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Warranty dates do not tally with my purchase dates

Q: Warranty dates do not tally with my purchase dates

Hi there I tried linking my serial number and product number of my laptops with my hp passport, but that does not seem to to work. The warranty checker start date november 2014 but we bought them in october 2015, so we are a year out. How do I update these, and am I able to link them to this hp passport account. Thanks for your time. All the best Matt

Preferred Solution: Warranty dates do not tally with my purchase dates

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Warranty dates do not tally with my purchase dates

Hi melton , In this to get you warranty to be update please do contact the HP support line of your country with the Proof of purchase with the serial number on it . So that they would work on it and get it updated . HP Worldwide Telephone Numbers http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c00047049.pdf Also as you have the the passport account you can raise a request throught the support case management . r-K //Click on Kudos and Accept as Solution if my reply was helpful and answered your question// I am an HP employee!!

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Hi I need some help.

I have a log that lists the start date and end date of my fleet of cars. I want to be able to tell how many cars we had in our fleet on any day (and then be able to average out the number of vehicles in a month)

What I have is two columns with the first containing the start date of the car and the second containing the termination date of the car.



21/04/2006 20/04/2010
21/04/2006 20/04/2010
27/04/2006 26/04/2010
28/04/2006 27/04/2010
1/05/2006 28/04/2010
3/05/2006 29/04/2010
3/05/2006 30/04/2010
12/05/2006 11/05/2010
17/05/2006 1/05/2010

On another sheet I have dates starting 1/1/2003 incrementing by a day up to 2013. What I am looking for is a way to count how many times each of the dates falls between (or on) the date in each of the ranges.
EG in the example data above 5/5/2006 = 7, 6/5/2006 = 7, ..., 12/5/2006 = 8. (I hope! )

Note - I am using dates in the format DD/MM/YYYY

Hope you can help!

A:Solved: Counting number of times dates occure between range of dates

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Once again I'm reaching out to the TSG forums for help. I have a column (bid request date) and another column (bid approved date). In my pivot table I have a count of these by my team members. # of Bids Submitted and # of Bids Approved and I want to add another column into the pivot table, "Approval rate" which divides the # of Approved by # of submitted. Is there an easy way to do this in a pivot table?

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On Nov 28th I purchased a 3 year HP Care Pack.  My current warranty expires on Dec 28th, 2016. I notice when accessing my HP Support Assistant it is showing that the standard warranty end date is 12/28/2016, which is correct.  However it is showing that I have 2 year warranty remaining and my Care Pack end date is 12/12/18.  According to my information if my current warranty ends on 12/28/2016 and I just purchased a 3-year warranty then the Care Pack end date should be 12/29/2019.   I contacted tech support through my HP Support Assistant and they referred me to www.hpshopping.com and said to contact the Home and Office Sales team to resolve this issue.  I don't find anywhere on that page that pertains to my problem.  When I click on Automatic Warranty Check it will either time out or tell me that can't find my information.  Can someone give me a more specific link or place to go to get this problem corrected ?  

A:HP Care Pack Warranty Dates Not Correct

Hello CherylM88, How to Submit a Dispute to Validate Your Warrantyhttp://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-15-Notebook-PC-series/8543365/model/8961406/document/c0508451...    Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again !!  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee 

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Like so many others on this forum, my new HP 250 G4 Laptop has the wrong warranty Start and Finish dates. The laptop was purchased just two days ago on the 8th JULY 2016 from Tesco Direct.  However the Start Date of the warranty check is showing as 22-Feb-2016 with an End Date of 23-Mar-2017. Obviously I would like this corrected, the machine is still unused and unopened should I need to return it due to this Warranty issue. I have downloaded my Invoice as Proof of purchase from Tesco. Thanks in advancesparky

A:Incorrect Warranty Start and Finish Dates

Contact HP directly for this issue, as it is not one that we can help you with.  

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Hi there,

I have a whole column of dates in this format in my table: 20080602

I want my macro to change the format of the dates from this 8-digit number string, into a date format that Excel can recognize (6/02/2008). Once the dates are re-formatted, I then want to have the macro select rows with dates that are up to four days of age only for the new report.

Here is what I've got to format the dates. When I run it, the macro stops at this point and tells me to debug, telling me I have a 'syntax error'. A what?

