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Solved: Recommendations for Windows 7 compatible email programs

Q: Solved: Recommendations for Windows 7 compatible email programs

Just wondering what folks are doing now that outlook express is no longer part of the OS. Any email programs out there worth looking into? Any free ones?

Preferred Solution: Solved: Recommendations for Windows 7 compatible email programs

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Recommendations for Windows 7 compatible email programs

Windows live mail is the succesor of outlook express.
Works well.
I am using the 2009 version as the newest version is somewhat
limited and I don't like the interface.

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I'm looking at getting a bt headset for use with Office Communicator/Live Messenger. I'm on a Dell D630, 7 Ultimate 64bit, 8GB RAM. I'm tempted to just buy a cheapo headset and see if I can get it working, but wondered if anyone knew of a (cheapish) bt headset that they'd definitely got working with 7?


A:Compatible bluetooth headset recommendations

For anyone considering something similar, I got me an Iqua BHS-603. Plugged it in, 7 did it's thing, configure OCS and Live Messenger, all good. And it was half price at the moment too.

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Bought a new laptop and been having problems with bsod every day, which came up as Driver IRQL not less or equal and further down, tcpip.sys. I left it at the sellers for a check-up and they could find no problems but will be restoring it to default. My question is what programs are safe to install when I get it back? The only programs I had installed on it were PC Tools Spyware Doctor, Norton and Microsoft Office (also normal applications like lastfm and spotify.) Are any of these known to be incompatible with Windows 7? Some forums have been saying bad things about PC Tools, some about Norton, and recommend Microsoft Security Essentials. Can anyone give any input about what programs are better/worse or proven to make the system unstable? Would be much appreciated //Anna

A:programs compatible with windows 7?

The error was most likely caused by out of date drivers (more than likely vista drivers) being loaded on the system. We see that here several times a day if not more. Many of the bsod problems in win 7 are either over zealous security programs, or bad drivers. The remaining few generally being caused by bad hard ware. The techs at the seller are rarely properly qualified to diagnose these issues. The people that are get higher paying jobs in the IT sector.

Anyhow if the problem occurs after you get it back you can follow the bsod posting instructions here http://www.sevenforums.com/crashes-d...tructions.html

and let the bsod troubleshooters here have a crack at helping you with it.

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I'm about to leap into setting up a wireless router for the first time near my office desktop computer so that I can hardwire that computer, printer and cable modem, but also be able to communicate with another older computer with a new network adapter in my living room which will enable me to network from that computer and also be able to surf the Internet on my HDTV.

My initial research has me leaning towards a (Linksys 160) N router for strength of signal and distance, although distance is not really a factor for me at this time. A tech type friend of mine also suggested that I purchase a network adapter of the same brand as whatever router I decided on in order to get max speed performances. Apparently some brands work better/faster when coupled with their own brands even though other brands are supposedly manufactured with compatible standards. I have no reason to question him, but I thought I'd like to hear any other words of wisdom that would point me in the right direction for selecting these two pieces of equipment.

One further issue that's cropped up is this business of versions of hardware. At first I just presumed the most current or latest version would be best (as in Linksys 160N V1, V2, and now V3) but I've also seen comments that V1 is better than V2 for heavy loads, for instance...? While this particular reference was about a Linksys brand issue, I'm actually asking generally about how important it is to get the latest version of an... Read more

A:Recommendations for selecting a router and compatible network adapter

moved to networking forum

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This thread is to list some decent email clients for those who do not wish to use either the Windows mail client/Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook:

Mailbird: Mailbird 2.0 - The Best Email Client for Windows 7, 8 & 10
eM Client: eM Client
Claws Mail: Claws Mail - The user-friendly, lightweight, and fast e-mail client

I have used Claws on both Lindows and Linux.

eM Client and Mailbird are good alternatives.

In the end however I use Web based mails as it is easier for me but above are some decent choices.

A:Windows compatible Email Clients

I have been using Thunderbird ever since I first got my hands on e-mail; It has never let me down since.

