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Solved: Laptop turns off when unplug, battery 100%

Q: Solved: Laptop turns off when unplug, battery 100%

I have a gateway m-6851. I bought this battery 2 months ago. This just started happening today. My laptop is running fine, I unplug it to move it. I assumed it went to battery power, but nope. It turned off. This happens 100% of the time. I've tried reseating the battery twice. Windows 7 reads it at 100% with no problems. any ideas?

I don't know that much about hardware, but is there maybe some setting thats messed up. Such as a setting that tells windows to switch to battery, or try to switch to battery, because windows reads the battery just fine.

Preferred Solution: Solved: Laptop turns off when unplug, battery 100%

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Laptop turns off when unplug, battery 100%

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I used to use my new lenovo yoga without the battery but now it goes flickery or black when I unplug the battery so I can only use it when it's plugged in

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Hello. About Christmas time I got a new laptop. It's a Dell Inspiron 15r SE (i15Rse-4267ALU). Basically, whenever I unplug my laptop it turns extremely slow. Not slow as in some programs take a while to load, I mean like I can barely move the mouse across the screen slow. My computer's specs are:

Intel Core i7-3632QM Processor
8 GB of RAM
Windows 8 Operating System
AMD Radeon HD 7730M Grapics Card (switchable)
Intel HD 4000 Graphics Card

Since I have had the laptop, I have always had it on plugged in ... recently I unplugged my laptop to bring it in the other room and I could barely even more the mouse across the screen. Its power plan is on High Performance, I have Google'd my issue before, and I haven't been able to fix it. Anyone have an idea as to why my PC is so ... slow unplugged? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

(Also, sorry if this is in the wrong forum section. I'm new to the forums and I don't know where this post would go other than Windows 8...)

A:When I unplug my Windows 8 laptop, it turns very slow

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Everytime i unplug the battery , after a few seconds the laptop shuts down , Having this problem from months! 

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As the title says.

My battery is 100% charged, when i disconnect the power lead after 30 seconds or so my laptop powers off.

I bought a new battery today charged it to 100% and it does the same thing
Any ideas please

A:Dell Inspiron 7720 Laptop - Battery 100%, turns off when not plugged in, have tried new battery

harrrrrrry.Cable LooseIf you have a cable that is loose, try removing the cable and reconnecting it and make sure it is firmly in place.If the cable is still loose, check for any bent or broken pins or damage to the connector or cable.If there is damage to the cable that is causing it to become loose, the adapter and or cable will have to be replaced.Check the BatteryRight-click the battery icon in the lower right-hand corner, then click Dell Extended Battery Life Options. If this option is not available, proceed to Step 2. Click the Battery Health tab. Make note of the message on the page, when the battery shows as "This battery is performing normally", then the battery is performing as it should.Make sure your bios is updated. You can also run the diags. click the link below.http://dell.to/2k3NUrHTo run a full diagnostic on your computer, go to the Dell PC Diagnostics page, click the Advanced tab and click Run Diagnostic. Uninstalling & installing the Battery DriverIf the above steps don’t resolve and you might need to uninstall the battery driver, and then restart your computer. Follow these steps:Open Device Manager by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Security, and then, under System, clicking Device Manager.‌ If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.Double-click Batteries.Right-click Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Con... Read more

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Hi! This started about a few days, I have a Lenovo z40 70 with original parts (i7, 16GB, 1 Tb hd) and the computer identify there's a battery connected, but does not turn on with battery only and turns off when AC power cable is unplugged. I don't think the battery is dead since was lasting about 2~3 hours latelly. The notebook  seems even to charge the battery as usual.. but there's no condition to let it on without connecting AC...  Even before entering Windows the notebook refuses to use battery energy (immediatelly turns off) to boot on BIOS, for example. I dont know what's causing this. I recently have re-installed windows 10 on it... but the problems exists even before entering Windows... Any solution for that? I'm afraid of buying another battery without knowing if the battery is the problem.

