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impossible instal of seven

Q: impossible instal of seven


First i'm french, so sorry for my bad words or setences.

I use a acer computer with vista sp1. I've got 3 parts on my hdd.
That is to say an eisa part for recovery, second part C: for vista premium and a third one for datas.

I've downloaded seven on the microsoft website and burn it with nero 7 and imagburn.

Noone works correctly, the best is that one i've burned with imagburn. speed 2.4 on an rw and 4 with an r

Each time i try to install seven, i've got the install page, i press "' install now"', and i received that beautifull message ..

"' windows couldt not collect information ( for os image ) in the specefied image files ( install.wim ) does not exist "'

I've checked my iso disc and the "' install.wim "' really exist on the dvd.

An other detail, each time after pressing "' install now "' and before the beautiful message my floppy tries to run.

If you have ideas or tips, they are welcome.

Sincerely yours,

Preferred Solution: impossible instal of seven

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: impossible instal of seven

It is probably your installation media causing the problem..

This happens when it cannot verify the install.wim image on the DVD.

Try changing DVD discs brand, or using an external DVD rom drive. Perhaps yours is failing. If anything else fails, try installing from a USB stick.

USB instuctions here

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Finding it impossible to instal Security Update for Microsoft Works 9 (KB2680317) from WIndows Update

Download size: 2.1 MB

You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.

Update type: Important

A security vulnerability exists in Microsoft Works 9 that could allow arbitrary code to run when a maliciously modified file is opened. This update resolves that vulnerability.

I get error code 646
All other updates are installing successfully - have also run the Windows Update "fixit" which is the only available "help" from MS but makes no difference. Anyone else got the same problem ? I don't routinely open any files unless I am sure of their provenance so I'm not overly concerned - it's just annoying to have constant update failures on this one. Not even sure I have Works 9 ...although obviously it thinks I do ....

A:Impossible to instal Security Update for Microsoft Works 9 (KB2680317)

I am just following this thread so maybe my problem can be resolved too. (and i don't have works 9)

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I am having trouble installing spy bot. Whenever I start the setup, it just automatically stops. One more problem is that whenever I EVEN go to a site to download spy bot, the browser is closes itself. this started happening AFTER i was able to download spy bot on my computre from the CNET site. I thought there was something missing thats why it was aborting the installation. But when I went to ANY download site for the Spy Bot, the explorer started closing itself.

And also, my home page is always set to " about:blank ". I don't know what the heck is going on.
I'm also using Norton Anti virus 2004.
Thanks for all replies in advance.

A:CANNOT instal spy bot.

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I have just had to replace the hard drive in my PC. I have reinstalled XP home, service pack 3. It all seems to work fine except the audio. all sound plays fine for a minute or so and then distorts for about 10 seconds and carries on distorting every minute or so. when i shut down the windows 'jingle' is garbled. I have updated drivers but it has made no difference. the sound was fine previously. i have googled around but cant find a solution that works, or one that someone not overly computer savvy can understand. I dont think its a speaker problem as the sound also distorts through headphones.

is this a common/fixable issue?

A:new XP instal

Try the MS FixIt, http://support.microsoft.com/mats/AudioPlayback/ .

As a general suggestion, I'm going to suggest that the collection of MS FixIt tools be tried for many commonly reported system problems. If nothing else, it may help define where the problem lies.


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I have a Dell PC that I bought 2 years ago. It has a SATA hard drive. I want to clean the whole computer down, format the hard drive nad start from scratch, however I am having problems. The problem is when I get my computer to boot from the Windows CD at startup it doesn't find the hard drive becuase it doesn't have the right driver. I have downloaded the correct driver from the Dell website but since I don't have a floppy drive I can't get it to regonise it off te USB pen that I have. Is there a way I can put the file onto the Windows CD so it loads it as part of the starup procedure?

Many thanks,

Matt T


does your bios recognize the hard drive at start up?

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Sorry if this is in the wrong area.
I have a Compaq Evo SFF D500 pc, I needed to upgrade the hard drive so decided to use the 400gb drive that I've been using as my external drive for a year or so with no problems.
Anyway popped the drive in, changed boot order in bios to cd rom first and tried to boot from my genuine xp disk, trouble is didnt want to boot up.
Here is what I have done to try and remedy the situation.
Changed cd rom drive, no difference.
Ran a disk check on the hard drive using my laptop. No errors.
Downloaded the 6 start up floppy disks from Microsoft using laptop. When put in the Compaq after changing bios to boot from diskette get error message. Boot I/o error or something like that......cant remember as I am at wotk at the moment.
changed diskette drive. No difference, still getting error message.
Dunno what to do now??
Any ideas??