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Hi All I just purchased a new Computer 64 bit with windows version 7. like most people I have problems finding a Email server that I like and actually works with it. I do not like Windows live at all and as you would know can no longer get just Windows Mail. I have been looking around for free or paid email programs that are completley Compatible and have been somewhat disappointed, although many forums suggest that the latest thunderbird is compatible or Eudora or paid Poco programs I have tired them all, no problems about them installing OK however they all give the same problem ie, when on a Web site and you wish to use the Web contact email, it does not reconize it and tells you that the Email program is not the default server or configures as the default, when you go into configure default it will not let you do it!.

Try as I have even with patches and registry changes recommended by Poco Help still no go!!! I have now left the Poco program on as I do like its setup and for that small inconvenience it is worth the $45 AUST, I have tried all the other recommened programs for 64 bit machines and they all!! do the same thing ie, do not recogize the Email program as the default server!

Poco has said that a new version will be issued fixing the problem but no date is forthcoming. Is there anyone out there who has had this problem or can give any suggestions to this problem. I am a bit disappointed that many software programs that operated with XP do have compatibility iss... Read more

A:Windows 7 Compatible Email servers

Here is a list. If I were you, I would install each after making a system resore point. If not liked you can get rid of the entire program, using System Restore, without remaining remnants or registry changes.

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To start, I did a system reboot which completely wiped everything out. When I got my computer back up and running I attempted to reinstall all of my programs such as Office, Norton and my printer, however, I keep getting the same message with each program I attempt to install "this product is not compatible with this version of windows" paraphrased. I used my recovery disk to install, i've entered in the product key several times and it still will not work. attatched are screen shots of the messages I have been getting when trying to install programs. What can I do to get everything back up and running without having to do a full reboot again?

make: HP

A:Windows Activation (programs not compatible)

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the email offered an update to windows live mail ,so I did it and now mail will not stay open ,,, I cant even get to the email to copy its contents here ,I will have to look on my other machine to get it ... I never line the new mail app ,just because it new maybe and not use to it, I will use outlook.com instead for Microsoft mail..

live mail staying open now , but I think the email said ,changes made in the next few weeks will make it use less in win8.1 and win10 .

A:microsoft windows live mail Not compatible with New Email systems

the email I received

Dear user,

In a few weeks, we will be making some changes to our email services that might impact your @outlook.com, @hotmail, @live, or @msn email account. Those changes will prevent your email from being delivered to the Windows Live Mail 2012 application you use.

In order to continue using Windows Live Mail 2012 to send and receive email for your account, you need to install the latest update published here.

If you use Windows Live Mail 2012 on Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, we recommend that you switch to the built in Mail app in Windows to stay connected and get the latest feature updates on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Windows Live Essentials 2009 and 2011 are not supported anymore, and you will need to update to Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 and use the Mail app, or use www.outlook.com. To learn more about the Mail app, please click here.

We also recommend all Windows Live mail users on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 to upgrade to Windows 10 and use the built in Mail application to stay connected and get the latest feature updates.

We suggest saving this email so you can refer to it later.

Thanks for your understanding and continued use.

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Hello Everybody,

I recently changed tv and internet providers and my new internet provider didn't provide me with an email address to replace the email address that i already have from time warner cable. My email account from time warner cable will still work until i officially cancel my account in person later this week. This email address is only used with family, co-workers, playstation network and as a recovery email address for my gmail which will soon become my primary email address. I can easily give family and co-workers my gmail but i still need a second address to serve as a recovery email for my gmail and for playstation network. I've already tried giving playstation my gmail but because it looks too similar to my username that can't be changed (i've already tried) they won't let me use my gmail for security reasons.

I know yahoo mail has a feature that lets you have 2 email addresses on one account and i was wondering if i can do the same thing with gmail since i'm not switching back to yahoo because of their servers being hacked.

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I have been using Yahoo for 8 years. I would like to try something new.
Any suggestions? Preferences? Clean interface and the ability to
send attachments of up to 100mb.

A:Any recommendations for Email accounts ??

Why not try gmail


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Hi kats.

I thought I'd asked this once before, but I'll be darned if I can find it in a search of my own posts.

I have a client who wants to set up an internal e-mail server, i.e. just one mailbox on a file-serving machine, connected to a bunch of baby outlooks across the network, allowing all users to see one "pool" of incoming messages, and then pull them off onto their individual machines, so that they disappear from said server.

