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Upgrade Hard disc to SSD

Q: Upgrade Hard disc to SSD

if i upgrade my hard disc to SSD memory..is my warranty still valid?

Preferred Solution: Upgrade Hard disc to SSD

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Upgrade Hard disc to SSD

Hello @Khing_cpf, The act of opening your notebook or Upgrading your computer's RAM or hard drive will not affect your HP warranty unless you break something during the upgrade process or the upgraded components damage your system. Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again !! **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee

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I want to format and 0 write and wipe the entire hard drive in an Asus EEEPC with no system disc and re-install windows 7 home premium.
The windows registration number is on the back of the computer.

Did not come with a windows disc or recovery disc from the factory, IE windows 7 home pro was pre-installed.

I created a system recover boot disc/CD.

This machine has no CD/DVD drive, but I do have a USB CD/DVD drive.

If I format and write the drive, but leave the partitions will I be able to re-install this version of windows that came with the machine ??


A:Asus EEEPC with no system disc - hard drive upgrade

Yes, you will be able re-install the same version of that windows using this following tutorial:-

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

Hope that helps!

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hi every one

i'm sorry if my topic is not in the wright department

and sorry again

my Problem is

i have tow hard disc and need ti instal 2 windows copy
in ech one of them
but the big problem is

i want when the pc startup founde in bios screen
2 choice
1st : xp
2nd : 7
and choose what i want to log in

this problem is making me soooooo crazy for 3 days and
finally i found a solution for it
but it is so poor
i remove one hard disc and instal the windows
and did the same for the second hard disc

but cause Moore time and hard to start my work
soo plzzzzzz
i just need someone help me and be Patient with me


A:install windows 7 in hard disc and XP in another hard disc in same pc

See this tutorial for how to setup a dual boot environment with Windows 7 and XP. It covers both methods, XP installed first or Windows 7 installed first.

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I think I may have found an answer to my boot problem. After reading the tutorial on system image restore I saw this statement.

"You can fool it into thinking that simply by marking the 7 partition as active.

May be as well to make it a "secondary" system partition , by copying across the relevant files - in case you forget to hand the active flag back"

How would I be able to make my "C" WIN7 drive my system drive instead of my "D" Vista drive. Right now my "D" Vista is my system drive.
Or, can I have two system drives at the same time? Remember these are on TWO SEPERATE hard drives.

A:How to make a hard disc a system disc

First make sure you are set to see hidden and protected files in Windows Explorer.

Copy bootmgr file from D: to C:
Copy boot folder from D: to C: and tell it to skip over copying bcd and bcd.log when it prompts.

Run this command from an elevated command prompt. You may copy and paste into it. Hit enter.

bcdedit /export C:\boot\bcd

Reboot into bios and change the primary boot device to be your C: drive.

Boot to Windows and make sure C: is now the system drive. If so, you may delete the boot folder and bootmgr file on D:

If you want two "system drives" so in case one fails you'll be able to boot from the other, don't delete anything and use bios to change drives in this instance.

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Hi hp here's my story .. I buy my laptop and after 3 months I got this issue hard disk not found try everithing I read in this forum didn't help so I take it to the place I buy it with my warranty place call public in Greece so they send it to hp and after a long month for hard disk replace I got it,today after a month it do it again same problem and make me believe what it the same disc just fixed .. ! Thank you for that . I wanted to throw it from my balcony (5th) floor for not let me work normally once again and I just knew that a replace from you hp will take for ever again and you will just put same disc in it so before I make a move to buy new normal laptop .. I decided to open it my self and you know what ? It take me more time to walk to store and choose one hard disc that to place it in my laptop .work fine so thank you for your so good suport fron eatch way I lose the warranty but really don't care as I will make not other purchase from you after many of years I trusted hp .. ! That's all

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Like the topic says, trying to upgrade to windows xp - abit with a "full install" disc. So far I've not figured out how to do this, or if it's even possible. I tried inserting the disc while in windows 98, but it didn't give me an option to upgrade.

A:Windows XP: Can I upgrade from 98 with full (not upgrade) disc?

