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Lenovo Ideapad 305 15 IBY: Switchable graphics wit...

Q: Lenovo Ideapad 305 15 IBY: Switchable graphics wit...

Hello dear community, recently I bought myself a Lenovo ideapad 305. Mainly for office purposes, however the fact that it has a Nvidia 820m as a secondary graphics card is a nice feature, since I like to play games from time to time. Since my games aren't the most demanding either, they work just fine as long as I use the 820m on it. They do lag considerably using the Intel Graphics Card. So, the thing is, I am considering whether to upgrade to Windows 10, and one central question is: Will the switchable graphics work? You know, my parents taught me to "ALWAYS have the latest drivers on your computer!" so earlier today I went ahead and downloaded the latest driver for the 820m from the nvidia website. Unfortunately, my parents hadn't told me that that's not how it works with hybrid graphic pcs. Apparently if you have two graphics card in one pc only the drivers from the manufacturer will work. That explains why my game suddenly started lagging after the driver update (even THOUGH I had it set to use the nvidia card on the nvidia control panel). I went back to the original driver via the onekey recovery partition now, and it works fine just like before. HOWEVER that means I would need a driver directly from Lenovo that makes this switchable thing work under Windows 10. Is there? If so, does it work? Any experiences? I need to decide this rather quickly, what with work and also the free upgrade period ending rather soon. Thanks a lot in advance!Greetings, Janny

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Preferred Solution: Lenovo Ideapad 305 15 IBY: Switchable graphics wit...

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


If you have a z570 you'll know that they have a switchable graphic system controlled by a switch at the front of the laptop. However, after a repair by KNOWHOW, this switch is gone - they replaced the base plate obviously with the wrong model parts. Is there any way I can bypass this switch and enable my Nvidia card manually? At the moment it's greyed out in the control panel and I can't use it to play any games.This laptop used to have the switch. The Nvidia card in question is GT520M

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  locked on the Intel Motherboard and unable to switch to ATI Radeon 3650 My W500 is locked into the motherboard Intel graphics card and I want to switch it to the ATI Radeon HD 3650 chip/ card. I want to switch the graphics drivers to the ATI Radeon drivers and chipsets /video card. My Catalyst Controll Center drivers are installed but they won't load because another driver or application or system is blocking them. I do not know which is the case because the error message is incomplete and I can not read the complete message.. I am also mystified because the product I purchased from Lenovo was a W500 with the ATI FirePro V5700 card (512 MB of VRAM). I used to see this card in my device driver when I first used the PC. But since last November the Device Manager has declaimed that the card is an HD 3650 card. I've made no physical change in the system. Also, the little green battery icon system that used to reside in the TASKBAR haqs disappeared. I don't understand where this icon went to and why did it go? I need help in restoring this icon to my taskbar. My current ATI Radeon driver inforce is: ATI Radeon HD 3650, Driver version:, effective 6/02/2008 Thank you. BEK477.

A:Lenovo W500 Issue. Switchable graphics feature

How should one go about determining that the video card is properly installed and working? I am assuming that the ATI Radeon HD 3650 or FirePro V5700 card is installed but how can I tell. Is there a way to open the back of the laptop W500 and to visually confirm that the video card is properly installed in the motherboard. I am refering to the idea that the card has been disconnected from the motherboard. I recall that the Lenovo support site had a schematic diagram of the video card's installation but I can not find it today. Does anyone have any idea as to how I can confirm the that the video card is plugged in and working?

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Hi, I have also posted this in Lenovo's forum, but perhaps someone here have a solution as well. Recently my HDD crashed, so I plugged in a new HDD with a fresh Windows 7 Professional 64bit. I am trying to install the driver for my ATI HD 5730. I downloaded the driver from the Lenovo support page, installed it, and it installed sucessfully. I clicked "view log", all successful;I went to the device manager, it recognized the HD 5730 as well as the Intel Graphic. CCC is in the context manual of the desktop, but it doesn't open. However, the resolution of the screen remains at 1024 x 768. When I restart the computer, it says something along the line of "No ATI graphics driver is installed, or the ATI driver is not functioning." I tried to uninstall it, from program files, then cleaned the rest with Driver Sweeper, and then cleaned registry with Glary Uitility. Reinstalled, and same result. I even tried to uninstall all display drivers, and let Windows find the "new" hardware. Windows recognized and install the driver for the Intel Graphic, but failed to install anything for the 5730. I searched the web and I can't seem to find a solution that works. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Computer specs:
Y560 0646 (5LU?)
Intel i5 m480
Radeon Mobility HD 5730 with Switchable Graphics
Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

A:Lenovo Y560 ATI driver with switchable graphics question

I'm having the same problem with my lenovo, same model, same processor, same graphic board, just 4 gigs of ram instead of 8...
I'm using Windows7 Professional @ 64bit...