A:XP Instal

Lets start with the CD. What did it do when you say it didn't want to boot up? Did it just try to move to the next boot device? What is the condition of the CD? It may be damaged or dirty.

As per the floppy disks, there may have been a problem copying the files.

Try getting your boot disks from here: http://www.bootdisk.com/

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I'm looking for someone that can install Pommo mailing software on our website.

A:Instal help

and this mailing list software would be used for........

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I have a 2 1/2 year old Dell XPS 400. It didn't come with an XP reinstal CD, it said this is all built in.
When I try and set up the FAX (says Rockwell FAX/DATA V90 BVRP) it asks for the WinXP installation CD. I think the instal files/drivers are in the i386 file? I point the FAX installation to this and it says what it needs isn't there.
I don't know if it has anything to do with the All in One I am using for faxing (ILexmark X1185) I don't fax often, and mainly if someone asks me if I can (for them) I can send faxes using the Lexmark program, but not sure about getting them, so I'd like to have the Fax tool that comes with Windows working.
When I had a Win98 computer, it came with Ring Central Fax and I got that set up so it worked good (to send and receive faxes) but now I have WINXP and a differnt model printer.
Is there a way I can find (Ior maybe download) the file it needs that I don't have because of not having the WinXP instal CD?
I've asked this other places and gotten complicated answers, including I should call DELL and buy (or make them send me) an installation CD!
I just want to set up the fax in the easiest way.

A:how do I set up the FAX without the Win XP instal CD?

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having problem with XP.When I restarted my notebook it prompt me with message "NTLDR is missing" i fixed that problem by copying NTLDR file from XP CD copy d:\i386\ntldr c:\copy d:\i386\ntdetect.com c:\after that I checked my boot.ini file - it is missing and can not be repaired with "fixboot" or "bootcfg /rebuild"OK I decided to reinstall xp "format the partition using the NTFS file system (Quick)"after reinstalling (when restarting to start windows) - installation is started all over again, and if I take out XP CD it is restarting every time when leave BIOS with some message witch is impossible to read (0.01 sec:)if any one knows what to do...........please no floppy solutions because it`s easier to find a living dinosaur THX

A:Can Not Instal Xp :)

Is your drive partitioned. You may be formating the wrong drive and installing windows to that.Normally C\: drive is the o/s drive. let us know.

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Hello all,
Sorry to sound silly but i have physically installed a new 250Gb IDE HDD(for data) into my system and it shows up in the disk management window but when i initialize it it does not do
anything....is it because i have not formatted it yet?
If so, can someone remind me of the steps in getting to use a new HDD.


A:instal a new IDE HDD

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i have been trying to install curse client a major addon program for WoW and when i do it it says to go to 'C:\DOCUME~1\HP_ADM~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\VSD136.tmp\install.log' to see the setup file i search my pc and cannot find it please help me

A:try to instal, but no

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I've done this once but I forgot what I did. All I remember was I went to a folder i386 i guess and typed setup. Not sure thow.
So help please./

A:How to instal win XP in dos

Use this program to create a boot disk that contains smartdrv:


Once at the command prompt, initiate setup by typing:
(where D: is whatever letter is assigned to your CD-ROM).

HOW TO: Start Setup from MS-DOS in Windows XP

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I started setting up new Avira and process stopped telling that Windows update was running simultaneously (that's not so). I have tried downloading again the "exe" file but it happened the same. Other updates are normal as so the other functions of my Mini Compaq. I will thank any help. Many friendly regards

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Hi, I've been trying to instal dds.scr but it keeps telling me that it's not a valid windows application.

As such I'm unable to make even a log.

A:Unable to instal dds.scr

You should refrain from posting a DDS log in this area of the forumsSome types of malware will disable MBAM and other security tools. If MBAM will not install, try renaming it.Before saving any of your security programs, rename them first. For example, before you save Malwarebytes', rename it to something like MBblah.exe and then click on Save and save it to your desktop. Same thing after you install it. Before running it, rename the main executable file first

Right-click on the mbam-setup.exe file and change the .exe extension to .bat, .com, .pif, or .scr and then double-click on it to run.

