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Main board replacement identification and ordering

Q: Main board replacement identification and ordering

Hi, Can you help me? I need to find out the part number and where to order a motherboard for a HP Pavilion G6-2291sa model. I realise these might be hard to find nowadays. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Kenneth

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Preferred Solution: Main board replacement identification and ordering

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)



I have just installed a new motherboard on my F10-124.
This was the upgraded PCB P000415760 (Part number P000454980) as the graphics card failed - again!!

The documents that came with it tell me to update the Bios, EC/KBC (SVP Parameters) and write the new DMI. At the moment the VGA controller is not recognised, and no CD drive is listed.

Can this be updated by myself, without having to send it away to an ASP, as its not worth the money if I do. I just want to use this as an additonal PC for my daughter to use.

Surely I should be able to update the Bios from a download or something from the toshiba support site.

Any help appreciated.

A:Qosmio F10 Main Board Replacement - Update BIOS etc

The new BIOS is on the Toshiba website, and I believe a different Recovery Disc needs to be used.

Or you can simply install Ubuntu, which should detect the hardware automatically. http://www.ubuntu.com/

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I have a Chaintech 7JKD board here and I have the manual; but, the manual is no help as there is no diagram of the USB pins at all in the manual. I have also searched the internet (Google) and I can't come up with the right search terms to give me the help I need.

This Chaintech board has an on-board USB terminal with the following arrangement:

1 2 3 4 5
* * * *
* * * * *
6 7 8 9 10

The above digits do not appear on the board; I put them there for clarity in communication. As you can see, Row 1 has four pins and row two has 5 pins. A pin does not exist at position 5. My experience in the past with other boards is that the odd pin in the arrangement isn't used. So, pins 1 through 4 would be used and pins 6 through 9 would be used, with pin 10 being unused.

I also have a case here with two built-in front USB ports. Each front port has four wires coming from it. The wires are marked as follows:


I need help identifying the pins on the board so I can properly connect the USB ports on the front of the case.

A:Need help with on-board USB pin-out identification

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Do 6.0 Gb/s boards use both north and south bridges? Or...is there a newer for 6.0 Gb/s? Thanks, Mar.


Depends on the specific board - the North part of the North/south bridge has been disappearing for a while - many of those functions are now handled directly by the CPU itself.

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Well, my trusty old T510 has finally shagged itself. After months of being reluctant to startup Win XP (in normal mode - I never had any trouble starting it in Safe Mode), it has now gone off in a terminal huff, and refuses to run even the BIOS - the screen remains obdurately blank, and it makes no attempt to access the HDD. I don't even get any error beeps - just stony silence. All of which is beside the point. I've decided to replace the system board, so have disassembled my machine to get it out (which was epic, even with the hardware manual's aid). Having exposed it, though, I can find no FRU number on it (although just about every other part seems to have one). Since the HW manual lists six variants for my model (4313-CTO), I need to identify mine before I get a replacement. The manual shows what are apparently variants identified by a two hex-digit code followed by 'x' (I guess meaning "any"). The only place I can find any similar identification is in brackets before the LAN MAC address (in my case, that code is 23S) on both the system board and the outer case. Is that it? 

A:System Board FRU Identification

I have tried https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/partslookup for my particular unit, but maddeningly it doesn't include the system board in the parts list

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How do I identify the System Board on this AIO?  I have it mostly apart but don't see the system board part numbers yet.  I would like to price it before I go further also.  Can't find the Part Number in the documentation so I assume it needs to come off the board itself.
Thanks 1190

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Hello all,
I just got this mb used, and i have no info on it
Im trying to find out what it is so i can get a manual for it.
Heres all the info i have.
Its got onboard everything.
It has a slot 1 and a socket 370
it has both at and atx power plugs.
3 sdram slots
1 pci
its got a gold heatsink on the board that says Xcel 2000.
it says it has AMI bios.
it has a sticker on one of the chips that says AGP 8m, Ultra DMA 66, and PC99 connector.
it has the at style keyboard plug, and at the top right-hand corner, it says M748LMRT REV:1.3C

Any info on this board would be greatly appreciated.

A:mother board identification

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I have a mother board and I am trying to find out what HP computer it is for how to i find this information?

A:mother board identification

Should be a sticker on the board with an HP part number. Through the HP Parts Store you can enter the part number and it will give you a list of models that part is used in. 

