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Dell xps 13 9350 downgrade windows 8.1, trackpad not working and other issues.

Q: Dell xps 13 9350 downgrade windows 8.1, trackpad not working and other issues.

I have removed the original Win10 and reinstalled from scratch Win8.1 Pro on my Dell xps 13 9350. I have downloaded all the possible drivers from the official "Dell driver download" page and run them all in the order suggested. Also the BIOS is updated. However, there are still several devices not recognized: 1. There is no Win8.1 driver for the trackpad. The one of Win10 is not compatible with Win8.1, so the trackpad is currently recognized in the device manager as PS/2-compatible. Moral: the scroll function does NOT work!! 2. Under "other devices" I get two "PCI data acquisition and signal processing controller" icons and one "unknown device" flagging "there are no compatible drivers for this device" 3. After installing the latest drivers (February updates -not sure which one in particular created the problem) I now get also under "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" and icon with "Standard SATA AHCI Controller" flagging "this device cannot start. (Code 10)" While I can live with 2. and 3., the issue 1. with the trackpad is VERY annoying, and it would be great if Dell would provide a driver for it (btw., this model is now more than 3 months on the market). PS: the February update seems has fixed part of the problems with the WiFi and with mouse. I could solve them temporarily in January by installing other drivers of another model (Dell xps 15 9550), in particular these two: Communications_Driver_G12X1_WN32_1.400.31.0_A00.exe Input_Driver_Y9Y7K_WN32_19.0.15.2_A00.exe

Preferred Solution: Dell xps 13 9350 downgrade windows 8.1, trackpad not working and other issues.

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Dell xps 13 9350 downgrade windows 8.1, trackpad not working and other issues.

Hope this helps for items 1 and 2, not sure about item 3...
For item 1, have you tried using the Windows 7 touchpad driver? Download link below. When you run the downloaded Dell Update Package, choose Extract (not Install), and create a folder to extract the files. Then right click Setup.exe, choose Properties, then click the Compatibility tab, and then check the Compatibility box and choose Windows 7. This should allow the driver to install successfully.
For item 2, you'll need to install the Serial I/O driver, which isn't listed for Windows 8.1, but you can find it in the Dell Driver Pack for Windows 8.1, link below also. You'll need something like 7zip to extract the CAB file, but you'll find the driver buried in there. Once you have the driver pack extracted to a folder, you can go into Device Manager, then right click the PCI Data Acquisition device, then choose Update Driver. Then choose Browse, and point it to the extracted folder and make sure include subfolders is checked. The driver should then install.
Windows 7 Touchpad driver:

Windows 8.1 Driver Pack:

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I have just installed a clean UEFI Windows 10 on my almost brand-new XPS 13 the touchscreen does not seem to work at all.
I have gone to the support website to auto-detect and download drivers. Went through Dell's diagnostic tool for touch screen, which said it could not detect any touchscreen device. There are no unknown/driverless devices in my Device Manager.
After scouring through many forum posts, I am baffled. Any advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated!

A:Dell XPS 13 9350: Touchscreen not Working on Windows 10

This model is available both with and without touchscreen - check the specifications at support.dell.com to verify your unit does have the touch option.
If it does, and you don't see it upon clean install of WIndows 10, call Dell - the touchscreen is faulty.

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I have a DELL XPS 13 9350 2016. I purchased it about 7 months ago.
I am getting this issue just today. It takes forever for the laptop too boot after I type my password in. Also, it takes forever to start the starting programs. Its so slow that I can't even post about it using the laptop.
Does anyone know what to do about this?
Also, how long does it usually take to get technical help?

