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How to install Windows-10 without Microsoft Live Account?

Q: How to install Windows-10 without Microsoft Live Account?

I plan on doing this when I upgrade one Windows 8,1 computer. Hopefully it will work for the upgrade. Personally, I do not want a Windows Live account tied into my login. I want to keep it local.
Has anybody installed Windows 10 creating a local account. Is it similar to how it is done in 8.1? Create New Account > Sign in Without a Microsoft Account

Preferred Solution: How to install Windows-10 without Microsoft Live Account?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How to install Windows-10 without Microsoft Live Account?

If you install Windows 10 while being offline, it won't ask you for a Microsoft account, and you'll be able to create a local one. When I installed my last TP, this is what happened.

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I'm having some troubles figuring out how the new Windows 8 user account works.
I currently have two MS accounts on my pc - lets say account1 and account2. I've set a password that I regularly use so I didn't forget it. I couldn't sign in on either account.

I initially created a new Microsoft Account with my internet providers' emailbox ([email protected]). After signing off and back on, it seemed I couldn't sign in anymore. So I went to account/reset/password and reset my password. That didn't work. Then I went to change the password for account2 which is a @hotmail.be account. To my surpise, I couldn't login to account2, but I could login to account1 with the password i changed for account2 :s

I'm happy I've managed to log in, but the problem is that Windows 8 asks me to sign in to my MS Account with my most recent password before I can download apps from the store, view email/messaging, etc. Not any of the passwords I've used are accepted, the message keeps coming back and I can't do anything with W8 UI.

Can somebody please explain why this is happening?

A:Windows 8 Live-ID / Microsoft account hassle

I've solved the problem.

I deleted account1 including the MS account linked to it.
I recreated account1 including the MS account and logged in.
Finally I deleted account2.

Everything is working great now,
Greatings from Belgium!

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There has been a lot of buzz around this week about a "new" exploit ( 20+ years old) that leaks your Microsoft account credentials.

If you use a Pro or enterprise version of W8 or W10 than there are settings to cure this. Users of W8/W10 Home cannot and are at risk


A:Microsoft Live Account Credentials Leaking From Windows 8

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How do I use a live.com email account (Microsoft account) - to reset a pasword, as i have no idea?

A:How do I use a live.com email account (Microsoft account)

moving to email as this is not a virus issue.

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Just like it happened in Windows 8, Windows 10 requires users to log in with a Microsoft account in order to install apps from the Store, but this is no longer valid for those whose computers are powered by the Pro SKU of the operating system.

German website WIndowsArea has discovered that Microsoft suddenly made a policy change that makes it possible for Windows 10 Pro users to install apps from the Windows Store without the need for a Microsoft Account.

There are some limitations though. First of all, only freeware applications can be installed, so if you want to purchase an app, an account is still required.

Then, if you?re trying to update a paid application that?s already installed on your Windows 10 device, an account is once again needed.

Why the change?
Microsoft hasn?t explained why exactly it made this change, but given the fact that it concerns the Pro version of the operating system, it?s not difficult to see that the company specifically targeted companies that are trying to get more control over what users install on their systems.

On the other hand, it?s not yet clear if the Enterprise SKU of Windows 10 can also install apps without a Microsoft account because reports in this regard are still mixed, with some claiming that it works, while others indicating that it doesn?t.

Without a doubt, installing apps from the Windows Store without an account can boost adoption of Store apps, but we?ve reached out to Microsoft to find out if this is inde... Read more

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I have downloaded Microsoft essentials 2012 twice and get error message 0X80040705. I only want the windows live mail program not all the other ones included. I left a check mark in only win live mail. Both times I get this error message and it also has
dotnet 40 after the error code. I have this program on my laptop that is dying and want to put it on this laptop. I'd try to just transfer it from the old laptop but not sure just how to do it or if it can be done.

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I am trying to set up a Microsoft account to access Cortana, but MS keep on rejecting my password because of unacceptable characters. The password I want to use (I will change it) is Wacfr0[Live0] - it has at least 2 upper case characters, at least 2 lower case characters, at least 2 numerals, and at least 2 special characters, is more than 8 characters long, and is less than 16 characters long. According to Microsoft, the square brackets are permissible special characters. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the password? Banging head on wall time.

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They only got to the challenge question and no further. What should I do ? I changed my password immediately.

Should I close the account ?

