luck.

I am wondering if there is any other way for me to access the data on the 2 drives that are in the pool.

Thanks for your help.

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My Windows mobile phone have been running slow few weeks ago. I have been using this for 4 yrs. I have installed programs or store most of my files in the storage card. However, I have noticed each time I deleted some items in my storage or deleted messages the storage capacity becomes low, thus giving me no idea why it says the storage capacity is critical..i have even deleted the IE files and deleted some of my unused programs. I restarted it, but it still the same. I tried texting message but it can not be sent.

Can u help me get through this?

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So about a week now my Storage Space that I created began going offline and saying critical write failure. When I go to check on my drives, none seem to be having any issues. So I try and bring the storage online and the computer freezes up and never turns the drives online. I have researched so much and have not found a single solution to my problem. Please Help!

I've attached a picture with what I see when I open storage spaces

A:Windows 10 Storage Space Failure

Be sure you are following these rules: https://social.technet.microsoft.com...cal-disks.aspx Try removing the WD drive that has 78% used and see how you get on.

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I've recently added a couple of drives to my existing Storage Pool which is made up of the following drive sizes:


The pool is set for parity.

The total pool capacity showing is 18.1TB and currently using 8.27TB however when I check the drive within Windows Explorer it reads:

Storage space (drive V) 2.76TB free of 8.26TB

Please note that I have optimized the pool.

Am I missing something here as I would assume that the 8.26TB would increase to what the total pool capacity is (18.1TB)?

Please note I can increase the "Available pool capacity" from 9.91TB to 18.1TB but I'm concerned that I'll lose all my data.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


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Hi Guys, i have a quick question regarding USB storage devices.
i'm running Windows XP Sp2

when i plug in my flash drive, iPod or card reader (with a sony memory stick in it) to my usb ports , Windows detects them and the "safely remove hardware" icon shows up in the bottom right toolbar. however, i cant access my USB devices from My Computer, the drives don't show up.

i read on some other post that you have to manually go into Control Panel->Administriative Tools ->Computer Management, to assign a specific drive to the device. However, after i tried that, the devices still dont show up in My Computer.

I'm not sure how to fix this, any help is welcome!
all my other USB devices (such as my keyboard and mouse and printer) work fine

A:Windows not recognizing my USB Storage devices

This may seem obvious and i don't mean to be patronizing but have you tried a different USB port? I have never heard of this problem. Also when you plug in your Ipod does it appear on iTunes? Also does it not prompt you when you plug in your devices open, run, view pictures etc.? Have you disabled that, if so enable it.

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Hi. Can anyone help me? I am really concerned I may have lost the contents of the Storage Space I have created in Windows 8.

Having read an article by Woody Leonhard extolling the virtues of Storage Spaces and how it could take over from Windows Home Server,I began the transfer at the end of October. I started with 8 HDDs, most 1.5 or2Tb drives, but there were 2 @ 3Tb drives which I had been using elsewhere and which were already formatted as 2.72Tb. The transfer process was going well and I had got almost ? complete, with about 18Tb transferred on to the storage space based on a now grown pool of about 15 HDDs.

The Storage Space ? it was on a ?parity? basis- was ?all green?, although I was often prompted to increase the number of HDDs as the transfer progressed and all new HDDs had been successfully assimilated (Borg like!). The problem arose when I tried to add a new 3Tb Seagate HDD. It was only recognised as 2Tb and so I attached it to my main PC and formatted it via GPT and got 2.72Tb showing. I then put the HDD in the Win8 machine and in ?My Computer? it appeared as 2.72Tb. However, when I sought to add it to the Pool, the applet showed the HDD as being only 1.99Tb. Back in ?My Computer? it confirmed the HDD was 2.72. I thought it might just be a minor bug in the applet and clicked to add the HDD to the pool, but having done so, the overall size of the Storage Space only increased by 2Tb, not the 2.72 I expected. I immediately hit the? remove? button before anything... Read more

A:Help: Windows 8 Storage Spaces and 3Tb Drives

Sorry you are having problems with this. I was not running a Storage Spaces until you posted and then I decided to try it using 2 640 GB drives. Not many of us have 15 hard drives laying around.

