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Windows uses wrong NIC in a dual NIC setup, Ignores metric at times.

Q: Windows uses wrong NIC in a dual NIC setup, Ignores metric at times.

I have a question that I can't find the answer for, I've been searching like crazy but keep finding the same responses which have in my case proven useless.
The situation is this: I have one router and one computer, the computer has two network interface cards which are both connected to the router and given IP addresses. I have made the metrics in Windows such that normal traffic SHOULD always choose NIC 1 and I have in the application "Tixati" set it manually to use NIC 2. I have then set my firewall to only allow the application "Tixati" to use NIC 2 while blocking it from using NIC 1. So in theory everything on my computer should use NIC 1 except "Tixati" which should use NIC 2.
The problem: The issue is that for some reason Windows will sometimes think it's a good idea to just straight up switch over to using NIC 2 for ALL traffic, even though it has a waaaay higher metric (static permanent routes) and the firewall is blocking access for the applications on that interface, which results in the applications being straight up blocked. This is temporarily solved by disabling and enabling NIC 1... Until it happens again.
The cause: I just straight up don't know, I do however think it has something to do with Windows probably trying to use a different NIC at the slightest hint of an issue with the main NIC, it often happens during web browsing and I even found one specific website that seemingly caused this issue every time I reloaded the page! I think it may have something to do with it trying a different NIC when a response takes too long(?) or if it encounters an error of some sort?
The solution: I just don't know and I've tried everything I could find regarding this on the internet which was either the metric thing or deprecated settings relevant to earlier versions of Windows. Does anyone here know how to fix this? I'm guessing it's not possible though and that it's something hard-coded in Windows, but I hope there is some setting somewhere that I've missed. Some load balancing setting or something?
(I know of one setting where Windows would try to use the DNS of whichever NIC was best and sort of load balance(?) it, but I've already tried disabling it. Perhaps there's something similar for the normal traffic?)

Sanya IV

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Preferred Solution: Windows uses wrong NIC in a dual NIC setup, Ignores metric at times.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi all,

I have 2 adapter, same model same speed. When I use "route print" command to check the table, they are the same metric.

I need to use the designated adapter to connect a server. How can I make sure this adapter is higher priority in the route table. 
Remark: This PC is not allow to set the route table. I have to use the automatic metric algorithm.

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I have managed to get myself into a situation where the "System Reserved" partition is on a different physical drive from my current C drive. This is, I presume, as a result of creating a dual boot system without fully understanding the consequences.

I need to correct this because I intend to wipe out the older drive (which contains the System Reserved partition which, I guess, is where the boot manager is located.)

Since I'm somewhat confused about the difference between a "system reserved" partition and a bootmgr and which is required where, I thought the easiest way to describe my problem is to describe the steps that got me here with screen grabs where appropriate.

At the start of this process I had a plain vanilla 32 bit install of Windows 7. The system resided on an OCZ 60 GB SSD, that contained both a 100 MB "System Reserved" partition and a second 55 GB partition that represented the C Drive as shown below.

When I periodically created a system image (using "Create a system image" from the Backup and Restore Control Panel) it would require me to include both the "system reserved" partition and the C partition, which was fine and what I expected.

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to move to the 64 bit version of Windows 7 and decided upon installing it on a new second SSD (a Samsung 830) using a dual boot setup to go back and forth between the two OS's during the time required to get all my a... Read more

A:My Dual Boot setup has the boot mgr on the wrong drive

Hi hwilker, welcome to SF

I think your half way there, all you need to understand is the boot manager resides at present in sys reserved partition so any backup will require the OS (whichever one your backing up) + boot manager & that can be on either drive.

You can use easyBCD to move boot manager and if you want delete sys reserve partition altogether BUT remember that windows keeps some recovery help in there also so make sure you have win install/recovery disks incase needed and always where possible take backups if your not sure

Hope this helps

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Have a large screen tv on wall connected with HDMI to computer. Have a Samsung monitor on my desktop. Cannot make the desktop my primary monitor no matter what I do. (although have had this working before). We had a break-in and monitor was stolen. So replaced with new but cannot make it primary.....always defaults to samsung tv on wall. I have tried all normal solutions.... unplugged all....began with desktop monitor....added tv, etc. Have spent way too many hours and am sure answer is simple. HELP PLEASE!

A:wrong primary monitor in dual monitor setup

Right click on your desktop, select Screen Resolution, then click on the screen you want to make primary. Select Multiple Displays, and it should be there!

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First of all, hello! And thanks for your time!

I am running a dual monitor setup with my TV hooked up via HDMI to my laptop.

Everything was working fine before, I always had the laptop as my main display yet I could play a video or a game fullscreen on the TV.

Since a couple of days, as soon as I put something in fullscreen, it immediately goes on my laptop, regardless if it's open on my TV or my laptop.

I don't remember changing/installing anything that could've changed that...

I checked a bit in the AMD vision software and the Windows control pannel but I can't seem to solve my problem without switching my TV as the main display.

I also made a quick search on google as well as here but the problems were mainly with Flash, which isn't in cause here.

