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Dual graphics problem, system doesn't detect my nvidia 620m

Q: Dual graphics problem, system doesn't detect my nvidia 620m

Hello guys,

Today i made a bad thing, i tried to install windows xp 64x , i did it, i download some drivers for it, then i couldn't find Nvidia driver for it, so i format everything , set bios to default,

My next step:
I reinstalled windows xp 64ultimate , I installed drivers from Laptop DVD everything is fine but again same problem, The driver for 620m doesn't works it doesn't detect my graphics driver, even the graphics detector from nvidia site can't detect my driver

So what's wrong, i don't get it have you any idea how i could fix it?

I added my system components on the left so you can check it

Preferred Solution: Dual graphics problem, system doesn't detect my nvidia 620m

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Dual graphics problem, system doesn't detect my nvidia 620m

i checked internet , i just found a guy who was same problem as me

with same procesor 3110M , but i've found no answer to this problem

I'm thinking if the last driver is bugged or smth, but 1 month ago i updated it proprety with no problems :/

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Hello, I recently performed a clean install of Windows 7 x64 Ultimate onto my computer. While doing so, I had to unplug my graphics card and use the onboard video, otherwise I'd get an error about unexpected restarts.

After installing, Windows 7 doesn't detect the graphics card (the card works, but it doesn't show up under the device manager and I can't install nVidia drivers). If I use the BIOS to switch to onboard video, then that shows up on the device manager and works fine, but I use this PC for gaming so I'd prefer to use the video card.

Any help would be greatly appreciated .

Graphics Card - nVidia 9600 GT
Motherboard - ASUS M2NPV-VM
CPU - AMD 64 4800+

A:Windows 7 Doesn't Detect nVidia Graphics Card

Which drivers did you try, these?
Also, did you try running windows updates afterwards, specifically "optional" updates?

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Hello, I've been having this problem 2 days ago and it's a bit frustrating. I was just playing some games when it suddenly restarted automatically. My device manager doesn't seem to acknowledge my graphics card anymore for some apparent reason. I've tried plugging my monitor in my graphics card and it just seems like on a standby mode with the blank screen showing nothing. But when I plug my monitor to my motherboard port it shows up fine and is in the device manager. I've tried cleaning my drivers with "Driver Sweeper" then reinstalling the lastest driver for my graphics card, but that didn't do anything. I was hoping if anyone knows what's wrong with my graphics card . Thank you.

Is my graphics card burnt/broken?

Graphics card - Radeon x1900

A:System doesn't detect Graphics Card

OK first of all there are no drivers for Windows 7 supporting you card. Your card is not even supported by Windows Vista as support has been removed, therefore, the reason for the problems you have been experiencing is a driver issue not the card itself. You cannot use 6.5 drivers on you card, the reason why you are getting these blank screens and dropping out of games is because of the drivers.

Not the news you peobably wanted to here but an upgrade is needed the drivers which would have been used would have been Catalyst 9.3.

ATI Catalyst? Display Driver
Version 9.3

9.3 Operating System(s)

Windows Vista - 32-Bit Edition Products Supported

AMD has moved a number of DX9 ATI Radeon? graphics accelerators products to a legacy driver support structure. This change impacts Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Linux distributions. AMD has moved to a legacy software support structure for these graphics accelerator products in an effort to better focus development resources on future products.
The following products have been moved to the legacy software support structure (including Mobile and All-in-Wonder Variants):

ATI Radeon 9500 Series
ATI Radeon 9550 Series
ATI Radeon 9600 Series
ATI Radeon 9700 Series
ATI Radeon 9800 Series
ATI Radeon X300 Series
ATI Radeon X550 Series
ATI Radeon X600 Series
ATI Radeon X700 Series
ATI Radeon X800 Series
ATI Radeon X850 Series
ATI Radeon X1050 Series
ATI Radeon X1300 Series
ATI Radeon X1550 Series
ATI Radeon X1600 Series
ATI Radeon X1650 ... Read more

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I have a MSI GS73VR Stealth Pro 7RF laptop using windows 10 64-bit home.

Recently, I tried to update two of my graphics drivers, one for the intel HD graphics 530, and one for my NVIDIA 1060. It was a hassle; I managed to update my intel driver, but I can't install the NVIDIA 1060 driver. It starts to install, but then a windows notification tells me it is done and to restart, but then the installer gives the failed install message, and I can't try again until I restart. I have deleted every file that has to do with NVIDIA (backed them up just in case). Not only that, but when I go to System Information, I can't find info on the 1060, just the intel 530, (like it isn't even there), and the NVIDIA 1060 driver isn't in the device manager under system devices. I get the drivers from the MSI website here, specifically for my computer. I have looked everywhere on the internet and haven't found a solution.

I didn't back up my drivers (I forgot), and I don't have any windows recovery backups.

Can someone help me fix these problems? I would very much appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

A:Laptop doesn't detect GPU/Can't install Nvidia Driver

Is it disabled in the BIOS?