If after installation, MBAM will not run, open the Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware folder in Program Files, right-click on mbam.exe and change the .exe as noted above. Then double-click on it to run..Another work around is by not using the mouse to install it, Just use the arrow keys, tab, and enter keys. ~ Courtesy of boopmePlease download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan. If an update is found, the program... Read more

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I own a Asus F3JP laptop computer with windows 8.1 installation.
When I tried to upgrade to windows 10, it shows a message regarding the graphic card (problems with ATI MOBILITY RADEON X1700 - see image) I click continue and it goes until the end but when reboot another error (0xC1900101 - 0x20017 error in SAFE_OS step error during boot - see image).

Any ideas to solve this situation?

Many thanks!

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I was having an issue with a friends pc that I thought I could help with. it had a malware issue that I posted on


but now the pc started not starting up after the windows splash screen it doesnt work it tried to do a repair install but i get a "Setup cannot set the required windows xp configuration information. this indicates an internal setup error contact your system administrator"

A:Cant repair instal

I have posted in your other thread in Malware Removal

We allow just one thread per problem, and this problem is due to the malware issue so wait for help and stick to that one other thread, please.

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Hello, I've got a big problem please help.

My computer wil not install windows XP. I've tried almost everything. My c drive is formatted and the instalation starts normally but stops whit different error messages. The one that keeps returning is:
Could it be the CD or is there something wrong with my motherboard?

Please help

A:instal problem

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So guys.
I was trying to instal Trial version of Photoshop CS4
and I got This ****

Any ideas?
have been searching everywhere.
I know there is a post about this alredy but it does not show any fix.
So halp

By the way.
Im on windows 7
86x bit

A:I cannot Instal Photoshop?

Are you installing it from a usb or something?
If yes,do copy all the installer files to the drive you want to install PS.
And run the executable from there.

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When i try to instal messeger i get this error 'Microsoft.VC80.CRT,version="8.0.50727.42",

A:Trying to instal Messenger

nm problem solved

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I have a little problem about the installation of windows 7.
when I was asked to choose how many bits that I want .. 86x or 64x

which is a problem, why is there no choice 32x??

thnx b4

A:[ASK] about instal windows 7

x86 is 32bit.. Thats the one you want.. (remember 286, 386, 486 is 32bit architecture..)

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MY LAP WAS FUJITSU and os windows 7 professional 64bit.when i install forticlient software online their was a error message show digital signature error.how to stop digital signature error.

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I tried downloading the software for this piece of recording equipment, but it tells me I need to have windows xp with sp2. I called the store i bought it from and they told me there's a special download on digidesign.com but i can't figure out which one it is or if it is even possible to get SP2. any ideas? i have a hp dv6648se laptop. any ideas? i really need to know.

A:Can't instal ProTools 7.4 LE. SP2?

Do you have Vista, or XP?

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I've been using PowerArchiver (Rar) for encryption. Then I downloaded a later version for trial. I uninstalled the 2007 version and installed the later one. I tried it, decided not to buy, and went to uninstal it. In doing so I discovered that there is no 'Remove' button shown on the 'Add Remove programs' page. Only the words 'Used' and 'Rarely'. That's new to me. Other programs have the 'Remove' button shown and it works for them. I tried reinstalling my old 2007 version and that wont instal but pops up a message instead saying 'A newer version of this program already exists'. I'm lost. I cant uninstal one or instal the other and neither program works. Files with the extension .rar do not show the 'Rar' icon. Clicking on them pops up the 'Search the internet for a suitable program' message instead. Can anyone help. I'm stumped . ThanksRogerEdit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Cannot Instal Powerarchiver

Do a search for the program's folder, open it and see if there's an uninstaller there

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turbo c++ did not instal in windows 7.How it possible in windows 7

A:turbo c++ did not instal

Exactly what version of Turbo C++ and is your Windows 7 32 or 64 bit?
Older versions are no compatible, particularly with a 64 bit OS.

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I have two CD drives, a 52X regular and a CDRW drive. The problem is, I put in a CD to instal a proggie, and all I get is the "first" directory. When I click on "Setup" or any other file, I immediately get the message "not responding" up in the left corner of the window. This happens on both drives.
I have no problem running games from the discs, burning CD's and such, just can't really browse or initiate anything without the "not responding" dialoge coming up...fustrating!
I'm running XP Pro on a 900mhz Duron with 384megs of ram...
Any help would be most welcome!

