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T460 and Huawei ME906s

Q: T460 and Huawei ME906s

Hello, I am having an issue with a newly installed Huawei ME906s (FRU 00JT491) on my t460. The first two times I turned on the t460, it booted normally and Windows recognized the new WWAN card and was able to connect to LTE network. However, I am getting the 1802 BIOS error now. According to Huawei ME906s, the WWAN should be whitelisted for my t460. I am currently on BIOS 1.13 Any ideas why it would work the first two times and then refuse to boot after? Thank you in advance.

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Preferred Solution: T460 and Huawei ME906s

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello,  I am having an issue with a newly installed Huawei ME906s (FRU 00JT491) on my t460. The first two times I turned on the t460, it booted normally and Windows recognized the new WWAN card and was able to connect to LTE network. However, I am getting the 1802 BIOS error now. According to Huawei ME906s, the WWAN should be whitelisted for my t460.  I am currently on BIOS 1.13 Any ideas why it would work the first two times and then refuse to boot after?  Thank you in advance. 

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Hi I purchased a brand new Lenovo X260 with the Huawei ME906S 4G, the system came with Windows 7 Pro 64bit and now I have done a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro 64bit. I have got the Huawei ME906S Drivers installed but where do I get the software to control the 4G Card as in be able to turn it on and off. Thanks Matthew

A:ThinkPad X260 Huawei ME906S 4G Windows 10 64bit

Hi All, I think I may of worked it out, I see Cellular when I click on Wireless. I get my sim card tomorrow so will test it out

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I've got an X1 Yoga with Huawei ME906S LTE, is there anyway that I can make and receive calls or SMS from it?

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I have recently installed the Huawei ME906S 4G LTE module on my ThinkPad X260. I have installed the driver and enabled WWAN in the sytems Bios. I can see the module in the device manager. Windows network manager is showing the Mobile Insert SIM. When I insert sim, nothing happens at all. It seems like the sim card is not being detected at all. Can someome help? Device managerNetwork mangerI have attached a screen shot of the device manager and the network manager. 

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Hi At my company we have Lenovo L460 with windows 7 and Cisco anyconnect 4.3 - we have a sim card with 4G data connection to a service provider(Telenor).When I have logon screen for windows 7, I can see with FN+F8 that the wireless WAN is "on", but when I try to connect/logon with the cisco anyconnect "start before logon" module the cisco say that it can't see any internet connection. And I tried to wait for 3-4 minutes so all services where running, but no connection.... If I uses the Wifi connection then it just goes smooth... If I logon to windows 7 and then start the mobile data connection at logon to cisco anyconnect there is NO problem.. So are there somebody who can say that:1. Huawei does not support cisco anyconnect SBL?2. Lenovo does not allow you to start a mobile connection before you logon windows ?3. Or something? A lot of thanks in advance!!!!!!!! Regards niels

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I recently bought me a 4G modem Huawei E8278, which is supercool and reliable. My problem is that I connect it to my desktop PC and the speed is ridiculously bad (15mbit/s down at best and ~1mbit/s up), although I am aware of that my sim card is on unlimited speed/data. Ok. Bought me a Trendnet TU2-EX5, which I supposed was good enough to extend my 4g modem and I could place it near a window and get faster speeds. The funny thing is, that is doesn't work that way for some reason. It seems that this cable (it is an active USB repeater) cannot provide enough power to the modem, because when I connected it, it could not boot up. I saw Windows trying to "find new hardware" multiple times, but the device never worked. Duhh.. Now, apparently, I am going to return this cable to the shop, hopefully they are going to take it back. Please give me advice what cable should I buy and be sure it works (I need at least 3 meters long, 5 would be ideal). I mean if You had an actual experience in extending a 4g modem with a USB cable. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Folks, I am currently i South Africa on Business & have purchased a Huawei Usb odem through the MTN Networks, All is working well But I was wondering
can use this Usb Modem in Ireland when I return Home next month,
If I can will i need a new SIM card etc?
Sorry very new to this & havent got a clue;
Appreciate any help.

