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Multiple monitors X-1 Gen 6: How can I run 2 external monitors?

Q: Multiple monitors X-1 Gen 6: How can I run 2 external monitors?

I am successfully running 1 external monitor (HDMI), and I am now considering trying to use as a 2d external monitor a Lenovo L192 monitor that is now available to me. Is this possible, and if so, how would I go about doing this? Since the Lenovo's cabling is VGA, I will certainly need an adapter, presumably to USB-C or USB-3.1. But are there any other considerations/limitations that I need to take into account? Thanks for any help that you can give!

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Preferred Solution: Multiple monitors X-1 Gen 6: How can I run 2 external monitors?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Multiple monitors X-1 Gen 6: How can I run 2 external monitors?

Hi JoeSchmoe! Just to clarify, could you provide to us the model of the computer you are trying to use on the monitors? Using an adapter doesn't guarantee that it will be detected so it will be best to use an adapter from Lenovo like this: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/accessories/acc100239. You can check the user guide from the link provided.

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I am successfully running 1 external monitor (HDMI), and I am now considering trying to use as a 2d external monitor a Lenovo L192 monitor that is now available to me. Is this possible, and if so, how would I go about doing this? Since the Lenovo's cabling is VGA, I will certainly need an adapter, presumably to USB-C or USB-3.1. But are there any other considerations/limitations that I need to take into account? Thanks for any help that you can give!

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I have three external monitors I utilize in addition to the laptop screen. Currently I have one external monitor plugged into a VGA port and two external monitors with DVI cables run through seperate USB3.0 HDMI adqapters into a USB hub, then plugged into a USB port.  Is there a better way to set this up as occasionally my monitors lock up and it won't play sound play on the computer.  Please note The external monitors only have DVI and VGA ports on them. Also, I have a display port that is not currently being used.

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Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place

I have a HP 4730s probook (pretty highly spec'd)
along with 2 x external monitors, one is connected via the single HDMI port which works in EXTEND DISPLAY mode

The other I have tried to connect via the VGA connection but I can't get both to come up at the same time

I believe it is a Win 7 issue

What I would like to do is have the HP laptop with its screen closed (in sleep mode, maybe that is part of my problem ??) with the VGA connected external monitor on my LHS in DUPLICATE mode so it mirrors the laptop display even when the laptop screen is closed and the second HDMI monitor on my RHS in EXTEND DISPLAY mode so I can drag and drop various displays (which is pretty nifty anyway)

I believe I need a VGA to USB adaptor to connect the LHS VGA monitor to a USB port
but do I need a USB 3.0 port or will 2.0 be OK of which I have 4

Or should I upgrade to Win 8.1 ???

Any advice on the above scenario much appreciated

A:Multiple external monitors via an HP laptop

What's an LHS and RHS? I've not run across any specific name that goes with those letters. Or in other words, give the full name before using an acronym for that name.

What I would like to do is have the HP laptop with its screen closed (in sleep mode, maybe that is part of my problem ??)

When the lid is closed and/or Sleep is active there is not any computing action going on so Yes, that is a problem. Some Notebooks have a BIOS setting to disable the lid close part or maybe there's a setting in Win7. The Sleep can be turned off as well as Hibernation. You may also have to adjust Power Options to make it more like a Desktop, nothing shuts down. If there's a setting choice of Never, use it. And you'll have to keep the AC power adapter plugged in. Also expect more heat when running continuously.

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I work IT and I have a user who has a P50s and has 2 monitors hooked up in the MiniDP and HDMI Ports. If he closes the lid (which is set to do nothing in power options), it turns off the MiniDP and leaves only the HDMI on. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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I am trying to connect two external monitors to my HP Probook 650 G1 laptop (and use them along with the onboard screen for a total of 3 displays).  Plugging one monitor in via VGA works fine.  However, when I plug a second into the DisplayPort, the first monitor turns off and both external displays say "No Signal".   I was unable to find a clear answer in the product spec, but it appears there may be a limit of 2 screens using the onboard ports (including the laptop screen).  HP support was completely useless in answering my question and linked to the same spec document that did not have the answer.   So, I tried using a USB adapter to provide an HDMI port (DisplayLink chipset).  However, even plugging in this HDMI cable causes the onboard VGA to disable and both external monitors say "No Signal" Is there any way to connect two external monitors and use them at the same time as the built-in laptop screen?  Thank you.