Did u fix the issue with the hd5730 driver ?

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I want to play games, so can i install nvidia graphic card in Lenovo Ideapad 310?If yes, then which will be the best. Thanks

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Some times in firefox screen glitches which goes away on minimizing and maximising or scrollingAlso games are having stuttering problems even cs 1.6 please tell me what might bee the issue

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Good Day! I am really having a hard time finding the correct driver for the Lenovo IdeaPad 310 (Model: 80TU)*i5 7th Gen 2.5ghz*NVIDIA*windows 7-64bit I already downloaded lots of drivers, used driver identifier, but still no luck it hasnt work. I've been finding for 4 hours right now. tried downloading drivers for windows 8 and 10 64 bit (graphics driver) still no luck. I tried to search in the intel drivers download website by searching the 7th gen i5 2.5ghz details and showed that the compatible one is Intel HD Graphics 620, downloaded but still not working.downloaded nvidia and it displays "install intel driver first".Kindly help pls. thank you.

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 I recently reformatted my ideapad to windows 7 instead of windows 10 which was the original OS installed before. I installed everything and then the amd graphics card got a problem and is not properly working and the AMD switchable graphics not working also.

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I bought Idepad s300 a few months ago from Singapore.I updated my laptop to Windows 10 then it started getting weird. First my screen was pixeletted. The pixels appear to be large squares. Then after some time it completely shutdown. The screen flickers and does not open.I tried to do Remote Desktop to the my laptop from other laptop and tried to install drivers. but every time i restart all the driver application are uninstalled. How Do i fix my laptop.

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Hello All! I have just gotten the Lenovo Ideapad 500-15ISK and have been experiencing Hardware Scan Fail within the "Mathematical Operations Test" of my Intel HD Graphics 520. I have checked support and other forums which have addressed this issue, but all these solutions have not worked for me. I read that this is a false positive and that updating the VGA would help, which I have done, but does not fix the solution. Could anyone please help me find a solution to my problem. Thanks.

A:Lenovo Ideapad 500-15ISK Intel HD Graphics 520 Har...

I had this problem also with my same model 1 week old laptop. Tech support found a different driver on the Intel website that corrected the problem. But, I also am experiencing another odd and random problem that others have discussed which is a pop up window in lower left corner of screen that says the Intel Graphics display stopped working and Windows is trying to repair it.

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I bought Idepad s300 a few months ago from Singapore.I updated my laptop to Windows 10 then it started getting weird. First my screen was pixeletted. The pixels appear to be large squares. Then after some time it completely shutdown. The screen flickers and does not open.I tried to do Remote Desktop to the my laptop from other laptop and tried to install drivers. but every time i restart all the driver application are uninstalled. How Do i fix my laptop.

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Hi, Recently I bought my lenovo 700-15ISK with one of the highest configuration (i7, 16GB RAM) and windows 7.I have huge problem with this computer - it crash 2-3 times per day. When it occure nothing is responding (dislay show some artifacts, noise on audio output) - I'm only able to reset computer by holding power button. It's really annoying because there are days when it doesn't appear and I can't find any common factor of all of this crashes. I'm wondering if I should return computer to seller but I can't afford for delay in my work and I'm trying to figure out what will eliminate or "hide" this problem. Can someone observed similar issue? Maybe this is some driver fault (report  from lenovo solution center attached)?Thans for any sugestions. Regards,Thomas  

Lenovo Solution Center Log File.pdf ?98 KB

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So i've had this laptop since 2013 and it can't run the newer games without being on the lowest of low qualities. Is there a way i can switch out my graphics card for a newer one? I have the dual 650M cards right now.

