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External HDD died, need help recovering data for backup

Q: External HDD died, need help recovering data for backup

I've been getting ready for a disk replacement after 7 1/2 years but the disks arrived too late to avoid anything problematic.

My external HDD gave a cylindrical error while reading some data in a program so I knew this was going to be the end of it. I tried to avoid running chkdsk and suffer so I had time to backup but my harddrives won't come in the mail until tomorrow. I tried to navigate to the directory that gave the cylindrical error and half the files couldn't be found, as expected, going back the entire file tree containing couldn't be found either so I tried running chkdsk anyway and just go with it but it couldn't "load a RAW partition", so the boot sector of the drive failed, without thinking I shut off the drive and turned it back on.
Big mistake because now nothing loads at all.

I tried chkdsk /R, which did not work.

I downloaded testdisk and I'm running an analysis right now, its working, but extremely slowly (has been running for more then a day and is at 1%) and often gets stuck on a cylinder for several minutes to half an hour often resulting in a read error.

I have EasUS Partition Manager Pro 10.5 and HDD Regenerator as well if this does not help.

I'm not really familiar with testdisk, I never used it before, I did read the "manual" but that's only describes one scenario, mine already differs from whats on the site so I could use some help in how to fix this so I can access my data, copy and paste everything to the new HDD when it arrives and then zero out the old drive, hoping for the best and using it as "extra storage if needed for junk" or toss it.

So far the test results are as followed (many more read errors but can't paste them all), I know they're bad, I could use some help/instructions on how to best approach this with minimal to no data loss if possible. Thanks!

Drive I: - 4000 GB / 3726 GiB - CHS 60800 255 63, sector size=4096

Partition table type (auto): None
Drive I: - 4000 GB / 3726 GiB
Partition table type: Intel

Analyse Drive I: - 4000 GB / 3726 GiB - CHS 60800 255 63
Geometry from i386 MBR: head=117 sector=53
BAD_RS LBA=1970422794 5742108
check_part_i386 1 type 72: no test
BAD_RS LBA=1952803941 1051071
check_part_i386 2 type 6C: no test
BAD_RS LBA=543519776 5886830
check_part_i386 3 type 69: no test
BAD_RS LBA=2576089098 4327893
check_part_i386 4 type 0A: no test
Current partition structure:
1 * Sys=72 122653 37 19 244069 167 55 1950556267

Warning: Bad ending sector (CHS and LBA don't match)
2 * Sys=6C 121556 107 61 235842 24 32 1835999333

Bad relative sector.
3 * Novell 33832 138 3 153284 27 42 1918989427

Bad relative sector.
4 * OS/2 Boot Manager 160354 33 10 160357 71 25 50605

Bad relative sector.
Only one partition must be bootable
Space conflict between the following two partitions
3 * Novell 33832 138 3 153284 27 42 1918989427
2 * Sys=6C 121556 107 61 235842 24 32 1835999333
Space conflict between the following two partitions
2 * Sys=6C 121556 107 61 235842 24 32 1835999333
1 * Sys=72 122653 37 19 244069 167 55 1950556267
Space conflict between the following two partitions
1 * Sys=72 122653 37 19 244069 167 55 1950556267
4 * OS/2 Boot Manager 160354 33 10 160357 71 25 50605

Drive I: - 4000 GB / 3726 GiB - CHS 60800 255 63
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,669440(41/171/3)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,669440(41/171/3)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,669440(41/171/3)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,669442(41/171/5)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,669447(41/171/10)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,669449(41/171/12)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,3,buffer,669455(41/171/18)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,669696(41/175/7)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,669696(41/175/7)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,669698(41/175/9)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,669703(41/175/14)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,669705(41/175/16)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,3,buffer,669711(41/175/22)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,671232(41/199/31)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,671232(41/199/31)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,671232(41/199/31)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,671234(41/199/33)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,671239(41/199/38)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,671241(41/199/40)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,3,buffer,671247(41/199/46)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,671488(41/203/35)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,671488(41/203/35)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,671490(41/203/37)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,671495(41/203/42)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,671497(41/203/44)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,3,buffer,671503(41/203/50)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,671744(41/207/39)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,671744(41/207/39)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,671746(41/207/41)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,671751(41/207/46)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,671753(41/207/48)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,3,buffer,671759(41/207/54)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,672000(41/211/43)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,672000(41/211/43)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,672002(41/211/45)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,672007(41/211/50)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,672009(41/211/52)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,3,buffer,672015(41/211/58)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,672256(41/215/47)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,672256(41/215/47)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,672258(41/215/49)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,672263(41/215/54)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,672265(41/215/56)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,3,buffer,672271(41/215/62)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,672512(41/219/51)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,672512(41/219/51)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,672514(41/219/53)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,672519(41/219/58)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,672521(41/219/60)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,3,buffer,672527(41/220/3)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,672768(41/223/55)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,672768(41/223/55)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,672770(41/223/57)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,672775(41/223/62)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,672777(41/224/1)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,3,buffer,672783(41/224/7)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,737280(45/227/55)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,737280(45/227/55)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,737280(45/227/55)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,737282(45/227/57)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,737287(45/227/62)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,737289(45/228/1)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,3,buffer,737295(45/228/7)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,737536(45/231/59)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,737536(45/231/59)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,737538(45/231/61)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,737543(45/232/3)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,737545(45/232/5)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,3,buffer,737551(45/232/11)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,737792(45/235/63)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,737792(45/235/63)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,737794(45/236/2)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,737799(45/236/7)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,737801(45/236/9)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,3,buffer,737807(45/236/15)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,738048(45/240/4)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,738048(45/240/4)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,738050(45/240/6)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,738055(45/240/11)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,738057(45/240/13)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,3,buffer,738063(45/240/19)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,738304(45/244/8)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,738304(45/244/8)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,738306(45/244/10)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,738311(45/244/15)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,738313(45/244/17)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,3,buffer,738319(45/244/23)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,738560(45/248/12)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,2,buffer,738560(45/248/12)) read err: read after end of file
file_win32_pread(732,1,buffer,738562(45/248/14)) read err: read after end of file
A lot more of that.but I reached the character limit.

