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Solved: Can Just the USB2 Drivers Be Extracted from the SP-2 Disk?

Q: Solved: Can Just the USB2 Drivers Be Extracted from the SP-2 Disk?

One of my drives has just Windows XP Pro on it. NO service packs.

I have a usb2 mass storage device that connects to the xp drive but this storage device (drive) only functions with usb 1 capabilities. IF I install SP2 I can get usb2 capabilities but I notice that some of my games run more slowly. (I don't know why)

Is there any way I can extract just the USB2 drivers from the SP-2 disk so I don't have to install the entire service pack to the drive?


Preferred Solution: Solved: Can Just the USB2 Drivers Be Extracted from the SP-2 Disk?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Solved: Can Just the USB2 Drivers Be Extracted from the SP-2 Disk?

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Hey everyone, I have an issue that has been bugging me for weeks, that alas I cannot solve. Usually I can solve most things, but this problem eludes me, and apparently most of the internet.

I have an ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution mobo, with 6x USB2.0 ports on the I/O panel. None of these USB ports are running at enhanced speeds, and no matter how I go about it, they will not update drivers. Ive got the latest windows updates (running windows 7 x64), latest chipset drivers and BIOS for the mobo, Been through the bios and made sure that USB2.0 is enabled and Legacy USB support is disabled (was originally enabled, no difference) Tried manually updating drivers but it says "windows has determined you already have the latest drivers. etc"

Tried manally uninstalling individual USB ports in the device manager, but the only way to recognize the device again is to scan for hardware changes, and then it just re-installs the same drivers.

this problem baffles me.

Ive heard people say if you uninstall EVERYTHING to do with USB and their controllers, root hubs etc then go back to dev manager and force it to rescan it will work, but I need a PS2 mouse and keyboard, I have USB, and would prefer not to go out and buy one solely for this fix (I live in a very remote area).

If anyone has any suggestions of knowledge on this issue, and could help me anyway, I would be extremely grateful.


A:Cannot update drivers to USB2.0

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I went from having 3 working hubs 2 x USB2 and 1 with 1 USB2 port in it.... then 1 day 1 one of my USB2 hubs stopped working...... now that 1 is working and the other 1 has stopped.

Things I have done to date :-

I uninstalled them all .. then swapped positions in my tower, still no joy, with the one USB2 Hub.

Uninstalled them all (the drivers), removed power supply from each, unplugged from the tower, then added the non working one first, all the drivers installed successfully, but still nothing will run from it.

Uninstalled it again, removed the INFCACHE.1, restarted the PC, all drivers were successfully installed but this one Hub will not recognise anything!

A:USB2 Hub Drivers Are Installing But Nothing Will Run Off It

If you only have problems with 1 hub it might have died.

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I have winrar files and in them i have many many important pictures...

However when i extract these pictures it extracts but i cannot see the pictures the folder simply just says 'folder is empty' but it is not empty.. i know this because in properties it says contains: 139 files.....:?:?

anyone have an idea?

A:Solved: Cannot see my Extracted files?

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Did a clean install for my Asus laptop and cannot for the life of me find these drivers on their website. Also, called them and got hung up on right when I said i reinstalled windows.

Windows 7 home premium x64
Model: A53SV

Hardware IDs

Network Controller:

USB - 2.0-CRW

Thank you

A:Help with network controller/usb2.0-crw drivers for laptop

Those are your wifi drivers and your card reader driver .

What is your exact model of the laptop .

What version of windows you running x64 or x86(32-bit)

Sorry didn't see that



DescriptionVersionDateFile SizeDownloadIntel Centrino Wireless-N 10014.0.0.1132011/01/1949.95 MB

DescriptionVersionDateFile SizeDownloadCardReader6.1.7600.100012010/12/227.02MB

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Hi there

Just want to say that on a decent laptop (i5 processor) running Windows to Go from a standard external USB2 disk (using a 7200 RPM old laptop drive connected via a sata==>usb2 connector) performance is certainly totally ACCEPTABLE. Even running Photoshop is OK - and I've connected the USB drive via an UNPOWERED USB hub !!

The Windows to go system is certainly nice as a portable system with my own copies of Office etc in various languages and keyboard configurations -- certainly when I'm on site where other languages / keyboards are used.

