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Solved: Canon PIXMA MP780-Won't work on Windows 7

Q: Solved: Canon PIXMA MP780-Won't work on Windows 7


Despite working on Windows XP my Canon Pixma MP780 won't work on Windows 7. I have put the Original Cd in my computer and it says that it won't work with Windows 7.

Any help appreciated.



Preferred Solution: Solved: Canon PIXMA MP780-Won't work on Windows 7

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Canon PIXMA MP780-Won't work on Windows 7

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For long distance calling I use a calling card which requires first calling the card company, using an 800 number, where I am asked for my card number followed by either "1" or "2" and then the number which I wish to call, also followed by a "1" or "2". Can someone tell me the series of steps which I need to take in programming in this sequence of numbers into this Canon MP780 printer? TIA.

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The Sending Fax instructions show 5 steps to take:
1. Load document.
2. Press (FAX)
3. Adjust settings for document.
4. Dial recipients's number.
5. Press (Color) for color sending and Black) for black & white sending.

When I follow this procedure the screen on the printer says "Warming Up" and nothing happens. As far as settings go I leave them in Receive mode. Is that the problem?

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I have a canon pixma mp780, 5 years old, wonderful machine. never a problem. today i am getting a message "wrong cartridge". the red alarm light is also flashing, and the warning tone sounds. this happened when i tried to print a document from the computer. i received a fax into memory and it will not print. (it went into memory because it would not print. i have it set to print all incoming faxes. now, several hours later the error message is gone, but the light continues to flash and the warning tone continues. i tried several times to reset the 2 black cartridges, (there are no color cartridges in, nor have there been any for sometime). i have printed and received faxes recently. i also turned the surge plug strip off, no change. can any one offer any help with this?? thanx for your reply.

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Can anyone who owns either this model, or a similar one, help me with interpreting the keyboard? I previously owned an HP T-65 (all-in-one) which was relatively easy to setup for FAXing. I use a Sprint calling card for long distance and, with my HP, I was able to store the 800 number on "1", my calling card number on "2", and frequently called parties on 3 thru 10. So, when I wanted to send a FAX I merely clicked on "1", waited for the operator to respond, then clicked on "2" to enter my calling card number, and then "3", "4", "5" or... depending on which of the parties I wished to contact. I have just acquired this new printer and wish to set it up likewise but haven't figured out how to do it and the instructions aren't too helpful to me. Hope someone can simplify it for me! TIA.

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I have a Canon PIXMA MP780 All-In-One InkJet Printer, and when I try to scan documents with ScanGear Starter I get an error, code 2,110,0. The scan is aborted with no other explanation. Yet if there is a precise error code, I guess there should also be a precise solution. I installed all the recommended drivers for Windows 7 64 bits, so I do not think the problem comes from there, especially since I had the same problem on my XP 32-bit computer.

Just now, while writing this post in fact, I actually succeeded scanning documents with the MP780 after starting ScanGear Starter software by pushing the Start button on the printer when in Scan mode.

So the problem has been quite accidentally and randomly solved... for now. But I know I am not the only one having the same scanning problem with the Canon PIXMA MP780 All-In-One InkJet Printer, so I would like to know if anyone has an explanation or, much better, a solution in case the problem would reappear.

And please do not tell me to "just buy a new printer," as I saw in another forum. That is NOT a solution, only an expensive bypass.

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Hi All

I am attempting to hook up mu Canon PIXMA MP780 (Printer, Scanner, Fax) but apparently it's not compatible for Vista 32bit.

I had previously been using it with XP.

Is it possible to make it compatible - are there any specific drivers that make it compatible ??

I'm trying to scan some legal documents ASAP to send via email.

Any help greatly appreciated.

many Thanks

A:Vista Compatible Driver For Canon Pixma Mp780

Driver seems to be available from the Canon site: http://software.canon-europe.com/products/0010139.aspSelect Vista and your language.

