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Replaced Failed Motherboard.. now how do I determine model number and which BIOS to download?

Q: Replaced Failed Motherboard.. now how do I determine model number and which BIOS to download?

Had an AMD HP G62-227CL laptop that overheated and required motherboard replacement with similar Intel motherboard. Old board clocked at 2.2 MHZ .. new one is 2.0 MHZ.
Board I got from Ebay works but now computer believes that it is a Compaq CQ42 Laptop. Do not know the model number, which I would need on HPs site to download BIOs upgrades.

Is there a way to tell which bios I need or what model I now have?

Thank you,


Preferred Solution: Replaced Failed Motherboard.. now how do I determine model number and which BIOS to download?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Replaced Failed Motherboard.. now how do I determine model number and which BIOS to download?

Finding a bios update rather then the one hp would give for this board. Would be next to none.
You could check a few of the support pages for this model. Which their are a lot Of
Maybe find out the motherboard you have bought.

HP Support, Drivers, Contact and Help Forums | HP Support

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I swapped the motherboard in my g700, now bios shows invalid serial number and model type.Is the serial number embedded on the board and is there a way to retreive it? thanks

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so i'm sorry ahead of time.
a couple of questions. how can i find what model thinkcenter i have. i'm pretty sure it's a M-series, possibly m92p. i don't want the sn, i want the MODEL.
but mainly my question is. which of my usb ports are 3.0
tried looking for a user manual pdf, couldn't. i found one for my ultra small but not this sff
i have two in the front, 1 and 2,  and four in the back. those ports are stacked  two above two with the Ethernet port next to the bottom two. the rear ports are not numbered
the other computer is an m93 with usb ports numbered 3,4,5,6,7,and 8
thx for putting up with the inconvenience
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A:ThinkCentre M92p? How to determine model number; and which USB ports are 3.0?

@miltk2 wrote:
a couple of questions. how can i find what model thinkcenter i have. i'm pretty sure it's a Mseries, possibly m92p. i don't want the sn, i want the MODEL.
but mainly my question is. which of my usb ports are 3.0

Run a 'sys info' and break into BIOS setup, the model number should be there on both main pages. 
USB 3.0 ports (back then), have a blue 'tongue' inside the port, 2.0 have black. 

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I've read a few posts so far about how to fix it and what program to use. Well, I've tried the DMIEdit, but it's incompatible. I don't have the money to take it anywhere so I'm not sure what to do. I'm running a H50-55.

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My Lenovo T61 Thinkpad won't power up and I've been told that the motherboard is dead. I'd like to get a new mobo before dis-assembling the unit. Am I able to determine the actual mobo number via the computer number? It's a Lenovo T61 7658-CTO serial number L3-F00780H12. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Can I determine the motherboard number before dis-assembling the dead computer?

You could download the free Everest diagnostic.

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M82 ThinkCentre - Type 3302.  Model number:  3302F2UThis machine was originally purchased with the Windows 7 Pro operating system.  I took advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade when it was available over a year ago. A few days ago I had to replace the motherboard.  The computer is running fine.  However, when it first boots there are 2 short beeps with an EEOC error.  This error referenced the BIOS containing invalid Model Number and Serial Number.  When I access the BIOS the following entries are seen:1) Machine Type and Model                            INVALID2) System Brand ID                                           Lenovo Product3) System Serial Number                                 INVALID4) Asset Tag5) System UUID                                  &... Read more

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OK, This is a painful story but here goes. Bought an HP Pavilion 735N used for my son to use for school. Needed a power supply but not much $$. Loaded CD's for the unit and everything was working great UNTIL the apartment he lives in had a lightning hit. Power supply was warranty replacement and still no go, so I bought a new Motherboard. ASUS A7N8X-LA model. Installed the board and the computer runs again but the back-up CD's get a message that they are not for this computer. I suspect it is something in the motherboard that is not set correctly to recognize it as an HP Pavilion 735N but have tried all I can think of in updating BIOS, downloading from HP site, etc. all to no avail. I have since loaded a version of XP Professional but have no driver for the Realtek 8201BL LAN or the Photo Card reader. Any advice on how to set the motherboard so that it is recognized as an HP Pavilion 735N which would allow me to reload the original system or where I can locate a PHY Driver for the Realtek 8201BL? This is driving me crazy that I can't get it to recognize the board which is the exact same model number as what I removed from the computer. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Replaced Motherboard Now Computer Model not Recognized

