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Kerio Personal Firewall

Q: Kerio Personal Firewall

Does anyone us?

I installed Kerio Personal Firewall and it works great except for one thing: I have internet sharing and when the firewall is turned on, it doesn't allow me do go on the internet on the other computer.

Does any have any idea how I can get it to work with the firewall on?

Do I need to somehow connect to it?


Preferred Solution: Kerio Personal Firewall

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Kerio Personal Firewall

If you turned off your firewall does the workstations can access to the Internet? If yes, can you ping the server from the workstations?

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The settings for the firewall got messed up can anyone tell me the normal settings or the safe settings for it?

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I would like to know what is your opinion about Kerio Personal Firewall.

I would like to install it but I need some advice.

I have Windows XP firewall already. Symantec anti-virus and AdAware 6.0 plus Spybot Search and Destroy.

Some say that Windows' firewall is not enough, that I need another one.

Need your opinion please.

Thanks in advance for your replies.


A:What do you think about Kerio Personal Firewall?

I use Kerio Personal Firewall instead of the Windows XP firewall at home. I think it's a lot better because of the ability to see what programs are executing and which ports are being used to listen on your computer.

I've also heard that the XP firewall may get disabled by certain types of viruses, leaving you unprotected.

I think you should try it out; it's free for home users anyways. If you don't like it you can always uninstall it and try ZoneAlarm or some other type of firewall.

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I want to open a port range. I have searched everywhere on google and I have tried the help files but I still dont undertstand how. I am using kerio personal firewall 4 and trying to open the port range 6881 to 6889. How would I go about doing this? I have already tried there offical forums but still no use.


A:Kerio Personal Firewall 4

See if this helps at all http://club.cdfreaks.com/lite/t-93653.html

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Just a heads up folks.

I recently read a review on wilders.org of the Kerio Personal Firewall and thought I'd give it a test run since, though I've been a long time user of Zone Alarm, I have had some problems with it at times.

I installed Kerio this weekend on a NT machine and a Win98 machine which are networked with TCP/IP and NETbeui. It installs beautifully and seems less intrusive than ZA though I haven't tried uninstalling it which is a real pain with ZA. It has many easy to configure options and I liked it.

I ran a port and IP attack from Gibson's Research site and came up clean and also downloaded Gibson's locally driven (so you can assign specific IP addresses to check) executable and also came up clean even with NETbeui.

I thought I'd pass this info on since so many folks have trouble with the setup and uninstalls of ZA. Again, nothing really against ZA, it's been a workhorse for a long while and free so who can complain but sometimes there's a better mousetrap.

For a FREE for personal use download go here:


A:Kerio Personal Firewall test

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Hi. I?m looking for some basic advice with running Kerio personal firewall. I haven?t purchased the full version, FYI. I?ve been using it for the last couple months, ever since discovering I had some malware issues, which I got sorted out finally in this thread: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic85082-30.html My issue is that while there were a number of things I could tell to permanently allow when I first installed it, there?s a lot of other things that pop up that I honestly don?t know if I should be approving or denying. I?ve avoided setting any of these questionable ones to a permanent setting one way or the other, but I?d really like to get a better grasp on what I should be allowing and what not to allow. Here?s some examples of things I?m confused about:I?ll get popups asking to execute ?cleanup? for various applications?no idea WTF that is. I?ve both denied and approved it at various times to see if it makes a difference. For photoshop and acrobat I didn?t notice a difference. If I try running dreamweaver, however, it won?t work unless I approve it?plus it pops up asking for that approval twice before it will run. I have no idea what it?s even doing. That troubles me.Example details:Application path: c:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\~e5d141.tmpDescription: CleanupFile version: 1, 0, 0, 1Product name: Macrovision Europe Ltd. CleanupProduct version: 1, 0, 0, 1Created: 2006/8/17, 21:45:38Modified: 2007/5/6, 0... Read more

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i cant use my network if i turn on kerio personal firewall. please help...

EDIT: oh, and im using windows xp. the other computer on the network can see my computer, and can access my files, but cant use the shared internet connection. help.

A:kerio personal firewall woes

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I just installed Kerio Personal Firewall and rebooted and i'm getting an error message once windows loads and kerio's GUI doesn't load and my dial-up shortcut on my desktop wont work ither along with other things. I reinstalled Kerio and it still does it but it seems like its not doing it every time. I'll reboot a couple of time and it will be fine and then the next time i get the error and have to reboot. Along with Kerio i am running Kaspersky AV and i disabled the Windows XP built-in firewall.

