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External Hard Drives Wake Up When I Empty Recycle Bin

Q: External Hard Drives Wake Up When I Empty Recycle Bin

I currently have 4 external hard drives connected to my computer. I have each of them set to sleep after an hour of inactivity. However, if I am using the computer, they stay asleep, until I delete something; anything. Any time I send something to the recycle bin, all four of my external hard drives wake up.

I would like for this not to happen. I already went to the Recycle Bin Properties and set each external hard drive to "Don't move files to the recycle bin. Remove files immediately when deleted" thinking that it would quit checking them for deleted files.

I would much appreciate any help on how to prevent these external hard drives from turning on when I delete files off of my computer. And just to be clear, I am NOT deleting files that are on the externals, they are files that are on the Computer.

I use these forums a lot when I have a question, but I have never had the need to post before, so this is my first post. If this is in the incorrect sub-forum, I apologize.

Preferred Solution: External Hard Drives Wake Up When I Empty Recycle Bin

I recommend downloading and running DRP. It's a recovery tool that has been proven to recover files that most other programs have no luck with. I've even recovered files from freshly formatted or partitioned drives.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/v51TwD. (This link will automatically start a download of DRP that you can save to your computer.)

A: External Hard Drives Wake Up When I Empty Recycle Bin

I have EXACTLY the same issue, it's unfortunate no one replied to this

I also set all my drives to "Don't move files to the recycle bin. Remove files immediately when deleted" and everytime I delete a file anywhere ALL external my drives wake up

Is there really no way around this? Is no one else having this issue? Does no one else have an external drive attached to his PC that he wants to sleep while idle? Why is Windows checking ALL the RECYCLE.BIN folders on ALL drives when I delete a file on ONE drive?

It would be really great if someone knew something about this, preferrably some way around this, so the drives can stay asleep when I do not intend to access them but just delete a file on a different drive.

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Greetings group.
I have a 2 month old hard drive that failed on my desktop PC, taking My Documents with 7 years worth of data. I had just moved the folder to the new drive and hadn't gotten a chance to backup yet.
I'm trying to check Recycle bins on my External hard drives to see if I ever had even a partial Documents folder on one of them..
Problem: All 3 of my external hard drives have multiple recycle bins. All of the recycle bins show the same content as my local C Drive on my laptop. I am attaching 2 screenshots for your review. One shot is of the recycle bins on external drive, the other shot is a screenshot of the recycle bins on my C drive on laptop.
I'm logged in as Administrator because my normal login cannot access any of these recycle bins. And my normal login is in the Admin group. Using Windows Explorer as Administrator, I'm unable to see the Recycle bins. I can see them with my regular login. Very odd.

I'm so desperate for help. Any ideas appreciated.

Thanks for any help.

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If this is in the wrong forum, please move to the correct forum.

I am running windows 7 64 bit, and have 4 external hard drives attached (not the best way, but until I can afford a server, the only way).
I am using my computer as a media center only.
When I wake my computer it can take a while (30 seconds to a minute), before I can use it, due to it starting up my external hard drives, but I have noticed a couple of times, my computer will wake without starting up my external hard drives (able to use media center within 2 seconds).
Does anyone know if there is a way to get my computer to wake up without starting up the external hard drives every time?

A:Wake computer without waking external hard drives

Switch them OFF.

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Woke up this morning and the computer rebooted over night, when I logged in my desktop picture is still there but all my desktop icons have disappeared.  Did a quick google search and tried ending the explorer task and running it and still nothing. 
Rebooted the computer a couple times and still nothing.  Then figured I'd go look into the registry to see if anything weird was showing in there and nothing. 
When I click on the computer it shows my hard-drive is using 100GB of space but when I click on the c drive to view the contents it says that the folder is empty.  Verified that files weren't hidden and even after doing the show hidden files it still
says it's empry.  Windows 7 seems to be operating fine even though it's showing nothing.  Computer boots up fine, the ie icons on the taskbar opens up fine, any command line commands work.
Tried running the sfc scannow and came back clean, chkdsk has come back with no problems either.  Kinda at a loss as I'd rather not reinstall windows and I can't even back up the files I have as they aren't showing up.  I do get the same thing
whether I boot into safe mode or not.