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I have a Win 8 disc I bought last summer to update my pc from Win 7 to Win 8 pro. Since then I have also updated it to the Media Center version and today updated to 8.1. As the product key changed with the media center upgrade is the Win 8 disc now useable on another pc? I'm thinking about updating our HTPC from 7 Pro and would do the Media Center update on that as well meaning the HTPC would end up with a different Win 8 key.


A:Win 8 Pro disc- can I use again after upgrade to MC& 8.1?

The Windows 8 pro product key is still in uses on the first upgrade.

One product key = One PC.

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Greetings.I just bought a used HP pavilion 7915.When I turned it on the screen said no operating system.When I tried to install XP,the screen said I couldnt install because I had no hard disc.Please excuse my ignorance,Does that mean The hard drive is gone? or does it mean I just have to get a disc for the hard drive?If its the latter,is the disc expensive,if its the former does that mean the machine is worthless? If I have to buy another hard drive and have that installed,is that expensive? Lot of questions I know,please help. Thanks

A:Is no hard disc no hard drive

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I'm looking to upgrade my windows XP to windows 7 shortly however, i don't have the XP disc, it was lost about 2 years ago, (in my endless disc pile in my moving boxes). However I still have the original box and key it came with. Can I still upgrade to windows 7 using the "windows 7 upgrade" disc and the old XP key or do I need to buy the full version? Please and thank you for any and all help =]

A:XP > Windows 7 upgrade disc

Hi -

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wipe the entire hard drive with KillDisk, then install Windows 7.

KillDisk - http://www.killdisk.com/downloadfree.htm

Make bootable KillDisk ISO CD w/ ImgBurn -
ImgBurn - http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download

Regards. . .



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Hi. I want to upgrade my XP to Win7 but I found out that the upgrade versions need the XP discs for verification. Unfortunately my disc is missing so will I not be able to upgrade from XP?

If not, can I buy the full retail version and be able to upgrade without my XP disc?

A:Want to upgrade but missing my XP disc

You can Upgrade to Win7 without the previous qualifying OS being installed.

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Afterward keep your qualifying XP/Vista key with your Upgrade key for the life of the upgrade. And use Win7 backup imaging to save an image so that reinstalls are never again necessary.

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I'm trying to give my old computer away (450 Mhz with 2 hard drives /45 GB w/ Win xp Pro.
I have been trying to reformat the HD's the last couple days.

I tried to do it boot up disk (boot.com) and it said it needed 6 floppies, which I got and then it said it did not recognized it.

I got the Win Xp disc and I forgot that is an upgrade , so its looking for a previous version otherwise it won't continue. Naturally, I don't know what happened to the 98 disc , so Im stuck. HELP

I want to completely erase both HD and reinstall the Win Xp

A:Trying to reformat Hd with an upgrade XP disc

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Hi i have windows 7 64 bit (upgraee,, .I installed it but how do i factory restore it.on my vista i used a option on task bar .but with this im lost .Any help would be great thanks?

A:windows 7 upgrade disc help

Quote: Originally Posted by sinbin

Hi i have windows 7 64 bit (upgraee,, .I installed it but how do i factory restore it.on my vista i used a option on task bar .but with this im lost .Any help would be great thanks?

You can only do a factory restore if you have saved a backup from win 7. The restore partition contains vista restore files.

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Hi All,

I am from the UK I received my order confirmation that the W7 upgrade disc was on its way to me by DHL but on tracking it it has gone to South Africa and according to DHL my name and address was not on the package, ms have cocked it up.

Fine the problem is I can find no way of contacting ms to get another disc, no phone numbers no emails nothing!
Even the website support needs a product number which obviously I dont have, my supplying dealer cant help as the upgrage comes from ms.

It seems that ms have not thought that anything could go wrong with a delivery, let alone in the post when the UK is having post strikes.

Any help on getting through to ms would be appreciated


A:Missing upgrade disc

Did you buy this directly from Microsoft, or did you go through another company? Call whomever you bought this from, give them the order number and the DHL tracking information, and they will send you another disc.