Selection.Format = Date(left(a1,4), mid(a1,3,2), right((a1,2))
Once I do get the dates right, how would I get it to select dates that are up to four business days in age only? This is what I thought I should use, but it doesn't work:

Selection.Format >=today()-4


A:formatting dates and selecting dates by age in vba?

I don't think that you can do what you want using the Format function as you have tried to do it. You are on the right lines with the Left, Mid and Right though.
in another column put this in a Cell on the same row as A1
=mid(a1,5,2) & "/" & right(a1, 2) & "/" & left(a1,4)
If that gives you the correct "look" then Drag that formula down the rest of the rows with Dates in. Then copy the whole Range of new look dates and Paste Special>Values over the first cell in that Range or in a new column and you should now have your Dates.
In the next column type in the first cell
= if(today() - Celladdress <= 4, "Yes", "")
Where celladdress is the cell with you first "Proper" Date.
This will place a "yes" in the column wherever the date is within 4 Days.
If this is not satisfacory and you really need to have a Macro to do this you can use the same "Formatting" in the Macro, but you will require a "For/Next or For/Each loop" to do it.

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I bought an Inspiron 7460 about two weeks ago.  I have two issues:

Warranty page indicates that the warranty period started in late December 2016, three months before purchase.
The phone support system does not recognize the laptop's Express Service Code.

I was able to talk to a support rep who assured me both issues would be resolved by me sending proof of purchase with the correct date.  I sent that last week but neither issue has been resolved.
Are there any steps I'm missing?

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My computer is stuck on up dates. For 3 days it has been saying about 18% It has all of the updates as far as I know. It will not let me click on it for the status. And I can't seem to stop it. If I restart, it will come back and start again. What can I do?

A:Up dates

Well...you could, as a start, disable automatic updates.

Then...you can either just manually go to the Windows Update Site and attempt to install updates...or download specific updates to your hard drive and then install them from there.


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When I view my pics on a floppy disk, I get two different dates. Under the heading "In folder" I get something like A:\04-29-2001. Under the heading "Date Modified" I get a date and time, but it is always different from the other. What are the meanings of the two dates?

A:different dates

depends on the headings but you will have date created - date the files was created date modified when anything changed in file and date accessed

what are the date headings you have?

if you goto windows explorer

then view > choose details

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Good morning
I am trying to create a spreadsheet that will run off of an existing Matrix I have. I would like it to tell me when and what is due with in 30 days and who needs to do it.
ie: the matrix basically had 5 tabs
in the spreadsheet it say

Name department Title of project & due
John Doe Paint 10/28/2009

How do I create another tab that will automatically tell me that John Doe must finish project A but 10/2009

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Q: Dates

Excel 2010
need a formula for getting the first Monday date of each month for 2016.
eg: 1/4/2016 + ????? will provide 2/1/2016
Thank you for your help

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Hi, can someone help me with a date formula. I am looking to have a date automatically fill in for 6 weeks later.

so if date in is march 27th 2017 can I get it so date out is May 6th and etc for other dates.

thank you,



he yes
if the date is in cell A2 and you want B2 to be 6 weeks later - OR 42 days later

should add 42 days to the cell in A2 and show the result in B2

OR just use

A2+42 would do the same

I showed the date() formula as its useful to add months and years to a date
so if you wanted 3 months - that would work and take into account the different days in the month

Excel dates are just a number - serial number of the number of days since 0 jan 1900

so 1st jan 1900 is

and today 27th Mar 2017 is

so if you add 42 to 42821

excel will show
8th May 2017

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I need an SQL SELECT INSERT statement which will return the dates of, for example, all wednesdays and thursdays betweens two dates, and then insert the dates, along with other data (from an SQL table) associated with those weekdays (wednesdays and thursdays) into another table. Is this even possible, and if so, how?

A:Sql Dates

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I'm new to SQL.
I'd like to run a program in SQL once a week. I only want records updated since the last run. There is a field called processdate. I only want where processdate> today-7. How do I code that in SQL

A:SQL dates

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i have a gateway 4200-e series with windows xp-sp2. i
keep getting updates downloaded but it will not install them.i think there are 83 now. i have it set to automatically download but it will not install. ive tried to install from website and that doesnt work either. im not very tech savvy but will try what is suggested. anyone have a suggestion?