Here are my system specs:

Toshiba Satellite L75D
Windows 7 home premium 64-bit
AMD Radeon 6520G



A:Dual monitor setup - fullscreen goes on wrong monitor

My desktop has my LCD monitor through Display Port and my TV through DVI. What I do is have my multiple monitors set to "Extend these displays" and make the LCD the primary display. Ive included two pictures of what my settings look like, first is with the LCD(1) selected and the second is the TV(2).

I will say that sometimes the program you are using forces the fullscreen to go to the primary screen, I have had this trouble with Everquest a number of years ago. There was a program that you could run with the game that allowed you to put the game window into boxes, different screens and a bunch of other things.

I primarily use my TV for watching movies/tv, Media Player Classic does a great job of being able to open to fullscreen in either monitor, regardless of how the monitors are setup.

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I just reinstalled Windows 7 and initially all seemed well. When I was connected to the Internet, Windows installed 3 updates and prompted me to restart. When Windows appeared again, it was much smaller on screen surrounded by black. There was just a blue background with a windows logo. No start menu, taskbar, nothing! I managed to right click the screen and change the resolution so that the background now fills the screen. Internet Explorer no longer seems to exist. I have tried control ,alt, delete to get the task manager to type explorer.exe but it doesn't work, it just blacks out the screen. I am now on my third install. After the last install, everything looked great but again Windows asked for a reboot as it had found updates. It would appear to be these Windows updates that are causing the problem.........I can't seem to find a restart to boot into safe mode.
I am installing from a genuine Windows 7 Professional DVD, which has always worked in the past......please help.
It's not like I won't help myself, after three installs, I just need you clever people to impart your knowledge......

A:New install windows 7 gone completely wrong three times now, help, Please!

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Got a problem with Vlan's, I have created 2 different Vlan on Realtek or intel network card.
Work ok, virtual cards getting the correct IP address, but Windows 8 using DNS server from virtual network card  who has the lowers metric.
PC show takes DNS server setting from Vlan200 with metric 5 but instead, he using the DNS server from Vlan37 with metric 22.
Maybe someone know how can I fix this issue?
On Windows 10 don't have this problem.

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I have had windows 7 for a few weeks and every time the PC is rebooted the Metric for both the Lan (172.17) and Wifi(192.169)goes back to 20, the Lan is set to Automatic and the wifi is set to 10, has anybody seen this problem before?

Active Routes:
Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric 20 20


A:problem with windows 7 not using correct metric

Sounds quite bizzare, Windows assigns a lower metric to the gateway it can communicate the fastest with, but in this case both have been assigned 20.
If you've manually assigned a gateway and metric you should see that in the list of persistent routes.

I wonder if your issue is similar to that in http://www.sevenforums.com/network-sharing/47280-how-configure-multiple-gateways.html

I'm stumped and have emailed MS as it works as expected in Win XP

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Ok, here is my dilemma. I have for ages been trying to install XP Home Edition as a dual boot setup with Windows 7 on a HP dv6-3019ax. I cant even get the setup to run and have gone through exactly 40 CDs trying do acheive this. I cant find the appropriate SCSI or SATA drivers so windows can recognize my HDD, no even on the HP website. So i searched for other possible drivers i thought might work, but no luck. I am attaching 1 driver at a time with .INF format.

Heres what happens....

1. Windows Boots from the CD
2. whem checking for hardware configuration, it goes real quick...nothing loads.
3. I press F6 for third party SCSI driver, nothing is found then i press S to specify a driver. Still nothing found
4. I press ENTER to continue loading windows setup, then get the blue screen of death.

Ive tried multiple drivers, tried disabling nativeSATA settiings in the BIOS, but wasnt supported by the BIOS, so tried updating the BIOS, but with the latest version, still not supported.

HP told me this exercise was impossible, as there are too many compatibility issues, and that i was unable to partition the HP drive C:, and I have found avaliable XP drivers for my hardware. I dont beleive them.

Can i slipstream multiple AHCI SATA drivers to my XP installation CD?

Please can someone help put an end to my hell!! I need XP as i have an uncompatible program i need for work.


A:Windows 7 / XP Dual Boot Setup

Read your other thread:
HP dv6-3019ax

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I have a dual boot notebook (using GRUB): Windows 10.0 & Linux ubuntu 14.04 which has been installed after that. I want to purge Windows 10.0 and perform a completely clean Windows 7.0 installation including some minor changes to Windows partitions. Actually, I took the free offer from Microsoft to auto-upgrade from 7.0 to 10.0 but after doing so, my notebook performs too slow and very poor. So I want to get back to 7.0. The problem is that Windows 7 setup programme says that if I want to do anything related to the partitions, I've got to boot from Windows DVD and from there I'b be able to perform installation from zero but:
Whenever I want to boot from DVD, a message appears saying that boot from CD/DVD is blocked (or forbidden) somehow.
Also, I am kind of worried about booting from DVD and trying to purge that Windows: Damaging GRUB or corrupting Linux or something like that.
Is there any way safe to do so without damaging or losing or having to reinstall Linux?

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Hi. I installed windows 7 x64 RC a while back, and it detected windows xp and set up a dual boot. All was well.

I had a PSU failure, and i replaced the PSU. I set the BIOS to boot from the drive with windows 7 on it. It wouldn't boot. I set the bios to boot from the drive with windows Xp on it, and it booted to the dual boot screen.

Apparently, windows 7 placed the boot information on the old XP drive, so if i try to boot to windows 7 from the windows 7 drive, its a no go.