A:Someone tried to sign in to my Microsoft Live account

You don't need to close your account. Just create another strong password. It doesn't even need to be something you could easily remember. Write it down or use LastPass or something so that you don't have to spend all day typing it in / remembering it.

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I have tried to change my password on Microsoft https://account.live.com but get this message:
You can't complete that task here
To continue, you need to go to your organization's web site.
Any advise?

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Is there any way to troubleshoot a MS Account? When I attempt to sign in to live.com locations involved with Insider access, I am greeted with "Something Went Wrong" at the sign in, and I can't proceed. Some MS account sites, like the actual home page for my MS Account will let me sign in, but even there, it looks as though some "sensitive" information like account balance and purchases "couldn't be accessed".
Frustrated with this behavior, I created a new user (admin) and proceeded to open a MSA account for this phantom. No problem! I can get into sites that are denied to the "real me". The trouble is that I can't interact with the apps and programs that are accessible under my real login. Can I remove my original "real" login, rebuild it, and still maintain access to the array of programs that has taken much time to build up? What other strategies might work?

A:Microsoft Account won't access live.com locations

Are you talking about in a browser? Like Chrome or FireFox maybe?

There has been a few people having similar issues like this I get with Chrome,
At the Techbench site and a few other Microsoft sites.

It doesn't happen in IE or Edge for me, I usually just go incognito in Chrome and it lets me in.

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When i tried to follow the steps I could not find Accounts and Preferences.
So is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?

A:Can not connect xbox live account to Microsoft Games

Still having the issue :c
I tried google but it doesn't work

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Have tried multiple installations of iso 64bit everything goes fine till the option to switch log on to microsoft live account... that does not work and the option of doing this through control panel also does not work. Also microsoft updates does not work and activation does not work. However the browser is fine and allows me to browse normally except for example when i log onto skydrive to view pictures it gives me a certificate error and will not display pictures. I think for what ever reason this is some kind of proxy error but since i am using a standard internet connection i am not sure why? Any Ideas

Thanks to anybody that replies..........

A:installation ok till using updates,microsoft live account, and activat

Can you insert the screenshot related to your problem?

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windows live mail email account for btconnect.com - not Office 365 account

Opereting system - Windows 7 Home Premium.

I use windows live mail version 9.

The account on there at the moment is an Office 365 account for btconnect.com,

I wish to set up two other email accounts which must not be Office 365 accounts but still using btconnect settings.

Can you provide full setup details including server details and details of port settings.

Any help would be much appreciated .



A:windows live mail email account for btconnect.com - not Office 365 account

Incoming mail (POP3 or IMAP) server field, enter pop3.btconnect.com.

Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) name field, enter smtp.btconnect.com.

User name: from your btconnect account Just use the part of the email before the @btconnect.com
Check the Outgoing server requires authentication box.

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Since I bought this computer, I've had issues. I started by creating a user with my personal email address, but then thought I wanted it for work so I deleted the Microsoft account associated with that email and created another with my work email. However, I've noticed that some of the apps aren't working correctly and needed to use my personal email again. For awhile, Microsoft accounts wouldn't allow deleted accounts from coming back but it appears it's working now.
So, now I have a Microsoft account with my personal email address but the primary user on my PC is still associated with the work Microsoft account. I can't find a way to change this and it's causing problems since that email doesn't exist anymore. Is there any way to change the Microsoft account that's associated with a single user?
The only other thing I could think of would be to create a new user, promote to admin, and swap everything over manually before completely removing the user associated with my old work email. I tried this, but when attempting to log into the new user it says "cannot login, please visit accounts.live.com to fix the issue". However, whenever I go there and log into the new users account, there's no instruction on what to do or any indication that there's something wrong.
So, I need to be able to do one of two things:
1) Switch the Microsoft account associated with the primary user on this PC or,
2) Find out how to log into the new user's account without any i... Read more

A:Windows 8 User Account/Microsoft Account Issues...

As far as the Metro Apps go, I'd try uninstalling them and then reinstalling them.

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This is my first post. I have Windows 8 running on a Samsung Series 7 slate PC. I am Canada and was using @gmail.com as my windows live login account. Each time I try to login it says this service isn't available right now - please try again later.

I searched the forum, seems it's just me. I have tried creating a new account but can't get an image to show up to validate me. I tried creating a new hotmail.com account on another PC and get the same message. sometimes I get to the point where it says this address is already in use, if its' yours you can use it. But ultimately I get the same error.