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Hi all,I just got a HP ProBook 450 G4 with a 500GB SATA disc. My question, can I add a SSD disc ( a second dic)? In other words,  does it has a separate slot for SSD? If not, can I upgrade to SSD sata? Any recomendations?Thanks,Damian

A:ssd probook 450 disc upgrade

@DamianNFLD You have an option to install an M.2 2280 SSD (NGFF) SATA 3.  256-GB907722-001 128-GB907723-001  Your manual here. http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c05270979 Click on Solid State Drive. http://h20464.www2.hp.com/Media/7E9FAACF-632D-4429-AE64-74B8D4108F74/ren_fru_frameset-en.htm REO

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I have a barebones pc I just bought, and I have a Windows Xp upgrade disc I also bought some years ago. Can I install xp using the upgrade disc? The computer has no OS on it as it stands now. Thanks.

A:Installing xp from upgrade disc

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Now this question has been in my mind for a while but here it goes. Is that disc only suppose to be used once for just one PC or is it possible to use it with another PC to install XP over a previous windows (98) if this is possible then it would save me a good chunk of cash for the upgrade. Or will I just need to buy another disc ?

A:Windows XP SP2 upgrade disc

the SP2 upgrade disc is just that. an upgrade, it is not windows xp.

the SP2 upgrade can be used on multiple computers. after i used mine, i passed it to a friend.
what you want to do is upgrade windows 98 to XP with the SP2 upgrade disc. which cannot be done. you will need to buy another xp operating system.

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Ok I picked up an upgrade from home to pro package from Staples but there's no cd in it. How do I upgrade from my RC W7 then? Just use the installer disc made after downloading the RC version?

A:How do I upgrade with no installation disc??

What does it say exactly on the package?

It sounds like an Anytime Upgrade which is just a key inserted during the Anytime Upgrade process of unlocking versions.

But I seriously doubt Anytime will work on RC, which is a buggy beta.

What you can try is downloading the RTM, unlocking all versions by removing the ei.cfg file from Sources, then recompiling into ISO to burn: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials...tion-files.htm

Now boot from the DVD, choose your paid version, then Custom install to use Advanced drive tools to format before installing over the RC.

The installer will see the prior OS version which should allow insertion of the Upgrade key if it is going to work as a normal Upgrade.

However be aware that under the EULA you need a qualifying XP/Vista on hand to use an Upgrade key, although it doesn't need to be installed.

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Hey All,
I have a dell 5150 with:
Pentium 4 cpu 3.00 ghz media center edition version 2002 sp 2
1.00 gig of ram and I have already ran the windows upgrade advisor and it said home premium was a great match for my computer. Ok so no problem.
I stick in the disc(from the green case that says "upgrade your windows vista experience" and everything seems to be installed, it takes many hours, and then the computer restarts.
That's where the fun begins. Granted, I didn't enter a key the first couple times( and I have entered one), it will not start windows.
Fortunately, I was able to roll back the version back to XP.
Can anyone tell me what is going on?
I even tried to run the Vista Repair utility offered when booting from the disc, and it sat there for 5 hours and never finished, it was just stuck on one of the processes.
HELP, because, I am insane and would love to upgrade.
Please help.

A:xp to vista using upgrade disc

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I am using Win Vista, 32bit
I have a upgrade disc to vista 32bit
Can I possibly use that to re-install my OS
I have a virus
I want Win 7 too, so can i upgrade to that by paying less? If not i will stick with vista.
Thx a lot guys.

A:Install using the upgrade disc?

Originally Posted by Tarak

I am using Win Vista, 32bit
I have a upgrade disc to vista 32bit
Can I possibly use that to re-install my OS
I have a virus
I want Win 7 too, so can i upgrade to that by paying less? If not i will stick with vista.
Thx a lot guys.

If you still have the activation code for the currently installed version Vista then yes you can use the upgrade disk to reinstall Vista, as long as it's not a different version (only a Home Premium activation code can activate a Home Premium disk etc)

Both the upgrade and the full install disks are identical, the only difference is the serial code which is provided when you buy them (upgrade disks can only upgrade from XP, whereas a normal full code can be installed on any machine, regardless of whether it has Windows on it already).

Once you have Vista reinstalled you can then upgrade to Seven if you wish using a Windows Seven upgrade disk.

If you have anymore questions please ask.

Oh and if you don't want to do a clean install to remove your virus why not start a thread asking how to remove it, but that's up to you.