A:Huawei USB Modem

Closing duplicate, please reply here:



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The Huawei E586 picks up 3G signal but when i connect to it via laptop the signal drops to H and then if i disconnect from laptop the signal goes back to 3G again on the Three network.
Anyone know what`s going on?

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hi  guys   I  have been  using my   dongle   on another  note book  successfully   for ages   now,  but when I plugged it into  this notebook    it appears    in my drive     and when i try auto run     and  accept   birdcage technoligies   I get this stupid  pop up   and   it doesn't matter if I accept or   cancell  it  I cant get any further 

A:huawei dongle on three

The picture did not showup anyways can you open the drive and click on autorun? It should let you install it then? If this is what your asking?? I used to have three until I got sky broadband.

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Instead of cluttering threads about Huawei devices or having the response to those threads not be really appropriate or relevant, I'm posting this thread to raise awareness of concerns behind the use of Huawei devices. I won't say much more other than provide links for you to make the determination yourself. Below are a couple of links about this topic and there are more on the Internet if you do searches for them.



Here's the actual investigative report from the US House Intellegence Committee:
http://intelligence.house.gov/sites...s/Huawei-ZTE Investigative Report (FINAL).pdf

Here's Huawei's counter to the publicity surrounding the company:


A:Huawei Concerns.

Do you guys really believe that Huawei has tech ability to do that? As a Huawei global supplier, i can not.

You may check our company's download center for Huawei's tech document, compare with Cisco, totally mass, customer could find nothing but confuse.

How could Huawei even harm the security of US when they could even manage a file system?

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I am trying to setup a new connection on an old modem hg659b trying to reach the admin page so I can set up the new providers details but no matter what I do it won't let me access the gateway server not found I have confirmed I am accessing the correct up address any ideas thanks

A:Huawei hg659b

In order to find the "right" IP address for administration you could either perform a system reset on the router and follow the instructions specified in the manual. Or, you could connect a Laptop/PC to it. Make sure the computer is set for DHCP. Then the default gateway address you recieve should be the internal address on the Router. Unless, of course, you have a different setup altogether.

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hi  guys   I  have been  using my   dongle   on another  note book  successfully   for ages   now,  but when I plugged it into  this notebook    it appears    in my drive     and when i try auto run     and  accept   birdcage technoligies   I get this stupid  pop up   and   it doesn't matter if I accept or   cancell  it  I cant get any further 

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I can't get my Huawei 169 modem to function in Windows 7, I've tried both build 6801 and 6956 -same result

As soon as I plug the modem in Win7 recognizes it as a usb disk, I can access the disk and launch the on board installer. I've downloaded the latest driver from the Huawei site, but the installer fails with the error "can't find any modem"

If I do a hardware scan in the device manager only the usb disk turns up, but not the modem.

I'm using this modem on this laptop in both WinXP and OSX without any problems, so the modem and PC is allright...

Is there any special windows 7 services that I need to start?

Any help is welcomed!

A:Huawei 169 USB 3g modem

have you checked your device manager if there are any unknown devices
can you also prt screen your device manager...

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I'm looking for the driver for the Huawei E220 modem for Windows 7 64 bit (should be the same as for Vista 64 bit).

A:Huawei E220

Get it from here

Huawei Terminal

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I recently moved to Beijing, and signed up for the local broadband here. They gave me the Huawei HG527 -c router. It does state wi-fi and indeed it does have a signal, but this signal is only for networking, and you cannot go online by connecting to this with a wifi laptop or phone etc.

I called them, they say that they supply the modem locked, and if I want to have internet wifi I should buy a new router (whatever brand I want). Now this seems rather silly to me, and I was hoping that someone had a workaround for this, possibly a way to flash the firmware and install standard firmware on it.

Any other advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:Huawei HG527 -c

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i have a 3g huawei data card & a connection also, but it is accept only 2g signals. What problem is it ?

A:data card huawei

Likely a signal issue. There is either not a 3G signal at that location or the signal is too weak.

