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Macromedia Flash Malformed Header Vulnerability Issue

Q: Macromedia Flash Malformed Header Vulnerability Issue

A friend emailed me this link.

MPSB02-09 - Macromedia Flash Malformed Header Vulnerability Issue
Originally posted: August 8, 2002
Last updated: August 8, 2002

Macromedia has recently become aware of a vulnerability where a hand edited malformed Macromedia Flash movie (SWF) header can be exploited to cause a buffer over-write issue which could potentially lead to execution of arbitrary code.

This can only occur with Macromedia Flash movies (SWF) that have been hand edited with a binary editor; Macromedia Flash the authoring tool will not output movies with this vulnerability.

Customers should follow the recommendations found in this bulletin and download the newer Flash Player when it is available.

What Macromedia Is Doing
Macromedia has isolated the issue and released an updated player (6,0,40,0) which is available for download on the Macromedia Player Download Center.
Click the link at the top of this post to continue and to Download the New Player.

Preferred Solution: Macromedia Flash Malformed Header Vulnerability Issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Macromedia Flash Malformed Header Vulnerability Issue

Thanks Mo' guess I'll be the first here, since I can't disable this stuff, I better take the safe route.

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Check out the Secunia Advisory and then follow the link to Macromedia's site to check your current version and get the latest one, if necessary; http://secunia.com/

A:Macromedia Flash Vulnerability!

Yea went nuts with the upgrade yesterday. Got the shockwave and flash installed just find and it worked great on netscape but not IE.
After doing install again and getting no where I downloaded there ininstalls too and then installed the shockwave and flash again and still got no where.

Then I went to hallmark cards and seen the flash. Open IE and did the same at hallmark cards but could not see the flash or ever the box it should be in and then it hit me. I was blocking to many things with Zone Alarm and lowered my settings and did the install and all works and tested out ok and then I changed ZA setting back to high.

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Hey Guys,I was trying to install an older software and well, I thin I need a little bit of help.. When installing, I get an error:"Appropriate version of MAcromedia Flash Player not found! This software requires version 7.0 and above. Please visit http://www.macromedia.com to obtain the latest version!"If I have this right, somebody please feel free to correct me but adobe may have purchased Macromedia, thus the name change but I actually have installed the latest version of Adobe flash player version 10 i believe, and the software is not recognizing it. Is there any way around this. Perhaps installing and older version as well. Is it possible to run two version of Flash player so the software can use an older version but use the latest for say youtube and othe stuff like that?Thank you soo much for your attention in this matter, if anyone needs more details, please do not hesitate to ask and would be grateful for your help.hortoholic

A:Macromedia Flash Issue

<<...I actually have installed the latest version of Adobe flash player version 10 i believe, and the software is not recognizing it.>>

What software are you referring to?


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For some reason Safari is nixing anything that appears on a web page that is Macromedia Flash supported. All I get is the Grayed-out Quicktime Logo. I have the latest Flash plugin installed and when I got to the Macromedia site to test it it works. But that seems to be the only time and place it will work. I cannot figure out whay Safari by default puts the kabash on these Flash programs.

I have Ad Blocker installed in my Firefox browser and Flash programs always appear by default with a "Ad Block" tab but the programs normally run unless I override them.

Anyone have a clue why Safari acts this way and , more importantly, how I can override the default?


A:Solved: Safari Issue with Macromedia Flash

do u also have quicktime installed & in mime preferences, do u have a check mark by use qt as default viewer 4 macromedia files? unck it if u do...

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How safe are these downloads? I've heard about problems
using these and/or ActiveX. I'm running Windows XP w/SP2
Symantec Anti Virus, Zone Labs Pro, Spyblaster and (Spybot
S&D about every other day) I'm not incurring any problems
with my PC and feel that its clean. According to the site,
I need Macromedia to view "Live Stats" on College
Baseball Scores. Its not a matter of life or death if these
downloads are going to start problems. I'd just as soon
get the info on the game elsewhere. I've seen the site on
other PC's and liked it. Any suggestions will help. Thanks. jt

A:Macromedia Player / Macromedia Flash

I've never had probs with either of those.