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I am having major WINDOWS 7 installation problems.
I suspect I have somehow corrupted original Windows files and several people have suggested doing a REPAIR from original installation discs.

My original 'installation disc' for VISTA was an upgrade of WINDOWS XP and does not have a repair feature. It just offers "Upgrade" or "Custom Installation".

What and how do I repair my now destroyed Windows files. I have seemingly lost 20 gigs of hard drive after one failed install and WINDOWS 7 now no longer seems to think I have an appropriate hard drive or enough free space (I have almost 50 gigs worth now).

A:HOW do I REPAIR with only an upgrade disc

Follow the excellent advice as given, by our Administrator Brink

Repair Install

Any questions or problems and one of our helpful members will be there to assist you.

And welcome to the forum.

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Hi folks...
I'm moving from Vista Home Premium to W7 Pro and originally thought about a dual boot. But I've convinced myself that I won't use Vista once I get everything reinstalled in W7, and now wish to install W7 Pro on a new drive. I'll take my Vista drive out, install the new drive and load W7, and then, put the Vista drive back in as a secondary so that I'll have easy access to all my data as I complete the changeover. I can then use the Vista drive as a backup, etc.
I've ordered the W7 Pro upgrade disc. Question is, do I need to reinstall Vista on the new drive before I put in the upgrade disc? Or can I just put in the new drive, boot W7 from the install disc, and then insert the Vista disc if it asks for the qualifying media (or does W7 even ask for qualifying media?)
Anybody have a clue?
Thanks all!!!

A:Using upgrade disc on new drive

I would assume that you need to install Vista onto the disk, and then install Windows 7 over the top (as a clean install). I don't think W7 asks for qualifying media.


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Hi, I recently bought a second hand Acer Aspire 5633, minus the hard drive and the power jack slightly faulty. The seller threw in an Acer Vista upgrade disk as compensation for the lack of hard drive and OS. This had never been used and came in an envelope with another Acer upgrade driver disk plus the COA sticker to be attached to the comp. I stripped the comp down and repaired the power jack, inserted a spare hard drive and ran the Vista upgrade sans number. The upgrade was a full install disc i.e. it didn't require a previous Windows OS present on the hard drive.
After installing I then went online to authenticate it. Microsoft came back with the message, "This doesn't appear to be a valid Vista number".
I double and triple checked the number and tried it several times to no avail.
Could anybody offer a solution, please. The only suggestion I can think of is it's out of date?

A:Vista upgrade disc and COA.

Hello Eddie,

You might see if you may be able to activate by phone instead.

Activate Vista by Phone

Hope this helps for now,

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I currently have a Gateway computer.
I want to upgrade the cpu,motherboard, and Memory.
Can upgrade to the above, and plug in my same hard drive with windows already on it? Or will I need to buy the window full install disk?

Will the system recovery disk I got with the gateway work?
after the new upgrades?

A:Xp upgrade disc and new computer.

Without the Gateway specific BIOs on the MB it's doubtful if any of the Gateway disks would work. You could always try it and see what happens...

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I'm just about to do a fresh install windows.... Sat at start of install with drives formated
so I'm considering going for a full install using my upgrade disc... Yes no previous os installed..... So I skip the serial key and continue to install now what I need to know is do I just place my key and windows will be activated or do I need to use registry hacks and stuff or will I just get away with putting my upgrade key in??

I'm justtrying to avoid the ling route of install xp then install vista upgrade

yes both OS genuine with genuine keys

fast honest and informal advice needed not this breaks t&c's thanx

A:Install with upgrade disc

Clean Install From Upgrade Vista

You can do a clean install with the upgrade DVD. The tutorial will show you how to upgrade without having the underlying OS installed. There are no hacks necessary, but you must run it through twice. See the above tutorial.

Do not put key, unckeck box for automatic activation.

You have 30 days to actually give your number

Use it, enjoy, it, install your programs. When satisfied activate and make an image of the HD. You are all set now

Hope I have helped
Post back with any other questions.

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I have not been able to find an answer to the question "can you slipstream using a upgrade disc"?

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Hi - can anyone please help

I had to re-install windows XP, unfortunately my copy was an upgrade & I didn't have the original windows ME discs. Therefore I re-installed on one hard disc whilst the disc with the original OS was still connected. The installation went fine, but I cannot boot the disc with the newly installed XP without the original operating system present, otherwise I get a "NTDLR missing" error.