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I just replaced the mainboard on my Yoga 900-13ISK2 and now BIOS shows no serial number or product.  I've seen other posts where they say you can use a bootable BIOS update utility to add those values back in but 1) I only find the windows executable version in the support.lenovo.com site and 2) I already have the lates BIOS version and even the Windows executable version will not continue when you already have the latest version.   Any ideas on how to fix this?  I was hoping the new mainboard would make my Yoga like new, so this is annoying. Thanks! Mike

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While upgrading memeory I busted the ZIF connector for the power button, now having issues getting the laptop to turn on and stay on.  Looking for a motherboard model and part number. Board itself is marked as ZS051 LA-A996P, Rev 4.0.  When searhcing this board produces a list of part numbers, any way to make sure this is what I want before I buy?

A:I need help determining my motherboard model number

Hi @BICOSTEEL,Thanks for becoming a member of the HP Support Forums. I understand you have questions about part numbers. I will be glad to help you. When I go to HP Parts store, it shows the motherboard as MOTHERBOARD UMA A4-6210 W8STD  part number 764264-501. Please keep me informed of how things went. If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks.

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What do the letters mean after Asus motherboads?




I think M = Micro ATX

Are there any others I need to be aware of?

A:Letters after Motherboard Model Number

Just part of the model number as far as I know. Sometimes used as an indication of a specific feature of the chipset.

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Is there a way to find out the BIOS version for my processor BEFORE purchasing it? I don't want to get myself into a mess...
Anyway, after I find a processor that looks good (and before I purchase it), I look at all of the specs for the motherboard I like to see if it will match up all right. I need to be sure the motherboard I choose will support my processor choice.

Usually the motherboard specs say that it supports processor X with BIOS version xxxx or greater. How do I determine if the processor I am about to buy will have BIOS version xxxx or greater? Maybe I am not familiar enough with the specs descriptions, but I never see any reference to the BIOS version on any board I am looking up.
Here is one example of what I am considering:

Intel BOXDP965LTCK LGA 775 Intel P965 Express ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail

Intel Dual-Core E2140 Allendale 1.6GHz 1MB L2 Cache LGA 775 Processor - Retail

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

A:How do I determine BIOS Version on a motherboard?

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I have a Gateway M275 tablet pc, running xp tablet pc. 3 weeks ago i shorted out the motherboard (picked up the laptop when it was connected to a dock, dock was loose, saw a flash, heard a pop, no more puter.)

I got a used mb off ebay, swapped the hardware. Computer boots (typing on it now) and shows a 1.7ghz machine (previously 1.5ghz.)

I have a Dlink wired router (DI-604) and my data transfer rate is 1.8kbps. The desktop on the same router is 870kpbs. BIG difference.

I have a fresh install of XP Tablet on the replacement harddrive from my Gateway install CD. When I go to microsoft update, it takes forever to scan my computer for updates. When it finally gives me the option to download xp service pack 2, a popup window appears like the download is commencing. The progress bar never moves, and after about 15 minutes, I get error 0x80072EE2. I have searched for this error code and followed as many of the links as I can.

Completely stumped.

A:replaced Motherboard, now can't download XP updates

Here are some solutions http://www.updatexp.com/0x80072ee2.html
or download SP2 stand alone version (not through WindowsUp Date)

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I was about to give up on my Thinkpad Twist (S230U) after a series of 2100 detection error on HDD0 events.  In a last ditch effort to save it, I opened it up to clean contacts around the hard drive connector and reseated the hard drive connector on the main board.  That all worked better than expected, and the laptop is working now except that it lost its UUID, and model number in the BIOS.  None of the Lenovo auto update utilities work any longer, and I get an annoying set of beeps at start up about inalid model number errors. Is there any way for an end user to reset the model number and UUID information?  The WinFlash tool appears to have an option for setting the model number, but it doesn't work. I would like to be able to consider Lenovo in in the category of 'end-user maintainable' the next time I update my laptop, but given the number of people with the same issue as mine (thinkpad bios forgot UUID/model settings) who seem to have no other option than to have a service center fix it, peraps that is not the case. I'd appreciate any suggestions, but I'm going to live with the problem if my only option is a paid Lenovo service repair... thanks in advance!

