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Crooked Printing?

Q: Crooked Printing?

this is really getting on my nerves... but i have an old deskjet 812c that i have found to be a great old printer and it has done its job until recently...

i was printing a doc. for school and although every word was on the page and everything was inorder, the print came out crooked.

now i reprinted thinking that maybe the paper was getting caught and then printing, that wasnt the case. then i tried unloading the paper and then reloading new sheets, that didnt work.

finally i unloaded and reloaded the software and got some updates. nothing has worked for this printer to print a full page totally lined up and neat for presentation to my instructors... has anyone had this problem and gotten it fixed? what can i do to get this problem straightened out without going into a repair shop?

Preferred Solution: Crooked Printing?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Crooked Printing?

Check to make sure the paper guides are tight on the sides of the paper first.

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Hi there,I recently ordered an X1 2017 but sent it back for several reasons. One minor issue with it was that the left hinge was slightly crooked. Not by a lot, some might not even notice, but for me not really acceptable for a 2k5? device. Unfortunately it was the first thing I noticed during unboxing. With the lid closed you see that it's not parallel to the rest of the device. Meanwhile I have ordered one again and unfortunately it's the same in terms of crooked hinge. So I'm suspecting a general "problem". Obviously the support team never ever heard of such a thing.Just wondering - how is your's? I don't think I'll do anything about it since I don't think the service team will do a better job than the factory and generally things don't tend to get better by taking them apart. However - just curious if I'm the only one. Cheers,reach

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So I picked up a 13" 720 from best buy yesterday, and so far I love it. The only issue, however, is that the left hinge is at a slant. When I close the laptop, both hinges are pretty easy to "wobble" if I press on them with a little force. https://i.imgur.com/yl2CY40.jpg Is this normal as far as this line of laptops go? Is it worth going in and returning it?

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Hello everyone, I bought Yoga 920 from BestBuy right a month ago. I liked the laptop overall, but I just noticed that there is a little misalignment with the lid. While the left side is matching perfectly when I close, right side is not. Is there anyone who noticed that too? Or any suggestions as a solution? Thank you

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Hi everyone,New Lenovo Yoga 710 15" owner here.  I absoluteley love this laptop, but when I close the lid, it's doesn't quite line up with the bottom portion of the laptop.  When closed, the top (lid) is crooked. This hinges look ok to me.  When I had the laptop open to upgrade the RAM I even inspected them closer and I don't see an issue there. Anyone else with a 710 having this issue?  Is there a fix? Thanks!

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I tripped on a cord connected to my Toshiba Satellite 1800-S204 laptop tonight and it fell onto the carpeted floor from a table about 1.5 feet off the ground. Not too high up, but bad enough. The computer was still running and appeared to be fine, but upon closer inspection I noticed that the image on the screen is now slightly crooked, turned a tiny bit counterclockwise. It's the kind of thing easily fixed on a desktop monitor, but this is a laptop monitor and no such adjustments can be made. It doesn't really interfere with my work, only that the top right corner of any maximized window, where the minimize, maximize, and close buttons are, is halfway off the screen. It's more of an irritation than anything, and will continue to be one whenever I decide to watch DVDs. Is this a serious problem? How can I get it fixed? Thanks.


A:Crooked Image on Laptop Monitor

This is a mechanical issue, the LCD display has moved behind the bezel. The only way to fix it is to take the display section apart, probably not a job you want to tackle. It can be fixed, but I have no idea what the cost might be...

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I was wondering if there was any way to fix this other than requesting warranty support: 

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My Lenovo 710, intel i5 8gb RAM version has an extremely irritating problem in that it emits a high pitched noise from the left side of the chasis (opposite to the charging port) when charging and powered off. The noise is very high pitched, so much so that it almost tops my hearing limit. (I am 20 years old.) It only occurs when the laptop is off and charging, and occurs regardless of the battery %. I am certain that the noise is coming from the left side of the computer, and not the actual wall wart itself. I am using the charger that came with my brother's old Lenovo 710 pentium laptop, but since the amperage and voltage output seem to be a same, I don't imagine that it's the cause of the problem. Secondly, the right hinge on my computer is crooked. Not sure why, not sure how, but it is. It doesn't seem to affect anything, as my computer still folds and closes properly without any noticeable deformities. Not a big problem, but somewhat irritating. 