The error is:

Could not start DB server: Socket () failed.

Any idea why it is doing this?

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Someone on another board had problems with missing files. I have Win.XP and everything seems to be OK.
fixed a security bug May 9th,2003

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Hello friends!

I today installed Kerio Personal Firewall and wanted to clearify a few doubts regarding this software. Please see the screenshot and see if you can help me...

1. Under Applications tab, there are two columns like Trusted & Internet, both having In & Out columns within themselfs. now what is the difference between Trusted and Internet column and what is in and out in them?
2. Under Applications tab -> Description, as you would see, there are a few applications in the list. Can you please tell me the details of the top five applications that is listed and also weather I should permit or deny in the in & Out columns under both trusted and internet comunms.

Thank you.

A:Solved: Doubts regarding Kerio Personal Firewall...

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I have been sucessfully using Kerio Personal Firewall for several years now with no problems at all.

Last week I installed Diskeeper Pro [current version] which operates continuously in the background and activates a defrag on my 3 x partitions when necessary.

Now, I must have made an error when installing Diskeeper, or rather with the permissions I allowed through Kerio. I thought I allowed all processes but since last week I constantly get Kerio warnings that:

DKSERVICE.exe is trying to execute DFRGNTFS.exe.

Even when I click Allow and "don't ask me again" it keeps doing so over and over again ad nauseum. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Diskeeper and I've gone to the Kerio System Security page and granted permissions to these 2 x applications and anything else that looks as if its connected to Diskeeper - but to no avail.

It appears I've inadvertently denied permission to some Diskeeper application, I've checked in the installation folder of DK, noted all the applications and extensions and made sure they have necessary permissions in Kerio, but still no good. It's driving me crazy. Obviously I've overlooked something. if someone can assist me to overcome this conflict I'd be very appreciative.


A:Kerio Personal Firewall and Diskeeper Conflict

briarrabbit said:


I have been sucessfully using Kerio Personal Firewall for several years now with no problems at all.

Last week I installed Diskeeper Pro [current version] which operates continuously in the background and activates a defrag on my 3 x partitions when necessary.

Now, I must have made an error when installing Diskeeper, or rather with the permissions I allowed through Kerio. I thought I allowed all processes but since last week I constantly get Kerio warnings that:

DKSERVICE.exe is trying to execute DFRGNTFS.exe.

Even when I click Allow and "don't ask me again" it keeps doing so over and over again ad nauseum. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Diskeeper and I've gone to the Kerio System Security page and granted permissions to these 2 x applications and anything else that looks as if its connected to Diskeeper - but to no avail.

It appears I've inadvertently denied permission to some Diskeeper application, I've checked in the installation folder of DK, noted all the applications and extensions and made sure they have necessary permissions in Kerio, but still no good. It's driving me crazy. Obviously I've overlooked something. if someone can assist me to overcome this conflict I'd be very appreciative.

ThanksClick to expand...


Welcome to TSG!

If the warnings are coming from Kerio, it sounds like one of the Kerio rules is triggering the warning, or the permissions granted via Kerio ar... Read more

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This morning I rec'd notice of the availability of an update for my Zone Alarm Pro. I downloaded it but when I attempted to install it I got a warning that I already had Kerio Personal Firewall 2.1.5 installed; that the 2 aren't compatible; and that I should first uninstall the latter. So I went to Add/Remove Programs, in Control Panel, but was unsuccessful in removing Kerio. I then went into Program Files and manually deleted the program from there. Going back to Add/Remove it still shows there and again an attempt to remove it from there failed. Finally, I went back to the Zone Alarm Pro update thinking it would recognize and accept my manual deletion from Program Files, but it still contends that Kerio is on my system. Any suggestions as to how to handle the problem now?

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Ok just recently Kerio release Kerio Personal Firewall 4.2.1. I use the free version of it and I upgraded from my 4.1.2 to 4.2.1

Everything was working fine when I first updated it, however now after I restarted my machine (the 2nd time, not the first time when it asks you to) I can't access the internet. I can't even ping my router. So I uninstalled it completely then installed the new 4.2.1 and I got the same results. Works at first then I can't do anything on the Internet. However if I disable the "Network Security Module" I can access the internet. However this is the main component of it.