My PC is as follows:-

Windows XP
ASUS P4R800-V mother board
Intel pentium 4 3.0ghz processor
750mb memory
2 SATA hard discs (no raid array)

A:XP installation with upgrade disc

Start over . . Set the pc to boot first from cd and put the cd in the cd-rom drive. When it restarts you will see a black screen with a prompt "Press any key to boot from CD" . . do that and you will be able to delete partitions and recreate the ones you want and proceed to formating and installing XP

That message can pass quickly, so have a finger on the keyboard when you boot. This will delete all data on the drive so be sure you have your important data backed up.

The XP installation should recognize that there was a system on there and not ask for the ME disc . . if it does, you are going to have to find one.

These are good guides to reinstalling XP . . you might want to print one for reference during the install.


You will have to reload drivers (Chipset first) and applications, After the installation, you will need to download and install SP-2, while windows is clean. Prior to connecting to the internet be sure you enable the XP firewall.

Good luck

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I bought upgrade disc to ultimate...
is it the same as the installation windows 7 disc?

can I use it to install from XP? or from an OEM windows 7?
for example how do i reinstall windows 7(using the upgrade disc) on my OEM windows 7 laptop?? I have recovery parition here.
I am confused...

i dont want to use the revocery partition...
but on the other hand if I can make a clean-install(or whatever) I do not need that recovery partition...
my question is: will i be able to use my OEM windows 7 key for as many as I want?

please help!!

A:windows 7 upgrade disc

If you want to keep everything - all your programs and data - put the upgrade disc in and run it from within Windows.

If you want to wipe everything, including the ability to wipe the recovery partition - boot the computer from the upgrade disc.

You should be using the product key that came with the upgrade disc instead of the OEM product key that came with the computer.

Ooops - you cannot upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7 - you will use your upgrade disc to perform a clean install and you will lose your programs/data.

You can use the upgrade disc to do a clean install by booting the computer from the upgrade disc.

Also it is impossible to do is upgrade from a 32bit operating system to a 64bit operating system - that will always require a clean install.

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I just ordered a Win 7 upgrade disc. Here's my question. I have Vista Home Premium 32 bit installed on my Dell. No restore disc, (at least I don't remember seeing one), but it has that restore partition. I'd like to add a new hard drive to my system and do a clean install using the Win 7 Upgrade disc but I'd like to make it the 64 bit version.

Can this be done? I can leave both hard drives in the system. Will a Win 7 Upgrade disc install a 64 bit version if it can find a valid 32 bit Vista installed on a second hard drive?

If this works and I later delete all traces of Vista off the old drive (as in the re-install partition) will the Win 7 Upgrade disc be useless for a fresh install?


A:Clean Install of Win 7 64 from Upgrade Disc

Unfortunately you cannot perform a Clean Install with an Upgrade cd with 7 the way you could with Vista and XP.

However, I believe if you load the Windows 7 cd from inside Vista and choose Custom install, that should give you a fresh install of Windows 7 on whichever hard drive you choose. Once it is up and running, you can format your Vista drive and you should have a completely clean Windows 7 install.

I am not sure about running the 64-bit setup from a 32-bit OS though...that could be a problem.

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My native language is not English so I'll just try to put this in a way people understand.

I have a W7 upgrade disc for students and faculty which says: "Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit x86 Upgrade: Pre-existing OS license required (Product key required) ". It looks like this (except different version)

I have used the product key twice, first for upgrading XP>W7 on my old PC and then for installing&activating W7 on my new homebuilt PC with the help of this tutorial Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Now to my current issue. I'm trying to make my W7 64-bit so that I'll be able to use all of my RAM. Will I be able to use the product key in my "Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit x86 Upgrade: Pre-existing OS license required" disc to get 64-bit? In short, will the product key from that 32-bit upgrade disc work on an ISO 64-bit install which I have downloaded from the web (of course I will use the "how to clean install with upgrade disc" tutorial)

If possible can someone provide a step by step tutorial?

A:32-bit->64-bit with Student/faculty 32-bit upgrade disc..