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I've done nothing to my laptop, nothing has happened but my laptop is turning off when i unplug the power cord. It says fully charged 100% but as soon as I unplug the chord, it turns of instantly Please help. Thanx

A:My HP EliteBook 820 G1 Notebook PC turns off when i unplug ...

Arron. Boot your laptop and start tapping F10. "To go into the BIOS." Then go to System Diagnostics. Then Component Test. Then run the battery test. Let us know what you find. REO

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Hello, I have a problem with my T440s. In fact, when I unplug the charger from the PC the screen turns off for a fraction of a second before turning back on. Ditto when I reconnect it. It is no more problem than that but it is the first time that I see it on a laptop.Do you have the solution? Thank you.

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So HP laptops have a tendency of overheating... and when they do, they power off immediately. This is NOT that issue. When I'm working solely on my battery (no AC charger) My laptop will turn off in maybe 45 minutes... I keep an eye on the battery level and it never drops to below 20% when this occurs. The laptop isn't burning hot and no error/warning messages are displayed (and no beeps).... Just poof power off. Ive downloaded the newest HP support assistant and ran the battery test and it said it was fine.I've tried to the manual calibration (since Support assistant isn't giving me the option to calibrate it) where I do the diagnostic logic (F2) and run the Hard Drive test on Battery until the laptop dies... Plugged in the charger and restarted.. what do you know, battery was at 40%... on the battery battery level button is showing half-charge.... So what do I do when the laptop is saying battery is good - not replace... How do I force that calibration? Something is wrong in that the power is dying half-way through the power cycle. Apprecaite any advice!

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can anyone help me?

I have a packard bell easynote f5280hr...

When i try to run it from battery it pretty much switches off straight away! i have been on the packard bell site and it says that its a problem with the bios. So i updated the bios using the link from this page http://www.elf.co.uk/Tech Support1.htm but it hasnt made any difference!

anyone got any ideas to why this is? the battery is fully charged...

A:laptop turns off when runnning on battery..

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1. Laptop turns off without any warning, when the battery is low. There is no "low battery" indicator or anything of that sort. The laptop just turns off. This has been happening for over one and a half months now.2. The battery also lasts lesser time than what the battery indicator indicates (MUCH lesser). It has been a little over 2 years now since I purchased this laptop. Ofcourse it depends on my usage. But the battery indicator should suggest reasonably sensible "lasting" time right? 

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My laptop keeps turning itself of when it is on battery. It lasts about 20 minutes, but is getting shorter everytime.

The battery is not running out- when I turn it back on it has 50% charge normally.

It turns off as if it has no power- no warning, and when I turn it back on it reloads and everything is new, with documents and Internet sessions needing restoring.

How can I fix this? I don't think it is the battery, as it has charge when I turn it back on, and it only has 20% wear.


A:Laptop Randomly Turns Off When In Battery

Welcome to TSG!!

If it's truly random, it won't be the Power Management settings. Some laptops have a utility that enables you to "calibrate" your battery. It will fully charge, then fully discharge the battery, perhaps more than one cycle, to allow the laptop to "learn" the battery's capabilities and characteristics. Check and see if you can find such an app. Different manufacturers will give it different names. Also, check their Web site to see if it is a separate download.

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Whenever I unplug my computer from its charging cord it automatically turns off. I was having this problem before, but replaced the battery with a brand new one. It was working fine and I broke in the battery by charging and discharging it fully for the first 3 cycles and the laptop was working well without power for the past week since I got it, other than taking a minute or so to respond to me pushing the power on button before working when it was not connected to the cord. Now this morning it switches off whenever I unplug it even though the battery says it is at 100% charge and still charging. But, the light on the side of my power port is on red/orange when I have it plugged in, but only when it's lid is closed and it is fully booted up. I checked on other forum answers and tried changing to different power saving plans and even switching all options to 'never' but nothing has worked.I also looked at the pins underneath my laptop where my battery should go to see if they are damaged. Two of them are on a different angle to the rest but I think this is how the laptop was built anyway? I dont want to move them incase it just makes the situation worse.What should I try next? I would like this fixed ASAP as I need this laptop for school and often don't have access to a power plug in class. Thankyou.