Anyone have this problem or anyone know how one could fix this?

A:Kerio Personal Firewall And Internet Connection

With this being a new release the support on any forum other then Kerio is probably going to be limited.See if this will help.http://forums.kerio.com/index.php?t=thread...2685c185eb02305

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I've been using Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall for a short while now and figured out most of it but am having troubles with it refusing to let Hotmail load. I have put Hotmail into the exceptions list and even put it in as *hotmail and hotmail* and done the same for the other pages that hotmail loads up for checking emails etc but nothing seems to work.

The weird thing is that any other page I have put into exceptions has worked fine.

Could someone please help out on this?

A:problem with Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall

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Earlier this evening when I was reading a topic on BC, my screen suddenly went black, and then I got this BSOD related to my firewall driver engine.


Stop: 0x000000D1
(0xF99F4070, Ox00000002, 0x00000000, 0xEFEE7C5F)

fwdrv.sys - addressEFEE7C5F base at EFED30000
Date Stamp 4624d37a

I looked up the driver name, and it is the engine for the Sunbelt Personal Firewall. I've searched their site, but have seen no mention of their driver causing a BSOD.

I have the latest version, the driver is in the proper folder and there is only one copy. I have not seen any warning or error messages in event viewer connected with this issue or the time of the BSOD. Sunbelt firewall did not issue any warnings or alerts about a malfunction, and I see nothing pertinent in the logs.

The most recent changes to the computer have been uninstalling Firefox 1.? and installing Firefox Reinstalling McAfee Site Advisor - latest version, flashblock, NoScript, Smiley Xtra, and installing colorful tabs. I have also installed Comodo BoClean 4.25. I have not had any issues with this firewall until now.

I have Windows XP Home OEM
Dell Dimension 2400

Any ideas?


Orange Blossom

A:Sunbelt (kerio) Personal Firewall Driver

Seems that driver related BSOD is a known issue reported as far back as two years ago according to this discussion thread.

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Sunbelt to acquire the Kerio Personal Firewallhttp://www.sunbelt-software.com/Press.cfm?id=134http://sunbeltblog.blogspot.com/2005/12/we...-bought-it.html

A:Sunbelt To Acquire The Kerio Personal Firewall

Additionally, Sunbelt will continue Kerio?s tradition of providing a basic free version for home users.Nice!

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I installed KERIO Personal Firewall (Free version) yesterday on my pc and I seem to have the following problem:

Everytime I click on START, CONTROL PANEL I can't seem to accces the control panel for at least a minute. The Task bar also stops responding for a minute or so. But after that everything works fine. (No viruses or spyware found on system)
I uninstalled Kerio and the problems goes away.
Do you recommend another firewall or is there a solution to my problem.
Thanks for the reply.

My specs
HP a1532N
Pentium D (2*2.8)
Nvidea 7600 GT OC
Windows xp Media Center (SP2 All updates installed recently)

A:Problems with KERIO Personal Firewall (Free version)

I use kerio exclusively with no problem. Have you turned off Microsoft's firewall? Two firewalls can't coexist. That might be the problem. If not and you have continuing problems Zone alarm is a free alternative that is very good too.

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Good news for you who want Kerio personal firewall.
They will also still have a basic free version for home users of "Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall"

Sunbelt Software to acquire Kerio Personal Firewall

Press Releases

Return to Press Releases

Sunbelt Software to acquire Kerio Personal Firewall

Best of breed firewall will become part of company's desktop security product line

Clearwater, Florida, USA December 1, 2005 Sunbelt Software and Kerio Technologies, Inc. today announced that the parties have signed an agreement for Sunbelt to acquire the Kerio Personal Firewall. The acquisition is expected to be finalized by the end of the month. Terms of the deal are undisclosed.

The Kerio Personal Firewall will be re-branded on an interim basis as the "Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall". All existing customers of the Kerio Personal Firewall will be able to receive support through Sunbelt once the acquisition is completed.

Upon the close of the deal, Sunbelt will also announce new reduced pricing for the full version of the product and a variety of special offers for both Kerio and Sunbelt customers. Additionally, Sunbelt will continue Kerio's tradition of providing a basic free version for home users.