Not an expert on licensing, especially student/faculty, I would say yes. I know you could with a retail version.

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can I use that same disc to reinstall it as my "genuine" window 7? since the previous install already deleted my window vista..

The situation now is my current OS is window 7(upgraded from vista),can I reinstall it using the same method?(upgrade disc) without worrying the copyright and such?

I want to do so because I heard peoples said that if you have a partition with OS alone will grant better performance to the PC..so I tryin' to immediately after the installment of the new window 7, I want to do a partition for the OS alone only,separate it with the programs file and such to avoid the OS file mix around with other file..

please give me some advice..

Thank you very much

A:if I already install window 7 using upgrade disc

If you have a retail upgrade DVD, I believ that you can boot from it, format the OS partition, and install Win7. The old installation will qualify the upgrade license.

If something goes wrong with that, you won't be in trouble:

Clean install with Windows 7 upgrade media? Get the facts! | Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report | ZDNet.com

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On Windows 7, I could use a full install disc, skip entering a key, and then pop in an upgrade key to activate. I know with Windows 8, that you can't skip the key during the install routine, so here's my question:

I have several licenses for Windows 8 from TechNet and Retail purchases. Could I use a full install disc of Windows 8, put enter my upgrade key during the install process? I remember in past versions and other software, you'd be prompted for a key or disc of a previous version.

If that isn't an option, and I go with plan B, following the clean install (using upgrade) tutorial here, how "clean" does it leave the system? I'd have no files on the computer at all worth saving, I just don't want duplicate OS files....hence the reason I'm interested in the clean install above.

If it matters, this would be done on my Ultrabook, which is an HP Envy 4t-1000.

A:Upgrade Key and Full Install Disc

You might want to consider a program such as Active KillDisk. There also is a for-money version.

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I bought a laptop several years ago with Windows Vista installed on it, and opted to buy the upgrade disc to Windows 7 from Dell when it was released. The laptop is still functioning - just - and I would like to clean reinstall Windows 7 on it, restoring it to how it was when it was first installed. Can I do this with an upgrade disc?

I've attached an image of the disc so you can see which one I'm talking about.

A:Can I REinstall Windows 7 using an upgrade disc?

Use the latest official installation media from Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7
which would be Win7 Home Premium x86 SP1 English Official ISO download
burned to new DVD with the tool also provided. Then follow the tutorial to get and keep a perfect install.

If you've upgraded your RAM beyond 4gb you'd want to switch to 64 bit same version to utilize all RAM.

Full and Upgrade version disks are the same, it is the key which determines which will activate. With reinstall of Upgrade version, when booted the installer will see another OS on the drive to allow use of Upgrade key during install. If a new or wiped hard drive it requires special adjustment after install to Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

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Hi folks..
I screwed up and ordered W7 Pro before I realized I couldn't do an upgrade from Vista Home Premium. I really don't want to resintall all my programs. So I'm thinking about installing a new drive, and doing a dual boot setup with W7 on the new "D" drive. Question is, can I do this with an upgrade version of W7, or do I need the full version?


A:Dual boot using W7 Upgrade disc?

Quote: Originally Posted by tcomo

Hi folks..
I screwed up and ordered W7 Pro before I realized I couldn't do an upgrade from Vista Home Premium. I really don't want to resintall all my programs. So I'm thinking about installing a new drive, and doing a dual boot setup with W7 on the new "D" drive. Question is, can I do this with an upgrade version of W7, or do I need the full version?


After your dual booting is working FINE. then use the EASY TRANSFER.
move all Home Premium to Pro.

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Hi to everybody who read this,
I would like to now if
I can to reinstall my activated Vista again from its Upgrade Disc?
In the same way as if it is Full Retail Disc....
As many time as I need...
or the Upgrade Copies are for one time use only???

Thank to everybody ho respond here!

A:Can I REINSTALL my Vista from its Upgrade Disc???

Hi Nedywest,

yes you can use it as many times as you want...the only difference is that it is made to upgrade from xp to vista..definitely more than once...not sure if you just boot up the cd as normal

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I bought Windows 7 pro back when you could pre-order it for cheap and I am confused on how I am going to get mine installed. I am running Vista Home 32bit on my 160GB HD and I want to install 64bit win7 on my new 500GB HD but can I clean install 64bit Pro version on my 500GB

A:Questions about installing with upgrade disc

Hopefully with the way Microsoft has been talking up the 64 bit versions for Windows 7 and considering the number of 32 bit systems in use i would assume, (hope), that this upgrade route has been catered for.