A:Laptop turns off when unplugged (new battery)

Hello @daniellelouder, Welcome to the HP Forums! I have read your post and understand that the battery in your HP Envy 15-j121tx is not powering the notebook. I am happy to help you resolve this issue. First, please perform a hard reset. Once that is complete, please follow the steps in these documents: 1. HP Notebook PCs - Battery Does Not Power Notebook or Hold a Charge2. HP Notebook PCs - Improving Battery Performance (Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista) Please check for hardware updates as well. HP Notebook PCs - Testing for Hardware Failures (Windows 10, 8) If the document did not help you resolve the issue, try HP Notebook PCs - Restoring the BIOS and then check for Windows update.  Thank you, I look forward to your response with the outcome. If this post has helped you, feel free to click the thumbs up!

Please click ?Accept as Solution ? if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.Click the ?Kudos, Thumbs Up" on the bottom to say ?Thanks? for helping.I work on behalf of HP

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i have MOBII laptop (NVIDIA product, point-of-view)... its intel atom inside, it was initially with Vista OS, i installed later on WIN-7 (it performed better) but now, after 4monthes, the LAPTOP TURNS OFF at 50% battey life !!! ...
my question is , Bettary's life is over ??? or may it be software related ??? !!

A:laptop turns off at 50% battery life !!! :s

Hello shafichariri.

Have a look at the thread at the link below for some battery info.

Stupid Stupid Laptop Battery

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My sony vaio laptop turns-off automatically when runs on battery. If it is on main power, no issue. Please suggest me whether its happening due to bad battery.

A:Laptop turns-off after 3 min when runs on battery

I suggest it's due to a bad battery.

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So first of all, I have a Dell Inspiron 600m with Windows XP Home SP3.

Some background info that may or may not be relevant: I just had this OS installed though the computer is several years old (I had an ingenuine XP Pro before I cleared my C drive and installed a genuine XP Home). The XP installed was SP1 and then I did all the WUDs up to now I where I have SP3. Also, during that period, I had done a repair install because of some error I was getting following installation of a WUD. I don't know if any of that will be relevant at all, but just thought I should mention it.

I get this BSOD any time I unplug my laptop. It says, "A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

...yada yada yada...
"*** STOP: ....bunch of crap...

*** gv3.sys - Address F8A16A89 base at F8A16000, Datestamp 3dd991eb

Beginning dump of physical memory"

I don't think it's a battery problem because I can use the computer after it reboots with the cord still unplugged. So I guess it's not that bad, but it's like I just can't unplug the computer while it's on. I know I used to be able to though.

What do I need to do to keep this from happening?

A:Solved: I get a BSOD when I unplug my laptop...

This sounds like the problem. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/888399

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My battery will not charge.  The laptop will only turn on if it is plugged in with the charger.  Does this mean that I need a new battery?  

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Dv7-3165dx Laptop turns off unexpectedly when battery is low. Even at 17%. This is getting really annoying I keep losing work! Before it used to give me a warning and then hibernate. Now there is no warning and it turns off without saving anything. Help!The laptop is only one year old.I already ran the battery diagonsitic and it said the battery was good.

View Solution.

A:Dv7-3165dx Laptop turns off unexpectedly when battery is low

Ok I think I finally figured it out by changing the power options and I think the way you told me to reset the battery also helped. here are the settings: reserve battery level (this is when the popup will come up.)10% low battery level (this is when the low battery action will be performed.)8% critical battery level (my comp would die at this point.)7%  low battery action: sleep, sleep (customize this to your liking.) low battery notification: on,on (keep this on.) critical battery action: sleep, sleep (my comp would die already at critical.)  

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Hi, i want to know, if there is a way i can turn on my HP Envy touchsmart 15 when the AC adapter is plugged in? I cannot find Power on AC option in the BIOS.I really need it so i can use teamviewer to access the Laptop when i am away. I can turn the adapter on using the Xiaomi smartplug.