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hello, I have p70 20ER000EUK with 4K display and M3000M GPU. Full spec:https://www.thinklogic.co.uk/20er000euk-lenovo-thinkpad-p70 I would like to connect four external 4k monitors to p70. Is it suported? Ive tried to search on the forum and google but can't find anyting specific except [1] for p50.Do i need a docking station [2] or can i use all the available ports that p70 have? I would like to run a system in the following configuration (all displays should work @60Hz), 5 active displays total :- the laptop LCD monitor, 4k @60Hz- 1 monitor connectd over the first usb-c port using displayport addapter [3]- 2 monitor connectd over the second usb-c port using displayport addapter - 3 monitor connectd over the Mini DisplayPort- 4 monitor connected over the HDMI port, im aware that hdmi port is v1.2 on p70 and supports only max [email protected] I was under the impression that it should work. P70 have enough graphic ports. Based on a replay from PeterTWJ in [5] it should be possible to have 5 independed displayes. But does it mean all can be used concurently in the same time? Can somebody please confirm or comment if this should work and if there are some issues to be expected? (GPU overheating?) To clarify as well. Im not interested in gaming.I hope the M3k GPU will be able to manage this config without overheating. In this  thread there are some  commnets about temperature nad heat dispersion on 600M GPU with&nb... Read more

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I am trying to connect two external monitors to my HP Probook 650 G1 laptop (and use them along with the onboard screen for a total of 3 displays).  Plugging one monitor in via VGA works fine.  However, when I plug a second into the DisplayPort, the first monitor turns off and both external displays say "No Signal".   I was unable to find a clear answer in the product spec, but it appears there may be a limit of 2 screens using the onboard ports (including the laptop screen).  HP support was completely useless in answering my question and linked to the same spec document that did not have the answer.   So, I tried using a USB adapter to provide an HDMI port (DisplayLink chipset).  However, even plugging in this HDMI cable causes the onboard VGA to disable and both external monitors say "No Signal" Is there any way to connect two external monitors and use them at the same time as the built-in laptop screen?  Thank you.

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Is there a HP laptop/docking station combo that allows 3 external monitors to be connected to the laptop and using the monitors in extended mode? Thanks

A:Multiple External Monitors Connected to Laptop

Hello vgat, Yes there are some dockings that have many differents ports. HDMI, DVI, Display port, VGA, it dependes on how you want it. Regards,

I am an HP employee

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Hi, Working in a helpdesk, got a user that has a brand new X1 Carbon 6th gen. She plugged in a monitor-only docking station.Both of the screens are working, using both VGA and HDMI ports, as well as with an adapter that goes from HDMI to DisplayPort. However, as soon as both screens are plugged in, one in VGA and the other one through DisplayPort (or even HDMI plugged in directly to the computer), only one screen is detected. I made all the updates going from graphics to BIOS through the Lenovo System Update app. Any tips?

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I have a Sony laptop with Windows 7, and recently purchased a new LCD monitor. I know it is supposed to be easy to use both monitors, but so far I have been unsuccessful. It seems like I can only duplicate, and not really extend the monitors, so I see the same on both screens. Also, when I try to close the lid on my laptop, the external monitor goes to sleep. I am obviously doing something wrong, but cannot figure out what it is. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

A:Having trouble setting up multiple monitors - Laptop + external monito

Hi Landaw,

Not sure what type of Sony you have but try changing the view by holding down Fn (down next to you windows button) and press F7 then press enter to keep the view.

