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excel 2013 drop down lists

Q: excel 2013 drop down lists

I hope I have the right forum. I created a drop down list in excel 2013 but I want to link specific data to each selection in the dropdown box to be displayed in other boxes on the spreadsheet. I have the dropdown list on a separate sheet from where I store the data to be displayed.
select 1 and populate a,b,c,d
select 2 and populate e,f,g,h
select 3 and populate I,j,k,l
something like
sales area/     employees
south/             Bob, Jane, Russ
North /            Jeff. Carl, Pat
West/             Richard, Matt, Josh
When I pick South I want the corresponding employees to be displayed..
I want to link 5 items to the drop down list selection. The data is arranged in a row (left to right) but I have the display boxes arranged in columns (top to bottom). I can change that if need be. only one dropdown box will be used.
I have used excel before but still a novice at most of the more intermediate functions.
I hope that makes sense 

Preferred Solution: excel 2013 drop down lists

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A: excel 2013 drop down lists

I think you should be able to achieve this with the "vlookup" function.
VLOOKUP function

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I would like to know how to choose a drop down list of values when I select certain cells. And how to I assign the cell to show the drop down list (with a down arrow on the right hand side of the cell). Thank you all!!!!

A:how to create drop down lists in excel

Go to Data > Validation and from the allow dropdown select List. In the source area you can make a reference to any range of cells for the list or manually type in comma seperated values.

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I have several excel sheets which accumulate data at regular periods. This accumulation involves the addition of new columns. Each column contains one or two drop down lists.

When I report to other team members I send them .pdf's of the datasheets. In order to get the reports to fit on one piece of paper I hide the unnecessary columns.

When I hide the columns all the dropdown lists get shunted along to the first visible column. This was never a problem until the format of the columns were changed (request from the customer). This change can not be implemented for all previous entries.

I now have the problem that the bunched up dropdown lists appear in the first visible column obscuring the title for that column. How can I get around this problem without spending 15 minutes (temporarily) deleting these dropdown columns each time?

I have thought about deleting them permanently except the sheet is also used by other people and this would cause unwanted problems.

I hope someone can help me. Thankyou.

I should have added: if you hide columns C through F in the test file then you will see all the dropdown lists shift into column G.

A:Solved: Drop-down lists and hidden columns in Excel

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thank you for trying to help... still learning Excel...

So I am trying to have a Named list of choices used as Drop down lists for cells in columns AK, AH and AJ. These choices are "Blank", "1" through "8" and "A".

Then, using conditional formatting via setting a formula to determine, if all three cells from these columns in a single row equal "1" through "8" (i.e. ="<=8"), then another cell in that row, D3 will be a specific color.

the Conditional formula I am using is =AND(AK3="<=8, AH3="<=8", AJ3="<=8"). This is applied to D3300 (for every row in the column.

This doesn't change the color in D3. If I change the conditional formatting to query for "A" instead, it does work.

It sounds like there is something fundamental that I'm not getting. Any suggestions? thank you!!

A:Solved: Excel Validation/Drop down lists and Conditional Formatting

you do not want the " in the expression


see attached

worked for cell
H, J, K

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I'm new to Access and am trying to create a table/form which allows a user to choose from a drop down list. So far I have added the relevent fields to my table however one of the fields is labled status and this status can be one of a number of options.

I need to create a form which allows users to enter in all the fields normally, but when they get to the status option they are provided with a drop down list of set options (which I will decide) rather than a normal text box.

How can this be done, I know it is quite simple but I have only started learning Access this weekend!

A:Using drop down lists in access

The best way is to put those "Status Options" in their own Table with it's own Query, which can be used to Sort the Options in to Ascending Alphabetical order.
On your Data Entry Form use the Toolbox Combo Box Wizard to place a Combo Box on your form selecting the Status Options Query as the Combo data source.

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Hello, I am running XP, could anyone tell me how to clear the drop down list menus in all the other areas except Internet Explorer. I know how to clear the list for Internet Explorer, but I can't figure out how to clear the list in other areas, such as the list that is created when you are trying to search for a file on your computer. If anyone could help that could be great. Thanks!

A:clear drop down lists

Start/Search/Change Preferences/Turn AutoComplete off

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I have a GeForce GT 520 video card. My main monitor is Acer S242HL. Second monitor is older Samsung SyncMaster 2253LW.