Now, this wouldnt' bug me so much, except that i want to replace the Xp drive with a larger 1tb drive. I don't need XP anymore, and do need storage (xp drive is 160gb).

if i remove the XP drive, windows 7 won't boot. How can i fix this?

A:WIndows 7 dual boot with XP, boots from wrong drive

Put your install disk back in,
tell it to do a repair.
and that should find it

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So i just recently created two partitions on my home pc, one keeping windows xp and i installed windows 7 on the other one. I completely got all my programs and stuff back on windows 7 and it was all set. I decided i should delete the other partition containing windows xp so the windows 7 one could have all the harddrive space. I went into the partition program i was using, changed the windows 7 partition to primary instead of logical ( i think that's what it was, i can't really remember ) then deleted the windows xp one. It had to reboot my computer, then after it was finished deleting and stuff it rebooted again but now it just takes me to a black screen that says press a key to reboot. I got a copy of a windows xp recovery disk, and tried to boot from that but nothing. I even tried switching the boot sequence, but still no luck. I really hope someone can get back to me on this one, i've just stumbled upon this site and figured someone has to have some sort of advice on this disaster haha. I'm not even too sure if this is the right spot to post this, but i hope someone can help!

|Thanks in advance

A:Deleted wrong partition dual booting windows 7 and xp

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Ive read the Instructions on how to setup XP to dual-boot with Vista...
However, im concerned (and someone mentioned it happened to them in the thread)
that when XP SETUP is finished with the TX part of setup and reboots PC to go into the
rest of setup (GUI XP SETUP)) it wont continue....?
is this right>? ive read elsewhere that if the partitions for XP are created in Vista that it wont boot into the rest of setup....

I could make the partition during XP setup if this will help?


A:Vista/XP Dual Boot - Will XP setup continue into GUI setup after reboot of 1st part.?

When I did my dual boot [using win2k / vista] I used an existing partition that was created by vista. No problem at all. It is a little more difficult than say installing win2k after xp however as long as you follow the instructions there are no problems.

As always make an image of your system before you start. This way if something does go wrong, it is a simple matter to restore the image and be back where you started from.

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Hello Forum!

Im new here. I browsed this forum for a bit and decided this is a good place to learn about new things and to get help with problems.

Well i have a problem.

I currently have a pc with Windows 7 64bit installed on it.
Now im tryin to install another Windows 7 64bit on a newly shrinked partition i created - The size is 103gb

When ever i try to install on the newly created parition i'm gettin this error:

"Setup was unable to use the existing system partition because it does not contain the required free space"

Im have lots of free space on the new partition..But i was told that my SYSTEM RESERVED 100mb is whats causing the problem because i only have 1mb free on this partition.

Im pretty much lost now..Could anyone here provide some advice on how to install
Another Windows 7 64bit on a newly created partition?

Many Thanks!

A:Setup Windows 7 64bit - Dual Boot

Quote: Originally Posted by phillizee

Hello Forum!

Im new here. I browsed this forum for a bit and decided this is a good place to learn about new things and to get help with problems.

Well i have a problem.

I currently have a pc with Windows 7 64bit installed on it.
Now im tryin to install another Windows 7 64bit on a newly shrinked partition i created - The size is 103gb

When ever i try to install on the newly created parition i'm gettin this error:

"Setup was unable to use the existing system partition because it does not contain the required free space"

Im have lots of free space on the new partition..But i was told that my SYSTEM RESERVED 100mb is whats causing the problem because i only have 1mb free on this partition.

Im pretty much lost now..Could anyone here provide some advice on how to install
Another Windows 7 64bit on a newly created partition?

Many Thanks!

You simply need to point the installer to the new empty partition. It is now trying to install in the 100 system partition with no success.

Ken J

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Im trying to get a dual boot setup going on my laptop, but Im having a lot of trouble with the installation. I want to have 2 installs of Windows 7 64bit, running on 2 partitions on the same SSD. One partition/install of Windows for audio production, the other completely separate for my own personal use. The audio partition/install will have no networking devices enabled, no antivirus or any other clutter, just my audio software and thats it.

I have tried making the partitions in the Windows 7 installer, installing into the first partition, then once thats done installing into the second. I have tried installing the first time across the whole HD, and then once Windows is running, in the Disk Manager utility running a shrink on the HD, then rebooting and installing the second install into the newly created partition. For some reason I keep getting all manner of weird behaviour though. My SSD isnt getting recognised on boot, its hanging during the Starting Windows splash animation, a couple of times I think the SSD wasnt even seen by the BIOS.

Heres my specs to start:
MSI GT680 Laptop with
- Intel i7 2630QM 2.0GHz,
- 16GB DD3 RAM,
- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M 1.5GB,
- Micro-Star International Co MS-16F2 Motherboard

I got a Samsung EVO 840 SSD, with 500GB of storage, for my primary drive, and a HGST 7200RPM 1TB for my secondary. I have tested the Samsung SSD and the HGST with SeaTools, using Short and Long tests, no problems. I have an old Intel SSD and an old WD H... Read more

A:Windows 7 Dual Boot Setup Issues

Work through the steps for Overcoming Windows 7 Installation Failures - Windows 7 Help Forums.

Try new media written to stick with tool in Step 4.