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Im having an issue charging my laptop battery, i have tried a the fix where you uninstall the drivers from the device manager and  shut down the computer and boot back up but it wont do anything The computer will turn on with the AC adapter connected and the battery out.Computer will turn on with the Battery in and the AC adapter disconnected.Computer will turn on with the battery in. If the computer is turned off with the battery in and i plug in the AC adapter nothing happens it would not charge it.If the computer is off without the battery and I plug in the AC adapter the power light with the little lightning bolt will flash once and it would allow me to turn on the computer. So i dont know exactly whats going on. I tried to turn on the computer with the AC adapter only and windows shows it recognizes its connected, but if i plug in the battery it would automatically change from saying that is connected to disconnected and stars running with the battery juice only even when the AC is still connected. Some how i feel like the battery overrides the AC adapter and i dont know what to do... Please help    

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so when i play an online game on my pc when i unplug the battery i have more fps...is that true?:s

A:unplug battery-more fps?o.O

There is a power saver mode when using battery mode but fps but can't see how you would get better frame rates online as that is down to you Internet feed.

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So on my laptop the battery says 86% all the time it does not indicate that its charging nor does it die or charge more. I even got a new battery, it ran on it until it died it never charged it. Laptop is Sony Vaio VPCF1

A:Battery says 86% but when i unplug the charger it shuts off

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Hi, my T440s won't start until i unplug/plug-in the batteries. If i push the power button there is zero reaction (no led, nothing). Then i unplug internal and external battery, plug them back in - and it works very normal. It lasts for a few switch-on/off, then the same problem again and i have to unplug/plug-in the batteries. The longer i leave the T440s switched off the more likely it is that the error occurs again. The batteries seem to be ok, i tested them both. Also if i only have one battery plugged-in - the same error. Anyone an idea what the problem might be? Thanks  

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Hello everone, I have a problem with my lenovo yoga 900, which is when I plug the charger after some moment it will (unplug) then instantly plug again, this process keeps going until my battery is getting fully charged from to time to time (maybe 20 unplug > plug while single fully charging cycle). I asked a repairer and suggsted to me to change the battery cord but it didnt solve the problem. also the USB charger port works properly for reding USB flashes with no plug > unplug. I wonder where is the problem, is it in the power supply soI should buy a completely new one (power supply with cord) or it is in battery? because both costs too much to test, Is there somebody tell me how can I fixthis problem? thanks...

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So I had no such problems until today. It happened instantly. Even though my batter is full, whenever I unplug my charger the laptop shuts down instantly. And when I turn it back on, the orange battery light on the right side flashes quickly. Someone had told me that the battery was dead or I had to replace it but it worked just fine until today. I have been using this laptop for almost 4 years now. Thanks for the suggestions and help.

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hello, Ive had the yoga 900s for over a year, and in the last few weeks, suddenly my battery is acting out. I can charge to 100% and it works fine until around 20% when it suddenly shuts off with no warning. I concect the charger, and turn it on - the battery gauge always states 0%.  why did this start happening - is ther something I can do, or do I need to get it to a lenovo center? thanks,Nir

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Hey there,
I've been using my upgraded Inpiron 17R SE happily for a couple of years by now. I've even gone as far as buying an 128GB SSD to futureproof it. This is the only drive - besides the DVD drive - currently present in the laptop. However I've had an issue for quite a while:
Whenever I try to boot the Laptop only using the Battery (even fully charged) it Posts then loads Windows and turns of just before the Login-Screen (I can't see it). When I proceed to turn it back on, it Posts then beeps and says that there is a Real Time Clock Error and gives me the option to proceed booting or to enter Setup.
This however doesn't occur when using the Power-Brick. Moreover it isn't always the case. Sometimes the Laptop boots and works fine just using the battery, but then upon opening a Programm (while under battery-power) it shuts of and gives the same error message again. If it decides to work the battery still lasts for 2-2.5 hours.
I'm really confused to what the problem is. It could be a power delivery problem, but it's still the original battery and laptop with only the HDD changed to a SSD.
I'm aware of it being a rather old machine, but selling it is my only hope for getting a new laptop for college, but I can't sell it in this state. 
I'm at a lost and really really sad because of this issue. I'm sorry for any typos or grammar mistakes, I'm a non native english speaker.