On main monitor drop-down lists (such as Google search gives you as you type) show normal. On second monitor they become transparent after a moment, so as you type each letter you see a flash then it seems to be gone.

Move the same web page back and forth between windows to get the two different behaviors. Strange.

Note if relevant Windows sees the second monitor as "generic PnP monitor".

A:drop-down lists transparent, only on 2d monitor

The solution is to disable (uncheck) hardware acceleration for the monitor with the problem. Exactly where you do that is unclear (it's been a week since I did this -- sorry).

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I can't see my drop down lists with MSN Premium. I click on bookmarks and the 'shell' pops up but none of the letters. I have to run the cursor over the lines for them to appear. I can't describe it any other way. THe same thing is happening with my icons in the system tray. I'll right click to see options and I get the 'shell' without the words. Any ideas as to what might be going on? The only program I've recently installed was Diskeeper 2007. Any idea what the heck I'm talking about? Are you clueless? Me, too!

A:Can't see drop down lists in MSN...graphics problem?

What antivirus, antispyware, and firewall software do you use?

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I am finally getting a new computer and turning my Win 98 machine into a doorstop! I have figured out how to transfer most of the information I want to keep, but I am having a problem with one area.

I do not want to lose the drop-down lists that appear within web pages. The example everyone knows is the list of prior searches when you double click in the Google box. The one I care the most about is the one on my local library's web site that has every author and book I have searched for in it.

When I did a search on this site I found an old post (2002) that implied that the histories I am discussing are found in the file Index.dat located in c:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content IE5\Index.dat. This is an encrypted file so I have no way to know if that is the case.

I have two questions:

1) Is the file mentioned above the correct one for the issue I am discussing? If not, what file or registry area is it stored in?

2) If that is the correct file (or whichever file is correct), can I just copy it and use it to replace the existing (and empty) file on my new XP system?

Thank you in advance for any help that is provided.

A:How to save drop-down lists within web pages

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hi freinds!
i would like to know after one has surfed internet how can one completely eliminate his surfing history from his computer.
and how does one remove the information in the drop down lists.(e.g. if i use a search engine one and type in some keywords they r available wheni use it for search next time .how to make clear them so they r not available).
i would be thnakful if someone cpould help.

A:drop down lists and surfing history

I'm no expert on the subject, and make no garauntees as to the setup of your system or stability thereafter. If you are running (I'm assuming) Windows 9X and IE 4 or above, the following lines should work for you as they do for me. This is what I like to do... it's free and it does almost everything those "Clean" programs do. You can copy this into your Autoexec.bat file to run at startup (certain files must be deleted in dos because of windows write-protection i.e. index.dat) However, you can also save these lines as "clean.bat" on the desktop or wherever to run when you're finished surfing, but those "certain" files won't be completely gone until you reboot.

Begin Copy Here


DELTREE /y c:\windows\cookies\*.* > NUL
DELTREE /y c:\windows\downlo~1\*.* > NUL
DELTREE /y c:\windows\history\*.* > NUL
DELTREE /y c:\windows\locals~1\tempor~1\*.* > NUL
DELTREE /y c:\windows\offlin~1\*.* > NUL
DELTREE /y c:\windows\tempor~1\*.* > NUL

IF EXIST c:\*.chk DEL c:\*.chk > NUL
IF EX... Read more

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I have a page where the navigation list is a drop down lists. Anyone have any good ideas on how to set off to the user that there are options under a line? I have tried mixing circles/squares and such, but it's not obvious to new visitors. I appreciate any feed back. The page I'm working on is www.msufame.msu.edu/researchforum/test

A:advice on drop down navigation lists

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Heya, well a slight and annoying problem.
Whenever there is a drop down list e.g. on IE the file menu or when a right click something. It doesn't appear properly and is almost invisble until i scroll my mouse down to find the options. See the attachment.
Any help is much appreciated

A:Solved: Invisible Drop Down Lists

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How do I make a drop down list in my form populate different checklists for each option? I have looked everywhere and found this website. You are my last hope!

Thank you.

A:Drop Down Lists populating checklists

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I'm trying to produce some histograms with data from drop-down lists in Excel. I chose to use drop-down lists to reduce data-entry errors etc. I've got to the point of realising that I'll need to use the countif function as Excel won't work with non-numerical data. However, the countif function doesn't seem to be counting the values that are appearing in the spreadsheet.

