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Lenovo Y530-15ICH - Charger model adl135ndc3a making crackling noise

Q: Lenovo Y530-15ICH - Charger model adl135ndc3a making crackling noise

Hello - this is the second charger that seems to be having problems. The last one I had overheated so badly (after having the laptop for two weeks) that I could smell burning plastic, and it would no longer charge the laptop. I returned the laptop and got a new one of the same kind, with a new charger (same model), and now it's charging the laptop but is making a crackling noise...is this normal? I'm considering getting another kind of laptop (not lenovo) since this has been a bad experience so far.

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Preferred Solution: Lenovo Y530-15ICH - Charger model adl135ndc3a making crackling noise

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I apologize for my English, I'm from Russia. I'm writing here because there is very little information in the Russian community. From the very moment of purchase of this laptop I had a problem with sound. Crackles appear while listening to music, watching videos in the browser, and even during games. I reinstalled the sound drivers, reinstalled Windows, checked the DPC latency (it's ok). Alternately, shut off various devices in the device manager to identify the cause, updated the BIOS, changed the OS power settings, but nothing helped, at all. I didn't perform any manipulations on overclocking the processor. Crackle appears randomly, at different times and with different frequency. The problem is exacerbated if I install the sound driver from the official page of this laptop. Drivers from Realtek also don't fix the problem. As far as I understand, this problem is not only on my laptop, many people have written here about it, and this applies to different models. I really would not like to contact the service center, because this is my main laptop, on which my work depends. In addition, I read somewhere here that someone did just that, and he was told that there was no hardware problem. Therefore, I see no point in this. I'm asking for help! Maybe someone has already been able to solve this problem!

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While I am gaming my processor temperature goes MAX +99C and even idle temperature is +50C even bottom is faced up so air can flow 100% away. This isn't any normal to have temps like +100C while playing CSGO, Overwatch etc... The processor is i7-8750H. I think Lenovo should fix this issue for me. 

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I have a laptop Lenovo Y530L-15ICH-1060 model 81LB and until yesterday I was satisfied. I just had to switch to W10-Pro to connect multiple monitors.However, I dropped the sound yesterday, there was a defect in the High-Definition Controller Audio (in the Control Panels - Device Manager - System Devices): this device could not be started (code 10).What with this? Didn't the soundboard go? Thank you for your help.

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So when i got my laptop the sound wasnt that bad i though ehh its just some out of the box sounds itll go away, no its gotten worse. So i decided to ask my dad and he said its just the hard drive working and then i look on the webistes and ive seen someone saying its the processor idling and that when you do more activity it goes which in my case is kinda true it almost goes away it just gets alittle quieter and slower, the sound is coming from the right side of my laptop and its like it almost sounds like a disk drive starting kinda thats the closest thing i can compare it to..

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My laptop makes a sort of crackling noise whenever it is doing something, almost like an electrical noise i.e. during start up, opening a new app or searching for something on google. It isn't a problem with the audio, and I believe it isn't a problem with the fan as the sound comes from a different part of the laptop as the fan.  Is this most likely normal and something that I should put up with or shall I take it back? Thanks in advance!

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I got a new laptop from bestbuy and the specs are: i7-6500u 2.5GHz, 8gb ram, windows 10 64-bit (no touch screen). It has been making a subtle (gets really loud in quiet rooms) crackling noise which seems to be coming from the processor. At first i thought it will stop but it has been 3 months and it got louder. If you know anything about this or if this happened to you feel free to let me know. 

A:processor making crackling noise

> it has been 3 months and it got louder. Are you sure it is the CPU?Could it be the fan near the CPU? If it's only been 3 months, exercise the "warranty" by taking it back to BestBuy, and have them diagnose & repair it. When was the most-recent time that the disk-drive was "defragmented" ?As the files on the disk-drive get more fragmented, the disk-drive makes more noise, when moving the read/write mechanism back-and-forth, over greater distances. What brand of disk-drive? Toshiba? Seagate? Western Digital? 