For those who think you have to use a "certified" device -- you don't -- you can install on "bog standard" devices -- you will need to extract the IMAGEX program from the WAIK -- you can use the Windows 7 WAIK (downloadable from Ms) if you haven't got it. Ensure you chose the x86 / x64 version depending on what version of Windows you want in your Windows to go system.

Here's how to create a Windows to Go system on a "normal" device. (You still of course need W8.1 Enterprise).

Creating a Non-Certified Windows To Go USB Drive ? ADMIN Magazine


A:Windows to Go on standard USB2 ext disk

I may have another go at that. I have a Windows To Go setup now on an external USB 2 enclosure with a laptop hard drive in it. I have a Kingston Hyper X 64 GB USB 3 thumb drive I'd love to use but its not certified so the official Windows To Go Utility won't use it. I think I'll wait for update 2 before I do it though. I bookmarked that link for future reference so thanks for that.

That's something I just don't get? It will let me install on my dirt slow 5400 laptop drive in a USB 2 enclosure but won't let me use a faster USB 3 thumb drive? Common Microsoft, get it together will ya.

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Hi there
Just running some tests on three average external USB2 HDD (self powered) 1TB drive -- Thicker older WD model -- not the Passport type but still self powered.

On a USB2 connection the data transfer still around 50% FASTER than when formatted with standard MBR.

Unless you NEED the older MBR system I can't see ANY disadvantages to making all my disks GPT where possible - except for the small SSD I have as my Boot disk -- even on a non UEFI system (where a GPT disk won't be bootable - but perfectly fine for DATA etc).

Anybody who knows any reasons for NOT converting -- please post as from what I can see it's WIN in every way -- and gets round the stupid 4 primary partitions for MBR drives and also is compatible with my larger (> 3TB) drives too.


A:EXt USB2 1TB disk faster when converted to GPT

What speeds were you seeing before and after? How are you testing, with a stopwatch or what Windows claims the transfer speed is?

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I am trying to access a USB 2.0 HDD on WinXP SP2

It is an IDE Maxtor 300GB PATA133 (EIDE) housed in a Cintre Zdisc Storage Case.

I can see the HDD in Device manager. Which says it is working properly.

However, I cannot see it in Explorer or diskmgmt.msc (i.e. Computer Manatement -> Disk Management).
I expect that I need to format the HDD, however, I can't see it to format it.

Can you Help?

A:My USB2.0 harddrive is NOT recognized in Explorer or Disk Manager

Use Disk Management to format it...


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Hi all,

I'm new to Photoshop. I'm trying to save an image without the white square background. I was able to create a layer by going to Image > Extract and tracing around the object. I haven't figured out how to save the extracted object. When I save the image, it looks the same as the original (white background included). I've tried saving in different formats (JPG, GIF, PNG, etc.). How can I save the foreground image only? I've spent way too much time today looking for this, and it's probably very simple (and will make me feel like a schmuck I'm sure).


A:Solved: Photoshop - saving extracted foreground image

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With an older (2001) Toshiba Satellite 1805-s203
bios updated to 2.2
cardbus slots are type 1,2 or 3, (16 or 32bit)

1) Is it possible to create a system restore disk
by using an external burner?

2) Could this chipset and bios handle upgrading the hardware...
(System came with a dvd reader, Teac DV28e-a)


See Additional information

A:System restore disk via external cd/dvd burner (cardbus2 / usb2)?

Widows XP, Service Pack 2 or 3 should have all the important drivers, and the programs and utilities can be found free on the Internet. Only personal pictures and documents need to be backed up... So a restore disc is not necessary at all

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Hi there. I am preparing a disk for a Windows Recovery.
Let's assume you use a Rescue boot disk after a disk crash. Which basic drivers load on a Windows Install or boot disk? I know it allows the CD Drive and a floppy drive. Does it also allow a USB drive, or particular USB ports (front, back)?

Thank you in advance for your info.