20915940_1822683267758251_1670654801_n.jpg ?31 KB

A:Lenovo 710 squeaks when charging, crooked hinge

The high pitched sound is also preset when the computer is still on but with the lid closed, but the volume is much, much smaller.

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Hi, All.
I just purchased two Samsung 172T black flat panel monitors. After I opened the double hinge stand and stood them up, the panels tilted to the right. In other words, they are not level. The shelf is pretty level. The panel is not level or parallel with its base. Both units tilt the same on different shelfs. So, I cannot believe that I got two bad units.

Is there an adjustment screw on the hinge that will enable me to level the unit? I have yet to call Samsung - I thought that I would try here first.


A:Samsung 172T Flat Panel Crooked - Need Help

Welcome to TechSpot forums

I've just bought a silver 172T from a friend, unfortunately I won't be able to play with it until the weekend. I'll ask him if knows anything about adjusting the monitor as far as the stand goes...

I'll post any useful info I find out back here..

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the last thread I read provided no good information on WHY the paper feeds crooked. there is no paper jam!! Is there a known chronic problem with the paper feed on these printers? Is it a roller problem? HELP !!

A:paper feeds crooked and jams in epson workforce 500

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I am scanning the pages of an out-of-print book for a neighbor and find it very time consuming. A problem that I keep running into is that even though the page is aligned with the scanner, it sometimes comes out crooked on the screen.

Is there software that can automatically straighten the image for me? Is there an easy way to do this? Thank you!

A:Trying to find software that will straighten "crooked" scan images

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I never had this problem before I purchased Vista, but I get some vertical stripes on the right edge of the paper. These stripes correspond to the lines of words, meaning if there is a line of words then there's stripes but no stripes when it's a blank line. (I got these exact words from another poster that had the problem exactly to mine except I have Vista and it prints when I print online on EVERY page) - just as it says above. I have an HP1018 that did not work until finally HP put out a driver for Vista a few months after I bought my Vista machine. I've tried the rotated feature, the fastres1200 as well. Nothing has worked yet. HELP! (I use Internet Explorer)
Oh, also, it prints these black vertical lines if it's a picture OR text and ONLY ONLINE - gmail, ie pages, etc. It is fine with Word, etc.

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I have a problem I have never seen before on serveral computers running Office 2000 Professional on Windows 98 SE. When you click print, the printer dialog box does not appear. Instead the title bar and the bar only the bottom begin flashing. If you click on the flashing bar the print box appears and it will print, but Word 2000 closes. Has anyone seen this before? I can't find a mention close to this anywhere on Micorsoft's Knowledge base or the Internet. It is somewhat intermittent but it now happens on several different computers. All have current Antivirus protection, latest Windows Critical updates. All systems have Office SP1 installed and some have SP2 and SP3 installed (it does not seem to make any difference).

A:Word 2000 Printing Problem - no Printing but title bar flasehes.

Clean up the PC:


Troubleshoot Word:


If it still does it, it's the printer/printer driver.

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I have been using a network capable HP LJ 4050T, which i added an HP Network card too, for years as a network printer. I dis-connected it and moved it to a different location and now i can not get my pc to print to it.

I have win 7 64 bit. I have tried the universal drivers and the drivers built in to win 7 mainly HP Laser Jet 4050 PCL 5 and or the 4050 PS driver (all of which work for at some point in the past, but now no longer will do the trick). After installing the driver i can get the printer to add to the list of devises and appears to be installed correctly. I can ping the printer however when i try a TEST PAGE it will give error message "Error - Printing" very generic.

Frustrating thing is that i have this issue every time i disconnect the printer, it takes multiple tries getting it to connect (i.e. installing drivers and uninstalling, rebooting, re-setting settings etc.). I work at it for hours and then what seems to be by luck something i previously had done will work this time, or something i found online will work. however this time I've tried all those things and others without success. It almost seams that i have to trick the computer till it lets me print to it.

In the past i was able to get my Win XP laptop to print to it as well but i have not been able to re-connect this for over a year.