"The popular Kerio firewall is a clear technology leader in endpoint security for businesses and consumers," said Alex Eckelberry, president of Sunbelt Software. "We are thrilled to have it as part of our product line and Kerio... Read more

A:Sunbelt Software to acquire Kerio Personal Firewall

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I'm attempting to download an update for Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall (version 4.3.268) but it's taking a ridiculously long time. The rate it's going I should think it'll end up taking longer than three hours, which is a bit odd since to my knowledge it's not that enormous a program. Should it be taking this long or is something wrong? The status bar isn't advancing at all and I don't know if there's a better way to do it.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Assume it's a Kerio-specific problem because everything else on my broadband connection is fine. I'm running XP.

Thanks. Probably a stupid question.


A:Solved: New version of Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall downloading *really* slowly?

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Hi,OS: Win MEKerio Personal FirewallI am trying to understand what is going on with my firewall.I have 2 months + of logs showing this message every few seconds:Rule 'Packet to unopened port received' :Blocked: In UDP,;67->localhost:68, owner:no ownerCan anyone tell me what this means and if it is something I need to worry about?Any information would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,TJ

A:Kerio Firewall Log

I think it's a port used by DHCP server which issues you the IP address.I would think you should allow Kerio to listen to it and acknowledge, but an expert needs to confirm.Are you having internet problems?This description of various windows ports does NOT include ME, so I don't know if it may have changedhttp://support.microsoft.com/kb/832017 Normally port 67 and 68 go together.

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Hello, ok ive just installed Kerio Personal Firewall.. But when I have it on, I cant view some site, like (http://gmail.google.com).. when i login to my email it doesnt load.. But when I turn off my firewall and then reload I can get into it.. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

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Hi Folks...One of the many friends whom I help keep their systems going is running Win 98. the latest release of Zone Alarm is not compatible. I also have an old Dell desktop running Win98SE. I don't use it much any more, but I like to keep it current.

The only alternate (free) firewall I've been able to find is Kerio. I have zero experience with Kerio and would like to hear some opinions about it. Any and all thoughts greatly appreciated. Also any other alternative firewall suggestions would be helpful.


A:Kerio Firewall

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hi all,

i want to limit the internet access in my office by using KERIO and by user id.

i managed to import users from my actice directoty, but when it comes to the traffic policy. i cannot to limit the access by users, only by IP.

i block all access to internet in my router, then i set the IE connection to the computer where i installed the KERIO.

is there something missing or wrong in my setting?

heres an example from the traffic policy that i set in my KERIO

testing [email protected] Any HTTP Permit
HTTP Proxy

testing is only the name
source: [email protected] means that he is allowed to access internet where ever he's using any workstation.

if i limit by IP in KERIO, all is fine but i want to limit it by users.

still andy cannot access the internet because the policy that i set in my router. any suggestion ???

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I just installed the new beta of Kerio, Been using ZoneAlarm up til now.
After installing it, Under network security.. trusted zone, is a loopback to, adapter N/A.. is check.. is it safe to leave that? Or should I uncheck it? I am not on a home network. Also, I dont see an option to start Kerio automatically on startup.. I guess I just copy a shortcut to the startup group? wierd lol


A:Kerio Firewall

I have been using the (free) Kerio Firewall for about three years without problem, other than when it flags up an incoming or outgoing message I usually cannot understand what the potential danger is, if any. I usually click 'No', and if it persists I click the box to make the rejection permanent.
I can't answer your first question, but as regards startup you should find the option, after having started it manually, by right-clicking the taskbar icon, choosing Administration, and find the option at the bottom of the Miscellaneous tab.


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ok, here's the story.
I upgraded to xp home edition about 3 wks ago. Things are pretty smooth with no glitches, almost. I am running an inexpensive computer with lots of hard drive space and 256k memory.
I installed the free version of kerio 2.1 personal firewall. I am very much the novice on what to allow and what to deny permission but that is a different story, I hope.
I called the co. that built my computer and they suggested that i uninstall kerio, then reinstall which I did. The reason was because each time I tried to open "status,administration", or anything, I got a box stating that Kerio was running on a remote computer(the box was checked) and the "status window" box was checked. Nothing happens when I try to change to the "local host" box and the Admin box.
When I boot up, I get two pop up boxes, one stating:
Ffvarlibinit:var_server_starterror 1(10048:bind()failed
and the other stating:
KFE initialization failed: invalid parameter
Now the crazy part about it is that Kerio is currently active and running. I called Kerio and they told me they do not support the free version. So, basically, I can't get into the firewall to make any changes or do anything to anything to this program. By the way, when I began to uninstall there were two Kerio's. One was the Kerio 2.1 and the other was just Kerio. On uninstallation of Kerio, it said I would have to restart in VGA to uninstall. I have no clue as to what that is or what to do. ... Read more

A:xp and kerio firewall question...please help

They probably want the uninstall done in safe mode.