A:DELL XPS 13 9350 booting issues

Are there any bluescreens / system crashes? Is there any damage on the system?
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us. These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional. Also, run an extended / thorough tests on the HDD and memory to check for any possible errors. 
If the system is under warranty, we can help book a service call if the hardware has an issue and needs to be replaced.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I think I did the worst choice ever... I bought this Dell XPS 13 on last February which was replaced on summer, because I had problem with the grafic card probably ( couldn't connect it to an external display). 
This is an i7 proccesor 6560U, 16G ram 512 ssd... and infinity touch display. running win10 pro
the main reason that I bought it was that the battery lasts up to 18 hours like it says to the dell's site.
I am not new to this of cource I know that 18 hours are unreachable but I was hoping at least to 9-11.
on the contrary the battery does not last more than 4-4.30 hours. with normal use... email serfing on the net , youtbe....
I have the latest BIOS of course ... 
I had even left the laptop on the Bios screen open to check how long it will last with no apps running in the background ... same result ... 5 hours at most .. 
the battery was replaced 2 month ago with no improvment ... same with the new battery as well. 
I have turned the touch screen off, bluetooth as well... everything that I could in order to increaase the battery but with no result. 
I also run the battery test according to the dell's technicians advise, with the result saying that the battery is in good condition.
According to dell all theese are normal... but for me is unexeptable. My macbook pro is 5 years old and the battery lasts 4 hours !!!!
this is my expirience from the top model of dell!! 
any advise before I through it away?

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So, my ultimate goal is to connect a Firewire 800 device (medical instrument) via thunderbolt. I got my hands on two Apple thunderbolt adapters, first a TB 3 to TB 2, and then a TB 2 to Firewire 800.

When I connect the TB 3 to TB 2, Windows says "Try improving the USB connection" and it links me to this page. Opening the thunderbolt software shows no connected devices. I have the latest drivers that I am aware of, software package version I have BIOS version 1.4.10. I have disabled the thunderbolt security in BIOS and enabled the boot related thunderbolt options.

What else can I do? Thankful for help!

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I've got an XPS 13 9350 with a clean install of Windows 10 on it on Bios 1.2.3.  The touchpad has a couple of issues:
1) Bouncy when scrolling.  In a web browser, when using two fingers to scroll down, upon releasing the screen jumps back up a bit - occasionally jumps to the top of the page again.  This is best described is this post, but with no resolution: 
2) Tap to click sometimes stops working.  When this happens if I wiggle a finger on the pad a bit and try again, it starts working again.
3) Click drag releases by itself.  More often than not, if I click and hold the button on the touchpad to move a file, it releases before the button is released.  Its almost impossible to move emails between folders in outlook due to this behaviour.
Are these common issues?  Could I have faulty hardware?  I've run the Dell update utility, but apparently my system is up to date.Any pointers appreciated!

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 Touchpad Issues

Hi, I had scrolling issues specifically in Chrome when the XPS13 9350 came out In November. The Windows 10 TH2 update fixed that however. I would assume you have already updated Windows? 
Yours sounds as though you have faulty hardware and should be an easy diagnosis for Dell support. 

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I installed Ubuntu 16.04 on my XPS 13 9350.  It does have the Broadcom wifi/bt adapter.
My wifi issue is the computer will not connect to my 5GHZ network. Every time I try it just fails to connect and asks me for the password even though it's correct.  I can connect to my 2.4ghz but not the 5ghz

My BT issue is I have always have to repair my BT mouse when the computer restarts.
I previously had a 9343 and I had no issues like this.  I was able to connect to my 5ghz network and using Bluetooth manager as a trusted device my mouse always reconnected at a reboot.  
I know there are some issues with Broadcom adapters but my 9343 had one and I did not have this issue at all.  Is it just because the 9350 has a newer broadcom chip so it's not fully supported?

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This happens randomly.  I can't seem to reproduce it on call.  Basically I close the lid to put it to sleep but the computer doesn't go to sleep. Airplane mode just turns on but the laptop stays on. 

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 Airplane mode sleep issues

Hi Viper2ko,
Thanks for writing to us. 
When did the issue start?
Please update the BIOS and video drivers, also check the advanced power option settings ensure nothing is hindering the sleep mode from working. 
Also do let us know what windows the system is running on, do PM us the system tag# by clicking on my name in blue and select send a private message .
Meanwhile you can go through the below steps to check more on the issue
Open the Start menu and then enter cmd into the search box. Hit enter and the command prompt window should open for you. If not, click it in the search result list.
Note: it is possible that you will need administrative privileges to complete the next part successfully. If you are having trouble, you can attempt to run cmd as Administrator. To do this, search for cmd again, and then right-click it and select Run as administrator.
Now that you have the command prompt window open, enter the following at the command prompt: 

powercfg -requests
There is a space after powercfg
Hit enter . 
If any process or device is preventing your system from going into sleep mode, information about it will be displayed here. The program will attempt to give you precise information on the disturbance
Though we can always rely  on this method, but good to give it a try.



