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High Pitched Chipmonk Audio on Window8 with Realtek HD

Q: High Pitched Chipmonk Audio on Window8 with Realtek HD

High Pitched Chipmonk Audio on Window8 with Realtek HD

Recently my laptop started sounding like the Chipmonks, with a higher pitch, set to all of the sounds coming out my computer. After reading dozens of useless posts, I came to the conclusion that this 'must be a settings' issue, and started looking around. The culprit, in my case, was a setting for Realtek HD sound card. This is what I did to correct it:

1. Put on some music or sound for monitoring.
2. Right-click on the (little red speaker) icon, for the Realtek HD sound card on the toolbar (or find in programs).
3. Click on 'Sound Manager'
4. Click on 'Sound Effects'
5. Find the 'Karaoke' setting.
6. Set it to '+0'
7. IMPORTANT: Click 'ok' on the bottom right corner.

That should do it.
Setting that Karaoke tab up will increase the sound pitch for all audio on the computer. Setting it down, will lower the pitch for all of the audio. I hope this helps someone out there.

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Preferred Solution: High Pitched Chipmonk Audio on Window8 with Realtek HD

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)



I have an Advent 7066M laptop running Windows XP. If I connect headphones or speakers to it and try to play audio or video, the sound is too high pitched. Does anyone know what I can do to correct that?


A:Audio Is Too High Pitched

Try rolling back the sound driver from within Device Manager, joebeaven. If this is not an option, uninstall the sound driver and reboot. If the driver is not automatically reinstalled after reboot: "Drivers can be installed from the c:\applications\drivers folder and utilities from the c:\applications\tools folder." This info was taken from here.If your issue started recently, there may have been some form of corruption that has occurred.

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My first attempts at burning CDs from downloaded itunes, or from my music CDs, playback fine on my CD Player. But when previewing music on itunes or a CD on my PC, the vocals are high pitched and nasal. Any suggestions please?

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My operating system is Win/95b. I get a high pitched squealing staticy sound over everything but CD player. I have an OPTi plug n play audio device. I checked system and it says devices are working properly. It seems the problem didn't start until I installed Win optimizer. So I uninstalled it and re-booted but I still have the same problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:High-pitched static over audio

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I occasionally try using an app (Cortana, audio recording from the mic, etc) that uses the mic, and find the don't work because the audio is converted to a high pitched, fast chipmunk sound. It hasn't happened often enough for me to figure out what is doing it and repeat it. It's just intermittent.

I didn't have this problem before going from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, and it still happens after the anniversary update.

It's easy to fix by disabling and then enabling the mic in device properties window, but I just want it to work without having to do that.

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My speaker and my audio generate very loud high pitched noise after waking from sleep.I had to mute my audio if this happens, but the speaker is essentially unusable in this situation.If I plug in my headphone through audio jack, the high pitched noise will come from both headphone (and unmutable) and my speaker (if I turn on the volume). I hope this is fixable through driver update.

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I think my question is this: how do I set up VSX-1124 (a Pioneer AVR) in Control Panel/Sound and Hardware/Sound so that its driver is Realtek HD Audio and not the Intel Display Audio one?

In Device Manager under Sound, Video and game controllers, I have two sound card drivers, Realtek High Definition and Intel Display Audio. I don't understand how Realtek High Definition Audio drivers work in relation to the Intel Display Audio drivers. If I go to Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Sound then Playback, there are four options, as you can see from the picture below.

I'm guessing that if I choose the receiver as my default device that I'm using the Intel Display Audio drivers and any of the other three options that I'm using the Realtek drivers. Is this correct? If the receiver is the default device, everything works fine; I get sound from sites like cnn.com and I can listen to internet radio, etc. However, if Speakers are the default device, I don't get sound. Is this normal? If so, what's the reason for having Realtek? If it isn't normal, will I notice a difference if I use the Realtek drivers? If I would see/hear a difference, how do I get them to work?

A:Realtek High Definition Audio and Intel Display Audio

The RealTek is for the regular PC sound. The Intel Display Audio is for HDMI sound. If an HDMI cable is plugged in Windows will automatically default to the HDMI as the "default playback device". If you have an HDMI cable plugged in and want the PC sound you must manually change the playback device. If you want both HDMI and PC audio, you can't have that as Windows will only allow one default audio playback device.