I know that I'm describing exactly the job of Exchange, but this is a small organization, and Exchange costs a wad, and the only server capacity needed is that of this two-tier mailbox. Are there other alternatives out there? Ideally, the thing I'm looking for would be simple enough for a (relatively) sharp db programmer (yours truly) to figure out, configure, and run, without too much hassle, but with enough power to go (and go gooooooooood) on a Win 2k network.

Your input is always appreciated.

A:Email server recommendations

how about something like Pegasus' mercury mail transport system
<i>Mercury Mail Transport System: Mercury is a free, standards-based mail server solution, providing comprehensive, fast server support for all major Internet e-mail protocols. It is supplied in two versions, one hosted on Windows systems, the other running as a set of NLMs on Novell NetWare file servers.</i>

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I?m looking for a good email program to switch to. I?ve been using Outlook V6 for years and I?m finally done with it. I lost some archive emails for the last several months. I don?t like the fact that OL is part of OS and if there is a problem fixing is a pain. So I want something stand alone with more organization tools for archiving and more updated address book.

Any recommendations?

A:Email Program recommendations

Give Thunderbird a try, http://www.mozillamessaging.com/en-US/thunderbird/

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q 740 @ 1.73GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 30 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 6124 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 425M, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 61437 MB, Free - 29268 MB; D: Total - 538655 MB, Free - 294738 MB; E: Total - 2861554 MB, Free - 2226649 MB;
Motherboard: Sony Corporation, VAIO
Antivirus: ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

Well, there's the basics again. The question this time: does anyone know of a nice, simple, easy-enough-for-a-child-to-use (guess I'd better watch myself there - some of the kids are pretty sharp!) email program? I had been on IncrediMail for quite a while but their habit of updating very, very often and just piling the new code on top of the old finally made the ship too slow and sloppy-acting for me. The problem now is that I haven't gotten my sea legs back yet! There are some things IncrediMail did extremely well: one of them being hooking up to a mail server; all you needed was the server name, your address and password, IncrediMail would take care of all the rest. So, I've tried Thunderbird, Mail Commander, DreamMail, Mailbox, and I've bolloxed them all up! So, if there's something out there simple enough for me to use, I'd sure be thankful to hear about it.

As a kind of a side issue: how can I retrieve ALL the mail from an account... Read more

A:Solved: My oh my! Email Programs!

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I'm running Windows 7 and am using 2003 Microsoft Office which is fine for my use. However, as you know Microsoft has pulled support for 2003 and along with it went my Microsoft Outlook email program. Since the rest of 2003 Microsoft Office works fine I don't want to pay money just for ability to use the 2013 Office Outlook email. I am looking for some suggestions as to what FREE email program closely mirrors the 2003 Microsoft Outlook. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Email programs


Why has outlook gone ?
I need to find my OLD XP Pc and office 2003 - but it had outlook and worked OK

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Recommendations for simple email program for W7 pro 32 bit & XP pro.


I'm looking for a Simple, like Outlook Express, to run on MY PC's with W7 pro 32 bit & XP pro.
NO interested in chatting, social media, smart phones, etc, etc, no time or interest.
NO interest in any form of web mail, all EMAILS & CONTACTS plus the PROGRAM must reside on my PC's
NO interest in T Bird as my ASP has problem with configuration.
JUST Business emailing of simple txt msg with maybe a PDf or some images attached.

NEED to be able configure it myself using IMAP as below:

Note: Make sure you enter @charter.net after your Charter.net Username or you will be unable to log in.User name:
[email protected]
The password you use to sign in to your email account
This setting should be On for both SMTP and IMAP.
Incoming Email Server:
Outgoing Email Server:
Web Mail Address:
If applicable: Log in will be required when sending and receiving mail.



A:Recommendations for simple email program for W7 pro 32 bit & XP pro.

Something like Outlook Express is Microsoft Outlook,but you have to buy Office to use it.

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Hi All,

I've been asked by a local Wine merchant if I know of any email programs to keep his registered members up to date with any specials going on. I figure it's a pretty simple solution he's looking for that could grow into something big, but we are talking about something that would be able to handle a couple hundred emails.