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When I load certain websites with flash ads and such, everything goes smoothly, untill the flash object loads and starts playing - once it loads the screen flickers and gets kind of hazy. Nothing is really effected or harmed, but the slight haziness/fuzziness is rather anoying. Once I exit the web browser, everything goes back to normal.

It doesn't matter whether I'm using Iexplorer or Opera, so I'm thinking it is directly related to the Macromedia flash player.

A:Solved: Problems with macromedia flash - flash applications causing problem....

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Tried to post this on another forum days ago, but we never got a response. (Maybe we posted on the wrong forum.)

We have a screensaver that we've had for years. All of a sudden, I am getting this message,

"Could not find the Macromedia Flash."

I went to the Marcromedia Flash website, and it says the latest version is installed.

Can anyone point us in the right direction? Thank you!

A:Macromedia Flash

The usual fix for flash player is to uninstall ALL versions and install the latest. You can uninstall the Macromedia flash player(s)through the Add/Remove program. To uninstall the Adobe Flashplayer (which bought out Macromedia Flashplayer) you will need to use the special uninstaller in the link below.http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewConten...7&sliceId=2Whether this will fix the problem with screensaver---I don't know. FOR EMPHASIS:Note: The uninstaller cannot remove files currently in use.If you have any instances of the player open in your web browsers, instant messaging clients, stand-alone SWFs, or projectors, then the uninstaller will complete but some files may not be deleted. If this occurs, then close all of your applications and run the uninstaller again to ensure that all files are removed.Adobe Flash Playerhttp://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/

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Three times now in the last 2 days IE has crashed because (a popup dialog box asserts) my wrong or outdated version of Macromedia Flash has failed and insists that I install a new version. My question is WHY??? I see no reason to have any kind of flash player running just so I can be made to look at some glitzy un-needed graphics. Can I just uninstall all versions and be done with it?
Comments please.

A:Macromedia Flash-Who needs it?

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I have Macromedia Flash Player 6 (Windows XP Home) but it will not update to version 8. Numerous times I have downloaded it from the official site and the site says it has downloaded successfully, but programs are still only detecting Flash Player 6. I cannot use winks on MSN Messenger and cannot play certain games that need the higher version Flash Player. I have restarted my comp after download, still to no avail! More to the point, I cannot find it listed anywhere in the system! So, where did it go and why can't I find it? Why won't it install? PLS HELP?

A:Macromedia Flash 6

Try going to Start...Control Panel...Add/Remove Programs.Then, remove/uninstall Macromedia Flash Player 6Then go to the Macromedia site ( http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi ) and download the latest version. Once the download is complete - install it and see if this fixes your problem.

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I recently posted a problem I had with Macromedia ads constantly popping up to ask if I wanted to download Flash 5.0.
Nothing would stop them. Now something did: I had an earlier version of Macromedia Flash (no version number) on my computer; I deleted it, and when it went away, so did the pop-ups pushing Flash 5.0 Just thought those who responded to my question might be interested in this wierd solution. NO MORE MACROMEDIA!!!

A:Macromedia Flash 5 Pop-Ups

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How do you save a Macromedia Flash from a web page to your desktop or file?

Thanks Bug

A:Macromedia Flash

Try searching your IE cache for files with .swf extention, or use a download manager like getright and tell it to monitor for .swf files.

If there's a hyperlink to the flash file, right click on it, and choose save as....

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Ok, I've been working on creating my own game in Macromedia Flash, and I've come to a problem. I want to have an "inventory" like in the game "blue chamber" ( www.fasco-csc.com/works/bluechamber/index_e.php ).

Does anybody kno how to do this. I've tried looking at tutorials, but aren't as elaborate as I need them to be. Any help would appreciated! Thanks.

A:Macromedia Flash?