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I keep getting a "out of paper" error when I try to use the printer. It tells me to load paper into the tray and press the reset button. There is plenty of paper in the tray. I have looked at the paper tray holder while requesting it to print and it looks like the paper is never lifted up to meet the roller, almost like nothing happens. I would try to clean the rubber wheel for the paper pick up but it looks like it never moves nor does the paper ever move to meet the roller. Anyone have any suggestions as to what might be wrong and a possible fix?

A:Paper feed problem Canon PIXMA MP780

Found solution on CANON Web Site on how to clean the rollers. Has automatic cycle for this. I will know better next time.

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I have a Canon Pixma MP780 all-in-one printer in my office at work. It is great - prints nicely and quickly. There is just one problem: the LCD display for the ink cartridges' levels of ink is usually not accurate. Right now the display is showing that the Magenta and Cyan cartridges are full, although they should be almost empty. For the black BCI-6 cartridge, the display has been showing nearly empty for quite some time, when in fact I have replaced that cartridge with new ones several times.

I've mentioned this to people in the store where I buy the ink cartridges, and they say they haven't heard of this before... have only suggested that I return the cartridges for a replacement. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to matter if I keep replacing the cartridges, even though they are full - it seems not to be a cartridge issue.

My office computer is an HP Pavillon a1510y, running Windows Home Vista (not my choice). I can't recall if I had experienced this problem when the printer was connected to my previous work pc, which was running Windows Me. I did do a Vista driver update for the printer several months ago.

Can anyone help, please?

Thanks very much!

A:Canon Pixma MP780 ink cartridge display problem

If the LCD display is wrong and it is on the printer itself then it is nothing to do with Vista. I do however have no idea of a way to solve this problem, can you perform a reset of the printer, i think it involves holding several buttons on the printer but i can not remeber which.

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Am I the only one who can get a printer to setup and work great the first time out of the box but as soon as you upgrade an operating system or replace ink or something it just never wants to print again??

So currently my printers are installed on my PC and neither are printing wirelessly, if I plugin a usb one of them prints the other doesn't. Can someone give me some sound advice on how to completely restart the driver and software process and get both printers working?

I run Windows 8.1

Canon Pixma MG7120
Canon Pixma MX882

I want to use my Verizon Fios router to connect them wirelessly (is that a problem?) I used to have them on a netgear but I don't use that router anymore.

A:Getting Canon PIXMA printers to work with Windows 8.1

Just enter the new SSID & Passphrase for the new Gateway. Make sure it is set for Wireless-G.

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Bought a Canon MP 750 on Wednesday. Seems to print well, but not happy with the results of walk up copy and also scan to computer/print.

Original printing from the computer, print alignment, print nozzle checks etc are all OK. It seems there is a problem with the scanning - copies come out significantly less colour intense, at times with bits even missing from the copy.

Rang Canon for support and returned machine to store on Friday & got a second one. It seems to fare no better.

At this stage I will be ringing Canon again on Monday - but in the meantime I'm interested to hear from anyone else with this machine.

Can anyone tell me what happens when you select the copy button, and then "colour"? Do you get the following message:

Colour copying......

or do you get


followed by a request for the next page or to click OK to exit?
This then followed by

Colour copying....

as above?

The reason I ask is that on the first machine we only ever got "colour copying" followed by the scan and the print out.

On the second machine, the first two times we did a copy it gave us the scan message on the display first, followed by the copy message. However from the third copy on it has always only ever been "colour copying...."

If I use the software to scan into the computer I can set different scanning resolutions....but when I print out I don't see any marked improvement.

The above was using the image quality "normal&q... Read more

A:Solved: Anyone own a Canon Pixma MP 750?


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Windows Xp

I have used my Canon MP500 for two years. It prints OK but it won't scan. About 18 months ago it completely disappeared from my computer. I tried to take the computer back to a date when it worked but it wouldn't allow me to do so. After reloading it twice it finally worked again. Now it has disappeared again. When I find Omnipage the message comes up "The parameter is incorrect"
Why does it suddenly disappear? I can't think I have done anything to make it do so.

A:Solved: Canon Pixma MP 500

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This is my first post so please forgive me if I have not followed the correct procedures.
I have a Canon Pixma iP5000 printer. It worked fine for about one year but now has all print jobs have a pink colour, to the partial exclusion of blue. I have tried all the suggested maintenance procedures, alignment, clean print heads etc and I have checked the installation of the print cartridges. I have also re-installed the software.
Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.