Does this answer the question?

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Hey Guys,

So here it goes, I normally have my Logitech z-5500 speakers connected to the onboard sound output (green,yellow and black) as well as my Plantronics 780 connected to the front panel USB port. I used to be able to play music through any one without any problems, just had to select which one I wanted as my default playback device.

Now my problem is, I get audio fine through the 780, but I get no sound what so ever from any of the onboard ports. I have searched online for hours trying all the suggested solutions(check below) but I'm hoping its not a device failure =(

What's weird is that just like all other posts I've read, when I plug anything into the onboard jacks I get the speakers as connected and the audio level moves with sound..but I get no output from my speakers.
What I have tested:

1) removing and reinstalling audio drivers from Asus website. - no luck
2) trying a headphone in the different jacks to see if any would give audio - no luck
3) went into the BIOS made sure I was up to date and the sound device was enabled - no luck
I can post screenshots of anything that may help in trying to resolve this problem and would appreciate anyone assisting me.
Thank you.

A:No sound from onboard audio (Realtek High Defition Audio)

Ravir mate do yourself a favour and install a sound card I have the exact same board and I fitted an Asus Xonar DG after spending a load of time trying to make sense of the Asus site, RealTek site and the Windows feature which are all a crock of crap.
The GUI for the Xonar card is great for sound (up to 7:1 support) and effects and mixing. Best of all it is cheap. I have them in three of my machines and would not be bothered with the onboard rubbish. Sound Cards and Digital-to-Analog Converters - Xonar DG - ASUS

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I have several computers of differents (HP, Toshiba, etc) and It happens the same problem. The audio device has an exclamation mark in Device Manager.

I think this problem is caused by some update windows. My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 32bits .

Does anyone know what Windows Update should be uninstalled ?

Thank You.

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Recently upgraded a Dell Inspiron 3847 to an SSD and did a clean-install of Windows 7 Home-Premium x64 using Dell media. Post install, I cannot get the audio working. Device manager shows ...
Bluetooth Audio DriverHigh Definition Audio Device (yellow exclamation point)Realtek High Definition AudioI have tried the following to fix:
1. Uninstalling and deleting the driver then re-downloading using Dell Detect 2. Installing the RealTek R282 driver from the RealTek site3. Windows Update does not find the driver if it is uninstalled4. Right click on entry in device manager and letting Windows find it5. Installing it manually from the Dell siteAny help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

A:No Audio Post Clean Install. Realtek Audio Driver Installed but High Definition Audio Driver fails every time?

same principle as mentioned here: en.community.dell.com/.../20027104

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Hi everyone, I would be very grateful for some help please!

My laptop recently installed a BIOS update - I don't know what this was but since it happened I have been having sound problems with my laptop. After the update I had no sound. I read around and found how to get the sound back on - I did this by uninstalling AMD high definition audio device and high definition audio device. I would then restart the laptop and the sound would be working again. But when the laptop would be turned off, on turning back on it would re-install the above 2 things again automatically and the sound would no longer work.

I noticed that when the sound was working realtek high definition audio was listed under sound, video and game controllers in the device manager and when it wasn't working this wasn't there. Every time I uninstalled the AMD high definition audio device and high definition audio device the realtek one would be automatically installed when the laptop was restarted but then taken off on the next restart. I tried disabling the first 2 to see if that made any difference but it didn't. I noticed the drivers could be removed for the AMD high definition audio device so I tried that - that is now fully removed but I still have the problem with sound.

My laptop keeps automatically installing high definition audio device. When this is listed the sound doesn't work and the realtek high definition audio isn't listed. When I uninstall that - on the first restart the realte... Read more

A:realtek high definition audio and high definition audio device problem

First, the AMD High Definition Audio Device is ONLY for HDMI audio. It has nothing to do with the PC audio (speakers and/or headset).

Are you sure it was a BIOS update? Those are normally not automatic. The BIOS is the heart of the PC and controls the hardware configurations.

The basic Windows installed High Definition Audio Coded/Device is a generic audio driver. It can be installed for the PC audio and/or the HDMI audio. As this is a generic, basic function driver, the correct hardware driver needs to be installed.