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hello, i am using huawei e303f data card along with Aircel SIM. when i plug it into usb port thn its work normally in 2G netwrk. but when i ange my netwrk setting 2G to 3g that tym 3G netwrk showd NIL.. but the same SIM when i put into my mobile thn its wrk perfectly in mobile with 3G and aftr that i remve the SIM frm mbl and same put into the data crd and its wrk fine with 3G..

plsss help.. cz its nt possible fr everyday that the SIM is 1st put into mbl thn use it in data card...

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Hello everyone, I have a problem with my PC.

I installed my USB Modem (Huawei K3765, unlocked) but when I tried to connect to the internet using mobile partner, my PC suddenly crashed. The message on the BSOD was "bad_pool_caller". I use windows 8 pro 32bit. My modem worked perfectly fine on the previous version of windows (XP professional SP 3 and Windows 7 Ultimate, all 32 bit). I had no idea why this happened since the driver was succesfully installed (I checked in device manager, there was no problem with any device).

Can you give me some help? Thank you

PS: Sorry for my english

A:[ASK] Huawei K3765 causes bad_pool_caller

Are you actually using a Windows 8 driver?

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I downloaded a file from the Huawei website which i think is meant to be firmware for the driver but i have no idea what to do with it, it says it's in File format and is 10.1MB
if anyone knows what i need to do with the file, i would appreciate it alot if you can explain it to me

A:Huawei E160G Firmware

Are there no instructions on their site or in the downloaded package?

Be aware that a failed firmware update can render your device useless, they should only be done to fix or address a known issue and in many cases with the help or advice of the manufacturer or provider of the device.

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I went in for Windows Xp mode download because my Huawei EC 325 datacard is not working in Windows 7 OS.

The company website is not having the drivers compatible with Windows 7.

So also for Tata Indicom Epivalley Plug & surf datacard... not working with W7 but working with XP.

After Windows XP mode is installed I thought I would not have to use the time wasting dual booting or to move to someone else's computer...

Got it wrong somewhere and I still not able to go into internet with these datacards.

Please try to help!

A:Huawei datacard not working

These are old data cards and not compatible with windows 7. It can work with XP and vista.

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hi guys,

I`m looking for driver for this Broadband USB modem E160 for Win XP.


Can`t find anywhere ....

Thanks and Happy X-mas


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Hi,guys !
I've got really serious problem with my Huawei SmartAX MT810 modem on Windows7.
I had Windows7 since it's first release in public beta,my modem was working just fine,until these last weeks when it started to turn off by itself .
I formatted my PC to Windows Vista SP1,and it was working,when I upgraded this Sunday to Windows7,the problem came back.
Now,the modem disconnects and turns off every 2 or 3 minutes.
Please help me ?

A:Problem with my Huawei modem

I think the best idea would be to try & get hold of a copy of build 7068 or 7077 as they have by far the best device drivers. Failing that you could try searching for the latest drivers (when you are occasionally connected).

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1055T Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 10 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 6
RAM: 8189 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 830 GB (567 GB Free); D: 465 GB (13 GB Free); E: 100 GB (23 GB Free); G: 465 GB (29 GB Free);
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-990FXA-D3
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled

i have got my LTE Router next to me with my desktop. the release Date is December 2013 the 20th
it has Very Bad Signal in my house i do not have external antennas unfortunately. i only have 2 antennas at the back i have it set to built in antennas

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I recently bought a WS320 so that I could use my laptop at the other end of my apartment.
The local wireless network works fine when both computers are in the same room, next to the main router, as does the printer, also wireless, from both machines. The WS320 is useless in the other room. I'm instructed to connect to the URL to change the WS320 to repeater mode, but the website doesn't seem to exist, at least I can't connect to it. Ideas?

A:Huawei WS320 Repeater

When you say you're instructed to connect to is that from the manual of the WS320?.

If so, To connect to the WS320, Cable your laptop directly into the device. Change your network card to the following settings:

IP address:

Leave your DNS blank, Open a web page and browse to inset password and it should log you onto the device.

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It's my first post on this forum , so ... my name is Karol , and I'm from Poland.

Unfortunately I've got a big problem with my huawei e156g usb modem. I'm plugging it into usb port , and windows recognise it as a usb drive ( which is true , because it's got a microSD slot ). But nothing more is happening :/ I can't see any additional ( even "unrecognised device" ) info in the device manager. I know there should be at least new device in the "Ports (COM & LPT )" section.