Any ideas for how to work around this?

A:Countif funtion with drop-down lists

I presume you've checked the spelling?!

Can you upload a sample?

Welcome to the forum btw.

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Is is possible to create a drop down list in Word 2003 where multiple selections from the list may be chosen when filling the form out?
thanks K

A:Multi selection drop down lists word

Read this page for some good links - not something I have ever done.

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I'm creating an on-line form in Word 97 which has drop-down lists.

My problem is that Word limits the list to 25 entries, and I need approximately 70 entries!!

Any help whatever to work around this (or change this internally) will be SO VERY MUCH appreciated!


A:Word 97 drop-down lists in on-line forms

I'm thinking that a dropdown list of 70+ entries will not even be visible in the size of the average monitor. Perhaps you can break these items down into some kind of categories, even if it's A-F, G-R, T-Z?

Consider using Excel for this form too because Excel will let you do data validation within a cell: list, and select a range of cells to list.

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I'm really new to computers so excuse me if this is a dumb question. I have noticed that although I have removed various broswers and e mail clients they still appear in drop down list when I go to tools in browser, click on internet options, then programs. Likewise, when I right click on start at bottom left hand corner, click properties open task bar and start menu properties, and then click customize, the removed software is still listed underneath show on start menu. I'm using XP Home Edition. Any ideas how to clear lists so only Internet Explorer and Outlook Express remain.

A:Uninstalled items still show in drop down lists

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Ok, so hopefully I will explain myself clearly enough that someone can help me out.

I have an excel workbook which is essentially a timesheet and has two sheets, one is "time sheet" and the other is "jobs".

The jobs sheet has information which is pulled from another excel file. This information includes 4 columns I use called company, department, friendly name, and quickbooks job. I've set up a dynamic name range which automatically includes new data in some lists I've created. One includes all the table's data, one list includes all the friendly name column data.

Currently, the time sheet is all setup and has a drop down list which pulls from my list named friendlyname. This works great at the moment, because there aren't that many different jobs.

I would like to make it easier in the long run for the user to find a specific job by choosing from two drop down list two items: the company and the department. Here the departments available would depend on what company is picked. From there the drop down list currently used to pick a job would only have the friendly name items which belong to that company and department.

I've done tons of research online, and I am completely stumped as to what I need to do.

Every job entry gets all the information needed on one row, including the company and department.

Hopefully someone can help!


A:Solved: Dependent drop-down lists with updating data

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Does the COUNTIF function not work on cells that have drop down lists? I haven't found any notations anywhere to say pro or con. I need to do a count of the cells that have either of 2 entries out of the 10 available in the list and:
=COUNTIF(Sheet1!H9:H200, "Statement")
is not working, though according to everything I can find online it should. Any ideas would be great. Thanks

A:Solved: COUNTIF function not working with Cells that have Drop Down Lists

Read here:
Offhand, I think it is the same as in that thread - "You can't using data>validation, you can if you use a combobox from the control toolbox."

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I have 2 worksheets A and B. A contains a standard list in column F. The number of rows in column F is variable.

I need to compare this standard list against a list in column C in worksheet B using VBA. If items from standard list appears in worksheet B, I need to colour the cell red. However, the list in column B does not always start from the same and end at the same rows. I determine the start row from its title, which is 'ID'.

I have difficulty in setting the range and comparing the list.

Appreciate any help with this.

Thank you.

A:MS Excel - Compare 2 Lists

if you face problems in excel worksheet i given suggestion you are try this link. i surely to solve your problems


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Do Until ActiveCell = ""
n = ActiveCell.Row
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=sum(A" & n & ":A" & ActiveCell.Row - 1 & ")"
"compliments of xlguru"

worked for poster but not me

column E has many lists of numbers

18 "18"

66 "165"

88 "286"

length with vary. I need it to sum the figures above the blank spaces (also... a list may only have one number) but all list will be seperated by a space. I don't care where the outcome tallies the sum (beside or underneath)

can anyone help

A:adding lists in excel w/ vba

Assuming your list starts from "E1"

sub test()
dim rng as range
dim lastrow as long
dim cell as range
dim cnt as double 'counter
lastrow = range("E" & rows.count).end(xlup).row 'get lastrow
set rng = range("E1:E" & lastrow) 'get column E with data
for each cell in rng
if cell=empty then
cell.offset(-1,1)=cnt 'copy value to row abv empty cell and in next column
cnt = cnt+cell.value
end if
end sub

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Hi, I have 2 lists of numbers in excel, both lists are about 40000 long each. I need to see how many records match and see what ones are unmatched?