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Preferred Solution: External HDD died, need help recovering data for backup

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


please forgive me if this is extremely long-winded. it's 3 weeks worth of trial and error, very tedious, but if anyone's willing to help me i want to try and explain it so that they hopefully have all the information and hopefully it makes sense.

...i was trying to burn all my precious data to cd, when i stupidly "cut" (not even copied) the files and pasted them to the drive, and never officially wrote them to the cd - and, because i don't know anything, i thought that was enough and i was done. but when i took the cd to my other computer, there were only shadowy images of the containing folders and all the files ...and when i opened the individual files, the data looked like gibberish (symbols) .
then, before i could do any sort of data recovery on the originating computer, disaster struck - unmountable boot volume error - and, i assume all the efforts made to get the machine functioning again, probably overwrote data ...plus, due to a misunderstanding, i have since also done a system restore and had to use the computer too.

now... i've run quetek file scavenger but probably did that the wrong way, too. the program showed a choice of drives (a, floppy; c, main; d, dvd; e, cd burner and... drive 0, with 38gb in parenthesis beside it) and... in my uninformed reasoning i thought drive 0 would have the largest contents so i selected that one. then .......i didn't know where to recover the files to. i bought a flash drive and it appears as ... Read more

A:Recovering from Botched Data Backup...

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What I want to know, is there any I can recover the data my self, with out having to send it to a recovery place.

A:External HD died, need to recover data myself

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Have a friends two 1TB external HDD's (LaCies) here as he asked me if I could get them going ? One is working fine the other is dead as - now the problem is how are we going to retrieve the data contained on the dead one. By dead I mean it doesn't spin up and I cannot find anyway of opening the enclosures to see if there are dry joints on the power in side.

I think he has a lot of pics and videos on it and as the one that is going is almost full I am thinking this one would be too.

Any ideas anyoen please?

A:Recovering data from external

Unfortunately, the only way you will find out if its the drive itself is to somehow get the casing open and try it in another enclosure, on the assumption you have swapped cables and ports etc.

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Firstly I know I know I should have backed up, but all may not be lost with the Dell laptop. It ran out of power and now it won't charge up. My cousin says the fizzling noise from the pack on the power lead suggests it's the lead itself, and to try borrow a similar lead. If it's not the lead it may be the battery needs replacing. If neither of these work he says he can open the laptop remove the drive and use some docking thing to transfer all my files onto an external drive for the moment.

I hope to buy an iMac similar to those in my college and therefore I need to buy an external drive that can work with an iMac and a Windows laptop. I asked in a local computer store and the sales assistant told me that he could sell a 3TB drive formatted for windows, but it couldn't work with a Mac. He said that drives need a switch or something to change from Mac or PC. This seems wrong because I bought a small 650GB external drive and formatted it to FAT32 on my tutors instructions and I can easily work on either the college iMacs or my PC laptop at home with no problems. The sales guy seemed surprised by this. Not sure he knew what he was talking about.

Am I right, can I buy any external drive, I had my eye on Seagate STBV3000200 3TB Expansion USB 3.0 3.5 Inch Desktop Hard Drive and simply format it on the Mac to FAT32 and will it then be compatible if I plug it into a PC?

Sorry for the novel, and thanks in advance for any help.

A:Laptop died, and need external hard drive to backup

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I have a WD 750GB external drive, I was using the software Fat32 Formatter with another external drive that was connected to my computer and accidently I picked the wrong drive "WD 750GB" and erased the partition on that one. It was formatted to NFTS and I have many video and audio files on it. I downloaded the software "Recuva" to recover these files but when I browse I can't find the portable drive on my computer, I checked the disk management and I can see it there "Disk 1 698.60 GB unallocated", there's no drive letter... I right clicked and all I get new simple, spanned, stripped volume and properties", I don't know what to do anymore... Sorry I'm not a computer geek, unfortunately.

Thanks for your help.


A:Recovering data on an external drive

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Hello Everyone,

The other day I connected my 120 GB SATA HD to my computer. Everyone does it so..what's special about this? I'll tell you what. I connected it to comp which was already powered on and running. I know it sounds foolish but can't help.

Since then, the HD isn't responding and not getting detaced by my comp. I tried connecting it to other machines also but no luck.

My guess is, only the in-buit motor of the HD could have gone short becuase of connecting it on a running PC but Data should be safe. Is there anyway to recover the data stored on it.?

Please advise.


A:Recovering Data from an external hard disk

The only way you will get data off that is to take it to a data recovery specialist, but that will be seriously expensive.