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I have a PCG-F370 laptop and the mainboard , an MBX-30 (1-675-068-11), fried. I tried to buy a cheap replacement from ebay but by mistake I bought the wrong MBX-30 board (1-675-068-21) and the my pcg-370 450mhz cpu doesn't work in it.

Sony refuses to tell me which PCG-FXXX model the 1-675-068-21 MBX-30 board is from that I bought by mistake. Thus, I cannot buy the appropriate cpu so that I can get up and running again. Is there anybody out there with Sony knowledge who might be able to help me id this board and the needed cpu so I can get back in business? Thanks!!!

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Hi guys

i have a dell precision M65 that booted ok yesterday
and today it just sits on the Dell Splash screen
i took the hard drive out and ran a long generic test on it with seatools...it was a hatachi drive.
and it passed, yet when i put the hard drive in it just hangs on splash screen
i went into bios and reset to default but this didnt help.
i am going to upgrade the BIOS now...but i remember reading that this wouldnt help either.
any ideas appreciated.

A:do you think its the main board?

So it boots further without the hard drive connected?

Hitachi has their own diagnostics: http://www.hitachigst.com/support/downloads/

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Hello everyone, 1st in here,
My ECS K7S5A mobo gave me lots of problems 8 months after I bought the base unit, i can't return the base unit to the company I bought it from as the company went bust however, I have bought a new motherboard, an MSI KTA (MS-6590) to be precise. The CPU which is on the K7S5A is an AMDXP 2000, the ram is 184 pin pc2100 DDR, Ge force 4 440MX, HDD is barracuda 80g with CD writer and DVD drive and 1.44 floppy. What I want to know if anyone will be so kind enough to help me is, will all the components out of the K7S5A go right into the MSI KT4????, I am mainly bothered what I need to do to fit the CPU properly as I have looked on the MSI web site and the other stuff "should" go in ok!
Any help will be gratefully excpeted,
Liza and thanks!

A:New main board from ECS TO MSI, help!

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IC RTD2132 in the main board get burned, should i replace it Or I habe to change all the main board?Thanks ALl 

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I bought a main board tester from www.stw.hk
I would like to use it but do not know how to read
the results. I contacted the company direct but they
are a chinese company and not sure they can understand
what I am saying. Hoping someone has the codes for the
device. I have enclosed a pic of the device.


A:How do I use my new main board tester STW

I think I am correct in saying that the average cost is about £4 UK GBP
If the computer on which you intend to use it is by any chance your dell dimension 4600
see this
http://downloads.dell.com/manuals/all-products/esuprt_desktop/esuprt_dimension_desktops/dimension-4600_service manual_en-us.pdf
it lists the beep codes and the leds - faults
see pages 2, 3 and 4

I would think that such a cheap tester can only display the BIOS error codes and the led fault codes
I VERY MUCH doubt it is capable of generating any of its own error codes

You are very unlikely to have anyone answer who can supply the devices OWN error codes if they exist

Surely however Chinese the English user guide, it must offer some explanation of what codes it displays
If not perhaps an email in Chinese using an online translator may assist
"what codes does the motherboard tester display please"

In simplified Chinese

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my main board wont load when powered. when i apply power, the keyboard lights, and the CPU/sink fan starts, but the monitor does not reflect any activity. i pused the num lock key, to see if that would work, but it didn't respond.

the board is a "PC100 Systemboard, Slot 1/socket 370". the processoer is a pentium celeron.

so far, i have:

changed memory, changed CPU, checked and confirmed jumper settings, replaced the bios battery, replaced the BIOS chip itself, swaped power supplies, striped periphials, and even changed the system speaker to see if there was an "error beep" i was missing.

the results:

the VGA "card" is onboard, with a ribbon cable "dongle"

i think that somthing is bad in the electronics of the board itself.

the system was functional before, then i put it aside, while i worked with another machine. now it just "doesn't work".

if anyone has sugguestions (can't spell that word), or knows how to check the board itself, let me know.

my email is:

[email protected]

my AIM handle is:




A:main board problem

strainge that you dont get any beep code , not even the single beep . i assume that you have tried another monitor .

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Hi everyone.

It's been a while since my last visit. I hope your all doing good!

I would like to ask for some advice regarding a Pavilion Slimline S3435uk.