Of course we will not know for sure until the actual upgrade disks are available to test the various scenarios

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I have a valid legal copy of Vista Home Basic installed on my computer. I have lost the install disc and box. I would like to do a clean install of 7 home premium on a new empty HD (a different HD than the Vista install) on the same computer. Is this possible with the upgrade version?

A:I lost my Vista box and disc, can I still use upgrade?

Quote: Originally Posted by svenoaks

I have a valid legal copy of Vista Home Basic installed on my computer. I have lost the install disc and box. I would like to do a clean install of 7 home premium on a new empty HD (a different HD than the Vista install) on the same computer. Is this possible with the upgrade version?

as long as you have a valid key yes Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

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Very frustrated

Bought an Windows 7 home premium upgrade disc for my Vista home premium pc, duly went and downloaded the upgrade advisor program before opening the package and it told me that my computer was a-ok to run windows 7 and upgrade, so I opened the package and put the dvd in my laptop's drive.


It makes a whirring noise, then sticks, if I click on the drive it tells me to insert a disc and ejects the windows 7 dvd.

This is the first and only DVD that has ever behaved like this, all others work.

I went back to the shop and the DVD ran on the computers there.

Why won't it run on mine?

Have an optiarc 5540a dvd drive. In a Dell inspiron 1720 running Vista 32 home premium. The drivers are up to date according to windows.

also, if the shop won't refund my money because I've opened the package (BECAUSE THE STUPID MICROSOFT WINDOWS 7 UPGRADE ADVISOR TOLD ME EVERYTHING WOULD WORK) How do I get my money back from microsoft for selling me a dud?

Also, where's a good place to buy a macbook as I have had enough of this ****

First Vista and now this.

A:Windows 7 upgrade disc not recognized by DVD

Try another DVD drive since it is clear from your tests that it is your DVD drive and not Win7.

You can load it to a flash stick using another computer to boot isntall instead of from DVD: Extract ISO using ImgBurn, Download UltraISO trial, load ISO file, Write Disk Image to flash stick from Bootable tab, click Format button first.

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Hi there.

I am using Windows XP Professional SP1a.
I have a new OEM installation disc of WindowsXP Professional with SP2.

I was wondering can I upgrade my current system with this installation disc?
If yes then How?

Can anybody please help me with this?

Thanks in advance.

A:Can I upgrade to WinXP SP2 from installation disc?

hiren_16 said:

Hi there.

I am using Windows XP Professional SP1a.
I have a new OEM installation disc of WindowsXP Professional with SP2.

I was wondering can I upgrade my current system with this installation disc?
If yes then How?

Can anybody please help me with this?

Thanks in advance.Click to expand...
As that OEM disk is presumably not the one that matches your hardware and was made for a particular system, the answer is no. It would also fail to provide a legitimate XP installation and you'll have multiple activation problems.

It's still possible to obtain SP2 from the Microsoft website and when that's in, go back for SP3 and about seventy subsequent updates.

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Hello, I will be replacing motherboard and CPU with vastly different models. I am currently running W7 installed from a retail upgrade disc from XP.
I plan on using same hard drives and don't mind reformatting system disk. What is my best bet for a successful reactivation. Thanks in advance for any replies.

A:New CPU and MB, how to reinstall using my retail upgrade disc.

You can reuse your Upgrade key, but you might need to reactivate by telephone.

It might boot up ok, but it`s best to do a fresh install on new hardware.

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Computer was purchased 16 September 2009 at Future Shop in Ottawa Canada. It had Windows Vista pre-installed, but an free upgrade to Windows 7 was included in the purchase, with discs supplied by mail at a later date. The upgrade discs were ordered on-line. The discs arrived damaged in transit and were not able to be installed. Now I wish to take advantage of free upgrade to Windows 10, but don't have Windows 7 installed. Are you able to assist? I now live in Australia. HP's on line service help does not give option to ask this question, hence my poast to the forum. Is somebody fro HPP available to respond?