I wish i could help you more, but I do not know flash:http://www.tutorialized.com/tutorial/Dragg...to-Another/2409http://www.tutorialized.com/tutorial/RPG-P...d-movement/2410The game is very cool though

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Okay, I got this nice little game i found and i've downloaded it and i play it when i can. At school we have this game as well and everyone plays it in our spare time, and we save the game from the hard drive to the "server" (our own little folders we get for our projects and what not) and copy the folder "C:\documents and settings\(name)\application data\Macromedia\" to our server and the next day we come in we paste it back onto the computer (b/c they wipe them daily). So I'm trying to get my game to save, and when i click save no file is generated (C:\documents and settings\yanowhiz\application data\macromedia\flash player\local host\documents and settings\yanowhiz\extract\mark's junk\defend your castle.swf\) and at school there is a file that is there, (of course, not with the same username), however, my computer won't generate this file. How can I save this game? plez help!

A:Macromedia Flash HELP!

Maybe you should, if the game has a "save as" or "save to" option, set up a separate folder on your hard drive and save it to there.

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OK, so I guess it's about time I got this sorted once and for all.

Whenever I go to a site that requires flash, the browser window shuts itself down. Sometimes it shuts all browser windows down, sometimes just the one that has the flash object on it.

I'm using Win XP Home, IE 6 and the latest version of flash installed.

I've tried removing the flash and shockwave objects from C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files and reinstalling flash when required. Sometimes this briefly works, sometimes it doesn't. Same is true for the flash uninstaller that can be downloaded (though I forget where from).

So, I figure there must be some other program or windows setting messing with flash. My brother did a system restore a few months back, after which flash sites were viewable again, but since then it's reverted to it's unforgiving browser-killer action.

So, please, any help in fixing this problem?

Cheers all

A:Macromedia Flash (again)

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All of a sudden, when my screensaver tries to start, I get the error message, "Macromedia Flash not found."

Any idea why this is coming up all of a sudden? I must have done "something" to make this start happening.

I tried installing the lastest flash player, and it came up as successfully installed.

Any ideas of how to fix this error?

Thanks! Deb

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Even though I have Macromedia Flash version 8.5.1, it still does not show anything to do with flash on any other websites, other than the Flash download page. I am running Windows Xp. I have re-installed Flash many times, and the same thing still occurs. Please help.

A:Macromedia Flash

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Hey, I been looking for a copy of Macromedia Flash 8 on www.macromedia.com and www.adobe.com but they don't have it any more, they only have CS3

Does anyone know where to get a ( legal ) copy of it?

I want to get back into doing Flash games and animations again but I deleted my flash program along time ago

A:Macromedia Flash 8

It is on the adobe site in plain view.
What was formerly known as the free macromedia Flash 8 , is now simply Flash 8 or Flash 9.
What was known as the paid version is now, Flash Professional 8, perhaps the industry's most advanced authoring environment for creating interactive websites, digital experiences and mobile content. It is still downloadable, although the latest version is part of Adobe CSV 3

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Somebody told me that there is some Compiler or may be Decomplier which is used to convert .fla files to .swf (source files) files for Macromedia Flash. I want to know if there really exists this software and also if yes then from where i can download it. Also i want to know if Macromedia Flash MX 10. version has come up....and from where i can download it for free
Waiting for ur Replies

A:Macromedia Flash MX

askingemail said:


Somebody told me that there is some Compiler or may be Decomplier which is used to convert .fla files to .swf (source files) files for Macromedia Flash. I want to know if there really exists this software and also if yes then from where i can download it. Also i want to know if Macromedia Flash MX 10. version has come up....and from where i can download it for free
Waiting for ur Replies Click to expand...

Konvertor 3.50 = Convert any file into practically any other =

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Hello forum Members:
I was here back in May, and got some outstanding assistance with a video card. I got the card suggested by the 'tech' guys and it's wonderful.

Differnt problem now: My Macornedia flash player doesn't work right, or my IE 7. I have tried all I know and it still won't work. I like to watch the news videos on Yahoo news. When the video starts it says, "Your system is currently unable to play the selected video Please visit the help page
to find a solution." When I go to the solution page it says that the Flash Program is not installed. I went to the Adobe site to install the flash player, but it wouldn't install it. I disabled my firewall and it installed the flash player, however, the videos still won't play on my computer. I have done all I know how to do and since I received such outstanding help before I'm back for some more of that wonerful tech support. This problem started out of the blue as well. One day it worked, the next it didn't!