A:No desktop icons except recycle bin and hard drive shows empty

Hi Christian,
Running a System Restore rollback to a previous working date seems to be the best option here, as the incident has been observed only today. If you're unable to run System Restore from Windows, you may try running it from Windows RE.Ramesh Srinivasan | The Winhelponline Blog
Microsoft MVP, Windows Desktop Experience

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I've noticed this hidden read-only folder appear on all partitions and external drives (not c (Vista system). Is this an infection?

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Soo when I built my computer, I installed two hard drives since I knew I would eventually run out of room. Well the time has come...I installed Aion and now I'm out of room. BUT it wont let me install programs to the second hard drive. Is this a hard drive issue...like maybe wires should be placed differently? Or something I can do in the BIOS..? I'm kinda lost as far as using my second drive as something OTHER than storage...

A:Two hard drives, one full, and one empty..

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i am going home for winter break and i wanted to take over some videos i had on my hard drive, but the problem is that it is an internal hard drive, and i want to be able to transfer the data to a laptop. Is there a way that you can turn an internal hard drive into an external hard drive? Or is there a piece of hardware that will alow me to do this?

A:Turn internal hard drives into external hard drives

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Hi,i have a problem with recycle bin!!!
Recently i install a program and that program installed searches on my brower mozila ,and
also I have a problem with it !!! I did not realize ,until i delete a file,and i gave right click
on recycle bin (context menu) and dissapear empty recycle bin !!!
i search on internet ,but nothing ,i found reg files ,
and I have opened,but nothing!!maybe is from that program,about search,it s a ads trojan,because i
can not remove,safefinder is the search!!!
and from him,i can not empty recycle bin !!!
pls help me
thank you anticipated !!!

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I'm on Windows 8 Pro RTM and I accidentally removed my Empty Recycle Bin option from Recycle Bin context menu while playing around with context menu editing tool (Windows 8 Manager). I cannot to system restore because I installed many things, etc. which would be hassle to sort out. Could you please provide me with a new registry key file which would help me get it back? Please.


EDIT: Screenshot attached.

A:Getting back 'Empty Recycle Bin' Context Menu On Recycle Bin

1) You can go open recycle bin and then empty it. It just takes one more step to accomplish it.

2) If you have ccleaner you can restore or just clean with ccleaner itself. Honestly I've not used recycle bin for over a month.

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I accidentally removed my Empty Recycle Bin option from Recycle Bin context menu while playing around with context menu editing tool (Windows 7 Manager). I cannot to system restore because I installed many things, etc. which would be hassle to sort out. Could you please provide me with a new registry key file which would help me get it back? Please.


A:Getting back 'Empty Recycle Bin' Context Menu On Recycle Bin

Welcome to the forum,

This should put it back for you,

Empty Recycle Bin - Add to Desktop Context Menu

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Hi, I have a oldish acer lap top running windows vista and has two dual hard drives (30 gig a piece). I use the C: drive for programs and try keep all data and media on the D: drive. Both have obviously been quite full so I recently invested in an external harddrive and then cut and pasted pretty much everything from the D: drive into the external hard drive. Leaving the D: all but empty. The problem now however, is that while I have plently of space on the my D: drive the C: drive remains very full (less than 10% free) and I dont know what to move if anything. Furthermore I have been through the programs files looking for un-needed files, uninstalled unused programs, done a disk clean up and defrag and still I have less than 10% room. I cant even work out what is taking up all the space. Someone please help me

A:Dual Hard Drives, One Full, One Empty

You can use a partition utility to expand the "C:\" partition to fill the entire hard drive; the laptop has one physical hard drive split into two partitions. Here's one such free tool: http://www.paragon-software.com/home/pm-express/

Be aware that if your only copy of the data is on the external drive then you have left yourself very prone to data loss if the drive fails; drives fail very frequently. You should have at least two copies of all important data.

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I have 4 Internal HDDs installed, 3 are SATA and 1 IDE, Whenever I wake my PC from a hybrid sleep the IDE drive no longer responds (slave drive) It causes explorer to freeze for awhile as it tries to access and the HD light stays lit until I reboot the PC.

Also Im unable to shutdown properly or reboot when this happens, I have to do a hard reset or hold the power button. (attempting to do a normal restart / shutdown always gets stuck at "logging off").