A:Solved: Drivers on XP Install disk

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Hey Guys, I have a Gateway ML6720 notebook that came with Vista ( processor: Intel® Dual-Core Mobile Processor T2310 1.46 GHz​ and memory: 1024 MB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM (2 × 512) Operates at 533 MHz). I would like to "UPGRADE" to win XP Home but the hard drive isn't seen because it's missing the xp sata drivers. I already went to gateways driver site and downloaded the 32bit sata/ mass storage controller, the chipset wich supports XP and the Sigma Tel Audio Driver. I am going to use "nlite" to slipstream the drivers into the XP install disk but have a few questions because I have never done this. First, do I need to insert all drivers into the xp install or just the sata/ mass controller? And If anyone has ever done this could I get you to walk me through it? I appreciate your time and effort! By the Way, the laptop doe NOT have a floppy and I do not have a usb floppy.


A:Solved: Help with slipstreaming drivers into xp instal disk

I think you're making a big mistake by downgrading from Vista to XP.

I don't see XP drivers at the Gateway site for that laptop for the wired adapter and wireless adapter and display adapter, so you're going to have a connection problem and a display problem after you get XP installed.

It may not be necessary to slip-stream the SATA drivers into the XP CD. Examine the settings in the BIOS setup screen and see if there's an option to enable IDE support.


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Good evening everyone

I currently running windows vista home premium on my main pc but i dont like vista so i would want to downgrade YET I purchased a windows xp cd-with key from dell.com since am using a dell pc. about 15minutes ago I just put the cd in the cd-rom drive then booted. my bios finds my hard drive seagate 80gb but windows installion/setup dosn't find it or seems to find it and it says f6 to add a driver could be for the sata but i aint got a floppy drive . i google'd it and heard about Nlite that needs to add drivers to the windows xp files and is legal so what am trying to do is find the drivers where can i get it from so i can add it to nlite ?

more details: seagate 80 sata
model: dell optiplex gx520
os: windows xp pro

A:Solved: Installing xp on a sata disk need drivers help

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I lost the drivers to my USB stick aka Flash Drive aka USB Mass Storage Device. Googling around, it became apparent that this is not unusual, and with a variety of suggestions, some of which are a bit extreme. What fixed it for me, and what seems a sensible place for anyone to start is to reinstall the driver. To do this...

Put the USB stick into a USB port and when the Add New Hardware wizard appears Browse your way to C:\windows\inf then let the wizard complete the installation process. This may take a while as it works it way through all the options.

If the wizard does not appear then open "Device Manager" look for the Flash Drive, which will have a yellow fault icon, right click it, select properties, and do the Install Driver procedure, browsing to C:\windows\inf.

I'm fairly sure (but not certain) that the file needed is usbstor.inf so you may wish to just select that to see if it speeds things up.

I hope this is some help i getting you out of what seems like a very deep hole when you're in it!


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I have a windows XP Pro desktop with SP2 just installed. I just reformatted, and before i reformatted, I had USB2.0 on (i believe) all of my USB ports.

I have...13? usb ports total. 8 on motherboard (which is a intel D865PERL, but two arent hooked up) and 5 on a PCI card, 4 on the outside and 1 internal port. I have been trying to get my external drive connected to my PC on USB2.0 to transfer a huge amount of files, and did it sucessfully over USB1.1. can someone please help me figure out why i dont have USB2.0?

A:Solved: No USB2.0?!

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Hi folks,

Don't know if this is in the right place but can anyone tell me roughly when USB2.0 became entry level standard on PC's?



A:Solved: Usb2.0???

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I installed a game by using a program called starburn which created a virtual harddrive on my computer.
Now i can't delete the virtual harddrive anymore.
I find the hard drive in disk management, but i can't delete it because the delete option is greyed out.
What i can do is to delete the corresponding driver to the harddrive with the game on.
Then the game and virtual harddrive is gone, however when i restart my computer the game and virtual harddrive is back again.

Can somebody please help me to get rid of this virtual harddrive ?
Thx !

A:Solved: Virtual disk volume reappears after i delete the drivers ?

Not sure how, but after 5 and a half hour i managed to get rid of the virtual drive.
Don't ask me how, i tried everything and suddenly when i restarted my machine the drive was gone.
Sorry that this won't help other with the same problem !!

