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Unhide rows based upon the date in Cell A1

Q: Unhide rows based upon the date in Cell A1

I have a sheet with several hundred rows. Starting in Row 4 through the end of the sheet are mixed dates in column 1 and ALL rows from Row 4 through the end of the sheet hidden. I want to be able to type in a date in Cell A1 and have all rows that have that date in Column 1, Row 4 through the end of the sheet to become unhidden. Secondly, I would like to type some other code like "999" or something in Cell A1 to have ALL rows become unhidden. Thirdly, I would like to either type another code or just delete anything in Cell A1 and have ALL rows from Row 4 through the end of the sheet to become hidden again.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6600 @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3963 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 1853 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 453 GB (298 GB Free); F: 931 GB (710 GB Free);
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, Portable PC
Antivirus: Webroot SecureAnywhere, Enabled and Updated

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Preferred Solution: Unhide rows based upon the date in Cell A1

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello to evrebody,
I have look into the answers and the solutions about "hide/unhide rows based on the cell data" but i am not abble to understand how its work and apply to my sheet.
On theattached sheet i explain what im looking for.
Pleaseo play it and hope to help me and give a solution please.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi I am trying to copy and insert rows based on a number in cell E. If the number in cell E is 4, I would like to copy 3 additional rows beneath the original and then also number the 4 rows into column F consecutively for each group. I am attaching a spreadsheet of before and after. Sheet 1 is the before and sheet 2 is the after. Can anyone help me with this. I have tried another code but it not work properly. I did find one that would put blank rows in but I cannot get past that. Any input is greatly appreciated.

Thank you


A:insert rows based on number in cell and copy the data down into the new rows

Hi Peg

Try this solution and see if it is ok for you. I've put in some code to help prevent the running of the code multiple times on the same sheet. If you don't need this safeguard you can delete the block of code that does this.

Also, make sure and make a backup of your file before running this - just in case.

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Hello to all,

I'm new to VBA in general and I'm in need of help in making my project works. I'm currently working on hidden in-sheet menu (rows 2 to 6) that could by unhidden by double-clicking on the cell "D1" and hidden again by double-clicking on "A6". I want to use that menu in every sheets.

I would really appreciate any inputs on this matter. Feel free to view my spreadsheet for a better idea.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there! I'm new to using these forums, but have spent some time scouring them from time to time to look for simple solutions to any excel/VBA problems I'm having. I consider myself relatively intermediate to advanced in Excel as far as formulas and spreadsheet creation goes, however VBA is foreign to me, and an area I'd love to learn. If any of you have recommendations on a good resource to begin learning VBA, please send it my way. And now....onto my macro question.

I've got a workbook with many tabs, and one or two input tabs feed information into another summary tab using various lookup and index formulas. There are any where from 40 to 80 rows to be qualified depending on the specific summary sheet (therefore I will likely need the macro to reference only the active sheet as it needs to work the same way on different sheets independent of each other). What I would like to do is if the result of the formula in column A of the summary sheet is "----------" (starts at A7) then I would like to hide that row, and if the data is changed on the input tab to result in anything other than the qualifying "----------", for that row to be unhidden. If this can be done dynamically that'd be great, however, if a button needs to be put into the spreadsheet to execute the macro, that will be fine too.

Thanks so much in advance for your help, and I promise I'll do my best to begin learning VBA so I can help contribute in return!

A:Macro to Hide/Unhide Rows Based on Results in Column Equation


Here is a code that may help you. You can copy and paste it too a module.
When you copy it to a module you can assign a "Short" cut key to activate the code.
To do this you select "Tool", "Macro" and when you see the name of the macro you want to run you can select it and then select "Options" and assign the short cut key. You will be able to use the short cut key on any active sheet.