A:Solved: Canon Pixma iP5000

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I can print pictures that are on my Samsung laptop, using my Canon Pixma MP620 with a USB cable, but when I try to scan a picture and send it to my laptop, nothing happens. A window opens asking me what device I want to use and only shows my old Epson (which I no longer have) When I go into the control panel & click on hardware and printer, it shows my Canon MO620 and has a green checkmark by it so I'm pretty sure it's capable it just won't cooperate! Thanks for any information!

A:Using a Canon Pixma with Windows 8

Does Devices and Printer also list the MP620 listed as a scanner? My Canon MX490 Shows up 3 times as Printer, Fax, and Scanner. I yours does not show as both a printer and a scanner, you may need to reinstall the driver software.

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My Canon MP220 worked perfectly well until my computer totally crashed some months ago. The computer was completely reinstalled to the original settings.

Since then the printer & copier work on the MP220 but the scanner does not. I have reinstalled drivers OK. However, I do not have the original disk which installed the program that I used to scan.Any ideas please.


A:Solved: Canon pixma mp220 problem

Drivers and Software available here

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I just got a Canon Pixma MP480 and I'm trying to use the OCR option to scan a document and save it as a text file. The software that comes with it is MP Navigator EX and the help file says:

Application Settings - OCR with

After the image is scanned, the text in the image is extracted and appears in Notepad (included with Windows).
Click to expand...

I can scan a document, but the only options are to save it as either a TIFF or BMP file. The only option that comes with the OCR function is to set the language. I don't see anyway to save it as a txt file and Notepad doesn't "appear".

A:Solved: Scanning with Canon Pixma MP480

Sounds like OCR is not installed... no text option
Do you have M$ office ??
If so .. scan as a tif .. then see
M$ Office >> Office Tools >> M$ Office Document Imaging.
This will read the tif and save to a Word.doc file, then you can use Spell Checker ..etc .. to clean it up.

M$ Office Document Scanning .. Will probably run the scanner in the Office OCR mode.

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hi friends, i have canon pixma ip 1600 printer installed on my machine which, till now, was working quite ok.after the ink in the cartridges finished, i got them refilled.
now whwnever i try to print any thing i get the message:-
"ink has run out,replace ink cartridge and close the cover cancel printing"
though the cartridges are full, i continue getting the same message again & again.

pl.suggest .thanks

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I have had to upgrade PC to Windows 7 64 bit and now cannot find software to instal to use the scanner option.
Is there any software available?
I have tried Canon site but incompatible and won't load.

A:Canon Pixma MP210 and Windows 7 64 bit

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. Did you try the Drivers in the Link below ? ...

Canon U.S.A. : Support & Drivers : PIXMA MP210

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I have a printer Canon PIXMA MP150. Before i was using Windows ME and it was working then I changed my PC which had windows 7. Since buying my New PC my scanner (which comes with the printer) is not working.

Could you please advise how to fix this problem?


A:Solved: Canon PIXMA MP150 - Scanner is not working

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I mean, at what speed?
It's telling me only "ink running low". HOW low? - and HOW FAST?
What happens when it actually does run out? - does the printer stop functioning till the cart's replaced?
Or does the Pixma keep on printing but with a colour missing?
I'm pretty pissed off by the lack of info in the message: just not good enough. How are you supposed to manage??

A:Solved: Canon Pixma ip4700: how do carts empty?

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Hi, I'm needing some help with installing a new printer...I have a Canon Pixma MP 280 and can't seem to get the software and drivers installed....I'm getting "Processing cannot be continued because the Print Spooler service has been stopped". I have no idea what that even means let alone how to start looking for a fix! Any advice please???

A:Solved: Installing Canon Pixma MP280 Problem

In case anyone else wants it...I just had to download and install the latest driver from Canon and then plug the printer in and it all worked. I had the printer plugged in and switched on when I was installing the driver first time round and for some reason, that was stopping the Print Spooler Service running...whatever that means Sorry if I wasted time on this one...