I never use to have this problem before, it seems to of started after I enabled Intel AHCI in my bios recently, but I didnt think this would effect an IDE drive? The drive works fine before the PC goes to sleep and no SMART errors are reported in HD Tune etc.

Any ideas appreciated.

A:One of my hard drives wont wake from Hybrid sleep.

If you used the intel controller to set it to AHCI mode - did you install this driver from the gigaybyte site it will update the AHCI driver and should provide correct functionality- Intel SATA RAID Driver - - GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1366 - GA-EX58-UD3R (rev. 1.6) i think its the latest version or equivalent version of the Intel Rapid Storage driver which is needed even when you dont have raid enabled. Note Im not 100% sure here as i have no gigabyte board and i cant unpack the driver to check it.

You could also update to the latest driver for your video card - long shot fix.

Otherwise Switch back to ide mode - AHCI is only usefull for hot swapping hard drives - if you have no need there is no speed difference as most modern hard drives have this enabled automatically. W7 should find the original driver upon rebooting if you just reset from AHCI to IDE mode in the bios.

If you used the microsoft fix, to be sure of success, follow this path in the registry : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Msahci - then right click start - modify and change from 0 to 3 - then go to bios and reset back to IDE mode and reboot.

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Yesterday I discovered my computer will no longer read my flash drives, external hard drives or SD cards.  If I plug in any of them, they don’t even show up in Disk Management.  In Device Manager they will show up, but will have a yellow flag and under Properties it says the driver for this device is not installed even though they’ve been used before on the computer.  Clicking “Update Driver” doesn’t help because it searches and says there are no drivers for this device.  If I go to the “Events” tab, it gives the  date and “Device configured (null)”.
I restarted my computer today, hoping it might correct this problem, but when restarting I ended up with a message about an inaccessible boot drive.  After going into a loop several times where it told me about the inaccessible boot drive and then restarted again, I finally ended up with a screen that gave me more options for troubleshooting such as doing a system restore point.  I had the computer perform a system restore and finally it took me to the welcome screen and then desktop.  Anyway, rebooting did not correct the problem about my computer not reading my flash drives, external hard drives or SD card.  Any ideas?  Maybe the problems I’m having are related to a recent Windows update (computer seemed to be working fine before the update), but don’t know for sure. 
My computer is an HP deskto... Read more

A:Computer no longer reads flash drives, external hard drives.

What you want to do is to go to the HP wesite's support page, find your computer and you should be able to download the current drivers. Here is a link to the page. https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers

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I am running Windows XP SP3 right now on a Lenovo 7650-ELU and experiencing some odd problems. For some reason, the laptop I have will not recognize USB Flash Drives that I put into it or External Hard Drives. I know that the USB ports work correctly, because I have plugged in optical mouses and keyboards that work. I searched the forums and didn't see anything like this.

It's odd how when I first insert them, it makes the sound and shows the icon in the taskbar that would allow me to safely remove the device, but nothing else. So far, I have gone into the device manager and uninstalled all the USB ports and restarted hoping this would solve my problem, but it continues to do the same thing.

If anyone has some helpful advise, please post. I appreciate all the help.


A:USB Ports Don't Recognize Flash Drives or External Hard Drives

Has it ever worked before?

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I volunteer for a Charity in the main role of IT admin. Part of what I want to do is ensure the Laptops, External Drives and Memory sticks are encrypted, but I am worried if I (try to) encrypt a drive with files already on, they will get messed up. I am not an expert, so would appreciate any advice and guidance anyone can give. Any favourite products? We are a charity so want to pay little or nothing for this. The intention is to ensure any personal information we hold is secure if it falls into the wrong hands. I am clearly looking at making sure no-one uses Laptops/Ext drives/memory sticks that do not belong to the charity when working (self included), but am a little uncertain where to start with this and do not want to make things worse. Any input gratefully received. Probably a simple question for lots of you, but not for me!!

A:Encryption of hard drives, external drives and Memory sticks

All the encryption programs I know of support encrypting drives with data. BitLocker and Vercrypt(TrueCrypt port) absolutely do. BitLocker absolutely requires the use of strong Windows passwords as it only protects the drive if its removed or accessed via another boot device. VeraCrypt has the added benefit of having a pre-boot password so you cannot even boot to the operating system without entering the password. You should still of course have strong passwords and automatic locking of the system after a set time of inactivity.

