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Need help in identifying and drivers for USB Serial Adapter

Q: Need help in identifying and drivers for USB Serial Adapter

Hi, i was wondering if you all can help me with this issue, I bought this adapter from the store, and found that it didnt include the driver CD. I couldn't identify it as it didnt have the company name / brand on it. I tried searching the forum and found someone with similar issue as me. I've tried the solution that worked for him, but Windows XP doesnt recognize it. So I hope to find help in solving the issue.

Thanks in advance
My device ID is USB\VID_5372&PID_2303\5&32FC3193&0&2

Preferred Solution: Need help in identifying and drivers for USB Serial Adapter

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Need help in identifying and drivers for USB Serial Adapter

PID_2303 could be a Prolific Technology USB bridge. Try the driver at the top of this page: http://www.prolific.com.tw/eng/downloads.asp?ID=31

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I have come into a Compaq computer with a bad processor. I am trying to identify this exact computer by serial number only as there are no markings other than "Compaq Presario" and the serial number.

The computer is in perfect cosmetic condition and all markings appear to be present. It appears there was never any model number markings on the front or sides and if there ever was a model number sticker on the back, it was removed without leaving even a trace it was ever there.

There is, however, an excellent, clear serial number sticker; but, I can detect no way of looking for support at the Compaq site by serial number. Does anyone here know of a way?

A:Identifying a Compaq by serial number only?

How about a motherboard model ?

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I have an HP z27s 4k display, but when I put in the serial number, it comes up as a L1506 monitor.  It am having problems with black lines across the screen, but I can't open a warranty case because I can't connect the serial number to my product.  Any ideas? 

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I have a Toshiba Tecra M11-17V laptop, which I frequently use with the docking station that came with it.
There is a DB9 serial port on the back of the docking station but I do not know what COM Port it is.

I am using Windows 7.

In Device Manager, COM9 - COM22 are identified as BT Port (bluetooth). COM7 - COM8 are RIM Virtual Serial Port v2, COM17 is Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port and COM18 is USB-Serial CH340.

I figured that COM17 or COM18 were the most likely candidates, but have not been able to get it to respond using either of them.

I am connecting a Psion 5 (Comms app) to it, and have set the ports and the Psion to 19200 baud, 8bits, 1 stop bit, no parity.

A:Tecra M11-17V - Identifying the serial port on the docking station


> There is a DB9 serial port on the back of the docking station but I do not know what COM Port it is

I think you misunderstood something wrong?
The COM ports available in device manager are ?virtual com ports?
There is no connection between an virtual com port and serial port.

I?ve got one question: what docking station do you have exactly?

I had an express port replicator and this device required an installation of additional serial port driver.

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Hey. I lost the tip for my universal adapter, so my computer won't turn on. The tag with the serial number etc is scratched up. I'm almost certain the product number is L3C51UAIAPI though I'm unsure about the second A... Either way, searching that returns nothing.All I can find out is that the battery has a tag that saysCT 6DXZR06WY7XD3Jit has another number 746641 001 which let me identify what the battery is but I don't know if this battery is used for multiple laptops or not.Battery says it's 11.1V but I remember the charger being 18.5 or 19.5 V so that's no help.All my work is on my computer and I've already lost one of my jobs due to being unable to access it so any help is much appreciated.

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I need help identifying a network adapter.Here are one its hardware ID's.


A:Network Adapter Identifying help

Is this a wireless adapter? if so then I think its this-

ID: Atheros AR5B125 Driver: https://www.atheros.cz/atheros-wirel...et=70&system=5

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Hi! There are some tablets I have my eye on, on ebay. But they've got connections that are made for a mac on them. I was wondering if there is an adapter out there that will let me connect these Wacom tablets to my PC. If they exist and someone can direct me to a place online that sells an adapter, that would be awesome! The sooner, the better please ! Thank you kindly!

A:Mac serial to PC serial adapter?

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I have a 2nd pc (netbook) Asus windows 7 32bit. When I pull up Network connections to view the to connections listed- Local Area & Wireless Network - When you click connect, it continuously says identifying. ON BOTH connections when you try connecting with both. I went to device manager and they are both there being still installed as will as the few hidden items such as the MiniPorts(IP, IPv2, & etc.). I need help fixing this issue to actually be able to connect to a network properly without is saying identifying. You cannot troubleshoot the issue as it is not finding a problem with the adapters. Please help.