Can someone please tell me what is wrong with this and how to fix it?

Thank you,

A:Macromedia Flash!

Hello and welcome back to TSF

What firewall do you have?

Do you have these problems in any other browsers? Please try one of the below (both are free):


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I'm having a problem getting flash player to work. I've followed all the suggestions on Macromedia website but to no avail. I was wondering if anyone has heard having an antispyware program: Adaware, SpyBoy, etc.. can cause this problem? I seem to remember reading somewhere these programs change something in the registry that cause this problem. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thanks


A:Macromedia Flash

If you have SpywareBlaster installed then in the "Tools" menu look for the "Flash Killer" tab and be sure that "Disable and block Macromedia Flash" is not checked.

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When I go to use Dynamic Backgrounds or winks in MSN(Build 7.5) it says I need to install the newest flash player, so okay, i go and do that. It installs, i go back. Same message, so I figured Macromedia, MSN and Firefox didnt like each other, so I headed for the IE version, in Internet Explorer. Everytime the page refreshed after I clicked 'Download Now', the gold bar with ActiveX stuff is supposed to appear, but it didnt, and i've tried over and over but it just wont happen.


P.S- Can a mod please move this to 'All Other Software' forum, sorry, didnt see it before.

A:MSN Macromedia Flash

me too!! and no help so far from MSN. they say try this and try that, but nothing works. got a human being on the phone at Adobe ( they bought Macromedia) and he directed me to their tech website with more resets. i'm fresh out of patience. can't view any sites content that uses flash. can't download java, etc. all of them request i disable all of my anti-virus software and firewalls in order to download. even if i knew how to i don't know if i should?!

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For the last two days Macromedia flash never loads on the sites I visit.


A:Macromedia Flash Player 7

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling it?

That happened to me on 1 or 2 occassions where I'd be on a website (like for example Hallmark) and Flash wouldn't work.

Uninstalling/reinstalling always worked for me.

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am trying to download the above and having trouble. am using windows xp.
it says something that i may have to click on gold bar at the top of the page ( i don't see any gold bar) in order to download..
what am i doing wrong????

HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A:macromedia flash player

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Do I need this program? My computer is new (10/07)(Vista) and I think the program is there but might not have been active. An update for the program showed up on my desk top so I downloaded it but now I'm getting a message that the program can't be located. On checking programs installed the Adobe Flash had a big red x on it and when I clicked on it, it disapeared. So once again, do I need this program and should I download it fron the Adobe web site?

Thanks for your help, Andy

A:Adobe Macromedia Flash

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how do it get the macromedia flash player on my pc to work?

A:macromedia flash player

Details? What browser? And why does it not work now? You can download it from here.

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i keep gettin a pop up window telling me macromedia flash player not installed, i have installed flash player from adobe but still keep getting the pop up window, can you help me please.

A:macromedia flash player

Greetings Kavehe, Welcome to TSF!

Perhaps you might like to try this workaround...

Adobe Flash ?fix?

Go Start > Run > type in the box C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash

Now copy the Flash9.ocx file and then pasted it back in the same directory.
You will have created Copy of Flash9.ocx; rename it to Flash.ocx..
This effectively will give you two files; Flash.ocx and Flash9.ocx, both the same file; although with a different name, in the same directory.

Give this a try and post back with the results.

Kind Regards,

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A:Problem W/ Macromedia Flash.

How long ago did you possibly "corrupt" your Flash program?
You may be able to try a scanreg /restore .
It would be nice if you would release your Caps Lock!

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Just this morning, and numerous times in the past, I have encountered this Security Warning:
Do you want to install and run "The Macromedia Flash Player 6", a quick free download. The leading rich client for Internet content and applications across the broadest range of platforms"

The warning this AM said: "signed on 7/9/02, 6:28AM, and distributed by Macromedia, Inc."

