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Connecting Yoga Book (W10) to projector (via VGA)

Q: Connecting Yoga Book (W10) to projector (via VGA)

Hello everyone, I recently purchased a Yoga Book running Windows 10. I would like to connect it to a video projector. I bought a micro-HDMI to VGA connector. When I connect everything, neither W10 nor the projector recognize each other. In settings/Display, if I click "detect" it says "no screen detected". It is as though the HDMI port is completely off or the adaptator is faulty... I think the projector receive no signal at all... Any suggestions ?Thanks in advance.

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Preferred Solution: Connecting Yoga Book (W10) to projector (via VGA)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I am a primary school teacher. I teach in 19 different classrooms, each with a Windows deskptop connected to a data projector and a Polyvision interactive whiteboard. I want to be able to use my Yoga 920 to connect to the IWBs in those rooms, however plugging and unplugging my laptop to connect to the projector each time is not feasible (connection point is not readily accessible in many rooms, takes time, class full of rowdy little children needing my attention!). (Why can't I just use the desktop in each classroom? I'm a Japanese teacher and I want to use a specific piece of software. To install that software on every desktop would cost my school several thousand dollars per year for a site licence, which we can't afford, and it's a lot of money when I am only in each room for an hour a week. So, I'm hoping I can use my laptop, which has the software installed (legally), to get around the problem and save us money.) One possible suggestion from the IT people at my school is to connect to the desktop using AirServer, which is installed on every machine (so that teachers can display their iPads on the IWB). From what I can gather, this SHOULD be possible... The AirServer website tells me that my laptop must be able to MiraCast, which I think the 920 can do. Has anyone tried this? Can anyone help in exactly HOW to do it? Also, if I am able to get my laptop projected up onto the screen via AirServer, will I still have the touch functionalty of the IWB, ... Read more

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Hi all,I'm trying to figure out how to connect my yoga book(Android version) to my windows laptop and using it as a wacom tablet for Illustrator and other graphics programs.On the yoga book, when i connect the device (USB) to the pc , it let me choose for the type of connection, i used to select MIDI. On windows side nothing happens, does anyone know how to do this? Is it possible?

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Here is my problem. I hope this is the correct forum.
I have a HP Paviion dv1464dx Laptop running Window 7 Home that I need to connect to a projector that has only an Svideo input. The laptop has no Svdeo output, only a VGA jack for connecting to an external monitot. It works. I have an VGA to Svideo adapter (the inexpensive 'Y' type) that I connect to the laptop's VGA output and then connect its Svideo cable to one of the Svideo inputs on my TV. Windows 7 detects the TV and allows me to turn Presentation on. The TV accepts Svideo input just fine from my Cox cable box. However, with the laptop connected as above I keep getting a 'No Signal' message from the TV.
My system specs don't reflect the laptop but it has a Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chip set adapter which, according to the specs, does support TV Out. Use of Fn+F4 doesn't yield a picture on the TV. I am beginning to think something is inhibiting the TV Out feature of the adapter. Could it be Windows 7 or maybe because HP hardwired it out?
Is there anyone here who has successfully used the 'Y' type VGA to Svideo adapter? If so how did you do it?
Will I have to buy one of the more expensive adapters priced at around $70?
The real question is this. Can someone help me get my laptop's VGA output connected to the Svideo input of the projector?
I will really appreciate help.

Thank you.

A:Connecting to a Projector

Problem solved!

I examined the pin out of the laptop's VGA and the pin in/out's of the
adapter. Pin 2 (Green) of the VGA adapter connected the Chroma pin of the S-video and pin 3 (Blue) connected to the Luma. This was true for two other so called adapters.

How can that be expected to produce a signal the projector can use at its S-video input?

What possible use does this type of so called adapter have?

Anyway, I got hold of a real live VGA to S-video converter and all is well even though my pocket book is a little slimmer.

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I have a Dell Inspiron n series with an Intel Core processor. My projector won't work via HDMI. When I first bought the laptop, it had the Catalyst Control Center installed on it. Since then, I replaced the hard drive and did a fresh install of my OS. I have had problems in the past with CCC and my projector. I researched a new driver for CCC, and I learned that it runs with an AMD possessor? How is this possible? I am very confused at this point.
I don't know if not having CCC on my laptop has anything to do with my projector not working. What other software (for Intel?) would I need, or what else can I do? I have tried a couple of HDMI cables and I know they're still good and the TV connection is good, as I have tried my friends laptop and it works just fine.