My colleague who has the same unit in Toronto didn't have any problems.

I changed my live email account login to an @live.ca but same result. I switched my region settings to USA. I looked at the tutorial and forced cookies all on. Restarted and still nothing.

Anyone heard of this?

A:Trying to login to a microsoft account / switching after install.

You should not be having any problems but let me try assisting you.

Try creating a new hotmail account using @hotmail or live

Try redownloading windows and reinstalling windows 8

I hope it helps

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Hi everyone !

Looking at your security config I saw that some /many of you use a local account on Windows .

I open this thread to ask you why ? For security ? Is there any difference regarding security ?
I added a poll so you can select what you use

Looking forward to hearing from you .

A:Microsoft Account vs Local Account - Windows 10

HI !

A good explanations of the differences :
Should you use a local or a Microsoft account in Windows 10?

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Dear Forum,

I have noticed in my control panel the following programs:

Windows Live Essential 2011

Windows Live Mesh - in various languages

Microsoft Silverlight

I have read in various items on Google and I am not too sure whether or not to delete the various programs and what they do?

Could someone please assist me on what I can delete or keep?

Should I consider deleting any of the programs on the following skydrive items?

I am looking at cleaning up how much is on my computer that is not required.

A:Do you require Microsoft Live Mesh, Live Essentials and Microsoft Silv

Live Mesh is no longer supported. It was replaced by SkyDrive.
Silverlight may be needed to watch some videos, mostly on Microsoft Sites.
Windows Live Essentials has a number of programs among them Windows Live Mail Client, Windows Live Movie Maker and others.

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Hey everyone,

I really hope someone can help me with this one. I don't know what's going on. I never had any problems installing MSN Live before and now, it's a real pain.

I just got my PC back from the tech guy. He formated my computer and reinstalled Windows XP including the Updates.

Now at home, I'm trying to install Windows Live Messenger (MSN) and it's not working. It's giving me errors like, to check that I have enough hard disk space (I have 176 GB free space), If my computer has a firewall ( I don't), and that I make sure that my computer meets the system requirements ( I do meet the requirements).

Now, I don't know what to do anymore to get MSN Live.

Can please someone help me with this?



A:Solved: Windows Live Installer problem (Can't install MSN Live)

I'm back to say that I fixed my problem myself.

I found a url on Microsoft to download MSN Messenger by itself. And it worked. For those who have the same problem as me, here is the link

Have a nice day,


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I would like to install the app Stop Motion Studio on multiple devices.
To do this I can use powershell, however I need the .appx file itself.

Is there a way to download this file? And if not possible, can I extract it from another computer?

Regards, René.

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I have a Windows Live Mail account that I use to access my Comcast email. It has and still is working fine. I added a new email address/account to the Live Mail and when I hit send/receive a small box pops up requesting my username and password. When it comes up, the fields are already populated, so I just click ok. After a few seconds it comes up again asking me the same thing. I have tried deleting what was in there and typing it myself, but that does not seem to work either. Before I created this new email account, this box never popped up. I have made sure that all the information was exactly the same in the new account as the first email account, POP server, etc. Please help. It is driving me bananas.

A:Windows Live Mail new account

Hi bevygram and welcome to Seven Forums. OK. When you added this new email did you put a check mark in "Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing" in Windows LiveMail? Check this by clicking on Accounts right at the top of the page then select the new account and click on Properties. It will be at the bottom of the first page. Don't forget to click Apply. Let us know how it works out.

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Every time I tried to log in into my windows live mail I get a warning that the password is wrong. Only at the second attemp I get to access my mail account. Does anybody know how to fix it and why does it happen? thanks!

A:Need to log in twice in my windows live mail account

FIrst get the most up to date, Windows Live Mail 2011
Then test and post back.

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I'm sure this has been posted before but I'm in a bit of a fix here. My old hotmail account has been blocked for no apparent reason and I can't unblock it. When I enter in my username and password I get the "Your account has been blocked" screen with a "continue" button. Hitting the continue button takes me to a screen where Microsoft can email me a code in order to unblock the account. But the email they can send it to isn't mine, and there's no way of changing it because it's in a drop down menu.

Somehow I got to another screen where I could enter in information only I know about the account in order to retrieve it, such as recent emails I may have sent with specific subject names. Well, I haven't used this account in years and can't remember any emails I've sent at all. Is there any way I can get back into this account? Understandably this is an old account, one that I don't often use anymore, but it's more than a decade old and has some of my first emails ever sent and I would love to have access to them.