A:Can't Instal from CD Drives...

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My son has given me his old computer but am having trouble doing a clean instal.
I don't need to save any programs or back up any files.
The software is XP pro (OEM) - Version 2002 - with service pack 3
I don't have the original disc but do have an older version of the XP pro.
I can't reinstal as it tells me that the software on the computer is newer than on the disc.
When I try a clean instal, at the prompt "Press any key to boot from CD" it ignores
any keys pressed and continues to load Windows.
What am I doing wrong.
Is it just a case of getting a newer version of the software or is there another way
around this problem

A:Clean Instal

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I have a Dell laptop which was supplied with system discs. My son has an HP laptop which did not come with discs. I need to do a reinstall on my sons laptop. Would there be any problem in installing the Vista software from my Dell onto the HP?

A:Re Instal Vista

It may be possible to do but I wouldn't recommend it because installing from the Dell discs will install the drivers needed for your system, and not the HP drivers.

Best course of action is to order the recovery disks from HP.


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Near the end of my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit install on a DVD I booted from, its crashed the PC. After I restart it says "Setup is initializing resources" or something, then it tells me an unexpected error or restart has occurred." I've reinstalled and tried many fixes but have yet to find a solution.

A:Instal Problem

Quote: Originally Posted by Farenheit

Near the end of my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit install on a DVD I booted from, its crashed the PC. After I restart it says "Setup is initializing resources" or something, then it tells me an unexpected error or restart has occurred." I've reinstalled and tried many fixes but have yet to find a solution.


did you download the ISO? if so how did you burn it?

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Hope I'm in the right place.
I have 98SE installed on a MS6315 ver5 board (chipset 815E) with onboard sound. I cannot get sound working. System says I have MPU-401 compatible 'working properly' but multimedia properties shows no device. I've tried chipset setup and mpu-401 drivers with no success. I'd appreciate guidance, please.

A:Cannot instal sound

Did you try re-installing the motherboard drivers from the disk that came with the machine?

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Until recently, I was running 32bit Vista. Last week, I installed 32bit Win7 (7100 build).
That worked fine but then I decided I'd like to install 64bit Win7. I don't use torrents so I made an installation disk from 17 Rapidshare files provided on another (reputable) forum. This was the 7127 build of Win7 x64. When I inserted the disk and clicked 'run', I got an error message. A similar message came up when I went into the folders on the DVD drive and clicked 'setup.exe'. The two messages are attached.

I went into BIOS thinking I might be able to boot from DVD drive but, even with DVD selected as first boot option, I got the usual choice of Vista or Win7 (I haven't deleted Vista yet).

What am I doing wrong? Many thanks.

A:Can't instal x64 (but did x86 just fine...)

It looks like Seven thinks you're trying to "upgrade" from your current 32-bit install to a 64-bit install -- which you can't do. You can only do a clean install.

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Whenever I am trying to install Firefox browser following message appears

''Use Internet Explorer You Dope


I have also attached the message. Please help.

Following is the activescan report:

ANALYSIS: 2008-10-19 13:08:30
Description Version Active Updated
McAfee VirusScan 10.02 No No
McAfee SpamKiller 7.0 No No
Id Description Type Active Severity Disinfectable Disinfected Location
;=====================================... Read more

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I cannot install windows on a PC. When i boot from either any windows xp cd or even windows 2000 cd, the first part of the installation first loads all the files and just as it says "windows is now starting up" whereby i should be given the option to press enter to load windows...the machine shuts down. I have tried everything i know...but it always shuts down at exactly the same place.

Any ideas / advice would be much appreciated.


A:Cannot instal Windows

Some times you must upgrade the BIOS. I would go to the PC's manufactire support web site and look for an update.

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wireless & netwoking driver instal

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hi guys
ive been trying to instal dap7 to my pc but at the end of the proccess i lways got this message:

the file "c:\program files\dap\unwise.exe
could not be opned. please check that your disk is not full
and that you have access to the destination directory. access is denied

windows nt 2000
hd free space is 741 mb
dap7 size is 2.36 mb

i also cant use the right mouse click on the "start" (to explore, search etc), also at "display" (i got this 'your system admintrator disabled the display control panel') but is ok inside a folder (copy, paste, send to)

i also cant use the internet option
this operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. please contact your system administartor"

please help

A:unable to instal

Do you have Spybot-Search and Destroy installed? If so, open Spybot, go to the Immunize section, scroll down to the bottom of the right-hand pane and uncheck "Lock IE control panel." That will solve the IE "access denied" problem and may solve a few of the others.