I found the previous post [SOLVED] Laser Printer HP4050 connect to network

From this post i, I have set up a static ip of in my rou... Read more

A:Printing Error When printing to my networked HP LaserJet 4050

When you disconnected the printer did you turn both the computer and printer off and disconnect both from the mains power supply. There is no reason why they should not talk to each other if everything is turned off before one or the other is moved as it would be no different from turning them off, not moving the printer, then turning them back on again.

You don't say whether the printer/computers are hard-wired or wireless networked.

Have you tried going into a program like Word and hitting Ctrl-P and telling it to search for a printer? If the driver software is on the computers it should connect.

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Im trying to pring out my website which has a lot of transparent gifs on it. when I print it the gifs show a white background instead of the color of the bacground of the site so I end up with a bunch of white boxes with the graphics. does anyone know a way of printing the gifs so that they pring transparent and not white??? I need to know fast....

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I have wkscal.exe to run a calendar. All functions
work except when I try to print it. It uses all the
memory, while showing it is preparing to print.
The microsoft wite showed I could fix it by
downloading wkpr60.exe. I did, I ran it, but it
did nothing. Still can only use a live calendar, but
no paper copy is possible.
What office/work/works software uses these .exe files?

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I tried to print something but it started printing first a whole bunch of pages that I don't need anymore. It must be from the last time I pressed print but didn't connect the laptop with the printer.

A:How can I stop printing things that are printing endlessly

You need to delete everything that is in the print queue.The best way to do it is first open the RUN command. Then type in SERVICES.MSC.When the box opens up, scroll down to PRINT SPOOLER. Right click and chooseSTOP. Then open up the PRINTERS folder which is usually in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SPOOL.Open the PRINTERS folder and delete the files in it. You then must go back andrestart PRINT SPOOLER.

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Ok so were using this POS software called Counterpoint. and we used to print our labels, which include the item description, and a barcode for the item on each page to a laserjet 2 printer. Now we have upgraded the printer to a Laserjet 1022n, and the barcode parts are coming out all jibberish. The text for the item description comes out fine, but the barcode parts are jsut a bunch of characters. I changed the printer type in our software from Laserjet II, to Laserjet compatible 150DPI, and am getting the same results. I'm not sure where the problem is here, and will appriciate any input. The other settings in the Software remain unchanged, such as Lines per inch, and characters per inch. i'm not sure if those need to be changed as i'm not sure how it would affect the barcode.

A:HP Laserjet printing Jibberish when printing barcodes

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One of the Windows components in Windows 7 is the Internet Printing Client. Maybe it was there in Vista or earlier, but if so I never noticed it. I've discovered in the past the Microsoft (and other companies) often use 'Internet' as synonymous with TCP/IP. Is that the case here?

I never print across the Internet-but I do have several printers on my local network that use TCP/IP. And I know it's easy enough to remove this client & see if I can still print to my printers-but it doesn't seem like I should have to figure things out by trial & error.

Do you know whether or not this 'Internet Printing Client' is needed to be able to print to any TCP/IP printer, whether it's actually on the Internet or not? Thanks.

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I tried to print something but it started printing first a whole bunch of pages that I don't need anymore. It must be from the last time I pressed print but didn't connect the laptop with the printer.

A:How can I stop printing things that are printing endlessly

Bit difficult to answer as you do not say what printer you have but it would appear that you had or still have documents in the "Print Queue" If you open the queue you can cancel all the waiting docs!
Try thiss:
With the printer switched off, open a document and click Ctrl + P (Or File then Print) This will open a window telling you to check that the printer is connected. Somewhere on that small window should be a button that reads something like "Print Queue" or View Print Queue". Click that and in there you will see a list of docs waiting to be printed. There you will be able to delete them. The queue builds up when you have a problem when the printer doesn't print for some reason, either it has got disconnected, is not switched on, is out of ink etc. You keep pressing "Print" and nothing appears to happen but the queue just gets bigger and bigger. When you get the printer working again it automatically prints all the docs in the queue. Moral to the story. If you have a printing problem always check the print queue before proceeding!
EDIT Please make sure you come back here and let us know if the above works for you or not as I notice from your previous threads that despite expert help you never give any feedback. You will get much better help if you at least come back and report if the solution worked!