Sub Hide_Row()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Dim Mysh As Worksheet
Dim cel As Range
Set Mysh = ActiveSheet
For Each cel In Mysh.Range("A1:A" & Mysh.Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row)
If Not (Mysh.Cells(cel.Row, 1).Value Like "--*") Then
Mysh.Cells(cel.Row, 1).EntireRow.Hidden = False
Mysh.Cells(cel.Row, 1).EntireRow.Hidden = True
End If
End Sub

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Good day everyone.
Basically I need to have a formula in excel that includes auto hide and unhide of rows based on the result value. Attached is my sample exercise for quick reference. In this exercise, I want to hide automatically the rows under "REPORT OUTPUT" that contains "0" ZERO value. Basic guide: Once you enter value (from 1 to 5) in cell D3, report output will automatically calculate...... The missing condition in the formula is to automatically hide ZERO value.... Please help.
Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Formula with auto hide and unhide rows based on result value

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Hey all

New here and new to VBA so I apologize if this is the incorrect place to ask this question or if I'm not including enough information.

Basically I have two forms, one form that is a cost est. form and another form is a proposal form (client sees this one). I have the proposal form pulling information over from the cost est. form. What I would like to do is on the proposal form if rows c13:c277 are blank (no data pulled from the cost est. sheet) they will hide. But when I add data (a number) into the cost est. form the proposal form pulls that and unhides that row.

I've tried all kinds of VBA code and none seem to do what I want. I can get the rows to hide but then not unhide. I don't have code to show because I have deleted it when it didn't work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You must be bored with this question cos I've seen lots of them, however I can't seem to fathom out what to do..........

I've got a block of data within a spreadsheet 4 rows always in the same place.

How do I put into code:-

If column d43:e46 is blank delete rows 43 - 46 if not ignore it.

As I said I've tried a few things and it will delete the four rows regardless of them being empty of not.

Can someone help please.

Many thanks,


A:Deleting rows based on empty cell.

Is there anybody there? - Help!

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I am trying to hide rows in excel 2010 based on cell values in a certain column. I know that I have to use the VBA but I don't know how to do that kind of stuff. I know it should be simple to do but I don't know where to start. Let me know what you need in order to help me accomplish this task.

A:How to hide rows in excell based on cell value

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Dear Fellows

I am looking for help for a macro which can copy data to other sheet based on adjacent cell value which i define.

For example i have data attached in a sheet.

i want to copy data based on value present in E column to different sheets. if it is ES then all ES rows should be copied to sheet ES with roll number name father per and dept.

Same is for other departments, on different sheets. There will be 9 departments overall.

Looking for response

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Hi all, long time reader, first time poster. I searched around and have found similar queries to what I require however I haven't been able to adapt these solutions with any success so here we go....

I have a list of businesses in a spreadsheet with information such as name, phone number, e-mail, website, postcode etc. I would like a search box on the side, say in cell O2 where a user can input part or all of a postcode e.g. (LS19 or LS) and those that do not begin with LS would be hidden. The postcodes are in column G.

I'm trying to make this as simple and user-friendly as possible so employees can find businesses in a certain area with ease. Thanks in advance for any help and please feel free to ask questions.

Chris Needham

A:Excel VBA : Hide rows based on cell input.

Seems nobody had the answer so I found a work around myself. Just in case anybody else wants to do a similar thing. Using auto filter is the easiest way.

[SIZE="3"]Sub Search()
ActiveSheet.Range("$G$1:$G$999").AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:="*" & Range("O2").text & "*", _
End Sub[/SIZE]

Where G is the column to search for and O2 is the users input data.

Guess this can be closed now, thankyou all for your help.

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Hi all,

I would like to conditionally format the attached spreadsheet so that each alternating week is shaded on whole set of rows.

Also with our roster the week runs Thurs to Wed.

I've looked quite a bit into conditional formatting now. But this one has me stumped.

Thanks for any advice.

A:Excel: Format rows based on date and a few other specifics

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Hi All,

My name is Diego.

Can anyone send me code to automatically send me an email when the date listed in "column J" is the same date as today. Also, it needs to email only once and even if I am not running excel or at my computer. I want to use Microsoft Outlook and use the ClickYes program as well if this helps that was talked about by Zack Barresse in

Essentially I have to be reminded of a reapplication for specific state licensures on healthcare courses I provide. I don't want to forget which courses I have to reapply for so I need to have a program that will look at a date which I have in column J and then email me to remind me of this.

BTW - I am using Outlook 2007 and Excel 2007 on Vista.