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System specs:Laptop: Lenovo Y510POS: 64 bit Windows 10 Pro editionProcessor: Intel Core i7-4702MQ CPU 2.20GHz processorRAM: 16GBVideo card: GeForce GT 750M - driver version, released 1/20/2017I've been having an ongoing issue with my NVidia GEForce GT 750M graphics card for quite some time. I am unable to detect a second monitor, no matter what I try. When I go into Display Settings -> Display, and click on Detect, I get the message "Didn't detect another display."For a short while after I installed the driver listed above, I was able to detect the second monitory by going into the NVidia Control Panel, where I was able to detect the second monitor with no problem. However, after I rebooted my laptop, now when I try to open the NVadsgeqtjidia Control Panel, I get the following message:NVidia Display settings are not availableYou are not currently using a display attached to an NVidia GPU. I get this message whether I have the second monitor connected via a VGA cable or an HDMI cable.In addition, I noticed that when I go into the Windows Control Panel -> Device Manager, it always lists two instances of the NVidia GeForce GT 750M under the Display Adapters heading, and the first of the two always has the yellow triangle with the exclamation point showing, indicating that it is not working properly. When I look at the Properties window for this first instance, sure enough, it states the following:Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problem... Read more

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Hey everyone,

I've been having this system lock up problem on my PC.


350watt power supply
Asus M3A78-EM
AMD 5200X2
2GB OCZ Platinum DDR1066
Maxtor 320GB PATA

The problem occurs when I installed an 8500GT Nvidia graphics card. The system would run for a little then completly lock up. All I would be left with was an EventID: 6008 in the Event Viewer once I reset.

Once I remove the 8500GT and run on the onboard 3200HD drivers all is well.
Nothing locks up the system responds fine.

I dont think the system is infected with anything as this is a fresh install on a fresh hard drive. Previously the system ran with XP on a different hard drive (120gb, the 320 was storage) and had no trouble with lockups.

I'm not sure what the problem could be. Originally, I thought it might be power supply--but after trying a 430watt nothign changed. A friend of mine suggested drivers. All mine are up to date. Hopefully someone here could help.



A:System Freezing Problem AMD Chipset / Nvidia Graphics

Hi Kris and welcome to Vista Forums

I have had a look at the motherboard specifications: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. and I think your problem lies here.

As you can see, the motherboard has an ATI GPU built in and you are trying to add an NVidia card and, I suspect, make use of the above feature.
Unfortunately, ATI and NVidia use different drivers and I think that your problem is caused by a driver conflict. If you want to take advantage of this feature of your motherboard, then you will need an ATI graphics card.

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I have an alienware laptop with an nvidia 335m gt graphics card and it works perfectly for about a week. Then after an update, it can't be detected. This is the second time this has happened, the first time I just reformatted and it was back. Now after about the same amount of updates, it's not being detected again and the system reverts to one called "dell chipset family". The nvidia geforce program is still installed, however when I run it, it can't find the graphics card either. Please help lol I don't want to have to reformat every week because I'm not savvy enough to figure out what the problem is.

Thank you

A:Cannot detect my nvidia 335m gt graphics card after update

You should not be installing this update.

Download the video drivers directly from Dell.

Uninstall any video drivers you have now.

Install the drivers you downloaded from Dell.

It will now be fixed.

Laptops are different, you need the driver from Dell and do not let windows update it.

Make sure windows is set to let you know about updates, but let you decide whether to install them, do not install any video drivers using windows update.

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HELP. I tried uninstalling old nvidia drivers. When I put my new one in, there wasn't an old graphics card in place. I tried youtubing possible solutions. I'm considering taking my pc the best buy so they can hook it up, but I don't wanna spend more money. The power watts meet it's standard. I had to buy a new one. I KNOW it's in the right place inside, but my computer won't detect it. The PNY software DVD won't detect it. It says not found. I understand that you have to install a diver that's compatible, and I tried that, but it says checking system... and then It can't find it! It's been months. I uninstalled every nvidia driver or thing on my computer, which now makes my screen look small, which is really annoying. please help!

A:Computer won't Detect Nvidia Geforce 730 Graphics card

You need to tell use more about your computer, what is the make and model of it, what is the model of the motherboard, what is the model of the power supply? What version of Windows?

Is it the Geforce GT 730 you bought or something else? What is the intended use of the new graphics card?

And what graphics card or GPU did you have before adding this card?

Do you have the monitor connected to the new graphics card or do you by chance still have it connected to the integrated graphics that many computer have? It needs to be connected to the new card before turning the computer on.

Have you made sure the card is seated fully in the slot?

Have you tried using the latest drivers from the NVidia website: http://www.geforce.com/drivers

Do you have access to another computer to try the card to make sure its not defective?