A:up dates

what happen if you try to install?any error message?

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Windows 98 2nd E

The BIOS date is right! The issue is that ALL files existing on my computer are now dated 06/01/80 (all windows files everything!!). Any file created since the power supply was replaced has the correct date.

Is there any way to change the existing files' dates.

Power source died, has been replaced. We had problems as it was dying with the dates, now all dates are 06/01/80 I need to reset them in order to be able to put windows back in to fix other small problems.


A:All dates are 06/01/80-help!!

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Can any one tell me why my notebook updates every time I shut down.
When I check resent updates It doesn't show any resent updates.

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I have an access database and I would like to search for all records that fall in between to specified dates. I think I can do this in a query but Im not sure or the formulas. CAn anyone help me.

A:between dates

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If I enter quarterly data (Nov02, Feb03, May03, Aug03...) and graph the results, Excel fills in the "missing months" on the X axis. Any way to turn this "holpful" feature off and only graph the data that's there? Thanks in advance.

A:Graphing dates

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I have a Access 2000 db that has three different date section in one of the forms. I am triing to create a query that will pull out the oldest date and stick it into a seperate column. But, some of these date fields that I have are null. I have tried doing a IIF statement but that does not seem to work. Does any body have any ideas on how I could go about doing this. Thanks in advance for your time.

A:IIF statement and Dates

If you could post the code that you tried, we could probably alter it so it would work for you...

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My Macafee updates seems to stop at DAT FILES and then seems go back 2 files and then stops again at DAT FILES It keeps trying to install but then keeps stopping. I also use adware and spybot anti spyware programs
Can you help?
Thank you.

A:Macafee up dates

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In my form one of the text box contains a date which I will call date1, what I want to do is to make another text box which I will call date2. date2 will have a date that is 7 years ahead. (ie date1 = 25-APR-2002 date2: 24-apr-2002)

I was trying this date2= dateserial(year(date1)+7, month(date1),day(date1)-1), the result I get is 25-Apr_2007 and not 24-Apr-2007 is there something wrong with my code???

thanks again

A:Question On Dates And Others

I'm sure you meant to tell us what program you're using!

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I am having trouble using Word 97. When I save Word documents on my hard drive and reopen them again, I notice that the original date when these documents were saved is changed to the current date. How do I prevent this from happening? Now I never know the initial date these documents were composed.

A:Word doc. dates

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Hi all. I'm wondering how to copy the Microsoft updates and hot fixes for XP from add & remove to cd. If you can burn the Microsoft updates and hot fixes for XP to cd, can you install them on your computer if you have crashed your computer and have to format and start again. Hope someone can answer this question.

A:how to copy xp up dates


you shouldnt need the hot fixes to get windows installed with internet function.

your not looking for a work-around for the validation tool , are you?

you can slipstream sp2 with your existing xp disk on to a burned disk, of course, you will need acccess to another computer with a cd burner and internet access.


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I am trying to reconcile dates from 2 databases with the following formulas in a query but I am not having any luck any poointers would be greatly appreciated.

Data Type (New): IIf(IsNull([T1].[countval]),'New DB',[T1].[countval])

Data Type: IIf(IsNull([T2].[countval]),'Old DB/Blank Data',[T2].[countval])

Discrepency: IIf(IsNull([Installment Dates Count]-[New System Installment Dates Count]),'No Discrepency','Discrepency')

A:Dates In Access

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I have a lotus 123 spread sheet that I am converting to Excel. The work sheet involves dates and days to complete items. In Lotus I had the user type in dates which were converted to values in another cell a third cell would subtract the two values and give me a total number of days. I am trying to do the same thing in Excel but it keeps giving me a #value. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Issues with Dates

Use the datedif function

So if Date1 (cell A1) is date started and Date2 (cell B1) is date finished
Cell C1 reads as follows


Where d is the number of days between Date1 and Date2.

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Hi, I get:

Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in C:\xampp\htdocs\

from following code: I just want to determine "dayslate".

$dayslate = CURDATE() = DATE(duedate);

// $dayslate = DATE(NOW()) - DATE(duedate);
// QUERY ON tablename TABLE
$query = "SELECT dayslate,

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The dates on Outlook messages in my inbox have changed. Emails that were received weeks ago now show future dates i.e. 4/4/2006. New emails that I send show todays date as they should. I've checked the date/time clock in the right hand corner and it is correct. Anyone ever have this happen or know how I can correct it?