I know plenty about the internet and selling online, as well as advertising, but quite frankly have never bothered to learn much about email marketing. This is not a solution to spam unsuspecting people, but a necessity to generate and maintain newsletters and a contact database from people who specifically sign up and register for the service.

Can anyone point me to a product that they have used int he past, and would recommend.

Free software would be the preferred solution, but we can;t all have what we want.

Thanx for any advice and helpful comments!


A:Email newsletter Recommendations and advice

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Hi Guys I have been completely hoarding computer files (movies/pictures/ etc..) and Now I have 4 external hard drives and so much has been copied I've totally lost track of what I"ve copied and backed up etc..

What are some really top of the line Duplicate file finder programs for Windows 8.1 (64bit)...

I've only really used Auslogics Boostspeed for finding duplicate files so far..

Are there more efficient programs than the one inside boostspeed anybody knows about??


A:Need Recommendations Duplicate File Programs

Something like this ? Download Duplicate Cleaner Free - MajorGeeks or maybe : Download Exact Duplicate Finder - MajorGeeks
Look at some of programs on this page, Download Drive Cleaners Tools for Windows - MajorGeeks there's quite a lot of them doing similar things.
In addition you might want to look for a media cataloging tool to keep a track of what's where. Download Cataloging Tools for Windows - MajorGeeks

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I'd like to hear what yall recommend as a replacement for Norton Systemworks/Internet Security 2005. I've looked into Zone Alarm, PC-cillin and some others. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Take it easy, yall.

A:Recommendations For Firewall/antivirus Programs?

Hello, The link below will definately help with your decision-making as to which one to download. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic3616.htmlAll of these are free, and this list includes anti-virus, spyware removal and trojan, removal among others.Hope it helps,Charles

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First, if I should not uninstall a particular software, can you tell me what it does and why I need it? I appreciate any help you can give me, if not able to answer them all - It's a Toshiba Satellite L305D-Series.

1. Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla or Google Chrome?

If not IE 8, how can I safely uninstall it without it conflicting w/ other programs?

2. I just downloaded a MS Office alternative (free) called OpenOffice.org 3.2, since I'm currently almost up on my trial of 2007 office. So, can I safely remove these:

a) 2007 MS Office system 2007 Primary Interop Assemblies
b) MS Office Pro 2007 Trial
c) MS Office Suite Activation Assistant

3. Can I or can I not remove these programs without issue...

a) Apple App Support (I only use iTunes - have no apple mobile phone etc...)

b) Apple Mobile Device Support (again, I only use iTunes - have no apple mobile phone etc...)

c) Apple Software Update (again, I only use iTunes - have no apple mobile phone etc...)

d) Bonjour (? Dunno what this is, know it's used w/ iTunes...)

e) Catalyst Control Center - Branding

f) 1. java update 6 6
2. java update 6 18

g) Msxml 4.0 sp2 (KB941833)

h) Msxml 4.0 sp2 (KB954430)

i) Msxml 4.0 sp2 (KB973688)

j) MS SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition (enu)

k) MS SQL Server Native Client

l) MS SQL Server Setup Support Files (english)

m) MS SQL Server VSS Writer

o) Windows Live Essentials (? I have a windows mobile phone)


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I have no idea what happened, but it seems any images that should be in programs, or email aren't showing. When I pull up a program it opens fines and seems to work, but alot of the images (buttons) are not there.

I've check my security settings, and they seem to be correct as far as allowing for downloading of images, but no dice.

I've tried all my security settings in Outlook as well to allow to view images... nothing.

I'm at a loss...

A:Solved: Images not Showing in email, or programs

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Need some suggestions, recommendations and help for email hosting service provider, below are the requirement:

1) 100+ mailboxes ; each mailbox needs at least 500MB
2) forwarder -- can forward more than 50 email addresses
3) virus and spam filter(blacklist/whitelist on domain level; not just mailbox individually)

I have been looking into certain providers like:

1) intermedia.net(mail 100 plan): looks perfect to me but I am afraid about their reviews and support aren't that good

2) electricmail.com: they have pro services but quite expensive, it's about $5-6 per mailbox per account; with 100 mailboxes; it will cost about $500-600 amonth

3) gmail: it is almost like electricmail.com; but they have 10 G per mailbox with $5 per month per mailbox; however, gmail is still quite new and still in beta; I have heard many bad things like ppl missing their emails, etc... for personal is acceptable but not business

4) Phone support: 9-5 is good but 24x7 will be the best

I know that I can have another option which is hosting the email inhouse; however, the hardware, software and the dedicated internet service is too costly for me as of this moment.