Thanks. I appreciate your help! Also, extra points and praise for the person who solves this problem!

A:Automatic Email from Excel based on Date in Cell

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Hi All,

My name is Diego.

Can anyone send me code to automatically send me an email when the date listed in "column J" is the same date as today. Also, it needs to email only once and even if I am not running excel or at my computer. I want to use Microsoft Outlook and use the ClickYes program as well if this helps that was talked about by Zack Barresse in

Essentially I have to be reminded of a reapplication for specific state licensures on healthcare courses I provide. I don't want to forget which courses I have to reapply for so I need to have a program that will look at a date which I have in column J and then email me to remind me of this.

BTW - I am using Outlook 2007 and Excel 2007 on Vista.

Thanks. I appreciate your help! Also, extra points and praise for the person who solves this problem!

A:Automatic Email Reminder from Excel based on Date in Cell

Please do not post duplicate threads.
One thread per issue.
Continue replies for this issue in this thread: http://forums.techguy.org/business-applications/856705-automatic-email-excel-based-date.html
Thank you.

Closing thread.

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Dear All,

I am creating a tracker file for Purchase Orders in which end date in column 'J' is very important.
Column 'J' has following conditional formatting
1. If cell date is in between todays date + 14 days --- YELLOW
2. cell date <= today's date ------------------------- RED
3. cell valus > today + 14 days ---------------------- GREEN

So now when the cell turn Yellow I want the excel should send the mail to the concerned person whose mail id will be mentioned in same row of column 'G'

One more requirement there should be two mails. Reminder 1 & Reminder 2.

I use officer 2010 & mail is outlook 2010 & OS is windows 7.
This file will be on share point. This file may not be opened everyday.

Please reply with the procedure as I am not a programming/ IT person... I may not understand all terms.. please try to simplify the response.
Thanks in advance for all the help.

A:Auto mail from Excel to Outlook based on date in cell

Hi there, welcome to the board!

You'd want a location to mark when an email was sent. I'm assuming you want a worksheet change event for this, which will basically always run when a cell on this specific worksheet is changed. There are other events you could use to fire it off, like the calculate event. You could, if you wanted to, assign this functionality to a button, but then it wouldn't be automatic.

The below code does what you ask. It goes in the worksheet module of the worksheet your data is on. To get to it, right click the sheet tab name and select 'View Code', then paste this there.

EDIT: The locations to mark when an email was sent (btw) were columns K and L, as you'll see them set as constants at the top of the code. You can change those letters to any column you want to house it in. It just puts the current system date in those cells, and that will be checked when the values in column J are checked. If nothing is there it assumes an email hasn't been generated yet and will do so. But if it has a value - any value, it will ignore that row.

Also, I assumed a 'yellow' highlighted value was your first reminder, and a 'red' highlighted value was your second reminder. It uses this as text in the subject and body of the email.
Option Explicit

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

Const ReminderOne As String = "K" 'column letter
Const ReminderTwo As S... Read more

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I'm a beginner when it comes to VB Script and so I am struggling to work this out. I basically have a worksheet that contains information about different staff members. The sheet is set up so that column A (from row 8 on) is their name and columns B to L (also from row 8 on) are other staff attributes. Due to several reasons, there is more than one listing for each staff member (up to 40). The database is supposed to be there so that any staff member can come in and look up their information (or that of any other staff member). However, with so many listings and so many staff members, it becomes an unmanageable database. I could just create filters so that staff members could simply filter out other employees; however, this would create issues. Instead, I have created a cell above the table (say C2) where staff members can enter their name via means of a data validation list (which is linked to a list of staff members on another sheet). I would then like all rows in the table to hide except for those where the name in column A = C2.

I have searched this on the net and I keep seeing similar responses that all say it's hard when there is data validation / formulas involved. Is there a way this can be done?


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I have an Excel file where I track repairs that are sent out to various repair centers. What I am having trouble with is this: Right now I have a formula that calculates the estimated delivery date based on the lead time and ship date. Works fine. But in the rows where there is no data, the formula still shows. And since there is no start date or lead time entered, I have a long column of 1/0/1900 becuse the formula does not see a start date or lead time. What I want to do is have this not show up until I enter the start date. I need this to work automatically, kind of like how Microsoft Projects works but not nearly as expensive. Any help would be appreciated!

