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Wireless Access Point Distribution

Q: Wireless Access Point Distribution

I am setting up a large apartment (an entire floor) in Manhattan with wireless access. there are a lot of weird architectural obstacles for the wifi signal to get around (lead in walls, steel walls, long hallways, etc.) in the house and i need to get as much coverage as possible. Throughout the house there are ethernet jacks.

now for the question:
I need help in figuring out how i should i connect all these access points because i want the apartment owner to be able to hop from access point to access point as they walk around with their laptop (or whatever wifi device) and never not have access. Should I have every access point plugged into an ethernet jack which runs back to the closet and then have them all go to one port on the router\switch (I assume this woulld cause info to be broadcast across all access points at the same time, which would cover the laptop no matter which access point is closest and would also not require a new ip)? Or should I use some sort of mesh wireless access point which would not need to be plugged into an ethernet jack (just power) and would boost the signal or repeat the signal of one access point? If so, what product would work best?

furthermore, if i use all the same access points on the same channel, i assume they may drown eachother out in some place. how can i deal with that problem on top of all this?

Thank you all so much.

Preferred Solution: Wireless Access Point Distribution

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Wireless Access Point Distribution

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This is personal SCCM but I need some help.

When I have msi application and want to distribute the content to SCCM and DP as distribution pons, DP received it and SCCM did not failed got this message  (Distribution Manager failed to connect to the distribution point ["Display=\\SCCM-M3N.M3N.com\"]MSWNET:["SMS_SITE=M3N"]\\SCCM-M3N.M3N.com\.
Check your network and firewall settings.)
Please help

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I just purchased a wireless router (Linksys) to set up as a wireless access point connected via an ethernet cable to another Linksys wireless router that is connected to my DSL modem. I know I need to connect LAN port to LAN port, but do I need a "straight through" or a "switched/crossover" cable? As I have done some reading, some directions say straight, others say switched, some don't say at all. I just want to be sure I don't have a cabling issue. Thanks in advance for any information.

A:Solved: Connecting Wireless access point and wireless router

Well, a crossover cable will certainly work. If either end of the routers have auto-MDX ports, a straight patch cable will work as well.

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In a few days time I will be changing my ISP in the UK from Sky to BT.

BT are providing me with their newest wireless router free of charge as part of the deal and I'll be using that to set up my wireless network, which will consist of an HP Pavilion desktop, a Toshiba laptop, a Sony Vaio laptop, an HP wireless printer and a Samsung HDTV.

This means my Sky wireless router is surplus to requirements, so I was wondering if I could convert it to a wireless access point to improve the range of my BT wireless network.

If so, how do I go about it?

I've read a couple of supposedly easy-to-understand articles on Google and have to say they left me more confused than ever.

Is there a straightforward way of doing this?

A:How do I convert a spare wireless router to a wireless access point


See if you can follow my own Tutorial on adding an additional router to your existing one.

Please let us know how that works.

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prior to downloading the Windows 7 service pack 2 I had windows 7 basic that connected to the internet with out any issues. After istallation I no longer had the option to manually connect to a wireless network or set up a wireless router or access point
or ad hoc. It will only let me have dial up/lan/vpn there is no wlan anywhere? I can't access the internet on that computer so I have no idea how to fix it. How can I manually add a wireless network if I dont have the option?

A:Don't have the option to manually connect to a wireless network or set up a wireless router or access point or ad hoc after installing Windows 7 service pack 1

Reinstall your wireless network card driver to the latest one.
And refer to this:
Setting up a wireless network
MiyaMiya Yao
TechNet Community Support

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Hi all

This is my first post and I would like some advice and for someone to tell me if what I want to do is indeed possible.
I would like to connect a wireless access point (placed upstairs) to my wireless belkin router (placed in downstairs living room). I want to place the wireless access point upstairs then connect a switch to this with an ethernet cable. I will then be connecting a blu-ray player, tv and xbox console via the switch to the wireless access point. I'm hoping this will also increase the wireless signal in the attic which would be a bonus but not hugely important. I want to connect everything upstairs wirelessly because trailing a long ethernet cable through the house isn't possible, which is why i'm thinking of this set up. I'm thinking of using either the TP-Link TL-WA801ND or the Edimax EW-7416APN because these seem reasonably priced with good reviews.

If any one can tell me if this sounds correct and if it will work before I go out and buy the gear that would be great. Many thanks for any help in advance!