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I have an old Dell DIMENSION 8300, Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4CPU 2.60GHz 2.59GHz, & 1.00GB of RAM that I ended up having to do a reformat of the hard disk yesterday and when installing the drivers I had run into some problems with the audio drivers. I have the utility disk that came with the computer, so I was installing the drivers with that. The audio driver showed to be 198xIntegrated Audio Driver Sound Max. When it gets to the installation process, it would run through and then an error would pop up saying "Driver not found, Reboot Your System and run step again". I tried this and it would not work. I checked in device manager and everything else seemed to be okay except under other devices/multimedia controller had the yellow question mark. I even went to Dell's downloads to get the same exact file and try it but it didn't work. The file for it was R58182. I did some searching on the net about this issue and there were other folks that had run into this problem but I couldn't find any resolution to it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

A:Solved: Audio Drivers not installing after a reformat of hard disk

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I was stupid and decided to reboot the computer and re-installed the windows 7 but come to find out the Dell 1564 recovery disk wasn't where I thought it was so now I don't have dell webcam central or when I turn up the volume it doesn't pop the volume bar up if I go to my C: drive and click on it I can get to some of the stuff but I have no Idea what to do from here I planned to just erase everything and put it right back on and it isn't working that way!

A:Solved: Can't find the Dell 1564 drivers and utilities disk

Dell 1564 Drivers and Downloads - http://support.dell.com/support/dow...emID=INSPIRON1564&os=W764&osl=en&catid=&impid

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I am working on a WinXP Pro sp2 machine using all the latest windows updates & motherboard / driver updates.
I have also run sfc

The mobo is a PcChips M863A & I am trying to add an extra pci usb2 card which is plug & play in winxp.

The computer tries to load the drivers & the next to last screen shown, shows the file being copied as: usbhub20.sys from c:\windows\system32 cmd usb 0673 pci to usb open host controller.
The last screen shown tells me that the data is invalid.
I am then told that the newly installed hardware may not function correctly. (which it doesnt).

I have tried to install a different usb2 card which has its own xp drivers & got the same error.

Anyone any idea why these will not install????

Thanks for any replies


A:Solved: USB2 Problem in Win XP

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I have upgraded. I am using WinXP home and have SP1 installed. My system is 80gig 7200 Western digital HDD, Athlon 64 3400, Corsair PC3200, um Ti 4200 Nvidia, Asus K8V Se Delux. I have an external Hardrive by IOMEGA it is 160 gigs and came partitioned into five parts. Now I can run it with either The firewire cable or USB, which if any, is better? I seemed to have problems with the USB and switched to the Firewire and have not had any issues. Please offer your advice.

A:[SOLVED] Firewire or USB2?..

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When i try to install Vista Ultimate onto my friend's computer... it says "Device drivers not found" when you would usually select the hard drive for partitioning and formatting. Instead nothing is shown in the box and it just has an option to "load drivers" "rescan" or "quit" and i can't figure out what to do?!

He has a Compaq Presario SR5152NX Desktop PC
The hard drive is a Seagate barracuda

i can't for the life of me figure this out!

A:Solved: No hard disk device drivers found VISTA INSTALLATION!

Have you tried loading the drivers?


Direct download: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software7/COL19595/pv-51761-1/sp35033.exe

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I am trying to install a StarTech PCI425USB card into my computer but it is not being recognised. How do I check in the BIOS that USB2 is supported on my MB please?

System details:


OS Information:
OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition|C:\WINDOWS|\Device\Harddisk0\Partition2
Service Pack 2.0
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS
Current Clock Speed 2490
Description x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 7
Manufacturer GenuineIntel
Name Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.50GHz
Memory (RAM):
Bank Label RAS 0 & 0
Capacity 268435456

Total Memory Deteced in Hardware: ~256 MB
Memory Reported to Operating System: 191MB

Disk Drives:
Description Disk drive
Manufacturer (Standard disk drives)
Model ST340810A
Media Type Fixed hard disk media
Size 40015987200 (~37 GB)
Number of Partitions 2
Installed Printers:
Name TIFF-XChange
Port Name LPT1:
Default False
Driver Name TIFF-XChange

Name Samsung ML-1510_700 Series
Port Name USB001
Default True
Driver Name Samsung ML-1510_700 Series

Name PDF995
Port Name PDF995PORT
Default False
Driver Name PDF995 Printer Driver

Name Microsoft Office Document Image Writer
Port Name Microsoft Document Imaging Writer Port:
Default False
Driver Name Microsoft Office Document Image Writer Driver

Name HP DeskJet 930C/932C/935C
Port Name LPT1:
Default False
Driver Name HP DeskJet 930C/932C/93... Read more

A:Solved: BIOS suitable for USB2?