Post back with the results.

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just bought it and it wont let me instal it says '1607: Unable to install installshield scripting runtime' what? help!!!!!!!!

A:Far Cry Wont Instal :(


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I cannot instal programs, PLEASE HELP! When I load exe error pops out "Windows cannot find "The program location", Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again"

A:Cannot instal programs

When I load exe error pops out

Are you saying this happens when you try to install applications on your computer, or when you try to run already installed applications ? 
Commercial software that comes on a CD or DVD will normally trigger the 'Autorun' function and clicking on 'Run setup' will normally start the install process running. Software that you download may come as a .ZIP type file or as either a .EXE or .MSI type file. Once you have un-zipped the .ZIP file you will find one of these others inside it. You can then install it in at least two different ways. One, use Windows Explorer to browse to to wherever the downloaded software is and double click on the .MSI or .EXE or 'setup.exe' file which is included with the software. The other is to use the 'Run' command on the start panel and essentially do the same thing.
If the problem is with getting installed software to run for you, this is usually due to a faulty icon on your desktop. First step - delete the icon. Second step - create a new one. The easiest way to do this is from the start menu. Let's take MS Word as an example. Click in turn :
'Start / Programs / MS Office' .  You will now see MS Word. RIGHT click on Word and a small menu will appear. Roughly in the middle of it you will see 'Send to . . '. Click on 'Send to . . .' and another small menu appears, and you will see on 'Desktop (create short cut)'. Click on this and you have just created a new icon for the a... Read more

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My computer is an old amd computer, its a K6-2 500mhz AMD, motherboard is a compaq presario. and i wanted to instal Windows XP pro and it gets to the point where it formats the HDD, then says it is corupt, damaged, or is not working properly, and its a fairly new 40GB HDD. I need advice on how to get past this problem. COuld this be a board problem, or could it be that the HDD is to big for a main drive. has anyone encountered this problem before, if so then please post how to fix it,,,cheers

A:AMD wont instal OS, PLZ HELP!!

Well just to start windows will perform horiblyon that system. Also the Windows XP CD maybe be damage to a state that's it is unreadiable.

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this laptop i have, i received no cds with it. If i had the vista cd's is it possible to boot the vista cd, and instal that over what i have now? I had a nasty virus and i would like to try this if it is possible. please help. the original problem can be found here: original issue with virus and blue screen.

A:Vista instal over xp

hi,,,, i would not bother installing vista on an xp machine,,,, apart from needing a vista product key there will be lots of driver issues with it if you do,,,, you need to get your hands on an xp disc and do a clean install using that disc and the product key on the bottom of the laptop,,,
good luck.

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Help for a buddie
Mt friend at work bought a 64 bit xp disc off ebay he went and got new mobi and the rest of stuff he needed and when he tries to instal the 64 bit xp he gets an error when it gets to the point of instaling raid drivers for intel chip set ? any clues would be helpful.


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whenever i try and install any new program w/ my cd rom drive it tries to install the program onto the d: drive....for example i have tried to instal many programs but one just so happens to be 'The Sims House Party', the autorun comes up and i click instal...and then it goes thru the process of getting ready to install, sees that i have a other sims games installed, and then says "there is no enough disk space on the D: drive to install this game", but it doesn't even let me have an option to where i want it to install to....

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alright guys, i have a long and lengthy story to tell but i will abridge it as well as i can. a few nights ago, there were power surges around my house and that is when ( i think) the problem started. the next day, when ever i turned on my system, it would immediatley go bsod on me and it had a code that was something like: stop:0x0000002 etc. as of now, i have tried starting safe mode and all of that and it didnt wor, so i have now removed the hard drive, used an external usb hard drive carse to connect it to my laptop, and the laptop can read it. now comes the interesting roblem. whenever i click on the hard drive in "my computer" and after about a minute of nothingness, i get a popup saying that i cant open or read the hd cus the directory is corrupted or unreadable. it looks pretty bleak right now... is there any kind of backdoor or something i can use to extract my important files ? this hard drive has files, and documents in it that could cost me and my company thousands of dollars if lost. at the moment, i am borderline suicidal, and i really need some help fixxing my comp, or at the very least, getting at my documents, and also about a thousand dollards worth of i tunes songs
so, uh if u cud help it would be greatl appreciated! tks in advanced

ps, after posting this, i checked the admins request to be specific in title and other things, and i realized i broke most of his requests, just in case i upset any1 by doing so, i am sorry

A:Parallel Instal Of Xp Help Need

You said you could access it when you connected it to the laptop as an external drive.