The unit will power on but there is no display. None of the front LED's light up and I get no BIOS error beeps.
(The main board does not appear to have a speaker).

The PSU LED does light up and if a HDD is connected it spins up.

I have also disconnected every PCI card and all other components including the DIMM's from main board except the CPU its self and the PSU cable. I still get no front LED activity.

I have tried using both the on board Video and a PCI video card together and independently

I have also tried each DIMM on their own and independently.

No matter what combination of components used or not used I still get no LED's, no BIOS beeps and no display. (The display unit is a good working unit).

I have had systems with dead CPU's before and those times the CPU's did not get warm. As the CPU is getting warm to the touch and getting hotter when left on for longer, am I correct to assume that the fault is with the main board? Or does the fact that the CPU is getting hot not necessarily mean that the CPU is working?

I think it would be worth replacing the main board or the CPU but do not think that it is cost effective to replace both.

I'd really appreciate any help you guys/gals can give.
Many thanks in advance.


A:CPU or Main Board at fault?

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I just installed a FIC main board model PA2002 running win 98 at 133mhz and 40 mb ram. I cannot get Win to recognize either a serial or a ps/2 mouse. Would like to use a serial type if possible. Also does anyone know if this board takes a five wire ps/2 port coming off the main board ? e-mail [email protected] or post.

A:No mouse on FIC Pa2002 Main board

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I have trouble shooted my hp a4316f to find that the main board. M2n78-la has died this is a link to the board i currently have.


This is the board i am looking at replacing it with just wanting to make sure it should work


Thank you

A:Main board m2n78-la dead

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Hello all, Excuse me while I vent for a while here, before asking my questions. Warning - vent starting below: So, my ststem refused to start one day a few months ago.  I think I was waking it up from being in sleep mode.  Note that my system was out of warranty at this point.  So I searched around the internet, but did not find too many solutinos that did not involve opening the bottom cover of the machine.  So, eventually I chatted with Lenovo tech support who mentioned that it sounded like a dead system board.  So, fast forward a few months, my machine has been running fine while it is on, but if I turn it off or put it in sleep or hibernation mode, it will not come back on for several hours.  As of today, it has been off for about three days, so I asume that the board is finally dead.  I did some searching around with new search terms and it looks like this is a very common problem fairly early in the life of the system.  I tried to find out if Lenovo did a recall on this, but could not find any information, so I went to Lenovo's site to find the part number for my system board to see if the cost of it would be worth the repair.  However, the site does not accept my laptop's serial number for some reason.  So, I did a chat with the parts & accessories sales department.  They were able to tell me that they do not have the part in stock, but do not have the part number to give me (what???).  They... Read more

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HelloI recently purchased a HP Spectre x360 Model: 13-4014tu. It is an i7 model with a 5500U and 8GB ram. I purchased itsecond hand and it is out of warranty. I will have to pay out of my pocket to fix it. The problem is: There was a lightning storm and the laptop was plugged into the wall socket being charged. Lightning stuck close by and my laptop turned off and will not turn back on again. I took it to a laptop repair shop to be diagnosed and they found that 6 resistors had blown and they are too tiny to solder by hand, meaning I need to replace the entire main board. I have the part number for my mainboard and it is HP part number: 801505-501. I have found a replacement on eBay and it is an entire mainboard with fan and heatsink with the same specs i7 5500U and 8gb ram and with the same part number 801505-501. The problem is that it is pulled from a 13-4003DX model spectre x360 and mine is a 13-4014tu. What would be the difference and would the mainboard from the 13-4003DX be compatable if I swapped it into my laptop?  I am in Australia. The 13-4014tu could be an Australian delivered model and the 13-4003DX seems to be American. Would they just be the same model, just released in different countries? Thanks 

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I run into this problem occasionally and I have been watching these forums and others for a solution to this problem; but, I haven't seen one to date that is a sure-fire working solution.

We replaced the main board in a Dell system and now we are getting the usual XP Setup abortion message that this copy of XP is intended only for a Dell system.

Has anyone found a work-around for this problem?

A:Replaced Dell main board--now XP will not load

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I want to upgrade my T450s to 8Gb.  I currently have 4Gb.  Is the first 4Gb always soldered to the main circuit board (i.e. my single slot is open to insert a new 4Gb card).  Also, can you confirm the specs on the card I need to get?  Thanks.