When I did another troubleshooting just now, it says "Problem with wireless adapter or access point - Detected - With a caution sign. I do not have a way to reinstall a new driver on that pc. Please help. Thanks so much in advance.

A:Promblem with Atheros AR9285 wireless Network Adapter-Says Identifying

Quote: Originally Posted by bizzeb

I have a 2nd pc (netbook) Asus windows 7 32bit. When I pull up Network connections to view the to connections listed- Local Area & Wireless Network - When you click connect, it continuously says identifying. ON BOTH connections when you try connecting with both. I went to device manager and they are both there being still installed as will as the few hidden items such as the MiniPorts(IP, IPv2, & etc.). I need help fixing this issue to actually be able to connect to a network properly without is saying identifying. You cannot troubleshoot the issue as it is not finding a problem with the adapters. Please help.

Hi bizzeb, Have you visited the Asus website? reinstall the network adaptors ,also check with a virus scanner to make sure you are infection free If you would be so kind and give us a little more info on the netbook we may be able to help you further

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I have just installed Pro x 64
I am trying to find a list of drivers so that I know what to update, any clues as to where this is. Thanks

A:Identifying drivers?

Here's the spec for your motherboard

Asus P7P55D-E spec

And here's the link to the Drivers for your board

Asus P7P55D-E drivers

Hope this helps a bit

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My WinXP Home Edition keeps on freezing, just when I least want it to. I've gotten the Microsoft page that says this problem was caused by a driver. It list a few different ways to troubleshoot problem drivers, among them System Restore, which really doesn't tell you what the problem was, and anyway, all my system restore points older than a couple of days ago are no good anyway (was not able to complete the System Restore process). They also suggested repairing WinXP by booting from the CD. This also doesn't seem to address the problem of actually finding the culprit driver. Furthermore, my computer froze again halfway through the process. I don't remember updating or installing any new drivers for a long time, so my memory is no help. I've also gone to Programs\Accessories\System Tools\System Information, and looked under Problem Devices, but it doesn't list any. Is there not some diagnostic program that can scan your system for problem drivers? I can't believe there isn't some built in way to do this in WinXP. I'm told that Macs can do this easily. This is very frustrating and unacceptable. Can anyone give me some pointers here?

A:Identifying Problem Drivers

Go here and let them run a scan on your computer, they will let you know what drivers you need, I've used them for a long time.

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Hey, I bought a computer from a University Health Care surplus. It came without a hard drive, so I bought a new one and installed Windows XP.

Took some time and work, but I found the driver to connect to the internet, and installed other drivers; however, I need some help with these last two.

Computer Model: HP DC7700 small form factor base unit.

There are still 2 that the drivers are not installed at all, and they are the only ones that show up with the yellow ?

"Other Devices"
-PCI Serial Port
-Unknown Device

I'm not sure how to go about finding the drivers for these. I'm sure there are other devices that need driver updates.

Here is a printout of the Device Manager report.

******************** SYSTEM SUMMARY ********************
Windows Version: Windows 5.1 Service Pack 3 (Build 2600)
System BIOS Version: HPQOEM - 20060830
System BIOS Date: 08/30/06
Processor Type: x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6
Processor Vendor: GenuineIntel
Number of Processors: 2
Physical Memory: 2032 MB
******************** DISK DRIVE INFO ********************
Drive C:
Type: Fixed disk drive
Total Space: 500,096,991,232 bytes
Free Space: 406,555,521,024 bytes
Heads: 255
Cylinders: 60801
Sectors Per Track: 63
Bytes Per Sector: 512
******************** IRQ SUMMARY ********************
IRQ Usage Summary:
(ISA) 0 System timer
*(ISA) 1 Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyb... Read more

A:Need help identifying and finding drivers

Take a look at the 2nd from the last post. Looks like you'll need something called the "Intel Local Management Service (LMS) and Serial-over-LAN (SOL) Support".


The link for XP can be found here:

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My new pc didnt have a serial port so i bought a adapter and plugged it into my com connectors. So i install the modem and install drivers but under location instead of COM1 it says unknown and im unable to connect to internet. I cant query the modem either. How do i set the location of the modem to com1.

A:Serial Adapter help

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I recently bought a Dell XPS laptop and I was surprised to see that it does not come with any serial/DVI ports for connecting to my monitor. It only has 3 USB ports and 1 HDMI port.