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I have Lenovo M57 6075 BQU tower , I want update the bios ! What is the newest bios vertion ??
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A:ThinkCentre: Update model and serial number in BIOS


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The HP Pavilion mini that I bought here in Dubai states that the Model is a "300-0xx", which is not recognised in the HP website when all models are shown in the drop-down list. I need to know the proper model number so as to download the correct BIOS update. This is in an attempt to resolve the problem I have with the 'File Explorer' hanging and not allowing me to access my external hard drive. The 'board' selection above is very limited. No mini desktop?

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hp mini 1000 model number :1030NR . It has a bios password on it and the fatal CNU90569JZ i bought this from a friend that cannot remember the PW. Could someone PLEASE HELP???!!!


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A:hp mini 1000 model number :1030NR . It has a bios password o...

Please try this Password :  e9lo1qgow0 3rd Character is Lower case "L" as in LIMA4th and 8th Character is Lower case "O"  as in OSCAR and not ZeroLast one is a "ZERO"  Steps to be followed:Use the unlock code posted above to enter the BIOSDisable all passwords that are enabledIf asked for current password - type the unlock codeFor new password, just press ENTER keyRepeat the same for verify password column.Then leave the BIOS by saving & exit option to save the changes.  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again !!  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee 

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I just figured out after a few days of trying to use the auto update utility, that the reason its failing to function properly (or at all) is because in my bios there is no Model or Serial number. They just say INVALID. I've seen similar things online but none of the tools available mention anything other than Thinkpads and Thinkcentre. I figure this would be a really easy issue to fix if I could just get the right tool. Any help would be appreciated.  And I tried calling in and they are so confused about what I meant, so I dont think thats going to be an option. Guy was telling me I needed to uninstall and reinstall the lenovo driver auto update utility.... That was the first thing I did 5 days ago when this whole thing started. I need level 4 tech support now lol.

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I think I made a mistake.
I replaced the motherboard on a HP Pavillion desktop. The motherboard is made by ASUS. I updated the BIOS (downloaded from HP); then I got the "purple code" ; so I proceeded to reinstall the original os that came with this computer; the message was some thing like "Can not install windows with these discs...etc."
The ASUS website is not helpful at all. I called the ASUS people, explain the problem and the only answer I got was "you should call hp or take it to a hp repair center.."
I would greatly appreciate any advise or suggestions on this frustrating issue. Thanks, Luis

A:Motherboard replaced, BIOS updated, still won't work

What is this Asus motherboard you got? Did it come from HP or did you buy it from regular retail or online sources?

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I want to download a Users Guide and check for newer drivers for this laptop, but the model number area is worn off on the bottom. I can see the Service Tag number, but there doesn't seem to be anyway to use it to find my model number.

A:Model Number Worn Off, How Do I Find Model Number

Hi, Shut down the notebook.  Tap away at the esc key as soon as you start the notebook to enter the Start-up Menu, then select f10 to enter the Bios Menu. The first tab should list both the Model No. and Product No. - enter either on the link below. http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/ Regards, DP-K

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I prefer to keep my machine off until ya give it the okay due changes to I can take photos of the bios technically uefi which it was before just not 4005. I got hit by rootki malware among others and lost control but it updated my bios to something since I am not admin(was removed). I can tell you some that has changed including major difference in overclocking and power it might have installes a dual operating system Linux as well. . I'd like to dump these potential threats. get back to factory or best working range on the hardware than more to other horrible mess that is my hard drive.

Everyone computer in my network is also not detecting normal Internet so please bear with me on mobile.

Asus P9deluxeX79
Cpu 3930k watercooled
Modified corrected my first statement

A:Motherboard drivers replaced with something greater custom or new bios? Crapwar

After a bit of research I found that I indeed am under underattack from at least a rootkit scvhost. I didn't understand what was happening but I had given the firewall blocks however it turned out I was being hijacked. I don't want to do any more damage most of the programs running I didn't even have on my computer before this. It must have access to my Asus suite which gives you the ability to change the settings of the motherboard. When I am on Windows it's installing driver hard ware(maybe from the changed bios settings) It changed all my drives to hotplugs and I am still not comfortable with the version numbers of the bios . If I gave it enough permission with the firewall changes and being able to change bios should I be worried about the amount of time I am in the system or just do safe mode?