You may also want to re-evaluate the need for USB drives and sticks, not only are they bad for data security but also easy to lose, have stolen, or just fail. Central storage and VPN access may be preferred to a giant pile of external devices that some places end up relying on.

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Hi been a silent reader for quite a while and have found some of the tips and solutions here on the forums very helpful.

Nuf said... I have a Trekstor MovieStation M.U (500GB) mainly used for storing movies and MP3's, it is showing a RECYCLE.BIN folder when I attached it to the Television. However, I cannot seem to find/view the said folder under Windows Vista or XP to be able to delete the entire folder (even after showing all files for folder options has been enabled) and reclaim the space used by the recycle bin.

Is there a way to permanently delete the RECYCLE.BIN folder from that external hard drive and reclaim the space?

I know there is a DOS command to do so, but am just not just sure how the exact formatting goes... afraid to make a mistake for I might delete more than just the recycle bin folder. hehehe...

If I remember right...

Cmd prompt< type cd\ type desired drive..

attrib -r -h -s recycle.bin but the cmd is not being accepted or there might be a missing string or cmds???

to remove???

rem recycle.bin /q

Then remove the entire recycle.bin folder after doing so. Please point me to the right direction, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I no longer remember the dos commands. hehehe...


A:External Hard Drive Recycle.bin

Is the recycle.bin folder taking up that much room, it's shouldn't take up more of a then a few bytes when empty. It's s system folder that is part of Windows. Your TV is just displaying system files at are normally hidden in Windows.

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have a machine with window 8.1 in a domain. 
Now when i logged in on this machine i got below error. could you please get me out of this.
The Recycle Bin on D:\ is corrupted. Do you want to empty the Recycle Bin for this drive?

Thank you

A:The Recycle Bin on D:\ is corrupted. Do you want to empty the Recycle Bin for this drive?

even though there is also possibility issue also from the server side setting to this specific user, lets try to troubleshoot from client side
when this issue start happen? for first bet try to perform system restore using restore point
try to login using local admin PC, check if this issue also persist there
turn of antivirus and security software to check, or you can perform clean boot
try to run system file checker to fix registry issue
try to login at safe mode with networking, and check
is this issue not persist at safemode with networking, maybe 3rd party software caused this issue
is there any important data on the D drive? please backup if any. Try to reformat this drive and check
the other workaround is try to re-create user profile. Maybe you need local administrator here

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My Windows 10 Home laptop will recognize all of my flash drives but won't recognize any of my external hard drives. They all use to show up but now they aren't. The hard drives show up in disk manager but won't show up in file explorer. I hooked them up to other laptops & they all show up. I've tried uninstalling drivers & reinstalling them but It hasn't worked. Any ideas?

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I have a new computer plus a couple of other computers and I have some external hard drives and flash drives. what is the best way to check these devices to make sure they are clean, will just connecting them and viewing them or running AV and other security checks propose a risk to the computer that is checking?
Thanks for any advise!

A:External Hard drives and flash drives security


You can consider the use of the Panda Vaccine on your computer and USB Drives:
Download Panda USB and AutoRun Vaccine - MajorGeeks

This tool provides a two way security by vaccinating both computer and/or USB drives.
It work on NTFS, FAT, FAT32 formatted drives.
However, vaccinating a USB drive cannot be undone without formatting the USB disk, using a hex editor, or a File Manager in a Linux distribution..

Next, make sure that your Antivirus can scan USB drives. Some do not have this option.

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I set up a new computer. Windows 7 Pro 64x
Everything was fine but then I connected a flash drive to it and I get:

Location Not Available
H:\ is not accessible. Access is denied

If I go into the properties to the ?security? tab, it says ?you do not have permission to view or edit this object?s permission settings?

If I go into the ?owner? tab of Advanced Security Settings, current owner says ?Unable to display current owner?
This is on every flash drive and portable hard drive on all 4 usb ports.
I am logged in as the administrator and there is not even another user account on the computer
I?ve run sfc /scannow

I?m absolutely stumped. I?ve never had this happen on any computer where I couldn?t use an external device.

This is not my computer so I?ll have to do whatever remotely.