A:Connecting wireless router to wireless access point

Sounds like you want a Wireless Bridge (or AP Client). If you get a decent signal in the desired location and the WAP includes Wireless Bridge mode it should work fine. I use one (now discontinued, so I won't recommend it) myself for a camera whose integrated wireless no longer works.

I'm hoping this will also increase the wireless signal in the atticClick to expand...

That requires Repeater (or Range Extender) mode. If the WAP includes Wireless Bridge mode it will (I'm pretty sure) also include this mode. I understand that some units can do both jobs (wireless bridge and repeater) at the same time.

I didn't look at the specs or manuals for the units you mentioned; just indicating what you should be looking for.

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I encountered my first Wireless access point today. I walked away scratching my head as to exactly what the differences are in the way they are set up and the way they work. I have to go back there Monday and make another attempt.

Is there a reference on the web that explains the differences between these things and the similarities?

I asked a friend who does use one (access point) and does understand how they work (I guess) if he would explain it to me. Well, when he got done explaining, I wanted to say, "Well, I'm still waiting on the explanation of how they are different and how they are alike.".

I guess I'm just dense on this. What would be nice is one of those comparison tables; but, I can't find one. When I search at Google, I get all sorts of information about both but no comparison.

A:Wireless Router/Wireless Access Point--What's the difference?

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I have a D-Link Wireless Router in my basement office that's connected to my cable modem. I also have a D-Link 8-port gigabit switch connected to the wireless router. Over the last few years I have wired many rooms in my house that all connect into the gigaswitch. Everything works fine. I am also using WEP encryption on the wireless router.

I now have the need to extend the wireless capability to an upstairs room, but cannot seem to get a reliable signal that will stay connected. I decided to try and plug an older D-Link Wireless Access point device (DWL-1000AP) into the wired RJ-45 ethernet jack in the room. I went through the 'successful' install of the 1000AP and my wireless devices seem to recognizes it as an access point -along with the wireless router in my basement office. I used WEP encryption again on the 1000AP device - same key.

However, whenever I try to connect to that 1000AP I cannot get connected. It simply will not connect to the 1000AP device which is sitting just a few feet from my wireless device/computer.

Why won't it connect? One possible theory I've thought of is that I have one wireless point (the 1000AP) connected into another wireless point - both using the same WEP encryption and security key value. Is this the probable issue? Is what I'm trying to do, well doable? Or, am I way off base here? Is there another way to do this?

Any help would be appreciated.


BTW, I'm using WinXP Pro SP2.
&nb... Read more

A:Wireless Access Point Connected to Wireless Router??

You should be able to connect. If you configure the access point with no security, does it connect then? That's the way to narrow this down.

Remember, you need to use the hex keys for WEP, not the passcode, since that's not always 100% reliable.

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iam new to Wireless Router and i want to get one so i started looking for one and found Wireless Router & Wireless Access Point . now i need to know which one should i get and what brand . i don't want to get the wrong thing ang wast $$$. i have one pc & one labtop and Internet access(adsl) range to cover for the pc is 60feet from the Router & the labtop is about 80feet. can some 1 help me

A:Solved: Wireless Access Point & Wireless Router

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This question may not be what you think it is. I am trying to fix an intermittent issue in my home environment. The issue is I am having to use wireless. Our Xfinity Cable/WAP modem sits on the top floor of our house. I am located in the basement. The wireless signal I get most of the time is very good, and by very good i mean at least 15+ mb/s on speedtest.com.

I am taking the Cisco Network Academy classes and am familiar with network terminology and concepts. However, what I'm trying to do is take a router/WAP (using it downstairs where I'm located) and configure it to access our xfinity modem upstairs, so that I can plug in to it downstairs using a RJ-45. Is this possible?

Let me know what yall think. By the way the router/wap i would be using is a netgear model unknown at this moment but could easily find out.


A:Can you access a Cable moden via Wireless Access Point

As long as the two devices are on the same subnet (as they should be in normal circumstances) then it should work.

You may need to designate your wireless machine, in the router, as having access privileges.

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Hello all!!

I'm brand-spankin' new to this form, so please forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place.

I have a question for you all and would appreciate any help you might be able to provide.
I've recently upgraded my wireless router from the NetGear MR814v2 to the WGT624v2. Unfortunately, I'm using this in both b and g modes, as one of the computers accessing the internet can only function in 802.11b ( ), but I digress.