My windows is 32-bit RC1.

I downloaded drivers from the manufacturer site , but i can't install them.

Long story short - that sux :/

From what i've been reading in the interenet generally , and on this forum , there is problem with 3g usb modems on windows 7.

I found thread on this forum with similar problem ( but different modem ) and the problem fixed itself after installing newer build of windows.

Is there any "tutorial" , or "tips&tricks" how to install such things ?

I'd be very grateful for any help.
Bes regards

A:Huawei e156g + Windows 7

Hi there
Welcome from "The frozen North"

I assume that your USB modem is one of those 3G-Mobile broadband one's for example like one of these - not suggesting you Buy but look at the pictures to see if your device looks like one of these.

Data Devices - Mobile Broadband - Vodafone

Now I'm not sure how the 3G system works in Poland but I'm sure it's much the same Europe wide so what usually happens is that there is actually SOFTWARE on the device itself so your computer should just see the device as an "external hard drive" or "removable drive".

Use Windows explorer to run the setup of the software - there will be some setup.exe or install file on the DEVICE itself.

This should then show up some "Dashboard" where you will get a prompt to connect to your Mobile service.

The reason the software is installed from the device itself is that the whole point of this is to be used on Laptops where - especially if they are company or work one's - you won't necessarily have admin rights but you still want to connect to the Internet / email / VPN's etc.

Added if it gives you an error like "Unsupported OS" run the software in VISTA SP2 COMPATABILITY MODE. This fixes a lot of install problems -- the option works on W7 RC build 7100.


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I have a Huaweii modem. I changed the username and password since I got it, I can't remember now what was it.. I know the ones I set now, but I can't log in to change settings with the username and password I set. :/
What should I do?
I tried to login on this page


A:Solved: Huawei login

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I have a Huawei E160 mobile internet USB stick and want it to get working on my new Windows 7. It worked on my old install of Windows Vista and I read that the driver's aren't compatible or something.
If there is anyone out there who knows how to help me out would be very much appreciated, cheers!

A:Huawei E160 on Windows 7 64-bit

Hi -

I don't see the product listed at the Windows 7 Compatibility Center - http://www.microsoft.com/windows/com...s=Huawei%20%20

I am unable to find Windows 7 drivers at the device manufacturer's site - http://support.huawei.com/support/

You will need to purchase a new USB wifi device.

Regards. . .



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I am trying to access my External HDD through the USB port on this router but having no luck getting it to show up Any ideas?? I have supposedly activated FTP & SAMBA in the routers Settings

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I bought a 3g modem usb it has been installed everything is fine but when i want to connect it sends me a 619 error which states that port has been closed what can i do i have tried even putting into a different usb port and still gives me the same error Please help

A:Huawei 3G Usb Modem E1550

Go to "device manager" (start-run-type "devmgmt.msc"-ok).
Do you have any yellow "!", "?", "Unknown Devices" or "Other Devices"?
Is your 3G modem listed under "Modems" and are there any other modems listed there?
What make and model is the modem?

Is this a laptop? If so try taking it to a different location and see if it connects there.
Or try changing from 3G to GPRS in your software.

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I did a reset to my Huawei HG531 V1 router but i still cant log in with the default username and password.

can anyone help me please?

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I get into the gateway no message showed about user and password but i can't remember my password and maybe username and i want to factory reset.

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Hello chrisco767, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More.I understand you are trying to connect your cellphone to your Compaq CQ2701 Desktop PC  and you are not having any luck. I would be happy to assist you, but first I would encourage you to post which operating system you are using. And whether your operating system is 32-bit or 64-bit as with this I can provide you with accurate information.Which Windows operating system am I running?Is the Windows Version on My Computer 32-bit or 64-bit? As well if you could indicate what kind of connection you are trying to set up with your cellphone (example: USB, Bluetooth, etc...)Please re-post with the requested information and I would be happy to provide you with assistance. Thank you for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!