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Getting ready to purchase a PCI USB2.0 card for my Presario. I have an AMD K7 processor. Any brands to avoid or to heartily recommend? See my system signature below.

A:Solved: PCI USB2.0 Adapter Card

Any of them based on the NEC chipset would probably do the trick. I'd avoid the ALI and VIA chipsets, I've had problems with both of them.

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My Toshiba Satellite A215 - S7427 went to a black screen followed by a blue screen of death. When I restarted it gave me the following windows error message:
"Windows needs to install driver software for your USB 2.0 Adapter"

I do not use a USB 2.0 adapter. I cannot connect to the internet. Any suggestions?

A:[SOLVED] USB2.0 WLAN adapter

Were you connecting to the internet via a wireless connection?

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I've recently reinstalled XP on my PC using the recovery CD that came with it but I've noticed that the USB Host Controllers seem to indicate I only have USB1 and not USB2 like I had pre-reinstall. I've tried my hardest to locate them to no avail but stumbled across this which is for my particular PC


But am having a dumb moment and don't know how to revert to MS drivers. It's XP Home with SP3 installed.

Any help greatlly appreciated.


A:Solved: USB2 Host Controllers

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I recently started getting BSODs (IRQL_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL)everytime I booted my computer, and after much trial and error figured out that it was my USB2 which was causing the problem. If I disabled the USB2 Enhanced Host Controller in the device manager, I'd be able to boot properly and not get any BSODs. I even tried reinstalling the driver and updating to the latest version (from the Intel site) but to no avail. But with the USB2 enabled, I'd never be able to get into Windows without going thru safe mode.

I'd like to know if there's a way of finding out what the problem is. I'm using Windows XP with SP2 and my system specs are in my signature below.

Thank You


A:Solved: USB2 causes BSOD on boot

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Giveing message "the device can perform faster if connected to highspeed USB2 port"
after pluging in flash drive. Running XP SP2

It is happening on 2 computers AMD processors EPOX motherboards.

A:Solved: Highspeed USB2 port

Install the motherboard drivers.

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hi all,
to keep it brief:
every time i try to copy files over 110Mb to or from my external HD, it resets my machine. this is the only time this problem occurs, all smaller files copy no problem.
anybody who has a clue about this one is going to be a god if they can sort it, i have ALOT of work at stake here.

sys info:
external iomega 80GB usb2 hd (FAT32)
d-link 5-port usb2 pci adapter
60Gb internal hd (NTFS)
winxp sp1
asus a7m266 m/board (bios updated)
1Gb ddr ram (333Mhz)
amd athlon 1.2Ghz cpu
creative s/blaster live drive platinum


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I've just built my first machine from scratch and it's mostly working.

ASUS p5k
Intel Q6600
Centurion 534 case
Corsair RAM

I installed an old XP (so only 132GB recognised thats another problem I'm working on) and upgraded it to SP2. However none of the USB ports are being seen as USB 2, they work but at USB 1 speed.

I've used the ASUS utility to upgrade the BIOS to the latest version and the driver disc that comes with the mobo has a USB 2 section which is just a text file that says it all works with SP2.

Any ideas


A:Solved: Not recognising any ports as USB2

Do you have errors in Device Manager? If you have USB controllers listed with a Yellow question mark, then uninstall then and reboot and then they'll install correctly.

Also install the latest Intel Chipset drivers: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/con...All&OSFullName=All Operating Systems&lang=eng

The Original version of XP did not support drives over 137GB or USB 2.0. Service Pack 1 added that supported.
To create a partition out of the unallocated space on the drive use Disk Management from the Administrative Tools.