On a side note, I have to laugh because the Windows Live ID Help Center tells me to use my phone to unblock it, which seems to make sense, until it says "you might be asked to sign in first." I can't sign in, that's the problem!

A:Windows Live Account Blocked

Welcome qtap,

Some assorted links that may be of help...

Why is my account temporarily blocked? - Unblock a temporarily blocked account


What should I do before I grant access to my account to the support - Microsoft Answers

Hotmail, Messenger & SkyDrive - Microsoft Answers

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Which do you prefer, using a Windows Live ID or a Local Account for Windows 8 and why?

A:Windows Live ID or Local Account?

Local account here.

I'm not paranoid, but I dont want my Live ID stored in a preview build.

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A Windows Live Mail Account pop-up comes on every time I open my Live Mail emails. I went through the List Icon (upper Left corner). This only takes it off temporarily. Comes back later. How do I remove it permanently. At first my email address was in the user space and no password. Here lately no user name in user space. How can I permanently delete. Note: I am 76 yrs. old and new to computers and I thank you in advance Woodsman2

A:Windows Live Mail Account Pop Up

Hi woodsman2, welcome to 7F!

Is this the pop-up?

I don't believe you can delete it. It has to be there to sign-in.

Try inputting your user name and password, Make sure you have the proper email address and password spelling, when complete, click on the Remember me box if it doesn't automatically do it for you.

Be careful when signing-in. there is a forget me link right above the sign-in button, you may have inadvertently clicked that to start this problem you're having. I'm hoping that if you sign-in it will reset the "Forget Me" action.

Can you describe the "list icon" a little better, maybe point it out on this?

If you click on the attachment it may open in a new tab, if you click on it there it might get larger and better to see. This depends on the browser you're using.

If it doesn't go to a new tab or get larger, study it, when done click on the browser back button to the left of the www. address bar to return to your thread.

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Following best practices, I do not like to be logged onto the computer as an admin.

I noticed that when I remove my windows live account from the local Administrators group, the account is no longer displayed when I start the computer.

Is there a new paradigm shift with windows 8 that they want you to have local admin rights?

Please let me know if you know or have any ideas.

Thank you,

A:Does Windows Live account have to be admin?

Found out you cannot use the MMC. To make it work you have to use the "Make changes to accounts" settings panel to change the type of the user from Administrator to Standard"

live account and local admin: mutually exclusive?

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Hi All.

I'm experiencing lots of difficulties closing my account. I keep getting these msgs:

Cannot close "my account"

To close your account, you must resolve one or more of the following issues:
One or more paid services or a Microsoft Points account is linked to your account. To close this account, make sure each service is canceled and your Microsoft Points account is closed. Get help with thisThere is a Microsoft e-mail account (Windows Live Hotmail) associated with your account, so you can't close your Windows Live account immediately. To close your Windows Live account, you need to close your Microsoft e-mail account first. After a period of inactivity, your Windows Live account will automatically be closed. Close your Microsoft accountI never even have any paid services or any microsoft account so I don't understand why I'm not even able to close my windows live account. It's getting very frustrating. Does anyone know any way around this?? I would really appreciate it!


A:having trouble closing my windows live account

Hello cherrykiki.
I found this on a site. Hope it helps.
Give it a try and post your results. Good luck.

To close a Hotmail/Live/Live ID account please do the following:

Close all browser windows.
Start, Run Bing, click "sign in" in upper right corner. This should
be the scuba divers page.
Sign in using the name of the account you wish to close.
Click "Windows Live" in upper left corner, between "MSN" and "Hotmail".
You should now be at http://home.live.com.
Click "Account" in upper right corner.
Click "Settings" in upper left corner.
Under "Common tasks" in upper right corner you will see "Close your
Verify that the correct Live ID is displayed, supply the password, and click
You should see a screen that says

?There is a Microsoft e-mail account (Windows Live Hotmail) associated with
your account, so you can't close your Windows Live account immediately. To
close your Windows Live account, you need to close your Microsoft e-mail
account first. After a period of inactivity, your Windows Live account will
automatically be closed. Close your Microsoft account.?