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HI there,

please please can somebody assist me. I will explain as detailed as possible what my problem is.
I am using a Lenovo think Centre M57 pc, I installed the new Windows 10 operating system and like it very much, however my Huawei E352 Modem is not working on this operating system but it works perfectly in Windows 7. In Windows 10 it is being picked up as a Memory Stick but not a modem and therefore I can not connect either to the internet. I presume it must be a driver of some sort? If so, where can i download this driver that is needed? Please guys, I really do need help here

A:Huawei Modem not working in Win 10

There does not seem to be any drivers for that modem past Windows 7. You could try installing in compatibility mode.

Compatibility Mode - Use in Windows 8

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Hi guys,
I have Huawei E220 Mobile Broadband dongle from Maxis Broadband (unlocked), bought it used. It works fine with Windows XP, and with some problems with device manager in Windows 7. Oooookay, now let's see Windows 10:

-When I want to use it, I ALWAYS need to go to the device manager and do "Update driver software"-"USB xHCI Host Complaint controller" and so on. That is not the huge problem for me, but for my father for e.g is very hard step, because he doesnt want to make any settings on my pc, because he doesnt understand them much. I bought this modem, to use it when I want to have internet access, without having Wireless. I also have in plan to sell this thing again, and buy MiFi router.

-Can someone help me and provide me a driver for Windows 10 Professional 64-bit?

On Android (connected via OTG) , this things works very well.

Thanks to all help from everyone.
If you want to provide me a driver, just type in subject Forum Thread-Driver for E220. My email [email protected] (just do copy-paste for email).

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hi all got laptop and trying to use this hauwei E220 when I plug in it says it cant connect etc coz of drivers ive looked on web for drivers for windows 7 ultimate but the sites are gone as old I think as they dont open could someone help please laptop is currently on vista but im upgrading in next few hours

A:Huawei E220 drivers

Hi, Have a look at this page, enter your device details into it, seems to be the right site.
Also with Vista, when you start the installation of the drivers, use right-click and run as administrator , rather than open/run.
If there are no drivers for Windows 7, try the Vista version (get the correct version 32 or 64 bit.) They are often the same for many devices.

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I was with an internet provided (dodo) last week I was unhappy with and disconnected my service. I connected yesterday with another (Fliptv) but cant get my connection to work.

I have put in my username and password and despite the necessary lights on the modem working I still cant connect.
I called my provider and they said the HG659 Huawei modem isnt compatible with their service and I need to have VLAN settings but I have no idea what that means. Im wondering if they just cant be bothered and trying to get me to buy their modem for $120.

Can anyone please help. Not sure if it makes any difference I am in Australia.

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Hi, I'm using Huawei E220 USB Mobile Broadband modem for few years. It's very nice litlle dongle, however, Windows 10 doesn't like it. It just recgonizes it as USB Mass storage device and that's it. I know for a method that I go to DM (Device Manager), "update driver software" for it, reconnect it and that "fixed" my problem-only for current connecting, at next connecting-AGAIN (Oh God!!!). That is permanent fix for Win7, but on Win10 not (by my experience)

Do someone know for permanent fix for this problem?
Thanks for help.

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Hi Guys!

I'm having trouble with this USB modem of mine..

I am currently using it in two laptops..One using Vista Basic and the other one XP...

The modem works wonderfully before on both laptop...But now it refuses to connect on the Vista..The "Mobile Partner" keep telling me of "Connection Terminated" each time I try to dial it..

I tried to look around the Huawei support forum..And they advises us to do this...

"Please operate as below:
1. click start and run of your pc ,input ?C:\Documents and settings\all users\application data\microsoft\network\connections\pbk? enter ,then delete the ?rasphone? ,
C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Network\Connections\Pbk(for vista)
reboot your pc ,plug MODEM and try to dial .

2. If the step 1 can not resolve this problem ,please right click the ?my computer? and select properties.
3. click services and search the service named remote access connection manager, right click it and select properties.
4. click general and select the manual in the startup type item.
5. Then click start and OK.
6. if the service can not be started ,please start the below services first:
1?Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
2?Plug and Play
After done this, please try to dial again, thanks!"