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Hi, There seems to be a problem with the power management on my T570. I have two batteries, and I think the main one to be used is the battery 2. Sometimes, I'll be working unplugged, and my computer randomly turns off. Not the usual "Windows turning off" sequence, but an immediate blackout with no feedback. When I turn the computer back on, I see that Battery 2 is at 0% and Battery 1 is now in use. It does seem to be a problem in the power management, no? Thank you,Fred

A:My computer turns off immediately when Battery 2 reaches 0%, even if Battery 1 is 100%

Sounds like power management or battery reporting status wrong.  Are you still under warranty? If yes, call support first.  Can you get (borrow) another battery to try?

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I have a toshiba L505D-S5965 I replaced the DC jack now computer will only come on for 15 sec then there a click ( not a beep) and then come back on right away then about 15 sec make the click sound sounds like it is coming from the hard drive area. I took off the top turned on computer and listen sounds like from the hard drive area. after the third time doing this it turns off for good. There a orange light in front.
I only took off the keyboard and the top of computer put the new DC jack. This DC jack you just plug into the MB. Any help out there.

A:Solved: laptop turns off after 15 sec then on again

Battery problem, perhaps? Take out the battery, try using the computer, see if it turns off again. If it doesn't, then the battery pack may be suspect.

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Running original XP install disk. This is on a P3 800, 512 meg ram, with a 30 gb hdd. The PC originally came with windows 98 but was recieved with no OS. I put in the 30 gb HDD after the fact as the original did not come with the PC.

Here is where it gets interesting... When I turn the laptop on it will boot to CD or to Floppy just fine. I can boot into dos on a windows 98 boot disk and can do anything I want to on the system. I even once left the Pc up overnight at a DOS prompt with no problems...

I put the CD-Rom into the drive bay and I boot it up it loads windows startup gets past the EULA. Works on formatting then when that finishes upon copying the files to the HDD the power turns OFF!

Okay so I figure its a bad HDD I swap it out with a known good 6 gig I had laying around... same situation as before works fine in dos mode for hours upon doing Windows XP install powers off.

Okay must be a hardware problem? Well I run memtest, PC-Check (which a friend supplied), and even do a swapout of individual parts with my T21 (same 800 mhz laptop configuration).

T21 works fine with all these different parts swapped into it... the other laptop still powers off each time upon trying to install windows...

The only thing i have not tried is this is a Windows XP sp2 CD should I try it with a standard base windows xp install? I fail to see how this would be the power off reason though?

A:Solved: XP setup turns off Laptop?

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i have an odd problem, for some unknow reason, everytime i move my screen my laptop shuts down.
Anyone heard of this problem before ?

Thank you.

Laptopackard bell EasyNote F5

A:Solved: Screen turns off laptop

i worked out the problem. For some reason the cable that connects from the screen to the motherboard was pushing down on the motherboard and stopping the button from being pressed. This was turning the laptop off.

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From yesterday the moment i remove my battery cord, laptop shuts down. This is all of a sudden and i did most of the troubleshooting with battery power managment. Right now i have no idea how to proceed forward. I have windows 10 running on HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-f208(64 bit). I would be glad to provide more information, but right now i don't know what information is needed. 