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I was having a lot of troubles with XP PRO after a CPU failure, when I tried to do an XP installation Repair. It failed miserably and after a month of posting and searching for answers, I threw in the towel.
I reformatted the HD and did a clean install. On the advice of a MS Tech, I downloaded SP3 and installed it first thing. After I got everything up and running with all the updates, I discovered that XP no longer recognizes my USB ports as USB2. I found some original drivers on the Motherboard installation disk, but it will not allow me to install them because my XP SP2 install disk is already supposed to have them.
I tried removing all the USB drivers and forcing XP to figure it out, but no luck. It is an ASUS P5GD2 Deluxe with a P4 processer and an XP PRO SP3 Operating System. It was working fine for at least 2 years.
Anybody know how I can fix this?

A:Solved: XP Pro SP3 doesnÂ’t recognize my USB ports as USB2

my 2 cents: slipstream SP3 into your installation CD and start over.

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I have nothing with USB3 on it and no experience with the connectors or the standard. I am looking for a PCI-E add-in card to add USB2 ports to the back of my shop computer. I found this card at NewEgg; but, I don't understand the physical connections. It says it is USB3 and USB2; but, they look like USB2 ports to me.

1. Can a USB2 connector be plugged into a USB3 port?

2. Will this card allow me to connect USB2 devices? It looks like it to me; but, this USB2/3 in the specifications is confusing me AND I thought USB2 and USB3 plugs were incompatible.

A:Solved: Please explain this USB3/USB2 compatibility

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Compaq 5834
Windows 2000 Pro
Version 5.0
Servic Pack 4
192 RAM
c:\ Primary hard drive = 13GB
d:\system_save drive = 3GB
g:\Add on hard drive as slave = 40GB

Purchased a 'acomdata' 120GB usb2.0 hard drive.Followed installation instructions, but it will not format the drive. When the formatting screen appears, the only choice I have is FAT, NTSF, or FAT32 and start. I've tried all three, and I've tried formatting the drive on a Dell laptop with Windows XP with same result. After about 40 minutes, the process appears to complete by the progress bar and a message appears which says formatting cannot be completed.
H:\ shows on menu in MyComputer but clicking on properties show the drive has no free space even though there is 0 bytes of data in folders and files.
The Acomdata tech support desk has not responded. Any help out there?

A:[SOLVED] usb2.0 hard drive won't format

More that likely the drive is defective, take back to supplier and have them test and supply new one.

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It is obvious to me that USB2 cables are fundamentally different from USB3 cables in that there are additional conductors in the USB3 that don't exist in the USB2 cables. Obviously, those wires have a function; but, I also assume one could use a USB3 cable for a USB2 device without a problem.

Is that true? I know it seems obvious; but, I just want to be sure.

I'm about to order a small number of USB cables for stock and it seems logical to stock only USB3 cables if this is true.

A:Solved: USB2 and USB3 cable compatibility?

This pretty much covers it,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Using WinXP Pro SP2, Asus P4B533-E (6 USB2.0), and Benq EW1621. Windows keep redectecting the dvd-writer drive and says that the drive is not connected to a high-speed usb2.0 port when those are the only ones I should have. What is wrong?

How do I make sure the USB2.0 ports are working properly?

Do I need to update the BIOS for the motherboard since the usb ports are from the motherboard?

Using everest.exe:
Field Value
PCI Devices
Bus 0, Device 29, Function 7 Intel 82801DB(M) ICH4(-M) -Enhanced USB2 Controller [A-1]
Bus 0, Device 29, Function 0 Intel 82801DB(M) ICH4(-M) -USB Controller [A-1]
Bus 0, Device 29, Function 1 Intel 82801DB(M) ICH4(-M) -USB Controller [A-1]
Bus 0, Device 29, Function 2 Intel 82801DB(M) ICH4(-M) -USB Controller [A-1]

Also, what is this Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility V5.02.1003 used for?

A:Solved: USB2.0 ports work only as USB1

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My computer has usb1 ports I want to get an external DVD writer that has a usb2 connection. Question is will the will the usb2 work with my usb1 computer? Is usb2 downward compatible?