None of us would want to be responsible for you loosing any data, so any suggestions should be vetted thoroughly before you take any action.

Considering the info you have given, I would try to add the last 3 TB drive and see if it can be incorporated, and don't worry about its size just yet. The Storage Spaces utility seems to format the drives, so being pre-formatted may not make a difference to it. Also, there may be some requirement by the utility to balance out the space for consistency. But I would guess right now, your primary goal is to remove the red notification on your space. Would you agree it is probably the result of the 2, 3 TB drives being shown as "disconnected"?

I will hope, that because the drives show as disconnected, the data was maintained on the remaining drives. Is there any way you can tell for sure?

So, some questions. of the 15 drives, how are they connected to your system?

Are you using a UEFI or Legacy install? My drives were configured as GPT by the Utility, but I run UEFI.

Now, my tests:

I had to test using a Mirror setup, since I only have two drives. You need at least 3 for parity. If I can find another drive, I might try that later.

But I created the pool, shut down the system and removed the drives. A reboot showed no... Read more

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My Vista system went down. I pulled out the hard drive and using a drive enclosure, attached to my Laptop Windows 7, I am trying to locate the mail storage file to import using Windows Mail.

I can find the file user/frank after that I do not see appdata for the next step. However when viewing the files under the old drive, I can find under Programs/Windowsmail the following files:


when I attempt to import mail from Livemail and direct it to the folder: en-US it will not let me view the files inside this folder from the import function but will let me import the folder. This then creates a new folder in Windows Mail "Imported Folder" however no mail that was stored was imported.

Is there a way to locate the mail on the old drive an import it in to Windows Mail. Remember I can not start the old mail program from hard drive as it will give an error.

Please help

A:Windows Mail Storage file

Hi frankhab,

Generally Appdata folder would be hidden, follow the instructions to unhide the folder: Hidden Files and Folders Option - Add or Remove

Also follow the instructions in the below mentioned link to export and import the file: Windows Mail - Messages

Please post the results.

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Hi,System details :System type and form factor:   Tower ThinkCenter E73 System type & model number.   Operating system installed.   Win7 X64, 10AS0030FRBIOS version.   12/16/2013 / 1.46 / FCKT46AUS OS on SSD and data on HDDI've a wierd problem with this comptuter. while Windows was runing, there was about 15 bip then crash. I had to power it off manually.On the next boot, i had "operating system not found".The two disk are detected in the BIOS. I've plug the two disk on another computer and there are empty, no partition, just unallocated. Any idea where it could came from? Thx Ludovic

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Hey guys, Windows 8.1 veteran here. I'm also a good-standing member on EightForums. I always try to post my new topics in the appropriate section, but if I'm wrong, you can move me.

Anyway... On to the issue.

For Christmas, I received an ASUS Transformer T100-HA, which is essentially a Windows 10 tablet with a keyboard docking platform. I love it. Not entirely a fan of Windows 10 yet, but it is somewhat growing on me.

In the Windows 10 Settings panel, under the Storage options and the main OS drive, (a built-in 64GB SSD) I have the option to clear out temporary files and other data that is taking up space where it is not needed.

However, when I click the button to delete temporary files, it tells me to wait a moment, then goes back to showing the 16.4GB of occupied space that it had before.

I need help figuring this out.

Any and all assistance is appreciated.

A:Windows Storage Files; Can't Delete?

This option (I take it you mean at Settings / System / Storage ) is problematic (or "buggy" if you will) and there is discussion of it in another thread.

Your best bet for now, IMO, is that you go into File Explorer, right click for Properties of C: drive, and run the Disk Cleanup wizard. There's also a "Clean up system files" button that becomes available once it does the initial scan for files to clean up which can give an extended sweep to clean out various system / install / update / error logging / temporary files.

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I had to reinstall Windows because of a corrupted MBR and the Windows OS drive suddenly became a GPT drive. Once Windows was reinstalled my storage pool was unrecognized and I was given the option to reset. I was not ready to do that. Then when Windows
was updated and now it shows no drive. But I can pull up the data drive and able to create an image with Patrician Guru. Before I do that or that or just wipe the drive. Is there is any way to reinitialize the pool?

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