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Hi everyone,
I bought a Dell XPS 13 2016 (9350) FHD, i5, 8GB, 256GB and two weeks ago i received it. It has a great hardware but software is not very optimized and I have a frustrating issue with the display: it flickers everytime i turn the Bluetooth on and stays on. I cannot figure why but I really hope it's a software issue because is very sporadic, at the moment it never happened today, I really don't know what to do.

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 screen flickering issues with Bluetooth on

Did you ever get this resolved? I'm experiencing the same issue with my Dell XPS 13. It's associated with the Bluetooth being on.

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I have a new Dell XPS 13 9350 (only a few months old)... I noticed that the Microphone is not working in any applications I try.  I have gone through the Dell diagnostic as well as the Windows 10 diagnostics but nothing seems to fix the issue.
I am running the latest drivers ( from the Dell support web site.  
I have tried to remove the Realtek drivers and go with the native Windows 10 HD Audio Drivers.   This did appear to fix the issue, but then I updated the BIOS to 1.3.3 and now it doesn't work again.  Not sure if the BIOS update broke it or it was just a coincidence and it would have failed after a reboot anyway.  I may attempt to role back the bios and see what happens.
I don't believe it is a hardware issue as I have seen the mic working fine with the Windows 10 drivers.
Has anyone else seen this problem or have a solution?
The problem is I don't know if the MIc was working from the beginning.  The day I got the laptop I update the drivers from the website right away.  I work in IT and always like to have the latest drivers. 

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Hi all,

I am having intermittent trackpad issues on Windows 7 with my Dell XPS L321x ultrabook with the trackpad freezing mid-use or not being responsive after turning on the laptop (requiring multiple reboots to resolve).

The freezing is sporadic which makes me think that it is a possible driver issue - I'm using a slightly older version of the trackpad drivers which seem to make the problem occur slightly less frequently compared to the most up-to-date ones.

Can anyone advise how I might identify the exact problem and correct it?


A:Dell XPS L321x trackpad issues

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. Which Driver are you using ? ...

Where did you get the Driver from ?

Have you tried the Latest Driver from the Dell Website .. ?

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Hey all,

Just thought I would toss it out there. I have finally got all device drivers loaded for the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook. I wanted to thank the crew here for the help on the driver package for the display driver (Intel 3000 Driver).

Just some crazy stuff like the auto dimmer on the screen was always lowering the screen display to its lowest level. To fix this I disabled it in the advanced settings in the power management area of the control panel.

I just wanted to get peoples thoughts though. The mouse driver while loaded including tray icon is only partially working. The multi gestures don't work at all, the side scroll doesn't work and it makes the unit much less functional.

Am I stuck waiting for a new driver or is there anything that might be able to be tweaked to get it working better? It is Cypress Trackpad (ACPI\VEN_DLL&DEV_052E) running driver

A:Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Blows on 8, Trackpad Issues

Hi EricW,
I have found two newer drivers than your current one, give them a try and see whether it solves the problem for you:

Drivers and Downloads | Dell [United States]
Drivers and Downloads | Dell [United States]

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Okay, so this just started happening tonight, but my trackpad and touchscreen on my XPS 15 9560 aren't working like they used to. I've had this laptop for about one and a half months and this is only happening now. 
Whenever I use my trackpad, be it using one finger to navigate Chrome or to select files, the trackpad randomly registers my one finger navigation as two finger scrolling and scrolls down the page. If I'm actually scrolling with two fingers on my laptop, sometimes the trackpad will register this as two finger zooming and will resize the webpage. Sometimes it will even register my two finger use as a three finger gesture and minimize my open windows. I don't know why this has started happening, and why only now, but it has made my trackpad unusable and I can't seem to do basic navigations anymore. 
My touchscreen is also starting to konk out on me. It just plain stops working. I can touch it once, and it will register, but then any more touches won't register. I can't scroll with the touchscreen and it becomes unresponsive. 
This is my only laptop and the laptop I will be using for the next four years. I'd really appreciate help in fixing these issues. Thanks.

A:Dell XPS 15 9560 Trackpad and Touchscreen Issues

Hi massimoabad,
Thanks for posting.
Since your system is so new, you should take advantage of the warranty you paid for.  Please run the system diagnostics by pressing F12 at startup, make notes of any errors, and contact Dell Tech Support: You can contact them at 1-800-624-9896 or 1-800-288-4410, or you can initiate a chat session at: http://dell.to/2v4snVm

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Hi. I have a new Dell XPS 13 9350. When I connect external monitors via the Dell Adaptor (VGA connection), the monitors remain blank. The adaptor seems to be working, well at least the USB output is. I know that the monitors and VGA cable are working fine. I've updated the Video Drivers and the BIOS.
Any ideas?