A:T450s - Is all 4Gb memory soldered to main board

4 GB soldered.   1 memory socket up to 8GB, thus 12 GB total. 12GB max / PC3-12800 1600MHz DDR3L, non-parity, dual-channel capable, 4GB memory soldered to systemboard, one 204-pin SO-DIMM socket http://psref.lenovo.com/Product/ThinkPad_T450s http://psref.lenovo.com/syspool/Sys/PDF/ThinkPad/ThinkPad%20T450s/ThinkPad_T450s_Platform_Specificat... Check:www.crucial.com 

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My question to you all.....> How to change FSB on Elete K7S5A main board...< I run bechmarks and it comes up as FSB at 66 HZ etc I know that my main board can go to 266 but how.....There is nothing in the bios for it or am I talking Poo....


A:How to change FSB on Elete K7S5A main board...

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Bought a Spectre X360 roughly 2 years ago which I would only use on rare occasion given that I dont have Internet at home.  A couple months ago it wouldnt power up so I took it to a local repair shop since it was out of warranty.  They have since contacted me saying that the problem is the main board and that it would not be cost effective to replace it/I'm better off buying a new laptop.  to have a $700+.laptop only used a few dozen times  is crazy.     Greg 

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The post on the charging cable is broken off and stuck in the receiver connector. This receiver cable runs to the main board and charges the battery. I would like to replace this internal cable. Where can I get replacements parts for my N21 chromebook? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_6wlkL7cZhOeUpfZGhjZTJOS3c/view?usp=sharing

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if a mother board was put in a case without and thing between it and the case would that cause the computer to freeze up??

What is the best thing to use inbetween the board and case?


A:Quick Question about mounting main board

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This morning my main board would not post. Nothing at all.

I originally had the ECS P4M800PRO-M7 REV 3.1

At Fry's they had them all stacked up so as soon as I found the stack, I looked through to find one that hadn't been returned 3 or 4 times. Unfortunately, I didn't double check it. I ended up with the:

ECS P4M800PRO-M V 1.0A

I installed it anyway and it booted up with no problems. I didn't check my files.

On a subsequent restart, I noticed that the chkdsk utility that sometimes appears after an abrupt shutdown came up.

Now several folders are missing in on my nonsystem drive. This drive is a 300GB SATA150 Drive. The drive was set with a cluster size of 256KB because I was using the drive only for video content.

I've noticed that the drive shows up on the BIOs of the new system, whereas before it did not. It also shows the cluster size as 4KB.

My guess is either the bios or the installed driver didn't recognize the cluster size and ran chkdsk with a cluster size of 4.

Any suggestions on a next step? Is there any recovery software that deals well with larger cluster sizes. I ran GetDataBack and it only came up with an alternate disk structure based on a cluster size of 8KB. The disk is my only copy of several hours of video footage that I shot of execs from out of town for a business presentation video.

A:Missing Files After New Main Board Install

how did you format the hard drive after you installed the motherboard?

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HiThis concerns a fairly new Yoga 700-14ISK (Type 80QD0047UK).I develop specialist automotive hardware and whilst testing a prototype circuit connected to my right-hand USB3.0 port (stupedly!) caused an overload that has blown a component on the Yoga main board (FRU 5B20K41652). I accept that repair under warranty is not available and with a little expert information from Lenovo would be able to undertake a repair myself, avoiding the cost of a replacement board (£300+).I would like assistance to identify the burned-out component pictured (labelled 'U8') which I suspect is a LDO / regulator with either the commercially available part number or specification details such that I can source one myself.I hope this message reaches a technical expert in Lenovo who can help out a fellow engineer!Thanks. ChrisUSB failed component (U8, centre) 

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I have this as part of an emachines computer. I want to upgrade the dual core processor inside it to a quad core. Is this motherboard compatible?

A:Question about NVIDIA GeForce 7050 Main board.

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Someone has asserted certain things to me about the BIOS setup on boards with certain hardware connected. Frankly, I have never heard of such as he told me today and of three professional techs I have talked to so far, they haven't either. I am not going to repeat what he told me because don't want a discussion of the nuances of various configurations. I just want to see if I can find anyone else who has this "common knowledge" (as he put it) that supposedly applies to all systems complying to the AT standard.

Experts only, please, need reply.