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Hello,  I have an Ideapag y700 (I7-6700HQ; 16GB; NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 960M 4gb).  i got the laptop in january and for about 2 weeks 3D games worked well (tried with Dragon Age Inquisition and Football Manager 2017).  Then ... everything went wrong... And I could not get the games to open (I got various errors - Blue Screens).  I did however see that the problem is form the Intel graphics (it will not update - it remains with version, even though on the Intel website there are a couple of updates available). I tried some updates but the computer keeps crashing.  Anyone has any clues as to what I can do ?  I'm attaching a dump file from FM 2017 game ...

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I have a Lenovo 80QQ and I need help of knowing if the graphic card and rams could be switched.
Mod's Edit: Updated with Subject line with full model number.

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Hi there.My issue is related to my switchable graphics option. I have an Intel hd 3000 and an AMD radeon (I'm not sure of the exact model as I can't search for it as my machine is currently stuck in a system restore loop so I'm having ti use my phone right now).There is one game I use regularly which, for some reason or another, is incompatible with my Intel graphics chip so I had previously used the right click on my desktop menu where I would select switchable graphics, and then manually allocate that particular game to my AMD chip rather than my Intel one.When the game updated yesterday, it reverted back to my Intel chip for some reason and when I right clicked on my desktop, the option to change it had disappeared. I looked on this forum for an answer to my issue and came upon this answer: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Video-Display-and-Touch/Switchable-Graphics-Options-Missing/td...Which appeared to fit my problem exactly. However, when I did as the instructions told me to and uninstalled both of my graphics devices and their drivers, and then rebooted, followed by installing the file linked to in the answer and rebooting again, this resulted in my Intel 3000 disappearing entirely from my device manager list, and my AMD chip being stopped by windows as it has reported an error.I tried reinstalling the previous driver linked to the AMD chip, but that did nothing at all. So I attempted to do a system restore (as I had created a system restore point before attemptin... Read more

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HP DV6 6121tx
Windows 7 64bit

I just reinstalled Windows and I want to update my graphics drivers to the latest ones (13.1). I'm runnning Dynamic mode.
So at first I installed the latest HP provided AMD Display drivers from HP's website
AMD High-Definition Graphics Driver HP Pavilion dv6-6121tx Entertainment Notebook PC | HP? Support

Now I thought I'm supposed to install any new versions of HP drivers *over* this since this HP one contained drivers essential for dynamic switching. But if I run the 13.1 installer and view the log, it skips over the display driver part and just updates AMD install manager and some other useless components.

How do I install 13.1 without messing up dynamic switchable graphics?

A:Updating graphics drivers on switchable graphics

Unless HP decides to release an updated driver, you're basically stuck with what you have. As you found out the driver from AMD won't install. That is because it doesn't include/support the switchable graphics.

Now with that said there is this modded set,


that includes both the latest AMD and Intel driver, and is modded to work with most laptops with that combination.

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UPDATED! - 15 Feb 2013

Firstly, how do I get it working?

NEW: First, read through the list of current options (Feb 2013). More details and history below...
Long story short, download the latest OEM Windows 8 drivers (e.g. for HP, by finding your model on 24/7 Online support for HP's Home and Home Office Products | HP? Support, or using the NotebookReview: HP Drivers and Software Forum).

For other OEM Support see the Intel OEM Support websites and AMD Global OEMs pages.
Also, be sure to CHECK if you NEED TO UPDATE YOUR BIOS - see HP's Consumer Notebooks and Windows 8 - Overview of BIOS updates and this updated post for HP Windows 8 Support pages, options and updates on new HP drivers!

Alternatively, you could use the latest Leshcat (3rd party, community-supported) driver (see the end of this post for instructions).

If you THEN want the latest AMD versions, proceed to upgrade them after installing one of the above, using the AMD Catalyst 12.10 and/or AMD Catalyst 12.11 Beta releases. To get the best of both worlds, mix and match like this but ONLY if you know what you are doing (see here for more info).

If you are having (Code 43) errors with your AMD Radeon, i.e. ?Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)?, then the fix is to load AMD-signed Intel driver in Device Manager. For more details see this post, and this post on how to fix.

If you are upgrading from other drivers, see this post, option 3. Same goes for uninstalling ... Read more

A:Win 8 AMD Switchable Graphics FAQ

Eagerly waiting for Windows 8 to support switchable graphics. I am using Leschcat's driver for my 6770M on Windows 7 -- awesome performance.

One problem I have with Windows 8 is that it only runs on the AMD gpu, and not the Intel one. Due to this, it drains my battery really quick. Is there a way to make it use Intel only until switchable graphics are supported?