A:Connecting to a projector?

Well, do you have an AMD or Intel CPU ?

Which is it ?

Computer Properties will tell you.

And you need all the proper software installed for your video adapter since you reinstalled windows, for a laptop you usually get them from the laptop manufacturer`s website.

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how do I find drivers to allow me to connect a projector to windows 10

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I have a new computer. It is a ACPI Uniprocessor Pentium M 1.73 Ghz with 1 gig Ram, Win XP Service Pack 2. I bought it at MDG Computers so it a no name.

When I hook it up to a video projector for a powerpoint presentation I cannot get a connection between the computer and the projector. It has happened with three different projectors and it is frustrating.

In settings I tried to set it up for 2 monitors but as soon as I come out of it it turns back to just one monitor.

Please help. Thanks.

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At my church I am using a media program to display announcements and songs. I need to connect the projector to the laptop that I am using with a USB cord in order to be able to run powerpoint with a remote from the projector. I need to know how the best way to connect the projector to the computer is. I know that there are length limitations with USB cords and I found a few alternatives. I could use an active extension booster cable and piece two 16 ft.ers together, or I could use a super booster USB extender that would use a transmitter and receiver and connects using a cat5 network cable, but I am stumped on which would be better. Please advise. The length I need to go is 30ft and the cable will be running very close to the sound room with a great deal of wiring and speaker cables etc.

A:Connecting Computer to Projector Via USB

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Hii'm havig trouble with a Infocus X1 projector connected to my HP Pavilion, windows 8.1I'm using a HDMI-VGA adapter (Hdmi out from HP to VGA in on projector).The adpter works fine to connect the projector to my ADSL TV receiver, i can get video from there, but nothing from the computer. It says 'Setting up image' and the screen jumps from the plain blue to  a flash of black/grey fuzz then back to blue. (blue is the normal 'Nothing' from the prjector. I've found questions and answers on the same subject here, but none where the adapter is good, the projector is good, and only problem seems to be image out from computer. Thanks very much for help!

A:connecting vga video projector

Hi @chrisouternst, Welcome to HP Forums! I understand that the projector did not work with the HDMI to VGA adapter from your laptop. I want to help. Below is a document may help:HP Notebook PCs - Connecting a Monitor, Projector, or TV (Windows 10, 8) Let me know if you can set the display properties and resolution. If this helps you to reach a solution, please click the "Accept as Solution" button down below in this message. If you wish to say "thanks" for my effort to help, click the "thumbs up" to give me a Kudos.  Regards,

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I've just bought an Acer Aspire 5738ZG with Windows 7 Premium. I'm having trouble connecting to my projector. I cant seem to get a signal. Pressing FN+F5 dosen't giva me anything but my laptop-screen. I've tried with two different projectors but connect to either one. New user of Windows 7.

Greatful for any help

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Recently we have problems in connecting to projectors. Sometimes causes lag if switching from "PC screen only" to other options using the "Windows+P" shortcut. But after restarting the computer it works fine. What kind of sorcery is this? I hope you can help me. Thanks!

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How can I connect my roku with a HDMI to my projector via rca input the cheapest easiest way?

A:Connecting roku to projector that with rca input

Hello and welcome to TSG!!

The Roku Express+ has Composite connections. I have one of these, though I use it with HDMI.


Alternatively, there's this device, though I cannot speak for it, having never used it. https://www.walmart.com/ip/HDMI-to-...MI1dS-p_jq5QIV9f7jBx2lewJ0EAYYAiABEgKsyPD_BwE

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I am using a Epson Powerlite projector to project karaoke from an external hard drive. It all is working fine, but now I am trying to connect another computer monitor to the mix. Anyone have any ideas??????

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I am one of the 4 technicians at this play at school. I am the only one that can operate the sound console, light console and play video through a project. I have hooked up the school's computer to a projector many times using a VGA cable. Now I have to put the pojector alot farther away (about 50ft) so we took a long composite video cable and hooked up to the composite video in on the projector then we connected the other end to the cable to a composite-to-s-video connection and then into the TV-Out on there computer.