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I've been trying to install my printer (a Canon PIXMA MP499) to my computer with a wireless connection and when I do the steps on the CDROM, it does everything okay but as soon as it gets to the MP Drivers it comes up with an error message saying "error occured while files were being copied. : 001 0000" . It also comes up with the same error message when I try and install it using a USB connection method.

If anyone can please give me a solution as quick as possible that would be really great!


A:Solved: Canon PIXMA MP499 MP Drivers won't install

Make sure that when you are installing the software you are logged on as Administrator or an account with Admin. privileges. If that doesn't work try these:



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I have Windows Vista and after two years of no trouble, my Canon won't print anything. I have reinstalled drivers, cleaned out all Temp files on the computer and cleaned out the printer queue. Still no luck. The printer comes on fine and shows no signs of being broken. The computer recognizes the printer, sends info to the printer and then nothing happens. The queue shows an error, but gives no code. Help!!

A:Solved: Canon Pixma ip4200 suddenly won't print

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Hi Folks
I get a message when I try to print which say" Waste Ink Tank Full". Any solutions to this problem? I have to click on OK to print anything.

A:Canon MP780 printer

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OK, I'm new here, so please be patient with me. This printer has driven me nuts for the past month with one problem after the other. Just when I think I'm almost home free, now it won't print at all. It tries, honestly it does. But the print is so light that I can only see the impression by holding it up to a window.

After going thru the "wrong cartridge" and "paper Jam" messages, orange alarm flashing, I'm finally down to trying to get printer to print. None of the above is happening now. I completely uninstalled and reinstalled, which looks ok now. Only icons showing incorrect is the ink tank levels, which should all show full, but show varying amounts of ink. When I click print, it sounds like it's printing, paper comes thru as if printing, but nothing printed. What now? Pixma MP780, about 3 years old, new Canon ink tanks, cleaned printhead, Vista OS. Thanks, Roxie

A:Canon MP780 won't print

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i have tried everything and anything i found listed on here and nothing works.. will not even let me install canon mp780 from cd.. please help! i can't install or download anything for the mp78o except the fax.. thanks in advance..................... THIS PROBLEM WAS FIXED WITH WINDOWS UPDATE... UPDATE HAS THE FIX

A:can't install canon mp780

Have tried here:


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Hi there
I'm interested in buying this MFP and am checking out independent reviews, one of which identified a weakness: 'There is 'NO' Auto Fax/Tel Switching for receiving fax and voice calls on a single phone line'.

Could someone please elaborate on this (I don't understand it at all).

A:Canon MP780 fax question

Auto Fax/Tel Switching for receiving fax and voice calls on a single phone line means that the fax machine can tell the difference between a fax call or a voice call, it will then receive fax if it's a fax or the unit will ring to let you know it a voice call or send it to a answer machine, If you have only 1 line then you need this, and it be better to buy a machine with a built in answer phone.

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I have a Canon i850 printer which I have immensely enjoyed using these past four+ years. For one thing, I've never had even one paper-jam during that time.

My understanding always has been that it is best to have separate components, so that's why I've always owned a dedicated printer. However, it appears that the present-day trend is more toward all-in-one units. Actually, I'm in the market only for a printer, but if the Canon MP600 all-in-one is technologically advanced far beyond my i850, then I would strongly considering buying one.

The MP600 has a scanner (which I don't need, although it would provide me with a back-up) and it has several modern features of convenience which my i850 doesn't have. What I would especially like to know is whether or not the MP600 produces appreciably better results with both text and photos than my i850. Also, would it be faster and cheaper in the long run than the MP600? While quality of results is more important than anything else, speed, economy, and convenience also enter into the equation.

(I was also considering the Canon PIXMA iP6700D photo printer, but from what I've read so far it appears that the MP600 all-in-one is more highly-regarded.)

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has an opinon on this matter. Thank you very much.

A:Canon i850 printer vs. Canon Pixma MP600 All-in-One

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please help
I got the canon pixma iP2000 printer. .I am trying connect the printer with windows 7 32bit . I need the driver of canon pixma iP2000 for windows 7 32bit

A:canon pixma iP2000 for windows 7 32bit

According to the Canon website you need to download and install the Windows 7 driver using Windows Update. It says you need to have the printer connected and turned on and access Windows Update from that computer.