Also, the Intel 3000 drivers posted here crash after 2 weeks of installation. This has happened multiple times. The ones by Microsoft have the auto-bridghtness adjustment on and there is no control panel for the driver to turn it off.

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Hello, i have been looking around the drivers page for my laptop and i found an AMD graphics card driver i had a look online and the i found out that some hp pavilion notebooks have switchable graphics is was wondering if my laptop was compatible with it and how to enable it. i tried to install the driver and said that another device was detected.

A:Switchable Graphics

Hi: Below is the link to the product specs page for your notebook... http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-Pavilion-15-Notebook-PC-series/5355006/model/5435448/document... It only has the onboard Intel HD 4000 graphics. HP puts all the available driver combinations on the entire model series support pages. That means the switchable graphics drivers would be for the HP 15-e### models that come with the AMD/Intel switchable graphics.

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I recently purchased a Samsung laptop with switchable graphics. I've selected the high performance card for GTA4, however the benchmark test for GTA4 detects the integrated card being used. Is there any way to check which card is currently active so I can determine whether GTA4 is detecting the wrong card or the Laptop is using the integrated card?

Thanks in advance.

A:Switchable Graphics

Switchable graphics determines which card to use based on load/demand. It should switch to the non-integrated graphics card when you launch the game. Do you really need to run the benchmark? You can compare the performance to other people using a similar graphics card to see if its up to par.

You can also do a comparison by turning off the switchable graphics in the BIOS, it can be re-enabled after doing the testing.

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I`m having some problems with my new laptop, so first things first its an HP Pavillion dv6 running windows 7 64 bit on an intel core i5 450M, 6gb of ddr3 ram, ATI mobility radeon 5650.
For the first few weeks its been great but now it cannot run games as fast as it used to. A couples days ago i go and try and play crysis and my laptop which used to have no problems on high settings running 20-30 fps couldnt even get 1/10 of that. I've tried newer and older drivers doing system restore etc. all of it to no avail. Out of curiosity i tried running crysis with the power saving gpu ( the intel hd graphics) and it has exactly the same performance as when the running crysis on what the computer says is the high performance (ATI) gpu. So my theory is that the computer isnt actually switching when it says it does. Other than that there arent any other noticable weird problems graphically and as everything i've seen in the control panel says everything is working fine. Maybe there is something i'm missing, Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I Just purchased the HP Notebook from costco last weekend and it says it has Nvidia Graphics but when i look at the display properties i see the intel graphics adapter, so i looked online and on HP forums to see how to use the nvidia graphics and from what i found wasn't very helpful (I did learn a couple things) but it didn't let me switch intel for nvidia. i did install the new nvidia drivers from the geforce experience app on the laptop and i see both the display adapters and as soon as i tell it to use nvidia as defalut display and click apply i restart the system and check the display properties and it still says intel graphics adapter i am getting frustrated to the point to where i am going to return the product as i have a 90 day return policy  but i want to figure it out and see if there is a way to use just the nvidia driver or am i stuck with the intel to which i will be returning the product for a refund. i have even gone as far as letting the computer do a complete restore and see if that helps change things. so far it seems to be a decent Notebook for a 17.3" but i paid extra for the dedicated nvidia card and touch screen and i would prefer to use it as i have a nvidia card in my desktop and it seems flawless any help would be appreciated and acknowledged thanks

A:Switchable Graphics

You are not appreciating how the switchable graphics works. You set the video to work with the high-powered nVidia card on an app by app basis in the nVidia Control panel. So for example if you have a game or google earth and you want to use the nVIdia graphics just set that program to run on the nVidia. You cannot make it run at all times with nVidia nor do you need to. The Intel video is fine for email and regular web browsing and uses way less power.  If this is going to be too hard for you, take it back to Costco. I see where they now sell Alienware laptops. Probably a bit pricier but if you want to always be using the discrete video you need a gaming type laptop.   

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Hey, I just bought Lenovo G510 Laptop with Intel HD 4600 and Radeon 8750M. Everything fine exept the fact it doesnt switches GPUs when I play games. I tried everything. I set it the max performence when pluged in to AC and I set it to use max performance when playing games. Nothing works, the games show that the Intel GPU is working and the Radeon not. I have the latest drivers from Lenovo, I searched over the internet, nothing works. I just cant get the 8750M to work. Please help me.Thanks. 