A:Auto unhide rows in excel

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I am building an excel model and want to link a macro to the "calculate" button based on the above check boxes. If the boxes are selected, the relevant graphs would need to unhide and show and then hide as the boxes are deselected again.

I've attached a screen shot of what I'm working on.

I would appreciate any help possible on how to write the code for this macro.

Many thanks

A:Excel 07 - Macro to hide/unhide rows

Welcome to the board.

Screenshots saved as bitmaps are huge. Convert them to (e.g.) jpgs, then you can upload without zipping.

Re this part of your post specifically:

Macro to hide/unhide rows

, one "basic" answer is:

Private Sub CheckBox1_Click()
If CheckBox1 = True Then
Rows("11:20").EntireRow.Hidden = False
Rows("11:20").EntireRow.Hidden = True
End If
End Sub

Do you actually have ten charts, or is it far more in reality?

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Hi All,

got a quick question wherein Row 3 to Row 30 are hidden in Sheet2 and is reading the data from "Sheet1", need hidden rows to unhide only when input the data in Column C and D in Sheet1.

And, merge the cells with same "Team Name" after sorting if not in order in Sheet2 (sample sheet attached & available at http://1drv.ms/1xYvV7s)..


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Hi! Good Day!

I cant find ways to automatically hide & unhide row depending in G14, G15 & G17. I dont know if it is applicable to Excel. Even if the solution is in other programming language, then its ok to me.

If G14=4 & G15=3 & G17=2 then hide row 28 to 29 & row 36 to 38 & row 43 to 46

I have attach a file for reference.

Thank you so much!

A:Auto Hide & Unhide Rows per data input

This is on the assumption that your rows are not fixed and that your code is AB#.

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I have a sheet set up with the list with the description (text) in column B, and summary scores (numerical, percentage) in column D. I want to do a summary row at the top of the sheet that pulls the data from the B cells, based on the lowest 3 values in column D.
I plan on using the formula =SMALL(D7:D32,1) (with d7:d32 being the list of percentages), to figure out the lowest 3 values. But the formula just pulls the summary score, not the description. I want to pull the description into but I am at a loss.
I am using excel 2013 on windows 10. Any help would be appreciated.

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I cant seem work out a solution for what I'm trying to do. I have an Excel workbook that has multiple sheets. On sheet 1 i want the data from cell "G3" to be copied onto sheet 2. But i want the location on sheet 2 to be based on whatever was entered into cell "D3" on sheet 1.

For example: Sheet 1, cell D3 I have the name John, in cell G3 i have 68. I want "68" to be pasted in sheet 2 in cell B26.

But if the name in Sheet 1 cell D3 is Suzie, then I want G3 to be pasted in Sheet 2 in cell D26. So I would need to identify the paste location for each person.

I want the data to paste to the next cell so that the next entry can be pasted below the last entry for that person (for John the first entry would go into cell B26, then the next entry would go into cell B27 and so on).

But i want it to be a specific range, i dont want data to be pasted past 20 cells (cell B45). If possible a message box could be created to let the user know that the max is reached.

I would appreciate anyone's help with this as i have been struggling for awhile to try to get this. Thank you

A:Excel - Copy paste cell into range based on another cell

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I have a sheet set up with the list with the description (text) in column B, and summary scores (numerical, percentage) in column D. I want to do a summary row at the top of the sheet that pulls the data from the B cells, based on the lowest 3 values in column D.
I plan on using the formula =SMALL(D7:D32,1) (with d7:d32 being the list of percentages), to figure out the lowest 3 values. But the formula just pulls the summary score, not the description. I want to pull the description into but I am at a loss.
I am using excel 2013 on windows 10. Any help would be appreciated.

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I will eventually want this to work on all worksheets in the workbook as their data may change as the "linked tables" are refreshed. The linked tables are from Access.