BTW The computer is a Dell Inspiron 5160 with the Nvidia Go5200 graphics. Now the problem is that I don't know where the hell to go in the setting to send my screen via this cable to the projector. I looked at the Dell and Nvidia site and in the Nvidia site I saw a screenshot of the menu (this was an FAQ response for a Desktop) and it had this place that I could go to change for dual monitors. I don't have this option (I think because it is a laptop).

I have tried pressing the "Fn" key with number 8 (wich is the LCD/CRT labeled button) wich is what I use to send the signal to the vga cable before.

I would really like to do this because this way we can hide the projector in a box (don't worry we put a vent in the back) but if we can't we have to drag the projector out into the alley way near the end of the play... and I have to keep the laptop close to the console for two reasons. One to operate the lights and sound and two the w... Read more

A:*urgent* Connecting Projector To Laptop

Hi Klinkaroo,so we took a long composite video cable and hooked up to the composite video in on the projector then we connected the other end to the cable to a composite-to-s-video connection and then into the TV-Out on there computer.I think I know what you are asking... lol. Treat it just as before. The controls that toggle video between you laptop screen/ your laptop screen and projector/ and just the projector, should not have changed. Yes, that is usually a the {FN} function key and another key... sounds like what you described. The issue is the composite to s-video out converter. Making sure I understand:You have s-video out on the laptop. You are plugging into a RCA style yellow jack on the projector. There is something in between acting as a converter? That something is probably causing our issue. Can you go s-video total length to projector? Do you have a VCR that can accept s-video as input?rigel

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Hi there.

I'm having an issue connecting the Portege Z10t to a projector via VGA.
Its fine via HDMI.

The resolution changes on the screen to something like a 4:3 ratio.
It then comes up on the projector, stays for 10 seconds or so then bombs out.
I've tried multiple resolutions but no joy. We're running windows 8.1

I've tried a few different z10t and different projectors. Other laptops running windows 8.1 are fine, it only seems to be with the z10t.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

A:Connecting Portege Z10t to projector using VGA

First of all it would be interesting to know what resolution you?ve chosen for internal and external display.
The Portege Z10T series was equipped with different displays but as far as I know the max supported resolution for all displays should be: 1920 x 1080 px

If you use the extended desktop, both displays (internal + projector) could use different resolution but if you use the option ?clone displays? then the resolution has to be the same on internal as well as on external display (projector).

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When connecting my Zbook to a projector using a HDMI Cable the projector does not detect anything and shows "No Signal" .  But strangely, it shows that it is connected in the NVIDIA Control Panel. When I try using VGA Cable it works fine. I used several HDMI cables in good condition, but still no display. 

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I connect my TV to my laptop through HDMI occasionally. I have both an intel HD 3000 integrated graphics card and nvidia card in my laptop. For a while it worked fine with no issues. Recently this is not the case.

Here's the problem:
I plug in the HDMI cable, choose to "extend" my display or "projector only", but the TV does not get found and remains without a signal. If I choose "projector only", windows replies that a projector could not be found.

If I then reinstall my intel integrated graphics drivers and reboot, HDMI will then sometimes work. It appears to be truly random. If it doesn't work by reinstalling the latest drivers, uninstalling then installing an older driver will sometimes give it the kick that it needs to detect my TV again. The problem with these workarounds is that when I restart again, the problem will come back. Reinstalling the drivers only works until the computer is restarted again.

This is a real pain and I don't know what to do anymore. It seems that it is related to the drivers, as when this is the only thing that is changed, can bring about a temporary fix, although not in all cases. I get the feeling that if I reformatted and reinstalled it would be fixed but I really can't afford to do that. I'm hoping there is a less extreme way forward.

A:Projector sometimes not found when connecting TV through through HDMI

Have you tried another cable?

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Tried connecting my computer to my projector and found the colour was wrong on the projector instead of the background being blue it had a greenish cast.....thought projector must be playing up. Tried the laptop with my large TV Monitor same result. Any idea what could be the trouble please?

A:Connecting Laptop To Projector/monitor

could be a issue with the port, if you ca try a different port on the laptop

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Our company has had a Sony Vaio PCG-GRT260G notebook for a couple of years now and we have a pretty major issue. I'm not sure if it's because of user error or what the case may be, but here's the problem. We do a lot of presentations. I mean about one or two a month. And when we do them, we bring the laptop out and they normally have a projector that we connect to. That's where the issue is. We'll see other people do presentations before us and they literally hook up their laptop, start it up and bang there it is on the big screen.