Without the actual HP model number, I can't research what actually belongs on your PC. Apparently it is RealTek, but as it isn't functioning properly, or conflicting I still need to research the PC's specs.

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I recently ran a windows update and installed a newer version of the realtek high def audio driver. When i restarted my computer it didnt work, theres a little red x in my speaker icon in the right corner. I have tried rolling back the driver, downloading and reinstalling older versions of the driver. I have tried installing the motherboard audio drivers, reinstalling and uninstalling on the device manager, this thing involving subinacl dont really remember what, i found it on the internet somewhere. Please, someone help this is so aggravating. I have tried so many things i cant even remember everything. I am running Vista Premium 64. It is an HP dv6940se laptop with SP1, windows update is not letting me install SP2 for some reason, but im trying to get my sound fixed first.

A:Realtek High Def Audio Problems

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My microphones aren't working with the Realtek sound card, I've tried different mics including a brand new one and the build in one on the laptop. I've also searched Google for the common problems and can't seem to find any answers.

The drivers are up to date, the microphone is enabled and set as default in the sounds panel and volume turned up to full.

My mics have worked in the past (about a year or so ago now). They also work with old drivers dating back to 2005 that are installed when I click roll back drivers in the sound options, but the sound quality makes my ears bleed, so that isn't an option.

Mic isn't working with Realtek sound card, tried everything.

A:Mic problem with Realtek High Def. audio

Firstly,do make sure your mic is workable(try on another PC);
Secondly,please uninstall your audio driver in control panel->programs and features->realtek ...(if your PC using Windows 7 OS)
then try your mic: if could work normally with MS inbox audio driver,you know, that maybe you didn't install the right audio driver for you PC or do right setting for your mic;
otherwise that would be bad news your audio chip on mother board maybe damaged.

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HEY Everyone,I do not know if i have been the biggest dummie on the planet eart,i have installet high definition audio drivers witch i thourgt came from REALTEK,but when i open audiounits there only is high definition audio and before it said:realtek high definition audio,there is not ecxatly a problem because i have srs hd audio lab(Audio plugin)installed cood someone please help me and explain if there is a problem or not,it was supposed to be an update of realtek i dont know anything right now.Kind Regards Asser

A:Realtek & high definition audio?

You should either "rollback" the drivers to RealTek or reinstall RealTek. Usually, the "High Definition Audio" is a generic driver that Windows (Microsoft) provides. Do not allow Windows to automatically update/install the sound driver (some of the other drivers are OK).

If you want to try the rollback first, to to the Device Manager, and the properties for the sound device. Click the Driver Tab and then Click the Roll Back button.

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I was recording some music using a 1/4 to 1/8 inch converter in my mic jack. When I pulled the converter out of the jack, my computer made an extremely loud, continuous beep. I had to restart in safe mode to get it to stop. I disabled realtek high definition audio and restarted my computer normally, and the sound was gone, but I can't get sound without realtek working. Does anyone know how to fix my problem?

A:Realtek High Definition Audio

you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers through your device manager.

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After re-downloading Realtek Audio to my new hard drive, it did not include the "playback equalization" feature that was in the original software. This feature allows all music played on my WMP to be heard at the same volume level. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You,


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I'm not exactly sure how it happened but I lost my sound.

I installed the High Def Audio Codecs from the Realtek website and executed that - nothing.
I uninstalled the device and went to add new devices - it found the device, and still didnt work.
The exact description of the problem is -
Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)
Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device.
Theres a ton of things in the sound, video and game controllers that have yellow exclamation marks by them. And I need the sound before I go back to college.
Someone please help!

A:Realtek High Definition Audio HELP

It is best to get the driver from the manufacturer of the computer and/or soundcard, rather then Realtek

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I had to format my windows and after doing so i cant install the audio drivers it gives me an error 10 the device is not working
i have win xp sp 2

if you req. any other information please tell me.

i m really annoyed as the sounds aint working.

please help at the earliest


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Microsoft High Definition Driver vs Realtek high definition audio driver?

A:Microsoft High Definition Driver vs Realtek high definition audio driv

Care to explain what you actually want to know?