Backup the data!

Once you have accomplished that, reinstall it back in the original computer and try to boot it.
If/when that isn't successful see if you can boot into safe mode with command prompt.

If you can:
Start the System Restore tool at a command prompt
1. Restart your computer, and then press F8 during the initial startup to start your computer in Safe Mode with a command prompt.
2. Log on to your computer with an administrator account or with an account that has administrator credentials.
3. Type the following command at a command prompt, and then press ENTER:
4. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to restore your computer to an earlier state.
If the above is not possible try booting to safe mode and choosing "Last Known Good Configuration".

One of the two fixes above should be successful, but if not we can try a repair install of XP.

Do you have a Windows XP installation cd and if so, is it Sp2? Is the installation of XP on your computer updated to or did it come with SP2?

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So I have this computer that I am trying to install windows 7 on. And I get the error code message 0x80070570. Yep probably been talked about before. This is a fresh Install on new Hard drive. So I am doing a custom install it gets to 3% unpack and I get that error code. Any ideas thanks

A:Trying to instal windows 7

Have you tried just clicking OK and restarting the install without rebooting?

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well im having some problems instaling java on my pc, ill download free java download (the big blue button thing) and click install next, ect then its like

instalation fail
the wizzard was interrupted Bfore java(TM) 6 update 16 COULD Be
COMPLETLY installed. to complete instalation another time, please run setup

OK OK i haved tryed every thing unstalling running thing to get rid of hidden files of java but sstill that same thing

A:!cant instal java help!

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I checked the archives but could not find reference to my specific situation.

I have bought a new copy of Win XP pro to instal on an used Toshiba I have purchased.
The laptop currently has Win XP pro installed in the name of the previous owner.
When I did an update of the OS I got a warning from the windows site that the OS was not genuine. The previous owner assured me it was so I concluded his registration details must be held at the update site fair enough hence I bought my own copy just to be sure.

So now I want to instal my own copy with my details and rego.
Should I do a full installation or just a repair? I have some of my own files and software on the laptop...should I back up everything or is win xp pro smart enough to know what to keep?

A:Instal new XP pro on used laptop

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Hello. I am facing a problem I haven't ever run into before.
On a newly built PC with Windows XP Pro SP1 Install I am getting an error midway through the Drivers install that is posting the BSoD with the following message.


The Components are from CompUSA and they are listed as a Bare Bones Kit.
Intel DG41RQ (All in One Motherboard-No PCI cards installed)
Intel E5200 (2.5 GHz Dual Core 800 FSB)
Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400 DDR2 (2x 1048 MB Matched RAM)
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250GB Hard Drive (SATA-3G, 7200RPM, 16B Cache)
CDROM (from Previous PC - It starts the windows install so I assume it works)
Thermaltake WingRS Case
Thermaltake TR2-430W Power Supply (430Watts)
Symptoms - Single Beep at power on, Followed by Single Beep on BIOS Post
WINDOWS auto install progresses through the first part with no problems. When it then boots to windows for the first time and gets to the Device Drivers install it dumps to Blue Screen of Death, with the Error shown above.
I have jumped into the bios to check CPU temps and they are a 54 Celsius and the board is at 27 Celsius, which seem to be within specs.

I am currently running MemTest-86 v3.2 off of my Windows Ultimate Boot CD, and it is halfway through Test 7 with no errors to speak of. Considering the board is all in one, and the Intel DVD is mostly 3rd party addons. I used my laptop to copy the DVD contents to a 2GB USB Drive. I would direct the install to those drivers however, I believe the single... Read more



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Net framwork 4.5 is not Instal my PC..
So, Please Help me.
My OS- Microsoft XP Prof O/S.

A:Net framwork 4.5 is not Instal my PC..

I think you may be restricted to .net framework 4.0, with Win XP.  Could be wrong.
What updates are you offered through Windows Updates. Generally gives you a good idea, what is available for your system.

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