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Here's the deal,
I purchased a HP Pavilion dv9540us Entertainment Notebook PC and upgraded to Windows 7, after I got a virus and let Microsoft Techs into my laptop remotely in an effort to remove the worm and they deleted some key OS Files. So, they were kind enough to give me Windows 7 Professional & install Office 2010, but failed to inform me that upgrading from Vista to Windows 7 would render my Nvidia graphics card useless. So, here I am trying to figure out what to do and where to get the correct Drivers to get my HDMI & Other ports working again. I tried talking to HP, but to them it's a matter of national security & if your not willing to "Grea$e the wheels" they're not willing to give up the "seceret." Although, They did tell me that I will need to download a chipset driver to my HP Pavilion dv9540us that is compatible with Windows 7 and then my Nvidia graphics card will be detectible by my Device manager. Then I would need to update my Nvidia Drivers, Reboot, and I should be up and running. Sounds good, but what is the HP Driver I need? Does anyone have a link or any better input?
Because, I am about ready to Smash this thing or hunt down some HP Support guy.

A:HP Pavilion 9540us Windows 7 OS, won't detect Nvidia Graphics Card

Welcome to seven forums american n need

Please fill in your specs by clicking this link Fill in your Computer specs

To know what your computer specs are do the following:
Click on the start
Type in System Information in the Search box
Copy and paste it here as well as your system specs in user cp.
System Info - See Your System Specs

Post back for further suggestions.

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Hi,I have in the past had a lot of problems with my Nvidia K2000M on my W530. Windows have kept disabling this due to "code 43" (Yellow triangle by the display driver).I have solved this by reinstalling Nvidia drivers, but when this happened every 3 days or so, I started to suspect something was wrong. And I believe I was right.... I tried to uninstall the driver (probably a mistake) before reinstalling the driver, but now the graphics card cannot be detected at all. When I try to install Nvidia drivers I get the following error message: "NVIDIA Installer cannot continue. This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware". I also tried to disable optimus in BIOS, and enabled discrete graphics to try to force the computer to find the NVIDIA graphics card, but this obviously didnīt work. The computer then starts up with low graphcis and bad resolution. Under "Display adapters" in Device Manager there is no card detected at all (As the Intel integrated was disabled). So, is my NVIDIA graphics card defective, or is there som other solution to try to detect it? PS! I Also did a system update through Lenovos update center. Updated firmware in BIOS etc. This did not solve the problem..... Thanks,-ø  

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Hi,I have in the past had a lot of problems with my Nvidia K2000M on my W530. Windows have kept disabling this due to "code 43" (Yellow triangle by the display driver).I have solved this by reinstalling Nvidia drivers, but when this happened every 3 days or so, I started to suspect something was wrong. And I believe I was right.... I tried to uninstall the driver (probably a mistake) before reinstalling the driver, but now the graphics card cannot be detected at all. When I try to install Nvidia drivers I get the following error message: "NVIDIA Installer cannot continue. This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware". I also tried to disable optimus in BIOS, and enabled discrete graphics to try to force the computer to find the NVIDIA graphics card, but this obviously didnīt work. The computer then starts up with low graphcis and bad resolution. Under "Display adapters" in Device Manager there is no card detected at all (As the Intel integrated was disabled). So, is my NVIDIA graphics card defective, or is there som other solution to try to detect it? PS! I Also did a system update through Lenovos update center. Updated firmware in BIOS etc. This did not solve the problem..... Thanks,-ø 

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I recently got a VGA-HDMI Cable, so I could link my TV to my computer, but when I went to plug it in, my computer did not detect it. I then tried to force my computer to detect it, as many of the things I saw online recommended this, but this did not work either.
Please help me!
Also, if its any help, my graphics card is AMD Radeon HD 6400M Series, and as this is a laptop, I cant really get a new graphics card.

A:Graphics Card doesn't detect second monitor

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i have about a 5 yr old compaq running xp.i had bestbuy to put in a radeon 9550 avg graphics card and i had to restore my com now windows wont detect the card so when i try to install the soft ware it says it cant find any hardware to install the software.i could use any help plz and ty.
Edit/Delete Message

A:Windows doesn't detect my new graphics card

Double post

Already answered here: http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic112198.html

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I sent this laptop in for repair awhile ago and I just noticed that my computer doesn't recognize my dedicated NVIDIA 650m graphics card. It's not avalible in device manager or anything. It's as if it doesn't exist. I've started doing some work where I really need it and I'm stuck with the integrated graphics. I've ensured every drive is up to date, I've tried downloading drivers from NVIDIA's website, and I've tried downloading HP's posted Windows 8 drivers (there's nothing for WIndows 10). Nothing has worked so far.

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I recently bought a new system with 2 x Zotac GT 430 Cards. I'm having trouble setting the displays to 2x2 configuration. I am only able to do 1x4 configuration.

can anyone help me? I'd like to be able to drag items freely to all monitors.

Current setup is 1x4 Configuration
[ ][ ][ ][ ]

2x2 Configuration
[ ][ ]
[ ][ ]

the boxes represent the monitors.