Does any one know if I can configure the MR814 to act as a wireless access point that I can use with my Playstation 2? I haven't been able to find an inexpensive access point that people are happy with, and I'd hate to spend the $$ if I already have the equipment I need .


A:Wireless router as a wireless access point?

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I have a Belkin F5d8633 -4 V1000 From a while ago. And for the last year or so i've used the Sky sagem [email protected] router. (I tried when i first got it to use the belkin as the primary router but couldnt due to the lack of username and password) At the moment I've got my desktop wired into the sky and recently connected the Belkin router to the sky to add range on the signal in my house.
However the range still isn't good enough to reach the top floor of the house which could be due to the office where its situated to be a garage and the signal having to go through outside walls, but we were assured when purchasing it would work to a third story.
I've been trying all day reading threads on this forum and others, to see if it was possible to wirelessly bridge the routers. I'm not sure of the specifications of the routers I have, and the sky router settings don't seem to like being changed, but if anyone could lend some knowledge my way, would be greatly appreciated. I think what i want is a wireless bridge but I'm not sure on how to go about setting that up.

Thanks Kurt.

A:Wireless access point / Wireless Bridge

You can probably get a user manual from Belkin's web site if you no longer have the CD.

You are correct that you want "wireless bridge" or "AP client" feature. With Belkin you'll probably find that it might work as a wireless bridge with another Belkin router, but not with other brands. Still, it's worth trying if the manual gives enough hints on how to configure it.

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I have bought a TP-LINK TL-WN322G (wireless USB) and I try to set up a WAP using it as a WAP to connect my NOKIA N95 8GB wirelessly to the PC and Internet, but I can't.
Can anyone help me how to do this?
Thanks in advance!

A:Create a Wireless Access Point using Wireless USB

the NOKIA N95 8GB is a phone, and making an encripted connection to it is
dependent upon the phone.

first try to make any connection (ie: without encryption)

btw: the typical means to use a cell phone as an internet connection is to WIRE the device to the system.

You may find that the cell phone running on 2.4 ghz will conflict with the TL-WN322G

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I just wanted to ask if it was possible to use a wireless gateway (modem and router combined) as a wireless access point. I know that I can disable DCHP on the gateway and plug in a crossover cable from my existing wireless router to the gateway and get connection like that, but I don't want to use any cables at all. Basically, I want to use it as a wireless range expanded. Since it is confusing I have drawn a picture below (please excuse the lack of artistic ability).

1) Is the existing Wireless router (Linksys WRT54G)
2) Is the gateway I want to use as the access point (D-Link DSL-G604T)

So, again, basically I want '1' to talk to '2' wirelessly, so that a laptop far from '1' will get a stronger connection.

Thanks for any help

A:Wireless Router as a wireless access point?

While some routers include a "bridge" or "WAP" mode, it appears that the D-Link DSL-G604T does not. That being said, you can't do what you are asking about.

You could run a cable between the two routers and put them in different locations to expand your signal coverage, that's what I do.

Connecting two SOHO broadband routers together.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

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Wireless routers (which include wireless access point functionality) seem to be significantly cheaper than wireless access points. If I do not need the WAN functions provided by a wireless router, is there any advantage to using a dedicated wireless access point over the access point function of a router? For example, would a dedicated access point be faster?

I have a 802.11g router which I am using only as an access point to an existing 10.0 Mbps network. The link quality and signal strength to the remote computer are both excellent with the connection speed either 36 or 54 Mbps. Nevertheless, the throughput on the wireless connection is much, much slower than that of the wired connections. Is it possible that the access point function of the router is inferior to that of a dedicated access point?

A:Wireless Router vs. Wireless Access Point

I always use a wireless router if it servers the purpose. A WAP isn't any faster, just more expensive. Note that most WAP's have multiple operating modes, where a router only operates in gateway mode.

Thinking back to how Kodak made all their money, I view the router as the "camera", and the other wireless equipment as the "film". They practically give away the camera to get you to buy the film.

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I have a small home network, wired right now. I would like to add a wireless access point for near future laptops. Can I add a second router that is wireless to my wired network with having to load router software on a second computer. Is this even possible. My network consists of my PC, HP M8300f desktop PC as home base/client and cable modem with linksys wired router, BEFSR41 connected to a dell 2400 desktop. I am wanting to add a linksys wireless router WRT54G some where in the living room for and access point. Do I have to load the software on the Dell PC or can I just plug in router to wall socket and connect wirelessly that way. Thanks for the help. Just thinking out side the box.