What does this offer me and what is the general recommendation? Should one sign on or not? If you don't they keep hounding you. How can I overcome that?

I am running Win XP PRO. TIA. cwilmot

A:Macromedia Flash Player 6?

It offers you the ability to display certain web content correctly. Some sites will not even display at all without it installed, as they are heavily loaded with flash programming.

It sounds as if this is a recent version that is not recognized by XP as having been certified. If you know that it is coming from Macromedia, then it shoudl still be safe to install.
If you want, you can go directly to Macromedia and download it and install. This way you know that you are getting it directly from them.


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I have installed the flash 8 trial version and now when i start the program i have an error.

when initialising fonts windows tells me the program made an error and needs to be closed.

ONLY when flash arrives in the point of Loading fonts.

what can i do?

A:macromedia flash 8 problem

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Just today, a bunch of sites that I regularly check out have been prompting me to install Macromedia Flash Player 8. The sites aren't working quite right, but when I try to install it--nothing happens. The window pops up to click on "install" - but then nothing. Any ideas?
Thanks, Dave

A:macromedia flash player

got my update by going to the following site and testing the flash player.


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Do all systems use the adobe macromedia flash for their internet pictures? Just curious because a lot of people are getting red x's in their internet photos. I know I had to upgrade my flash for it to show pictures instead of red x's.

A:Question about Macromedia flash?

No. If the internet photos are jpegs they have nothing to do with flash.


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How can I remove Flash Player 6.x in order to update to a newer secure version. It is not in Add Remove Nor can I find it with Search. Every time I run Secunia software inspector, it finds it & tells me it's an insecure version.

A:Macromedia Flash Player

I think you can go to this URL and download the newest one and it will remove the older one.


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I am constantly hounded by a message which keeps popping up asking me if I want to install and run Macromedia Flash Player 6. What do I stand to gain, or lose, with such an installation? I'm not a game player.

A:Macromedia Flash Player 6

Yeah, you pretty much have to say yes. For your benevolance you will get to enjoy all the wonderful flash ads on this and other sites . You will also be able to play Macromedia flash animations and games on sites that have them.

There is no way of escaping the prompts that I know of, unless you submit.

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i am having difficulties getting flash to work in msn messenger. in messenger u can send winks and play games with each other, but i am told that i need to install flash. i have installed flash so many times, using firefox and internet explorer yet the problem is persisting. this is really annoying me. does anybody have any suggestions

A:msn, firefox and macromedia flash

i,too,am experiencing difficulties 'keeping' flash player installed on my pc.have,like you,installed over and over again.help has been given but,so far,have not found a solution to the problem.
i refer you to these links-may help.


any success-let me know?

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I'm having a problem with Flash programs. I was on this site: http://www.fabrica.it/flipbook/ and while everything shows up fine, I can't open clips. I click the clip and I hear a little "click" but nothing happens. Other things open, like the FAQ, I can click "newest, top rated, etc..." but the clips won't open for me.

On another forum people had direct links to the clips that worked fine, but for some reason they won't open for me on the main page. I have uninstalled Macro Flash Player, then installed it again, rebooted, still doesn't open. Any ideas???? Any help very much appreciated.

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Here"s one I'm obviously missing something on. BTW, I have XP Home.

I d/l and installed Flash several months ago. When a Fl;ash box comes up at any site, it sits empty (yellow). When I move the cursor over it, it says "Flash". If I left-click, the picture comes up. I've reinstalled Flash several times, but no help. Thanks for any ideas. Never had a prob with it in 98SE, but don't really know where to look here. Thanks again.

A:[Resolved] Macromedia's Flash

So obvious now that I've found it. It was PopUpCop. Disable it and Flash is fine.

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Hi there,
I've got a problem with flash mx 2004.
What I am trying to do is as follows:
- I insert about 50 images (each 2 mb)
- they move around the screen and then move outside the screen (so the images are still there and that uses a very lot of memory.)
- So after I displayed 45 images and after that my memory runs out, so flash player gives a runtime error.