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I have a Lacie 500gb usb hard drive, and yesterday my wife accidentally knocked it off of the table, about 2 1/2 feet, onto carpeted floor. It is not recognized at all by My Computer or Device Manager. As you can expect my main goal is to recover the data (some, but not all, is backed up-- yeah yeah I know, backup backup backup, I've learned the hard way). Prefer not to use a service but will explore that as a last resort.

The led power light still goes on, and have tried several times restarting computer and/or drive, unplugging, re-connecting, refreshing, etc.-- there is definitely some type of mechanical malfunction. Also tried running "chkdisk F: /f" but got the message "Cannot open volume for direct access."

When I turn the drive's power switch on, the light turns on and I hear a barely audible "mechanical beep" for about 15 seconds before it stops. There doesnt appear to be any other noise coming from the drive whether on or off.

Hope you can help, thanks!

A:Recovering Data from Lacie External Drive

You can try some of the below apps (list courtesy of another mod, I believe Elvandil, but may be incorrect):

Free recovery applications:

Dr. Freeware Boot CD (also has partition tool, drive cloner and imager)
DiskDigger & NTFSWalker
Pandora Recovery (Free for personal use)
Smart Data Recovery
Recover Files
Roadkil's Undelete
Free Undelete (NTFS only)
Softperfect File Recovery
ADRC Data Recovery Tools
Undelete Plus
Data Recovery
PCI File Recovery
Ultimate Data Recovery
Disk Investigator


O&O Disk Recovery
Paragon Mount Everything (Mounts any file system, CD/DVD burning, File Manager, Partitioner)
GetDataBack (For FAT or NTFS)
Ontrack EasyRecovery Pro
File Scavenger
Recover My Files
RecoverPlus Pro
Zero Assumption Recovery
[email protected] File Recovery
Final Recovery
Recover4All Professional
Easeus Data Recovery Wizard
NTFS Recovery[/QUOTE]

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About 11 months ago I added an external LaCie Hard Drive 1TB to my system to be able to back up my C drive and to store my music files on (copy my cd collection). I partitioned into two drives J for the backup and M for the music. Over the past several months I have downloaded over 800 cd's to the M drive and it worked fine until recently where it showed as corrupted. I called LaCie and they advised that the hardware is probably ok as the computer still sees the J drive and associated volume. When I "explore" the computer it sees the M drive but there is no data (no total size or free space showing). When you click on it (the M drive) it gives the message that it is unavailable and corrupted. Lacie advised formatting the drive after attempting to recover the data (which they think is still there just corrupted). I suppose I could just format the drive and re-copy all the cd's but that took forever the first time, so I would like to try and recover them before I resort to that.

The error message reads "M is not accessable. The paremeter is incorrect" But, when I click the J partition of the same drive it shows the volume and available volume as normal. The music files were recorded using dbPowerAmp and saved in FLAC format. I also had a folder in M for converted files where I converted the FLAC files to Apple Lossless for use on my iPod. Again, this whole thing worked fine for 10 months (recording the cd's, being able to convert them to the ... Read more

A:Need help recovering corrupted data from external hard drive

You can try a Linux Live cd and plug the Ext HDD into the computer running the live CD and see if linux can get at them seems to be working great for me. Sounds more like your J: drive lost its partition bits and thats why its not working and why your M: drive still is. If the hard drive itself was starting to go bad I would think it would affect both partitons as a partition is just a logical split of the drive.

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Hi everyone!
Last week I used a pendrive in a public computer at my university, and when I tried to enter to my folders, all of them were instant access. I was able to reach my files anyways, but I was scared because obviosly this was because some kind of malware, so I formatted the pendrive.
The next day I conected the same pendrive to my personal computer, and a message popped up saying that my computer was infected with this "Worm:Win32/Dorkbot.I". I searched how to delete it, and I found this program called "Microsoft Sofware Malicious Sofware Removal Tool". I used it and I tought I was done with this Dorkbot, so the next day I connect another pendrive, this one with very important stuff, and I realize that now this pendrive got the same problem (all of the folders converted into instant access). I continued my research to delete this malware and I found another program called "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware" So I used it and I finally was able to delete this malware from my computer and all of my pendrives. The thing is that now I try to access the files from my important pendrive and this dialog shows to me:
"Windows cannot find 'I/.Trashes/8f9538f1.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again".
The information in this pendrive is really important for me, and I need some help to get it back.
Thank you all for your time, please help!

A:Infected with Worm:Win32/Dorkbot.I - Need of Recovering External USB data

to BC forums!
Please do the following...
  To stop the Autorun feature, download and run the following:Microsoft Fix It 50471:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/967715
Scroll down to: How to disable or enable all Autorun features in Windows 7 and other operating systems
Click Run in the File Download dialog box, and follow the steps of the wizard.
Note: There is an option to enable Autorun automatically. You can do so later, if you wish.
Reboot the system after applying the Microsoft FixIt.
  Please click on the Windows 7 Start button and then on Control Panel
In Control Panel, select the Folder Options link.
Click on the View tab in the Folder Options window.
In the Advanced settings: area, locate the Hidden files and folders category.
Check: Show hidden files, folders, and drivesUncheck: Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)
Click Apply and OK at the bottom of the Folder Options window.
    Next, download UsbFix:http://www.infospyware.com/utiles/usbfix/
It is a Spanish language website, but the program is in English.
To download. press the button that says: Descagar  (It means: Download)
Save to the Desktop.
    Connect the problem USB drive!
    Next, right-click the downloaded USBFix file and select: Run as Administrator
Press: Research
When done, the program closes on its own, and a report appears.
(The report file is also found at C:\UsbFix.txt)
>> Please post the UsbFix.tx... Read more