If you have any reviews or other recommendations, please let me know. Much appreicates and thanks in advance

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I used to use Outlook Express and now use web based email (comcast.net) I switched my default browser from IE to Google Chrome, but when I click on any web page's link to email... Outlook Express opens. I went to my "control panel, internet options, programs, email" and only Microsoft products are shown as choices. I would appreciate some help on this.

A:Solved: Control panel, internet options, programs, email

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I have sent out emails to a "group" and one particular person in this group says whenever she gets an email from me (and ONLY from me) it locks up her whole email program. I have Vista, use Windows Mail. In this email I used stationary from the Windows Mail program, inserted 2 pictures, and added a midi as background sound. No one else reports having this problem with my email. She also has Vista and uses Outlook as her email program. Any ideas why my emails only would do this.

A:windows mail locks up receivers email programs

Could be the stationery, and more likely the midi than the images
Have you tried taking this out?

To be honest, if every time I opened an email from a particular person my system started playing a sound, I wouldn't be opening their emails any more ...

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I have an old Compatibles by Compaq scanner/keyboard that worked with win98, but I can't seem to get it to work with XP.
It's connects thru one of my serial ports. Does anyone know how to or if it can work with XP?

A:[SOLVED] scanner/keyboard - compatible/not compatible with XP?

see if they put out drivers for xp
i had to replace my scanner because of no drivers for xp

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I upgraded to win 7 64bit. and now some of my programs won't load due to compatibility issues. Can it be fixed?

A:Programs not compatible


You could check online at the programs' website to see if they have an updated compatible version that you could download and install instead.

If not, then you could see if using compatibility mode on the programs may help.

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I have the 32 bit edition of windows xp. I always have had it, and it is the same copy I installed before as well. The problem is that AVG antispyware claims I have a 64-bit edition of Windows(another progam that used to work has an error, I can reproduce it if you want.. not sure if it is the same issue).

AVG antispyware used to work just fine on my computer..


Windows XP Home Edition SP2
Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz, 3.19GHz

A:Programs not compatible with 64-bit(have 32 bit)

have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling

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I cannot get anywhere trying to find information on the MSN web sight, seems it must be for tec's only, I am trying to find out if I can use my Microsoft home publishing suite 2000 (as well as print perfect from COSMI) on my new computer? I had them for Win98, and have wennt to XT home edition. How do you find out what old programs can be used?

A:98/XP compatible programs

I'm running 'works2000' which has home publishing in it on an XP pro machine and never experienced any problems with it.

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Could anyone point me to a cheap, reliable Hard Drive of approximately 10 GB that would work with Windows 98SE? A friend and I are looking to put together my old Windows 98 PC.


A:Solved: Windows 98 SE Compatible HD

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Help me!!! I would very much like to upgrade my laptop operating system from win7 to win10. I have no tried three times, but everytime I am told to remove HP ProtectTools Security Manager. But when follow the instructions, I am told that; "Following products is depending on HP ProtectTools Security Manager:Embedded Security for HP ProtectToolsFile Sanitizeer for HP ProtectToolsTheft Recovery You need to uninstall these before you uninstall HP ProtectTools Security Manager" I am sort of stuck here! What the f... am I supposed to do now!?!?I really do not understand how on earth HP and/or Microsoft haven't addressed this problem, and then posted a "how to" to those of us who are NOT computer geeks (no offense!). Could someone please help me???

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I just got 7 64 bit... my first 64 bit OS, for good reason i guess... I noticed VLC does not exist for it, and Java (at least for browsers such as opera) does not work. I wish i had known this so i could have tried 32 bit instead. What else won't work?

A:64 bit- lack of compatible programs??

Gom and KMP work fine for me in x64, haven't tried VLC yet. X64 systems still run x32 ones.

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Hi all I just got an early Christmas present and now I get to figure out how it all works. I am not sure where to post this question.