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Is it possible to use the upgrade disc to format C drive (it has the Windows 7 RC activated, I can also reinstall Windows Vista if I have to), and do a clean install?


A:Format C Drive and install with upgrade disc

Yes it is.

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I have found several posts from 2009 that have mentioned the possibility of installing Windows 7 on a new/empty/formatted HDD with an Upgrade edition. I have not, however, found anything recent on this. I have an unused, full retail version of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit Upgrade handy and am going to be building a friend a new PC, custom built. My question is, can someone verify that it is still possible to do a full and new installation of Windows 7 using an Upgrade disc on a brand new HDD?

Any help on this would be appreciated, and I do not mind telling him that he needs to purchase a new OEM or retail version if it comes down to it, being that it is his money ;-)

A:Verification: Windows 7 Upgrade Retail Disc on new HDD


Clean Install Windows 7 with Upgrade Media | Windows 7 content from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows

I've done this myself about a half a dozen times, and I've recommended it dozens and dozens of times and it always works. There are 3 methods discussed, and Method #3 is usually the one that needs to be done.

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I have a windows 7 home premium x64 Toshiba upgrade disc laying around and has not been used as i have a copy of windows 7 ultimate x64 installed on my laptop instead. so i was wondering if there was anyway i could install this on a another computer and do a full install and if it is possible how do i go about doing it? Thanks in advance!

A:Windows 7 Toshiba Upgrade Disc Question

Quote: Originally Posted by raffy

I have a windows 7 home premium x64 Toshiba upgrade disc laying around and has not been used as i have a copy of windows 7 ultimate x64 installed on my laptop instead. so i was wondering if there was anyway i could install this on a another computer and do a full install and if it is possible how do i go about doing it? Thanks in advance!

My Toshiba upgrade disc checked to see if it was being installed on my Toshiba Laptop .

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I'm making my first gaming pc build. I'm going to use my hard drive that came with my hp computer. It originally had Vista on it, now has 7 (pretty sure it's Ultimate). Windows 7 was installed on it by my friend, who I no longer live close to, so I'm gonna install windows myself. I've been told that it is best to do a clean install of Windows on new systems. I want to save money and buy the upgrade disc instead of the full version. My question is that could I create a clean partition on my hard drive, and use that to upgrade windows on? Going from ultimate on one partition to clean new version of home premium? Or is it only possible to go from XP & Vista to 7, and not from one edition of 7 to a different edition of 7. I don't really mind the loss, especially with Windows 8 releasing later.

If this doesn't work, I'll probably just do the Clean install Windows 7 with Upgrade Disk method instead, but I haven't really looked that far into it.

Edit- Forgot to mention that the Windows 7 Ultimate was 64bit, and so is the Home Premium Upgrade Disc I plan on buying.
Thank you for your time .

A:Windows 7 Upgrade disc install questions

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So I got new parts for my computer (MOBO, RAM and CPU) so I decided to do a clean install of windows 7 onto my ssd. I did a clean all using this guide. I then aligned my SSD using this guide.
So when I go through the windows 7 Custom Install my partition isn't there. All that shows is "Disk 1 Partition 1" 232.9GB Total Size and 232.8GB Free space. (Disk 0 is my HDD that is just used for extra storage)

how do I get my partition to show up so I can continue installing windows through my upgrade disc?


So I followed the tutorial in this thread and have started installing. I'll update on how it goes

So the tutorial I mentioned in edit 1 seemed to have worked. I should've done more searching before posting. I just have to activate my windows by calling Microsoft. This thread can be deleted.

A:Clean Install Win7 Upgrade disc on SSD

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Let us know how it goes with a call to Microsoft
It's always a good thing to know

If they give you a hard time just mention win-10 and your interested but don't want a non genuine listing just because your mobo wasn't compatible because it bricked your hdd because of it's new hibernation features and your mobo could not send the wake command to your hdd
So also tell them you had to replace your hdd as well

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Can I use the Windows 7 upgrade disc that I can get for $20 to reformat from Vista 32-bit to Windows 7 64-bit?

A:Custom installation with Win7 Upgrade disc?

Yes. Where are you getting it for $20?

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