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I have an Epson r300 printer and I want to make my CDs look more professional when I am giving them to clients. I have the option of either getting circular labels and printing to these or else printing directly to the CDs...

Which is the better option or is there much between the two. ??

A:Printing CD labels - or - printing direct to CD

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Does anyone know if this is printing method is compatible with with HP CP2025 printers, or does it require a specific printer type to work?

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We have an OKI B6200 and for some reason when we try to print from a website it fails and gets stuck in the queue. I read somewhere awhile ago that there is some sort of security setting that you can set to allow to print from the web but I don't remember where or how. Any suggestions?

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I am using word 2000 and printing to a HP laser printer. The problem is the the word document
is split into two sections becasue I want to print one section as Landscape and the other section
as Portrait. The first section is Landscape and the section below it is set for Portrait. The problem
is that when I print the document, the Landscape prints fine but the section set for portrait has
the font stretched and looks nothing like arial or courier or any other font. No matter what font
I change to for the portrait section it always prints like the letters are stretched. Have any ideas
on how I can make this print the way I want it too?

A:Printing problem (Windows 2000, Word 2000, printing to HP laser

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Have you had problems trying to disable your sound when printing on a Dell printer?

I recently installed Windows 7 and have a Dell printer (not sure if this happens with other printers) and every time I go to print it says "Now Printing" and at the end it says "Done Printing". I found this quite aggravating.

I did find a page on this website that had corrections for Vista, but not Windows 7, and the steps are a little different.

After trying to go into CONTROL PANEL and SOUNDS, I found that readjusting these settings did absolutely NOTHING to get rid of these announcements.

After some more of my own trouble-shooting, I figured out how to get rid of these announcements for a DELL printer:

1. Click on the Windows icon on the bottom left of your screen and scroll up to DEVICES AND PRINTERS and click on it.
2. Left click on your selected printer (will have green check mark) and scroll to PRINTING PREFERENCES and click on it.
3. A box will pop up. In the upper right hand corner, click on OPTIONS and scroll down to PRINTER STATUS OPTIONS and click on it.
4. Another box will pop up. Click on the circle to the left of 'Never Display the Printing Status' so that the circle becomes blue. Note: selecting this option will disable your printing announcements, but it will ALSO disable the box that pops up during printing that shows your ink levels and percentage of printing completed. If you want to continue to see this printing status box, you will have ... Read more

A:Windows 7: Disabling printer sound "Now Printing" and "Done Printing" for Dell

I only use HP printers and have never used Dell printers, so I'm not familiar with those "now printing/done printing" announcements.

I keep my printer set to notify me of the ink levels ONLY when something is printing.

That saves me from having to go into the printer toolbox to manually check the ink levels.


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When I try to print onto a CD/DVD using my Epson Stylus R200, I get the error: "CD/DVD tray not set correctly." However, I have installed it correctly according to the manual. What can I do?

A:CD/DVD Printing


Without looking at your R200 information, and I am going to take a shot in the dark. It is nothing serious, but might apply anyway.

Check out the back side of your printer and make sure it is not obstructed. The CD tray actually comes out the back of the printer approximately 4 inches or so during CD printing. Make sure the CD tray is not hitting something behind your printer. It may appear from the front to be going all the way in.

I seen this on an R300 printer.

Hope this helps..


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I'm not too silly with pc's but one thing has been doing my nut in for months now! How the flaming hell can i print a photo on 7x5 photo paper? I realise this must have been asked a thousand times and i have tried searching for the answer but to no availe!

I'm using Win Xp, Have a HP psc 1355 all in one printer, and samsung digicam. I've also used the built in Xp feature for printing pics, as well as the samsung digimax viewer/editor, Hp image Zone and also Photo Impression 4 but i just can't get to print the pictures so the come out the right size on any of these programs. My print properties don't even have 7x5 size on it, and the Mrs is getting on my back about doing it now as this was the main reason she agreed to buying a pc and not for me to download all sorts of goodies! ;-)

If anyone could help with this it would be most appreicated and also having a new home, i'm sure you'll feel good in the knowledge i'll be hammering in nails to put up the pictures probably for months on end!