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Hello There!!
 I am new in the page, so I hope to find someone to help me. Accidentally I had done a human error after a problem with sound in my inspiron N4010 I tried to do a recovery factory but I didn't a backup of all my important files so that I lost all my information now. That I did. I used Dell datasafe local backup application to restore drivers, the hard drive was formatted and re-installed all of the software originally shipping on my computer, this didn't fix the sound problem and the worst using basic Dell Datasafe mode basic. not returned me all files. so that I lost important files. I will be appreciating a lot if someone can post here how can I recover data? what software should I use?  How can I do it? it is possible to recove lost data?
Thanks in advance 

A:Recovering Data after formatted Hard drive and reinstalled OS using Dell datasafe local backup application

You can try a free utility such as Recuva, but it's likely to be only partially successful at best.  If you must have the data back, and it's worth the cost, contact a data recovery service - it will likely cost a few hundred dollars but they are the best-chance option for getting the data back.

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I just added a Seagate external HD to my PC. I performed my initial backup. The Seagate now has 4.47GB of data. When I check my C drive, it indicates that there is 4.94GB of data.

My question. Why the descrepency? I do keep a lot of files on my desktop, but I would think they would be copied as well.

Any thoughts? And TY

A:External HD as backup - did all data transfer?

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I am planning on restoring my computer to factory settings due to irus and spyware infections. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a simple backup system like this one I found. I need to backup all of my data: documents, pictures, music, videos, etc. and to then restore the data back to the newly reformatted system. Any suggestions?

“Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.” -Mitchell Kapor

A:How to perform an external data backup?

If everything is inside a single super-folder, then all you need do is copy that folder to another device. It need not get any more complicated than that.

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I used a Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus to backup data in Vista 32bit, then formatted HDD and did clean install of Windows 7 64bit over it. Now when I go to "Computer Management > Disk Managent, it says "You must Initialize a disk before Logical Disk Manager Can acess it". Because it's asking me which partition style to use (MBR or GBT) I'm assuming that "initializing" will wipe my data....Is that true?

A:Win 7 Not Reading External Drive (with backup data)

Yes, do not initialize the external HD.

Plug external into another computer to see if it sees the data.

Did you leave the external plugged in during Win7 install?

It should not have been affected as Win7 installer will not recognize external HD's.

Can you post back a screenshot of your full Disk Management map as it exists now, using Snipping Tool in start menu, attaching file using paper clip in reply box?

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Hello folks,
My windows 7 (home premium 32bit) doesnt start anymore, my system recovery data is on external hard drive. Any idea how to access this backup?

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I am about to purchase an external hard disk to backup all my data (mp3?s, photos etc..) I have been using CD?s with a drop and drag policy.

Reading through this forum (excellent I may add) I have realized that I can backup everything on my hard disk to the new external hard disk. This is a great idea.

I have an Inspiron 510m with windows XP SP2. The laptop came with SP1 and I uploaded SP2 from the Microsoft site. This took a while as I have only dial up. I also have MS Office 2003 which I have downloaded patches as they become available from Microsoft. I also have antivirus, firewalls software.

Just a few questions if I may;

1. If I use the external hard drive as a backup of everything on my internal drive, and my internal hard drive goes up in smoke, will the external hard drive work as my primary boot up drive?
2. By having both hard drives as images of one another, will there be conflict on startup?
3. I do not want to spend hours installing software, music, photos etc if the laptops hard drive suddenly gives up. So am I on the right track by backing everything to an external hard drive using the XP backup facility.

As you probably can tell I am a little green about this sort of thing. But all I am trying to do is make life a little easier.

Thanks in advance

A:Backup Data With External Hard Disk.

Hi padraigl.
I'm just going to assume you're talking about an external usb drive?
Unless your system supports booting to a usb device, then no, you won't be able to boot from it.
Enter cmos setup (bios) and go to the boot section to see if usb is in the list of supported boot devices.
It's possible the info may be in your manual as well.
I have a somewhat older IBM laptop that can't boot from a usb device.
I use an external 2.5 drive enclosure that contains another drive compatable with my current notebook.
If my old drive pukes, I just take the backup drive out of caddy and stick it in my laptop.
5 Minutes and I'm on the new drive.
Backup software is a matter of preference. I don't trust the MS backup utilty as I have seen problems with it.
I prefer Acronis or an older version of Ghost.
In any case, glad to see you take backup seriously, too many people don't.

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Hi All,

I need to copy all my data / photos / videos / docs etc. from one hard drive to another so I have a backup in case of a crash.

It's about 4.5 TB which according to most will take DAYS to copy over via USB 2.0.

I see online that I can buy a converter, but if I'm using 2 external hard drives and a desktop computer as the in between, which converters do I need to order? I.e. one for the desktop tower and one for each of the hard drives? I.e. 3 conversion kits? I'm not sure how to configure, could someone please spell out which specific things I need to buy and how to configure?


A:USB 3.0 question : data backup between 2 external hard drives

I use these type of caddies, the drives are then connected internally via Sata and are much faster than USB.