So I'll need to get some kind of adapter/converter to connect my monitor to my laptop. I've never dealt with this situation before and I wanted to get some opinions about what kind of product would be my best choice.

I was looking around on NewEgg and I came up with these; in your opinion what should I get? Thanks for your feedback.






A:Need USB<->Serial adapter

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Hi, im having problems with usb serial adapter. Im running Windows Xp.
First off when i boot up my computer it freezes up in Bios page, Keyboard nothing works so i have to push restart button on computer to startup.
The problem is i have a golf sensor mat which connects from a db9 9-pin connector to a usb serial adapter to my usb port on my computer which i cant get working. The usb port works fine with my usb mouse but doesn't seem to work when i connect usb serial adapter??
The usb adapter shows up in Device Manager under Com Ports 4 which ive assigned to work with sensor mat , but still wont work with golf sensor mat?

could it be wrong Usb serial adapter driver? ive tryed two usb adapters, still wont work.
PCI Serial Card???

Can you help?

I disabled communications port and printer port which ive now enabled

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I need a serial port (9-pin) on my laptop. What is s good USB adapter/converter to buy?? Are there some that seem to work better than others??

Thanks for any advice.

A:USB to serial adapter

Truthfully, depending on what you need the serial port for, none of them may work properly. You might consider a PCMCIA serial adapter, which will probably be more compatible.



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Why many drivers in vista should be installed manually( by addressing Driver Store in system 32)?Although many of them are installed automatically in XP?

A:Poor Vista In Identifying Drivers

Vista is much more capable in identifying drivers than XP was, and even will go out on the web to locate them if you let it. The built in driver store is also much larger than it was in XP, making more drivers available.

But, it's impossible to include every driver in the distribution package. There's just too many of them, and not all of them are known to Microsoft.

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Hey, I have a PCChips M810LR motherboard...my BIOS are from 1997, so pretty old...I have been having a lot of problems with my computer and I have not been able to find out what the problem is...I bought my computer as a demo off of the show floor at a going out of business sale so maybe some of the hardware could have problems with it?

anyway, I would like to upgrade my bios...PCChips has a large list of downloads for the BIOS upgrades, but I cannot seem to find out which one I need...can anyone help me?

Here is the site of the list:


I have checked my system information for the BIOS, but there is no indication of which I should download.

A:Help identifying required BIOS drivers...

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Hi, I have a little netbook computer that has no usb ports, and it is very hard to find a card for this netbook that will connect it to the internet (wireless, or ethernet carts).
It does have a serial port on the back of it, and I thought, perhaps I could get a Serial to USB adapter, then plug a wireless usb device into the usb plug...
Would this work? or is this kind of a dead end idea?

I just wanted to give it wireless capabilities

A:Serial to USB Adapter - what are the capabilities?

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I am considering buying an IBM NetVista X41.

This machine has 6 USB ports, but no classic serial ports.

My electronic banking application requires a card reader, connected to a 9-pin serial port, to work. The company has no support for USB card readers.

How can I solve this ?
Are there serial to USB port adapters on the market ? What are they called, where could I buy them, ...

A:classic Serial to USB adapter ?

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My uncle has an old win 95 machine. He wanted a trackball mouse. So he bought it and it had a usb connection with came with a ps2 adapter. But his computer is so old it doesn't have a ps2 connector for the mouse. The mouse connector has 5 holes on the top row and 4 holes on the bottom row which connect to a male connector on the back of the PC.

I don't know which adapter to order.

The first link offers a cheaper price and 2 devices and is from newegg. The second link just offers one type of device and is from Fry's.

Here's another one: http://shop3.outpost.com/product/2011435

A:need adapter for ps2 mouse to *serial*

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I'm a new guy in this forum and I hope someone can help me.

I've recently bought a laptop with windows 7 home premium 64 bits. I've tried to use a usb/serial adapter (Lindy rs232) but everytime I start the software I need (Vemco's VUE) the computer shuts down. I've tried updating the driver for the usb/serial adapter and also use different usb ports. So far nothing worked. If I connect the usb/serial adapter and check the com ports everything seems to be working fine. When I start the software (Vemco's VUE) it works properly until I connect the usb/serial adapter.

I used the same setting (software and adapter) in an older laptop running XP and everything worked great.