Da Monkey

A:Help printing 7x5

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Hi Guys
I use a HP OfficeJet 6500 printer. Have had no printing problems for two years. In the last few days the printer has been printing in red only some of the time.
I haven't changed anything as far as I know. Any ideas?

A:printing in RED

Are you sure the other ink cartridges aren't empty? I have the same printer. has done the same thing. Replaced the cartridges fixed it.

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using publisher i created a menu on A3 .
when i print i get 4x 1/4 sheets
how can i print the A3 menu on a single A4 sheet ?


Delete pages 4/3/2 in publisher.

Then go to Print and just check you are printing to A4

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I am trying to switch from IPX printing to IP printing. The print servers work flawlessly under IPX, but with IP, the jobs will randomly stop and restart from the beginning. The jobs are rather large and this is quite a nuisance. I don't think it's a hardware issue since I've seen the behavior on all the print servers, and printing IPX, the problem never happens. I've heard this issue is related to a timeout setting, but so far I haven't been able to find this setting in any of my print server management interfaces. I'd appreciate any help, I'm getting extremely frustrated with this project. Thanks.

A:IP Printing

How exactly are the print servers, printers and workstations configured.

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Hi, there,

I hope someone can help me! I've emailed a photo collage to someone to have it printed out as an 8 x 10 and I thought the photo was large enough but he told me he saw my image resolution is 1320x1320 @ 96 dpi. So I re-created the file today, in paint shop pro 7, and began work and set it at 3000 by 3000 and set the resolution to 300 [as he suggested] instead of 72 where it was always at. I converted it to JPG format and that version is:

3000 x 3000 pixels

41.667 x 41.667 inches

pixels per inch -72

pixel depth/colors - 24/16 million

the size of the file is 6.05MB. Pretty big to me! the last one I sent him was around 1.2 MB.

The paint shop pro 7 version is 3000 by 3000 and the pixels per inch is 300. And it's really huge so I can't email that psp file...perhaps I'm doing something wrong :|

Basically I'm going to ask a silly question, and ask how do I figure out what dpi is, how to find it on my image and how to change it to 300 if it's not big enough?

Thanks in advance.

A:dpi? printing?

You really need the original pictures that make up your collage to be 300dpi in the first place. Trying to add to a low resolution picture doesn't really give you the results. If you scanned the pics in yourself then you can re-scan and set the scanner to scan at 300dpi and re-make the collage out of them. Any cropping or making the pics larger will lessen the resolution after that.
For printing you do need these high resolutions and if it wasn't for the fact that you have to e-mail the file, I would go higher again - 300dpi is I suppose a good compromise between resolution and size of file to e-mail. 5-6 mb @ 300 dpi sounds about what you should be getting bearing in mind the collage is made up of more than one pic?

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i am an amateur photographer looking for a comprehensive step-by-step guide for getting my print colors to match my monitor colors. i have an epson 820 printer and i use photoshop cs for editing.


Lots of homework to do...

Have a read here... http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&...&q=printer+profiling+epson&btnG=Google+Search


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I printed a shipping label today and it got destroyed before It got on the package. How can I find it and reprint it?

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i cannot print my postcards correctly i am only getting the last 1/8th of the post card idk what to do?


hello and welcome to TSF
What program are youusing to print the card?
What operating system are you running?
What printer are you using?

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I am trying to print out something, like a concert laminate size pic. I am not sure what inches to make it for an 8'11 piece of printer paper. if anyone knows what size i should make it so that it comes out right let me know. thanks.

A:need help printing out something

If you have a printer that will print borderless make it 8.5 X 11.

If you don’t know your best bet is do download Irfanview if you don’t have it – it is freeware. www.irfanview.com

When you install it you will be asked about associations. I have it as my default viewer and really like it. If you want your pictures to open in Irfanview click on “Images only” it the Extensions or file associations. If you don’t just leave everything blank.

Open the image you want to print in Irfanview. Go File>Print. Select “Properties” to make your normal printer selections like quality, orientation (you probably want the default “portrait”), color etc. Select OK>Print when you have set the properties. The Irfanview print box will open. Select “Best fit to page” and it will use all the space available considering margins but keep the proportions.