StarTech.com 5.25in Trayless Hot Swap Mobile Rack for 3.5in Hard Drive - Internal SATA Backplane Enclosure: Amazon.co.uk: Computers Accessories

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I have a Western Digital MyBook ES 500 GB external hard drive (USB and eSATA interfaces) for data backups formatted from a Windows XP PC that I now use with my laptop running Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. Recently my son connected it to his Apple PC and tried to create a partition to back up his files. Apparently this corrupted the partition table. I can no longer access any data on the hard drive. The drive does not appear in Computer but does appear in Device Manager and Disk Management.

I believe the problem is that the partition table (formatted for Windows) was modified by an Apple computer so that Windows can no longer tell what file system is on the partitions. My son is gone for a month and I no longer have access to his Apple computer so I can't plug the drive into an Apple computer to check if the drive gets detected.

I looked at the drive using:

1. Windows 7 Disk Management
2. Acronis Disk Director 11
3. EASEUS Partition Recovery (latest version)
4. Partition Wizard 5.2

None of them could do anything except delete or format the partitions. I saw no repair option or ability to mark the partitions as NTFS file system.

The partitions on my external drive are still there but no file system is shown for most of them. Acronis Disk Director shows the following information:

Disk 1 (GPT)
EFI 200 MB 200 MB Ba... Read more

A:Corrupted Partition Table on External USB Data Backup Drive

A big chunk is unallocated. Was some of your data there? If so try Partition Wizard Partition Recovery Wizard - Video Help.

See if PW can also run Partition Wizard Check File System which can recover some partitions that are not readable.

If not some success has been reported repairing the partition table using Disk Genius trialware: http://www.diskgenius.net/

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Dear Friends.
Hope this finds you well!
I'm not certain this is in the best forum, but it is a Windows 7 computer
I was trying to do another sets of DVD's from existing MP4 files from a SanDisk Ultra 32GB card. These would then be used with DVD Flick and ImgBurn to make the DVD's. The first(2) DVD's worked well but somehow a few of the files were not copied entirely. So, I was redoing these again to make certain I had ALL the files for the next (2) DVD's.
These are files my older brother entrusted to me for me to convert them to a DVD format. They are files of his daughters nearly entire basketball season [frames] of about 70 files and were sentimental to him and his daughter.
I feel personally responsible to correct this if it is at all possible!? It could get ugly
It was an honest error on my part as I mistakenly deleted what was titled Video 100 on the SanDisk which contained all these MP4 files. I didn't realize I was removing them from the SanDisk. I'm hoping there is a free date recovery app I could use for this one application so that an expensive license would not be required!?
Thank You in advance for your care, compassion and cooperation. I'm stuck in the mud...
Very Truly Yours,
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3983 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 45 Express Ch... Read more

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My SSD died and I want to know if any issue I would have restoring the backup image to a mechanical drive and then back again when the replacement drive comes. Thanks

A:SSD Died and I Need Some Help Restoring Backup Image

If the drive is dead, how are you going to get the image off of it?

Assuming you already have an image backed up, as long as you're aware of alignment, imaging to a HDD for now and back to the new SSD shouldn't be a problem... I always prefer to do fresh installs, but many do imaging without an issue...

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Good morning. I woke up yesterday morning to a "S.M.A.R.T - Failure" on my primary HDD. So much for advanced warning. the drive was dead as dead - not complete booting to windows etc. I have since replaced the drive and reinstalled my OS to get back up and running ASAP. I do have a few questions:

I didn't loose a lot of data from my primary HDD (I do back up - yeah!) but there are things I would like to snag from the pile of data just to make my life a little easier - things like FireFox Bookmark backup.... and a few config files that map the backups from my backup utility software.

I have placed my HDD into a external enclosure and the drive after some time will be recognized but only as "Local Disk" and the space shown is "0" bytes and the data is RAW (versus NFTS)

Is there any way to get back in to this drive? My understanding from what I have read is that the Partition Table or the MBR has been corrupted or deleted. What do I need to do to see the data again?


Broken Drive : WD740GD-00NLR1 (74GB Raptor)
Windows XP + SP3

Thanks in advance for your help!


A:HDD Died - Shows only RAW Data

Recovery Software

Try this one: http://www.z-a-recovery.com/unformat-tutorial.htm (I would )
It is free for up to four folder down, ie
C:\Documents and Setting\UserName\My Documents\My Pictures
1,2,3,4 folders down

Here are a lot more free ones to choose from

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I have a Dell laptop and was running XP Pro when I started having problems (this computer has been running perfectly for two years, I guess I was due). It is missing a .dll file (hal.dll) and will not load the OS, not even in safe mode. I ran the recovery console and tried "bootcfg /rebuild" and recieved a message that the rebuild was not successful, and should run chkdsk. I did this and recieved and message that there were unrecoverable errors. Basically, it sounds like I am screwed. My problem now is this: I haven't backed up in a while (my bad, I know) and there are some files I would like to recover. Can someone recommend a third-party software for me, or suggest a course of action? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

A:Xp Pro Has Died - Need Help Retrieving Data

Take a look at this:Windows XP Setup - Missing HAL.DLL from kellys-korner.Be ("I'm sorry Dave") Safe Da Bleepin AniMod, Animal

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Bit of a long story for this but bear with me.

I was playing a game this past sunday when my main pc lost it's power, after it died I heard what sounded like metal hitting metal within my case, I took my power supply out and took it apart to find what looked like a coil wrapped around a plastic tube, half burned, so I guess it melted itself off. It was my fault as the inside had tons of dust clogging the fans and vents. Luckily I had a backup for just such a problem, I borrowed the power supply within this secondary pc, it has a 1000watt psu(sli ready) whereas my old had a 600w(also sli ready), I figured it would be a more than suitable temporary psu until the replacement I ordered arrived.