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I have a friend from california he has got office over here in europ but because of work he needs too change his dates in excel too american format how can i do this?

A:Excel dates

Hopefully this guide will help.

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Not sure this is the correct forum.
I had the misfortune to have a hard drive crash and a system failure within a couple of weeks of each other. I DID have back up of all the data on CD-RWs.
When I restored this stuff all the dates for all the documents were the same (date restored) and all files were "read only". I could fix the read only problem by changing each file when necessary.
In case this happens again is there a way to keep the dates on the documents? It sure helps when trying to find the correct file.
Thanks much

A:Backup Dates

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I have a column of calendar dates (A1:A100) that do not include Saturdays or Sundays. I have certain production times for various products that I must base off of these dates and am having trouble counting an amount of days that doesn't include any Saturdays or Sundays in my count. Example below.

10-02-2006 I need to add 18 production days to this date. Workdays only being Mondays-Fridays, I need the answer of the formula to equal 10-25-2006.

Can anyone assist?


A:Need Excel HELP with Dates

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My name is Cpl TL Long and I am trying to create a spreadsheet that will calculate the amt of days we are entitled to when we leave Afghanistan.

I've gone over the formulas and I cant wrap my brain around the reason why sometimes it's off a day with the END DATE

Here' the explanation of the Leave Calculator I have made and if anyone can help me here is an explanation as to how it works or how it SHOULD work

Depending on how many days we spend overseas depends on how much leave we get when we return back to Canada.

So we enter our Arrival date in E9 and our Departure Date in E12 giving me a Total Mission days in cell E15

If we are here (in Afghanistan) 120 days or more we are entitled to HLTA (home leave) We get to travel home during the tour for a short rest period and them return. This HLTA or SML (special mission leave as we call it can be shown in the first chart (orange on the right) and I have made a separate Tab for it to do a +Lookup (The tab is called Extra) If you earn let's say 18 days and you use 18 days you have none left - If you earn 18 days and you only use 16 you have two left (which will be carried on in cell E21- If you earn 18 and use 21 you have nothing left.

Departure from KAF (Kandahar Air Field) cell is linked to the Departure Date

If you are here 120 + days you are entitled to 3 days Decompression (wind down time before going home in Cyprus)

Depart for Canada
Arrive Canada - both self explanatory
Admin Day - the workday fol... Read more

A:Dates are off - Please Help ! - I'm not an expert.

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I have tried to find the solution to this on the Internet but cannot find anything to help. I have a date field showing on a form. When a users enters a date I want another field to automatically display the day, i.e Mon, Tues etc. Is this possible?

A:Access Dates

Use the AfterUpdate exent for the first text box to read something like this

Me.SecondTextboxName = Format(DatePart("d", Me.FirstTextBoxName), "dddd")

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I have been using this formula to let clients know when their bills are due:
this ends up looking something like this: 1/1/04
however, I have had a request from them to have it look more like this: 1-Jan-2005.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:Excel Dates

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I had to do a system restore and before doing this I backed up all my music to discs and then put all back on the computer when done, made sure everything was there and then tossed the discs in the trash (stupid, I know).

All the songs are there, but my issue is that they all now have a created and modified date of yesterday (the day I put them back on) I need to know if there is any way of getting the original "created on" date back.

And if I cant get it back that way on the system will one of the many mp3 management softwares out there show the actual created on date? I always make playlists of the most recent songs I get and now I have no idea which songs those were.

A:MP3 created on dates

That's the result of not setting your burner program to use current date versus the created date. Once the dates are changed, it's a very slim chance of getting them back unless the MP3s themselves store the dates within them - which is also rare.

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Is there a specific way i need to enter dates in Access so that i can sort by the date?

I tried several formats but they all seem to return an illogical sequence>


A:access dates.

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I am working on a query , and I need to calculate age from birth dates.
if I use this Age: Year(Now())-Year([BIRTHDATE])

It works but I need it from a specific date not NOW

any help would be appreciated


A:Access and Dates

How do you want to bring that date in? From a text box on a form?