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I have a gigabyte motherboard model GA-7VM400M F4 I need a new Bios. Techspot has it on there website but I can't download it. im unable to find anywhere else can anyone help please?

A:Gigabyte motherboard model GA-7VM400M F4 I need a new Bios.

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

You should be able to find a bios update HERE.

Unless you have a specific reason for updating your bios, I don`t recommend it.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 15 Model 6 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3199 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6450, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 133168 MB, Free - 78555 MB; F: Total - 204798 MB, Free - 26432 MB; G: Total - 204798 MB, Free - 32779 MB; J: Total - 217529 MB, Free - 75059 MB; K: Total - 326736 MB, Free - 9357 MB;
Motherboard: MSI, MS-7267, 4.0, To be filled by O.E.M.
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

Bought my PC around 6 yrs back, and with time I upgraded it accordingly(RAM from 512 mb to 4 Gb, HDD from 160 Gb to 1 TB, 1GB gfx Card and few more).Now I feel the need to update the BIOS to adjust my MB accordingly with the new hardware.The model number printed on my MB is 945GCM5 V2, MSI 7267 V4.2.
When I googled it I found this: http://www.msi.com/service/search/?kw=945gcm5 v2&type=product
and this : http://www.msi.com/product/mb/945GCM5.html#/?div=Overview
But ist one got me confused, and didnt know which model is mine and 2nd one is not v2.

I would really appreciate if someone points me in right direction.

A:Solved: Need to detect Motherboard Model for BIOS update !

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I have recently restored an HP DV7 3063cl laptop that died from an overheated motherboard (MB). I replaced the MB with a new board from HP when the price was reduced to about $100, upgraded the CPU with an advertised as new AMD 640M, and applied Arctic Silver on both the CPU and Graphics chips. I put in 4 G of fresh memory, got the computer to operate, and installed Windows 10. However, I have several problems: The BIOS cannot locate the serial number of the motherboard during the boot process and sends a message to the effect. I hit the Enter key the boot continues. I have tried to access the BIOS to enter the serial number or other possible solutions I found on line. One HP help forum had a BIOS editing software tool from Compaq from the year 2000 but said that it only would on desktops and the HP staff would have to provide a revised BIOS for my laptop. 2. I get two more error messages thatPXE -E61: Media test failure, check cablePXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROMI have not seen any fixes for this issue but it only delays the booting process shortly before it continues.Eventually the computer launches Windows but there are other issues. 

A:BIOS cannot locate the serial number of the new motherboard ...

#HPExpertDayThe app is giving you right info. Since HP replaced the motherboard, I would suggest you call HP who would fix the issue by branding it right.

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My computer, although was fast in the past, is getting old (~2-4 years... can't remember).

I think some of the hardware is getting old and 'broken'.
Video card is going out I think. Ram as well. Maybe CPU.

I can not tell though.

Might just be a virus.
I need to either replace the faulty hardware while simultaneously upgrading some things, or determine if it would be better to just get a new computer.

There is a game coming out (hopefully soon (SWTOR)) and I will need my computer to be in better operating condition than it is now. I am certain I will upgrade the video card but if everything else needs to be replaced too then I will just get a new computer and upgrade the video card in it...
I do not know how to determine what is faulty though.

Is there a tool (benchmark type thing) that can test my hardware to see if it is getting old and needs to be replaced?

Any suggestions?

A:Suggestions on how to determine what hardware needs to be replaced?

You could start by posting the details of the problem or problems you're having. If your video card, RAM, and processor were all broken, your computer wouldn't even power on.

Viruses are software problems and can either be fixed with software and configuration changes, or they can definitely be fixed by reinstalling Windows. Viruses don't damage hardware, and replacing hardware won't fix a virus problem.

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I have an old U530, but with a recent SS upgrade it was running like new, until the orange battery light on the side started quickly flashing.  The moment the power plug is removed, the machine loses all power and is turned off.I have replaced the battery.I have replaced the motherboard.I have tested with other chargers to ensure that was not the source of the problem. The issue remains.  What else could cause this? Software/firmware?  Other smaller PCBs? Any help would be greatly appretiated.