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HP Support Assist informed me that i need to update the above driver but it appears to freeze at the installation stageWhat should I do

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Does anyone know a safe place to download this? Do I have to pay for it?

A:Realtek High Definition Audio driver

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I'm trying to record some cassettes using the integrated line-in port of my Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 motherboard and even setting the input level to the lowest possible setting results in record levels WAY too high. (I'm using Audacity 1.2 to do the recording.) Any ideas? I'm quite a novice at this. Thanks in advance.

A:RealTek HD Audio Record Levels Too High

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I can't install the latest Realtek High Definition Audio Driver WDM_R236 on a Windows XP Pro Machine. The integrated soundcard is Realtek ALC880.
I also have an ATI video card and the ATI HDMI driver installed. Both devices say that they're working properly however there is no sound device under sounds and audio devices properties. There are two instances of Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio. I've uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers several times and tried many solutions but nothing has worked. I currently don't have sound. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:No Sound Realtek High Definition Audio

integrated soundcard did you go to the mother boards manufacturer site to get the drivers?
for the onboard audio Realtek ALC880.
if you downloaded the sound card drivers probably won't work..

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This is the second time this has happened.

My audio is not working. No output at all. My audio card is motherboard integrated. As said in the title, it is Realtek High Definition Audio (Speakers). Like I also said, this is the second time this has happened. Last time, I reinstalled my drivers and I was good to go. This time, however, I have reinstalled the drivers 3 times to no avail. When I plug in headphones and externals speakers, though, the audio works. Anyone got any suggestions?


A:Realtek High Definition Audio, No Sound

Hello an welcome Shreddie So if they were working what have you done since then? that is different, and where did you download the driver form?

The motherboard too my friend what is that?

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I have a new Dell PC that has Realtek High Definition Audio. As best as I can describe it, while watching videos or in a game, it periodically and with no particular intervals of time, will momentarily (no more than a second) pause and I'll hear a buzz. It then carries on as if nothing had happened. There is no rhyme nor reason to when this happens. Any ideas?

A:Realtek High Definition Audio problem

That sounds like what a bad speaker or speaker connection would do. Do you have a headphone you can connect to the headphone jack (or the rear GREEN speaker jack) and see if does it with the headphone? That would help to isolate the problem.

We have also seen audio problems caused by wi-fi or a cell phone or cordless phone close to the PC/speakers.

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i have had my windows vista desktop for about a year now everything is working fine, then just out of the blue i have no sound, i checked my sound drivers, and its a sound card on the mother board its not removable, and i right clicked the white speaker icon on the right bottom side of the task bar, i went to playback, and it tells me not plugged in, it also has realtek digital output, that has a check mark on it, but on speakers it doesnt, it has a arrow pointing down, and says not plugged in, i tried plugging other devices in and it still sayd not plugged in, i went to device manager and right clicked system speaker, on device status it says (no drivers are installed for this device) then i also clicked on view and then show hidden devices and as i scrolled down, and i extended the (non-plug and play drivers) as i scrolled down i saw what looks like a piece of paper and a star or gear on it, its says int15 and has a yellow warning sing on it anyone what this means, if so please let me know, thanks!

A:realtek high definition audio playback

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hello. At some point I chose to reinstall Windows. I installed and updated all the drivers, etc and set the speakers up the same way as before. Only this time the audio was around 50% of the volume it was previously with volume up full. I reinstalled all audio drivers 5 times already, dont know what to do... i am running creative speakers 5.1. The drivers i have are : View image: fghfghfghfgh
I use green jack for front speakers , blue for rear speakers and pink for center/subwoofer. Please help, i want to get my full capacity sound!! (((

A:Realtek high definition audio max volume is about 50% than before,help

Hi tadasjag and Welcome to Seven Forums,
Can you roll back the driver and see if it fixes the problem?

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Hi guys..now we all know ...this is golbal problem..i have instaled my windows 7 ultimate x86 and no drivers works for me...like always :Code 10 problem ...last time ..a xp driver works ...but i can't remember the version that i used...
Maybe this will help you http://img255.imageshack.us/img255/6011/92004770.png Pleaseee help meee !!!