The words "Close your Microsoft account" are a link. Click it and go to
this screen

?To deactivate your Windows Live Hotmail account, click Close account. All
stored messages are permanently deleted and incoming e-mail is refused.
Your e-mail address is reserved for 120 day... Read more

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A couple of weeks ago I had to open a new windows live email adress forsomething I cant quite remember. Ive allways had outlook express previously and when Ive wanted to send a friend a web link I right cliked and selected ,.... send via email, and it went sucessfully via outlook express. Now when I right clik ,the only option I get is send with windows live, and it doesnt work.
How do I get rid of windows live mail and get back to how I used to be? Ive tried a few things but cant seem to erase it?

A:How do I remove Windows live email account

Add Remove Programs. Look for Windows Live Mail. Uninstall.

If this is one of the "few things" you have already tried, let us know.
Also, if for some reason you can't uninstall it, it would be helpful to know what you HAVE tried.

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I'm using Windows 8 Pro and attempting to share (Advanced sharing) a folder on the network via a Windows Live account. I did the following but have not had luck:

1) Added the account (a @hotmail.com) under PC settings -> Users
2) Created a shared folder and added the @hotmail.com account in permissions (It shows it there as a SID)

Now, trying to browse to the folder from a Windows 7 Ultimate box, the @hotmail.com account and password are not accepted. From the same box I can use my Admin Windows 8 account alias however.

Any ideas?

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I think someone has hacked my Windows Live E-Mail account. When i click remove it comes up with a box to send the information that it is being removed. But when i send it the email account is still there it just says lost. Now i can't remember if i set it up as another account for passwords and so on to be sent to so i logged out and tried to log into the account but it won't let me and i have used the passwords i would have used on setting this account up. This leads me to think i have been hacked. So i clikcked on the little radio button saying i think my account has been hacked or words to those effect and all it says is create a strong password and download Microsoft security essentials is there anyway i can get rid off the account altogether without me losing my windows live ID.
Thank you in advance

A:I think someone has hacked my Windows Live E-Mail account

Unfortunately, I don't think you can use the same ID. Every account has a different ID/password combination, and if you try to open a new Windows Live account, you will just get an error message saying that ID is already in use. I think the only thing you can do is to take all of the steps you can to clean up your email account.

Here's some help for you:

First, I suggest you run one or two good malware scans (i.e. Malwarebytes or MSE or TrendMicro) to get rid of any malware in your email account (or anywhere on your system).

Then, follow the steps below, and hopefully there's help for you there.

First line of defense is to change your password and all "secret questions" and "answers."

Then, if hackers have locked you out of your email, go on-line and sign up for the free service in which you give your email provider (i.e. Windows Live/Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) your cell phone number and they text you a secret code to allow you to get back into your email.

Next, when you do get back into your email, always "log out" of your email when you exit, rather than just hitting the exit X icon. Hitting the exit X doesn't end your email session, only 'logging out' actually shuts it down. If you just press exit, that leaves it available to be hacked because technically, it's still open, even after you've gone.

If nothing above has helped the problem, take a look at these tutorials to see if there is any help there for you:

Windows Live Solutio... Read more

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Hi there,

I have setup in an office three networked pc`s, they use one of the pcs with "windows live mail" to view, send e-mail etc with their e-mail account, however they have requested that they would like to log into thier mail account with the other two computer on the network, view the same inbox etc and send, what would be the best solution for this?


A:How would i Sync a Windows Live Mail account on 3 PCs?

The only free way I know of that you can do this with Windows Live Mail is to maintain a common Hotmail account or a Gmail account configured to use the imap protocols (intructions for setup included in the Gmail account settings). The way both work is that the account is kept current on the web and then that is shared and syncronized with each copy of Windows Live Mail configured to use that one web account.

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I am really stuck and could do with some help.

I am using Windows 8 on my laptop which uses my Windows Live account to login. Problem is it has suddenly stopped letting me log in and I'm locked out. The message I get is "You can't sign into your PC at the moment. Go to account.live.com to fix the problem or try the last password you used on this PC". I hadn't changed anything which may have made it do this.

I have tried the following but nothing is working:

- Changed my password in my Live account
- Used a previous password
- Plugged my laptop into a network cable rather than using just Wifi
- Rolled my laptop to a previous time

I can't refresh as it needs the password but I can access the command prompt. I'm not knowledgeable on command prompts so not sure what I could do here which might help resolve it. I also don't want to lose any files.

Any help would be great...thanks!

A:Can no longer login to my PC using my Windows Live Account

Did you change your password here https://account.live.com/resetpassword.aspx ?