A:[SOLVED] using usb2 device with usb1 port

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Has anyone ever done this ? I am new to and just bought a JVC miniDV Camcorder. It says in the owners manual that one can: transfer still images stored on a memory card to a PC using USB. It also says that you can transfer still/moving images that were recorded on the DV tape to a PC as well, by using USB. I thought that one had to use the IEEE 1394 Firewire to transfer or capture the digital stills and moving images(digital video) from the Camera's DV Tape to the PC ?
If someone knows how to do this could you please help me out and elaborate some how this is accomplished using USB rather than Firewire ?! I'd like to use what I hav cuz i don't have "Firewire" on my PC as yet.

Any help id be really appreciated. Thanks.

A:Solved: Capturing/Transferrin DV to PC usin USB2 ?

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Hi folks
This is not critical but is annoying as regardless of which usb device I plug in or which port I seem always to get the same error message
"This USB device is a HI-Speed device and will function at a reduced speed when plugged into a non Hi Speed Port."

clicking on he appropriate link gives rise to the following

"The HUBS shown in bold type have free ports that can support the HI-SPEED USB Device."

Intel(R) ICH8 Family USB2 Enhanced Host Controller - 283A
USB ROOT HUB( 4 Ports)
Unused Port
Unused Port
Unused Port
Unused Port
Intel(R) ICH8 Family USB2 Enhanced Host Controller - 2836
USB ROOT HUB( 6 Ports)
Unused Port
USB Composite device
Unused Port
Unused Port
Unused Port
Unused Port

It suggests that I am connected to a HI speed Hub so why the error message?

System is
Windows XP pro SP3 5.1.2600
Processor x86 Family 6 -15 stepping 6
memory 2G

I seem to have a plethora of controllers because when I examine the situation via control Panel I get the following list.
Intel(R) ICH8 Family USB Universal Host Controller - 2830
Intel(R) ICH8 Family USB Universal Host Controller - 2831
Intel(R) ICH8 Family USB Universal Host Controller - 2832
Intel(R) ICH8 Family USB Universal Host Control... Read more

A:[SOLVED] USB2 driver not High speed or is it?

Hello and Welcome to TSF,

make and model of pc?

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I have a laptop with usb2 ports. Is there a way I can change them into usb3 ports without spending lots of money? A link would help.

Here is my laptop:


A:Solved: Is there an attachment I can buy to change a USB2 port into a USB3 on a lap

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I used 7zip to open up a .gz zipped/archived file. It seems like 7zip extracts and downloads the files to open it? Is that correct? If so, where are the files located? Or is it just stored somewhere temporarily and then deleted after?

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When I extract a file or video to desktop I can't find it.
I retsart the pc and the file or video pop up,it does this
almost every time.Any help?

A:Extracted files on desktop

download this 7-Zip right click file needing to be extracted, expand 7zip and click extract to and choose the same name as the file you are unzipping, unzipp's will be there...
vidoe pop up? what? need more facts not random statements...

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Well i extracted this one file to my desktop and it had a lot of files. I extracted to desktop on accident then i deleted all the files which field up my desktop and deleted them. After i had turned off and restarted my computer they were back. Now everyday i have to delete 60+files on my desktop because they keep coming back. Anyone know how to fix this?

A:Extracted a file to desktop

I have a similar problem. There is a folder on my desktop named "Movies". I delete this folder and it just comes back. I have tried cutting and pasting it to a new directory but it just comes back to the desktop and then I have 2 folders names "Movies". I just want the folder to be permanently deleted. Any idea what I should do? Thanks

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When I extract files from a zipped folder, a folder is created but with no files in them. Yet, when I open a zipped folder, the files are visible but inaccessible. Help.

P.S. Running Vista Home Premium

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I want to extract a .zip file of Windows icons in XP.

To which folder should I extract them?

A:Where Should Icon Packs Be Extracted To?

make a new folder on your drive and name it icons and then when you want to change an icon to one you have unzipped, point it towards the folder you have created "icons"
it's not like Fonts, that has it's own folder - icons are usually associated with the program or app - when you want to change them, you have to tell the program or app where the new icon is that you want to use

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anybody know how to solve my problem? i delete them but every time at startup the are there again and its cloging up my desktop.

(PS.Its probly a realy stupid question)

A:cant delete extracted files from desktop

The easy way is to use Move_on_Boot. Works every time!

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