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Missing Read messages in Inbox

Q: Missing Read messages in Inbox


I,m Aditya using thunderbird latest version and configured my mail in that. In that when after I read the messages for the next refresh the read mails will dissapear. So how can i solve the issue.Any solutions waiting for your reply.


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Preferred Solution: Missing Read messages in Inbox

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


For some reason my inbox in outlook seems to be acting up.

It's not displaying any of my read messages or any new ones in my inbox.

Any idea what I can do to fix it?

A:Outlook isnt displaying messages in inbox, read or new?

Did it work before? If Yes, go to control painel, show 32 bits icons , find e-mail, and remove the old ones and add a new e-mail profile.

Close Outlook and try again, it's also good unckeck the cache option in your account in outlook.

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This morning when I opened Outlook Express 6 to view my new messages ninety days of messages were gone. The first current message showing is dated March 18th, 2009. I am using Windows XP operating system service pack three. Everything was okay last night when I turned off my computer though I noticed that Outlook express was compacting old messages or at least the message said it was. Does anyone know what is going on. I have never had this problem before. Help will be alppreciated.

A:Solved: Current Inbox messages missing

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I have a Dell dimension 3000 computerwith windows xp and Norton Internet Security 2006.
I use Outlook Express for my emails. However twice in the past week when I opened the program the messages in my Inbox were missing. Also an unknown error
(An unknown error has occurred. Account: 'shawmail.cg.shawcable.net', Server: 'shawmail.cg.shawcable.net', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800C0133)
stopped me from downloading any new messages. I recovered the messages once using OE-Mail Recovery, but with the reoccurance of the problem I am looking for a better solution.
My Hijackthis log is as follows:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 8:17:19 PM, on 19/07/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSvcHst.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\AppCore\AppSvc32.exe
c:\program files\common files\logitech\lvmvfm\LVPrcSrv.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
C:\Program Files\Micro... Read more

A:Outlook Express Messages in Inbox Missing

Did you try Google?

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it happened when i recieved non stop mails from my friend it's contineously recieving same mails one after another when it stopped i deleted that mails and went for a meeting, when i am back from meeting and opened my Outlook Express i am shocked to see all my email are gone missing. when i check store folder the size of my Inbox is showing 2,097,099kb. Please help to retrieve my mails.

A:All messages are missing in my Inbox folder in Outlook Express 6.

Hi shaikgani
Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

Is the Inbox.dbx file with the size 2,097,099kb, named: Inbox(1).dbx ?

If so, close Outlook Express and copy the Inbox(1).dbx file to a folder on the Desktop as a backup.

Go back to the directory containing the Inbox(1).dbx file and locate the Folders.dbx file, rename it: Folders.old

Start Outlook Express, a new Folders.dbx file will be created which will reindex all the .dbx files. It may take a few minutes, it is best to not do anything else on the computer until the process is complete.

When Outlook Express starts, there should be a new folder called: Inbox(1) access that folder and the messages should appear.
This will not be the default Inbox since Outlook Express already created a new one.
Keep the Inbox empty, move messages you want to keep to folders of your own creation in Outlook Express.
Let us know if that works for you or not.

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for some reason, most of my outlook express inbox messages "disappeared." I located the folder listed as a dbx file, but I cannot retrieve them

A:Solved: missing outlook express inbox messages

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I log into email account for yahoo. Screen opens and it shows Loading... I am using a Vista Home Premium PC. There is nothing on screen but blank page. You see the headings menu in inbox. But, cannot see the inbox and mail. Is there a registry fix or regsvr32 script that I should run, or is there some type of .dll problem? Help or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thank you...

A:Email inbox show loading messages. Unable to view messages

You have not said what browser you are using so I will just give a guide using IE8.

The most common fix for this problem seems to be to delete your browsing history, cookies, etc. With the browser open click on Tools, Internet Options, then select Delete under Browsing History, on the next page uncheck all the boxes and click on Delete. Give it a minute or two to complete and then reboot the PC.