Any advices?

A:USB/serial adapter driver

Quote: Originally Posted by davidbecas

I'm a new guy in this forum and I hope someone can help me.

I've recently bought a laptop with windows 7 home premium 64 bits. I've tried to use a usb/serial adapter (Lindy rs232) but everytime I start the software I need (Vemco's VUE) the computer shuts down. I've tried updating the driver for the usb/serial adapter and also use different usb ports. So far nothing worked. If I connect the usb/serial adapter and check the com ports everything seems to be working fine. When I start the software (Vemco's VUE) it works properly until I connect the usb/serial adapter.

I used the same setting (software and adapter) in an older laptop running XP and everything worked great.

Any advices?

Incompatible software...

Try A) A different program for the same purpose or B) running that program in XP compatibility mode... Right click -> Properties -> Compatibility.

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I am helping connect a GPs to a laptop for some yachties. The problem is that when we connect the GPS (via the serial to USB adapter) to the laptop, the OS thinks it sees not only the adapter but also a "Microsoft Serial Ballpoint Pointing Device." It then loads the driver for that phantom device and starts interpreting the incoming GPS data as mouse coordinates and clicks, causing the cursor to go crazy. Only by turning off the GPS and then uninstalling the driver for the 'Serial Ballpoint Pointing" device can we avoid all of this and get the GPS talking nicely to the navigation app. So, how can we prevent the OS from automatically "seeing" this phantom serial ballpoint device and loading the driver? (If we simply disable the device it intereres with the COM port and the navigation program cannot see the GPS.) We need to keep the serial ballpoint device driver from loading at all.

A:Serial to USB adapter problem

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I'm looking for some help and advise on my USB to serial adapter. I have a new connector bought from FRY's and I figured it would be a simple automatic install; wrong. I plan on using this adapter to connect my wideband Air Fuel Monitor in my Mustang to datalog along with my other functions on a program called Binary Editor on a device called Tweecer.

The USB to Serial adapter is recognized by my computer and goes thru the initial automatic install and I let it search automatically for drivers; well none were found. I'm assuming I need to install the driver manually and that creates another problem. I'm not sure what USB to Serial adapter I have. The only marking on it are "Made in China"; no help. When I try to open the Air Fuel Monitor program it says there are no comm ports recognized or turned on.

So I'm here looking for help before I go out and buy another adapter.

A:USB to serial adapter problems

You don't need to install drivers for the adapter. You need to install the drivers for the hardware that you are connecting ( Air Fuel Monitor ).

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i have a usb serial port adapter and i trying to figure out to set the usb jack on the desk top to be port1, port2, port3, or port4. if this is an easier process with xp i can change to the laptop

A:Usb Serial Port Adapter

hi,,, im not quite with you on this,,,, do you mean when you click on the "safely remove hardware" button on the notifacation area near the clock,,, where it says "safely remove mass storage device, D:E:F:G:" etc???

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Hi all,

At work, we have recently got some new software (MARS) to run our CNC machines. The software came with a 'Hardlock Key' which plugs into a parallel port, MARS will only open when this 'key' is inserted into the parallel port.

The cable coming from the CNC machine connects to a serial port, so we have bought a USB Serial Parallel adapter (Prolific PL2303 or something along them lines). The problem we are having is that MARS will not run when the 'Key' is inserted into the USB Serial Parallel, and the error message 'Hardlock not found' is shown. The USB Serial Parallel is under COM3 (can be changed) and MARS will not run, However when the 'key' is directly plugged into the parallel port on the back of the computer MARS will open and run correctly.

If anyone has any ideas on how to get everything working, it would be greatly appreciated!

(Sorry im not very tech savvy, so if you have any questions i will try my hardest to answer!)

A:USB Serial Parallel adapter

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So this computer has been having this problem for a while.
The computer has some equipment connected via a usb to serial converter and it just sits there always plugged in having no problems. However when we go and open up the software which actually tries to pull data from the device, bam, bsod (not all the times, but most of them).

Searching on the internet suggests the usb to serial adapter was a bit dodgy (made by ATEN), so I bought a better (more expensive) version from a different company(keyspan usa-19hs). Yet we still have the problem.

Hopefully someone can lend a hand as to what the problem is now.
I've used DM Log Collector and attached the results.

Thanks again seven forums!