A:wireless access point

If i am correct,router 1 should be,and router 2 is and Disable the DHCP on router 2.

hope this helps

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I am trying to set up a new WAP and the instructions are for Windows XP. Could someone please tell me how to set this up in Windows 7?

http://www.dlink.com/us/en/support/...DWL 7100AP/Manual/dwl_7100AP_manual_EN_US.pdf
It is on page 11.

A:Wireless Access Point

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My father gave me a WAP that he mistakenly bought from Gateway Computers. He has no manual for it. I have a home wireless network and I'd like to know if it can do anything for me. The only connections to it are the AC adaptor and a USB connector. What can I use this for and how do I use it? Can it be used to extend my wireless range?

A:Wireless Access Point

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Hi there,

The gist of my problem is that I've just set up a wireless access point, but my internet provider has some very specific terms about not using DHCP, and so I'm a bit confused about some of the settings on the Wi-fi set up for my computer.

The router is an Edimax EW-7228APn and my computer is a MacBook Pro with Mac OS X 10.7.5

When I set up the wireless access point, I disabled the DHCP during the set-up process, so I thought I was set. But when I went into the wi-fi settings on my computer under TCP/IP it gave the options "DHCP" "BootP" or "Manually" for configuring the IP. I thought the safest bet to not violate my internet company's T&Cs was that I should do it manually with the IP address and subnet mask given to me in the wireless access point's manual. This worked fine until I tried to connect my iPhone to the wireless access point as well. My computer came up with an error message saying that another device had the same IP address, so I figured that's not an option. I'm not sure what BootP is, and if it is similar to DHCP as well. I know so little about this stuff that I'm not really sure where to begin. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

A:Wireless Access Point

Hi liymmm, and welcome to TSG.

The Edimax EW-7228APn is a router without any kind of modem capability. Does your service provider give you a modem to which you are connecting the EW-7228APn? If so, are they providing the EW-7228APn or is it your own?

Can you provide a link to a page of the service providers terms of service that mention not using DHCP or copy and paste them into a post here?

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Hey I have a situation where a client has a specialty device connected to their solar power system. The device has an Ethernet jack to connect into the network for viewing the device's web interface.
However, it cannot physically be connected with Cat5 because it's in the garage and has to stay connected to solar equipment.

I figure the best way to connect it to the network is wireless, but the device doesn't have wireless, their cable modem/router has wireless. So I thought a WAP is the way to go, but not sure if that is how they are supposed to work. A WAP has a single Ethernet jack but see I don't want to connect it to the router to provide wireless access, rather I want to connect the DEVICE to the Ethernet jack and communicate back to the router over wireless. Can a WAP be used this way?

In other words, it's NOT router to jack to wireless broadcast. Rather it's router to wireless to jack to the device so device can talk to network over wireless.

Another way to ask it is, a WAP comes with a single jack, can I use that jack for the device or must it directly connect to the router for DHCP?

If a WAP can't be used this way, how else can I connect a remote device on Ethernet in to the network? Note that this device has no "screen" or too many setup options, it's just a box that hosts its own web page for status. It just wants to be on a network so it can be viewed. The wireless part of the WAP would NOT be for bro... Read more

A:Use for wireless access point, can do this?

Doesn't the maker have instructions on their website, along with the hardware details.
There are shielded ethernet cables, also known as plenum cables, sold in 100, 150, 200, and 300 feet length that work very well. How far is the garage away from the computer and other connections? What you are suggesting will keep you working all week.

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I have set up several internet cafe's with open system access so customers can access the internet wirelessly. I have also set up multiple desktop stations in the cafe that are hard wired to the router. I am wondering if there is any way that patrons can access the system and can do any harm to the PC's or access any information that the PC's have stored on the HDD? I know that to be on the safe side, that it is not recommended that you try and access any personal information like bank accounts, credit accounts or any other type of information of this sort due to an intruder intercepting your information because it is an open system. If the security features on the PC's are good then should there be any problem? I just dont want any one to access any information that is stored on the main desktop HDD. Any help will work. Thank You!

A:Wireless Access Point

If the wireless is on the same network as the PC's and you have no software firewalls then yes there is a small chance this could be done. (Even less if you have file system sharing turned off.)