A:External monitors not working when connected to Dell XPS 13 9350

This sort of sounds like my problem!
Does yours work if you completely power down the unit, then attach all cables and turn monitor on. Then turn on your laptop? This works for me but is very annoying to have to power down and up just to connect. Wonder if anyone has a solution that works for us both...

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The right and left click of my XPS 13 9350 touchpad stopped working. The taps still work however
I don't think it's a driver issue. Is there any solution for this? Thank you

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 Touchpad Right and Left Click not working

I have a Dell XPS 13 9350. A couple days ago, the touchpad left and right clicks stopped working. The tap for left click and double tap for right click still work so I'm still able to use the laptop. I just would rather use the the touchpad clicks. I don't think it is a driver issue bbecause the touchpad does work. Is there any solution for this?

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On my new (refurbished) XPS 13 9350 there is a piece of tape sticking out of the trackpad's top left corner (see picture).  I was wondering what is the best way to remove it.  I tried to lightly pull it out but it didn't work. I could cut it with a razor but that may leave scratches no matter now careful I am.  Or I could open up the computer but I am not sure whether or not I can access to the trackpad.  
Did anyone else have a similar issue?  

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Dear all,
Wonder if you can help me solve a problem. I have just received an XPS13-9350 from the Outlet last week. It was certified refurbished.
I've tried to connect a VGA monitor to it via a USB-C to HDMI, then HDMI to VGA cable. The HDMI to VGA cable works perfectly on my Inspiron 15. The setup also works if I full power down the XPS13, attach USB-C to HDMI to VGA to monitor, and then boot up. The external monitor then works almost perfectly (with the exception of Netflix's video player which makes it flicker blue - Youtube and local video are completely fine).
What I cannot do is plug in this monitor whilst the XPS13 is on already - which is inconvenient as I move on and off desk a lot, and powering down the computer every time is unhelpful. Oddly, the monitor will also not be recognised if I simply Restart from Windows. I have to fully power down and plug everything in before switching the computer on again.
I have updated BIOS, video card and Thunderbolt drivers since and none of these has solved the problem. My system info is:
DELL XPS13-9350
Windows 10
Core i7-6560U, Intel Iris 540 graphics

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I just recieved the 7510 about 2 weeks ago and have been getting increasingly annoyed with the trackpad which seems to  have issues. The trackpad never seems to stop working completely, but it seems to get stuck for a second pause or stutter frequently. Any suggestions would be welcome.

A:Dell Precision 7510 Trackpad Issues - Xeon Processor

I have not had issues with mine but I think I read somewhere "go to control panel -> mouse and turn off gesture support"


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hello again
i need a little advice
i changed the keys on the keypad and now touch pad doesn't work at all
tried old one and it doesn't work either
made sure ribbon cables where connected and the pull tab up
am i missing something?
not the first time this has happened on a 1525
any help would be much appreciated

A:Trackpad not working on Dell 1525 after changing the keys

Are you refering to the tab (that swings up to release) on the connector the ribbon sits in?

If so, the tab needs to be up in order for the ribbon cable to be inserted fully, and its then pushed down so its flush with the ribbon.

I've also renamed the title of your thread to something more suitable, as this will help you get better assistance from others.

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My less than 2 year old (bought in December 2015) XPS 13 9350 has a noticeable bulge underneath the bottom left side of the keyboard that's also warping the trackpad. You can see it in the below photos. I'm worried that this is the battery and that it could explode or catch fire at any time.
What should I do about this?
Thank you.

A:XPS 13 9350 keyboard & trackpad bulging from swollen battery?

Remove the battery from the system immediately and get it out of your home or office. Then contact Dell - they are apparently replacing many of these out of warranty and repairing the systems if need be.