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I have a wireless router that a laptop is networked, non-wirelessly. I recently tried to print with the laptop, knowing that the laptop wasnt hooked up to the printer. I figured that it would print since the other computer IS hooked up to the printer and its networked. I enabled printer sharing as well. Is there anything else i have to do?


the computers need to be set up for file and print sharing. once that is done and you are able to successfully view the each computers' shared folders, you can share printers.
in the control panel of the laptop, click the 'printers' option. then add the printer by searching for it on the network. once the printer on the other computer has been added, you should be able to print to it. the other computer with the printer attached to it must be turned on.

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Ok, I'm having a problem and maybe some of you can help. I currently have two wireless networks, One Linksys, One D-Link, They both work fine independent of each other. On the Linksys I have a 10/100 wired Print server attached. I would like to be able to print from the D-Link network also, but I have no idea how to accomplish this. I have read through the manuals time and time again, maybe someone can walk me through this or give me some advice. All computers are running Win Xp. Any help is appreciated.

A:IPP Printing????

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I just printed a couple pictures using the XP Pro print wizard. I had the pictures one on top of the other, is there any way to rearrange the order? If I wanted the bottom one on top, etc?

A:XP Pro Printing

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I have copied a .prn file onto the desktop but prn is not recognized by XP.

What's the hard copy printing procedure?

A:prn printing


Right-click on the .prn, then mouse over "Open With". Choose to open the file with Notepad (or better is WordPad), then print the file.

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I just want to get rid of this smart web printing that keeps popping up how do i do this?

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Does any one have the screwy letters and what they mean that you use while setting up headers and footers for printing seems like my printer lost them , i recently had to reformat - thanks . . .


Hi SpunkedDoes any one have the screwy letters and what they mean that you use while setting up headers and footers for printingThey are called "Strings". Take a look here. After the format, you did install your printer drivers and software?

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I was wondering how I would print without logging in, or having my computer automatically login to the other computer that the printer is plugged in to.

Right now, when I try to print something, the program crashes, unless I login manually to a folder on the remote computer.

Is there any way that I can have it automatically login to the other computer or turn off the password dialog excusively for using the printer?


If you create an account on the machine with the shared printer with the same name/password as you use to logon to your machine, it should print with no password issues.

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When working on an image in photoshop it seems to want to default to 72ppi, for printing purposes should I increase this to something like 300pi?

Also when looking at the image properties (as shown by right clicking on it in XP) it shows the resolution as horizontal 180dpi and verticle 180dpi. Does this mean the image is 180dpi? would changing the image to 300ppi in photoshop give me better results when printed? Lastly does ppi translate into dpi or is dpi strictly controlled by the camera taking the picture?

A:DPI for printing?

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I have a printer connect(parallel) to a PC with Windows ME , and sharing it with a PC that have Windows XP on it. I see the printer on the XP computer via LAN network and I install driver on the XP computer. However, I can not print to the printer. Get message about install drivers and some other messages. Please, help to fix this problem.

Model of the printer MICROLINE® 320 and 321 TurboTank-Tough® reliability, expanded head gap and zero-tear capability for dedicated forms printing. This 9-pin dot matrix printer is blazing new trails in productivity with:
sending picture of the printer as an attachment.


A:Printing over the LAN

You need to install the ME drivers. You can either them to the available ones on the XP computer that is doing the sharing or have them ready on the ME computer when prompted.

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When trying to print a web page i keep getting an Explorer Script Error.....Incompatible version of the RPC.Stub......
URL C:/windows/system SHDOCLC.DLL
This problem occured after downloading Windows Script Host 5.6 Dated 4/23/03

A:web printing

Welcome to TSG, ivanako

Try this,

In Internet Explorer,
Go to Tools | Internet Options | Advanced Tab
In the Browsing section, uncheck Enable Third Party Extensions
Restart your computer
If that fails, It may sometimes be a result of installing the latest version of Windows Script Host 5.6 (dated 4/23/03).
This latest build has a serious bug in the file dispex.dll which breaks PrintPreview, Find, and WindowsUpdates in Internet Explorer.

If you have already installed this new build, you need to replace the system file dispex.dll with the previous version.

Try this one: http://gamescheatscodes.com/dllaj/DISPEX.DLL

You may have to do that in Safe Mode or in MS-DOS to replace the file

Thanks to Tony Klein for the last part

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