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 Hi,             Try the steps as listed below :-  Please perform below shown steps to resolve the issue:Step 01. Click on the Start ButtonStep 02. Type "Device Manager" in the start search box & open the Device ManagerStep 03. Look for Batteries and expand it by click on the + symbol on the leftStep 04. Right Click on "Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery" & uninstallStep 05. Please Shutdown the NotebookStep 06. Please remove the Battery and unplug the Power AdapterStep 07. Press and Hold the Power Button for full 1 MinuteStep 08. Go ahead and put back the Battery and connect the Power AdapterStep 09. Look for "Plugged In Charging" message on the Battery icon After performing all the steps if you are facing the same issue still, please perform three more steps: 1. Run a Battery Check in HP Support Assistant[Install the Software if it's not available]Note: Replace the Battery If Health Check Status shows Replace 2. Update the latest BIOS for your Notebook from HP Support Site 3. Please check your Notebook with a known good Power Adapter & Battery from a different Notebook Note: If a known good battery is also not charging we need to replace the system board How to improve the life of a Battery:1. It is not advisable to use the Notebook when the Power Adapter is connected2. It is not advisable to keep the Power Adapter plugged in even after the Battery is ... Read more

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I have a Vaio Cr 220 laptop running vista, and it has the annoying habit of not producing any sound sometimes when I dis/reconnect the power cord. Also, for some reason the startup sounds always work, but sometimes they cut out about 30 seconds in. The device manager says everything is working, and my sound drivers are up to date. It generally fixes itself with a restart, but that gets really tedious to do everytime I move my laptop. I disconnect my laptop fairly often and it gets really annoying to watch youtube videos etc w/o sound. Someone said this is a common problem, any known fixes?

A:Sound cuts out when I unplug my laptop

Set your Power Management to 'Performance' (if it isn't now) and try it that way.

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My computer won't come on and I have tried, numerous times, to do the unplug, remove battery restart and still nothing.  It tried to come on but won't power up.  Any ideas?

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Hello,I am really upset ! I can't find any clue about my problem :I cannot shutdown and power off my OMNIBOOK 6000 ! from soft Windows XP shutdown command or even hard switch action, the notabook stops quite correctly, and power off, and start again after 1 second or even less.... What is possible to do for this !!Need to say also : I installed Windows XP, all was working very very fine ! Only problem was this sleeping mode that isn’t coming back correctly about screen (staying black at wake up) . But about shutdown, all was working.. for now, only way to switch on is to put AC/ plug inside, and it starts directly… and switch off by removing it at the best moment possible when hearing the fans stopping… (before it starts again)this problem appeared without any reason (no installation, no special actions…)I formatted and reinstalled ALL, and is the same problem staying anyway LDo anyone think it can be from the harware itself ? (power switch) ??So many people seems to have. Did Hewlett Packard not do anything for this ?? I'll pay anyone having the answer for me !!!my email : dragonfly_helicosXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.com(Moderator edit: E-mail address removed to foil spambot harvesting. jgweed)

A:Laptop Not Shutting Off Or On.. Only With Plug / Unplug Is It Pnp ?

If you have reinstalle dWindows and the same problem persits then that eliminates Windows. I would suggest getting your computer checked out by a qualified tech that can go thru the computer on the spot.

From first hand experience I would try on thing and this only applies to desktop type computers not to laptops.

Take the side off when there is no power turned on and make syre all of the connections are tight. Ohter than this take it in to the repair shop.

Have a good one.

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For the past few weeks, my Samsung laptop has been showing the 'You may need to replace battery' on my Windows 7 OS computer.

Today, I plugged in my computer to the power socket and turned on the computer. For a while, the power indicator was lit in red color without any other kind of response.

After a while, this turned green, and the computer turned on while pressing the power switch. On bootup, the computer asked me to either 'launch startup repair' or 'start windows normally'. Even before I could respond, the computer turned off..Pressing the power switch does nothing..but every now and then, the computer turns on by itself and turns off before the intro 'Samsung' name is displayed. This has been continuing for a while.

Is there anything I can do to fix this issue?

Thanks a lot.


OS : Windows 7
Model : Samsung R428 (the specs I could gather from the internet are :

Intel Core i3 350M Dual Core Processor (3MB Cache, 2.26GHz Speed)
6 Cell LI-Ion Battery

A:Solved: Laptop Turns On & Off When Plugged Into Socket

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my Lenovo Y400 is facing a problem. The battery is charging, but when unplug the power cord, the laptop lose all power and off. i thought battery problem but after replaced, it is still the same.Seems like the laptop just won't draw power from battery. i suspect i overheated parts of my laptop, since the left speaker which is near the heat exhaust not sounding well.The power plug point is also at the top left side, i wonder will it have anything to do with not getting power from battery?or are there other possible cause?