A:Realtek High Definition Audio problem

Quote: Originally Posted by purice993

Hi guys..now we all know ...this is golbal problem..i have instaled my windows 7 ultimate x86 and no drivers works for me...like always :Code 10 problem ...last time ..a xp driver works ...but i can't remember the version that i used...
Maybe this will help you http://img255.imageshack.us/img255/6011/92004770.png Pleaseee help meee !!!

Welcome to sevenforums purice993!

Please help us to help you... please fill in your system specs. There are many models of realtek soundcards... some are built onto motherboards, some are add on cards, realtek are also used in laptops too!


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hi, i'm new here and found these forums by googling. i'm deeply sorry for posting this if its against rules or have been posted before without doing a search

i just bought a P35-DS3L Motherboard in less than a month ago, installed everything and it ran fine including my audio. all of a sudden i had blue screen, i have the idea whats wrong but cannot fix (note: my audio is still working even though the blue screen started).

i decided to do a quick format instead of a full format because i didn't backup my files. after finish installation of Windows XP SP2 Professional, i reinstalled all my drivers and noticed my Audio Driver isn't starting up after restart (note: yes, i tried installing Microsoft UAA Driver and then the Realtek HD Audio Driver)

since it was a quick format, i thought maybe the existing old drivers have been causing problem.

so i tried to uninstall Realtek High Definition Audio Driver and i start to get the message "Realtek HD Audio driver remove failure". i rechecked my files in windows, some of the files are removed but not all

did a restart after failure of uninstall and tried to reinstall starting from Microsoft UAA Driver and then Realtek HD Audio Driver and restarted after the installation again (note: nothing went wrong with the installation)

after the computer restarted, i noticed the Realtek HD Audio isn't starting and when i check on Sounds And Audio Devices in Control Panel, it says No Audio Device. i checke... Read more

A:Realtek High Definition Audio Problem

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uhm first of all sorry for my poor english because im a filipino...my problem started after i reformatted my pc...i have installed all the drivers that is given to me by the store where i buy my pc....but when i install the drivers the realtek high definition audio won't install and when i look at the device manager it has a yellow exclamation mark...the worse part is my computer have no sound...i have search the internet for other driver for realtker high definition audio but the installation always failed...by the way im using xp/sp2...im very grateful to see this forum because you help many people...pls hep me too...thanks in advance

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I hope this is the right subforum for this!

I've just recently gotten a new computer, and installed Windows 7 64 bit on it.

I'm using an ASUS P6X58D-E motherboard, with RealTek High Definition Audio Codec.

My problem is that my computer seems to only be recognising devices plugged into one audio jack. Basically, when I started the computer up, the speakers (which were already plugged in to the green port, as normal) worked fine, and indeed they still work fine now.
However, if I plug headphones or a microphone in to any of the other ports, it says 'you have plugged a device into the audio jack', but nothing actually happens - headphones are silent, my microphone doesn't receive any sound. The front two jacks don't even make that message pop up - nothing happens at all.

If I unplug my speakers and plug my headphones in to that jack, they seem to work - but obviously that's less than ideal. So it's as if this one jack works and none of the others do.
(My microphone doesn't work when plugged into that jack of course)

I've tried reinstalling the drivers from CD, updating the drivers through windows, updating the drivers from the RealTek website, reinstalling windows, etc. No change at all.

Any ideas?

A:RealTek High Definition Audio problems

Each port has it's own use. Check the motherboard User Manual for specifics.

With that said, the "green" port is the standard audio out port. This is where you would connect your speakers or headphones to hear the audio. It is a standard stereo output or in multi-channel mode, the front left/right.

Did the front panel ports ever work? They need to be connected to the proper outputs on the motherboard.

If they have worked in the past and/or they are properly connected, then you most likely have a driver issue. Several of the Realtek chipsets do not work well with Win7, especially 64bit.

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I accidently deleted the Realtek High Def Audio Driver. How do I get this back or equivalent for Windows 10 please

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Compaq presario home premium SR5130NX
Windows Vista 32bit
sfc /scanow: show corrupt files.

No audio output device is installed
Computer crash when I attempting, to Install the Realtek audio driver.
In Recovey Manager, I reinstall the Realtek audio driver.
But when installing the audio driver pc crash (the blue screen)
No sound, the red X in the icon sound!
(Note: I did the recovery process, using recovery disks, but the problem still there)
Any help, to fix this issue!