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I recently purchased a new Y530-15ICH from the Lenovo site and came up with the following Windows BSOD issue after installing an SSD upgrade:  Stop code: SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLEDWhat failed: iaStorAVC.sys Further details on the issue: this is caused by waking up the laptop after either putting the system to sleep and/or hibernate by closing it or by manually choosing the sleep/hibernate option from the Windows power menu.  Original HDD included: generic 1 TB 7200 rpm HDUpgraded SSD drives with the issue: Samsung Evo 860 500 GB and Kingston HyperX 240 GB (I have installed both and both are causing the same issue) I have downloaded and installed every updated and recommended drivers from the Lenovo/Samsung/Kingston official product sites and I have even updated the BIOS for the Y530 (also from the Lenovo official site). This issue happens every time I wake the computer up, no exception.  I can post additional information. I already spoke to the service contact phone with no luck - they are requesting me to send the computer to repairs but I wanted to try a different solution if available first. I have tried almost everything - Lenovo diagnostics, formatting both drives and reinstalling Windows, etc.  Has anyone had the same problem and solved it successfully? Is this hardware related? Or driver related? Does Optane memory included with the laptop influences this issue?  Please feel free t... Read more

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I just bought a used Dell Latitude D510 laptop a month ago. I also bought a brand new battery to ensure I was good to go. Everything's been working fine until last night. I was working offline when it suddently powered off. It made a crackling/sparking/arcing noise from the right front speaker. I plugged it in thinking maybe my battery died. Everything worked fine for about 20 minutes and it did it again. Freaked out, I left it off overnight.

Today, I left it plugged in and started working on it. About 30 minutes in, it did it again. I'm worried I'm going to damage something.

Any thoughts on what's happening? Thanks!!

A:laptop powers off making a crackling noise

Welcome to TSG forums.,
Since the computer is only a month old, I would contact Dell and see what they suggest doing. You should have warranty on it.

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GREETINGS   I HAVE RECENTLY PURCHASED HP LAPTOP AMO20 WHICH IS MAKING ANNOYING CRACKLING NOISE PROBABLY FROM HARD DISK .   I called the dealer about the issue but he said its normal. However the chirping noise disturbs me a lot. Kindly help to solve the problem.Regards     Dr  Zahoor

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My HP Laptop laptop makes low, faint crackling noise which stop for a few seconds and come back. I have noticed this for a while but thought it was a standard computer sound, but I have also been (at random times) receiving blue screen messages which appear for a few seconds and disappear and then my computer restarts abruptly, therfore I cannot read the content of the message to understand the nature of the problem. could you post a way to access these blue screen messages if they are stored on my computer so I can read them. This is not the only problem my cd/dvd drive displays messages such as D:\ is not accessible or Please Insert Disk into Drive D:\ when I insert a blank cd into the drive and attempt to open the cd folder.

I have read various posts on this subject in this forum but I am not sure even though they sound similar if they apply to my problem.

I don't think my drive is old as it seems like a recent computer being that I bought it from a friend a few months ago ( I have the documentation if that helps). If it is because the drive is old the sound still occurs when there is no cd in the drive I've tried to backup but I have a 40GB Hard drive with more than half of its capacity used so when I try and save the backup on my personal folder or cd (750Mb) it doesn't have enough free space to complete the backup.

PLEASE HELP ME!!! how can i backup my computer just in case my hard drive does fail or how can I fix the stated problems!

A:laptop making low, faint crackling noise and other problems.

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Hey Guys...

So my Packard Bell Easy Note MX37-S-200 has suddenly started making persistent " Crackling " and " Popping" noises from the moment i boot it. The noise is coming from the speakers and the sound is now distorted. I have very recently got it back from the repair shop after having my AC jack replaced... I would really like to rule everything out before i start pointing fingers at the repair guy

Things i have tried - Disabling sound driver - Noise was still there and laptop just installed it again.

Running avast scan through it - Scan picked up nothing.

Played with the sound setting - Nothing changed noise still there.

Plugged in PC speakers - Noise still coming from laptop but sound came out of the speakers fine.
Would really appreciate any help
Thank you

A:Laptop Making Crackling noise + Sound is distorted.

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 Hello! Although I seriously dislike the very noisy manners of my Y530 15ICH - when rendering videos or if the antivirus scans in background... - I decided I am gonna keep it.......But now I would like to plug a music program which requires 44.100hz sample rate. I can't see any other options than 16 or 48bit 44.800hz in the Realtek audio preferences... How is this possible!? I understand providing a higher sample rate is probably great to offer in 2019 but what about a more basic rate as well? What should I do? I would love to install an older version of the audio drivers, if that's a solution, to get 44.100hz back in the sample rate scroll menu... But I am not sure that would even work. Who know more about this, please tell me! Thanks for helping.Emiliano

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Hello everyone I come from Italy, sorry my bad English. I bought legion Y530-15ICH new, from 1 month but also browsing on Chrome with only two tabs open my cpu has a temperature between 50 and 70 degrees celsius (sw cpu temp). I have updated drivers, I have no viruses and malware but I can not use the PC to play if it has a high temperature only by browsing online. the fans work well because you feel that they pull a lot of hot air. who can help me?