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Filename: SysInfo.exe
Full Path: c:\Users\JIMBO\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\RBAGCWGH\SysInfo.exe


Not Available


6/27/2016 at 5:17:31 PM

Last Used
Not Available

Startup Item
Many Users
Thousands of users in the Norton Community have used this file.

This file was released 4 years 8 months ago.

Norton has given this file a good rating.
Source File:

File Thumbprint - SHA:
File Thumbprint - MD5:
Not available

A:excel dates

What is your problem and/or question?

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ive been noticing the past several days that i am receiving email but the date of the email is a few days earlier than todays date... i check my clock and cal.. they are correct... has anybody had this problem.... driving me crazy..(short trip... i could prob. walk it)

A:email dates

Hi sabledog,

If you look at the internet headers of the email, you will notice all the different servers that your mail has been routed through. One of those servers probably held onto your mail, due to backlog or whatever, and that is the reason you see a date or time difference.
To view Internet Headers in Outlook, Open mail, click View, Options. At the bottom of the window you will see the Internet Headers box.

here's an MS Technet response concerning OE
OLEXP: Message Sent or Received Time Is Incorrect in Outlook Express

I do not know if you can view Internet Headers in OE.

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talked to a few people and this seems to be the fix from microsuck for the xp slow-down after the 811493 update...........
http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;8114 93
Click "Download the 811493 package now" If you already have downloaded 811493, it will fix the problem.

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I'm not sure on where to ask this one, but I think that the windows xp os is a good starting place.

Here's the situation and this one has me baffled. I have a tractor program that I use. Called Fendoc. I put it in my desktop, win xp#3, "k" drive. Open the drive and it should run right? It does not. open the K drive and there is nothing there, empty. Decided to do the same thing on another computer and that drive id is "D". Same thing. Back to the original comp. Changed the date from Sept 2010 to 2009 and retried. All of the information now shows up in the "K" drive. Any clue as to what is causing this? I need this program to run effectively because the pdf's that are there is enprypted and can be unlocked using the fendoc program.

Thank you for your time and concern.

A:programs and dates

ps if anyone is wanting the extra information. I also tried the same thing about changing the time on the other computer, same thing, can read it if the date is 2009 and earlier, but not 2010. Weird.

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Just got them

A:Spybot up-dates.

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I am building an Access database (1st time user) and am having a hard time trying to figure out how to calculate date ranges. For instance, one thing I need is for the database to count 10 Business days. I guess one workaround would be to count 14 days. However, I also need to add in holidays. Can someone help me with this please.



A:Calculating dates M-F

Greetings Sandy.

I use this: fNetWorkdays and fAddWorkDays

Works great and easy to use.

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Hello. I have put a macro in that works great for stripping/parsing numbers (for invoice numbers) out of any string, from that I need something like this:

I have two tabs with data. One is for invoices, one is for write offs. Basically assuming the date is in a certain week period that matches on both the invoice date and write off date tab (ie. between 5/16/2010 to 5/22/2010) then it will add the invoice $, if the invoice number was from an old date or a newer date then it will be ignored. I know this can be done with a SUMIF but I am having trouble with the dates also. Let me know if someone can help. So for example if the invoice tab has $300 issued on 5/16/2010 and written off on 5/16/2010 the formula it will add up $300, if the invoice was issued 1/10/2010 and written off 5/16/2010 it will not add up anything, because it must be in the 5/16/2010 to 5/22/2010 period. I will need to manually change this for previous weeks also, but I can manually do that myself, I just need the initial formula to start.

Thank you!!!!

If I could input the date between each week that would be fine, I could edit each formula for every period... or is a macro easier to do this?

X corresponds to some invoice$ amount, to not give too much "personal" data.

This is what I have so far (this could be incorrect, but it does add up the numbers, just without the dates I want): =IF(Date of Invoice is in the same week as the date of the write off then SUMIF(Inv!$G:$G,F596,Inv!$E:$E))

F596... Read more

A:SUMIF between dates

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I have created a chart with selected sequential dates. Some of the dates are missing i:e 12/6 - 12/9 and some other as well. Well, the chart created displays not the dates selected, but rather every other day. Can someone offer a solution/reason for this? I'm setting this up for a presentation and it is really getting rather frustrating.

A:Chart Dates

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