Good Luck

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Hi! I just upgraded to Win8 this weekend and so far I really like it. I discovered something this morning that now that the weekend is over is bugging the crap out of me and I need help. I work from home and use this alot so it would be helpful.

I am trying to do a couple things I could easily do in 7,
- have Chrome open in both monitors at once with different things on them.
- currently Chrome has no minimize/maximize buttons on the upper right like it used to. Makes it very hard to multitask.

I have 2 monitors, the main is a 23" touch screen and the second is an 18" non-touch screen.

Also, is there a way to have the taskbar to appear at the bottom always like it used to?

Thanks! I really appreciate the help!

A:Windows 8 Dual Monitors, need help having browser open in both monitors

Answered my own question. Google Chrome was showing in App mode. When I downloaded Chrome for 8 there is an option to have it show in desktop mode and the taskbar, minimize/maximize, and multi window option came back. YAY.

Now if someone could tell me why windows 8 won't fill the screen at the resolution recommended for my 23" monitor I'd be good!

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I have an ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 9600 video card. It's been working properly for quite awhile and now suddenly the cursor moves to the second monitor when I drag the cursor beyond the bottom of the first monitor.

It used to go from one monitor to the other by dragging it from left-to-right. I can't figure out what caused it to start doing this or how to go about getting it back to the way it was before. Any ideas how to change it back. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!


A:Dual Monitors - cursor changes monitors vertically instead of horizontally

Display Properties - Settings - Drag the monitors to side-by-side position with the mouse, it thinks they are one obove the other.

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Over the last 6 months I purchased my teen son a Creative DVD Drive for his Compaq Presario as well as a Creative Audigy MP3+ Sound Card and the Creative/Cambridge DTT3500 6 Speaker Dolby 5.1 Sound System .... {the things kids get today ... you can send your donations to .....} ... Anyway, he was the basic 15" Compaq Monitor that came with the system and of course he is now nagging me that this monitor "is a heap of crap & how do you expect me to enjoy all this great stuff you bought me with this tiny monitor when I am trying to watch Britney Spears Concerts ....." ..... So my question to you all is that, if I ever pay off Visa, and can purchase him a new monitor, I want to purchase the largest, best quality for the dollar monitor I can afford ($1.25)
What do you suggest? What is the scoop with the Flat Monitors he is driving me nuts with? How do LCD monitors measure up?
Please keep in mind that my main concern is his viewing of DVD's, Music Video Files (Mpeg) that he downloads & the zillion games he has. According to the specs on his Presario (Model 5BW130) ... he has an Intel Celeron T 667MHz 66MHz Bus Speed, 64 RAM (yes I will double that to 128 via Crucial.Com ASAP), GRAPHICS=Intergrated Direct AGP Graphics - 64 bit hardware accelerated 3D graphics, Maxium non-interlaced resolution of up to 1600x1200 (when supported by monitor).

If you require any additional information please advice!

Thank you in advance for your time & effort!

A Broke ... Read more

A:Monitors & Flat Monitors & Monitor Size > DVD's

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How can i have more than 2 Monitor plugged into my desktop , i have seen lots of people do that and wonder how ?

A:Multiple Monitors

A video card with two outputs is one method. What's your existing hardware?

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Have a question for those using more than one monitor. How does this help productivity? And what do you use such a setup for?

A:Why multiple monitors?

You can drag programs over to the other screen and it basically makes your screen bigger.

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I have two video cards, both with dual VGA heads.

One is an ATI Radeon 9600, and the other is a Nvidia MX440.

My computer has been cold-crashing recently, and I though it was due to the power supply being insufficient (which I have not ruled out entirely).

But on a whim I decided to use the "send error report" feature when it came back up.

The analysis said it was due to the ATI card, and I should go to their website, and install new drivers.

So naturally, I did. I selected my OS, the card type, and then downloaded the driver and installed it.