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Hi, I'm not sure if this is the appropriate section for this, but I'm working on a friend's Dell inspiron 15-3521 that has been unusable for about a month. The laptop is about 3 years old and came with Windows 8 and he tried to upgrade to Windows 10 when prompted. After the "upgrade", the laptop would boot correctly into Windows 10 about 1 out of 5 attempts and when it did boot correctly, it would ultimately crash without much explanation. He wanted to downgrade all the way to Windows 7(which I have a legitimate copy of) so I booted into a Linux Mint Live distro, formatted the drive, and installed Windows 7. After the installation, Windows 7 booted up fine but was incredibly slow and still basically unusable. Now, after restarting, the computer either restarts at the login screen of Windows 7 or freezes on a black screen after entering login info. Initially I thought maybe the ram was bad and was just running out of memory, but the Linux memtest comes back clean. Now I suspect that it could be a bad hard drive, but it would be great to get more opinions before I continue guessing.

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I'm trying to install Windows 7 on Dell XPS 9350. To be able to do that, I needed to install the usb 3.0 drivers (the laptop doesn't have any usb 2.0 ports and the usb 3.0 can't be change to usb 2.0 from the bios) into the Windows 7 installation on my usb stick.

The problem is that Windows can't identify the ssd. So I figured it was the motherboard chipset drivers that I needed to install, so that it could identify the nvme controller itself. The problem is that when I extract the driver, there are no .inf or .cab drivers. There are a lot of files without any extensions and basically the driver seems to be installable only on a functional installed operating system.

Any ideas how I could get a readable driver that I could browse to during the Windows 7 installer?


A:Windows 7 on Dell XPS 9350

I don't see anything on the Dell downloads for this model for Win 7. They have Win 10 and Win 8.1 drivers. Even if you get Win 7 installed I doubt that all the devices on the laptop are going to work.

I've seen other try to install Win 7 on a new system that is not designed for Win 7 and of the ones I've seen none have been successful and give up and keep their original OS.

Best option, if you can return the Dell, is to buy one that has Win 7 or that you can backward install Win 7 on it (and all devices work).

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I recently purchased Dell XPS 9350 which came with Windows 10 Home. I have my personal license for Win10 Pro. Can i upgrade my laptop to Pro version? Will it impact my warranty?
Thanks for your help.

A:Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro on Dell XPS 9350

The purchased Dell warranty only applies to the operating system we shipped. In the future, if hardware were to fail, we would use our diagnostics to verify fail, then replace according to the warranty. But, we willnot assist with any Windows 10 Pro operating system or software issues because we did not ship it with Windows 10 Pro.

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Does Dell offer a factory restore option with just the Dell drivers installed and no extras? HP offers this with their factory restore option. Hoping Dell offers it as well? If not. Doing a clean install of just Windows 10 seems a bit tricky? Dell lists a ton of drivers to install.

Finally. I bought a 16GB usb flash drive and made a backup of the factory recovery partition. I suppose it is now safe to remove and give me some extra space? The laptop was ordered with a 256GB ssd. Currently have 199GB of space left.  

A:New Dell XPS 13 9350 Windows 10 clean install question....

You could download the factory partition online - enter the service tag - http://dell.to/1JsMeJg - and download the media. This will contain the OS and the required drivers for your machine.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Since I purchased this laptop under two years ago I've had so many problems with it I've lost count.  It regularly gets bricked after Windows forced updates, most recently a few days ago.  I tried reinstalling Windows and managed it a couple of times but after a while the screen just goes black. The most recent time, the screen went black during re-installation so I now can't even finish the installation (and you can't do this in Safe Mode).  I know Windows is still trying to install as I can hear Cortana trying to set up.  But now I can't see anything in order to finish the installation so I'm stuck, unable to do anything.  I have no external monitor I can use but in any case, if this is a hardware issue, this is not a fix.
I've run diagnostics via F12 a few times and it shows no hardware issues but who knows, it could be.  Since I bought this, Dell have replaced almost all the hardware inc. motherboard and SSD. I'm not sure what else but I noticed today in BIOS in the log dated May 2016 (one of the times it was 'repaired') that it states, "...primary battery is not identifiable...". 
Before the black screen issue there were wifi problems too, none of the available network-related drivers worked.  
I am well out of my warranty now and close to buying a Mac but if anyone knows the cause of this black screen and can help, please let me know!  When this laptop works, it's ama... Read more

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 - booting into Windows but black screen

It could very well be that you have a "lemon". Just like with cars.
It seems that you have tried every way to fix it and cannot.
I would not put any more money into it.
Chalk it up as a lesson learned.
Your experience is precisely why I tell people with new Dells that do not work right to return it.
Do not try to fix it.
30 days for a full refund.