Check for firmware update for the SSD and BIOS update for the PC.

Do you have UEFI BIOS? Check in BIOS setup for any sign of UEFI, CSM, Legacy BIOS and Boot Priority settings for UEFI.

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I have a dual monitor display...I have my laptop (primary monitor) on the right, with my additional monitor on the left. Problem is, everytime I boot up my computer, the setup reverts to my laptop on the left, with the attached monitor on the right...so I have to go into my display properties everytime and switch the monitor arrangement. I'm wondering if this has something to do with nVidia, as when I try to setup the dual monitor display through nVidia, it will not let me move my second monitor to the left...I can only switch which monitor is my primary which just switches which monitor displays the start menu.


A:Windows Does not Remember Dual Monitor Setup

I just got a brand new HP pavilion dv9000 and I have an external monitor hooked up to it on the left. I have the exact same problem. Even if the computer just goes to sleep, as soon as I wake it up, the monitor is on the right again. I can reset it to be on the left in the control panel, but I have to do it every time and it's a pain. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I have a new laptop pre-installed with Windows 10 on a primary m.2 disk.
It also has an HDD that I divided into partitions.

Now I have an old laptop that has Windows 7 that holds programs and files that I left behind. I want those programs accessible in a Windows 7 environment. Therefore, I cloned my Windows 7 to a spare partition on my laptop's HDD. Right now, I have Windows 10 on primary SSD and cloned Windows 7 on a partition of secondary HDD.

However, the problem is that, while the disk cloning process went successfully, it's not bootable. So my question is: how do I make the disk with Windows 7 bootable?

A:Dual boot setup with pre-installed Windows 10 and cloned Windows 7dows

Welcome to the forum. Did win7 have a system partition as well as drive as that will contain the boot files? It won't boot unless the partition is set active so you need the boot files on the win10 boot. The other problem is the drivers will all be wrong if it's come from another PC so it possibly any work anyway

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When ever I go to log on to my Dell Latitude E7440 with windows 7 Professional x64 I get an error screen saying that windows could not find a bio metric device. This is true because my computer does not have a fingerprint reader on it. I was wondering if anyone could help me so i don't have to sit through my computer looking for the device and not finding it every time I go to log in. TIA

A:How to Disable Search for Bio metric Device on Windows 7 Start up?

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. Strange issue you seem to have ...

Reading the System Specs for your Laptop from the Link below ..

Seems some Models do have the Fingerprint Reader ...

Could it be some Software you have Installed from the Dell Website ..

That is causing this message ? ...

Dell Latitude E7440 User Review

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Hi all, just picked up a Lenovo y700 laptop. Comes with Windows 10 home. Just checked the partition management and I am seeing 6 different partitions. EFI system partition, Recovery partition, Recovery partition, OEM partition, Primary partition (NTFS), and Boot partition (NTFS).

Normally I setup my my dual partitions C: OS1 D: OS2 E: Programs & Data or F: Data.

First wondering if my above way of partitioning the drive is still smart. The whole EFI system partition is new to me.

Also after searching for a bit I am unable to find a tutorial that addresses the above partitioning systems. Thoughts or helpful links?

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It all started like this..

I bought my HP-laptop 4 weeks ago. 2 days ago I decided to dual-boot the pre-installed Windows 7 with Ubuntu Netbook. Thought it was a good idea.

Well, I created a partition for Ubuntu on 100GB on my current HDD and the whole disk went from a Primary Disc to Basic Disc(because of having more than 4 partitions).
After that I decided to delete the partitions created by HP called HP_TOOLS and HP_RECOVERY. I did.

After that I went and booted up with my USB and installed Ubuntu Netbook without SWAP-partition through advanced partition, as it didn't come up with "Install Ubuntu beside Windows" or anything like that, that I've seen others do.
At the advanded partition windows I chose the 100GB partition and checked "Reformat to Ext4 journaled". The mountpoint was "/".
It went fine and I loaded up Ubuntu Netbook after that.

Everything worked fine - I could load Windows 7 and Ubuntu Netbook through the GRUB bootloader.

But then it came.. Ubuntu Netbook decided to update to the latest Kernel I guess? and it did, well.. after that I haven't been able to load up Windows 7.

When I try to load up Windows 7, it goes on to the screen with the dots making the logo - doesn't even finish the logo - and then it freezes for a second, comes up with a blue-screen of death with errors for 0,5 seconds(so I can't read what it says), and then reboots.
This is my problem - I just want to be able to boot up my Windows 7. Could it have anyth... Read more

A:Dual-boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu Netbook Remix; gone wrong.

When you see GRUB boot options, select your Windows install and hit Enter. Immediately press and hold F8. You will see a screen with quite a few options. Select "Disable Automatic Restart On System Failure" and hit Enter. COpy paste the BSOD code here.
It should probably be 0X000007B or 0X00000024

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I have tried running Windows 8 on my Pentium Dual Core setup. It runs at 2.7 GHz, and i have 4 GB of DDR2-800. The problem is, even with every update installed and the newest drivers installed, that Windows 8 is very, very, very slow on my system. And Windows 8 lacks proper drivers for my Belkin FD71101 WiFi card. I was curious if anyone knew how to get Windows 8 running as fast or faster than 7 on my setup. Thanks.