If the security features on the PC's are good then should there be any problem?

No problem at all as long as you have it secured enough.

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Hi guys.

I have a Belkin 802.11g Wireless Network Access Point (F5D7130) which I'm wanting to setup so I can get wifi going for my ipod touch.

Now I have a Linksys BEFSR81 Etherfast cable/dsl router which is connected to my broadband modem. When I plug the Belkin AP in it works automatically just fine and I can connect to the wireless connection with my ipod touch.

However, it's been used before so when I factory reset it, it wiped any previous security off (including the old password I couldn't remember) and so the wireless connection has no WEP security on it.

I can set WEP up if I log into the Belkin AP's web interface but I can't find the IP to connect to it. There's a few IP's mentioned in the manual but none of them work. I'm also not even sure if I can log into the web interface using a computer which is connected via cable to the Linksys router (which the Belkin AP is connected to) or whether I'd have to log into it on my ipod using the wireless connection itself.

It just seems like there's no actual node to log into. I know there is but it's a wireless AP so to me it just seems to act like an extension of a cable. when I log into my linksys router and check the DHCP table I can see that the ipod is connected to the linksys router (through the Belkin AP) and it has it's own IP etc. However I can't see any mention of the AP itself anywhere or it's IP.

If anyone has any suggestions it would be ... Read more

A:Can't log into wireless access point

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Have a Comcast Business IP Gateway modem with four ports. One port have a CISCO Small Business RVS 4000 router connect to it, two port have Linksys E3000 router connect to it, port three have a D-link DIR-655 connect to it. The CISCO Small Business RVS 4000 work great. It has a Netgear switch connect to CISCO router with about 10 devices connects to the net gear switch. However Linksys E3000 router has a Hawking access point to it. The access point keep losing internet access, but networking is good. I have to keep unplug the power from the router the internet work well. Why do I have to keep power cycle the router so often? Dlink router dose the same thing with two access point connects to it. Is there a better way to connect access point so that it will not keep losing internet access?


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Hi All

I have just decided to go wireless and have the following problem:

I have a Belkin WAP (F5D6130), A Linksys Router/Switch (BEFSR41) wired, And a USB Wireless adaptor. Running on XP Home.

All the above parts are known to be in working order. The router works allowing me internet access on my pc etc, The wireless adaptor works allowing my laptop to browse wireless networks in the vicinity, The wireless access point works as i took it into work and could connect to it with all sorts of centrinos etc.

The problem is using the above together, i cannot get my laptop to even see the wireless access point (which is plugged into the router) let alone connect to it. Althogh my laptop will quite happily point me in the direction of about 6 other networks down my road.

DHCP is enabled on the router etc.

Any help appreciated


A:Wireless Access Point

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I have an access point but I do not own a router. I have wireless card in my Dell laptop. Is there anyway I can get wireless set up with only an access point and not a router? Thanks

A:Wireless with only Access Point?

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I'm kind of new to the relm of wireless access points but a friend I have is connected through a wireless access point.

The access point is connected to a linksys wireless router which I can access through but I'm not sure how to change the wireless password for the wireless access point.

Do I need to access this through an IP? Or is there some other way that I can change the wireless password? I have looked all in the routers control panel but it says nothing about changing the wireless password and I can only change the password to the router itself.

Can anyone help me please figure out how to change the wireless password.

A:Wireless Access Point

Why do you need to change the password on your friend's wireless access point?

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Is a wireless router which is a router, switch and access point combination device a complete unit needed for wireless networks? What is another device called a wireless access point, and why would it be needed if the router has tha access point installed in it????
Thanks, Jim

A:wireless access point

Exactly... you wouldn't need an access point in that scenario.
They come in handy at times - for example: I had a wired router before going wireless. When I went wireless, it was simply cheaper for me to by just the AP since I already had a router.

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Okay, This is what happened. The other day i went inside my router's admin thing, by typing the gateway ip address of my computer. i was able to access my admin control panel thing. i was just looking around inside about the speed transfer rate. changed it to 54 mbps so i could watch videos etc on the net, logged out of it then shut my computer. then the next day i try to connect to my wireless internet but it says it connects to the wireless access point but the internet cannot be found ??? so i need to find out what the gateway ip is and how to get my internet back up...



i don't know why it connects the the wireless access point. my wirless name is there and everything, but it just says internet cannot be found?