You could also try to enable the default administrator account from option one here Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable in Windows 8 and this may let you set the password - at least you could save your files.

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I have read all of the emails about the numerous accounts where emails were being sent by some one other that the live account owner. My problem is that I changed my password on the account, and attempted to have codes sent to me to unlock the account via my phone number and neither has worked. Every time I attempt to sign in to my live account I get a message telling my the account has been blocked. At this point I can't sign in to change any of the information, including password, personal info, etc.

How do I regain access to this blocked account? I have had this account for quite some time and I would like to regain access. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi, I'm not sure where to post this I have 3 windows live accounts one of which I only use which is used through my Xbox gamer tag.

I want to close the 2 old windows live accounts and I have already closed the Windows Live hotmail e-mail accounts that were linked with the old windows live accounts but I get the following error message despite having closed the email accounts.

Cannot close [email protected]

To close your account, you must resolve one or more of the following issues:

There is a Microsoft e-mail account (Windows Live Hotmail) associated with your account, so you can't close your Windows Live account immediately. To close your Windows Live account, you need to close your Microsoft e-mail account first. After a period of inactivity, your Windows Live account will automatically be closed. Close your Microsoft account.
Any help will be most appreciated

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My Windows 10 Email and Calendar app tells me every day at the same time that my Live Account Settings are out of date! Every 24 hours exactly. I have to either go to settings and accounts and log in to my live account through there and then try to sync over and over or manually log in via a browser and then sync and wait or sometimes restart to get it working again. I can't log in through the mail app or use fix or any of that it doesn't work! I tried re adding my account. I'm so sick of doing this every day once a day. Is this some kind of 24 hour security setting somewhere I can change? I can log in to the store app just fine with a form that looks exactly like the one the mail app uses except the mail app always refuses my log in when this settings out of date thing happens. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!

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I'm starting this thread to work on a WLM Hotmail POP account issue/question.
I feel continuing the conversation with Roderunner (George) and myself in the original thread is hijacking the OPs (Neelakantan) thread.
The original thread is Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0F

George, hope you don't mind I started this thread, so we don't sidetrack Neelakantan's thread and issue.

This thread is my reply to your last post in the other thread:

Hi David, I managed to set up my Hotmail in WLM using POP. When I sent a message to it using my AOL account, it never arrived in it, but it did in my Gmail account.

I re-added a Hotmail account in WLM 2012 using POP3, and below are screen prints of the account setup.
I tested this and received 2 Test emails for this account - screen print included.

Can you compare your account settings to mine and make sure everything is the same?
Do you get any error message when you can't receive message(s) in the WLM POP account?
If you login to the Hotmail account using a browser (WEB access), is the message there?

A:Windows Live Mail - Hotmail POP account

Hi David,

Since confirming I successfully added my Hotmail using POP to WLM and tested it, (it worked) it has been removed from WLM as it gets very very few messages.
My settings were slightly different from yours.
On the Servers tab, I ticked 'My server requires authentication'
On the Advanced tab, 'Server Timeouts' was set to 5 minutes & everything below 'Delivery' was unticked.
I have also made changes to my other accounts.
Cancelled forwarding Hotmail to Gmail main account.
Gmail main account used to check my AOL mail account, its been cancelled.
live.co.uk mail account forwarded to my Hotmail account.
My other Gmail is forwarded to my Gmail main account.
To get notified of new mail on opening FF, I added https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/fir...tifier/?src=ss
it checks my main Gmail, AOL & Hotmail for me. If their is mail for me in Gmail, I open WLM to read them.
If there is mail for AOL or Hotmail, clicking the addon opens their respective web pages.

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Someone has found the password for my Windows Live account, presumably using some script or something. I've changed my password and secret question, but that won't do much good because the person can simply run the script again. I know you're supposed to write to MSN to get your account immediately terminated, but after looking around hotmail for a while I can't find an address to write to for such a circumstance. Can anyone provide one?

A:Terminating my Windows Live Hotmail account

you could download a hack-tool but I strongly recommend that you dont use it
because it slows ur internet connection because it keeps connecting to the account
also because u might get viruses

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How do you remove your windows live account from Win 8 once added?

A:How do you remove your windows live account from Win 8 once added?

For how see also: Local Account - Switch to in Windows 8
Go to the control panel

more settings

user accounts and family safety

user accounts

change to a local account

Enter your hotmail password.
There you should be able to enter new settings when you log on.