A:2x2 Configuration in NVIDIA Dual Graphics Card

Have you tried right clicking the desktop > Screen resolution and moving the monitors to the position you want them?

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I just installed Windows 7 Pro. Bought this computer with Vista installed. The Graphics driver was installed by Dell. I went up on the Nvidia site and downloaded what I thought was the proper driver(270.71-quadro-win7-winvista-32bit-international-whgl). It works but I think I might have downloaded the wrong driver. The Nvidia site is a nightmare for me.
Could you please advise. The driver that came with the Dell originally seemed to work fine.
Anything else you need to know just ask. Sure hope I didn't post this in the wrong place.

A:Nvidia nvs290 256mb dual dvi graphics card

You downloaded the right one,


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I have been looking for a Windows 7 driver for a NVIDIA Geforce Go 6800
for an Alienware Area-51 M7700 laptop. Every driver that I download from NVIDIA's website gives me the error message during the installation that it cannot find a
driver compatible with my hardware. Windows 7 has installed a generic "standard VGA adapter" which does not allow for aero functionality. Any suggestions as to how I could resolve this issue would be GREATLY appreciated!

A:Windows 7 Doesn't Recognize NVIDIA Graphics Card

This driver is a 32bit only driver, for windows XP, and will not install on a 64bit OS ...

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ok i run windows 7 home premium and when i go to the detection screen it say's i do not have a antivirus installed is there a way to enable it through a setting or something this is also being detected through hp advisor. i got this laptop last year it's a hp g61 series just wondering if anyone know's how to fix this issue?

A:system doesn't detect antivirus

You need to install antivirus software.

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Hello together,I'm currently struggeling to change the graphics driver of my Lenovo G780 Notebook.Until now, everything is running via Intel Onboard Graphics and i can't switch to the nVidia card. (See Screenshots)Additionally i can't even set the usual options in nVidia System control panel, there are only 3D-Settings...As you may already know, the G780 has only one physical VGA-Output, but the control panel shows two of them My drivers are all the recent ones and updated...  Did someone experience something like that in the past?I'm even open for highly programming-focused answers (I'm a tech guy myself but this is quite hard to solve).Thank you already now for your answers  

screen.png ?54 KB

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Hello, I have a little problem. Since few days Windows 8.1 doesn't detect built-in my notebook webcam. Download drivers from Lenovo's webpage and installation didn't help. I worried because Device Manager doesn't detect a webcam (or I can't find this). Webcam is not detect in Camera in Windows, Skype, YouCam or www.webcamtoy.org. Please help me. My info: Notebook model: Lenovo Ideapad Y500System: Windows 8.1 

A:System doesn't detect built-in webcam

Can you help me??

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I got my graphics card replaced during my warranty because there were some issues with it. Now the computer will not start up unless I turn off the graphics card from the config and remove my second graphics card. It can only use the intel HD graphics card.

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hi I have a lenovo Y570 laptop with an nvidia 555m + intel 3000 graphics, and when i upgread to win 10 My games were only recognizing the intel integrated graphics card, the latest drivers also installed.pls help >>sorry for my english 

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Since upgrading to Windows 10, my PC does not "see" the CD/DVD reader/writer. CD/DVD is a SuperMulti DVD Burner with LightScribe Technology

View Solution.

A:System doesn't detect CD/DVD drive after Windows 10 install

Hi: See if performing the procedure listed in Resolution Step 5 at the link below resolves the issue. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/314060

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I bought a new monitor today so I could run two screens off my computer so I had more space to photoshop ect. My computer doesn't seem to notice that my new monitor is plugged in and my graphics card doesn't give me the option to use my new monitor.
I do have two monitor outputs on my motherboard/processor
Any ideas?
nvidea geforce 7300 GT

A:Graphics card doesn't accept dual monitors

Duplicate post of:


FYI, Site rules:
Multiple Postings - It is simply not acceptable to post your question more than once, or to post it in more than one forum. Choose the forum that your question or post best fits in, and place it there and only there. If, after posting, you feel it should be in another forum, use the "Report Thread" button at the bottom of the post and we'll move it. We also reserve the right to move posts to other forums and delete duplicates.Click to expand...

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I bought a new monitor today so I could run two screens off my computer so I had more space to photoshop ect. My computer doesn't seem to notice that my new monitor is plugged in and my graphics card doesn't give me the option to use my new monitor.
I do have two monitor outputs on my motherboard/processor
Any ideas?
nvidea geforce 7300 GT

A:Graphics card doesn't accept dual monitors

I am not sure if I will be able to provide an answer but someone else here may be able to help if we knew the exact brand and model number of your computer and/or motherboard.

Your subject line mentions a graphics card. If you do have a separate graphics card plugged in, also please give us the exact brand and model number of the card.

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Hello everyone!
1. I installed all drivers via service tag on dell support.
I know that my laptop should have nvidia GPU, but windows 10 x64 can't detect it. See screenshot bellow - why ???