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It was recommended I install Kerio's firewall. Not for nothing, but compared to zonealarm, this thing is a piece of crap. It 'asks' over and over about allowing this or that thru... and details.. that button is a joke. I have never seen such a goatrope in all my years in computers... ZONEALRM actually tells you WHAT wants thru. This piece of garbage... you have to be a 20 year experienced network engineer to (MAYBE) know what is asking permission to my box.

I'm deinstalling this piece of junk asap. and well.. I'd actually prefer nothing to this hunk of junk ( read > upset )

The thread I read said the default settings would = stealth at grc ( which I have used for a couple of years and had no problem achieving stealth mode at grc with a newbie, no direction install of ZA ). Not true, in any way, shape or form. Sorry!Yeesh.. no uninstall pulldown on it either, in the thing. My God!
MUST have been wriiten by the maniacs at Mcafee.. looks like their garbage. McAfee does NOT pick up things NAV does... THIS I can guarantee you. FRUST!


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I am now using Microsoft firewall. I would appreciate opinions on using Kerio 4.3.246

A:Kerio Firewall opinions please

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Hello all,

Kerio Technologies has grown into a significant player in both security and messaging markets. We have achieved many accolades, and we have many satisfied customers all over the world.

Kerio now employs over one hundred people in our three offices worldwide. We want to continue to deliver products that you enjoy to use. We made a promise to give our customers the best products in their category. And that means implementing some changes in our product strategy.

During the second half of this year, Kerio will be discontinuing two host-based security products from our portfolio Kerio ServerFirewall and Kerio Personal Firewall.
Kerio Personal Firewall will be discontinued as of December 31, 2005. It will not be available for purchase after this date. Subscriptions will not be renewed. Technical support will be provided to all customers with valid subscriptions until the end of 2006.

Thank you for your support of Kerio.

Joshua Thomas

A:Kerio Firewall Discontinuing

Here is some other related news>



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In kerio Fire Wall All the port and services are alowed from any to any. but i have problem in connecting vpn!!

windows vpn connection from local host connects to the server but the traffic is blocked!!!!

Be sure all services and ports are alowed.

do u think special route shoud be added?

Or windows von connection conflicts with Kerio Service?

A:Kerio Winroute Firewall


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Hi all I am new here in the States.I used to live in "Sweeden"I have been using Sunbelt 's Kerio for my firewall.I was wondering if anybody has had any trouble with this proram.I think the firewall is the most important part of a good security plan.I hope my spelling is not to bad .Thankyou Ivan

A:Sunbelt Kerio Firewall

Is that the old, free one? Try Comodo. It is one of the best and free besides.

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Hi all,

Can anyone help me out how to block Team Viewer in Kerio Firewall?

A:Block TeamViewer in Kerio Firewall

I don't use that firewall, but I'd assume you could try blocking it by program name. Since TeamViewer doesn't require any ports being opened, it'll be harder to block it using ports.

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I'm trying to configure Kerio Personal firewall on two new XP Pro computers. They are joined via an ethernet hub and cat5 cable, peer-to-peer.
I need the two pcs to be able to send and receive files across the network without the firewall blocking them.
I have internet connection sharing set up on them.

Can anyone tell me what settings I need to change in Kerio to allow the network to communicate properly? (I know Kerio is blocking it because when I disable both firewalls, it works fine)

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I have installed kerio free on my computer but my son who's computer runs as a slave from my computer which is the host, he now cannot connect to the internet anymore as kerio now blocks it.

can anyone help resolving this issue please and possibly point to a tutorial on setting up kerio free firewall

thanks in advance for any help offered,


A:Kerio Free Firewall Help Needed?