Does anyone know of an easy way to do this? Have tried 'IF' but could only make it check individual cells rather than the whole list?


A:Comparing lists in excel?

I think you might find Steps: 4 & 5 useful in the following article - Use Excel to compare two lists of data - Excel - Microsoft Office

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How does one alphabetize a list in Excel?

A:Alphabetizing Lists in EXCEL?

Depending on what you are talking about, use the Sort feature, found in the Data menu.

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I have the following 2-column list:

Country City
A-land 0
0 a-ville
0 0
0 0
0 0
0 Other
0 0
B-land 0
0 b-ville
0 0
0 b-town
0 0
0 Other
0 0

The number of countries is fixed, but the number of cities within each country varies. i'd like to make 2 combo boxes, one in which you select the country, and then the next where you select the city within that country.
eg, if you select "B-Land" in the first combo box, your choices in the second combo box should be "b-ville, b-town, other". i can eliminate the zero's with a pivot table that does not count 0's.

I don't know any VB.

Thank you.


A:Excel: Lists and sublists

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I cannot search for data in excel 2013. This is new issue. I do notice that in the find window there is an entry for Preview* in the box next to format in the options window that I have never seen before. I get the message cannot find what you are looking for but I know it is there because I am looking at it.

This is new issue. Worked until last night when I was doing a sort and had to make all merged cells uniform in size. Now I can sort but cannot find.

Have closed and reopened excel, but it did not correct problem.

A:Solved: Excel search does not work Excel 2013

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I am trying to pull a dashboard view from a "Tracker". Given below is the formula that I used:

=COUNTIFS('KT Tracker'!$T$2:$T$138,$C$2,'Tracker'!$U$2:$U$138,"<="&TODAY()+7,'Tracker'!$L$2:$L$138,'Monthly Dashboard'!$B17,'Tracker'!$AF$2:$AF$138,'Monthly Dashboard'!$A$13,'Tracker'!$AD$2:$AD$138,"<>Cancelled")

This perfectly works fine in my laptop that has excel 2013 but when I email this to my team who have Excel 2010, they only see zeros. We have checked all options like enabling Automatic Calulcation of Formula, removing all named ranges in the sheet etc., but it is just not working.

Can you please help ? This is a bit urgent and I need to present this for a meeting tomorrow.
Appreciate your help and thanks in advance !!!

A:COUNTIFS working in Excel 2013 but not in Excel 2010

It might be something to do with "<>cancelled"

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Hello! Anyone know how to do this without VBA?:

In Excel 2007, one spreadsheet with columns of item names and prices. You enter a person's name in the third column (the "buyer"). A separate worksheet magically (okay, a formula of some sort ) looks up the buyer of your choosing (from an absolute cell reference, I'd imagine? Or some other sneaky way?) and lists in new blank rows each item and price that they've purchased. Like an invoice.

I hope I've made sense. Any ideas?

A:Making Excel Generate Lists

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Please assist me; I'm faced with a real challenge: My customer's SAP system generates stock lists that I need for reconciliations etc. Unfortunately the format of the SAP reports makes it hard to use the data in them - each record consists of 4 rows: 3 with data plus one blank!
I have attached a file that shows this. The total number of records is around 3,000; I cannot handle this task manually.
Does anyone know how I can reformat the SAP report to something that Excel can work with, i.e. 1 row per record?
All tips are deeply appreciated!

A:Reformat SAP Reports to Useful Excel Lists

You're THE BEST, Ranard! Thank you so much for your spontaneous support!

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I have a little problem here, several days trying to figure out and not able to do it, maybe you can help me. I have 3 columns on excel.
you can see an image here: https://ibb.co/hLQzEQ
Forum gave error to put the image.
Column C is in another sheet, I need to find a way to compare column B to C to show which from C match and belongs to Column A. Problem is, that some date on B has XXX in the middle the only and dont know to relate them, The only thing in common is the first 6 characters and last 3. And of course the list is huge.