(I don't know... why don't they just give you a link to the download?)

Then there is an add-on to download after the driver is installed above.

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looking for the appropriate driver for Windows 7. The add-on exe downloaded from Canon site doesn't fix anything ! could you please help me

A:Driver Canon PIxma IP4000, windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by Stargates

looking for the appropriate driver for Windows 7. The add-on exe downloaded from Canon site doesn't fix anything ! could you please help me

Try this : Easy-PhotoPrint EX for Windows


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I get a bubble error message from the system tray that says:

One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it.

When I look at Device Properties the device status says:

No drivers installed for this device.

I know the drivers are installed. Even so, I uninstalled and reinstalled them. I downloaded the most recent drivers and tried that, still no luck.

All other USB devices are working.

I did have a virus problem 2 days ago that I cleared up. The printer malfunction seems to coincide with that time frame.

I'm running a HP 7100y with Windows XP.

Thanks for any help.

A:Solved: Canon Pixma MP500 Printer all of a sudden Unrecognized by My PC.

Problem solved. It was as easy as removing power from the pc and the plugging it back in.


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I'd like to know what is a purge unit & how to replace/clean it.

I have a MP780 that started with not printing black(3e) and now none of the colors print. It has a brand new head (the tech said the head needs replacing, but it didn't work). I did clean the sponge pad on the left and the two pads on the right(where the heads park themselves).
I sucked the ink out of the head using a tube to make sure that ink flows; it does.

any help / directions / diagrams would be appreciated.


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I can't seem to get my Canon to install correctly on W7 x64. I've tried running the installer as Admin, without UAC, and in compatibility mode.

Any ideas how to manually install the driver as I extracted the driver files but don't know how to apply them.


A:Canon MP780 driver install

Did you manage to start the mp navigator?

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Just after some help with the MP780 on 7 x64.

The printer is plugged in via USB to another machine on the network. On the 7 machine I am running through the add printer wizard, which finds the printer and looks for drivers.

The first problem is that it can't find the MP780 drivers on Windows Update, which I think it should.

After it fails there, it asks to find the inf manually. I have downloaded the drivers from the Canon Australia website but that's just an installer. I have also downloaded drivers from other random driver sites but it just gives me fax and scan infs, nothing else.

Any ideas for me?


A:Canon MP780 Driver Issue

OK if you can install this it might work - make sure the driver package is unzippped to a folder - or just select the setup.exe file and do the following if it wont unzip - this resolves an OS mismatch when the driver wont install on w7

To install a driver OR program in compatibility mode - right click the setup.exe file - click properties - click compatibility - check run in compatibility with vista/xp etc - check run as administrator - leave the rest blank. Start setup.exe and install.

Driver page v6.20 - to download firstly click on the file, go to nxt page then - under disclaimer is download - select "i have read the instructions etc" then select download -in "red" and then click save

If that doesnt work try installing it thru device manager and pointing to the folder the driver is unzipped to.

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I have a problem with my MP780 printer. It won't print in 3ebk. I have tried the cleaning methods but it hasn't fixed anything. Someone once mentioned something about the purge unit - pulling it out and cleaning it. Could this help? If so, how do I go about doing that please? Where abouts is it and how do I remove it please?

Any other suggestions please?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey, I'm ready to pull my hair out.

I have a Dell D400 Latitude, docked, using Windows XP and trying to get the scanner part of a Canon MP 780 multifunction machine to work. I've used it for printing color things for about the last two years I've had it, and I decided today to try to actually use the scanner beyond 10 minutes of frustration. I've spent a couple hours on it today and just am not making any headway.

When I attempt to scan something, I get an error message that tells me it's either not turned on, not connected, or whatever.

I have installed, repaired, uninstalled, reinstalled the software. And I've done it again.