Thank you for the help.

A:All Flash Drives & External Hard Drives NOT ACCESSIBLE?

Sometimes when I plug in a USB Thumb/Flash drive I get a message about "this device can perform faster if plugged into a USB 2 port" so I shut the computer down and pull the power cord and USB devices from the back of it. After waiting a bit I put everything back and all is good.

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Hi all,

I was using Ace Utilities to scan an external hard drive and I noticed that 35.5GB was taken up in a folder called $recycle.bin. Can I empty the contents of this folder and all will be ok?


edit to add....theres also a folder called RECYCLER which contains 3.3GB...can this be emptied too?

A:$recycle.bin folder on external hard drive

Those folders contain the files you have moved to Recycle Bin. $recycle.bin is used by Windows Seven, RECYCLER was used by earlier 5x series Windows (2000, XP, 2003).
If you do not need any of the files from the Recycle Bin you can delete both of these folders. Windows will restore them when needed.

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In mid December I purchased a custom built PC and up until now it has been running perfectly.

But recently I scanned my entire computer (and connected devices) with AVG and found that inside of my external hard drive I have a virus.

This virus is located in the hidden $RECYCLE.BIN folder.

I have tried using AVG Free, Norton 360 (Trial) and Malwarebytes (Trial) to remove the virus but they either don't find the objects or are unable to delete them.

I have tried browsing to the folder myself by changing folder options but when I try to delete the folder in question the deletion diolog does not move from "discovering".

I will attach some screen shots of my AVG test results. Any help is much appreciated.

Caleb Watson

SCAN RESULTS - http://cdwriter2.com/resources/images/others/v1.PNG
PROBLEM - http://cdwriter2.com/resources/images/others/v2.PNG

A:$RECYCLE.BIN Virus in External Hard Drive


Gave permissions to folder through folder options.

Deleted folder. (Had to wait for a few minutes)

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OK this is NOT really a "problem" but more annoying than anything else.I was just wondering if this is supposed to work this way...and if not if there is a way to "fix" this?
When I have not been to my (32 bit) Win 7 Recycle bin in awhile, I usually click on it and HAVE TO WAIT while my Western Digital 3 TB External hard drive is activated (It also used to happen on my Western Digital 1 TB External hard drive as well)...this happens everytime and a re-format does NOT make this behavior go away...Is this supposed to happen?
Because it is VERY ANNOYING having to wait whle my external hard drive "wakes up" ...when all I am wanting to do is access the stupid recycle bin in win 7!
Anyone got a solution for this? Or is that what is supposed to happen?
I really do not know if this is caused by win 7...or by the western digital external hard drive itself....but I have been using this brand for awhile and I think it used to happen in XP also, though it was SO long ago I do not remember.

A:External hard drive activates when using win 7 recycle bin?

Files deleted from a hard drive are stored in the drives recycle bin, even though it is not a visible folder.  By accessing the recycle bin while a drive is connected windows includes the files for that drive as well, by default.  If the drive is not connected it will not be included.  This is normal.

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I have a Seagate ext. HD with 27GB of personal files and 2 GB of system files; 29 GB in all. Yet when I check the properties of the recycle bin it shows that there are (in the recycle bin) 84GB/31,072 files. I do Empty Recycle Bin and when I check properties again it shows the same 84GB/31,072 files. Why is it that I cannot get rid of them? Thanks in advance.

A:Seagate external hard drive recycle bin

Right click on Recycle icon and scroll to Empty Bin.
Perhaps you weren't clicking Apply.

Mine is grayed out because it is empty.

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when I put my external hard disk into my computer then some items are placed in the recycle bin.

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Hi need help, have basic computer skills.
My computer went insane last night and to cut a long story short I ended up having to reformat my pc. When I had everything set up again I plugged in my external hard drive and it showed up as empty. I got out my backup cd and copied it during the process I got a warning message that there was already a folder called (Creative Writing) and did I want to overwrite the originall. I stoped the copying. I'm assuming that means the files are all still there (phew) now how do I make it so I can see and acess them. I have the pc set up to see hidden files.