Anyhow...I'm lost at the 2nd steps...As I've tried 1st step..and nothing happen...Tried to go and right-click on my computer... Read more

A:Huawei E160G USB Modem

and oh...pls do move this thread if I'm on the wrong place..sorry...Thx mods...

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i have a dell inspiron 6400 that had all sorts of usb problems
making a detection noise then nothing happening with sticks,usb hdd etc..
i uninstalled all usb drivers in device manager and tried to detect to reinstall them
but it kept coming up with unknown device under usb.

i then flashed the bios...with the same avilable version from dell
and all the usb seemed fine,hard drives and sticks are working fine.

but now when i put the 3g huawei e160g it makes the detected windows sound...but nothing
and in devices is huwei modem with a question mark

what can i do now?

A:Solved: huawei and usb issues...

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I need help installing the driver for my cell phone.  The Huawei does not work.
I have a windows 10 and have the phone plugged into my laptop.
I also activated the blue ray for the laptop but not sure it was recognized.
There is no driver to download  I tried and tried to have the computer search etc 
need help

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I bought recently Huawei E220 Mobile Broadband modem for 2G net. I dont need anything faster. I dont need 4G because the village where I planned to use it doesnt support 4G, so it is pointless to buy modem with that feature.

I installed it's program, but program sometimes recgonizes it, sometimes don't. Device manager recgonizes it as CD-ROM, not Data Interface. "Set up a new connection" wizard recgonizes it as modem. When I tried to use it last night, it recgonized it at tenth time I tried to connect it. I tried also uninstalling USB port drivers in Device Manager, that didn't help. I can't even add it in device manager as Data Interface.

Also, I need to control my money on my number, so how to set that up? I use Telenor Montengero network. I asks this because it can't send SMS messages and I dont have subscribtion to my SIM card, it's only prepaid.

Can someone give me solutions to theese problems?
Thanks for assistance, contact at [email protected]

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I'm looking for someone to advise me the easinstructions and less technical jargon way to turn my huawei hg659 router into a wireless access point I think I've tried everything but Imy not that savvy

A:Least complicated way of using a huawei hg659 into an ap

That router is a wireless access point (you can access it wirelessly)

on the router itself , you should see a label which tells you the wireless signal name (SSID)
and also the wireless password

so on a wireless device , you would got to the wireless section and list all available wireless connections

look for the one listed on the router label
click on it
then it will attempt to connect and then a box open for you to enter the Key

enter the wireless key and now you are connected to the router via wireless

if thats not what you meant from the question, then can you ask again please

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question is in three parts. Win 7 Home Premium

1. used to have orange mobile broadband wi-fi but was not a good deal so i stopped it. The software stayed on my laptop.

I now signed up for Huawei mobile connect - 3G. On connecting dongle to laptop's USB, nothing happened( I was expecting an 'installing Huawei' window, etc). The dongle works as i can connect to the internet but on looking into it, the dongle connects via the previous Orange software - see two .jpg files. What does this mean? It is inconvenient as i cannot see how much up/download i have used, there does not a[ppear to be any Huawei software to give me any information. should i remove the Orange via Add/Remove Programs and start again with the Huawei dongle?

2. On looking at the security tab in Properties for Orange, am not happy with the CHAP and MS-CHAPv2. see jpg. Can i uncheck them without losing connectivity performance?

3. Still in Properties, Networking tab, dont like the file and printer sharing and client for Ms networks boxes either, just want the TCP/IP version4 box ticked.see jpg.Would i be right in having just IP4 checked?
As you can gather i dont have much of a clue about what is going on.

Ideas appreciated.


A:Huawei mobile wi-fi thinks its Orange wi-fi!

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Hi Can this combo be done? Has anyone tried? Or are there any BiOS restrictions that will prevent me from using whatever I want? And if so, is there anyway around that?

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I know there are other threads on the same subject, but with the given links I always arrive on pages that do not exist anymore.
I would be glad if anyone could help find me a page where to find drivers to make the huawei E220 device work on my windows 7.
thanks in advance...

A:Drivers for Huawei E220 + windows 7

Software - Huawei Device Co., Ltd..

Type E220 in the search bar on the above page.

This is all I found.


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