This will have deleted all your saved passwords so you will have to enter and save any you use.

This address will go directly to the mail page, if you get stuck, and you could also try using the refresh button.


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I am re-posting in the hope someone will be able to help.

Outlook Express 6 has deleted all of my inbox messages. (This has nothing to do with Mcafee). I have found the outlook express folder on my hard drive which contains several files ended.bak or.dbx. I believe my deleted inbox messages are in one of these files. Does anyone know how I can either restore them into outlook express or into some readable/printable format?

Many thanks

A:HELP PLEASE -all inbox messages gone

The inbox messages file would be called inbox.dbx
Try a Search from the Start button for that file
If you need more help after that, post back.
BTW why do you suggest it has nothing to do with macafee ?

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When I log into my outlook express, My Outllook automatically opens my email. To protect myself from virus' and such, How can I change the setting to manually open each email window?

Thank you

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Hi - I just went through some extensive cleaning with another very helpful associate, and while the PC is running well now, after installing SP2, Outlook Express began running very slowly, and today, it would not open any of my saved "inbox" messages. Inbox.dbx existed until I ran defrag, then tried to compact the file - now it's gone. Used to have 2gb of saved "Inbox" email messages, now, it's 137k. Is it possible to recover the Inbox.dbx file? The thread to the work recently finished on the PC is here - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic108377-90.htmlThanks - MikeEdit: Moved topic to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:No Inbox Messages

Hi Mike,Try this from Inside Outlook Express:Messages in Inbox or other mail folders disappear.

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Recently I started having this problem:

I use Yahoo mail. When I go to the Yahoo mail page the inbox shows messages I received several days ago. I have to click on Get Mail 5 or 6 times to get to the current inbox. It's like it is going through cached pages. There must be a setting somewhere for this - but where? In IE or somewhere in Yahoo. I can't find it.

Thanks for any ideas.


A:Old Inbox Messages

Try going into Internet Options and clearing out all your Temporary Internet Files.

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I was having trouble connecting to my mail server so I restarted OE6 several times and all my inbox messages disappeared. Any idea of where they went and how I can get them back.
Thanks for any help you can offer.

A:All inbox messages are gone

You don't say what OS you are on.

From your description it seems you can bring up your OE. If so, can you see the 'local folders' on the left, and are any of the other folders like 'outbox', 'sent items' etc. still there? What may have happened is that you accidentally dragged the inbox on top of one of the other folders and it is now sitting as a subfolder of that one.

Try click on your 'local folders' to see all the folders and their contents.

If you can see the 'Inbox' as a subfolder, browse to it and just click on it and drag it back on top of 'local folders'. That should bring it back on the main list under local folders.

Hope this helps.

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My inbox ( Outlook Express 6.0 ) has suddenly eliminated a lot of the messages; I still have everything up to Aug 25, 2012...everything between that day and what I retrieved a few hours ago is gone.
Last night I allowed OE to compress old messages, but then sucessfully retrieved mail a few times today until this problem. 
I do not seem to have the inbox.bak file; I emptied the Reycle Bin before noticing today's problem....where else could it have gone?
Antivirus is Trend Micro Titanium 2012....could this have corrupted the inbox file while scanning during retrieval?

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I logged on this morning, and the only messages I had in my inbox were those that appeared overnight. I had about 20 in there. Suspiciously there was a message that said Welcome to Outlook Express 6, but I already have the most current version. How can I get my inbox back?

A:My inbox messages have disappeared?

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In Thunderbird when I try to delete message from the inbox I get a message that trash is full and I need to compact it or empty it. I have emptied it, there is nothing there (rebooted just to make sure) and I still get the message.

Anyone know what is going on?