(Im 90% sure its the adapter, but i might be wrong! Something else could be causing the bsods!)

A:BSOD when using serial to usb adapter

Yeah, the cause it due to the USA19H2kp.SYS driver.

I need a bit more information though.

Upload your MSINFO32.nfo file. Click on the start button
Type "msinfo32" (without quotes) in the search bar of the start menu, click the resulting link. It will open the System Information window.
File>Save. In the "File Name" filed, put "MSINFO32" (without Quote), give the save location to desktop, and click the "save" button.
Give the time for processing, it will save a .nfo file on your desktop.
Zip it, and upload it following the instructions here. Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums.

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I want to take the hard drive out of my Dell 4500 and put it in a Dell E510 as a slave . The 4500 is a parallel cable hook up, the E510 is a serial cable hook up. Is there any kind of adapter cable available to do this?

A:Parallell HD to Serial HD adapter

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The adapter is installed and the XP mode says is is attached. I am using auto cad to plot to an HP plotter by serial port. I don't have a serial port on my win7 64 bit machine running XP mode. when I try to plot with the plotter set to an HP plotter the
port selection isn't there for the serial adapter. But if I plot to my local usb printer it does which is only letter size. How do I find this port? I also have it installed in win7 and it shows up as com 4 in device manager. In XP it doesn't show up as a
com port
But there are two Virtual usb drivers. After much reading I understand there re only two usb ports in Virtual mode, I assume that is why my device manager shows two Virtual usb drivers. Any way is there a way to get my plotter connected?

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ok ive got a gigaware usb to serial adapter. ive installed the driver and its listed on com8 under the system com ports. the problem is when i connect it to my device and i start the software that connects to that device, it wont communicate. it says no open ports.
i tried changing the port but i dont know what its supposed to be assigned to. i check the whole list and ive got com1 all the way to com256. but coms 3-7 are in used by something.
so does that mean that it needs to be assigned to one of those ports that are in use? how can i fix this?

im using xp home edition btw. with a gigaware usb to serial adapter.

A:usb serial adapter problem in xp


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This is on a new Dell Latitude e5570. When using a console cable with a serial to usb adapter, it blue screens every time. Here's some of the details provided
Problem signature:
Problem event name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information about the problem:
BCCode: d1
BCP1: 000038
BCP2: 000002
BCP3: 000001
BCP4: FFFFF88000E37D57
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1
I also have the .DMP file, but don't see a place to attach it to this question.

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I have a Belkin F5U409 serial to USB adapter that I'm running on an IBM laptop (T41) running XP.

If I conect the adapter before I boot up the PC it crashes with a blue screen. If I boot up without the adapter conected all is fine.

I know the simple fix is to unplug the adapter before I boot up - but you wouldn't believe how many times I forget.

Does any one have any ideas on fixes for this problem? I have checked the Belkin site for newer drivers but they are all older than the ones that came with the adapter.

For what it's worth - windows gives a message about the driver not being certified when I install it ( and the install instructions say to just ignore this and keep going).

A:Belkin F5U409 Serial to USB adapter

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Hi, Has anyone had any success using the N23 Yoga Chromebook and a USB serial adapter.  I have verified that my USB-A port is good but I have tried several different USB to Serial Adapters and none of them are being recognized.  Several hours of research today led me to a suggestion that requires modifing a file in the root filesystem "android.hardware.usb.host.xml" and I would rather not do that.   Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks,Kevin

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Will that work like it does with mice? I don't know if I have an adapter handy, and I don't want to spend any money (even 3 bucks ) without being certain.

A:Solved: PS/2 to Serial Adapter for Keyboard

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I have a psion 5mx which I haven't used for a bit, but now need to use.
Problem is that my new computer doesn't have a serial port.
I bought an adapter, but the psion still won't "talk" to the port.
I've got the settings to read the right port, but no go.

any ideas of what I need to do to make this work?

A:psion - serial to usb adapter isn't working

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First of all, Hi everyone, I'm new here!

I need help with a serial communication problem between an external device (G-Tech PRO RR accelerometer datalogger) and my personal laptop (Toshiba Satellite A200-MR4).

My laptop doesn't have a serial port. So, I bought a HL-340 USB-Serial adapter. I'm using Windows Vista 32-bits. The installation of the driver and the adapter is fairly easy and Vista recognize it as a new COM port like it should.