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Now that the latest anniversary update has hit from MS. Will Dell be providing updated system images for current customers? It is not feasible for what ever reason if we have to reload Windows 10 from the factory image currently installed. Then turn around and go through windows update for this all new anniversary updated version. Just purchased this laptop 2-3 months ago. 

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 Windows 10 system image update?

No, they won't  - but Windows Backup can make a new image once the update is in place.  So too can any one of a number of free utilities such as Macrium Reflect -- and they'll include all the software you've installed on the drive since the OS was loaded, and your data files as well.

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Have some questions on this. I would like to do a clean install. My concern is during the install. Will I need to manually add the Intel rapid storage driver before Windows 10 will even install? The next thing is the various drivers situation. Do I need to manually download them from Dell putting in my service tag? That is a whole lot of drivers to install manually if so. Or would the Dell driver detection tool possibly work? I am trying to minimize bloatware as it is. 

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 Windows 10 Creators update clean install?

How many drivers are you talking about? I know that when we did a clean install on a couple of old HP desktops, it did a good job of installing the necessary drivers and it found the proper video driver for a rather old video card. We started with the Media Creation Tool for the Anniversary Update. It installed the base version and we had to run Windows Update to download and install the latest cumulative update to bring them up to snuff. The Anniversary update did update some drivers as well when I updated a couple of my systems. You did not mention what computer you have and its age. If it is fairly new, there should be no issue. You might want to wait until the new Creators Update becomes available next week and download and generate the Media Creation Tool to a USB flash drive to do your install. Of course, you might want to wait a bit to do the install to see if there are any issues with the CU first. It seems like each new major release of Windows 10 tends to destroy a few systems. Whatever you do, make sure your current system is backed up just in case.

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I have a new XPS 13 (Service tag 64K2KC2 ePSA Build 4304.07) that I have only had since the 16th of this month.
All has been fine until a couple of hours ago. A Dell message popped on the lower right hand corner to of the screen to tell me there was a Dell bios update. I selected to install the bios update and now the laptop will not boot.
I get the Dell logo and then a plain blue screen. 
Any ideas how to recover the system?



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Anyone else have these problems with the trackpad on their T460s on Windows 10? Any fixes? Three finger scroll stops working after sleepAfter using the trackpoint, the touchpad becomes erratic forcing me to disable the trackpoint in settings ( which is annoying since the trackpoint is one of the reasons I bought this thing! )I have installed the latest ultranav drivers ( April ) from the lenovo site but the issues remain. The release notes even say that three finger scroll has been fixed but in my case it is not.

A:T460s trackpad issues on Windows 10

I could not reproduce these issues with the latest web-release driver

three-finger scroll works before and after sleep.  scroll down to show desktop.  scroll up to show application switcher.  scroll left/right to switch applications
I did not notice any erratic touchpad, so can you be more specific what you are doing/seeing?

These issues may be caused by non-default mouse/trackpoint/touchpad settings, so can you clarify if you have changed any settings to cause these issues?

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I updated to the new windows 1730 update and now when i close the laptop lid , the computer thinks i basically pulled the plug like on a desktop and it restarts asking to check for any issues.  I cannot open the lid and have the previous screen prompt where it just asks for your password.

Anybody experience these issues as well??

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As the title says I have a Dell Laptop with windows 7 the trackpad has been fine for the long period of time I've had this device however it recently started moving on its own now and then when I type. Typing this now its doing it and constantly moving
the cursor making me accidentally write over text. Everything I read said to disable it but I cannot. I tried pressing the shortcut key on my keyboard to turn it off but it doesn't after this started happening. I went into Control Panel - Hardware etc to disable
it there and the check box for disable is grayed out and I cannot click it. What do I do? This thing is driving me insane I need to work on this computer. Please help :(