Kerio Personal Firewall FAQsKerio Personal Firewall User's GuideKerio Personal Firewall Knowledge Base

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Kerio to scrap desktop firewallBy Joris EversStaff Writer, CNET News.comPublished: October 19, 2005, 5:55 PM PDT Kerio will stop offering its Kerio Personal Firewall product as of Dec. 31 but will continue to support existing customers until the end of next year...Kerio is pulling out of the desktop firewall space because it can't compete with security suites that bundle a firewall with antivirus and spyware-fighting software, the company said. Such products are sold by companies including Symantec, McAfee, Trend Micro and Zone Labs.news.comThe rumors have been out a while so I guess this makes it official. Too bad, not having all the extra bells and whistles like AV & anti-spyware is what makes Kerio stand out in the first place. As such, Kerio should be ahead of the competition not behind.

A:Kerio To Scrap Desktop Firewall

Since firewalls do not need updating like AVs, etc. and seldom issue new versions, smart users will download the latest version before it disappears. The same may be said for Sygate, which may at some time in the future stop supporting its free firewall no that ownship is changing.

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For several days now, I've seen the words 'IPB image' in posts here instead of the picture in several places including Scarlet's signature. Other pictures show up just fine.

I right clicked on the words and was given the option to view the image. A new tab popped up, and then I saw "ad blocked by KPF." So now I knew that the firewall was blocking those images from appearing and identifying them as ads.

Unlike ZoneAlarm's ad-blocking settings which can be set for each site, Ad-blocking in the Kerio Firewall cannot be adjusted on a site by site basis; it's either on or off. Clicking on the 'set' button in the Kerio Firewall adblocking tab, a window pops up with a list of all the blocked ad types. Does anyone know which of these to allow in order to view the IPB images on Bleeping computer? The only option that I have discovered that works thus far is to stop the ad-blocking completely, but since I navigate to other sites when reading posts or articles on this site, I'm leery of doing that even though my default settings block all scripts.

Orange Blossom

A:Kerio Firewall Paid Version

I managed to solve the problem by clicking on the Set button on the Ad-blocking tab and removing the check marks in front of these two entries:.*/banners.*.*/banners/.*Orange Blossom

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Good Morning all,

I was using ZoneAlarm Pro which i found was good but wanted a change, so i downloaded Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall 4. It seems fine apart from when i open Azureus i get the "Outgoing Connection Alert (Internet)" Popup come up constantly - to the point where i was constantly clicking either "permit or Deny". I got so fed up i forced the program to close!

Is there anyway round this or should i bite the bullet and find another firewall/revert back to ZA pro?

Cheers in advance!

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HI everyone, hope you had a great weekend!

I'm running Kerio firewall and at start-up I get this message screen.

pfVar LibInit:var_server_start error-1(10022:listen()failed)

I click OK in the box and it goes away. Doesn't seem to cause any problems
that I can tell. I'm just wondering what it is about.

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Hi, just a small question here. I've just got rid of ZoneAlarm because of the problem it created with Add/Remove programs on my computer. I installed Kerio Personal Firewall instead. But everytime I log off my account or shut down the computer, an error message appears. It was too fast (just for half a second) that I cannot read it, but something like "the program failed to initalize because windows is shutting down". Actually, this is not even a problem since everything is perfectly fine. But I wonder why that happens and what I can do to get rid of it.

A:kerio firewall error message

Ok, so whats happening is that you are getting the error message: The application failed to intialize because the Window station is shutting down.


Kerio Firewall is not shutting down, or attempting to run at shutdown...


Look in options in the settting if Kerio Firewall, and disable everything, and slowly re enable one thing at a time, and shutdown after one is disabled. Reboot, and enable another one and shut down, etc, etc./...

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I've been using Kerio as my firewall. I thought it was free???!!!

But now I'm getting popups from it saying I only have 4 days before it expires.

Is it not free?

A:Kerio firewall Expires in 4 days??

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I just saw this entry in my sunbelt kerio firewall, does anyone know what this is for?

documents and setting\name\local settings\temp\is-ioqaj.tmp\is-f1itl.tmp?

I also have this one:

is-Op9rl.tmp\sssetup.tmp (with all the above ahead of it)

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Just Installed Kerio firewall, and I can't send e-mail through Outlook (via ypops). All setting are at default.

any ideas?

A:Kerio Firewall settings for Outlook

acdevera said:

Just Installed Kerio firewall, and I can't send e-mail through Outlook (via ypops). All setting are at default.
any ideas?Click to expand...

Hi acdevera,

You can probably get help Here.

Please post the solution back here to share with other users.