A:Running Windows 8 on Pentium Dual Core setup

No one has any ideas? Until I can get 8 running good I am stuck in Vista land.

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Require list of all known boot loaders:

Require updated and simplified tutorials:

Require software and utilities to ease implementation:

Require list of all possible command prompt commands relating to dual boot, boot recovery, disk and file systems:

[If you are able to help, please professionally post below.]

A:Professionally Setup Dual Boot [MS-DOS 5 & Modern Windows]

Goggle brought this up THPC: Dual-Boot MS-DOS 7.10 and Windows 7 on your Windows 7 computer didn't see any on 8 and 5.0 at all

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Hi,Currently, I have Windows 10 Pro installed on main Toshiba HDD. I want to dual boot with CentOS.I have 2 x Samsung 960 Pro NVMe SSD's. I enabled RAID1 in the BIOS for NVMe's. When I booted viaUSB CentOS boot media, the installer did not recognize any of my drives, except for external USB drives.When I disable BIOS RAID on P70, CentOS installer saw all drives Toshiba HDD, each of the NVMe's, externalUSB storage drive, and Samsung T5 external storage SSD (with USB Type-C to Type-C cable). - Is enabling/disabling RAID, changing from RAID to AHCI?- Is not seeing the drives due to CentOS not having a driver to recognize Intel RST? Doe's CentOS have a driver? Is it something else?- Is there a way around this?- Disable BIOS RAID, install CentOS to NVMe0 then use MDADM to RAID1 NVMe drives?From what I have read so far, BIOS RAID is software RAID, just in the BIOS. Also, I was thinking possibly instead, installing CentOS to the Samsung T5 drive, however: - T5 is not recognized as a boot drive when using Lenovo F12 boot menu (If T5 is using USB Type-C to Type-C cable)- T5 is recognized as a boot drive in F12 boot menu (If T5 is using USB Type-C to Type-A cable)- If install works on T5 drive, then maybe I can enable P70 RAID1 and use NVMe's for storage space.or keep RAID disabled and use NVMe's as seperate drives. When done, I'm looking to have dual boot Windows and CentOS, and use Virtualbox forother VM's. I have not installed CentOS on any of the drives yet... Read more

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First off thanks for taking the time to help me on this. I just recently started using a dual monitor setup. The whole reason I wanted to run this was so that I could run a web page while i was running a game. It did not take me long to realize the inadequacies of my foresight in this quest for freedom from alt tab quirks, like the mouse not syncing with the game reticle (how is that word spelled!?) or color skewing, because the game locks the mouse inside the window the game is running in. So panning over is a no go. My question is whether or not there is a way that I can set up a dual mouse system. I have a custom built computer. My main monitor is plugged into my graphics card and my off monitor is just plugged into the HDMI port on my motherboard.

A:Dual screen dual mouse setup for Game and web page use

If anyone has any other ideas let me know. I have never seen the setup Willburforce is looking for.

You can plug multiple mice into a PC, and both will work, however, both will control the same single mouse pointer. Even if you had a mouse and a touchscreen, the mouse's pointer will immediately go to your finger the second you touched the screen.

Anyone else....

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I am having some problems with the Windows 8 start screen on my dual monitor setup.
I have 2 monitors (d'oh) the monitor in the center of the desk is my main monitor.
The monitor to the left is my secondary monitor.
I have My desktop showing on my main monitor (the right or center monitor)
I have the Windows 8 start screen showing on my secondary monitor (the left monitor)

The problem I seem to be having is this. When ever I have the start screen showing and then I click on anything on my center monitor the start screen either disappears or goes grey.

I think the start screen is a really cool idea primarily because of the live tiles. Its nice to be able to just glance and see all of my information without having to click a link or open an app or anything. However since the start screen keeps disappearing as soon as I do anything on my other screen it is almost useless.
If I have to go back to the other screen and click to bring the start screen back up I might as well just have widgets or apps on that screen and click them instead.
How do I get the start screen to stay up on the screen by default????????
Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Hello. I think this is the right place to put this since it's the XP part of my computer not working. Sorry if this is in the wrong place

The problem:
(the one that isn't between the Keyboard and the Chair)

I have recently installed Ubuntu on my previously Windows only PC, and now Windows XP will not load at all.
I turn on my PC, wait for the GRUB bootloader (details below) to appear and select Windows.
The black windows loading screen comes up for about 2 seconds and promptly BSODs (details below)
Ubuntu still loads fine.

The computer:

OS - Windows XP MCE (2005? I think) + Ubuntu Linux 9.10
Bootloader - GNU GRUB version 1.97~beta4
I have multiple partitions for all of my different things. One for XP, on for Ubuntu, and two for files.


A problem has been detected etc. etc.

If this is the first time etc. etc. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

Disable or uninstall any anti-virus, disk defragmentation or backup utilities. Check your hard drive configuration, and check for any updated drivers. Run CHKDSK /F to check for hard drive corruption, and then restart your computer.

Tech info
**** STOP: 0x00000024 (0x00190203, 0x8B1F5AA0, 0xC0000102, 0x00000000)Click to expand...