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Hi, my system will not detect my video card, everytime i try uninstalling the standard vga graphics adapter and sweeping drivers, it just reinstalls itself, it wont allow me to install radeon drivers and is interfering, please help

A:System won't detect radeon 5570, says standard vga graphics adapter

Is this a new or used video card? Also have you tried doing this via safemode? Try uninstalling everything in safemode and reinstall, with reboot, and see if it detects your new hardware.

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Hi, I'm try to run Steam VR Performance Test software on my P40 Yoga, but it fails to see my Nvidia graphics adapter. I found a topic which describes how to set Nvidia adapter per application, but this did not solve case. Also, I disabled Intel 520 adapter from device settings, this did not help either as the system did not find the Nvidia adapter after disabling Intel adapter. https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-P-Y-and-Z-series/Switching-between-Nvidia-and-Intel-onboard-Grap... I wonder if it is possible to somehow set the Nvidia adapter to be the one and only available adapter for the system (W10 Home). Has anyone tried this? Regards, Kari 

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Will it work? I don't want it to blow up my computer. I have:

eMachines 1161-07
Windows Vista Home Premium
2.10 GHz processor speed
3 GB of RAM

This comp came with an nVidia geforce 6150e I think that's what it's called. How do I check power supply, card slot type, etc. Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Will nVidia GeForce 9400GT graphics card work with my system?

Looks like you do have a PCI express X16 slot for a card.
The 6150 is integrated.
That 250 watt power supply is weak,even for a 9400GT.

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Hi guys,

I'm here because I do not know what to do anymore. Actually, I'm having an headache.

I am running... more likely... I was running a dual monitor setup with my nvidia 7800GT video card for about one week. Earlier today, the computer restarted by itself (windows BSOD I presume), and since then, I havn't been able to detect my secondary monitor again.

Here's what I know:

The secondary monitor is working, because in the DOS while loading Windows, it displays everything fine like the primary monitor.

But once Windows XP Pro is loaded, the secondary monitor isn't detected anymore!!!<

I went into the nvidia wacky control panel, and only my primary monitor was detected.

I did also forced detection, nothing happenned.

I then uninstalled the nvidia's display drivers and rebooted. Then again, the dual monitor setup was working, even in Windows.

So this means the nvidia drivers had something to do with this. I installed the lastest nvidia drivers downloaded from their website, but this hasn't helped either. The driver version I was using before was the 84.xx but now even theses drivers will not detect my secondary monitor.

This piss me off, nvidia is now making wacky drivers like ATi....

Any idead or help would be very much appreciated.

edit: I also tested another video card (7950GT GX2, and yes, I disabled the SLI mode so that it supposely can run multiple monitor)

Thanks in advance,

A:Dual monitor problem (NVIDIA)

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Hi, I have a small problem but a big problem for me.. So I bought the LED Samsunng SycnmasterEX1920X yesterday and I my video card is MSI n430gt... Is there anyway to reset my setting on the DVI-i port of my video card because when I plug my VGA to the Monitor and start up my PC it detects my monitor and in Nvidia Control Panel But If I plug my DVI-i and start up my PC... It doesn't detect my monitor even at the Nvidia Control Panel... Does anyone know what is my problem? Please.... Help me...Because I need to use the DVI-i to use Nvdia Scaling Aspect Ratio....
OS: Windows 7 64bit
Motherboard: Asus p7p55d-e pro
8gb ram
video card: MSI n430 Gt
Monitor: Samsung LED SyncMaster EX1920X
I use DVI-I to DVI-i Cable... Thanks.....

A:DVI-I doesn't detect my monitor, can I detect it in settings?

You already have a thread started for this problem here: http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic162995.html

Please do not post the same problem more than once. Thank you.

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I'm hoping someone can help me with this.

I had a EVGA GTX 280 which was sent back for repairs because I thought it was causing a problem. A new card was shipped back to me.

Among other things, I use my computer using the nVidia two-monitor setup, using "extend mode" so both monitors in effect become a much wider screen. My old card was set up this way.

With the replacement card, looking at the computer as seen from the rear, the DVI output on the "right" (furthest from the motherboard) works fine, and as far as I can tell, there are no issues.

However, there is nothing I can do to get any kind of image from the other DVI output. I've tried "dual mode", "clone mode", and just hooking up a single cable only to that DVI connector. I've tried two different monitors, and two different cables.

Is there some "trick" to turn on that other DVI connector, or is this new card defective? (I think I had a similar problem years ago, and a friend fixed it very easily, but I don't remember what he did. If it means anything, the video card I was using while this one was being repaired worked fine in dual-channel mode. The drivers were uninstalled when we removed the old card, and the new drivers were installed after the 280 was connected to the system.

A:Problem using nVidia dual mode with EVGA GTX 280

Have you adjusted the settings in the NIVIDA control center?