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Every time I try to log in into my my email I get this asking me to to retrieve a code from another email that I don't know

A:I can't access my windows live hotmail account

It's a "security feature" implemented in Hotmail, it does ask for an alternative authentication by requesting another email account or a cell phone to send you an activation code, then they let you into your account again.

Microsoft just want to collect private data about you help you protect your account in cse you lose your password. I've been asked myself and have to gave another email for they to collect

Look here too: privacy - How do I access Outlook.com without giving them my phone number or another email address? - Web Applications Stack Exchange

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 Does anyone know how to add a gmail account to the live tiles when your selection like gmail is not there?

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My 38 year old son used my computer and printer to print some stuff off, He signed into his own windows live mail account on my computer I also have an account. I now have 2 in boxes 1 in his name and one in my name how do I remove his account as I dont want to be reading all his emails

A:how to remove an account from windows live mail


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Hello, first timer here and computer juvenile. My Windows Live email account hacked almost 2 weeks ago with the usual (as I having been reading about in forums) email going to my contact list - stranded in London blah blah blah - needed $2650 to get back to Australia - my friends new immediately that it was not me, I would have asked for $10,000 to fly first class home!!

Before I continue, yes I know I can create a new account!!

Ok, went to Windows Live Solutions Center - Account recovery process - could not reset password etc.
Answered all Windows Live ID support questions regarding my HACKED ACCOUNT. Over the next 5 days or more have supplied EVERYTHING I know about my account - security questions, even one security question I created myself!! - the repeated reply from Windows Live ID Support - sorry we can not validate you as the account owner!!!! You can create a new WINDOWS LIVE ACCOUNT!!!!

My account contains all my contacts, personal emails, online order details, photos of family and friends that have not been backed up (I know!!) etc. I WANT MY ACCOUNT BACK!!

What I am really frustrated about is the support from Windows - they have their rules and procedures - but heh??? - do the hackers always win??

Thanks for listening to this pissed off novice

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Without obviously giving any personal details away, l currently have two email accounts set up.
My main ISP account lets call it [email protected], and a second account with windows live, so let's call that one [email protected] (aka outlook).
Now the question is, if l login to the Windows account (def) how do l, or can l even, download email from my ISP's (abc) account?
Does that make sense?

A:Adding new addresses to a Windows Live Account?

Quote: Originally Posted by willythecat

Without obviously giving any personal details away, l currently have two email accounts set up.
My main ISP account lets call it [email protected], and a second account with windows live, so let's call that one [email protected] (aka outlook).
Now the question is, if l login to the Windows account (def) how do l, or can l even, download email from my ISP's (abc) account?
Does that make sense?

if you are using windows live mail, even logged into WLM you can download mail to your other account
I have 5 accounts using WLM
You need to set a new account for each one of them
Once you set it up you just click on the Send/Receive Icon at the top of the program and it will bring in mail to each account

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I just got finished recovering my email into WIndows Live Update after a hard disk crash. Somehow I now have two accounts that are duplicated. The accounts are listed as Mindspring (uid) (1) and Mindspring (uid). Each account has the 5 basic folders in it: Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Junk email, and Deleted Items. I want to delete the redundant account so I don't have to be careful about which account I am using to send, etc. Every email I receive goes into both inboxes.

A:How can I remove redundant account in Windows Live Mail for Windows 7?

I found the answer. There is a menu item to disable an account. Sorry for the time waster...

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I just got Windows 7 64-bit with my NEW CPU. I was using (Windows XP) outlook express as my e-mail server. Since Windows 7 doesn't support it, I made a new account with Windows live 2011. I followed the instructions and added an account using my old e-mail address. I copied the properties from outlook express.
I can't get live.com to show me my e-mail. I went to their support site and followed the instructions to change the incoming port from 110 to 587 and checked the box for SSL. I still can't get any e-mail
I'm able to send it, though

A:Solved: Windows live 2011 won't work with other account

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Platform: WIN 8.1 Spring Update

Using a local (domain) account to login to Windows

Using a MS Live account just for the purpose of installing Store apps

The first time you go to install a store app you are prompted for your Live account credentials. Once entered, the only choice is SAVE or CANCEL. Once SAVE is chosen Windows remembers the password and the user is not prompted next time they go to install a store app.

I want the user to be prompted every time. It seems earlier version of WIN8 allowed this. Can it still be done? I looked for a registry hack to prevent the Live password from being memorized but could find none.

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