Also need to to print the A value next to C if its match.

A:Help to compare lists with string on Excel

can you load a sample sspreadsheet
you maybe able to use a countif() with a wild card to match the first 6 characters

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It there an easy way to create (import) an outlook distribution list from a list of names in excel.

Col 1 would have name <john doe> and col 2 would have e-mail address <[email protected]>

The distribution list would then have name and e-mail address.

Thanks in advance

A:Outlook distribution lists from excel

wakeolda said:

It there an easy way to create (import) an outlook distribution list from a list of names in excel.

Col 1 would have name <john doe> and col 2 would have e-mail address <[email protected]>

The distribution list would then have name and e-mail address.

Thanks in advanceClick to expand...

Hi Wakeolda,

did you ever find a solution to this problem??

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I have lost some items from my start menu or the one that pops up when you hit 'start' at bottom left of screen.
I have lost the menu item 'recent documents, and have lost the drop-down menus from both the items, 'My Documents' and 'Control panel'. The 'recent documents' also had a drop down menu.
The drop down menu used to appear where the arrow is, in the picture I have included with this post and also to the right of the menu item 'control panel'
Here's a picture http://s1228.photobucket.com/albums/...=untitled2.jpg

Many thanks

A:Hi - Lost menu items and drop down lists from start menu.

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I want to be able to drag a file from explorer, desktop, web browser link, etc; into Word 2013 and/or 2016.

Software of importance
Windows 10 x64
Office 2013 x64
Office 2016 x64

So to start off after upgrading from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10, I was no longer able to drag and drop files from one app into an open Word window and load them. Single files or multiple files, drag and drop no longer worked.

Ohkay; so first I tracked down the registry hack to totally disable UAC. That was fine but Word no longer was able to load/convert PDF files, giving me the Word cannot load filter PDF... issue. And of course most Microsoft base software suddenly no longer works.

I turned UAC back on and now I can once again load/convert PDF files in Word (and use calculator and Edge etc), but again can not drag/drop multiple files.

I've got the sole account (excluding "special") set as an Administrator with UAC set to the lowest possible setting.
I have also set a custom shortcut on the taskbar loading the program with full elevated privileges.

Any thoughts on how to leave UAC set to 1 in the registry AND be able to drag and drop files from A to B?

A:Windows 10 Drag/Drop any file to Word 2013 and 2016 fails

Problem solved, needed to switch to x64 version of office. X32 and X64 are not exchangeable via explorer.

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I have a worksheet with gets updated regularly. (Sheet 2 in the attached file)
Now, In Sheet1 I have two Drop Down Lists, on Selecting from first drop down, the corresponding values should be populated in the other Drop Down list.


A:Excel Query: Populate Drop Down List based on another Drop Down List

Made possible with link cell in dropdown 1

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I am testing Windows 7 for my own use and don't like the default Explorer window very much. I'm using the Windows Classic Theme and in the right hand pane of Windows Explorer, next to the column headings, there are what's best described as Filter drop down lists, with items such as A - H, I- P, Q - Z.

Is there any way to get rid of these filters please?

Also, in XP, in the right hand pane of Windows Explorer, the "Name" column had a slightly darker background than the other columns, making it more obvious. Is there any way to do that with Windows 7 Explorer please?


A:Windows 7 Windows Explorer Filter Drop Down Lists

Hello and welcome Balm just a few suggestions follow my pics and see what you can do with them and you can default if you need to.

Oops that last pic is the second one

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Need help with Excel 2007.
I have a program that will put a long list of numbers into a Excel spreadsheet for me. What I need to do with these numbers is put them into number groups eg 4, 5 ,6 7, etc up to 12.
I would like excel to be able to take the numbers I have in the one big list and place them into the right column. Eg 4.65, 4.35, 4.87 would be placed in the column headed 4. And to also sort them numerically too.

Any help with this appreciated

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I'm trying to match up variables across 6 datasets. I've alphabetized the variables in each dataset and while the names are similar, they change according to the yr the data was collected. So here's an example of what it looks like (with periods representing gaps between columns to get it to display correctly):


And here is what it should look like:


Any way to at least partially automate this procedure? I was thinking about a macro that would scan the variable I clicked on in the 2nd column, identify the 1st letter of that variable, and then find the next variable in the 1st column that starts w/ that letter, and move the 2nd column down to that pt. Even though it wouldn't be an exact match, it would speed up the manual matching. But I don't know enough about macros to write 1 that could do that.