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hope you can see my specs. took the time to put all info. the two monitors are
calibrated for optimal use and resolution, the Nvidia software was updated today.

i have a strange problem:
when i play VLC movies on the 2nd HD monitor, sometimes the video starts to
stutter and strobe, and after a few seconds goes back to normal play.

i found out it happens especially when i load or refresh firefox (on the other monitor, the first one-main) while watching a video on the second HD monitor.

any tips? help? (again, i wrote down my full specs at my page details)

thanks in advance

A:Nvidia 8600GT dual monitors problem

The only suggestion I can find in relation to this issue, is simply to try another driver version. The problem is apparently known and has been happening off and on since 94.24 or so.

Unrelated personal note, I would set the 1080p monitor as the primary. ...that's just me though.
as you can see it's not any one card type or driver that seems to end in this problem though
Dual Monitor flicker - Nvidia - Graphic-Displays
Dual monitor flickering 7950GT - NVIDIA Forums
GeForce 210 - dual display flickering/flashing issue - Nvidia - Graphic-Displays
T3400 dual monitor flicker - Desktop General Hardware Forum - Desktop - Dell Community

...you get the ideal, the only suggestion I have is to try a different driver version.

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I have a PCchips A13G+ motherboard generic PC with an NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405 card in one of the slots. This configuration allowed me to have a desktop covering both monitors running XP. Since I tried Vista, then Windows 7 RC1, I have only been able to get one of the monitors going at a time. Whichever one I tell the Bios to activate first, is the one that comes up. The other one is not detected. It looks like there are many other examples of dual monitor setups failing under Windows 7 and Vista which worked fine under XP. I've got all the latest drivers from NVIDIA and all the updates from the Windows updates site. Any ideas? Seems like Microsoft wants us to pay extra for reduced functionality. Doesn't seem like a good deal to me.

A:NVIDIA and A13G+ dual monitors problem

First; Welcome to the SevenForums.

Not really sure why you are having this problem, and basically do not believe this is a problem caused by the OS, but the video card. If it worked under XP if should work with Vista or 7. Did some research which I will include here:

A. Please use the latest version of the device driver, it will help you to use functions of your NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405, easier and better. Old versions can create conflicts of devices and an error in display work. Try to update drivers for NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405 monthly or more often. Choose the correct driver for your NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405 and make windows backup each time when you wish to update the nVidia driver.

B. Step-by-step guide for install NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405 driver.

1. Download file for NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405 from our site, save it on your computer and unzip.
2. Connect your NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405 to computer.
3. Right click on My computer and click Properties. Go to Hardware tab. Click to Device Manager button.
4. Find your new NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405 on display category double click on device and press Reinstall Driver button.
5. Select Install from specific location, check Include this location and click Browse button to select the nVidiadriver click Next button to continue and click Finish button to finish installation.
6. After this procedure you should see new NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405 in display inside device... Read more

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Ok, I think I've exhausted every forum looking for a solution to my problem. So I'm posting here in the hope someone can help.
The problem:
I added a second monitor to the GeForce 7100 GS using a DVI-VGA adapter and for the life of me cannot get it to display anything, the monitor is just in sleep mode.
I've got the latest driver, Windows is up to date, checked the cables, tried another adapter, tried everything but, still nothing.
The second monitor shows up in the device manager and in the Nvidia control panel. It's enabled and set to extend desktops. It seems the system knows it's there because I can move the mouse over, but cannot see anything. The power light on the second monitor just flashes.
I've swapped monitors over, to make sure there's not a problem with the display and it's fine. When I do that, the main monitor is then plugged in to the DVI adapter and then that one goes to sleep. Just seems whichever monitor is plugged in to the DVI-VGA adapter just doesn't want to work.
System Details are:
Windows Vista Home Edition 32bit Service Pack 2
Nvidia Geforce 7100GS using driver 197.45
Primary Monitor: Philips 190WV
Secondary Monitor: Samsung Syncmaster 943SN

I have another system set up virtually the same, but using a Geforce 7300 GS on Windows XP and I have no problems at all with that, just plugged everything in and it worked straight away. So, is this a Vista or a Nvidia problem...I don't know.

If anyone can help with this I'd be really grateful! The second moni... Read more

A:Dual Monitor Help - Vista or Nvidia problem?

Can you swap the DVI-VGA adapter with the other system's and see what happens?


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I'm running an eMachines M310 notebook. It has an ATI Radeon Mobility U1 (also known as ATI Radeon Mobility IGP M320) graphics card. I recently installed Vista. I noticed that I didn't have the Aero color scheme available, and discovered it was because I didn't have 3D Acceleration. I checked the Device Manager to see if there was a problem with my graphics card, and low and behold, it was only showing VGA. I disabled VGA and rebooted, and Device Manager then listed my graphics card, but had the yellow exclamation point indicating that there was a resource conflict and that the graphics card wouldn't work until I disabled another device on the system. I couldn't figure out where the conflict was. I disabled just about everything I could without completely crashing my system, but every time I would disable a device, more and more resource conflicts would pop up. How can I get my system to recognize my graphics card without having conflicting resources? Also, is there any way to enable 3D Acceleration on my graphics card? I don't think it supports it, but I've seen a few mentions of a patch or something.