A:Wireless Access Point

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Can a wireless router be used as an access point in conjunction with another wireless router?

A:wireless access point

Yes....follow link which shows better than I can talk it

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Hello, I was wondering if you could help me with the following problem;
I have a D-Link DIR-615, and a NetGear WGR614 v9.

What I am trying to do is have the D-Link router set as my main router, connected to the modem, and have my netgear act as a access point.
I have my netbook plugged into the neatgear with an ethernet port (into one of the 4ports not the WAN one), which I have used to set the SSID, WEP key, and channel to the same as my DLink. I then disabled the SPI firewall, and SPI ALG, and DHCP server. From there I activated the wireless repeater mode setting the repeater IP address to (my dlink is, with it set to auto add computers to .100-199), and entered in the DLinks MAC address.
From here, it updates the netgear router, I go to the new IP adress i've set, but get nothing just page cannot be displayed, I have tried rebooting the netbook, and using my iPod to connect to it, but get nothing.

I hope you can help!

A:Wireless Access Point Help

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hey people,

ok, this is the thing.

I have wired broadband and i want wireless broadband.

This is my setup:

Netgear DG814 Modem/Router
Windows XP PC (wired directly into the router)
Windows XP Laptop (not currently connected to the net)

At the moment, the cable is running from downstairs to the PC upstairs.

So, I want an easy way to get both the PC and laptop on the net, wirelessly.

Would it be best to just get a Wireless Access Point, a Wireless PCMCIA card and a Wireless PCI card.....then:

1) Plug the Router into the phone jack/filter (downstairs)
2) Plug the Access Point into the Router
3) Then connect the PC and Laptop via the access point ??

If so, do you have any recommendations on which Access Point to go for?

Should I stick to Netgear stuff ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Wireless Access Point - DO I NEED ONE ?

networking assistance

for best results, i would reccomend getting a wireless router. the desktop does not need to be wireless unless it is not next to router. it seemed in your description that was the case. netgear makes a good product and there range is better than anyone elses. also they have SPI as well as NAT in there routers. they sell a great little package that would get you everything you need in one box. its the 54G notebook kit. it has both a router and a PCMCIA card in one box.

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I want to set up my router as a wireless access point. By router is a NetGear (wired) and the wireless router is a Linksys. I have done everything in the instructions I found on setting up a wireless access point but the computer just won't see the Linksys! I have plugged one end of an ethernet cable in the Linksys to the other end of one in the NetGear router. Any suggestions?

A:Wireless Access Point

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i have a proxim orinoco card in my computer and am trying to let people get access trough it.

i can put the card into ad-hoc mode and people can see my ssid however some cannot connect to it. those who do connect, get switched over to ad-hoc mode . seems when a connection is made to a normal access point, you arent switched to ad-hoc mode... rather you sty in infastructure mode...

i need to get my orinoco card to look just like a normal access point.
plz help

A:wireless access point

Your Proxim Orinoco card is not an access point. You need a real access point to do what you're trying to do. Ad-Hoc mode is a 1:1 connection, you are trying to create a 1:many connection.

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I have just bought a wireless-n wifi repeater which does exactly what it says on the bos. I have it plugged into a non wireless router. I cannot access the wireless wifi repeaters web admin page to set a password. I did follow all the instructions but in them I was told to configure the wirless thing and input a load of numbers for the IP address. After I did that my normal internet would not work so I went back to letting the computer do it all automatically. I now have internet on the computer, wired, and internet wifi which is cool but I need a password on the wireless thingy. HELP

A:Wireless access point

If you have a wireless repeater what signal are you repeating? Or are you actually trying to use a wireless access point (as stated in the thread title)?

Why can you not access the "repeaters" (or AP's) config pages?

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I have a dell 1600n printer and several computers running Vista and XP. The printer is network ready with an eithernet connection. Can someone suggest a wireless access point (hardware) and how to configure the system such the printer would not have to be connected to any computer yet be able to print from any computers on mynetwork. Thanks

A:wireless access point

Any Linksys, Netgear or Dlink wireless router would accomplish this for you. Printer would connect via wired. Wkstations would be able to print if wired or wireless.

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My job, when I was at work, was in IT. I have a great deal of experience with networks but wasn't involved with wireless at that time. My only experience of wireless networks is at home.