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When I uninstall the second driver & reboot it seems like no matter what it comes back & I am still having audio problems

The first driver listed is

AMD High Definition Audio Device

The second driver listed is

High Definition Audio Device

& the second one wont go away

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As the title says I purchased the Lenovo Legion Y530-15ICH today at Best Buy. I got the 1050TI version with a 1TB 7200 RPM HDD. The initial setup took almost an hour and I have been trying to do all the updates for Lenovo Vantage and Windows Update for another 2 hours. Normal boot time is almost 5 minutes to get to a Usuable Desktop and app loads are ungodly slow. Additionally, everything I can find says this laptop should have the 144 Hz Display but I can't get it to go above 60 Hz no matter where I try and change it. I have two other Older Lenovo Laptops: * Lenovo Yoga 710-15IKB that is about 2 years old* Lenovo Yoga Y50-70 that is about 4 years old Both of them run absolute freaking circles around this one in general boot time, app load times and overall usage. Any idea if I have a defective unit (thinking bad hdd) or how I should go about finding the problem? I was thinking about upgrading the ram from the 8GB it came with to 32GB and adding in a 1TB M.2 NVME drive and ghosting the HDD to the NVME and setting it as the boot drive. *  Crucial 32GB Kit (16GBx2) DDR4 2666 MT/s (PC4-21300) DR x8 SODIMM 260-Pin Memory - CT2K16G4SFD8266* Crucial P1 1TB 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD - CT1000P1SSD8 Any thoughts, helpful tips or advise??? UPDATE: I ran some benchmarks using GeekBench 4 and the results where, well, surprising!  * CPU Benchmarks where about 10% below average for the i7 8750H CPU in this laptop! According t... Read more

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Hi to All! I have Lenovo Flex 2-15 (model 20504). My charger is broken. I need new one. The original charger coming with the computer is ADLX45NCC3A - 45W 20V 2.25A But now I found on Lenovo website another information: charger for this model is0a36258 - 65W 20V 3.25A What is exactly charger model number for Lenovo Flex 2-15? Thank you.  

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 Dear Lenovo, when are you finally going to officially address the fact that many recently released notebooks suffer from audio issues when listening to audio via the headphone jack. In specific, the phenomenon can be observed best when listening to audio via headphones. If you listen to audio which quickly changes the volume then you can hear a clear crackling noise on the right audio channel. If you listen to normal speech for example, which includes small breaks you can hear a crackling noise each time before the person starts to speak and when the person stops to speak. A good example for observing this issue is the following YouTube video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCOHTLNMvCE Listening to the first two minutes of the video linked above with headphones plugged into the audio jack is already enough to observe the issue. If your device is affected you will be able to observe a little crackling noise on your right headphone audio channel, each time there is a small break between the talking. This issue has already been reported a thousand times all over the internet and not only affects the ThinkPad X1 Extreme, but also many other high-profile ThinkPad product lines. For example, this issue has been mentioned in the official Lenovo forum here, but you chose to not respond. Instead you let people struggle with this issue. Moreover, the forum entry below confirms that also the ... Read more

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I never had this problem before until recently I noticed that my fan was making this loud buzzing noise. It was bearable at first. I thought that the fan might be dusty inside because I haven't cleaned it ever since I bought it. Last week, I tried to open the laptop so I can check why it is making that loud noise. I saw that the fan was dirty. I tried cleaning it. When I turned on my laptop, it was still making that loud buzzing noise. So I just ignored it. After a week, It suddenly got louder. It didn't sound normal anymore. I tried restarting the laptop but it still makes that noise. Its annoying. I took a video so you can hear what my fan is making.  It just keeps doing like this even if my laptop is just on stanby, like I'm not doing anything with it. This is what it sounds like when I did the Dust Removal tool on Energy Management.   Since I kept using the Dust Removal tool.. Now its making this weird noise, like the fan is getting stuck on something. I don't know what to do anymore. Its been 2 years since I bought this laptop so I don't have anymore warranty and I never had problems with my laptop except for today. I have never dropped it so I don't know why this is happening to my laptop. Please help me.   

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The noise started coming about a week ago. It wasn't that loud, but I would sometimes hear a vibrating sound coming from the fan of my Lenovo G555. Sometimes it would stop. But if I ever moved it, the vibrating noise would come back. But today, the noise got really loud and it wouldn't stop this time unless I shut it down or something. Why is this? Is there any solutions to get this fixed, too?