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I'm not sure whether this is a hardware issue, driver issue, or possibly a windows 10's bug causes conflict with 1820A
I got this laptop exaclt a month ago, it is windows 10 preinstalled
Everthing works fine, except my wifi is giving me some trouble
Whenever there comes a windows update that requires reboot, wifi got disabled as if the wireless card is not detected from PC
It would just show a red X mark on the wifi icon
and if I click on it, there's no enable / disable option; same happens in the settings, wifi submenu is nowhere to be found
Then I head into device manager, and believe it or not there is no wireless adapter at all
At first I thought the wireless card is dead, but after some long research on the web it seems more likely to be just driver-related issue. Turns out that I would have to delete the driver (unhide devices appears wireless adapter), restart the PC, and reinstall driver manually from device manager
Wifi is temporarily functional again using this workaround, but it is also getting very frustrating that I have to repeat all these steps once in a while and I can't enjoy using it like a normal laptop.
This doesn't occur on any of my previous laptop which have windows 10 too, so I'm really suspecting it must either be broadcom not providing a proper driver, or dell using faulty hardware.
If anyone here has the same issue / knows a permanent solution, pl... Read more

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Hi anyone can help me?
I lost my entire recovery drive when i use a partition tools (Paragon Partition Manager)
And unfortunately I don't ever backup my recovery drive to disc or flash disk, but I have copy a recovery partition to a external hard disk using Paragon Partition Manager. But I have try to copy to my XPS 13 Hdd but I couldn't launch the recovery from the recovery partition that i copy.
Can I get back my factory default recovery partition? so I can restore my laptop to the factory original state.
Can I download it online? or where I can buy it?

Benni Kie

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Hi anyone can help me?
I lost my entire recovery drive when i use a partition tools (Paragon Partition Manager)
And unfortunately I don't ever backup my recovery drive to disc or flash disk, but I have copy a recovery partition to a external hard disk using Paragon Partition Manager. But I have try to copy to my XPS 13 Hdd but I couldn't launch the recovery from the recovery partition that i copy.
Can I get back my factory default recovery partition? so I can restore my laptop to the factory original state.
Can I download it online? or where I can buy it?

Benni Kie

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Hello, I have the Dell XPS 13 late 2013 version. I can´t update Windows 10 now because Cypress Trackpad isn´t compatible with the upgrade. Any suggestions?

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Hello, I have the Dell XPS 13 late 2013 version. I can´t update Windows 10 now because Cypress Trackpad isn´t compatible with the upgrade. Any suggestions?

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My trackpad occasionally will just stop working. The buttons become unresponsive as well as the trackpad itself. Only way to temporarily fix it is to reboot. I and many others had this issue on Windows 8.1 but it seemed fixed after updating to the A03 bios. Now, on Windows 10 using the A05 bios, the issue is back. Is anyone else having this problem?

A:Inspiron 7548 Trackpad Issues After Windows 10 Upgrade

I also had some issues, the it was unstable and then after some windows updates it failed to boot. I decided to roll back and will be waiting on the upgrade. Looks like other Inspiron 7548 users are having issues

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I purchased a Yoga 300 less than a week ago and ever since purchase it has been running laggily. It was a display model (I realise this may be part of the reason it lags); however I have had particular trouble with my trackpad. Every time I tried to scroll with two fingers, it would jerkily try to catch up, and beeped loudly. I downloaded the new Windows 10 driver to fix this issue, only now it only scrolls when it decides to, and slowly at that! Currently I can only scroll by using the cursor on the screen, or with the arrow keys (which is also laggy). I have tried to access the additional mouse options via Settings, but it comes up with an error message saying "Windows can't access the specified device, path or file".Please help! 

A:Yoga 300 Trackpad/Windows 10 issues and general slowness

I'm in this exact predicament, the store I purchased from won't refund or exchange, I cant sell it and I can't seem to find the correct advice online. Please let me know if you found the answer..

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Hello,can someone help me to solve my probleme?I want to downgrade a computer from Windows 10 to 7, but when I start the installation I come to the first Point (select language) and  the Computer freezes or "unmounting" the keyboard and mouse. I have a HP ProDesk 490-G3 with the HP Bios 00.02.07.Legacy Support is enabled and secure boot is disabled.I searched by my self in Forums and some say that I have to enable the "Leagacy USB Support" in the advanced bios options, but I cant find it in the "HP - BIOS" 00.02.04 / 00.02.07 (tested both, but my hope that it will change sth. was murdered).

A:Windows 10 -> 7 downgrade issues

Hi: You have to use a PS2 keyboard and mouse, not USB. Or read my reply marked as the solution... http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Business-PCs-Workstations-and-Point-of-Sale-Systems/can-not-install-win...