GNU GRUB version 1.97~beta4

Ubuntu Linux 2.6.31-17-generic
Ubuntu Linux 2.6.31-17-generic (recovery mode)
Ubuntu Linux 2.6.31-14-generic
Ubuntu Linux 2.6.31-14-generic (recovery mode) (I don't know why I have 2 different versions, the 17-generic onl... Read more

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Hi all i recently got this idea centre 300s   120 gb SS  1 TB drive  no extra videocard yet or more RAM  with windows 10  I wanted to make a dual boot  since some of my games simply would not install or just crash during install or final setup Any tips on how  to setup ? what is best both OS's on SSD  ?or windows 10 on  SSD windows 7 on  HHD ?    

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After a clean install of windows 7 ultimate (i have the original dvd), with the same hardware, and the same version of windows, nothing special installed in terms of software and no other hardware added, the onboard Intel HD Audio device and m-audio audiophile 2496,which has never caused any problems, does not show up at all
I have tried installing earlier drivers, too, but it did not work.
My machine is: q6600 core 2 quad 4 gig mobo gigabyte ga g31m SL2 onboard HD Audio Audiophile 2496
I have also tried maya 44 xte which is pci express - not seen.
all the three cards were installed before and got in no conflict.
The windows audio service is set to automatic and is running.
FOr the first time ever I have updated the bios half an hour ago, but this does not change anything.
I have also tried inserting the audiophile 2496 card into another pci port, but there is no other pcie slot to use.
Please help. what can I do to diagnose and remove the problem?
Mod Edit:  Removed DDS log, not permitted/used to diagnose routine system issues because it is a tool used for malware situations - Hamluis.

A:windows 7 ignores audiocards

Here is an update.
After turning off azalia codec support in bios, the onboard hd card is no longer appears.
Both pci and pcie card is noticed (i connect them separately). The latter's installer returns error: access denied.

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Greetings from frustrationville... Here's my pain:

Had an XP box - the same one I have now - "upgraded" to Vista - hated it, went back to XP.

Everything works great EXCEPT... my two SATA drives are not being recognised in Windows. It's VERY bizarre. I have a normal IDE drive for Windows (C:\) with two Seagate Barracuda SATA drives but only the C drive shows up.

I've done NOTHING different to the previous installations I have done with this machine but this time I cannot get the SATAs recognised. Been into disk management, had a poke around... nothing that will get my SATAs on the screen.

So, had a poke in my BIOS. Have tried enabling and disabling RAID and SATA... now I'm no RAID specialist but I'm pretty certain it wasn't enabled in my previous XP config... anyways, I've tried it with and without... nothing works.

Here's my spec:

ASUS k8NE-Deluxe Motherboard.
3 Gig Kingston RAM
ATI Radeon
blah blah...

The real kicker here is this: I am in the middle of editing a documentary and guess where my saved files are...

So guys, I'm pretty desperate here. I only have a few months before I have to submit my edit and to say I'm sweating over this is an understatement.


Appreciate any information you can gimme chaps.

Oh and I don't have a floppy drive (NEVER have never needed it before!!!) coz I've seen that as a means of enabling SATA.

anyways, over to you guys.

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A:Windows XP Pro ignores my 2 SATA drives

have you installed your SATA controller drivers in XP? check your device manager and look for any yellow marks in it... they are usually the things that need drivers and do not work until you install them.

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What is the best setup for running dual monitors with dual video cards?

Plug one monitor into one card and the other into the second card with Crossfire off, or turn on Crossfire and plug both monitors into the same video card?

Both monitors are the same.

A:Dual Monitor Setup w/ Dual ATI 4870x2

crossfire on, same card

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my beloved a64 box has stood by me for 3 years, but now i have to use serious software for school (video editing, flash, photoshop, autodesk) so i need a stronger machine... i still need to figure out the specs ill need but i have one main question at this point, KVM switches.

right now (in the a64) i have a radeon 9800 256 pushing 2 monitors at 1280*1024 and a kvm switch that allows one monitor, the keyboard and mouse to click to my linux box when i hit scroll lock twice fast. is there a such switch that could switch BOTH monitors and keyboard and mouse AND sound between my a64 box and future dual core intel? (or whatever you guys recomend lol)

A:dual system- dual monitor setup

You could get a better AMD processor if it is a socket 939 and then there would be no need for a new motherboard, a Skt 939 Athlon X2 would be good, if you dont wanna upgrade ur mobo.

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I'll try and be brief. My video card is a NVIDIA P162 GEFORCE MX440 VIDEO CARD AGP

In the past, I have used the S-video port (with RCA adapter) in a dual view setup with my TV. I recently reinstalled Windows XP and now I can't get the secondary display (the TV) to work correctly. I just get a bunch of black & white lines moving up the screen (looks like bad reception/static on a TV).

The weird thing is that the TV displays everything fine during the bootup process, including the loading screen with the Windows XP logo. Full color and everything. It's when Windows actually starts that the TV freaks out.

Another weird thing is if I use nVidia's TV setup Wizard and select "Span," the image on the TV actually stabilizes. But I am forced to keep a low resolution on the monitor (which wasn't the case before I reinstalled XP), and as soon as I make any other changes the TV goes back to freaking out.

I really want to use "Dual View" mode and I know it's possible with what I have, since it worked fine before. Any ideas??

A:Solved: Dual Screen setup works fine during system bootup; TV goes crazy when Windows

switched to an older nVidia driver and that fixed the issue!