What is compatible with Windows 8 64 bit. Like which zip file is safe to use? Is Superanti spyware compatible? Malware Bytes is that compatible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated because this system is another beast..

A:Solved: Need to ask question on what is compatible with Windows 8

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Hello, I just made a dvd movie for a friend of mine. I have Windows Vista Home premium, but he has Wndows XP Pro. I am able to watch the dvd on my pc but he is unable to watch the dvd on his pc. Is there something that he needs to download in order to watch the dvd, such as a codec or decoder? I have also had the same problem when burning audio cd, they play on my pc but nothing else! I would really appreciate any advice, and thanks!

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Im thinking about making the jump...... Still not ready but anyway. Here is the question.

Are these programs working good with vista?

AVG antivirus free version
Comodo Firewall
Spybot SD
Google Earth

Thats a few that im worried about not working good with vista? Any word if they are working good with vista?

I know some games are working and some are not which is mainly drivers issues of video cards


A:Question. Vista compatible programs?

Hi, before worring too much about programs have you checked out the Vista update advisor download?http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/...mg_id=10008VHb1The programs you have mentioned that work ok on my machine are AVG,FireFox,Google Earth the rest I dont know. As for games be warned some games do not like Vista and run a lot slower under Vista.

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The program that I want to uninstall is not compatible with vista and is not listed on the program files therefore I cannot remove it. I have tried system restore to a point before installation but this is coming up with an error so will not restore. Is there any other way? The software I want to remove was for the HP psc 2100 printer.

A:Uninstalling Programs Not Compatible With Vista

Is it an HP PSC 2100 or some other 2100 model? Looks like there are 2105 through 2179 series printers. You need the exact model number. It looks like there are Vista drivers for all of the 2100 series drivers listed. Try http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/prodTop...;cc=us&dlc= and see if it has a compatible driver.

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My baby runs on Windows XP now, but I remember when I had (was stuck with) Win95, and it had a delightful telephony/fax program called "Aptiva Communications Center". Being on an extremely tight income, would anyone know of a similar freeware package that's compatible to the Canada/U.S. telephone system?

The old IBM is long gone & I tried to transfer the file to my baby (WinXP) but it's like the ol' square-peg-in-round-hole thingy.

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my daughter got me a wireless mouse for xmas, a usb version. you dont get instructions with it but hey i thought simple just plug the usb into my pc and away i go, wrong.

i plug the usb in and it said something like found drivers etc but i just cant get it to work,

this is what it says on the header card that it was attached to.

version - USB

variable resolution - 20dpi-6400 dpi

hardware resolution - 800dpi

technology - optical sensor

system requirements - windows 2000/me/xp/vista mac OS 8.6 or later

IT DOES NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT WINDOWS 7 maybe this is the problem as i am running windows 7

any thoughts please ?

A:Solved: wireless mouse - compatible with windows 7 ??

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Does anyone know if Quickbooks 2004 Pro is compatible for Windows 7.

A:Solved: Is Quickbooks 2004 Pro Compatible with Windows 7

No, you need to upgrade it. Even Quickbooks 2009 Pro is not compatible, let alone the 2004 version:
Source: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/co...x?l=en-us&type=Software&s=Quickbooks 2004 Pro

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I just purchased a HP 4520S Laptop with Windows 7 Professional Edition. I am unable to connect to Westel 327 W modem wi-fi. It only works with a hard connection. I have an ACER with Windows 7 Home Edition that will connect to the same modem. I was able to connect at a different location that has a different modem. HP Tech Support told me that the Westel 327 W modem would not work with the Windows 7 OS.

Does anyone have any experience with this problem and do I need to buy a new modem ?

A:[SOLVED] Windows 7 compatible w Westel Modem 327 W

I got my answer from Frontier Communications. They will replace my modem free of charge. They said the old modem wi-fi would not work with Windows 7 Pro.

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Recently, I've been attempting to use my NetGear WG111T adapter in order to connect to my wireless network. However, the software to install, even the most recent version, is not able to complete the necessary steps to establish connectivity. The provided "Smart Wizard" will load, and then disappear a second later. I am given no access to my network whatsoever.