I may have a idea how to fix it, but I don't know how to do that exactly.
The idea is to just unload or just to remove the image, let it disapeare from the movie, so it frees up memory.

Anyone got an idea, thx a lot

Jeroen Meijer

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I can not get macromedia flash player to download. I recently had a problem with my computer and took it to a place to get it fixed. While the virus I had is gone, I can not play most games now. I have tried to install macromedia flsh player but nothing happens when I click install it now. I did not have trouble with this before I had my computer fixed. Please help me fix this problem. I have tried everything I can think of and can't afford to take my computer back to the place where I had it fixed. Or is this a matter of that they messed something up on my computer when they fixed it?

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I don't know if this is the correct forum; if it isn't I'm sorry.

For some reason, I'm having trouble installing the Macromedia Flash Player. Well, specifically, I've been to the website dozens of times, and it says that Macromedia Flash Player has already been installed on my computer; there's an animation at the top of the screen, and if it's installed, I should see said animation; which I do. The thing is, is that if I go to some websites (YouTube for example), it says that I need the latest version of Macromedia Flash Player, which was just installed onto my computer.

Odd thing is, is that I've been to Newgrounds.com, and viewed some animations that require Macromedia Flash player, and those work.

I don't think this is a result of spyware or a virus (I'm clean; I do scans weekly), I'm just morally confused on why nothing's working.

A:Macromedia Flash Player

I saw this happening in two pc's I manage, and I kept re-installing the Flash & Shockwave players, until it finally stopped happening (duh?).

Here's what Adobe has to say about it: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/knowled...fm?id=tn_19166.

Also, Adobe suggests you check out if there's a pop-up blocker having modified your Registry: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/knowled...fm?id=tn_19091.

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This version replaces version or whatever older version you have. It can be downloaded from here.


A:Macromedia Flash Player Available

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I lost the source to a Flash Movie. Anyone know how to de-compile the .swf file. I can export it back to its original componets with Soutlink SWF Decompiler MX 2002. I ant it back into a .fla source.

Any suggestions?

A:Decompiling Macromedia Flash

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I purchased a website template and decided to purchase Macromedia Flash MX 2004 which is needed to edit the template. I have installed the software but am unable to open the template. What am I doing wrong? I do not know the software program but thought I would give it a try. Help!

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My security settings wont let me install Flash Player my kid needs to play some games on BBC online. I have Spyware Blaster, Spybot and Adaware. Any ide which one of these needs twaeking & HOW ? I have fiddled with them all for days without success

A:Macromedia Flash Heeelp

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I have macromedia Flash Player, have windows XP do I have to up date to version 8, ? is it important to do so?
I use mostly Mozilla firefox
thank you very much

A:Macromedia Flash Player

You do not have to update Macromedia but if there was an update available, why would you not want to update?

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Can't get my Winks to work on MSN Messenger....says to download the latest version of Macromedia Flash Player, but I can't get it to install I don't think. Winks on MSN Messenger won't work...any ideas???

A:Macromedia Flash Player???

What happens when you try to install Flash?

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alright let me start at the beginning. Firstly: i'm using xp media center' on a dell dimension 9200. i have rang tech and software support and they can not fix my problem (just take my ?) Every time i try and use any software that requires adobe flash/macromed flash player, i keep getting the same error, it say's that i need to install flash player, which i have uninstalled and then reinstalled manually and automatically, any web sites that require the same flash player all work fine...yet when i try and use any software that requires macromed flash' i get a request to install macromed' flash as previously mentioned. The software was all working fine, then a few weeks ago it all just stopped loading. I also at times get this error code C:Windowssystemem32\Macromed\Flash\flash9.ocx failed to register contact your support personnel hresult-2147220473 i have paid nearly?50 with a software tech' who could not work it out, if anyone out there can help me at all i would be so greatful, you just wouldn't believe it . I hope this makes sense "as it is the first time i've used a forum."Moderator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Macromedia Flash Error

Uninstall flash using the link below and then reinstall it.How to uninstall Adobe Flash Player

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