I have uninstalled/removed (in the device manager) the scanner (which has the yellow exclamation point) and let it find it again. I have attempted to update the driver. Whenever I do that, it does NOT remove the exclamation point and tells me I must restart my computer for the new driver to take effect, but when I reboot, it's the same again, error message when trying to scan, no scanner on the list under cameras and scanners, and the yellow exclamation point in the device manager.

I have downloaded the driver from Canon and tried that, thinking my CD might be bad. That makes no difference.

I am using a powered USB hub, so I tried connecting directly to my docking station instead of going through the hub. Didn't make any difference.

The printer works fine, and, of course, it's using the same USB cable... Read more

A:Canon MP780 - can't get scanner installed

While I am unsure if it is a solution, and you already recognise that some things don't like USB hubs, your mention of a "docking station" alerts me that the USB port on the docking station is also actually a hub.

Before you tear all the hair out, try it direct into the laptop, undocked?

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I hope someone can help, I am unable to get my printer to work I just keep getting an error message wrong cartridge. I have tried everything I can think of cleaning the print head and replaced all the cartridges even although they did not need replaced and they are so expensive.

I am at my wits end with this, it has worked with no problems for years and suddenly it is doing this. I don't do lot of printing but I have some urgent business forms I need printed and no amount of switching on and off or resetting will make it work.

I don't know where in the North West of England I can take it to try to get it serviced or repaired, does anyone know? I have called and tried to get help from Canon without success.

A:Canon MP780 Printer problems

Are you using proper Canon ink cartridges?

It looks like the print head may need to be replaced. You should be able to order one from Canon.

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I have had my printer for 8 months and very pleased with it. A week ago all my color prints have a bright greenish hue to them. I have used up a lot ink going thru many, many cleaning cycles with no noticiable difference. I had this problem once before but a couple of deep cleaning cycles took care of it, but not now. I don't think more green is being added to the print, just that less of some other color is the problem. Also, when I "copy- Black" the black comes out green, but if I scan it then print it it comes out ok (black). SOme how that got fixed but any color printing comes out with the green tint. I have done nozzle checks and the 6M color is faded, I have changed carts as well. Any ideas???

A:Canon MP780 color problem

Are you using genuine Canon inks or off brands? Some off brands aren't the true colors you'd expect them to be.

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My Canon MP 780 refuses to print black. I've seen several answers to the problem, but before taking a hammer to it, (not being a techy kind of guy), I wondered if there was a definitive answer.

A:Canon MP780 not printing BLACK

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I have followed the manual procedure in setting up the FAXing facility but am unable to either send or receive. When I attempt to send it shows "Warming Up" and nothing ever happens. When I have it in Ans. Mode and someone attempts to send me a FAX I merely get a window which reads "Scanner Error". Can anyone help me?

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I'm running Windows XP with all updates. For the last 100 years or so, I have very carefully loaded used paper (printed on one side only) in the back tray of my printers. I'll use clean new paper from the front cassette only for my more important jobs. Saves a tree and a few bucks. My brand new Canon Pixma MX860 allows me to select Rear Tray when I go to print, but if I have chosen Plain Paper and 8.5x11, it overrides and sends to the front cassette. (I'm trying not to grumble too much - my old MX780 had a nice little button on the printer that would simply switch trays. No such button on the MX860, an otherwise great printer.) Can anyone figure out a workaround so I can continue to recycle good used paper? And yes, I know, no one in their right mind except me would send used paper through my printer, and it's not recommended, and yes, I did once ruin a printer this way, but I've grown very careful, and it works for me. So ... any help?

A:Solved: Canon Pixma MX860 won't print 8.5x11 from back tray

Figured it out myself. Simple solution: set Paper Source default to Continuous Autofeed, and then when you want to print recycled from the back tray just pull the front cassette drawer out a bit. The MX860 thinks you are out of paper in front and sends the job to the back. Presto, recycled 8.5x11 plain paper from the back tray. Only drawback - you have to override the default when you go to print a photo or something in the back tray (which I don't do that often anyway).

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Overnight my Canon MP780 started showing a "wrong cartridge" message on the display. I only use OEM cartridges. One was low and I replaced it, with no effect. I've turned it on and off, no effect. The Canon website said to take out the print head, put it back in and realign it, no effect (couldn't realign as wrong cartridge message still shows.) The closest repair center is 145miles away on another island, so not an option. Any suggestions?