I am pleased to report that it has fixed the cold-crashing problem...

However, as with many remedies, there are side-effects. In this case, the new drivers:

1.) Stopped the ATI card from working entirely.
2.) Crippled the Nvidia card, reducing it to only one screen
3.) Slowed the entire system to a crawl.
4.) Crippled the sound card driver, so that music sounds like high pitched static noise.

Well of course it's not going to crash now- The three most power-hungry cards have been disabled!

I love ATI

I suppose the smart thing to do at this point would be a driver roll-back, or a system restore, but since I have never used them, I forgot I even had the option until after I formated the hard drive.

(That tends to be my solution for most software problems. It's cheaper than all of those utilities to clean it up )

So having said all that, here is the problem:

I can't get windoze to recognize more tha... Read more

A:Multiple Monitors

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I have an application called worklist that is only coming up on one of the three monitors attached to the PC. It shows on Monitor 1 and I need it to show on Monitor 3 instead. How do I change which monitor the application will show on?



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Ok i have been trying to hook up my two 17" flat panels for like 5 hours and i cant do it so i need help!!!

Here what i got going on.

I have an on board video, And i have a Nvidia riva TNT2 model 64 video card.

Ive gone to the disdlay settings and everything. This is WHAT i should be seeing>>>>>>

But this is what i am seeing instead, only one choice.


It only choose one or the other, when i take out the card it goes to the onboard when i put the card in and leave th onboard plugged in it just switches the the card only!!
So is there some kind of over write i can change so it doesnt just use one.

Is this possibly a driver udate problem??

I tried updating the driver for the card and it just seys error. dont know why but the sucks too.

please help

A:multiple monitors

Hi 73fd and welcome to TSF !

I don't think you'll be able to use both your onboard video and your AGP video card at the same time. That setup can be done with a PCI(-E) video card, and only with some motherboards, but I think the AGP card automatically disables the onboard video when you plug it in.

I'll google a bit and I'll tell you if I'm wrong.

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Having trouble keeping a secondary monitor 'alive' after it comes on, then dies when Windows starts up.
Have done a trouble shoot but cannot access a number of the categories, supposedly in Control Panel, which come up in the troubleshooter. ie: the double screen window doesn't show under 'Display' options.
The machine I'm having this problem with is using Windows XP Home edition.
This machine I'm using right now has Windows XP Professional edition and this dialog window shows under 'Display'.
[Whether it will actually support a second monitor or not, I'm not sure! Haven't tried this one yet.]

Further info - the problem m/c does have a dual video card, and the secondary monitor works initially, but as soon as the Welcome screen comes on, it dies. Maddening!

Any one have any ideas?

mjbyyz (John B). 100426-22:59EDT

A:Multiple Monitors Win XP

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Alright, I know that you can have multiple monitors hooked up (assuming your vid card can support it), I'm wondering if it's possible to have 2 monitors, both having different things on each screen..

For example, Let's say I'm working a webpage design. I have 2 monitors hooked up, and I want 1 monitor to have the html page open, and the other monitor to have the notepad open. I then want to save the notepad file, and then refresh the html page (on the other monitor)

Another example could include playing 2 games at once on different monitors.. Like City of Heroes on one monitor and Warcraft III on the other.

Is this at all possible with 1 tower? Or is this like a 2 computer sort of deal..


A:Multiple Monitors..?

The first scenerio is quite possibly, since you do not need to clone one display to the other. You can set it up as an extension of the first, monitor and have whatever you like on it or set it up as a seperate screen.

The second senerio would not work, since it would stress every component in the entire computer as it would need to render two highly intensive environments with complex graphics and sounds with only one set of hardware to do so and to control it.

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Ok i have two monitors and i was wondering how do i make both work as if they were one large monitor

A:How do i set up multiple monitors?