A:External Hard Drive Appears Empty

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My HP Notebook (Windows 7) suffered a sudden meltdown earlier this evening and after hours of trying to resolve the problem, I did a system recovery and took it back to its factory settings. Everything seems alright now, except for one annoying thing: I connected my USB external hard drive and it showed up as normal in Computer, (G, and also displayed the usual 250GB free of 450GB blurb underneath the title, but when I clicked to open it, nothing was there except for the words 'This folder is empty'. I plugged it into my flatmate's Mac, and all the files showed up fine, but they just won't show up on my laptop. Does anyone have any clue as to how I can rectify this? Thanks in advance.

A:External hard drive claiming to be empty

Can you move a test file to the "Empty" folder on the external and then see it?


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I have a External Seagate 2 Tb hard drive that after a while, will disconnect and I can't wake it by trying to access the drive in Explorer. I tried rebooting my computer but it doesn't show up anymore. The only solution it seems is to disconnect the drive and plug it back in.

Any advices?

I am on Windows 10

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If I'm running utorrent when I put my W7 pc to sleep, after it wakes my external hardrive will become completely unresponsive. Usb hardrive at this point will not eject properly so I have to either unplug it unsafely or reboot PC to regain control of drive. If I remember to shut off Utorrent before I put PC to sleep, PC will wake fine with ex. hardrive working fine. Anyone know a fix for this so I can avoid having to turn Utorrent off first before I put my PC to sleep?

A:External hard drive unresponsive when wake from sleep

Quote: Originally Posted by leif

If I'm running utorrent when I put my W7 pc to sleep, after it wakes my external hardrive will become completely unresponsive. Usb hardrive at this point will not eject properly so I have to either unplug it unsafely or reboot PC to regain control of drive. If I remember to shut off Utorrent before I put PC to sleep, PC will wake fine with ex. hardrive working fine. Anyone know a fix for this so I can avoid having to turn Utorrent off first before I put my PC to sleep?

If you put your machine to sleep, then all programs are suspended, so there is absolutely no point in leaving them "running". Most especially not if this causes errors on waking.

Regards....Mike Connor

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I have windows 7 pro and recently I have not been able to open up a new folder on any external hard drive or flash drive that I use with my computer. When I use these same flash and external hard drives in another computer it works fine, my initial thought is, there is something disabled in my system or some program is blocking me when I try to create a new folder in my drives. need advice and help.

A:Flash drives and external hard drives

It may be your explorer. Run a sfc /scannow in Command Prompt

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I already found out the hard way that flash drives don't have a registry in which I can install a program to it, and run it on other computers, unless the program is a lite program. Is there a way to make it more flexible in the sense of creating a registry for it?

Next question; Do external hard drives have a registry? Could I install games and or programs to an external and run them directly from it? Is there a way to create a registry for it if it does not have one?
Anyone that has anything else to possibly add, I'm more than happy to explore any and all options, so don't be shy!

Help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

A:External hard drives / flash drives.

i do not know the particulars of it but yes it is possible to copy/paste a programme file from c drive ,programme files, onto flash drive and run it, i do it myself

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I have several old hard drives, taken from previouse CPU's. Is there anyway in which I can use them as external hard drives or be able to read what is stored on them, without hooking up INSIDE my CPU ?

A:Old hard drives, can I make them external drives ?

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microsoft windows 7 home basic, 64 bit...i have explained each and everything in detail what i did after facing the problem... sorry if i have elaborated it too much...please check belowwhen i first met with this problem, the first thing i did was went to folder options, clicked show hidden files,folders and drives also clicked show protected operating system files...i saw this $RECYCLE.BIN folder and system volume information everywere in C,D,F drive and EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE (320gb)...(1) especially in my EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE which has $RECYCLE.BIN folder, i opened it, it had - a recycle bin folder with a lock - S-1-5-21-566146807-459689816-3130632603-1000 folder - S-1-5-21-695743439-2845992669-431325320-1001 folder - S-1-5-21-755617662-3353771602-1062257434-1000 folder - S-1-5-21-797640045-2461420396-3694299848-1000 folder - S-1-5-21-2551219980-1859055015-87672157-1000 folder - S-1-5-21-3106398197-1369648863-2263781077-1000 folder whenever i tried to open this " S-1-5........." folder i get a box which says " G:\$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5....... is not accessible ". access is denied.(2)whenever i try to open some songs, movies folders in my external hard drive the whole drive gets stuck and on the top it says "not responding"...then iam ableto see only the background picture and iam able to do nothing ..so i shut it down and on again...(3) but in my laptop in the c,d,f drives the $RECYCLE.BIN folder... Read more

A:$RECYCLE.BIN problem, External hard drive gets stuck and not responding...