A:Can delete messages from the inbox

I have the very same problem. Using file, empty trash doesn't work, nor does compact folders. I have the trash set to empty when i close Thunderbird. I have thunderbird 2.00.23 Can any Firefox techs help?
I also have a email that keeps duplicating itself. It reads Get 500 business cards free. Congratulations. I assigned it to junk mail. Antivirus says everything ok. but each time I open Thunderbird it loads more, my junk files go directly to trash.

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What is the easiest way to move a large number of email messages in the INBOX of my administrator account to the INBOX of my user account.
Bob S

A:Moving Inbox Messages

Export to a finger drive and then import to mail client of your choice
Import is under the large envelope icon, when you bring up mail
With Windows Live
If not using Live mail what are you using?

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Last night I started getting duplicates on all my email 15+ on each I think.
I stopped the DL and deleted most duplicates. Today I got the msimn (?) message shut down and when I re-opened OE all the messages were gone.
I have searched the whole PC to see if I could find them, but no trace of 'em.

Any suggestions please?

A:All messages in my Inbox disappeared!


I forget your exact setup? OS?....if Hotmail?...or other PoP3? When you say you searched and couldn't find them, do you mean your .DBX files are gone?

You should be able to use FIND and locate them (make sure you allow hidden files to be shown and extentions). DBXtract to get emails out of them in text form:

1) take any emails you want to keep out of inbox/outbox/sent items/deleted items/drafts folders.
2) be sure OE is closed
3) This is the DBX file you need to delete:

Here is where it is located in Windows 98:

Outlook Express will rebuild it. You might be able to go the web page and find copies of your emails. Read them there. Then I would delete them off the web page in case any of those are corrupted.


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All my yahoo messages in my inbox have disappeared- please I need to get them back - very important. All my other folders are there. What to do please help

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I cannot delete the messages in my inbox and also i am receiving the same message multiple times

I am using outlook express 6 ..

please help

A:help! cannot delete messages in my inbox

the lowdown is about halfway down at this link...


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How do I move imported WLM messages from Recovered items, into my current WLM inbox?

A:Moving WLM messages into current inbox

In WLM Click "Windows Live Mail" icon at top left of screen then click Import Messages and in the window that opens navigate to the folder containing the messages!

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Hello :

I made some changes to my profile in Facebook, which then sent confirmatory messages to my gmail account.

I could not find the messages in my Inbox, so checked All Messages and found them there. Moreover, they were indicated by All Messages to be in my Inbox. Went back to Inbox to check again and still didn't find them!

So I 'moved' them from the All Messages to the Inbox, then checked the Inbox again.

The 'move' did not work : they still do not appear in my Inbox!

Could anyone tell me what's going on here!

Thank you,

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I've just discovered I've lost messages from 6 of my 7 Inbox folders. Only one folder has retained its messages. The other folders, Sent & Deleted are also empty; I've not emptied Deleted for some weeks. How can I recover these? ( IE6. XP2.)



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the messages in my live mail inbox disappear. I don't delete them. Is there a setting I need to change to stop it happening?

A:windows 8 inbox messages disappear


Seen people have a similar issue, this post helped them out:

disappearing emails in windows 8 - Microsoft Community
Open Mail App. Press Windows Key + C key.Click on Settings. Click Accounts. Click on your account name.Under Download email from, select Anytime.Wait for few seconds and you should see more mails in your inbox.

See if that helps.


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I followed the advice of a closed thread to delete the Deleted Items.dbx & Deleted Items.bak
I thought when doing this, it would only delete old messages that have been deleted and somehow stored in this folder on the hard drive.

After deleting these files it actually removed messages from my OE email folders. I need some of those emails back. I was not expecting them to be removed out of the folders in the email software...only off of the hard drive folder.

Please advise how to recover those files.

Note: When I follow the path to get back to that folder, the files are still in the folder with the same size as before. Only when I try to import the emails they are not importing back into my email folders.