I have a cable modem in the "office" on the 1st floor, which is where the cable (Virgin) network cable terminates. The modem/router has gigabit networking ports and my PCs and printer are connected by gigabit ethernet cable. I use homehub devices to extend the wired network to the ground floor where, until recently, the only device was my games console. This was plugged into the second homehub device. I used homehubs because the wireless signal on the ground floor was very poor.

I have recently upgraded my "smart phone" which has Wi-Fi and also bought a tablet for use in the lounge on the ground floor. Both devices get a good signal anywhere upstairs but a poor signal anywhere downstairs. I therefore needed to extend my wireless coverage to improve downstairs reception. I tried all the usual solutions but none were satisfactory. I then decided to add a second "wireless access point" in the lounge. I already had a couple of ADSL modem/routers from when my broadband was from my phone company so decided to use one of those as a wireless access point.

My setup is now like this.

My problem is this.

I cannot find a way to have the two wireless devices seem like one wireless network. I have turned off DHCP in the ground floor router a... Read more

A:How to add a second wireless access point

I've just had a re-think of my setup process. I had originally given the two devices the same SSID and the reception downstairs was no better. This led me to assume that I was still connecting to the upstairs router. I then gave them different SSIDs and was able to connect to either as they were acting as two separate networks. At that point I downloaded some software that showed all the available networks and their strengths and what channels they were operating on. This allowed me to re-assign the channels to the two devices that did not interfere with each other or with my neighbours. I forgot to re-try using the same SSID again.

Just assigned them both the same SSID and now get "excellent" reception from all over the house.

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We developed an app using HTTPS, running on Windows 8.1 Pro, and the app is being used in an Proxy enabled environment.

We set the appropriate Proxy setting to the app, but, for some reason, the app cannnot reach the CRL distribution point for cheking the validity of the SSL certificate.

Our app designates the proxy to the Windows API, but it seems like WinInet/WinHttp is not using this proxy when checking for the certificate.

By using netsh winhttp set proxy xxxx, it can reach to the CRL distribution point via the proxy.

It looks like a some sort of bug, but not sure. Can anyone help us to solve the issue here?

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My DSL router and Linksys WAP11 Wireless Access point both shipped with the same default IP addresses, so I changed the Linksys... several years ago... and forgot what I changed it to.

Resetting it- even for 30 seconds- does not seem to help.

Any ideas? Any app that can ping a bunch of addresses until it finds it?

A:Wireless Access Point IP Address

Resetting it to factory defaults should return it to factory defaults. If that doesn't happen, perhaps it's actually broken. The manual says hold the reset for 10 seconds.

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Hey everyone. This is my first post here. I tried looking for a similar post, but I didn't find one. Anyways, here's my situation:

I just bought a Linksys WRT54GL wireless router. I flashed it with Tomato (http://www.polarcloud.com/tomato), and now it sits in my living room. It works great however I've noticed that the signal strength in my bedroom is not that great. So I bought a Netgear WG602 v3 access point.

What I want to do is wirelessly bridge the Netgear access point to the Linksys wireless router. I don't want to drill into any of my walls to connect the AP via Ethernet.

Are there any Tomato experts here? I think I may be doing something wrong with configuring my router. In Tomato, there is option for Wireless Mode:

I can go on and on, but I think I made my situation clear. How exactly do I wirelessly bridge the router with the access point? Thanks.

A:Wireless Bridging With Access Point

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I recently had to have someone do a system restore on my compaq laptop because of an electrical storm. Now, I have trouble with my laptop connecting to the wireless access point. Sometimes it will connect to the signal and then drop off. Sometimes not connect at all. When I power the wireless access pt down and then reconnect its power cord, my laptop connects to the signal and stays connected. My question: Was a key file taken off the hard drive, or is the wireless access going out? Buffalo Air Station is what I have. It's about 4 years old.

A:Wireless access point problem??

If it connects and is operable, if only for a short period of time, it's not a "key" issue.

The only real test would be another wireless device/laptop, to see if it can connect to your AP and stay connected. That will verify the AP is operational.

Or test the laptop at another location. That will verify if your laptop is operational.

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Hi, Ill explain the situation, i have one computer attached to a wireless linksys b router downstairs, while upstairs i have 2 computers, one with a wireless b pci card (linksys), the other with no internet right now, i just bought a wireless WGT624 netgear router with high hopes that i could easily connect my other computer upstairs, with wireless internet, however, the manuals give no info, and no explanation whatsoever to turn the router into an access point, I was also hoping to get a few more computers attached to the wireless router upstairs. So my question is, can i use my new router to connect other computers to the router downstairs, or to the computer with the wireless pci card?