Go to Solution.

A:G510 "Switchable" Graphics

Hi bar_rodoy,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
You will need to refresh both of the graphics driver in order to make the switching working again,
First Uninstall the AMD driver and Software
    Open Device Manager and look under Display Adapters
       You should find your AMD/ATI Graphics there,
              Right click on it and choose Uninstall, you will be prompted if you want to uninstall Driver software for this                            device,   (Make sure to place a check under it then hit OK). Restart the system if prompted.
          Now check under Control Panel / Uninstall a Program and Uninstall any AMD ATI Graphics related entry there.
You will need to do the same procedure with the Intel Graphics.
Now with all Graphics adapter using generic drivers
Download and install Intel Driver first followed by the AMD / ATI
"Download depending to your Windows Type and Version"
   Windows 7
 Intel Video Driver for 32-bit Windows    Intel Video Driver for 64-bit Windows   
   Windows 8
 Intel Video Driver for 32-bit Windows    Intel Video Driver for 64-bit Windows   
   Windows 7
       AMD... Read more

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My computer is an HP Pavilion dv6-6047cl Entertainment Notebook PC with Intel i7-2630QM 2.0 GHz processor, with 8 GB RAM.
I have had several different graphics problems and have upgraded the drivers.
It has HP Switchable Graphics with an Intel HD Graphics 3000 driver and AMD Radeon HD6700M, with the Catalyst Control Center (CCC).

The computer recently crashed and would only open in non-Aero mode (screen looked like safe mode).
It also made IE11 settings changes to the computer, and added a search add-on called "OneSourse, which I have deleted.
These problems were not corrected by system restore.
I scanned the Computer with Microsoft Safety Scanner, Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes, and it checked out clean.

Due to continuing graphics problems, I deleted AMD Radeon HD6700M and Catalyst Control Center, and am just using the Intel HD Graphics 3000 display driver.
It seems to work fine in this configuration, as there is no more CPU robbing Catalyst Control Center or freezing screens on start up, among the other problems I noted.
I normally use the computer in plugged in mode.

Is there any down side to eliminating the AMD Driver and CCC and using only the Intel HD Graphics 3000 display driver?

I do not use this computer to play games, and while it could possibly use it for Blu-ray playback, it is primarily used for Internet surfing, Youtube, and running Microsoft Office programs.

A:HP Switchable Graphics Problem

Hi, you deleted or uninstalled? Also you could have just stopped the catlyst control center from starting at start up. Have right clicked on the desktop, preferences and seen what theme it's using? Can you change it to areo?

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Hi everybody, got a quick question.
I have two graphics cards on my Acer Aspire laptop, an ati 5650m and a Intel HD graphics card for low power use that I can switch too. I was wondering, if I'm just internet browsing or playing a low end game like counter strike, should I switch to my Intel HD so I can give my ATI a bit of a "rest"? Or does it damage your computer when you switch graphics cards frequently?

A:Switchable Graphics Card

I wouldn't think it would 'damage' your computer to switch from integrated to discrete graphics frequently. However, there's really no need to switch when you're browsing. I have both a GTX 560 and Intel HD Graphics and my computers running fine solely on the GTX 560. As long as you keep your computer switched off when you're sleeping, gone out etc. your GPU should have enough 'rest'.

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Hi, week ago i bought a new Notebook and i had a problem. Switchable graphics not work, i trying to reinstal all drivers, reinstall windows and nothing. in notebook i have intel graphics and amd radeon r5 430 with 2Gb memory. when i reinstal drivers to amd, graphics card changed name from R5 m430 to R5 m330. But still card not works. I dont now what to do. Please help.

A:Switchable graphics not working in new HP 250 G5

Hi, Did you upgrade/downgrade your machine ? Please try AMD/Intel Switchable Graphics Driver:     http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp75501-76000/sp75504.exe This package provides the AMD/Intel Switchable High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver for supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system. For notebooks with switchable graphics modes, this package includes drivers for both graphics processing units (GPUs). Switchable graphics enable users to switch between a power-saving graphics mode (normally used under battery power) and a high-performance graphics mode. Regards.