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Motherboard of my Thinkpad T540p got damaged and now I need to replace it with any third party mother board.My lapptop model no is 20BFS10L00. Can someone help me what is the part no / model no of the motherboard which shall i replace with?

A:Thinkpad T540p mother board model number / part number

The code you've provided isn't a laptop Machine-Type-Model (MTM) one. Get it on the laptop bottom, it begins with 20BE or 20BF. Or take a look at the systemboard, there is a sticker on the SODIMM socket with mobo p/n, 7 symbols next to 52S, should begin with 00UP

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Hi20CH model helix device, I changed the motherboard.But I can not enter the serial number.Block # 84 is giving the error.I try on software as C0 but it gives EEPROM error.The software is Thinkpad Maintinance Utility 1.08.If there is a solution please help?

A:Helix serial number and model number update

Take it to a dealer.  The Maintenance disk is only available to dealers and warranty servicers.

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So, in the process of trying to fix other issues, i was told to download the latest lenovo update utility and run it.  Did that and it told us it had 8 updates and 17 or so optional ones.  We let it download these.  Now it's asking us: Please choose one of the following tasks:Update ThinkPad BIOSUpdate model number I really don't know much about this.  Any idea what option I should select and why it is asking me this? Thanks!


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A:help :) update bios or update model number

Choose Update Thinkpad BIOS then click next or ok...When flashing BIOS do not turn off your machine or run any programs... the BIOS update will prompt you to reboot when its done...//JameZ

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I have a compaq presario sr5130nx and I updated the bios, while updating it froze, I left it on for 5 hours and nothing happened, so I turned it off, now when I turn on the computer it will only load to a Award BootBlock BIOS v1.0 screen. The reason I updated the bios was because I reinstalled vista.

The update i used was at this page


A:M2N68-LA Motherboard BIOS Update failed

Have you tried contacting HP? I've had problems before that their Live Chat Support service was able to fix. I know nothing about updating the BIOS but I know that that service can tell you if you need to bring the computer into a repair shop.

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I am (was) running an asus M2N4 SLI motherboard with XP home, However on using asusupdate to flash the bios it failed, leaving me with a dead pc. I have however managed to buy a new M2N4 SLI instead of a bios rom. My question is, will it boot up and work with my c:drive as it was before the bios failure. Or will xp look at all my components and see the MB has changed in relation to its list of components and give me the "uh uh uh" leaving me to have a fun day reinstalling everything. Thanks in advance. bumph

A:Solved: Bios Failed! Exact motherboard replacement

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here is the thing - i need a tip, the internal sticker shows a lot of chinese picture, the only thing that is written with roman characters is the first line:it sais:  1584-100     (space)  S/N: a very long number - not sure if i should paste it here.one verse below there is this:Regulatory model:  chinese bushy-writing       //     RMN:  HSTNN-F05C  - not sure if this helpsnow - the "my comp -> properties -> sais it's a HP 210-2000 but it might be too general, there were countless incarnations of the 210-2XXX series.my unit uses 1,5 V ddr3  - 1GB  - 10600S samsung ram  - which renders the unit pretty much unusable, even after killing most of the services/processes it still eats 650-800 MB and opening a firefox literally ends the session.i need to know how to find the very exact type of the computer so that i can: buy a 2GB/4GB ddr3 chip  that would help, or just forget about it and dump it ;/any hints/tips welcome.kind regards,romanps. why does my "inside sticker" not look like any of the ones shown in the support vids? the computer was bought in poland 6 years ago, Have I been cheated? The chinese "writing" renders any support material totally useless.

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Question 1: How do I determine the version number of McAfee Framework on Windows 5, 6, 7, 8, etc.
When I run services.msc on Windows (via the Search box and the Start task bar), I see FrameworkService.exe. The description shown is "Shared component framework for McAfee products."
This service, I believe, is McAfee Framework. I'm looking how to determine the version number of this.
For work, I have to determine the version number of McAfee Framework on several computers because they may be updated to a newer version of McAfee Framework.
Question 2: How do I install the most recent version of McAfee Framework?
Thank you,

A:How Do I Determine The Version Number Of "McAfee Framework"

Hi Michael The article below might be of use to you:https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB58876Personally, I would right-click on the FrameworkService.exe file and select Properties. From there, I would go in the Details tab and check the version number of the file. If it doesn't have the version number, we could make you list your installed programs with MiniToolBox and look for "McAfee Framework". Usually, the version number is listed with the program name.