I have a mouse on com 1. I have com 2 enabled with IRQ 3 for occasional use with a digital camera. The PS2 mouse port is enabled. I also have a PCI modem on com 3, IRQ 11. There are no conflicting IRQs.

Can anyone tell me if there is some significant "common knowledge" that goes "way back" in computer setups that one should know about this setup that might cause the computer to be unusable?

If so, can I find documentation of this anywhere?

A:Hardware (Main Board Setup) EXPERT needed

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My Lenovo 3 14  did not start one day  - when I phused thr ON bottin nothingI bought it in October 2015  for school  and it was Lenovo computer number 11 in the household.I am the only one using it  and it is  off limits for all other family members -  I take good care of my computers  I clean it frequently  always keep them in a bag or in other protective -  and it shows it almost look like it is new. After 10 monthsSince the warranty is still valid I took it the shop were I bought it (certified Lenovo dealers) then the rapair guy calls me and says that they found the problem ? the internal Power switch that is  attached to the main board had broken clean off and it was loose in side the computer ? and  then he tells me Lenovo says that this is not a warranty malfunction   WHATT  how can my usage og misusage cause this problem  The outer shell does not have any signs of mistreatment and ON button it self is intact so how can this happen  ?If had been  dropped there would be sign on the outside and if someone messed with the on button it would show some signs   in my opinion the only way I could have  caused this is to peal off the on button and stick something in the hole to break the on button attached to the mainboard clean off ??Any other explanation out there ??and why should the warranty not cover it ?In my opinion the button must have been very poorly attached t... Read more

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Hey everyone, I was wondering if someone had the info on the Flex 5 14" with i5 main board and battery model numbers (images?). I have a brazilian Flex 5 model and the main board LA-E541P (CIUYA/YB/SA/SB/SD) s a  Battery is L15M2PB1 and was wondering what other battery models this main board supports. Thanks

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If I had not attempted to the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro.,
I would not be aware of this problem and the fact.
?If It becomes necessary,? I cannot do a re install of windows 7 Pro.
And I cannot Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro.
The reason:
Upon boot up from Windows 7 or Win 8 purchased DVD
the following.
?Windows encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer. This error can be caused by unplugging a removable storage device such as an external USB drive while the device is in use.
Make sure any removable storage is properly connected and then restart your computer.?

I/O Error 0xc00000e9 t
End of Black Screen Message.

As mentioned in my earlier posts, I was attempting an upgrade to
Windows 8 Pro from my current O/S Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.
That is what brought this major issue to my attention.

It's important to understand that with my current install of
Windows 7 Pro 64 bit - "everything" functions perfectly.
No problem with boot-up - No problem with using the repair
DVD I created during a system image backup.
No problem using that repair disk to recover a backup image.
No problems when Windows 7 is up and running.
Further to that. Device Manager shows no conflicts and all attached
drives appear in Disk Manager as they should.
RAM test OK - Drives OK - Cables OK - DVD Burner - OK 750 Watt PS OK
Video Card OK - All CPU temps below 105 F. M. Board Temp 89.6 F.

After a lot of testing and research:
I believe the problem is at USB Root... Read more

A:I/O error at boot up and probable faulty USB Root Hub on Main. Board

Are all other HD's and peripherals unplugged during the attempted install?

Is this a disk you burned yourself? If so confirm ISO or download another, burn another DVD using ImgBurn at 4x speed, then try bootable flash stick install using Universal USB Installer with Win7 in dropdown menu.

Run a Disk Check on all HD's and external HD's and flash sticks used on the PC.

Check the logs, System Resources, establish a Clean boot and other Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7

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Hello -

I have a Sony Vaio vgn-fs760. I decided to replace the battery because I was only getting 15 - 20 minutes not connected to the AC adapter. I ordered a large capacity battery (VGP-BPL2).

I installed the battery and let it charge overnight - it still reports 100% charging when I hover in the systray. When I double click on the battery in the Power Meter, I believe that it is still showing as the old battery - clicking on refresh does nothing.

Please help.

A:Sony Vaio main battery replacement

sony charging systems has very large period of "tickle charge", that means, that battery will charge to reach designed capacity with very small amount of current(from around 80% till 100%), and this is normal. download mobile meter software, in "battery information" tab you'll see charging process of main battery in realtime. also it shows designed capacity, full charge capacity and current capacity that slowly rises.