However for whatever reason it won't work in my main pc, whenever I boot it up, everything seems fine but after so much time of being in use the pc just loses power. If I do nothing it will stay on, if I do anything other than idling it loses power. If I scan using MSE it always crashes around 7 minutes or so of scanning but spybot can scan completely, if I browse it tends to take a bit longer to crash (around 30 minutes more or less). I have ran a temperature detector in the background as I scanned and did other things and nothing ever went above 50C so I'm fairly certain that it isn't a heat problem.

To be honest I've been pretty lucky with most of my past pc's, I've had this one for about 8 1/2 months and other than a few random crashes this has ... Read more

A:Power supply died, backup won't work.

THat is frequently a result of a power supply burning out. Especially if it was a lower quality manufacturer PSU

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May Hard Drove crashed and I had not backed up my system. I know better, but it happened. The issue is that I do not have the operating system CD's. I have my Windows Product ID, but no installation disks. Anybody knwo if I can get a copy HP? Not sure if I had 64 bit or 32 bit. Any help wilol be appreciated.

A:Hard disk died and no sysyem backup

Hello RayErg,  If your PC has more than 4GB of RAM, use 64 BIT, If no then 32 Bit only. Please go the below link and order: http://support.hp.com/us-en/mediaorder/HP-Pavilion-dv6-Entertainment-Notebook-PC-series/5191856/mode...  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee  

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On boot get "hard drive failure imminent".  Kid's computer and no backups.  Was able to use W7 backup to save C: and D:, but not able to do "system" backup.  Was also able to create recovery disk on CD. Bought new hard drive but can't reinstall W7 Home Premium as I don't have the disks.  Do I have any alternative other than finding a copy of W7 and  purchasing it?

A:hard drive died, no system backup on W7

Hi: This site claims to have genuine, unadulterated W7 ISO files for download... https://www.heidoc.net/joomla/technology-science/microsoft/67-microsoft-windows-iso-download-tool Click on the link labeled Windows ISO Downloader.exe You can use either the:  Win 7 Home SP1 or the (Retail version, but the  OEM key on your PC's case will work with it)  Win 7 Home SP1 COEM (This version would be for what HP would have used--System Builder) N is for European countries. K is for South Korean markets. Then you can use this tool to transfer the file to a 4 GB USB flash drive or a DVD. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/windows-usb-dvd-download-tool

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Today my WD Raptor decided to die, all of a sudden while using my computer it just froze up, blue screen on me and reboot then keeps looping.

I do regular backups so I have "most" of my data on my external drives but this happened so suddenly that I have some recent excel files and pictures that are not on my last backup and I would really like to recover those files.

I run DFT and result was some sector/logical failure, I remove the drive, installed on another computer and I can see the drive but every time I double click on it I got the message "You need to format the disk in drive D: before you can use it" and sometimes when I click on the drive I got "D:\ is not accessible. Data error (cyclic redundancy check)" Disk management sees the drive as "Active, Primary Partition" but still can't open it from there.

I haven't format it yet, but I wonder if there is a way to access it somehow to retrieve the data, or the only way is to format it to access it and then use some software to recover the files?

Suggestions? opinions? what do you guys think? what options do I have? Thanks in advance for all the input.

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I will openly admit I don't have 100% of the details in this case. As far as I know, this person used the windows backup system to backup his mydocuments/mypictures to a dvd. This isn't supported by Microsoft, but apparently it didn't stop him from doing it. However, it is not possible to use the windows backup tool to restore that data. This is a known bug, which microsoft of course says is working as intended.

Tonight I got the DVD from him, hoping I could do something with it. However, neither of my computers are able to find anything to even read from on it. If I had to guess I would say the dvd is corrupted. Is there any way I would be able to recover the backup file from the dvd, so I can at least try and get SOMETHING out of it? Apparently the files are EXTREMELY important to this person, to the point of costing him his marriage.

A:Recovering windows backup from dvd

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Please can someone help.In my Lenovoe G50-45,     Initially I had installed windows 7 on it as I hated win 8.1., I upgraded it during the free year to Windows 10 Home, and then decided I needed more room, so I upgraded the hard drive to a 2TB 7mm Firecude Hybrid drive. and then I bought an upgrade to Win 10 Pro.Anyway, I cant remember the partitioning info I ended up with, as I can't remember if I Ghosted it or did a fresh Win 10 install, and then the Win 10 Pro upgrade. A few weeks ago, I had suspicions that the drive was going faulty, so I ran some Seagate tests, and also others, and they all indicated that doom was not far away, so I did a ONEKEY image ( a USERS Backup ) on an externat 2tb backup drive.   However, I am now u able to use this as I keep getting the message " THE PROGRAMME CANNOT RESTORE THE SYSTEM PARTITION BECAUSE IT'S STRUCTURE IS INCORRECT.  YOU MAY HAVE TO RECREATE THE PARTITION TO CONTINUE. "    ( aS SHOWN IN THE PICTURE.) All I have that may help is a file called " Backup.wsi ",  But it is gobbledegoock to me.Can anyone PLEASE help.  I forgot to mention.  I do have a RECOVERY USB Stick, which sets the laptop back to factory settings, with Win 8.1, and all the partitions, which, including the hidden ones, I think there are about 5 or 6. I have just received a replacement 2TB Firecuda drive from Seagate under warranty, so please could someone decode the  info to English,... Read more

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I'm have an 160GB Intel X25-M SSD installed in my Dell Laptop running Win8 64-bit. I created a backup image on an external HDD which I would like to update and then perhaps have the need to recover to the updated image if the recently discussed problem with update KB2862772 should occure. Click here to view the TSG post discussing the problem.