A:System doesn't acknowledge my graphics card

The yellow flag may or may not be a resource conflict. Usually it is simply a defective or incorrect driver. Download the new driver. Once you know where it is, go to the Device Manager in System and remove or disable existing driver. Then install correct driver for VISTA.
Cannot figger out why you would want VISTA on an M310. I would move back to WXP at the first opportunity, as eMachines does not easily make the drivers available.

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First time post, so thanks in advance for any advice.

Here's the problem. My GeForce 9800 GTX is no longer recognized by my computer. As a result it doesn't recognize my monitor specifics either. When I look under Device Manager it doesn't have a listing for display adapters at all. There is a new entry under "Other devices" labeled "Video Controller (VGA Compatible)". When I reboot or "scan for new hardware" it trys to download drivers but fails. When I try to manually update the driver I get a message:

"Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX/9800 GTX+

The system cannot find the filed specified."

I've tried everything including updating my BIOS, updating my mainboard drivers, downloading current WQHL certified graphics drivers, uninstalling any and all drivers related to NVIDIA, etc with no luck. I have a feeling there is something simple that I'm not doing but I have no idea what it is. Any help? I can't play any games because the system "Failed to find a suitable display device. Exiting program."

A:System doesn't recognize graphics card

Hello Thunck,
Did it just stop suddenly or has it been playing up for a while ?, if you have another card can you try that or try re-seating your card, and also check to see if it is getting power, i had a problem like this and i removed the power lead from the PSU for about 5 min's, then re-connected it and it worked, dont ask me why but it did. Good luck and post your results.

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I have a very strange problem with my nvidia geforce 5200 graphics board.
I recently formatted a new hard disk and reloaded all my software and drivers.
After a week of normal operation I ended up with a blank screen on start up.
I uninstalled the driver and re-installed . It worked again for about a week then a blank screen.
Then I saw the onboard graphics (pro-savage)was still enabled so disabled that and again all was fine for about a week.
So no matter what I do it works for a week only.
I have the latest driver for winxp (66.93).
I have a new hard disk and new RAM and everything else is ok.
Any ideas?

A:nvidia graphics problem

umm, 66.93 is like 3 yrs old. The current release is 81.98.
I'm not saying this is the problem with it corrupting every week and most likely isn't the problem, but just FYI.

Your problem could be a trojan or spyware, have you got protection and scanned for this? Does the on-baord video keep turning on each time you lose the 5200 output? Or was that a one time case? If yes then this could be a mobo failure, or if you're lucky a dieing CMOS battery (i.e. they're a buck or 2).

Can you give us more info on your PC. Motherboard, CPU, #of HDD, optical drives (DVD, CD), the age and watts and make of the PSU. See if you can read the label on the side of the PSU and post here the 3.3, 5 and 12Volt amps.


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Good afternoon Tech Immortals,

I am working on a friend's computer.
The hardware setup is the following:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ 2.1GHz

2.5 GB RAM CRUCIAL (Memtest says the following about it: DDR2(64 bit)
373MHz DDR746 CAS: 5-5-15

Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT pci-e

MSI K9N6PGM2-V motherboard

The problems:

Problem1. When the computer is turned on it gives out 2 short beeps (memory error, I presume according to an Internet search). Then it loads GRUMP for Ubuntu 9 or Win XP pro
Problem2. Anything that is graphics intensive makes the computer crash or graphics get glitchy. For example videogames will either make windows crash or crash the game and exit to windows. On Ubuntu while running Compiz the OS freezes. It only crashes or glitches with graphic intensive software.

Solution tried:
For problem1. While loading GRUMP there is an option for memtest. Diagnostics came out fine, no errors.

More background information:
I've inspected the motherboard, the graphics card, ram, everything (looking at it physically for any burns or liquid spills etc)
Everything is roughly 4 months old, bought brand new when purchased.
In the past the user had the same setup except that his old graphics card (GeForce BFG TECH 8800 GT) died on him (will get further details about that in about an hour).
Replaced for graphics card mentioned above. Those problems are occurring.
The card gets warm, but not to an alarming point (I want to say around 60 degrees celcius).... Read more

A:Solved: Interesting Hardware problem (Nvidia graphics problem possibly due to RAM)

It was a faulty video card.
User replaced it under its warranty.

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Sorry,my English is not good. I have a T480 with a SSD and a HDD. I heard that APS driver pushes by Windows Update on T480,but I didn't receive it. May it caused by dual hard drives? The driver on Lenovo website doesn't support T480.

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I put this in the general section, but it is probably more appropriate here.