I can even have echo when I'm doing a loopback test (bridge pins 2-3 on the serial male connector and using HyperTerminal).

But, I cannot communicate with the external device.

The external device and the USB-Serial adapter are working wonderfully on my desktop PC using Windows XP. I can download data from the external device without any problem using this desktop PC and XP (using the USB-Serial adapter too).

So, the big question : Why I can't communicate with the external device if I can have echo with a loopback test?

Let me know if you have any ideas!



A:USB-Serial adapter and Vista, no communication...

Sometimes USB can be funny.

Try to delete the driver and reboot.

Then install the driver berfore the introduction of the device.
It may ask you to insert the device at some point and that is fine.
It is just that on occasion the driver needs to come before the device in order to work correctly.

You may also need to install the driver by right clicking and "Run as Administrator"

If this isnt a help possibly look into the BIOS setup and ensure that
"Legacy USB" is enabled and try again.

If all else fails it may be necessary to install in compatibility more and select XP

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I have this old USB to serial adapter that came with a interact accessories gamepad and a old serial steering wheel with pedals & i was wondering if it would work with it.

A:Solved: USB gamepad serial adapter

Try it.

It will either work or not.

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I have a Belkin F5U103 USB to Serial adapter that I cannot get to work on any XP PC(cannot find drivers is the response). I downloaded the XP drivers from Belkin site and unzipped to the correct file--directed wizard to that file but it says cannot find driver. I loaded it ok on Win98. It seems that XP is the trouble although Belkins site says the driver I download is for XP. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve

A:Belkin f5u103 usb to serial adapter on XP

Hi and welcome. Can you give a link for the download?

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I made a previous post in relation to getting a serial to USB adapter for serial mouse use:

I was given recommendations as to alternate devices that might work. Well, after Googling chips and circuit boards manufactured for HID use, I found something called Arduino. I don&#8217;t know much about it yet. However, from what little I&#8217;ve been able to find, it looks promising:

I tried posting on the Arduino forums. However, either I don&#8217;t ask questions the way they (Arduino members) want to hear them, or I&#8217;m better off posting this forum here.

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I was using SecureCRT with USB Serial adapter (Keyspan USA19H), then I removed the adapter with session active in SecureCRT app and the notebook crashed. This happened a couple of times.

Please, help fix this issue.


A:BSOD when removing USB serial adapter

Did you ever see this thread
BSOD Pinnacle Studio 16

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I am trying to fix a PC that had a replacement mobo fitted (by me). I boot into Vista and it part loads numerous drivers before settling down and letting me do whatever I want, although the driver installation does request a restart to complete some driver installs. But if I restart the PC I get a BSOD with stop code 7b. I am then not able to start even in safe mode. I tried a repair install but am back to the same situation. Fortunately, I took an image of the disk before I did anything so I can get back to being able to boot once.

I understand that 7b indicates a problem with the HDD, but I have run a manufacturer's diagnostic, CHKDSK and virus scan and not found any fault. Vista's automated repair is not able to help (beyond telling me that a driver is bad). If I could identify which driver is causing problems I could just disable it from starting by loading the system hive from C:\Windows\System32\Config\System and (please correct me if I'm wrong) changing ControlSet001\Services\????\Start to 4

But how to identify which driver is causing me grief ? I saved a log file of an abortive start by booting off the installation DVD then from recovery command prompt editing C:\Windows\INF\setupapi.app.log and I will attach that file here. It contains several failures, but how do I identify the particular driver that is causing my BSOD ?

The only hardware in the PC is:
mobo: Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe (that replaced an Asus M2N DH)
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Process... Read more

A:Identifying & preventing rogue Vista drivers from loading

That is an "inaccessible boot device" stop code -- and, in your case it would usualy mean that the chipset for the IDE controllers on the motherboard is different from the one that the Windows version was originally installed on.

I don't think Vista's "upgrade reinstall" is the same as XPs which would normally fix that.
You may have to do a fresh install,

Stop: 0x0000007B >>> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/935806/en-us

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I am frustrated. My wife has a Pfaff 2140 embroidery m/c. She has bought a new Laptop which does not have a serial port. So I got a generic Adapter Serial to Usb. The m/c has PC Communication card with a 9 pin serial. I have loaded the drivers for a Prolific Adapter. Then I closed down and restarted with the M/c connected to the laptop using the Usb. No communication was the message I received. I have determined that the port on the laptop used by the Laptop driver is com(7). I do not know which port the m/c wants. Although someone my wife spoke to says the m/c wants com(4).
How can I achieve the connection between Laptop and m/c? Please make me happy.