Recycle Bin...should be a folder reflected for each partition.Recycler should be a folder reflected on each partition/drive when using Explorer view in Windows.http://support.microsoft.com/kb/171694Both of these are perfectly normal system files and should not be tampered with. Do not try to manually delete them or delete the contents.If you think that your Recycle Bin is damaged...simply turn off the Recycle Bin on the desktop to remove the contents of the folders reflected on each partition. You can turn it back on the reverse way of turning it off.http://delltech.150m.com/XP/exploring/12.htmLouis

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I work on a laptop and a desktop. I use an external 320 GB hard disk to save my files.
The laptop is running windows 7 home basic 64 bit (more than 2 years old) and The desktop is running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit (recently installed with formatting new pc).
The problem is..
If the HDD connected to the desktop and I delete any file from the HDD, the file appears in the recycle bin of the desktop but as I connect the HDD in laptop the files are not appear under recycle bin of the laptop. Likewise any file deleted from HDD appears in recycle bin of the laptop when the HDD connected to the laptop but not appears in the recycle bin when connected to the desktop.
Is it normal? I do not think so. If it is a problem then how can I correct it. I have tried windows troubleshooting -- performance check , HDD error check but no error can be find out in both computers.

Wish for your helpful suggestions.

A:Recycle bin not showing deleted files for an external hard drive

I think this is quite normal if I have read your post correctly. When you delete a file from your external HD the deleted file get transferred to the Recycle Bin of the computer you are using. When you change the external HD to your laptop then there is no record of those files as they have already been deleted & would still be the Recycle Bin of desktop, unless you have deleted them from there.

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My Buffalo external drive shows empty on window 7 pro, no previous signs of malfunction just a little slow before this incident.
when i trying to right click and check properties, after a while windows shows a message saying " data error (Cyclic redundancy check)"
It contains all my family photos for the last years, please if anyone can help me with this issue I will appreciate

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Hi, I have a 500gb seagate external hard drive, and already used 240gb space.
It worked fine until yesterday suddenly i could not access the files at all. I checked disk management, and it showed that my external drive became RAW drive.

I tried to do chkdsk that i learned from one of the forum, and then it somehow has fixed the RAW drive back to FAT32. However i still cannot see any of my files.

I opened command prompt, and typed in dir /a
and it said 0 files 0 byets, 4 DIR 288,714, 293, 248 bytes free

How can i bring my files back?? I don't want to lose my files
can someone help me please..urgent

Sorry i am no tech expert, so please help me using an easy explanation =)

A:HELP! External hard drive shows used space but empty folders!

Sounds like the FAT table has got screwed up meaning the OS will not be able to display your files - don't worry, this is quite common and you should be able to recover them on the assumption the drive is not physically damaged (i.e. clunking when seeking).

There are plenty of recovery programs, some free, that work well.

I'll check these out and post back.

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I'd like to resign my current drive to backup duty by putting it in an enclosure. I'm wondering if I can leave it with an intact OS (XP) and if so, if/how I can switch back and forth between being able to boot off of it and using it as a storage device.

Thank you

A:About External Hard Drives

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I just bought a 40 gb external hardrive 2.5 sata. Could someone tell me if it works with Vista. I thought I was ordering a Seagate from EBay, that is what they told me I was ordering but instead got this Sata. I can't get it to work. Anyone know anything about this. Is it user friendly?