A:Solved: Inbox messages will not delete

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Help!!! All of the messages in my Inbox are gone. This is extremely critical to my busines. Can anyone help me?

A:Outlook Express 6 - inbox messages gone!

try this, oe open. local folders/rt click/new type "inbox"/ok and see if it comes up and has your missing mail.

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Another OE6 question:
There is a window that shows messages being sent/received, it automatically closes when all messages are sent or received. Mine will say that a message is being received, then will make the "received" noise, but there is no new message in my Inbox - where is it? I turned off my spam filter and it still doesn't work. Also found there are some people I am not getting messages from; they are in my address book and are NOT in the blocked senders list.
What should I do?

A:OE6 Can't find messages received, not in Inbox

Check [thread=577421]this[/thread] thread. Sounds like the same type of problem.

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Well i have like over 5000 messages in my inbox and I want to delete them. Well, the way it looks, if I delete them, and then empty my delete folder, it's gonna take FOREVER to get rid of them. I already tried to select all and then delete and it wouldn't work. It's like it's too much crap to delete at once. I pushed control+alternate+delete and when the box came up it said Outlook Express(not responding) when I tried to delete all at once. Can anyone give me advice on how to delete them a bit quicker vs. deleting them one by one...................which will take forever? Should I try it in Safe mode? Please give me advice. I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

A:Solved: deleting inbox messages

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Good afternoon,

Yesterday I received the dreaded OE message that it needed to compact messages. I usually ignore it, but this time let it go. Well this morning I opened my OE 6 in my Windows XP SP2, and many emailed were missing. I am a novice at repairing issues to say the least, so I attempted to recover the inbox myself. I typed a solution into google and found several sites offering instructions on how to do this. I tried following the instructions of one and found a DBX file (no clue what that is) and it told me to change its name to maybe a BAK file or something like that. I did that and looked where it said and changed another. It then told me to open OE and the messages should be there. They were not. Then I tried another one that also told me to change some files names, but this time I could not because I got a message saying there was already a file named inbox.dbx, to change the name to something else. I then tried one more telling me to go into the recycle bin and try the same there. This was also unsuccessful. I am relatively sure that it is not because these methods failed, but more because I did something wrong. The final thing I tried was a system restore, one of the only things I know how to do. This also failed. I am sure YOU know why, but I have no clue.
I have numerous emails from several people who are no longer with us in this inbox, and would really like to recover them. Hope you can assist me with this. As I said, I am a BIG time ... Read more

A:OE inbox compact messages issue

Do a search for your .DBX files (the database for all your OE emails) and your files your renamed. Once you know where they are, Start Outlook Express and go to File/Import/Import Outlook Express 6/Import Data store files. Browse to the .DBX files and the files you renamed .BAK and import them. See if your Emails return.

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I have a friend with a PC running MS Win XP. She uses Juno for her email. Certain email messages keep reappearing in the Inbox despite having tried to delete them a number of times! Please advise. Thanks ( biggeorge)

A:Deleted messages reappear in Inbox

Check the account settings for the email account and make
sure that leave a copy on server is not selected.

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Hello Everyone,

This is probably a very simple fix but none-the-less i need your help. I've checked my settings on Outlook but everything looks like it's still set as default-let me tell you that I wouldn't even know what the settings originally are because I don't do anything with them-but for some reason my messages are gone. I've checked the "deleted items" folder but nothing is in there. The same thing happened last Friday but I didn't think anything of it. I'm working on Win XP Srvc pk 2, Outlook 2003. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


A:Messages are being deleted form inbox

Did you check your junk mail folder?