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I just recently bought the lenovo 910 ultrabook from best buy and ive knowticed that that trackpad works when it wants to, ive tried updateing drivers through windows. but when i look on leneovo support i cannot find the specific drive for the track pad if anyone could help direct me to it

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Hello Guys

I'm trying to Downgrade the Dell Alienware 17 R4 to Windows 7 and like i'm having the same problem i had downgrading the XPS 8910 and The Alienware R5.
With the XPS 8910 and Alienware Aurora R5 i solved the problem Downloadin by dell the following ISO of WIndows 7: G13K9_PW4KGA00_W7SP1PRO64_ROW(DL)
This ISO it does not work on this Laptop(Alienware 17 R4). Basically when start  the system with Windows PE it does not recognize the USB port so it lose the Installation media.....

I tried to Inject these driver into the boot.wim
But nothing has change when i start the Installation of windows from usb key...i lose the of usb ports and so  the media with the installation of Windows....
I have to add the driver also in the Install.wim? There is the possibility to download the CAB drivers?
Tanks in advance for any HELP

A:Downgrade the Dell Alienware 17 R4 to Windows 7

Unlike the  XPS 8910, which is Skylake, the Alienware 17 R4 is Kaby Lake.  Skylake was the very last Intel platform with Windows 7 support.
Kaby Lake is Windows 10 only.
Here's Dell's official statement on OS support for 7th generation CPUs (aka Kaby Lake)

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Hello there,

I have a dell inspiron 15r 7520 which i originally came with windows 7 home edition. I upgraded it to windows 10 some years ago, but because of speed issues, I would like to downgrade it back to windows 7 again.
How can i do this?
I tried to download windows 7 on microsoft site, but when i enter my current windows key it won't let me download it.

A:Downgrade windows Dell inspiron 15r 7520

Thank you for your message.You will need a Dell OS image to reinstall Windows on your computer.You will need to reach out to the out of warranty team & purchase a Windows 7 recovery disc. There will be a nominal charge for shipping and handling.Please back up data before you reinstall the OS. Once you have the media, you can reinstall the OS & use the activation key that came with the computer to activate Windows 7.

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My Aspire M5-481PT laptop was working fine for months with Windows 10, then suddently the trackpad stopped working after an automatic update. I was able to install the most recent Synaptic Windows 10 driver, and after a few hours of farting around got the trackpad to work again, but the two finger scrolled still doesn't work...it doesn't show up as an option in the Synaptic settings (see screenshot):Has anyone come up with a fix for this?   This seems to be a common issue with Windows 10 and the new automatic driver updating which is impossible to turn off.  Come on Microsoft / Acer, how could a critical piece of hardware like this stop working?!  Let's do some better testing before rolling out updates....every time I waste hours to getting my computer to work with little support from the manufacturers, I am a one step closer to buying an Apple machine next time. Thanks for your help,Allen

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I installed Windows 10 and the touchpad is not working and I tried to install two different drivers (one from Lenovo site and one from Synaptics) and when I try to install, they both say that the touchpad doesn't even exist.  So it's not installing the driver and I'm having to use external mouse for now. Is anyone else having this problem and what is a solution?  Thank you.


Go to Solution.

A:S21e-20 trackpad stops working after installing Windows 10

I have the same issue and so far, I could not find any work around either.

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had windows vista home on this I believe. I did a windows 7 upgrade I bought and installed from the microsoft store. now Id like to go back to the factory partition/settings that has vista... but I cant' seem to load it. I see the files are there...

how do I get win7 off of here and install windows vista from the restore partition? F8 isn't working it seems. it's as if with windows 7 installed, it dont see the files on the partition. so I'm stumped.

A:how to downgrade from windows 7 on dell inspiron 531 back to vista?

Try hitting F8 repeatedly after you restart your system. You must do so before windows starts to load.

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I have a straight out of the box Optiplex 5050 that shipped with W10.
We haven't yet migrated so I got a W7 reinstallation DVD issued by Dell and installed it.
W7 install went without a hitch. Have done it thousands of times.
However, it will not recognise any USB devices save for the Mouse and Keyboard. I have tried every port and every USB device imaginable.
The ports are working because devices can take a charge from it and, like I said, the keyboard and mouse are fine.
Broken USB ports are of little use to me because I need to install network Drivers to get the LAN port working!!
I fear it may have something to do with the W7 issues that happen with the 7th Gen intel processor.?
We have no immediate plans to migrate to W10 so I need to get this working!

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