A:Serial to Usb Adapter two pieces of hardware will not communicate

I've seen this with parallel/usb adapters.
Use the USB port.

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Hello all,

Much thanks for the help; really appreciated.
And for your time on this.

I am running an HP Desktop Pavillion, about 3-4 yrs old, and W7, the 64 bit version.

My problem relates to trying to get my Keyspan/Triplite USA-19HS USB To Serial Adapter working again.

I haven't used it for about a year, and am now trying to get it going again.

Have Downloaded what I am pretty sure is the correct Driver/installation package from their site.
Seems to install just fine, and the Keyspan Folder is under Programs (x86) where I imagine it should be.

Also, two of the actual Drivers, and two of the .dll also ended up in the System32 Folder.
Don't understand this, but I imagine it is correct.

Have Downloaded and re-installed, now, several times, bith with and without the actual unit on the end of the cable.

No matter what I do, in Device Manager the Keyspan icon does show, but has the yellow "not-good"
mark also. Error msg when I click on it is that it cannot find, or open, the unit.
Also, essentially the same message appears in their "Assistant" program to the effect that it cannot locate the unit (even if it is plugged into the cable).

Have spoken to two of the Keyspan technical support guys. Really nice, helpful, and apparently really
know the product, but haven't been able to offer anything much more than the re-tries.
The green LED on the unit never goes on.


Since it seems like it is probably something I am doing wrong, as usual, (will blame ... Read more

A:Keyspan/Triplite USA-19 HS USB To Serial Adapter. (Madcratebuilder/Sla

The driver on there website should be more then essential.

What might be the issue, is if your system is 64 bit it might not support that and maybe only work in 32 bit machines. I noticed this is not the issue, website says it can be on 64 bit

You can also try "device manager">"ports"> and click on the properties of the new device and change it from com3 to com1 for it to work properly.

If the light does not come on, maybe its dead and the unit failed. Looks like it would still probably be covered by warranty.

Hopefully that might help.

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I have 2 different adapters and neither one will work on my new computer with windows 8. Any fixes? Are there any adapters available that will work on windows 8?

A:USB to serial port adapter not working on Windows 8

Welcome to Tech Support Guy

What is the serial device you are trying to connect
What is the make of the USB to serial adapter

The problem is that the processor chip - YES they do have one, is not in many cases compatible with Windows 8, especially 64 bit, as of course the actual working of the adapter is achieved by connection to the USB port and then transmission of data from and to the USB hub.

Not knowing what you actually wish to connect your best first port of call is here to see what is on offer

scroll down for USB to serial or click USB on menu at top

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I'm trying to connect to some legacy equipment with a USB to serial adapter. The adapter is showing up under the USB menu in the virtual machine, however, when I try to select "attach" it comes up with an error that reads "Could not attach
the USB device. You can attach the USB device to a different USB port or restart the virtual machine and try again.". I've tried both restarting the virtual machine and plugging into a different port, either way, it will not accept the adapter. If it
helps I have two adapters, a Black Box 724-746-5500 and a TRENDnet TU-S9, configured to comports 3 and 8 respectively. I'm getting the same problem with both of them.

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I'm thinking of getting myself some retro hardware with serial connections on them. This is as opposed to getting PS/2 because PS/2 can slip off easily, whereas serial connections can be screwed together. I've done the research and know that USB to serial adapters can solve this. However, I narrowly missed what could have been a major faux pas insofar as my competence as a computer engineer is concerned. Can I plug a serial peripheral originally intended for a Mac into a PC via a USB to serial adapter and it will function (assume the buttons are remappable)? The logic side of me says yes because a serial connector is similar to an RJ-45 connector in that the pins are predetermined by some industry standard to work in a specific way across all platforms and it's just the application of said product that will determine how it will function. However, I, also, know that American cars require American socket sets to be able to tinker, adjust, or repair said car.

Feel free to throw in any advice insofar as PS/2 peripherals are concerned as well. I may not care for that interface. But, I welcome the information.

A:USB-serial adapter for cross-platform connection

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