A:Canon MP780 wrong cartridge message

Hi and welcome. I'm not familiar with Canon, but, I do know that HP cartridges have a built in chip with an expiration date. Regardless of the fact that you just opened it and inserted it, you get an error message. Not right, not fair....but true.

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So i plug my printer into my mac, it automatically installs, prints absolutly great. Next day, it won't print whatsoever. Now it won't work in my windows laptop either despite again, being installed. The mac could see it was there originally, but I then reset my printer settings on the mac and the mac forgot all the printers. The printer no longer registered on the mac at all. It was literally nowhere despite being connected with the usb. Its like im plugging in air. I then downloaded the correct drivers and software, yet still nothing happened. I don't understand what is going on!
It won't connect via bluetooth either on both my mac and my windows laptop, despite trying! The mac simply will not let me add another printer via ip address, and i can't even if i could because I cannot find the ip address because the printer won't respond.
I printed off a network configuration page and the connection is inactive if that helps anything.

A:Canon PIXMA IP2750 Suddenly Stops Printer on Mac and Windows

Have you first of all tried plugging in printer into the laptop and seeing if this prints fine with the cable connected? If not then look in control panel for devices and printers and click on this, does the printer have a green ticket next to it?

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So i plug my printer into my mac, it automatically installs, prints absolutly great. Next day, it won't print whatsoever. Now it won't work in my windows laptop either despite again, being installed. The mac could see it was there originally, but I then reset my printer settings on the mac and the mac forgot all the printers. The printer no longer registered on the mac at all. It was literally nowhere despite being connected with the usb. Its like im plugging in air. I then downloaded the correct drivers and software, yet still nothing happened. I don't understand what is going on!
It won't connect via bluetooth either on both my mac and my windows laptop, despite trying! The mac simply will not let me add another printer via ip address, and i can't even if i could because I cannot find the ip address because the printer won't respond.
I printed off a network configuration page and the connection is inactive if that helps anything.


Have you first of all tried plugging in printer into the laptop and seeing if this prints fine with the cable connected? If not then look in control panel for devices and printers and click on this, does the printer have a green ticket next to it?

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I recently installed windows 10 on my computer only to find my perfectly good printer no longer works.
The drivers wouldn't update automatically so I went to product support on canon website to search there
It came back with the message that there were no drivers for Win 10 and that I should either change my printer or my OS
I don't wish to do either
Could anyone help me with an alternative to this ludicrous suggestion?
I always trusted canon to be a reliable and reputable company but I may think twice in future if a company cant keep abreast with the latest technology

A:Windows 10 renders my Canon pixma 1p4600 printer useless

I would not imagine that attitude will last very long.
Surely Canon have been working to get drivers etc ready for the latest OS from Windows.
I had a similar experience with a Samsung Printer.....sent an email to their support area....and received a phone call from South Korea to explain the procedure to me followed by an email with the detail printed there.
So....send them an email...give them the story.....and hopefully the reply will fix things.
Otherwise.....inform them that you will be buying another printer....and it wont be a canon !

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Hi everyone,

Got a bit of a strange problem here. Got a brand new laptop and printer, and suddenly I can't get a decent photograph print.

The printer is highly recommended, it's a Canon Pixma iP4700 which has had excellent reviews. But everything I print on it has no punch or sparkle, it's almost as if it has a grey film over it, a bit like I'm looking at my photo with cataracts! I printed the same photo on my dad's (much older) Epson printer and got a brilliant result.

I don't know if the problem is the printer, though, as he has Windows Vista and I have Windows 7 and have been using Google Picasa to import my photos. I am wondering if there is a setting on there that is colour correcting my photos either on import or on their way to the printer, as I am not used to Windows 7 yet.

Is there anyone here who can shed a bit of light on the problem? I really don't want to take the printer back if it's something I am doing with Windows that can be easily changed.

Thank you for your help!

A:Poor Photo Print Quality With Windows 7/Canon PIXMA IP4700

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