You have to have a graphics card which has two outputs compatible with both monitors. Just take a look at the connectors on the monitors. To see If you have DVI or VGA
Then look behind your computer to see if you have two outputs that match up. If so, great! you can configure the settings by right clicking on the desktop and going to the graphics card configuration window. If your graphics card doesn't have the supported output you would need a new one before you could have dual monitors.

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I currently operate a Video monitoring central station. I have 10 individual PC's. Each PC utilizes its OnBoard Video slot for 1 monitor, as well as 2 additional PCI video cards. Each Video card has 2 monitor outputs for a grand total of 5 monitors per PC.

Recently I have come across multiple GPU's with 3 monitor output slots/types

My question is: Is there anything stopping me from adding more monitors/GPU's to each PC?
- Would a PC with ample processing power, and RAM run... say 8 monitors?? 10 monitors??
- Does the OS limit the number of monitors that can be run off one machine???
- Is Windows 7 any better in this scenario than windows XP??

Most info I've found on the topic is the opposite of my purpose: using multiple video cards simultaneously for gaming (1 monitor). I simply want to load a MoBo with GPU's and have the ability to bring up 8-10 instances of Internet explorer (1 per monitor)

Any Insight would be greatly appreciated.

A:Multiple Monitors

Well as far as I know I don;t think there is any limit to how many monitors windows can support or at least if therei s its probably some very high number. I remember seeing people using Many MANY monitors for a Flight Simulator game.

Anyways if you do plan on getting one of these higher end video cards with multiple video outputs Make sure your powersupply can handle the extra load of these higher end video cards. Sure the pci cards your currently using may not use much power but these new ones are PCI-Express and are higher end gaming type video cards (from what I remember) and usually require more power and proper cooling.

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i have two computers and only one monitor and wanted to know if there was some way to use a splitter of some kind to switch back and forth without unhooking anything

A:Multiple Monitors

Hi drew.A switch box like this one would be the best solution. You don't get signal degradation with them.When buying a switchbox you need to be sure it is compatable with your monitor connection types.You will also find some that require a power source. The above one does not.

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I have a K3 series desktop. It only has one VGA port which I use for the main monitor. I wanted to add another one so I bought a VGA adaptor. When I installed a new monitor I got a screen and I could move sessions to it but the desktop did not recognize the new monitor. I couldn't change the resolution which was so low the text was very big and I couldn't use it that way. Has anyone else had this problem? I used an adaptor that I bought at Best Buy. They told me that the setting needed to be adjusted. I called  Intel and they said that they could not help because it might be a custom setting for Lenovo.  Lenovo support said they do not help with this system any longer. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?Thank youSandra  

A:K3 multiple monitors

what gfx card did you get?are both monitors plugged into the new gfx card?have you installed the gfx card drivers for your model?hold windows key on keyboard and press p twice and this should select duplicate monitor (both should look the same) for testing atm

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i don't know if this is even possible or not, but maybe someone can help.

I have 2 laptops and a projector. I need to clone the laptop display that's hooked up to the projector to the other laptop.

So I would have 1 laptop screen with (ex. a .ppt presentation) and another laptop that would need to be connected to the one running the .ppt presentation, all while displaying on a projector.

I know it doesn't make sense, but it's been requested and I've never heard of such a thing. I know it's possible with a seperate external monitor or a TV, but another laptop?


A:Multiple Monitors

Network video streaming across LAN is all i can think of. However the client computer would have to start the stream so it would not be the clone that you are looking for. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/streaming.html

lo and behold there is such a thing http://www.maxivista.com/

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How can I use multiple monitors hooked to the same pc. and display different documents

A:Multiple monitors

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I have just purchased an ACER 1916W monitor. I am running Windows XP, and have downloaded all the appropriate drivers for the monitor.I am trying to set up multiple monitors. I can set up my monitors to where I can drag from on monitor to the other. Though I want have the ACER monitor display to display exactly what I am seeing on my laptop display. That way I can just tuck my laptop up under the monitor shelf, and use another keyboard so I will have desk space. I have spent at least a day trying to work it myself and trying to talk to a tech from acer, but no luck. Also I was reading somthing about a cloned display, and it look like you may need some additional software. Though I am unsure. well anyhelp would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.