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my graphics card does not switch automatically when i play games and occured when i upgraded my os to windows 8.1 pro

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Hi, I have HP Pavilion 15-E033TX laptop with Windows 10. Recently i have started having an issue regarding my AMD HD8670 Graphics. Whenever i try to install, it hangs up during installationa nd also freezes up my laptop. When i restart from power button then it again hangs during booting up of windows. I then started my laptop in safe mode and uninstalled AMD Graphics Driver and again restarted. This time laptp started normally and showed me desktop. I uninstalled my Intel HD 4600 Driver and restarted my laptop. Then i downloaded latest version of Intel HD 4600 driver (win64_154028.4501) and installed it and restarted my laptop. Then i downloaded latest driver of AMD HD8670 (non-whql-win10-64bit-radeon-software-crimson-relive-16.12.2-dec19) and installed it but the result was still the same. It hung during installation and when restarted, again freezed during boot. I again had to uninstall it from safe mode. Can anyone held me what the real issue is with my AMD Graphics????? A reply in this regard will be much appreciated. regards 

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I am not able to switch to my dedicated GPU(even at high performance power setting) since none of my games recognise it. I have installed both the intgrated and dedicated drivers. I am also well aware that the same issue concerning the same device(elitebook 840g1 ) had been posted and a solution was given in the form of a link. Unfortunately am not able to access the link itself since when I click on it, I'm redirected to http://support.hp.com/us-en. With that,can someone please help me figure out how I can have my graphics switched automatically or at least tell me of a way I can access the contents of this link http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03048374. My BIOS is of the latest version

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Recently I got a hard drive problem, then I changed my hard drive and everything was normal. I then installed windows 7 ultimate x64bit to the new hard drive. Then I started downloading my drives using HP site. I downloaded, but my graphics were bad, my games i played with 60 fps started lagging so bad.
I discovered that my graphics are not working. I have switchable graphics, Intel and ATI Radeaon as Discrete card. But when I installed Intel driver i cannot install ATI driver, it installs but while installation the laptop blacksout and reboot without installing(half installed)
Now I don't have switchable graphics and my games aren't smooth as earlier Please help me
Laptop Brand HP pavilion DM4 1217tx Entertainment Notebook PC

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I can't use my Graphic Card ( no switchable graphics options are displayed in the menu bar ") kindly help me with the solution how to make it work "_"

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Heya. New here obviously but I'm in a bit of a rut. Sorry for gramma etc using my mobile for this at the moment. Recently purchased myself a new laptop for multipurpose reasons. Everything from gaming (obviously not hardcore just something to tie me over until I build my new desktop) to Microsoft office use for work. I'm having issues with the switchable graphics that when I exit my game (kingdoms of amalur : the reckoning - for example) within minutes my laptop will freeze, which I am guessing happens when it switches back to the intel chipset. Wondering what I can do to stop this from happening even if that means forcing it to use the nvidia gfx card constantly. Below is my laptop specs if it helps.

Toshiba p850/030 with upgraded RAM

Intel® Core™ i7 processor 3610QM (Quad Core, 2.3GHz - 3.3GHz, 1600MHz FSB, 6MB L2 Cache)

Operating System
Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium (64bit) with Service Pack 1 - can change to ultimate at any time

Screen Size
15.6" Widescreen HD LED Backlit Display (1366 x 768)

12GB DDR3 (4GBx 3) (1600Mhz)

750GB (5400rpm) SATA

NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 630M 2GB with Optimus + Intel® HD Graphics 4000 (4095MB Total: 2GB discrete memory + 2047MB shared memory)

Thanks in advance

A:Laptop with switchable graphics

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 12179 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 701574 MB, Free - 652677 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, QFKAA
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

May as well add this.

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I am developing an application for a system having following switchable graphic cards:
AMD M880G with ATI Radeon HD4225 + ATI Radeon HD 5430
and Windows 7 OS

Is there any notification that I could get when the card is being switched.

I can see that the switching is not allowed when IE 8 is running.
A message "Switching the graphics processor cannot occur until your current applications are closed" pops up. So I believe there is some notification.

Could someone tell me how to prevent switching between graphics cards while the application is running.

Thank you

A:Switchable graphics notification


im not an expert on hardware, but why would you want to switch graphic cards while your computer is switched on? and what do you mean by switching are you going to use 2 graphic cards?