What I want to do is look in column Q to see if the result of the calculation in that cell is 0. If so, I want the row hidden. I don't want to hide empty rows, just the one where the calculation =0. If the data in the workbook, i.e. the linked tables are updated, then I want any rows that have changed from 0 to another value to then become unhidden.

I have been searching for VBA code to auto hide/unhide rows in Excel 2007 based on the value in a specific column. I found the following code, but can't seem to get it to work quite right. I changed some of the criteria to fit my worksheet. The problem is that it hides all rows that are empty even though I changed the criteria from "" to 0. Also, this does not unhide rows that may refresh with a value.

I would really appreciate some guidance. My Access and Excel skills are pretty good, but when it comes to incorporating VBA into the mix, I get a little lost.

Sub HideEmptyRows()
'This macro hides all of the rows which are empty, for printing.
'created by Geoff Faulkner 12-29-2004

'Declare variables
Dim intStartRow
Dim intEndRow
Dim intTargetColumn
Dim intCounter

'set default values
intStartRow = 6
intEndRow = 2000
intTargetColumn = 17

'cycle through each row in the range
For intCounter = intStartRow To ... Read more

A:Solved: Excel 2007 Auto Hide/Unhide Rows

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I am attempting to clear 2 cells, based off the value of another. I am pretty sure the code is correct, because it works within another Macro. Thanks.

Dim p As Long
p = Cells(Rows.Count, "a").End(xlUp).Row

For i = 1 To p
If InStr(1, Range("k" & p), "None") > 0 Then Range("L" & p) = "" And Range("M" & p) = ""
'If no Issue, Location/Obsevations should be blank
Next i

End Sub


A:Solved: Clearing Cell Contents Based off other Cell

try this variation;

Dim p As Long
p = Cells(Rows.Count, "a").End(xlUp).Row

For i = 1 To p
If InStr(1, Range("k" & i), "None") > 0 Then
Range("L" & i) = ""
Range("M" & i) = ""
End If
'If no Issue, Location/Obsevations should be blank
Next i

End Sub

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I want to have a range of cells store something. When one of those cells data is changed, I need another cell to show the date of when the cells data was changed automatically. For example: If Someone changes cell B2, A2 will show the date B2 was changed. Or B78 changes, A78 should show what date B78 changed. I need this to happen for the entire column. Is there a way to have this happen automatically? Please help, if you can.

A:Changing Cell Info, Date tracks when cell changed

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Hi All,

I need an help one excel formula ,i have specific range with prices, but when ever there is a change in value in the range then one particular need to be updated with now() formula. Find below the snap shot of desired data....

Product Changes happened Jan'13 Feb'13 Mar'13 Apr'13 May'13 Jun'13 Jul'13 Sep'13
In the above data i have values for all product in all months. if there is any change happened then in the changes happened column need to be updated with now() formula.

Thanks in advance...


A:Automatic date update in a cell when another cell's value changes (as calculated

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Hey ya'll,
I have 5 tabs of subforms in Access 2010
Only the first tab is visable.
I only want the rest of the tabs visable if associated checked boxes on first tab are checked.
For example, the check boxes on first tab are:
- Registrant is going to volunteer
- Registrant is a veteran
If those boxes are checked then the associated tab (volunteer info tab) is rendered visable.
I assume this is going to need VB code on either the tabs event, or the first form event, or the check box?
Thank you

A:Access Unhide tabs based on checked box

Yes you need to add some VBA code to the "After Update" event procedures of the Check boxes.
It would be something like
if me.checkboxname = -1 then
me.tabname.visible = true
me.tabname.visible = false
end if
where checkboxname is the actual name of your checkbox and tabname is the name of the tab to be made visible.
The VBA editor should offer you the correct names of the controls on the Form.

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i am using a userform with a listbox that a user chooses a value, that value is then placed in sheet 15 at cell 29, what i would like is if the value chosen is 6 then rows c6 - c25 in sheet 15 are unhidden otherwise they remain hidden, i have managed to do this before using checkboxes but not via a userform, any ideas for code please

A:Solved: excel hide/unhide on cell value

You need to trigger a macro which can be called from the form.