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this morning my email inbox is full of delayed messages - about 200+.
My email is on a server protected by GFI - however they arent showing in the GFI software but are going directly into my inbox. example attached of some i deleted.
I have outlook 2013.
I have since run malwarebytes which found a couple of PUPs -  and I also have Glary utlities.
I've also run ADW as recommended on this site which found nothing.
I have windows 7 pro - system details attached

A:An inbox full of delayed messages

bump- did i do something wrong- all these mails seem to originate in china ( I do have chinese contacts through work)

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My boss has Outlook 2002. When she replies to a message, the original gets deleted from her inbox and can only be viewed in her sent messages (along with the reply). This started happening overnight a couple of days ago, and her computer has been restarted several times with no change. I checked to make sure that she didn't inadvertently put some strange rule in, but there isn't one.

Any ideas? Please help soon....she's driving me crazy with this!!!

A:Outlook - messages deleted from inbox

It happens with all messages and not just with meeting requests?

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I'm new on this forum, and I am facing a quite annoying issue.

As soon as I set my account up, I started to get my messages. But of the 45 messages I have on my Yahoo.com's Inbox, I could download only 8 ! :o At the end, I have a timeout connexion, whetever the max timeout is at 60 or at 180 seconds !

Of course, I checked the account settings, and the Yahoo extension's settings. They are correct. So I can't understand where does the problem, it's such a strange problem !

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance for your help

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I have a lot of messages (in and sent) I would like to save to a zip disk for future reference. How can I save them all at one shot ie: highlight, select all and save ??

I would like to do this so I can clear my message box and start fresh.

A:saving inbox messages to disk

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All my messages in OE6 Inbox have vanished. A few days ago I lost messages from March to July, and then it saved all messages for past few days - but about ten days later - all the messages have gone. Using XP. There are now 7 messages in my inbox with a total size of 747KB - but when I right click on my inbox, and trace back to the inbox.dbx file is shows this inbox file as 969MB - so this seems about the size of an large inbox with all my missing messages????? So why are they not visible. No BAK files in my outbox by he way!

A:Solved: Lost all OE6 Inbox messages!

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I have received several messages from different quite bona fide sources which I am unable to delete from my iInbox. Can someone help? Is a setting on my OE incorrectly set?

A:Deleting undeletable messages from OE inbox

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Could someone suggest a way of storing the messages I receive and send from Outlook Express in text data files? I am using OE version 6.

Thanks in advance !


A:Storing Outlook Express Inbox, Sent Messages

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Deleting Outlook InBox messages w/o viewing them?

With the new viruses these days, I would like to be able to delete incoming messages w/o opening them. Is that possible?

A:Deleting Outlook InBox messages w/o viewing them?

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Hope you guys can help with this issue. All of a sudden, incoming messages to the Inbox in Outlook disappear as soon as they are opened and read for the first time. Before you react, let me tell you:

the View is set on Messages, NOT Unread messages only
the Autoarchive is not the problem--no settings have been changed, and messages are not set to expire
Do you have any suggestions for more troubleshooting, or is my only option to delete the account and start over again? Would my messages re-load off the server? Or is this a situation where I need to contact the server--could the problem be on their end? Many thanks.

A:Messages Disappear from Inbox in Outlook 2007

Hi tgrover54

If you change the View to Unread then toggle it back to Messages, do the read messages appear?

Have you checked for any Rules that may be moving messages?

Send yourself a Test message. Give the subject line a unique name. If the message disappears after being opened, run a Search for it and see if it turns up in a location different than the Inbox.
Is this a home setup or a work computer using Exchange?
If the former, then the problem is on your end. Depending on how you have your options setup, you may or may not be leaving a copy of messages on the server.
If the latter, I would believe your messages are stored on your company's server, but it still sounds like it would be on your end.
Also, the Messages option can be changed, normally the Filter is off.
Click the drop down arrow on the View field and scroll down to Define Views... verify the options have the Filter off.
Highlight the View Name: Messages and click the Reset button.