Mito 52

A:Realtek High Definition Audio driver problem!


try these drivers:-

Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Update - Compaq Presario SR5130NX Desktop PC | HP? Support

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Recently, I installed this Windows XP Professional SP2 on my comp. Once done, I am not been able to install my audio drivers for Realtek High Definition Audio. I couldn't understand what the problem is. Before, they were working fine, now since I had re-installed the Windows again, the whole thing came into being. I had done reinstalling the Windows several times now.

The drivers for the device are installed. But it says the device cannot start.[Code 10].

I had done loads of things, such as :

1. Reinstalling the drivers after uninstalling the same.
2. Rebooting as appropriate.
3. Surf through different sites to check, what best I can do, to tackle the whole thing. But nothing so far.

Hopefully someone be able to tell me, what to do.....

I need my sound back, as my work is completely hung up without it.....


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Hello, thanks in advance for reading.
Previously I had Realtek HD Manager installed, but under the direction of another, I uninstalled it, as it wasn't detecting any devices plugged into it.

I am still having the same problem, and when I attempt to install Realtek again, it comes with either :

Or this, and it will repeatedly come up no matter how many times I allow it, until it eventually just closes itself.

edit : This is for any of the drivers available on the website, the first one being RC266 Vistax64, the second one being AC97.
Here is an image of the playback devices :

Previously, instead of "High Defintion Audio Device", it was shown "Realtek High Definition ect ect."
It used to show "Digital Output" being the only one plugged in, and on the HD Audio Manager, nothing else was detected.

Device Manager :
AMD Athlon II X2 250
A780L3G Mobo [Integrated Sound]
AMD Radeon HD 6670
Windows 7 Home Premium x64

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

A:Realtek High Definition Audio Troubles - Not Detecting Anything

High Definition Audio Device suggests a generic Windows installed sound driver rather than the RealTek driver.

Make sure you are getting the correct driver, either Vista or Windows 7 for 64 bit OS, from the PC or motherboard vendor's site. Windows XP drivers are not compatible. If you get the warning on a valid driver, click the Install anyway and it should install.

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I have a Dell Laptop (Inspiron 5558 Signature Edition) Windows 10.

Recently I turned on my laptop to find a red 'X' on my audio. I tried to fix this by downloading a new driver, but instead of having one 'High Definition Audio Device' and one 'Realtek', I now have two High Definition Audio Devices and the Realtek one is completely gone.

I don't know what Realtek Driver I had before and I don't know how to fix this.

My audio now has an echo and some audio comes out of my speakers rather than my headphones, even when I have my headphones plugged in.

How do I find out what Realtek Audio Driver I had before and how do I replace one of my High Definition Audio Devices with it?

A:Somehow replaced Realtek Driver with High Definition Audio?

Hello EmeraldBlue.

Considering that you have W10 Home 64-Bit you should really have posted this at our sister forum:
Ten Forums

However I can tell you that your audio device is Realtek ALC3234, I mean you can of course download the audio driver from Dell Support site:
Product Support | Dell US

Cheers, Boris

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I am trying to download Realtek High Definition Audio from HERE and I keep getting this error :P,

Any help?

A:Realtek High Definition Audio Download Problem

Nevermind it worked now

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I'll give you guys the full story with as much information as possible to make this as easy as possible.

Yesterday i installed a game however, when i went to play i got a message saying my 'Sound-Driver was occupied by another application and i needed to close that application in order to play the game'. Trying to figure out this problem i visit multiple websites and many people tell me to delete the sound drivers from my PC and re-install them. The only problem was i had no CD that came with my laptop so i had to find the drivers online. I went to Acer.com and put in my model number and found the right laptop. I went to the Audio tab and 3 driver options came up. Not knowing which was the right one i downloaded/installed them all.
Before we go any further ill give the spec's of my PC and what driver i deleted.

Manufacturer: Acer
Model: Aspire V3-571
System type: 64 bit operating system

To delete my drivers i went to Start>Right click on my computer> Properties>Device Manager>Sound, Video, Game Controllers tab, and then right clicked the driver and clicked remove.