With us, this laptop just does not want to communicate with projectors. There will be a variety of things that happen from nothing at all, to seeing a 2nd screen with the desktop image (screen #2 if you will) but no icons, to seeing everything correctly but then when you open the file up, the presentation shows on the laptop, but not on the video screen. You name it. We normally have to get to the location an hour in advance to tinker with it beforehand. It's frustrating and very embarrassing when the clients you're speaking with are having to sit there and watch you try and get it up and running.

We use the Powerpoint Viewer by the way. It has a nVidia GeForceFX Go5600 Graphics card and I'm just lost. It's just making the owner very angry and enough is enough, please help! So is there some kind of tool we can use or a step by step walk through for this somewhere?

A:Connecting Sony Laptop to Projector problem

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Hello everybody,

I'm experiencing the following problem with my new Sony Vaio VPCSB3L9E/W, but I don't know the exact model projector because it is in a classroom, shield in a box on the roof.

Well, whenever i connect my laptop using the commonly known Win + P the mouse pointer freezes. The keyboard is active and using the arrows I can send signal through the VGA port. The same happens with Fn + F7 shortcut.

Has to do anything with the resolution ?
Is there any short-cut to re-enable the mouse if it is somehow disabled ?

Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance.

A:Mouse freezes when connecting laptop to projector

I'm confused here, the laptop you mention came with windows 7, but you have your operating system listed as xp?

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I was wondering if any one could help me!
I recently purchased a 2nd hand "Zeus mini projector" (It's a Zeus A100P). It is white with a gold trim. I was told it is a few years old.
I can get to a screen that has Mirror cast or DLNA but I can't figure out how to get the wifi connected or turned on.
Could some one please help me figure out how to get it set up?

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Hi Everyone,

I have upgraded a HP ProBook 6570b from Windows 7 to Windows 10 in the hope of being able to connect Wirelessly (through WiDi) to an Epson Projector.

The upgrade went quite smoothly, and on the surface it looks like the 6570b will be able to make a wireless connection to the projector, as shown below.

However shortly after clicking on the projector name I see the message shown below -

I know that the projector works because I have been able to connect to it using my new Lenovo Yoga 14 laptop. Is this simply a case of the 6570b not having quite the right hardware, or are there other settings that I can tweak here?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


A:HP 6570b experiencing issues connecting to projector

Have you checked to see if there are Windows 10 drivers for this Epson projector?

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I have a Dell 1100MP Projector and I am trying to connect it to my Sony Receiver STR-DH520 by HDMI I want to no how do I connect it what settings do I put on the projector and what I put on the receiver. Sony told me to put the HDMI Cable in the out put. Now I don't no what to do from there I had connected once I don't remember what I did it was last year I had it connected.

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My church has just purchased a refurbished Optiplex 960 to replace a Dell Vostro 220.  We were running a Dell projector 2400MP with it. They were connected with an S video cable. The Optplex does not have an S video connection. The projector is mounted at the peak of a vaulted ceiling so we would like to find some way to make the s video cable work with the Optiplex. Is there any type of adapter that would do this? If not how do we need to connect the Optiplex 960 to the 2400 MP projector. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Connecting Optiplex 960 desktop and Dell projector 2400MP

Legacy video cards like the ATI 4350/4550/4650 have S-Video support. Due to copy protection issues, analog outputs have been omitted from newer video cards.
You can buy such legacy cards on eBay; look for TV-Out or HDTV-Out. This Sapphire 4550 will work.

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Can any one advise have installed NVidia driver but no success.

Have sought Toshiba Tech help no better.
Advised to visit their projector help centre (?1.50/min) useless complete waste of money guy knew less than me.

Purchased both items at same time but are completely incompatible or so it seems, what do I need to do.
Toshiba seem incapable of any suitable options!!

Any one out there able to help please.

A:Connecting a Toshiba TDP-T8 (Projector) to a Satellite Pro P100 PSPA4E


As far as I know the Satellite Pro P100 support the
- VGA (monitor) port
This 15pin port lets you connect an external video display to the computer

- DVI (monitor) port ? this is optional and not supported by all Sat Pro P100
This port lets you connect an external video display to the computer via a DVIcable

- S-video TV out port
This s-video out port allows you to connect a TV to computer vista 4pin s-video cable.
This port outputs the NTSC or PAL signal.