The 2nd step of the process is to group variables that are similar to each other. Again, this would have to be done manually, but a macro could help rearrange things more quickly. Many of the variables are different observations of the same concept. Here's an example where the 1st column is the variable name and the 2nd column is the variable label:

ANAC1100.....definition recall-1
ANAC1200....... Read more

A:Excel macro to match up lists of variables

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Recently, when I open either my MS Word or Excel programs, and click on the yellow "Open" folder, whereas previously a list of my saved documents came up, now sometimes the page is blank! If I leave it for, say, ten minutes, they appear and I can open and work on them, but I wondered whether anyone had an idea as to why this is happening? I am running Windows 7 (64 bit). Many thanks.

A:Word and Excel File lists not appearing

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Hello There,
I have ben trying to find out how I can use a list (with two columns in Sheet2) to do find and replace in another sheet (Sheet1). Basically, I want to change the text in a list (in Sheet1), based on text I have in the other list. There are multiple values of the same text in my list (Sheet1), and each needs to be changed to another unique text value.

I have been doing this in the past with multiple nested if statements, but thought there might be a quicker easier way. I have also realised that Excel won't nest 60 if statements. (or will it)..

My formula looks like this (nested if's)

If("Current Text1"="List Text1","New Text1",If("Current Text2"="List Text2","New Text2",... ...,If("Current Textn"="List Textn","New Textn"))

And My spreadsheets look like this:
Sheet 1
Name Current_Text
Mr_A Site_1
Mr_B Site_2
Mr_C Site_2
Mr_D Site_3
Mr_E Site_1
Mr_H Site_4
Mr_I Site_3
Mr_J Site_5
Mr_K Site_4

Sheet 2
List_Text New_Text
Site_1 New_Site_One
Site_2 New_Site_Two
Site_3 New_Site_Three
Site_4 New_Site_Four
Site_5 New_Site_Five

(I have tried to show the columns using spaces, as I don't know how to format the text properly. I Have also attached a spreadsheet showing the structure.)

None of the text corresponds between the old and new names, but there are a finite number of old site names that I need to change, and all occurences of each old site name are the same (... Read more

A:Solved: Excel - Find and replace using lists

Well, after a bit of searching and asking around the office, I discovered the VLOOKUP function in Excel - does exactly what I am looking for!

What a fab program.

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I'd like to set up a macro, whereby I can enter two lists of chassis numbers and compare them, so it will identify all of the numbers in list A that do not appear in list B, and all of the numbers in list B that do not appear in list A.

So, my lists may look like:
List A - List B
A123 - A123
A124 - A124
A125 - A126
A126 - A127
B555 - B555
B557 - B556
B558 - B559

So, I need to highlight A125 in List A and B556 in List B.
List A - List B
A123 - A123
A124 - A124
A125 - A126
A126 - A127
B555 - B555
B557 - B556
B558 - B559

Is there a simple way to do this?

I've been messing around trying to find a way to do this quickly - I tried colouring each list in a different colour and then using the "Unique Records" filter, but it didn't seem to work correctly.


A:Excel - compare 2 lists & highlight differences

"Conditional Formatting"

This will do exactly what you want.

Hope that helps,


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First of all - great forum. Found heaps of help here. So thank you all.

One useful thread I found was http://forums.techguy.org/business-applications/508211-excel-multi-selection-list-results.html

This was a solution to allow a user to select multiple items from a drop down validation list. However the solution, provided by "Jimmy the Hand", will allow multiple items to be selected in ALL validation lists within a worksheet.

Is there anyway to limit this or to allow only select validation lists to operate this way?

I have attached Jimmy the Hands solution along with another option I found (however this other option actually added the multiple items to an adjacent cell) which needs a column number specified (would like this to be which ever columns require this affect).

Not sure how clear I have made this but happy to provide more info.

Note: The non-Jimmy solution actually offers an "In-cell" option but cannot view the code - locked...

A:Solved: Excel Multi Selection Lists

Not that I can figure out much of what you're trying to achieve (what's 1-2-3-4-5 per day?) but ...

"Note: The non-Jimmy solution actually offers an "In-cell" option but cannot view the code - locked... "

Unprotected version here.