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I am being warned that the anti-virus software is not ON and the system ignores my attempt to turn it ON.

I have checked and the anti-virus software seems to be active (WOW security).

I have also tried to select Windows Defender with the same results.

A:Windows 10 ignores turning on anti-virus

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Is WOW Security supported for Windows 10?

Uninstall the AV and switch to Defender. Does the same issue happen?

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My PC ignores all power settings and hibernates after approx 5 minutes of user inactivity. It is a Dell Vostro 200, which I had been running successfully on Windows 8 Pro. The problem appears to have been the result of upgrading to Windows 8.1.
Regardless of the power scheme settings, the PC goes into hibernation after 5 minutes of "inactivity"; i.e. if there is no user keyboard or mouse input. The hibernation also ignores most background processes, so it will go into hibernation even if I am streaming internet radio. I use Windows Home Server, and the daily backup process is currently failing because the PC wakes up to start the backup, but hibernates after 5 minutes, in the middle of the backup process.
The only exception I can find is YouTube - hibernation does not occur if I watch a video longer than 5 minutes, even if there is no user input.
I have tried various suggestions from other forums, without success:
The video drivers up to date.
BIOS is up to date, and ACPI is set to S3.
I have run power settings troubleshooter which reset power settings to "Balanced".
I have tried setting power to "Always on"
I have tried a clean boot process, disabling all start ups and other services, but the problem still occurs
As noted above, the PC was previously working fine, and the only change I can identify is applying the Windows 8.1 upgrade.
Does anyone have any ideas how I can resolve this, or any suggestions for debugging the cause, please?

A:Windows 8.1 Ignores power settings and hibernates after 5 minutes

Go Control Panel > Power Options > Change when the computer sleeps.
Then make sure both options are set to "Never".

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I know this has been discussed a few times but I hardly ever found a solution. I was running Windows Vista for 5 yrs and recently bought a 2nd pc with Windows 7. I tried to set everything from Bios to Power Management to exactly the same as my Vista's with the exception of "Hybrid Sleep" which wasn't found in my Windows 7.

So here's the problem. My Vista would be able to recognize that my pc is running 100% rendering from my 3Dsmax and only starts sleep mode counter AFTER render is done. Meaning it would finish up the job before going to sleep or hibernate. That is what hibernation is for, isn't it? BUT, my Windows 7 won't. It will go to sleep even when my PC is rendering, as long as timer is up. This is odd. I cannot seem to find a solution for this and currently tempted to find a way for 3Dsmax to send a script to command prompt to activate sleep mode instead. But this shouldn't be the way, especially since previous and older versions of Windows such as Vista and XP were both able to function properly on this aspect.

I am running both PC in a room that is not very well ventilated and I don't want the heat to build up or waste electricity whenever I was rendering. Therefore, I really need this function to work. Shutting off Hibernation or setting a few estimated hours is a chore and undependable. I hope guru here could help me out.

Lastly, I am new to forum hope I didn't post it in the wrong section.

A:Windows 7 Sleep/ Hibernation ignores 3Dsmax rendering

Maybe one of these will help you - sleep - How to prevent a Windows 7 PC from sleeping when CPU usage is over X%? - Super User

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My PC ignores all power settings and hibernates after approx 5 minutes of user inactivity. It is a Dell Vostro 200, which I had been running successfully on Windows 8 Pro. The problem appears to have been the result of upgrading to Windows 8.1.

Regardless of the power scheme settings, the PC goes into hibernation after 5 minutes of "inactivity"; i.e. if there is no user keyboard or mouse input. The hibernation also ignores most background processes, so it will go into hibernation even if I am streaming internet radio. I use Windows Home Server, and the daily backup process is currently failing because the PC wakes up to start the backup, but hibernates after 5 minutes, in the middle of the backup process.
The only exception I can find is YouTube - hibernation does not occur if I watch a video longer than 5 minutes, even if there is no user input.

I have tried various suggestions from other forums, without success:
The video drivers up to date.
BIOS is up to date, and ACPI is set to S3.
I have run power settings troubleshooter which reset power settings to "Balanced".
I have tried setting power to "Always on"
I have tried a clean boot process, disabling all start ups and other services, but the problem still occurs

As noted above, the PC was previously working fine, and the only change I can identify is applying the Windows 8.1 upgrade.
Does anyone have any ideas how I can resolve this, or any suggestions for debugging the cause, please?
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A:Windows 8.1 Ignores power settings and hibernates after 5 minutes

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On Windows 10, Acer Quick Access ignores system color profile. For example:- go to colorcpl.exe, install some ICC profile and set it as default;- reboot the PC (or log out) and look at your screen color changes while PC is booting;- you can see that Windows successfully loads your ICC profile, but then, in 1-2 secs, Acer Quick Access drops screen color to its default value (or to yellowish if Acer Bluelight Shield is enabled). Formally your ICC profile stays enabled in colorcpl.exe, but it doesn't actually work until you re-enable it manually.I think this is a bug. The issue is present even if Bluelight Shield is disabled. The only way I found to resolve this issue was to disable Quick Access autostart. This makes Quick Access almost unusable for those who use ICC profiles.The issue was not present in old Quick Access versions for Windows 8.1 (without Bluelight Shield).Posting here in addition to the support request.Acer Quick Access 2.00.3006_W10x64_AWindows 10 1607 x64Acer Aspire VN7-791G 71H2

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First things first.