Donnell Kennerly

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I have a laptop which I use both at work and at home. At work I plug in an extra monitor to give me effectively 2 monitors. When I use the laptop at home I don't have an extra monitor but if I open up programs such as Notepad or Adobe Photoshop, the windows are nowhere to be seen.........as they are still on the other monitor!! Is there any way to move them without being able to see them?

Any ideas?

I'm tearing my hair out!!



A:Multiple Monitors!! Help!!

Seems to me to be a hardware issue, not a business application issue. Moved to the hardware forum.

Good luck!

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Hi, I didn't know where this topic would be appropriate so I put it in the XP one.

I'm trying to set up multiple monitors using a CRT TV that has an s-video hook up. My video card has a TV-out and I have the proper cord to connect the 2 (the cord actually splits into an s-video and composite video). When it's all hooked up and I go into the display settings and try to enable or activate the second monitor, it just flickers for a second or two then stops and nothing has changed.

I have set this up in the past but forgot how I did it. I'm not completely sure but the last time I had it set up, I might have had my old Radeon 9000 pro instead of my x1600 pro that I have now. Thanks in advance for any help.

A:multiple monitors with tv

HOW TO FORCE A TV DETECTION on every pc, and videocard

here is a video i found that show you how to do it easely


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Hi all

First post ever to a computer forum

I have a new computer and I am planning to output to on or more of three monitors including a 42 inch TV

I have an ATI 5770 GPU

The output will be identical on the different displays

Stupid question - does the output to multiple monitors slow the performance? If so it there a way to activate only the monitor or monitors that I will be using?



A:Multiple monitors

Welcome to SevenForums! You made the right decision posting here.

If you have a compatible video card, you will have no trouble using dual monitors. Performance impact will be slight, unnoticeable unless you are trying to game that way.

Yes, you can disable any monitors you do not use. Right-click on the desktop, and click Screen Resolution. YOu can go from there.

Hope this helps,

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I need help installing two monitors on my computer

A:Multiple monitors

Hello and welcome to TSG!!

How far have you gotten so far?

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I have a company laptop (Lenovo) that I am using w/windows 10
I have an external monitor (AOC 27" computer monitor) added and would like to add another. The addition would be a Hitachi ROKU 42" LED. The hitachi would be used on a AT&T Connect conf hosted call. The monitor is used for additional info from laptop and the laptop screen for other support as needed during the conference. Will this work and if so how do I get all three screens up at the same time?'

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I have a HP Pavilion g4 running Windows 8.
I have the capability to add 1 monitor
However I would like to add 1 more monitor, so iii have 3 active working at onetime.
What Hardware and Software do I need to do this? Thanks

A:Add Multiple Monitors to PC

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Hey guys,

I have an Asus G75V laptop. I have two additional monitors that are connected to my laptop, one with a VGA connection and the other with a HDMI connection.

My question is: How do I set my laptop to keep the settings/layout without it changing whenever I power off the laptop and monitors?

If I power on my laptop without one of my monitors powered on, all the settings are changed. I would like to keep it as is when I set everything up.

My setup is like this: My laptop's monitor is the main monitor. I have two other monitors on either side of my laptop. The one on the left is through VGA and the one on the right is through HDMI. I extended my display to the left. I mirror my laptop's image on the monitor to the right (HDMI).