I'm wondering if there's any way to fix this, or if there's a different adapter I could try? I've looked at the things regarding the WG111Tvx.inf file, but I am unable to locate it, and do not appear to have this file. The closest I have is WG111Tv.inf.

If one is able to provide me with this file, it would be most appreciated; failing that, I am open to suggestions for other USB adapter solutions.

A:Solved: Compatible USB Wireless Adapter for Windows 7?

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In trying to print an application from a web-site, instructions said I needed Adobe Reader 7.0. System requirements are for windows 2000. I am running windows 98. I have tried installing other adobe readers but have not found anything that will work. Any suggestions???? I even had someone e-mail the application to me thinking that I could print out, this did not work either. Totally frustrated! Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!

A:Solved: compatible adobe reader for windows 98

Hi mullinslove

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

Can you post a link to the application's website you are trying to print?

If we can get an idea of what you are up against, it may help us help you.

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I am trying to find a reasonable firewall and/or virus protection for Windows 2000 Server Edition OS.

A:Solved: Windows 2000 - Compatible Firewalls

ESET Smart Security

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Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition is this operating system compatible with most programs like photoshop 6.0,Printshop and other programs that I have been running with w98 2nd edtion?
I am breaking down and buying a "DELL" but Im worried my web cam"INTELL" will no longer work. Or my Surveyor webcam 32 won't work either. And all the other programs I have been running with w98.
Has the group had experience with programs that will no longer run? If I buy a new computer does that mean all my programs are worthless?
Just wondering before I take the plunge...

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A:Windows® XP Home Edition compatible with most programs?

The adobe stuff will probably need an update to run. Adobe has them on thier website. Photoshop will need to be updated to 6.0.1 (free update)

Not sure about print shop.

Generally, I have not had as much trouble out of software as with hardware. I would research my webcam, printer and any scanner to see if it has XP support.

For Software, you can always try the compatability mode of XP.


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We know that adaware SE is now defunct and spybot is also on the way out of favouritism; what might members suggest to run on a comp with 98se on it from their use of programs are good antimalaware scanning programs? superantispyware is already on board; strangely I cannot yet find a link to avg antimalaware and I beleive that avg antispyware will NOT run on win 98se ?what might those ON win 98se care to suggest to 'support' superantispyware?

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I need to know what anti-virus software is compatible with win xp pro?

A:What anti-virus software programs are compatible with win xp pro?

Here is an paragraph from an article listed at
TIP 7. Don't Ask for Virus Problems

Most users have antivirus software installed either at work or home. If you don't, you definitely need to invest, not only in a package of software, but in the subscription to the updates. Office XP is a new product and your antivirus software may not be compatible. All reputable vendors have upgrades to integrate with Office XP. If you are having problems with the latest updates for your antivirus software, contact the software vendor immediately and ask for the update/upgrade that is compatible with Office XP.

However reviewing many AV products only one lists XP as compatible. Draw your own conclusion upon review. It is possible
the programs can be upgraded or already cover XP but their websites do not mention that.



Hope that gives you some leads.

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I wasn't sure where to post this, so please move, if it needs to be elsewhere.

I've got a windows 98 machine that refuses to send out email. I have tried Incredimail, OE, and Netscape, but all crash when I try to send email. "This program has perfromed and illegal opertaion and will be shut down".(or something of that sort)

I can get mail from anywhere but can never send. I have talked with my ISP several times, but they are pretty much out of options. They insist that the account is finem, and I do believe them. There web based email system works fine for me to send and recieve.

Things I've tried so far: IE repair tool, re-creating accounts, two new installs of Incredimail, upgrade of IE, deleted outbox files, and not to mention trying three different email programs.

Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.


A:outgoing email closes all email programs

very odd problem...

is it possible to start windows 98 in safe mode and try it there?

There must be some sort of conflict. This may sound strange but on one of the email program forums I read that they recommended a user update his/her video drivers when they reported win98 crashing while sending mail.

Try safe mode first.

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im just wondering if i did a right move. i bought an inspiron 530 with dell and its operating system is windows xp home edition and does have a in core duo 2 quad 6600. i heard a lot of bad things about vista so i decided to stick with xp but i dont know if the home edition will maximize my processor and my 4 gig of memory. please help!

A:Solved: is windows xp home ed. is compatible with q6600 quad core?

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