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Dell Studio 1537 Laptop (c. 2009)
I'm trying to determine which replacement lid, hinges, and bezel I should order to fix up my old Studio before I sell it.  I know that I should be able to take it apart and read the stickers to find out which revision it is, but Dells repair staff swapped so many parts around during the process when I'd sent it in to them, I'm not sure which parts are original, or where I could look to determine which revision number I would need with the current configuration.  Any advise would be appreciated.  Please read on for further details...
The Problem
The Bezel fits the lid properly, but not around the screen.  It covers up the bottom edge and one side of the screen by about 1/8", while there's an exposed black area on the top edge and the opposite side.  Basically, it looks like the lcd panel is not aligned properly inside the lid, but I took the bezel off to fix it myself to find that the screen is mounded and aligned properly.  after doing some research i remember reading something about various revisions of the Studio 15 series using different parts, which aren't all compatible with each other, but I dont know if the lid is the cause of the problem, or having the wrong bezel for that lid... or if those parts match but the lcd panel is wrong for both.  so for the past however-many-years, I've lived with the off-center screen.
To add more complications to the probl... Read more

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I have a warranty with a company called WarranTech. I've been renting a PC from Badcock, a Dell Inspiron 15-3521, but the serial number on the bottom of the laptop has been scratched off as I've had the PC for some time now. The PC also had a liquid incident that fried the motherboard so there is no way for me to find the SN/MN by using command prompt or otherwise, are there ANY solutions so that I can get this PC replaced? Let me know if i need any additional information. 
Here's what I can see listed underneath the battery
Reg Type No: P28F001 
A lot of random alphanumerical codes, Japanese characters that I cannot understand, company names, and one address - Raheen Business Park - Limerick, Ireland
Also if this is in the wrong place can somebody refer me to someone or some forum that can help with my situation? Thank you in advance.

A:Model Number and Serial Number help me!

Either the warranty company or rental company will have the service tag number.  Contact them.

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I could use some creative customer service here. My M3800 shipped with the known power-on motherboard defect. It was replaced at no charge, which was very nice. However, the replacement (2nd motherboard!) is now having the same intermittent dead / no power problem.
To get the computer running, I have to remove the case (12 screws) and un-plug the internal battery to 're-set' the electrical fault. After I put it back together, the computer starts normally. This is not very convenient, especially when meeting with new clients.
The problem is that I am being told I am outside the 3-month repair warranty. I think this stinks! It's a known issue and I would like someone at Dell to step up make my expensive computer work normally all of he time.
Yes, I have run every diagnostic known to man and the internet.

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I would like to know if i can upgrade/replace current CPU with a newer one like i3-2310m or any other variation used in g570 ? Also i want too know replacing CPU will also replace GPU ? My Laptop is:
Lenovo G570 Model No. 20079
Intel B950 Dual Core 2.1 Ghz Processor
Intel HD Graphics "Sandy Bridge"
WIN 7 / WIN 8 Dual Boot
500 GB HDD 

A:Can G570 (Model 20079) Cpu be replaced ??

From the service manual I see the following listed as options for CPU's:

CPU assembly, Intel I7-2620M 2.7G 4M 2c J1 PGA processor
CPU assembly, Intel I5-2540M 2.6G 3M 2c J1 PGA processor
CPU assembly, Intel I5-2520M 2.5G 3M 2c J1 PGA processor
CPU assembly, Intel I5-2410M 2.3G 3M 2c J1 PGA processor
CPU assembly, Intel I3-2310M 2.1G 3M 2c J1 PGA processor

I would suggest contacting Support via phone verify this information before you make a purchase.  Also - I would suggest downloading and reading the manual about how this can be accomplished.
Good luck.

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I replaced the motherboard in a HP Pavilion G62-407DX laptop. Specs
Now system info says its a Compaq Presario CQ62-417NR laptop. Specs
It boots up with the Compaq logo.
How can I restore original HP logo and model number?