-- Tom

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Windows XP Home SP2
Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall
Cute ftp

I don't know what has changed or how it got changed, but now when I open Cuteftp it makes Kerio firewall start creating new purple shields across my task bar,Cuteftp blinks, and everything slows down. There is 100% cpu usage until I open Windows Task Manager, then it eventually gets under control and goes to 3 or 4%. When I open Windows Task Manager to see if I can see what's going on, whichever process I click on also begins to blink. Pointing the mouse at the row of Shields causes them to disappear, but they return, one by one. It's like a process is going that I haven't started.

I think the problem is in how I have the firewall configured. I really have no clue as to what to allow, not allow, or to be asked. Ftp is especially delicate because it's so easily used by outsiders if it's not protected well.

Could someone tell me what should be Permitted, Denied, or Ask, for a safe FTP? And is ftp a trusted zone or an internet zone?

I'm supposed to upload a monthly ezine tonight but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. Always sumthin, hey?

Thanks for any help

A:Solved: Configuring Kerio firewall for Cuteftp

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I've been using my computer a lot lately. Everyday around 4:30 pm, my firewall repeatedly gives an error: "Kerio firewall cannot connect to service". If I ignore the error my computer locks up. If I quickly reboot, I'm find for the rest of the evening until the next day at around 4:30 pm. I'm stumped here. Does Verizon DSL do something between 4 and 5 pm every day that would mess me up? Does anyone have any ideas? I've checked with Sunbelt, the firewall manufacturer and no one else seems to be getting this error.

I'm running:
XP pro
Vipre antivirus
Kerio firewall

Thanks for your help.

A:Solved: Kerio firewall cannot connect to service

I use to use Kerio and I think once a every 24 hours Kerio connects to the server to check for any updates.

Check Vipre (which by the way is an excellant antivirus) and see if somehow it isn't blocking Kerio.

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Hi (bit of reading here - hope someone manages to get the picture).
I've got a (1) XP rig with two NICs and a second (2) XP with a single NIC. ICS is used to access the Internet from (2) through a cable modem that is on (1). It works splendidly.

Now - I'd like to run Kerio personal firewall on (1), 'cause it gives me some comfort in being able to control what goes in and out (XP's built-in firewall is quite non-accessible...), but if I switch it on, ICS will no longer work properly (at least as far as IE is concerned).

I've created a custom address group and a rule that allows any connections to/from (2).
I can ping (1) from (2). I can ping anything, even URLs (they are resolved to the correct IP address, but using IE on (2) does not work.
I asked Kerio to display alert boxes for all 'deny' rules, but no denied requests are shown... shouldn't it, if it's stopping anything?

Do any of you have any idea of what I need to enable in Kerio (I have to suppose that that's what stopping it) in order to be able to use ICS all the way? If it can be done at all, that is.

Edit: I have seen the option 'Is running on Internet Gateway' but I'd really like to stay in control... Rightly or wrongly...

Thanks for any assistance, pointing me to previous threads, etc!!

A:Internet connection sharing and Kerio firewall

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I use Kerio Personal Firewall (I know, cheezy) for a couple of years now and everything was going well. Until I noticed some strange events on my computer.

Apparently, the strange events occur when my system gets attacked by TCP (not ICMP) packets coming from foreign IP's and attempting to access <tcpip kernel driver> (at least that's what Kerio tells me). My system gets bombarded with these packets from 6-12 different IP's. I know there is an exploit of some kind happening.

There is a way to block these packets in Kerio (I saw a snapshot on a different website of a warning window with the option to block the incoming packet), but I don't know how to set up the rule. Anyone know how to set up the rule to prevent remote access to <tcpip kernel driver>?

Thanks in advance.

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My work computer usually uses a work network to connect wirelessly to the Internet, internal computers and our 'Fleet' software. As we are no a boat, sometimes the wireless signal is not strong enough (e.g. while in a certain boat yards) and we have to use our Verizon USB hardware connection. However, I am told by a number of people (Kerio and Verizon) that Verizon and Kerio are not compatible. This means that when we use the Verizon connection, we have to turn off Kerio and use Windows firewall instead. Is there any way around this?

Thanks, Lynne

A:Solved: Verizon wireless not compatible with Kerio WinRoute firewall

Actually, unless you're running a lot of unknown or downloaded software, the Windows firewall is sufficient for the purpose. When I travel, I use the Windows software.

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