A:Lenovo G555 fan making loud noise

As you are experiencing loud noise from the system.
To diagnose, I would suggest you to please update update the Bios of  your system from the below mentioned web link.
After that please check if the issue resolved.

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Hello, I recently bought Lenovo Ideapad 330s. Fan in this laptop makes too much noise and this laptop runs very slow. Do you think if I replace HDD with SSD, it would enhance its performance? Which SSD is recommanded for this laptop? Can we get instruction how to replace HDD to SSD?

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I put my headphones in the jack today and heard a weird background noise. When I removed them, the computer speakers were making a loud buzzing noise as well.  The buzzing noise comes and goes and disappears if I mute the computer's volume.  I cannot hear any audio on my computer now (no music, videos, noise at start up/shut down, etc.). I have tried updating the sound drivers and restarting the computer several times, but to no avail.  I have also tried to get sound with and without external speakers attached, with and without headphones in, etc. and I can only occassionally get the loud buzzing noise which is coming directly from both of the speaker vents on the bottom of the computer.  Thoughts on a solution?

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hi, i am looking for help. I have lenovo  B590 laptop and problem is when i press the power botton nothing happened, i mean no booting at all and when i plug the power adapter there is click click noise came from adapter but no boot up no light flashing, nothing happened. Can anyone tell me the reason and how can i resolve this issue?

A:Lenovo B590 power adapter making click noise not booting at all

Hi rezaulhasan , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
You can follow the power checkout guide as shown here on the hardware manual ( page 30-31). 
Checking on the LED status on each attempt would provide information on possible points of failure. 
Likewise while the machine is off, use the recovery button (item15 page79) to power on as this can also help isolate if the power button itself is having the issue or if the adapter / motherboard that needs further rechecking . 
Update us how it goes. 

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Hi,Since last week, there's a static noise from my laptop's speakers, on playing music. But when I'm on earphones, there's no static noise. The static noise is a bit too much, when songs with humming sounds play.My laptop is 10 months old and all my drivers are upto date. The problem persists at both times, when the laptop's plugged in and when it's on battery. Please help me as soon as possible.... : (

View Solution.

A:Static noise from the speakers and crackling noise from the ...

Hi @Tardis40... thank you for your help...Well, the link was of no use.... The last option left is recovery, which i do not want to resort to....Today, i noticed crackling sound in my earphones...So, now my problem is,Static noise in the speakers and crackling noise in the earphones...I am in a very disturbed state, and don't know what to do... Please help me asap...

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Hello everyone, I just bought a brand new Legion Y530 (like three days ago) from the official website and I realized that when the fans are spinning, there is a clicking noise coming from the right fan. It's even louder when i m tilting the bottom of the laptop or when the fans are spinning slowly.I just contacted the support but there was no "fan" section so I just posted it under the "Plastic problem" section. Do you guys have any idea how I could solve this issue? Because I'm pretty sure this problem will require a send back and I really don't have the time to wait for a month for my laptop to come back (and I'm pretty sure they won't send me a new fan so I really need your help). I wanted to show you a record of this noise but I can not upload a file on this page so I used SoundCloud instead Here is the link : https://soundcloud.com/artege/sound_problem_y530/ Thank you, C.T.

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Hi! I have 4 years old Lenovo Yoga Ideapad 13.  The problems started couple weeks ago, when the computer wouldn't run or start up without being plugged in. I followed some other people's advice and got a new battery. It seemed to fix to problem for while. Now few weeks after the same problem stands with the new battery. It won't start or run, but when plugged in it says the battery is 100% and charging.   I tried checking if the charger isn't working, but it charges all fine on my other Yoga, which has the same charger model. So please note that this isn't the common problem that is seen here on the forums, that the battery doesnt charge. I'm pretty frustrated, as this problem persists even though I changed the battery. Anyone have ideas? I figured it could have something to do with the battery wire connecting battery to the motherboard, but there doesn't seem to be any defects or loose wires.  However, I tried taking off the battery connection wire when plugged in, and then I get the message "No battery detected" instead of the regular "100% Fully charged". Any help is appreciated. 

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pavilion detachable  10     n155saI can hearing crakiling noise  from one speaker  when  every where is  quitthe driver is the latesetthank  you

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Hello all, new to posting but have been checking out alot of your posts over the past few months, finally found something that I couldn't get an answer for so I'm hoping that I can get an answer here.