When a value is chosen, the macro triggered will be something like

To hide:
Range(Cells(6,1),Cells(25,1)).entirerow.Hidden = true

To Unhide:
Range(Cells(6, 1), Cells(25, 1)).EntireRow.Hidden = False

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I'm working on a spreadsheet that lists monthly recurring expenses. I have one cell on the sheet listing the current date (using the "=Now()" formula), but I'd like to have the other cells change at certain times throughout the month.

For example, if one cell currently says "April-15", when the actual date reads "April-16", the respective cell would change to "June-15". This way, whenever the spreadsheet is viewed the next recurring payment date will be seen.

I know this is the wrong tool for something like this - I'm using SharePoint at the office with a calendar list with workflows that shoot off emails in a much better put together format - but this is just for home use and I'd like to keep it all in one document if possible.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Excel 2010: Cell Date Change with Current Date

The way I read it was that you have fixed recurring payment dates, so you just want to know the next date based on the day today. Hope the attached might assist.
You need to list the payment dates somewhere and then the formula looks up the next date. You might want to look up today plus 1 (or something) to reflect the fact that if the next payment date is today, there's a good chance you'll not get any unplanned payments on that run.

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Hi guys

Is there a way to unhide the next hidden row (out of all hidden rows in the sheet) based on the location of the button clicked?
Basically what I need is a macro that works with any button (without specifying a concrete name for the button). Based on the row where clicked button is located (there will be cca 15 of them on the sheet), ie row 15, it will unhide next hidden row but leave all hidden rows above hidden.

Hopefully, I didn't confuse you too much.

Thanks a lot!


A:Solved: Excel: Unhide next hidden row based on button position

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Is there a way in Excel (I'm running Excel 2010, but have access to older versions) to hide/unhide cells based on hyperlinks or defined areas? I've hyperlinked so that we could go to specific parts of the document, but that does me little good because we have to hide them or the doc gets to big. Is there a way to have the hyperlink (or the cell hyperlinked) unhide the area? I've attached the document (removed all company info, but the lay out is there) so that you can see what I'm referring to.

I've thought macros, but I'm not sure how to go about it... I did define each area for the hyperlink, so would that be the route to go?

A:Excel - Hide/unhide based on defined cells/hyperlinks?

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Hi All,

So I'm fairly competent in Excel in most things other than macros (which means it could be argued I know nothing about Excel...)

I'm looking for a way to automatically hide rows from a page. Essentially it's a progression tracking sheet that I've got, and I want things to stay on the sheet for only 5 days after the job is complete. I have a TODAY() function which I am using to determine whether or not it has been 5 days since completion.

Any advice would be more than appreciated and I thank you all in advance.


A:Excel: Automatically hide rows based on value

Bumping due to inactivity. Not sure if it's allowed but hey, I still haven't got an answer...

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Hi I'm absolutely struggling with this:

I have an Excel file with 2 worksheets.

In Sheet1 is a drop-down list of countries (A1), and in Sheet2 is the Data.
The Data (Sheet2) has a country field in Column A.

What I want is to ONLY display data rows in Sheet2 (or possibly a new sheet), where the country matches the country selected from the drop down entry on Sheet1.

Any Ideas?


A:Return Rows in one sheet based on criteria from another

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Good morning,

I have a spreadsheet that itemises 1000's of transactions from different customers. It grows by the day - I have a macro that deletes the records I don't want to see based on the Customer name (delete row if <> to "ABC CO." etc.). What I would like to know is is there a way of doing this without looping through every line as it's taking longer to run every day.

Hope my explanation is sufficient.

Many thanks in advance.


A:Delete rows based on criteria - without looping

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I have a list of 150 stores of which 20 are designated "gold" which means they get better service for deliveries. In the spreadsheet that contains these stores they are already configured to have the name of the store blocked in yellow (gold). I have to manually retype these onto another sheet, is there a way of transferring this info using the colour as the argument.

Many thanks.

A:copy rows into another sheet based on colour

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How can I hide rows based on the selection of a Data Validation in Excel.


If user chooses 1 from drop-down menu then hide rows 15-20 otherwise if 2 is chosen hide rows 25-35. I have a proc that will hide the rows but I don't know how to get the code to fire.