I don?t know what port/cable the projector supports but usually it should be possible to connect such projector to the VGA or DVI port.


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No matter how I disconnect the projector, via the menu that pops up after pressing CTRL+P or pulling out the wire, it usually stays like this after the connection is made. It does not happen all the time.

Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Windows do not span full screen after connecting projector

Try changing the resolution through Windows or the projector.

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Hello, I am using a Yoga 12 trying to connect to an epson projector.  I am trying to connect via VGA using a USB3.0 to VGA adapter at the Yoga.  This is in a school environment and the HDMI port on the projector is not an option.  This method worked on the L440 model, but I can't get it to work on this model.  The Yoga is using Windows 10, no matter what I do it seems like it won't detect a 2nd screen (display settings show only one screen detected).  All of the latest drivers are installed.  Any input you may have in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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I work for a local community college part-time and this semester I'm having a serious projector issue. When I connect to the HDMI port with my micro-HDMI to HDMI adapter and turn on the classroom projector (Epson Power Light Pro) My screen projects perfectly for a couple of minutes and then starts flickering on and off like it would if cord was loose, the only problem is the cord isn't loose. Here's what I know/ have tried: - The Projecter maintains a consistant connection with other devices through the same port (Campus IT double checked this for me and I've see it myself)- I've tried two different adapters and the same issue happens. - Both adapters connect fine to my moniter at home (I can't even force a disconection by wiggling the cord around)- The laptop also connects perfectly to a moniter.- The laptop was connecting fine to the same brand of projector and same adapter last month. - Changing the resoution on the laptop doesn't seem to make a difference. I'm totally stumped and I'm willing to try any solutions... aside from throwing my computer out the window, which is very tempting!  Thank you all so much! 

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I have been connecting my yoga900s to projector using mini usbC-VGA cable. However, in the past months, it's not been able to do so, even with new cable. System is all updated. Not sure how to resolve this.

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Hi, new Yoga 920. Tried two external monitors - one monitor and EPSON projector. Via i-tec adapter. Not working. No a blink. Drivers reinstalled. Any suggestion, or, even better, solution? Thnak you Daniel 

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Recently I found that I could not use Fn key for F7 (display/projector setting) and F8 (wireless on/off), previously it worked well. For sound control and brightness control Fn works fine. Anyone knows how to solve it? 


Go to Solution.

A:Yoga 370 Hotkey for display/projector and wireless management not work

re-installed the hotkey driver and issue solved

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I posted in a previous thread about the Aaxa Tech L1v2 being used as a MS Office Projector, and it really caught my attention! I ended up getting one and thought I would share with everyone a full review!
I am what some call a tech connoisseur. I always like to get my hands on the newest tech products, ranging from cell phones to projectors. Today’s product to go under the microscope is Aaxa Tech’s L1v2. The L1v2 is the second generation of the laser pico projector line. The most prominent features of the L1v2 are the improved performance, better heat dissipation, a new modern look, and most importantly a much much better price point, $399!

My expectations for this product were high as it is a second generation product. Taking it out of the box, I was immediately amazed the size and weight of the L1v2. The dimensions are 4.2”x2.1”x1.2” and weighs only 170 grams with the battery! To put this in perspective, it’s almost the equivalent of the HTC 8525, which isn’t bad at all. The box includes: the unit itself, AC adapter, A/V cable, VGA cable, and tripod clip (no tripod unfortunately). The Iphone/Ipod/Ipad adapter is sold separately unfortunately. The L1v2 is made from what seems to be durable plastic, meaning it could easily go in to your briefcase without much concern. The black matte finish gives it a smooth exterior with little chance of finger prints or smudges. The buttons are a decent size and aren... Read more

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I know I can go to a McDonald's - But what is the least expensive way to connect to the internet for a 2 week period when I'm on vacation in Florida with my net book. There is no internet connection at the condo where I'm staying.
I have heard of some phones that can act as a "Router?". But I don't want to sign up for 2 years.


A:Solved: Connecting a net book to the internet

With any pre-paid service, you'll have to by the modem or wireless hotspot device.