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I installed Outlook on another computer and can't access any of my contacts. I guess Outlook does not save the contacts automatically when I send someone an email. How is the quick search address installed. I think it is when I send and email to someone it remembers their address and then I can just type in the 1st letter or two of their name and will show me the email address. I replaced the PST file with the old PST from another machine. If I put some contacts in my address book shouldn't I just be able to start typing their name in a new message and the email address show up. What is the cheapest/best program for extracting email addresses in outlook from inbox/sent messages. It doesn't seem like the address book is talking to sending someone and email like it does in hotmail,Gmail. Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Beginning this morning I have not been receiving my email messages in my Outlook Inbox. I can hear the audio that the messages are received by Outlook but not delivered to my inbox. I can view the messages in my Puremail Filtered mail link, but they do not show up in my inbox. Any suggestions to change this back to normal? Thanks.

A:Outlook 2003 cant view inbox messages

Recheck the receiving Port # and check it against Puremail's recommended #.

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My wife and I both have an HP Pavilion with XP and Outlook Express. Her e-mail suddenly began receiving every message up to #17 in duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate form, then starting with #18 out of 97 (she doesn't get that many any day), no message gets to be displayed. If she sends me a message, my computer's inbox shows that there are no viruses in it but the message itself doesn't show. (The antivirus is AVG; it analyzes daily.)

A:Outlook Express inbox duplicates all messages

Have her access her mail through your ISP's "webmail" interface, and delete message # 18.

Chances are that message 18 is either corrupt or has a huge file attachment on it, which is causing OE to time out and not send the server a "received" status for messages 1-17, which is what is causing those messages to be received again.

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Outlook 2003 messages vanish from inbox

Hi all

we have outlook 2003 on our pc's, the problem were having is if your in inbox and you go to another folder say the sent folder, and then you go back to inbox, all the mail that was there has gone!! not sure where, does anyone have any idears? is it a setting or an error?

hope you can help


A:Outlook 2002 messages vanish from inbox

Change your inbox view to show all mail; not just unread messages.

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Hello. About a week ago, in my Hotmail account, all my Inbox messages suddenly began to be 'diverted' straight into my Deleted folder, though (thankfully!) they weren't actually deleted.

(I checked my filter options and found that these were normal (low), and that in any case messages were going into my Deleted folder, not into the Junk one used by the filter. As far as I can see, the limited Hotmail options don't give any direct control over this.)

Then, a few days ago, messages began to come again into my Inbox: but they would remain only for a period, before being diverted to my Deleted folder, as before.

Any help sorting this out would be much appreciated!

PS: This malfunction seems to have affected the Outlook Express access to my Hotmail account too: since I've had this problem with my Hotmail Inbox messages, OE hasn't downloaded any messages from my Hotmail Inbox at all, even when I know that messages are there. When the OE Send and Receive button is clicked, OE searches and authenticates etc, but even when I know a message was in my Hotmail Inbox at that moment, nothing appears in my OE Inbox. Then when I go back to Hotmail, I find the message that was in my Inbox has moved to the Deleted folder! (Whilst this problem persists I have configured OE to leave a copy of messages on the server.)

A:Hotmail Inbox messages go to Deleted folder

I am also experiencing the same problem. Any solutions would be much appreciated.

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Deleting Outlook InBox messages w/o viewing them?

With the new viruses these days, I would like to be able to delete incoming messages w/o opening them. Is that possible?

A:Deleting Outlook InBox messages w/o viewing them?

If you mean that you have to highlight a message(Therefore opening the message) in your inbox and then hit delete .
You can set up rules in outlook ,or you can block a sender ,but that still means selecting them after the fact.
Then ofcourse there are diferent types of Spam killing apps.They can screen many different ways before messages are in your client.
Check this post and the program I found It worksfor me and no program overhead.

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I'm asking this for a friend of mine. He's trying to find out if there is a way to send an email to everyone in his inbox (not in his contacts). He has roughly 2600 emails in his inbox and wants to clear it out, but first wants to send an email to all of them saying he's about to delete all of them and if they sent something important to resend it in a couple days. He uses Gmail if that matters. Thanks for the help.


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