A:Hiding rows based on range content

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Can you help me understand how to Concatenate all rows of a bunch of records in one column, but with varying numbers of rows and delineated by a keyword indicating the first row like 'File*#' ? The file here gives an example. Thank you!

A:Add equal number of rows between cell with keyword

Hi, If I understand you perfectly, I see that you are receiving a *.txt file with information, If this is correct I prefer that you upload an attachment with this file (the *.txt file)... for me in this case is easier to read this file and then put the result in Worksheet.

Hernan Torres
Maracaibo, Venezuela

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I have a spreadsheet that has name in cell A1 and ID numbers in another cell O1. O1 has multiple listings seperated by a comma such as 456, 234, 432, etc.

Is there a way to separate out the text in O1 and still include all the other information from the other cells.


A1 Name Joe
B1 Address 123 Main
C1 State WY
D1 Alias .... Other info
O1 ID 456

A2 Name Joe
B2 Address 123 Main
C2 State WY
D2 Alias .... Other info
O2 ID 123

Does this make sense?

A:Seperating Text in Cell to multiple rows

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I have to run these reports at work that contain UPC numbers. And sometimes, with how things work, I have UPC numbers, and their characteristics, that I have already reviewed. For a short example, UPC# 123456789 has certain characteristics associated with it. It is on my last week's report, so i have already reviewed it. UPC#0000000000000 and 11-111111-11111 and 123456789 are all on this week's report. I need to review UPC#0000000000000 and 1111111111111, but since i have already reviewed 123456789, I want to delete it, and all of the rows that contain its characteristics.

Needless to say, when I run into this issue, I end up needing to delete about 50 or 60 UPC #'s and their characterisitics. As you can see in the attached worksheet, there is alot of data under each UPC#.

So what I want to be able to do is search the entire sheet, for what is in column J, which is where i list my UPC's to delete. Once i find that UPC number(oh and the UPC is not going to be in a cell by itself, but the cell contains the UPC # somewhere in it) I want to delete all of the characterisitics that are associated with that UPC. I have hightlighted in my example what i would like to delete, after each find is completed, which includes the last row, which is empty. Also, column J will contain more than one UPC, i just used only 1 to keep the example simple.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

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I've run into a problem in excel that I'm not to sure how to solve. I've looked through numerous other posts about condensing data from multiple rows into columns but haven't run across a method of condensing multiple rows into a single cell on a new line.

Here is what I am trying to do.

I have a sheet with two columns which looks something like this:

ID Software
1 Software A
1 Software B
2 Software B
2 Software C
and so on... Each ID can have up to 50 Software items, what I need for a project database is for each piece of software to be in the same cell on a new line, like this:
ID Software
1 Software A
Software B
2 Software B
Software C

Where ID is one cell and the corresponding software is in another cell. I can then perform a vlookup to import this into the project database based on ID.

I was able to use code from another post to move those rows into multiple columns so that each ID has only one record, now is there an easy way to move those items all into one column?

Sub MoveRows()
vStart = 2
Do Until Range("A" & vStart).Row = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row + 1
If Range("A" & vStart).Value = Range("A" & vStart + 1).Value Then
Range("B1:G1").Copy Destination:=Cells(1, Cells(vStart, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column + 1)
Range("B" & vStart + 1 & ":G" & vStart + 1).Copy Destination:=Cells(vStart, Cells(vStart, Columns.Count).End(... Read more

A:Condensing Multiple Rows into a Single Cell


Sub ConcateRows()
Dim start As Range
Set start = Range("A2")
Do Until start = vbNullString
If start = start.Offset(1) Then
start.Offset(, 1) = start.Offset(, 1) & ", " & start.Offset(1, 1)
End If
Set start = start.Offset(1)
End Sub

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I need help. I am trying to merge a document which provides department name (a merged cell in excel) and the details of its employees - name, address, phone, title etc. in to a word document.
Is there a way I can merge these multiple data points corresponding to just one cell? Given below is an example

Department NameEmployee Name TitleAddressPhonePurchaseaaaaaa11axyza1234bbbbbb22bxyzb1234cccccc33cxyzc1234dddddd44dxyzd1234Salesxxxxxx11xxyzx1234yyyyyy22yxyzy1234zzzzzz33zxyzz1234

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Hi All- a newbie,

I've been trying to figure this out since yesterday through Excel forums, but to no avail.