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My current Samsung Spinpoint is reaching it's end of life and I dearly need to replace it.However what is the most prudent choice for this oldie ? Do I get myself a Seagate Desktop SSHD 1 TB (solid state hybride drive)  or  a WD Re - 1 TB drive.Remember I just need to replace the  main drive for the Server OS, the Hypervisor and the applications on this basic Windows 2008 R2 Server which is used as our office server and developer server for php web applications. Yours truly, 

A:main drive replacement - western digital re enterprise black...

Hi, For servers, I would recomment to use Enterprise HDD or SSD. Some HHD's can do 10K or 15K rpm. They are more expensive but the will do the job. Regards.

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unplugged elect cord of phone from voltage surge protection,computer went off but light stayed on.  I've been told it was my mother board,  This machine has stuff I need and I  would like very much to fix it.  Does anyone know where I can get this done?


A local computer repair shop is the best bet, but for a computer that old, it will probably cost more than it is worth.  Best option is to salvage the data from the hard drive onto a working PC.  Easiest way to do that is to remove the hard drive from the old Pavilion A6400 and connect it to a working PC.  If it is just to retrieve the data, an adapter similar to this will work nicelyhttps://www.amazon.com/AGPtek-Drive-Adapter-Converter-External/dp/B00BIE996S/ref=pd_sim_147_2?_encod...

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I have an old Gateway P5-133 computer with an Evergreen MX-Pro 200 cpu upgrade on an American Megatrends system board.
I was in the process of upgrading it with a larger hard drive, WinME, a couple of USB ports, potentially more RAM etc. and was experiencing intermittent episodes of it not booting up. My new machine's monitor, which I used while working on this old POS, was saying there is no video signal coming from the old computer. A new video adapter produced the same message, so I am assuming the system board croaked. It did boot fine following the installation of the new HD and ME.
What would be a suitable replacement if you would be so kind as to enlighten me? I can return the PCI Video and USB adapters but not the Maxtor 80GB Ultra ATA/133 drive and ME.

A:Replacement System Board


Welcome to TSG! As far as a replacement board, you are probably wasting your time. My suggestion would be to keep the video you bought, the hard drive and the floppy. The rest is very outdated. Your board is a socket 5 board with no real replacement out there. The case and power supply will be of no use on a newer board (probably an AT form factor). The evergreen chip will only fit a socket 5 board and you can go much much faster with a low end $30 duron processor. The memory is probably 70ns dram and will not be able to be used in a newer board. Not really much you can save. Your choices are to look at used computer shops for an old socket 5 board or to shell out a couple of bucks for a bare bones system.


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The systemboard on my laptop went a couple of weeks ago, I found a replacement on eBay with the serial #30L2589 the number on my system board 10L0947. Are these boards compatible?

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I want to use Blender Cycles GPU rendering. It only works with Nividia CUDA cards. I have an ATI Radeon card. This card is soldered to the system board so I think swaping it is not an option. Can I replace the whole system board for one that has an Nvidia CUDA compatibale GPU on it?

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Is it possible to purchase a mother board for an older hp desk top model # P6216F if so where could I purchase one.thank youAnthony Simonie

A:Mother board replacement

Motherboard P6216F  If you found my answer helpful please say thanks by clicking on the Thumb's Up icon.        If my answer solved your problem please mark it as the Accepted Solution. Thanks!

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How to get replacement Mother board from HP

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Hey guys
i have a compaq presario SR1610NX Recently i shorted out my mother board while doing a proccessor trade out (trust me the proccessor is compatable as the computer did run for a while after the switch). anyway i called up compaq and they say that my mother board was discontinued and they tried to sell me a whole new tower. i need a compatible replacement. im using a AMD Athlon 64 3700 proccessor.
Please Help Me- Dr. Feelgood

A:Mother Board Replacement Help

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Last night I tried to replace the mother board on my Dell Inspiron 5000e laptop. I bought the replacement part from an Ebay store, and it is still under warranty (90 days). After taking apart my entire laptop and putting the whole thing back together--a job that took my friend and I three hours--we plugged it in for the moment of truth. The battery light came on, so far so good. Then we hit the power button and...nothing happened. Well almost nothing. The machine appeared to turn on. All three lights on the the bottom of the LCD went on, but that's it. The fan didn't start, the monitor didn't start. The hard drive light was on but didn't appear to be reading at all. (i.e. no blinking or noise.) I'm quite perplexed. Everything appeared to go back together perfectly with the possible exception of the diskette drive cable clip, which we weren't exactly sure whether to put back in over, under, or through the disk drive data cable. We eventually put it through. For instructions and pictures of the process, check out link:


Everything else seemed to go back together seemlessly. We were very careful with screws and put all the right sizes back into their correct places. What could be causing this? Have I received a defective part? Are there any other explanations? I suppose a possible explanation is that the processor and/or video board are not quite connected correctly, but they seemed t... Read more

A:Mother Board Replacement

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My original setup included an onboard videocard which copes fine with XP cannot cope with Windows 7 - apart from at the lowest resolution. I am not a gamer but would like advice on upgrading my video card. If I install a new card will I need to disable the old onboard card? If so how do I do this. What type of new card would be suitable foe Windows 7 - bearing in mind that I'm not a gamer, but enjoy watching videos, jpeg files etc. Any other issues I should be aware of? Thanks for any advice!

A:On Board Video Card Replacement

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Hi all I have damaged by X260 (Model 20F5S4BY00) and need to replace the system board. Currently it has part number 01YT045 board installed. I've found a more reasonably priced board on eBay with part number 01HX027. Is this compatible? Thanks in advance 1enny

A:X260 - Replacement system board

Hi 1enny,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Checking with recommended substitutes specific to MTM 20F5S4BY00:
Part number 01EN201 WV3 FRU Intel® Core? i5-6300U Processor (3M Cache, Up to 2.40 GHz), WIN, Y-AMT, Y-TPM, Dock
Part number 00UP198 Wolverine 3 FRU Intel® Core? i5-6300U Processor (3M Cache, Up to 2.40 GHz), WIN, Y-AMT, Y-TPM, Dock
Part number 01HX035 WV3 FRU Intel® Core? i5-6300U Processor (3M Cache, Up to 2.40 GHz), WIN, Y-AMT, Y-TPM, Dock
Part number 01HX027 (via part search)   
WV3 FRU Intel® Core? i5-6200U Processor (3M Cache, Up to 2.30 GHz), WIN, N-AMT, Y-TPM, Dock   (01HX027) is compatible with the following machines:THINKPAD-X260  20F5 , 20F6  just like 01YT045 (original board). Differences may be on some detailed parts but should work in general.
Hope this helps answer your query.

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[PC Specs]
AMD Athalon XP +2800
2x 512 RAmos DDR
Gigabyte 128mb ATI Radeon 9600XT
SB Audigy 2 ZS
1x 40gig WD Caviar (7200rpm)
2x 200gig WD Caviar SE 8mb (7200rpm)
2-Port Serial ATA/133 IDE Controller Card

[Problem Description]
PC won't boot. Power (when connected to everything) only powers up motherboard and any cards attached to it. IDE drives show no sign of life.
However, if you disconnect IDE cables from the motherboard the IDE drives come to life.
If you disconnect power from the motherboard, and hotwire the motherboard power plug, the IDE drives will power up.

Tried motherboard with 3 different power supplies, same problem with all of them. Can't check CPU as don't have any other boards. Memory is fine, or appears to be as changing them made no difference.

Tried the board without any PCI (except agp graphics) cards plugged in, still had the same problem.

Not sure what else to do.

I moved to London from Melbourne Australia and had to get my PC shipped over. I would have taken it on board as hand luggage, but i wasn't allowed, so I had to have it freighted over as excess baggage on another flight.
It had plenty of padding so I thought it would be fine. It looks as though everything was fine except for what appears to be one largish dimple in the cardboard where it looks like it hit something. So there is a possibility of damage.

Any ideas anyone? I probably should have posted this under didou... Read more

A:A7N8X-X no boot, board replacement?

You might try a different IDE cable. Don't know why shipping should create a problem but that would be my next quick try.

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I have an e7450 that has had what I believe to be a system board failure. It is out of warranty so I am looking at replacing the system board myself. The part number is CN-0Y15C1-12963-54I-  A0EF  REV A00.
I believe the original unit has an i5-5300U. Most of the replacement boards I'm finding online have an i7-5600U. 
Will there be an issue using the different processor if the board is still the same?

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