--A while back I had installed a Logitech webcam to talk to the folks across the country. All was fine and dandy until I got my hands on an Akai Professional MPD32 Midi Controller Pad. The pad was NOT being recognized by my synthesizer software. I call Akai and was told that it was a Logitech driver standing in the way of my Controller Pad being recognized by my software...the Pad hold a normal Midi USB connection. (Due to the faulty webcam driver, my midi pad wasn't showing up in the list of external components.)

The faulty webcam driver is called LVUSBSTA.sys. In an incredibly moronic maneuver on my part, I went into C://windows/system32/drivers and went slap happy on every driver under the LV name. Well...lesson learned I suppose.

After this little rampage I was greeted with all exclamation marks in my Audio drivers tab in my Device manager. I then tried to install a Sound Blaster Live card to see if this would make any difference. It did not. I then thought to myself...well to hell with all my files and stuff....I'm just going to reinstall windows. I took out both of my hardrives...installed one of them in...and flattened it.

I then installed Windows XP. Over....and over...and over again.

--When I boot up, DIRECTLY under where it says "DMI Pool Data" it says "boot from CD" twice...then REDOES my setup. This is hell.
I've gone into my BIOS...and under the Advanced BIOS tab, changed my boot priority setting to ... Read more

A:I've setup XP maybe 8 times now.

Perhaps I am missing something here, but if you remove the install CD it cannot boot from the CD as there will be nothing there to boot from.

Again, perhaps I missing your point.

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Hi All

Had a bit of a look about and can not find anything the same as a problem I have

Time zones on computer, exchange server and Outlook are correct, when checking webmail times are correct.

Open outlook (on computer) and email times are an hour out, (did one test email) same with calendar for others invited to a meeting, both states of sender (me and any other person he gets email from) and person with problem do not have daylight savings - also daylight savings un-ticked

I have done a gpupdate /force

Thinking of adding another email proilfe of the same user to see if same thing happens.

Any Ideas anyone?



A:Calendar and email times wrong

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My clock is correct on my computer and when I send mail to myself it is correct. But in my mail to others it is always wrong. This is on my isp and webbased mail. What can I do? I have been online and sent mail and got it straight back and can see it for myself as well as hearing from people asking me what is wrong with my clock.

A:wrong date and times on Emails

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Calendars are not correct in Outlook. Whoever schedules a meeting, the calendar is correct on their computer but when it is sent to others it is one hour behind. Any Ideas?

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I have been having issues with my computers running ability. As I am typing this each letter freezes before the next one comes. Also I cannot watch any video without it freezing, cutting and pausing all throughout the video (whether this be on youtube or media player). i.e. a person would be frozen on "IIIIIII" every couple of seconds throughout the video.

I asked people who believed it was spyware so I have reformatted my computer twice since then because after a few weeks it got really bad again. Every time after I reformat it works well for a few weeks then gets bad, as it is now.

Also often programs can't run together without freezing one another. I have no clue what the problem is, Any help would be sooooo well appreciated! Thank you. My computer is a Toshiba - satellite and I have been using the CD the computer comes with to reformat it each time.

A:Please help, I have reformatted 2 times in a month! I don't know what's wrong. :(

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We've had 3 monitors for our PC now (all the same model, a GNR TS700) and on all three, the colour has gone wrong. The first and third time, the screen developed a green hue to everything. I think I've figured out that anything black has turned green (the Windows XP loading screen is green, as are the startup screens, and any dark patches on images have a green overtone). The second time the same thing happened, except everything turned a pinky-purple colour.

Am I right in thinking this model of monitor may have a chronic problem with the colour tube (or whatever it is that LCD monitors use)? I know it's not the graphics card, A) because I swapped the graphics card for a test one and there was no difference, and B) each time we've had it replaced, the monitor has been fine to begin with. This also rules out the cables because we've kept the same cables throughout.

So what is it likely to be - a bad batch of monitors, or is my computer doing something to the monitor that it shouldn't be? Thanks in advance for any help.

A:3 monitors, 3 times the colour goes wrong!

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I entered three wrong logon passwords on my brothers laptop, now its frozen. none of the buttons work including the power switch. is there any way of reseting the computer without opening it up and removing the battery???

A:I put a logon password on my laptop & was wrong 3 times

Errrrr no you would have to taker it a part to get at the jumper to reset the password or battery top wipe the BIOS. HO yes this is a screwdriver job you better take it to a workshop for them to do this... Next time you will know not to mess about with your brother Laptop..You did not say what make of Laptop it was???

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When I right click an image choose print the "How do you want to print your pictures" wizard starts. My problem is that this wizard ignores colour settings of the printer. Printing from word, pdf, paint works fine and the printed document/image
is in black and white as it should when I choose the "BW" printer.

So how can i get the print picture guide to obey the printers settings?

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This is my first post so apologies if I've not done it correctly
I am following this guide :
Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP

When I boot from CD, the setup loads all the files. Then it says "setup is starting windows" and boots back into windows 7.

Does anybody know why this happens, or how to fix it?


A:Dual Booting Windows 7 with XP - Stuck at "setup is starting windows"

Where did you get WIn7? How is it burned to disk or flash stick installer?

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