Also I have had a lot of problems with Ati Radeon on my PC. But the HD sounds promising


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I have been following the thread and so forth on the switchable graphics and anything to do with windows 8 for the longest time. I got one of those laptops where HP claims it doesnt support windows 8 and so forth. HP Envy 14 1211nr with beats audio. AMD 5650 1gb & Intel HD Video (FG) (First Generation). Before the previews and all that I actually got it to work under Leshcat and I have tried all the other methods but I found this a buggy approach for me and tried many times just wasnt satisified. So i put my project on hold and all hope to me was lost with Win 8 on this laptop. At times I was deciding to sell this laptop on CL. Hence it is a great gaming laptop under Windows 7.

Then Windows 8.1 Preview came out.... I said ok lets go back and try this again.... No luck.... Same results... And then I was all doom and gloom once again.

RTM became avail on MSDN. So I downloaded it and Installed it on my desktop impressed...

And So just yesterday I installed it in the HP laptop. Clean install of course.

Well no conflicts and this is working. Using the WDM Drivers provided by microsoft. I think which is version 13.1

So is it using the AMD driver with no cautions. Does it show the Intel driver with no cautions and so forth. Yes and Yes and Yes.

My only gripe is they dont in include the Catalyst Control Panel in the WDM version no more... So I gotta find which one would be compatible with this. I am open for suggestions..

So after I got this installed I deci... Read more

A:HP Switchable Graphics under Windows 8.1 Pro RTM !!!

Ok So here is my results....

Does brightness control work?
No. But it does work under intel when switched over to it. Which is normal.

Is there any error codes on the drivers?

Does the switchable graphics feature work?
Yes and No. If you do the automatic switching it will switch for you but trying to get it back into the other mode, you would have to force a hard reboot to get it back. However a temp work around is to switch to the intel gpu, manually which it will and to switch back plug in the charger and reboot.

So I wouldn't consider this fully work yet. However we are getting close.... No errors in the wdm drivers and the 13.10 drivers at all! This is good news previously would get error codes on the drivers in 8 and 8.1 preview.

Games do work just fine. As I said earlier big performance difference compared to 7. I think we might see a fix for the hybrid graphics in the future tho.

I did manage to install the Catalyst Control Panel from the 13.10 beta and all the nice video features and other features worked. App profiles, LCD Over Drive, Color Profiles, Gfx adjustments such as a AMD Optimization, and everything.

Even tho its not fully fixed I am quite happy that there is no caution, error code 48s on the intel or amd driver and games and everything else works jut fine.

Below is the information from the CCC v13.10

Driver Packaging Version
Provider Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
2D Driver Ve... Read more

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HD8670 , Installed intel drivers , then the amd ones. Set everything to highest possible. Even set minimum processor state to %100 at advanced settings of power management. I tried both plugged and unplugged. Tried 10 different games. Some of them uses steam , some of them dont. But i cant solve the problem. I tried a 2006 game disabling aa , shadows , reflections , texture filter. But still 25-30 fps. I took a look at the log files of games , and saw what? games are using intel graphics. My pc is saying me that everyting is fine about my graphics card. But its not. On youtube , i saw how my games work with onboard gpu and realised that , that videos was exactly like my PC's performance. I tried everything! Bios was no use , it has no option about graphics.

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Hello all and thanx in advance for any replies. I bought my mini hp with switchable graphics which ive seen others have similar problems as im about to write.I dont know when the amd r5 330 kicks in as i get no indication of either intel or amd being used.Is there a way to see an icon letting me know when the dedicated card kicks in as the control panel for the amd card is set for high performance but how do i know when its working?This seems to be a wide problem with owners of switchable cards and its very worrying...yes blame my o.c.d. not knowing.On my last hp laptop it had a dedicated nvidia geforce card and was easy to set it to the main grphics card if that makes sense?If I knew about this problem i would not have paid for this model its a shame hp do nothing to help users know when it kicks in....for all i know its never worked exactly hoe would i know as nothing in the amazingly small list in its control panel says high performance they all seem to be unchangeable from power saver its weird......i have no proof my dedicated card even works. thanx agaiin in advancealan

A:Switchable graphics worry

When i check in device manager both graphics are listed next to each other but driver details for the amd r5 say UNKNOWN over and over.Ive uninstalled disabled and reinstalled the drivers from hp site with no luckis it time to use my care pack i paid for and get it picked up as i cant go inside as my eyesight is not good enough as im badly sight impaired and use accessability options to make it all bigger on my screen.