A:external hard drives

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.66GHz, Intel64 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1534 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6200SE TurboCache(TM), 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152524 MB, Free - 113040 MB; E: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 71663 MB;
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

Hi I would appreciate some enlightenment on this problem if possible.
I regularly use 3 500GB external hard drives attached to my pC via direct USB links. This has always worked fine in the past. Unfortunately my previous PC is out of action >I may have to come to the forum about that one, it's a real humdinger is that one<
The PC I'm now having to use is a Win as distinct from an XP but I don't see why that should make a real difference.
Only one of the HDD's is 'sen' by the PC it flat out refuses to see the other 2. I have swapped around the ports and the leads and it makes no difference it will only see one. I have plugged the drives into a laptop and they work fine in that, just not in the PC.
Aside from backup, I have information on each that I really need access to on a daily basis, so switching them around is a real pain ITA. I have tried plugging them all into a hub then into the osame socket with the one that works but that dumb idea... Read more

A:External hard drives not seen by new PC

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hey all im new to this site, i have recently bought a new external hard drive 200gb and it is connected up into a network of 4 computers, and i have put my extensive music collection on to it, i was wondering how to access these files via WMP or can i not?? also do i have to open each individual folder/album to get WMP to regognise it or can i "scan" my network for music files??

thanks x

A:WMP and external hard drives

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I am looking to get an external hard drive. The one I am interested in is Ximeta's Netdisk 160 due to its ability to connect directly to my network via ethernet cable. Has anyone had any experience with these drives? Are there any other manufacturers that have hard drives with ethernet connections in the same price range?
Also, I have also found that many here recommend external hard disk enclosures. This seems that it may be another option if the price is lower. But, are those hot-swappable? This is a must for me.
I am running Win XP Pro, have firewire and USB 2.0 connections. T

You're assistance is greatly appreciated!

A:External Hard Drives

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If an external hard drive is infected by malware will the OS hard drive also be infected

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Hi all, I'm thinking about getting a digital camcorder soon and do some video editing on my PC. I know this requires a lot of hard disk space so I was thinking about getting a 60GB hard drive. The thing is I heard that there are some new external hard drives out right now that connect to your PC via firewire (IEEE1394). These external drives are much more expensive than their internal counterparts, but I was wondering how would the performance compare to the internal drives? Would a 60 GB 7200 RPM external drive be as good as a 60 GB 7200 RPM internal drive?
It would be really cool if these firewire drives would handle video editing as good or better than their internal counterparts because you can do editing on your desktop PC at home or on the road with a laptop.


A:External Hard Drives

The last review on hard drives that I seen about a month ago gave the gold medal still to the scuzzy drives but IDE drives are catching up the Firewire drives were very slow compared to the IDE drives and much more expensive. here is a review I found for one http://www.pcplus.co.uk/article.asp?id=29569&cat=REVEW
I dont know if this is the type of thing you are looking for?
this is for another the transfer times tell there own story
hope this helps

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I have two external hard drives which i store and run stuff from.... This has never been a problem while running xp.

I've been sitting on this problem for a while looking for a solution or waiting untill i have seen someone else with a similar problem in hope that there will be a fix. So far, no luck.

The Problem:

This is pretty hard to explain as the problem is pretty random.... From boot up sometimes none or one of my hard drives show up. Mostly they both appear.
Upon Windows startup Sometimes only one external hard drive will appear, then about 10 mins later windows will try to autorun the other as soon as it is eventually recognised.
Sometimes they're no problem untill you try to move large files from one drive to another or from one drive to my hard drive. It will start to move them and then freeze half way through claiming that the files dont exist. You then go to explorer to look, the drives are showing and so is every folder but the folders show as empty.
Both hard drives lights are off indicating they are off.
The only way to fix it is a system restart.

One is a maxtor basics 500gig and the other is a Seagate 1tb. I am running the trial version of windows 7.

I have played with the power manegement and nothing has been told to be switched off..... this hasn't helped.
I've tried unplugging, changing cables, exorcism..... none has affected it.

The only solution a can imagine now is reverting back to xp and cancelling my order for windows 7.

Please tell me ... Read more

A:External Hard Drives


hi and welcome to sevenforums

Are they both USB?

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Has anyone used or built an external hard drive?

Are there any advantages to using one?

A:External Hard Drives

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Bought a new 2TB Western Digital Elements external portable hard drive to back-up my computer. When I plug it in (it does show up as being recognized by the computer) and go to the Windows backup , click on back up now, there is a pause, then the message that it "did not back-up, check my backup and try again". Which I have done. Over and over, with the same result.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU 530 @ 2.93GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6007 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator HD, -1316 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 919 GB (783 GB Free);
Motherboard: Gateway, H57M01
Antivirus: Advanced SystemCare Ultimate, Enabled and Updated

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