This is my basic table I currently have.

Col1 Col2 Col3 Col4 Col5 Col6 Col7
Item1 24 2.00 48 1.50 96 1.00
Item2 24 3.00 48 2.50 96 2.00

I want to be able to use a macro and do the following for everyrow in the Worksheet. Basically copy two different ranges and paste in new rows.

Col1 Col2 Col3
Item1 24 2.00
Item1 48 1.50
Item1 96 1.00
Item2 24 3.00
Item2 48 2.50
Item3 96 2.00

Any help is appreciated.

A:How do I Copy Two Cell Ranges to New Blank 2 Rows?

Welcome to the board.

We don't know if there are any blank cells in your current setup. If there aren't*, try this (which assumes cols I:K are free):

Sub test()
Range("I1") = "Item"
Range("J1") = "1st"
Range("K1") = "2nd"
x = Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row

For Each Cell In Range("A1:A" & x)
Range("I" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1).Resize(3) = Cell
Cells(Cell.Row, 2).Resize(, 2).Copy _
Range("J" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1)
Cells(Cell.Row, 4).Resize(, 2).Copy _
Range("J" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1)
Cells(Cell.Row, 6).Resize(, 2).Copy _
Range("J" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1)
Next Cell
End Sub

*if there are, post back for some fancy formulas.

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Is it possible to hide the entire row if the formula result is "x". (in Excel)

In my spreadsheet, I have vast numbers of results that show up as N/A. This is the correct answer, but it's making the spreadsheet hard to read because of how many there are. It's easy enough to sort afterwards, but I was hoping a a more elegant solution existed?

Thanks for any help!

A:Solved: Hiding rows based on formula result

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I have attached two images of an Excel worksheet. I have gone to the trouble of taking multiple sets of three columns of associated data, that is data of x, y, z where y and z are associated with x. In building a new table with six sets of data, I put x1, x2, ..., x6 in a single column, and then spaced out y1/z1, y2/z2, ..., y6/z6 in separate columns before a sort. I then sorted on values x (all x1 to x6 in a single column).

The result is shown in the first image "pre-combine-rows"

You can see that in column "all x," many rows have identical values: for example there are five rows with value x = 218.9, and six rows with value x = 224.9. I want to combine all those rows, which combines also the values in the columns y1/z1 through y6/z6.

The result should look like the second image: "post-combine-rows"

20 rows has been combined into 5 rows.

This is a walk in the park for Excel, right? Does not even need a macro, right?

Is this one of these Database/Criteria setups?

A:Excel: Combining Rows Based on An Equal Value in One Column

Hi mavigozler,

You wouldn't require a macro to complete this feat. You can achieve the wanted result with formulas. If you still need help with this issue, I'll be glad to elaborate a formula for you.


Edit: You can also have a look at the Excel matrix feature...

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Hi everybody,

I work in accounting (yeah I know loads of fun )... I have a spreadsheet that I have created to log the cash drops of several cashiers (about 140 currently) that compares it to the readings on our different point of sales systems.

this file has 31 tabs (one for each day of the month) and each cashier has the same row for his/hers information thruout the month. Each day we log how much people are dropping in cash/travelers checks, etc and compare it to what the system is telling us that they should have dropped.

Our policy is that any variance in above $10 (over or short) needs to be investigated by the manager/supervisor of the area in question and the general cashier and income audit manager should also be notified.

What I would like for excel do (not sure if it is possible) is after the general cashier logs the drops and excel tells me if each cashier has a variance above the threashold or not; to send an e-mail with the row containing the cashier's information for that day to supervisor/manager and the accounting folks involved automatically.

I am pretty novice when it comes to VBA and as much as I have been looking online and specially in this forum I haven't been able to come up with a solution to this.

Thank you in advance to anyone that can point me in the right direction.

A:EXCEL - Email rows to various addresses based on certain criteria

Well I guess nobody has any ideas

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