My question regards whether recovering from a backup image to an SSD requires one run a secure erase on the SSD prior to doing so? In my research so far it been implied one should not only do a secure erase (GParted was recommended), but also create a partition table and create the required partitions. This all seems unnecessarily complex and I would like to hear what TSG members have to say on the subject.

Thanks to all who respond.

A:Recovering backup image to SSD

You don't need to do a secure erase, secure erase should only be done in certain situations where the drive is not performing up to par or having issues.

If you are making an image, and not a clone, then you will need to create and format a partition on the drive to store the image on. If you are cloning then no partitions are required as the clone will handle all that. But an image is the way to go for backups.

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Hello forum.

Thank you for having such a great resource!

I'm not too sure this is in the correct forum, if not I apologize. I have a windows XP machine that has data recovery software installed on it. I have a external drive (HFS+) that can no longer mount on a Mac. My data recovery software can see all the data, the problem arises when I attempt to save that data to a new exernal. Since XP sees the new external as NTFS, I cant copy the HFS+ files to it. Is there a work around to this?

Thank in advance


A:recovering data

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Windows was repaired on a machine and the user profile seems to have been erased....

What software do you guys recommend for recovery?

Get back data for ntfs?
EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard?
Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software?

Some other software?

Hdd was running XP.


A:Recovering data

I hope that you understand to turn off that machine - NOW.

Connect the drive to another working machine.

Many here use Recuva. I use File Scavenger and/or Recover My Files (I have each on different machines).

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This probably isn't really a Windows question but I can't find a better place to put it.

I'm trying to recover files from a Dell laptop that won't boot into Windows. I think the partition is corrupt but I don't know enough to say for sure. When I try to boot normally, it says "NTLDR is missing".

When I use a Windows installation disk (as if I were going to install or repair Windows), and I get to the part where it asks me to choose a partition, it shows the partition as "C: Unknown" where the other partitions (from Dell) are FAT or FAT32. When I run Ubuntu off of a LiveCD, I can see a "52.1 GB Volume: disk", but when I try to open that it tells me "The folder contents could not be displayed". The DellRestore and DellUtility partitions can be browsed normally.

What are my best options for trying to recover the data?

A:Recovering data

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I recently copy and pasted my laptop's hard drive local disk data on my external hard drive. I then deleted all the data on my hard drive. How can I put all the copy and paste data back? Or is it impossible and I need to reinstall everything? I also copied the "Users" folder, can I at least restore everything on my background? Also, when I right click my windows background, the graphic card options aren't there anymore. I deleted the data and used a Window 7 Installation Disk to recover. I dont seem to have any security either. Do I need to buy all of them again?
I'm not sure what its called, so the thing I'm calling background has the options Screen Resolutions, Gadgets, and Personalize when you right click on it.

A:Help with recovering data

All of the data, not programs, that are on your hard drive can be copied back to your internal drive.
Programs will have to be reinstalled one by one
You should not have to repurchase any of the programs you currently own, developers understand crashes
Keep us posted

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I have a hard drive on another computer where the motherboard went down. I have ordered another motherboard, memory, processor, etc. Am I going to be able to recover all data on the hard drive?

A:Recovering HD data

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I killed my laptop
I pulled the harddrive and connected it to my desktop to retrieve data and I've been able to get all my documents, but I can't figure out how to get to the mail store (I had some saved messages in Outlook). Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.

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I had to reinstall my Vista due to an accidental Os deletion. All my data is on a lost partition. I used the program findandmount to mount the lost partition on a virtual hd disk drive. But I can't chkdsk on it because it's write protected. How do I get into that drive?

A:Recovering Data

you can create a bootable USB via some data recovery software, booting from which you may be able to recover the data on the lost partition. Use Runtime Live CD or Easeus data recovery Win PE edition. but data recovery is always not 100% guaranteed.

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Have had an XP system crash in notebook - can't enter XP in standard or safe mode. Need to recover data from the drive. Pulled the drive, installed as a slave in my Desktop system, and can access the drive data using the Desktop's XP system. However, the Documents and settings user directory I need to access is "not available". A tech I spoke with says this is a security function of XP - becuase there was a password set for the USER ID in the notebook's operating system, even as ADMINISTRATOR on the Desktop system, I don't have rights to access the protected data.

Anyone know of a workaround to access those directories so I can copy off the data before reformatting and reloading the drive?

A:Help recovering data!

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i use a xp based system. i have a 80 gb hard disk with four 4 partitions all NTFS.

the system notified my that a file is corrupt and that i need to run a chkdsk,
instead of running the utility i decided to do a cold reboot cos i was hoping the checkdisk would run since it wasnt shutdown properly. but as it turns out a disk read error occured and the system wasnt booting-up.

i tried using the recovery(repair) console option after booting using an xp cd but wen i run chkdsk i got an error message wich said the disk had two or more unrecoverable errors(i dnt exactly remember the correct message but its pretty close to this)

so then i decided to format the c drive and reinstall the os. after installation i found out some files from drives d e f have been lost.

plz help me out i have lost a few very important files. and if theres any chance of recovering file from the c drive that would be a bonus.