Just have a issue regarding dual monitors on a windows 7 machine. I will provide as much information as possible:

I recently purchased a cheap graphics card - nVidia Quadro FX 1500 (2 x DVI) to run a dual monitor setup. My original monitor (Acer x243hq), connected to DVI via a VGA-DVI adapter and a newly purchased Samsung BX2440 (connected direct DVI).

Individually the monitor are each capable of a 1920 x 1080 setting, but as soon i plug in both monitors, the Acer resolution blows up and i am unable to see desktop icons and task bar (when it is set to primary, maximised window will be significantly cut of when set to secondary and have a internet browser open).

When i right click and go into "screen resolution", both screens are showing 1920 x 1080, but it is clearly not the case.

Is there any solution for this? I did a search and cant find anything regarding this.

The only solution i have is that the video card is having trouble running both monitors? The specifications however suggests it is capable of this.....

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance!


1. Went into the nVidia control panel, and both setting seem correctl. The primary screen (samsung) to "recommended" (1920 x 1080), the secondary screen to "native" (1920 x 1080).

2. If i plug the acer monitor in by itself (so computer runs only the one screen), the resolution is fine 1920... Read more

A:nVidia Quadro FX1500 dual montior problem!!?!?!?

Recommended PSU for the card is 350W. I'm assuming you have that?

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Hi, I've just purchased two LED monitors to run off my Nvidia Quadro fx 580. I have two operating systems on my computer. On OS A the dual monitor system works just as it should, but on OS B the second monitor, RHS, is not behaving correctly.

To describe: If I track my mouse pointer on OS A from the left hand side of the left monitor to the right side of the right monitor, there is no gap in the middle, as soon as the pointer leaves the left monitor it shows up on the right monitor. However, on OS B, when I track the mouse pointer across the left screen, when it leaves the left monitor it does not show up on the right monitor for some tracking distance, about half screen width.

The result is that, in program material which should show up full size in the right hand monitor, I only see half the right hand side of it. The left hand side of that 'page' is lost in that middle void (where the mouse disappears in the tracking example).

Hard to describe, but maybe someone who has experienced this might understand.

As it all works fine in OS A, I know it's not the monitor settings, I expect it's a setting I need to change in the Nvidia control panel. I've had a play around with no luck.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

A:Solved: Nvidia Quadro 580 dual monitor problem

All good, I messed around with settings, reinstalled drivers & it's working properly now.

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Hello,I?ve got a problem with my Lenovo W540 and performance when working with AutoCAD 2015. Despite the fact that hardware configuration is powerful and installed graphics card is recommended by Autodesk I get lower performance then on 5 years old notebook. I suspect the issue to be in graphics card used by AutoCAD. It seems that program works on internal graphics card instead of discrete one. I have checked this in AutoCAD in ?Graphics performance? window which shows: ?Hardware Setup: Video Card : Intel HD Graphics 4600?. I looked for solution and tried two different Nvidia drivers:1.  NVIDIA Optimus Display Driver NVIDIA Quadro K1100M driver for Autodesk AutoCAD 2015 version (333.11)http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/ds040485 In both of them in NVIDIA control panel I've looked into settings and checked that for Autodesk AutoCAD, system will use NVIDIA high performance graphics. I have tried to turn this option as a global setting but I always get the same result - AutoCAD shows it uses integrated graphics. I have also looked into Intel HD Graphics menu and in BIOS setup but didn?t find any solution for my problem. This is a fresh PC with following specification:Lenovo W540Processor: Intel Core i7- 4700QGraphics: Nvidia Quadro K1100MMemory: 32GBDisk: Samsung SSD 840 EVO 500GBSystem: Microsoft Windows 8.1 (6... Read more

A:System doesn't use dedicated graphics for AutoCAD 2015

I have looked into Nvidia control panel and set AutoCAD 2015 to use Nvidia graphics (also tried to make this setting as a global one). But then when I start AutoCAD I still see it uses Intel HD graphics. Strange thing is that when I go again to Nvidia control panel I see that AutoCAD is set to use Integrated Graphisc as if autodesk apllication has forced to use it.Thanks,Marta

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ok most games work ok but a few are having a problem with the 3d rendering like knights online I am unable to see the 3d characture in the caracture creation and the only thing that shows up in game on the screen is the weapon the characture has equiped, also I downloaded a demo for alien vs predatoe 2 and the 3d is messed in that as well same sort of problem if any one has any Idea as to how to fix it or what may be causing the problem

graphics card geforce2 mx/mx 400, memory size 64mb ram, dac type intigrated RAMDAC
PC specs
windows XP pro
service pack 2

amd athalon processor 1.19GHz processor
512 mb ram

any help will be greatly apreciated

A:nvidia geforce2 mx/mx 400 graphics problem

All I can suggest is try different drivers. www.guru3d.com has many many nvidia drivers you can dl. I'd shoot for anything between say the detonator 17.xx series and the detonator 42.xx. You aren't going to get get any advantage out anything higher than because they are optimized for newer cards and features yours does not support.

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