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

A:Help with Multiple Monitors

Hi and welcome to TSF have you checked this out How To Configure And Use Multiple Monitors In Windows 7
there is more here in the first couple of links from MS https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=se...w=1366&bih=619

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Greetings all!
I have the following issue I need assistance in resolving.
I currently have my Syncmaster 2033 as my primary viewing screen.
I'm able to use a Sharp Aquos independantly to view Hi def, provided I have the syncmaster disconnected! That is I cannot have both connected, the syncmaster connect6ed via dvi connection and the Aquos connected by HDMI connection.
When I start my system the syncmaster displays the windows logo but then goes dark and the Aquos lights up and is the main view screen while the sysncmaster is dark.
So how can I use multiple monitors?
My specs are updated on the bottom left and I have downloaded the latest ATI catalyst drivers.


A:Multiple Monitors

The monitor have a VGA connection? If so try it with that instead of the DVI connection. Problem is as I understand it is that both the DVI and HDMI connections can't be used at the same time. Don't remember where I saw it but has something to do with using two digital connections at the same time (and how the RAMDAC's handle it), but works fine with the VGA and HDMI.

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hey guyz, i think i got a simple problem but its difficult for me figure it out, my ATI graphics card's got a multiple monitor function which i'm battling to turn it off.. . i dnt want to uninstall the drivers and card (too much of a hustle) any ideas?

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Good Morning Guys

Please help me. I want a way of connecting 5 monitors in one computer. Each monitor must able to display a unique application. In other words all 5 monitors will display different application. Secondly I want to navigate to all this monitors using a one keyboard and one mouse.

Yours Sincerely

A:Multiple Monitors

Welcome to TSG,

I've edited your title to give it a useful title.

You should look in to an AMD Radeon Eyefinity card or a Matrox card with 5 or more outputs.

Here's some examples:

You can get DisplayPort to any type of connector to connect each of the 5 monitors.
You can also use multiple cards, you could use an existing card and add a second card to get more monitors.

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Can I set up more than two monitors in Windows 10 on my HP Pavillion desktop? 

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Everything seems fine, the second monitor has the message that the display adapter was initialized successfully. But under Display Properties -> Settings there is only one monitor picture shown.
Under the System properties the Display adapter tells me that the area of memory normally used by this device is beeing used by another program or device. I already tried the advice under C:\windows\Display.txt.

A:multiple Monitors

Don't really know anything about dual monitor, but maybe this site will help:

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Is it possible to connect to separate monitors with HDMI-DVI connection cables?  Is the HP capable of handling multiple attached monitors?  If so, do you need to purchase a HDMI splitter?

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Ive got a laptop and another monitor and id like to set the other monitor as my prmary. I hooked the other monitor up to my laptop and then it came on just fine and i could move back and forth but i couldnt get all my stuff over there. I tried to drad everything over there and tha worked but when ever i start a new app or game it stars up on the laptop. is there any way to fix this?

A:Multiple Monitors

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I was talking with someone the other day and they mentioned the possibility of using mulitple monitors on one computer. This would be an excellent solution for the kind of work I do. My question is around how to set that up. I'd like to do this with my laptop if possible.



A:Using multiple monitors

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I am not very good at computers. I am trying to hook up a second monitor to my desktop. I used a VGA splitter and now I get the same picture on both screens. I want to extend it so I can use different windows between the two screens. Please advise. I suspect that I have to buy something, but I don't know what.

My computer is a :
Dell Dimension E310

My display adapter is :
Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family

What else do you need to know? And you might have to tell me how to find it because all I know how to do is go to control panel and click display.


A:multiple monitors

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Hi all,

I am wondering if there is a reasonably simple and cheap way to run multiple monitors off a single computer.

What I want to do is have the computer with a monitor that is being used by the person using the computer, and then have several monitors showing different slideshows, but running off the same computer.


A:Multiple Monitors

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I have a Radeon HD 5570 1GB which has display port, hdmi & dvi port. I would like to connect 3 monitors but this video card only supports 2 monitors. What is cheapest & simplest way to provision the 3rd monitor to extend desktop? Could I add ATI Radeon HD 4350 512MB as a 2nd card? Will this work no problem for sure? Connect any monitor to the 2nd card? Need dissplay port adapter? Any config required?

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