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As suggested in title.  Laptop is less than week old, and it did successfully work Thursday Night.  Since then, powering up does not work without A/C Power. P71 Thinkpad.  

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Everytime I install windows 98 on my laptop, everything looks ok. I can
reboot, etc, no problems. However, once I unplug the laptop from the ac
adaptor, (my battery does have a short life span of 1 hour), next time I plug
it back in, hard drive is wiped out, no partition or anything. I am wondering
if this is simply a malfunction harddrive, or a more serious problem.

A:Every time I unplug my laptop, harddrive is wiped out

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It doesn't do it every time, but it's becoming a pain in the neck.

It doesn't blue screen and there's nothing in the event viewer.

My specs are attached.

I'm of a mind to think this is just hardware based, but any help would be appreciated!


A:Laptop crashes and restarts whenever I unplug charger.

Hi -

DirectX Kernel Diagnostics shows OS = Windows XP Pro SP3.

Is it the original battery?
" " A/C adapter?

One or both may be failing/ failed.

What happens if no battery is installed?

Regards. . .



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My brother in law has a weird situation.
He has a Linksys wireless router installed.
He only uses the router for use with lap top for the wireless convenience around the house.
The desktop PC is Ethernet wired;.

When both laptop and PC are shut off, and then he, in another room turns on the laptop, the Desktop PC start up all by itself.

Has anyone heard of this?

Is there a setting on either of these PC or router that need adjustment?

I will sincerely appreciate assistance with this ghostly matter.

A:Solved: Desktop PC turns on when wireless Laptop is turned on!

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It is my understanding that when unplugging this laptop, u should unplug from the wall before the laptop. If the pc is off, does it matter which order to unplug?? I would like to leave the wall plug connected and undo the laptop end as it is in an easier to reach place. Any thoughts? Thanks.

A:Compaq CQ62 laptop plug/unplug query

You should be fine just unplugging at the laptop. Think about what happens when you use a docking station. You simply remove the laptop from the dock. The power remains on to the dock. There's no reason you can't simply unplug from the laptop and leave the power brick plugged in, other than wasting a bit of electricity ...

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Hi folks,

I have my internet dongle plugged into my laptop(ASUS) and everything is fine lan 4 is showing on the adaptors.
Here is my problem when I unplug the dongle lan 4 disappears and my connection is lost.
the WIFI light is off, when I press the Fn + F2( which is my WIFI) nothing happens the light doesn't go on.
I`ve tried using the Fn key to turn sound up/down that's fine.
Any help is greatful

Thanks in advance.


A:My laptop loses connection to wifi if i unplug dongle.

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I get a bit jittery when I'm unplugging cable connectors (these images are just examples, I'm thinking of all types of connectors). What's the best way to safely unplug them?, pull from the cables or from the plastic case. What's your experience?. This pics are just a few examples of connectors. I'm posting this thread about any type of connectors. Thank you.


A:What's the best way to unplug laptop cable internal connectors on motherboard etc?

Many simply pull apart. Watch out for the ones with locking tabs though. I don't think you have anything to worry about as long as you take your time.

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I have an older Compaq laptop that usually works fine, but now when I press the power button it just lights up a few of the lights, makes an odd beeping noise and immediately turns off. Nothing appears on the display and it never goes farther than that. I?ve tried a "hard reset" and reseating the ram modules, but neither worked and I have no idea where to go from here.

A:laptop turns on for 1-2 seconds then turns off

Welcome nabbed_clones.

Could you mention the make and model of your laptop please and explain what the odd beeping noise is (e.g., is it a quick one beep noise, or long beep noise, or many different beeps?) Any other sounds?

(Have you tried turning on the laptop with the mains power plugged in and the battery out?).

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