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I have HP Envy M6 1102tx with 2GB Radeon Switchable Graphics card but Catalyst Control Center can't be started.... Tried updating the ATI Radeon and Intel HD Graphics drivers and still not working. I am running Windows 8.1 64-bit

A:Switchable Graphics Not working

I had success as follows - you may want to give this a try:

Make sure you have the latest drivers for both graphics cards installed - Windows Update should take care of that.Check for the ccc2_install.exe object on your system - I found it at location c:\Programs Files\AMD\CCC2\Install\ccc2_install.exe (dated 13/12/2013 so looked original)Run that ccc2_install.exe and it will install and place an icon on the task bar (or on the desktop) which will allow the Switchable Graphics feature to be configured for running. Typically you can set programs or functions to run on low power graphics (those on-board) or the high power discrete graphics card ie. AMD Radeon HD 7600M Series card.

You can configure these settings as preferred or leave the default settings as they are and I believe it manages the switching process itself.

Please report back on the results so others can benefit - good luck.

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how do I know if my T400 has switchable graphics?

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Hello,I'd like to use WebGL on my Latitude 5570. Unfortunately it seems, that all browsers all locked to powersaving mode in amd switchable graphics. I've found a note from HP claiming, that applications using OpenGL can't be run with AMD Switchable graphics in some of their models. They offer switching to dedicated graphics in bios as a workaround. But there is not such an option in Dell's BIOS. Renaming exe file and adding it to AMD SG with performance setting doesn't work. Browser always says that webgl is not supported. Strange is that it works on another old notebook with Intel graphics only.
Thanks for any help.

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I currently have an Inspiron 15r 5521. It has switchable graphics between an Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 and an AMD Radeon HD 8730M card. The issue is twofold. 
Firstly, my laptop has been suffering massive fps drops in any kind of computer game at all. The second there is any strain on the graphics it plunges to sub 20 fps.
Secondly, in response to the first problem I've done a lot to try solve the fps drops, including uninstalling and reinstalling all kinds of drivers. I am now convinced I have the right drivers but the problem is that I have no way of checking if the drivers are working properly. It used to be the case where I could go on Catalyst Control Center but that's just upped and vanished and when I've tried installing Radeon Settings it simply never detects the AMD driver I have.Is there a way to get Radeon settings to work? Or is there somewhere else I should be looking for a way to set my graphics up properly? 
Inspiron 15R 5521

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I have a HP G62-B75EV that has switchable graphics cards but i didnt know it until recenly i tried to install the provided drivers from the official site of HP and i cant install them it sais to me OTHER DETECTED DEVICES
SERIAL: [Personal Information Removed]
also it doesnt show up in devices manager

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If it's working, I'll grab the Windows 8 Release Preview. If it's not yet, I'll hold off for the retail version.

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Hello! I have an issue with amd switchable graphics on my laptop.  When I run the game(gta 5) amd discrete graphics card(Radeon R7 M260) is not using. The game runs with integated graphics adapter(Radeon HD 8610G) so it is not smooth.P.S.: sorry for my bad English. I'm looking forward for your reply.

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I have a notebook pc that comes with windows 7 from factory. I would like to install windows 8 in my machine. It has integrated intel hd graphics chip and separate nvidia geforce 420m graphic card. I heard switchable graphics are not working fine with windows 8. Is that true? BTW my system manufacturer isn't providing drivers that compatible with windows 8. Whatever windows 8 upgrade assistant says already installed drivers also compatible with windows 8 and individual hardware manufactures has windows 8 compatible drivers. So, what should I do? Windows 8 upgrade is useless for me?

A:nvidia switchable graphics on win 8

Originally Posted by osandakj

I have a notebook pc that comes with windows 7 from factory. I would like to install windows 8 in my machine. It has integrated intel hd graphics chip and separate nvidia geforce 420m graphic card. I heard switchable graphics are not working fine with windows 8. Is that true? BTW my system manufacturer isn't providing drivers that compatible with windows 8. Whatever windows 8 upgrade assistant says already installed drivers also compatible with windows 8 and individual hardware manufactures has windows 8 compatible drivers. So, what should I do? Windows 8 upgrade is useless for me?

I know its a big time issue with amd / ccc but i dunno bout nvidia. iam sure they got there stuff down and its ok but who knows

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