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Hi everyone, I was wondering which program/s you use to recover data off a corrupt or formatted hard drives. Say you had photos you needed to get back or what about general files, say doc. files, do you use the same program or is one program better for certain files than another? Ive used Recover my Files in the past with vering results.
Would be interested to read your opinions.

A:Recovering Data

Unformat C:

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I have had a SATA HDD for about 2 years and never backed up silly I know.
With numerous problems in the past month being solved I know have a very slow computer that takes literally half an hour to boot - and this is with a clean install.

Someone has suggests that I need to delete the MBR and start all over again.

Fair enough, but I have some files that I need to keep. I have tried to back them up to a networked computer, even copying and posting them. But to no avail.

I think that there are too many bad sectors so this just keeps on throwing up errors and causing the action to terminate.
So, I need to recover the data that is on an 80GB HDD that is partitioned into two 40Gig drives. It is the second partition that I need recovered - I dont care about the first.
I have tried Hard Drive Mechanic but this is only for IDEs.

I have one 15GB IDE drive thats ancient - cant remember the last time I used with windows installed on it to try and recover data.

Any help will be most appreciated.

A:Recovering Data

I purchased Norton's Ghost 10.0 to take images of my hard drive and to back up my files.

Using it as a recovery disk, you boot from it. It has a little know utility which allows it to analyse the drive and list the programs, files etc.

You can then select the drive you want to save them to.

It saved my butt, when I partitioned my C drive when I reinstalled Windows and my second "data" drive did not show up as a drive.

I had taken an image of my C drive but not my "data" drive.

The recovery disk of Norton's Ghost was able to recover all my files.

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I have a Quantum 10gb hard drive. When in Fdisk, it says Non-Dos partition with no valid file system listed. How do I get the data off this drive? It is not accessible when hooking up as a master or slave.

A:Recovering data

are you wanting to install an operating system on this drive?
if so you can boot with the 2k/xp cd rom and format/install from there........without using a boot floppy.

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My mother board went out on my old computer. I got the hard drives out and bought a Diablotex SSD to USB 3.0 Sata Adapter to get my music off the old hard drive. The drive will show up in disk management but it is write protected so I cannot initialize it. I am pretty handy with computers but don't know where to go from here. I had everything backed up except my music.
An help is greatly appreciated.
In Windows 7

A:recovering data

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my problem is that i had windows XP installed on my pc then after a while it started geting slow due to number of programs and less storage space and perhaps a few viruses as well. then it would hangup as soon as i log in to the windows so i had to install another version of windows XP. I did so but when the new version scanned the drive that had previous window (XP) it did something with the clusters either removed them or deleted them (i dont remember) so nw i have lost all my folders that i earlier had on that drive i.e. folders made on desktop or "my documents". Only the non window folders are there but all the data i stored in window related folders is gone, as all the folders are gone as well, but the catch is that the space of that drive is still occupied, can you find me any way that i can recover my files??? please please help me

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I need to recover important data from a hard drive i formatted. I used partition magic to do it, so i believe it only deleted the header info. Is there a way to restore the header information? If I need to restore the data, what program do you recommend? I have go back but is there something that is better? How do you recommend I go about this?


A:Recovering data

These 2 are among the best:

http://www.snapfiles.com/get/restoration.html (Click "Other" and "Scan all clusters".)

The only possible solution for the "unformatting" that I know of would be to run this program to create a floppy, boot from it, and run pr.exe at the prompt. Have it scan for partitions and file systems that may still be on the drive and repair them. But use the recovery programs first to see if you can get your data from the partition in case the repair makes things worse (It has been known to happen).


Other possibilities are the "unformat" and "mirror" commands in DOS:



This program works very well, but it is doubtful that it works any better then the free alternatives I have listed:


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A:Data Recovering

You can use the Ultimate Boot CD to burn the data to CD or DVD. If you have the room on the C: partition you could use UBCD to drag&drop your files from the second partition to the primary partition, format the second partition and move the files back.

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Evening team,

I was repartitioning a 3 NTFS partitioned 1,5tb drive down to one partition via win 7 Disk Management tool. I successfully shrank one of the partitions. After shrinking the second partition, win 7 had a hiccup and reported the remaining single partition is now in a 'RAW' format. I still have data on the drive that i would like to recover prior to reformatting it.

Apparently, on reading up about "RAW' files, the data is still there. What i would like to do is to somehow view the data and extract portions of it at a time to other smaller hds. From what i has read i can only extract everything to another 1.5tb drive, which i just don,t have available. If i can find a solution, i will eventually reformat and reuse my 1.5tb drive.

So my question is:

How can i extract portions of data from a "raw" drive to a second smaller drive?

Thanks for looking

A:Recovering data from a 'RAW' hd

You could try Recuva (free) file recovery.

Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

If that doesn't work there are also other paid programs that may work.
There may be other free programs, I'm not sure.

I used "[email protected] UNDELETE", and it worked very well for me.
They have a free TRIAL program, so you can see what can be restored and restore very small files.
It does cost for the version that can restore all files.

UNDELETE Files - [email protected] UNDELETE Software recovers deleted files, folders & partitions

hope this helps

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