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I am using the following code to enable multi select pull down lists in XL2003, but have a group of users requiring this feature in XL97...
Public InActivity As Boolean

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If InActivity Then Exit Sub
InActivity = True
On Error GoTo NonValidatedCell
If Selection.Validation.Type = xlValidateList Then
ColAbs = Target.Column
If ColAbs <> 3 Then GoTo NonValidatedCell
RowAbs = Target.Row
If Sheets("Recreation_Activity").Cells(RowAbs, ColAbs).Value = "Delete Contents" Then
TotalString = ""
TotalString = Sheets("Recreation_Activity").Cells(RowAbs, ColAbs).Value & ", "
TotalString = TotalString & Sheets("Recreation_Activity").Cells(RowAbs, ColAbs).Value
End If
If Left(TotalString, 1) = "," Then TotalString = Mid(TotalString, 3)
Sheets("Recreation_Activity").Cells(RowAbs, ColAbs).Value = TotalString
End If
InActivity = False

Exit Sub
InActivity = False

End Sub
The spreadsheet opens in XL97 without error but you can only select one item from the list...
Selecting a second item just overwrites the first..

Any suggestions??????

A:Excel Multi Select Pull Down Lists in 97

I am not clear on what you mean when you say "Selecting a second item just overwrites the first.."
Does it change the list?
Change the cell value?
Cahnge the String?

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In order for my wife to get reimbursed, my wife has to turn in a Mileage Log every 2 weeks. In her Mileage Log form, each cell in the "Starting Location" (Column B) and each cell in the "Destination" (Column C) has a list of addresses from which she can select. The lists are generated from the DATA Sheet mileage chart

As an example and in other words, if we select the address at 417 Victoria Dr., Kerrville in Column B and select the address at 110 Ash, Ingram in Column C. By looking at the mileage chart on the DATA Sheet, we see the distance between those 2 places is 10.6 miles. Presently, we have to enter that mileage manually in Column F.

Is there a way to have excel get the mileage number from the DATA sheet based on the locations selected on the Mileage Log sheet. I could probably use a lot of nested IF statements but that would be real cumbersome and very hard to modify as she has clients come and go from time to time in which case I would have modify each IF statement. I'm sure there is a better and simpler way.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790S CPU @ 3.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 12227 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 1848 GB (1769 GB Free); D: 2794 GB (2536 GB Free);
Antivirus: Webroot SecureAnywhere, Enabled and... Read more

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This is a really "stupid" question... must be late on a Sunday night after a long holiday...
How do I change the number of previously opened documents at the bottom of the file menu in Word/Excel etc...

I'm running Windows XP Pro on a brand new Toshiba. Trying to "reset" all of my defaults.


A:Previous Document Lists for Word/Excel etal

Tools - Options - General

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Is this possible? If so, how? I have created a "combo box" (from the forms toolbar) in a MS Excel 2000 (9.0) spreadsheet and, using the format control option, set up the list from which a choice has to be made. I'd now like to change the font size/colour etc of the items that appear in the pull down field, but can't find the way to do this?

I suspect that I've done the hard bit and am missing something obvious...

A:Solved: Formatting text in pull down lists within Excel??

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I have a column of project numbers in spreadsheet called Projects with associated bank account number, BSB number & bank account names in the next columns.

I have another spreadsheet called ListPay with the same column headings as other spreadsheet and many, but not all of the same project numbers in column A and mostly the same data in the other columns.

I do not know which of the 2 spreadsheets has the correct bank account data for the project, so I need a way of doing the following:

Compare the data for each project number in the 3 bank account columns in the 2 spreadsheets and find me any project numbers for which the bank account data is different in the 2 spreadsheets. Then I can calmly check the paper files for a small no. of projects rather than the entire list of projects!


A:Excel: filter data to show where 2 lists differ

Though a MATCH or INDEX formula may have worked better, I emailed you a VLOOKUP formula in a sample spreadsheet that should do what you want. Check it out.

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Hi anyone know how i highlight differences in 2 lists of names in excel..?


List 1

John Doe
Joe Blogs
Fred Bean
Jack Black

List 2

John Doe
Joe Bloggs
Fred Clean
Jack Black
Its drivin me nuts


A:Solved: Excel 2010 highlighting differences in 2 lists

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