A:Wireless Router as an Access Point?

Nope. Routers only work in gateway mode, and will not communicate directly with each other wirelessly.

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I've been trying to configure a bt home hub 3 as a wireless access point, I must have tried a hundred different things to get this to work!

Let me describe the setup quickly.

Sky Fibre - with open reach modem and sky hub.
See speed test results below:
Belkin Gigabit Powerline HD - ethernet from sky hub to Powerline - other end ethernet cable to bt home hub 3.
A Netgear ReadyNAS nv+ v2 is also being used - of which we are currently lag when streaming HD movies.

As for Network settings, they are as follows:

Sky Hub
IP address:
Subnet Mask:
DHCP range: -
Wireless channel: 9

BT Home Hub 3
IP address:
Subnet Mask:
DHCP: Disabled
Wireless channel: 1

Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ V2
Host Name (same as SSID?): Bramcroft-NAS
IP address:
Subnet Mask:
Default gateway:
Can anyone see any issues with the above setup?
To confirm, the sky router has access to the internet as does the ReadyNAS drive.
The Home Hub does not have access to the internet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:BT Home Hub 3 as wireless access point

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Okay I messed with this a while ago and never got it completely figured out. What I'm trying to do is setup one of my machines as an access point, by either using the wireless nic in this machine or by using a second ethernet nic connected to a second wireless router.

My setup:

XP Pro SP2
2 Ethernet Nic's
1 Wireless Nic

wrt54gs v.4 running dd-wrt v.23 (My internet connection)
192.168.1.? (ip range)

buffalo wyr-g54 (router I would like to use as an access point)
My machine with above specs is hardwired to the linksys and what I would like to do is out of the second ethernet nic connect that to the buffalo and somehow bridge the internet access, but keep the lan's separate... if that makes sense.

Anyone connecting to the buffalo I don't want to be able to see any clients connected to the linksys.

I guess in a nutshell is I want both the linksys and buffalo to serve as wireless access points using dhcp but separate from each other. My last alternative is to get a second modem, but I'd like to avoid that if possible.

Thanks for any input/advice/links in advance.

A:Wireless Access Point Setup

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Hi -
I have a network where I am using a wireless router as a WAP and it is connected by wire to a cable modem. The WAP is connected to the modem not through the WAN port but in the 1st port (as is necessary for the WAP). Also DHCP is off on the WAP and on on the modem/router. For a computer connected directly to the modem/router by wire, I can access the Internet without a problem. For a computer connected to the wireless ( which is outside of the modem/routers DHCP range from, I cannot connect to the Internet. I know it is a DNS problem since I can connect to servers on the wireless if I give them an IP address into Firefox and not a named address. Furthermore, this problem is new. For a few weeks, this setup was working fine. And then one day, no Internet on wireless.

Any ideas on what might be happening?

Below are the details of one laptop when connect by wire to the router/modem and another computer when connected to the wireless.

Computer connected by wire to modem/router
Physical Address: 00-1D-09-46-09-32
IPv4 address:
Subnet Mask:
DHCP Enabled Yes
Autoconfiguration enabled: Yes
Default gateway:
DHCP Server:
DNS Serviers:
NetBios over Tcpip: Enabled
Computer connected to Wireless
Physical Address: C4-17-FE-8A-D8-94
IPv4 address:
Subnet Mask:
DHCP Enabled Yes
Default gateway:
DHCP Server:
DN... Read more

A:DNS problem over Wireless Access Point

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I have a Netgearwg602 and I can't get to the internet with it. I tried reaching from a wireless device(Nintendo DS lite) and it said that there is No IP address or no DHCP server on it. I tried a lot of things, but nothing is working. Please help?

A:Wireless access point problem?

Your Netgear WG602 is only an Access Point, it has no router or DHCP abilities. It can also function as a bridge or a repeater as well!

Is the WG602 wired into a router?

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hello all,
Here is my question. I have a Dell pocket pc and I was wondering if i could use my dial up connection to access the web with it. I have an external modem hooked to my windows nt computer.
I was going to put a 4 port switch on the modem and hookup a wireless access point to a port and let my pocket pc use a wireless card to access it. Question is will the pocket pc access the line to dial up?
Any help would be soooo great!!!

A:using wireless access point on switch

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