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I am trying to connect my Insp 5559 laptop running Windows 10 to my Optima hd20 projector via an HDMI cable, the computer tries to detect the projector (screen goes black for a sec and chimes ensue) but fails to detect the projector. Repeats this process ad nausea!

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Hi Tech support guys
Since installing a new - Billion G. ADSL VoIP Router. My wife and I haven't been able to access Facebook either on our iphones or Laptops
Wondering if this could be related
Actually we could access fb for the 1st couple of weeks

Maybe the settings cld be part of it but my wife can access if she uses her data allowance on her ph but not on wifi


A:Cant access Face book since connecting new router

Hello diamonddream!!!

What is the error message are you getting while connecting to Facebook?

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I am trying to connect to the internet. When I tried through wi-fi there was a redirect prompt in the web address bar. When I tried to connect to my wireless connection at home my modem fails to connect. I hope some knows what the issue is.

A:Having trouble connecting my net book to wi-fi or home router

When I tried through wi-fi there was a redirect prompt in the web address bar. When I tried to connect to my wireless connection at home my modem fails to connect.Click to expand...

would you please provide a little more detail

This seems to be two different statements/issues

make and model of the PC
make and model of the router/modem you are connecting to

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Thanks in anticipation
Edan Aharony

A:Laptop to Projector through HDMI but no sound capability on projector

Please provide more specific information on the computer that is being used to drive the projector.
This will help to give more specific advice.

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I assume that what shows up in my contact list in bottom left area of Outlook Express 5 under local folders section is taken from the same file that serves up my address book email addresses. One day this section just went blank and now if I add addresses in contacts it shows up in address book but not in contacts.

All I really need to know how to do is reset the path from contacts to the file that serves up the address book and I'll be fine.

So which one of you is the e-mail guru anyway?

Thanks in advance for the help!

A:OE 5 Contact list not connecting to address book file

Please don't duplicate post....reply here.......

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I am using Windows 8.1 64 bit (6.3, Build 9600) in my laptop (Lenovo Y510P). When I connect the VGA Port of my laptop to a projector and choose the duplicate screen option (Fn+F3 in my laptop), the display projected on the (exterior) screen starts flickering wildly. At the same time the display on my laptop screen is stable (the resolution changes, but apart from that it's okay). I have tried it with four different cords (and projectors), so I suppose that it may not be an issue with the display cord(s). My laptop is relatively new (still covered under warranty) and this issue started with my laptop since the first time I tried to connect the VGA port to a projecter. Is this a hardware issue with the VGA port of my laptop or is there a possibility that it may be a software (driver) issue also? Any help would be much appreciated!


A:Projector's image FLICKERS when projector is plugged in.

You need to go into your display properties and change the refresh rate for that output.

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Hey everyone I bought my yoga book last year and it's had a bunch of problems and now it just won't turn on ? Kind of really upset though because I spent alot of money on it and I've taken good care of it.  Any ideas anyone?I've already tried the power button with volume and tried a bunch of different chargers.  Thanks in advance 

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I've looked at the problems concerning the pen on the forums here and none of them seem to pertain to my problem specifically so I figured I would go ahead and ask. I have a Lenovo Yoga Book (the 64GB version). I reinstalled Windows 10 because it was locked out due to bitlocker, the Halo Keyboard wouldn't switch to the sketch pad mode so I reinstalled the drivers for that per the official instructions by Lenovo, and now the pen only interacts with the very top left hand corner of the screen no matter where I use the pen. I'd really like to start drawing again!Thanks in advance for any help I might receive!

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I have read nearly every post with yoga book issues regarding powering on, waking up, sleep mode.  None of the fixes worked for me.  IT WON'T WAKE UP!!! I've triedholding power button for 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, plugged in and unplugged with original power cordholding power button and volume rocker, plugged in and unpluggedpushing the power button 10, 15, 20 times rapidly and then trying to turn it on.The battery is internal and I am not sure I want to try to open it up.  I can't find any screws. I'm waiting for the battery to drain to see if that will help.  But in sleep mode, it may take a while..... Help?

A:yoga book won't wake up

It would really help to know the model of Yoga you're having an issue with.

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in the advertisement of the yoga book I say an app that written text on the paper,notepad of the book transforms into digital text in the book. do you know the name of the app and is this an app for the android book? I do have the android book and love to have that app.-

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