About 2 weeks ago I began to notice a crackling sound coming from my speakers, it began as a slight crackle and eventually increased in volume. Now the weird thing is that it doesn't make the sound when I'm listening to music, but does when I am playing most games and watch movies using windows media player. I've tested out two sets of speakers so far and both produce crackling when plugged into this system, but do not produce any feedback on my laptop when plugged in, I'm not sure whats going on but I would certainly appreciate any help!

My current system:
Windows XP Home
2.6ghz Amd Processor
Ati Radeon 9800 Pro
Creative SB Audigy 4 Pro
2gb Ram

If I left anything pertinent out let me know and I can add it. I thank you all in advance for any information you can give!

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What is the crackling noise and temporarily lock up i hear intermedelywhile my computer is running

A:crackling noise

More information is needed to assist you.

- Does the crackling sound come from the speakers or the machine itself?
- How long does your machine lock up for?
- Can you recreate the problem, or is it something that just happens every so often?
- How often does it happen?
- What fixes the issue?
- What have you done to try and stop it?
- What operating system are you running?
- What brand of computer?

Please provide as many details as possible.

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Hi, I bought a hp pavilion x360 laptop and when I turn it on there is a low level of crackling noise sounding a bit like radio interference or something. Is this supposeto happen/how can it be fixed?

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thanks for taking the time to read this and help me with my problem

ok the problem is i started to install Crysis Warhead and i started playing it and there was no audio so i unplugged my headphones and plugged em back in nothing still so i saved my game and quit then all i was hearing was crackling so i unplugged my headphones and plugged them into my laptop and it was fine so i was like wtf so i explored the interwebs and found someone who said updating thier bios fixed their problem so i updated from P01-A0 to P01-A3 and i still heard it so right now im updating my realtech HD audio codec although many people said it didnt work for them so i was going to go ahead and post this thread while i do this and look into other methods
edit1: updating the audio driver did not work
edit2: i updated my system specs so that should help more

A:Audio Crackling noise

Welcome to SF.

Your first attempts were what I would have done. If the audio driver doesn't help, try rolling back your computer to a date prior to the installation of Crysis Warhead.


And we have an excellent forum for Vista support at:


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Hello Everybody:

Slightly over a month ago, I bought a Gateway Desktop pc at Office Depot. It has Windows Vista, Home Premium, the only browser is Internet Explorer 7. Well, about two weeks ago, the processor began to make a crackling sort of noise, although it works well. However, since the noise started, I've begun to worry that the noise will get worse and result in the computer not working in the future. I phoned Office Depot and they won't replace it with a new one, even though I have only had it for a month and a few days, which seems incredible, so Gateway has suggested that I take it in for diagnostics and repair.
The noise happens whether the computer is idle or not, but seems to happen more when I'm not using it, or it's idle.

Any ideas? Thanks.

A:Processor Crackling Noise

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Hello i've had my pc for over 3 years now and only just discovered this forum!

My pc is only used as a touchscreen jukebox, however it makes an awful crackling noise from the pc speakers (sometimes louder than other times). This has always happened, seems quite mad that i've only just decided to resolve the problem!

Any ideas?

A:Crackling noise from the pc speakers

Can you please tell us which PC model do you have? Do you use original preinstalled OS version?
> This has always happened...
How to understand this? Have you noticed this issue from the first day?

Have you tried to test sound quality using headphones, different ways to test internal speakers, anything?
Please post a bit more information. This can help us to understand the problem.

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Hey everyone

I accidently changes some sound settings (the quality) from 24bits to 32bit, and now whenever i try to play a song with wmp i get a crackling noise, so i changed it back and it still hasn't fixed.


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I just bought a brandnew Hp 15 laptop core i3. Then when I booted it on and leave it for a few minutes, I started hearing this noise coming from the right side of the keyboard part of the laptop when you are facing in front of it. Is this normal? Or is there any software tweeks that could eliminate this noise?

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When i use my headphones the work just fine for a while but then a crackling, popping noise begins. It happens whether i am listening to audio or not and it has happened with 2 pairs of headphones and a set of speakers that plug into the headphone jack in front of my computer.i have no idea if this is something wrong with the jack or if it is the software. If you have any ideas please let me know. Thanks!

A:Crackling noise in any headphones I use. Please help

Originally Posted by baseballkarl

When i use my headphones the work just fine for a while but then a crackling, popping noise begins. It happens whether i am listening to audio or not and it has happened with 2 pairs of headphones and a set of speakers that plug into the headphone jack in front of my computer.i have no idea if this is something wrong with the jack or if it is the software. If you have any ideas please let me know. Thanks!

Is that a Desktop computer ?, did you check in the back panel jacks.

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