Both motherboards are stamped DAOAX2MB6FO REV.F, HP part no. 592809-001
I used the original G62-407DX 2.60GHz AMD Phenom II P650 Processor 2MB L2 Cache on the replacement motherboard which had a 2.40GHz AMD V-Series Processor 512KB L2 Cache originally.

One board is stamped HannStar and the other has a CB logo (who ever that is)
Other than that the Processor locking mechanism is a little different (check picture) Kind of hard to see with heat sink attached.

Below:Picture of replacement motherboard.
Below:Picture of original HP G62-407DX motherboard.
Do I need to reflash the BIOS?

All computer functions are running correctly.
Other than a slightly dim display.

Any suggestion appreciated,


A:Replaced motherboad, How can I restore original HP logo and model No.?

You could try calling HP technical support and ask them if there is a bios revision that will do what you want. HP has always been good at answering questions for me, when I have called them about my HP laptop.

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As title says, I replaced the b156hw01 LCD screen in my laptop with another b156hw01 LCD screen. Iopened the front panel on my laptop, unscrewed the screen, disconnected the cable thingy, took it out, put new one in, connected cable thingy, screwed it in, replaced front panel. I turned it on and it started up fine, then I noticed it had been on the 'windows is starting up' screen for about 7 minutes and after staring for a while, I noticed the logo glow wasn't moving. I turned it off And
turned it on, and all that happens is the backlight turns on. Nothing shows up no matter how long I keep it on for. Help?

I have an iBuyPower... I don't even know, I got it over a year or two ago and I don't see it on the site anymore... Model number on the sticker on the bottom of the laptop says W86CU... It had the broken screen for 3-4 months before it was replaced, and the new screen hasn't worked for about 6 months, around Christmas time... So... I need help on figuring out what is wrong with it

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Hi, I try to install recommended update by Lenovo ThinkPad BIOS Update - 7  However, I'm not sure which to choose when comes to installation step. I don't want to mess up with my BIOS  Update ThinkPad BIOSUpdate model number Thank you.

A:ThinkPad BIOS Update - 7 - Update ThinkPad BIOS or Update model number

dont worry just go next..with update ThinkPad bios...and all will be installed automaticly..the computer will reboot and you are finish..best regards..

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I need to figure out the manufacturer and model of the motherboard in my laptop. It's a Toshiba Satellite P305-S8837. I've tried to look it up online and gotten nothing.

A:How do I determine what motherboard my PC has?

try that program

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Hey, can anyone find out what my motherboard is just from these details?

Manufacturer: ASUSTeK Computer INC.
Model: Puffer 1.xx
Chipset: Intel i915P/i915G
Southbridge: Intel 82801FB (ICH6)
Processor: Pentium 4 540 Prescott LGA775 3.20GHz (2 CPUs)

I got this information from CPU-Z.
The motherboard came stock in a HP Pavilion 061 t760a, I rang the store I got it from and said they didn't know either. Thanks for your help.

A:Need to determine my Motherboard

Download the free Everest programme from HERE. It will give you all the info you need.

Regards Howard

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I want to determine what the fastest chip is that I can put in my computer. I understand I need to know the motherboard in order to do this. What is the easiest way to find this out? I can open the computer up, not a problem. During bootup, I tried to look and see if was displayed, but first off I wasn't sure where to look, and second, I wasn't sure how to stop the screen from changing before I found what I was looking for.


A:How to determine type of motherboard

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Hey everyone,
I need to determine what my motherboard is ASAP. I'll give you everything I know about it, but I've been searching the web and haven't been able to find anything...

ASUS Brand, it came in a HP Pavilion
Pentium 4 (Not sure what slot)
4 DDR RAM Slots
1 PCI-E x16 Slot
3 PCI Slots
Orange/Yellow in colour.
RAM Slots are Blue, Red, Blue, Red

The reason I need to know is I have no idea how to configure my System Panel Connectors, as I am trying to fit the board into a new case.

Thank you in advance for your help,

A:Need to determine my ASUS motherboard

when did u buy it?
actually heres a better way of finding out..

download the little tool and u can find out a whole bunch about ur system.. mobo type, cpu type, ram, temperatures, etc...

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