The two Drivers that came up under the 'Sound, Video, Game Controllers' tab were:
- Intel (R) Display Audio
- Realtek High definition Audio (I deleted this one because this is my sound)

Once i deleted this Realtek Audio driver i lost sound instantly (which was expected) and proceeded to download the 3 drivers from the Acer Website. Here is the link to the website and the drivers i d... Read more

A:No Sound on PC (Realtek High Definition Audio Driver)

So today i downloaded Assassins Creed 1 and proceeded to install. The installation worked fine and when i click the Assassins Creed Icon on my desktop i get this message:

"Your Sound-Driver is currently used by an other application. Close any application using your Sound-Driver and try again... else you'll not be able to hear and sounds or musics."

I looked in Device manager under the 'Sound' tab and my sound drivers are working fine. I have sound and haven't even had a sound problem since i got this PC. I thought it might have been the download but i downloaded a bunch of different ones and i keep getting the same message. Any help would be amazing. Here are my specs:

Manufacturer: Acer
Model: Aspire V3-571
System type: 64 bit

I don't see how re-installing my sound drivers would fix this problem because everything works fine... so instead of suggesting that lets try something else.

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Hi guys!
I just bought a 5.1 sound system (Logitech Z-5500) and I have realtek sound card.
The problems are:
In 6 channel mode the center and the rear speakers are not working.
In PLII Music, Movie mode the rear speakers are slightly distorted.
The questions are:
This is a driver issue?
How can I fix this?
I've tried almost everything but still nothing..

A:Realtek high definiton audio and Logitech Z-5500

Weak, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Are you using the analogue or digital connection? With those speakers and using onboard sound, you would probably be better off using the digital connection, as the speakers are liable to have a better DAC in them than the onboard audio.

This is a driver issue?

Quite possibly is you tried and/or managed to install the Realtek drivers based on what you have listed in your specs. You show it as the AC'97 when your motherboard has the Realtek HD,


of which you can find links for the latest version here,

Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version

P.S. If you really want to get the most out of those speakers, you should look into getting a decent sound card and use the analogue connections on it.

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I have just recently encountered a problem where my speakers are playing/making crackling/popping sounds. However, I know this is because of my computer because I hooked my speakers up to my phone and it worked perfectly fine. I'm also aware that if I play a sound over bluetooth the sound doesn't happen. I've run the trouble shooting program 10 times, and after it caused my system sounds to termporarly stop working (fixed by restarting computer) I stopped running it. I believe this is being caused by the Realtek High Definition Audio driver, however im not positive. I've tried going to Device Manager and updating it but it doesnt solve the problem, in fact while trying all this it actually got worse. Before 5 days ago I had never had this problem, and my computer came with Windows 10 installed. I have also noticed that it mostly occurs with my left speaker and hardly at all with my right. I have a HP ENVY Phoenix Desktop, and i've had it for around a year. Any reccomendations on what to do?

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Hi All,

Could you please advise me about an issue I'm having with installing realktek High Definition Audio Codecs?

After installing R2.82 (latest) I cannot see the tray icon or launch the app directly (nothing happens). (Source: Realtek)

I've tried a reinstall, restart etc on my Windows 10 64-bit Desktop PC.

Screenshot is attached.

A:Realtek High Definition Audio Codecs Issue

Hi. . .

I need to get some system info from you. The easiest way is for you to run the Sysnative BSOD File Collection App -


Please attach the resulting zip file to your next post.

I also need to know your system's manufacturer and the product number.

What was the reason that you updated the driver?

Have you tried to roll the driver back to the previous version?

Please provide the Realtek link that you are now using/have used to update the driver.

Have you tried the Realtek audio codec supplied by your system manufacturer's (OEM) support site? Usually, OEMs will modify the Realtek codec and it is the modified one that ends up working.

Go to the OEM support site, download the Realtek audio codec, install it snd see if there is any difference.

First and foremost - ALWAYS create a system restore point before updating drivers.


Regards. . .



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I just got a new PC and I can't get the sound to work. My PC has the following specs:

Microsoft Windows 7 (6.1) Enterprise Edition 64-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)

DirectX Version 11.0

CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz

Mainboard Model Z68A-G43 (G3) (MS-7750) (0x000004E0 - 0x8FF0BC90)

vendor American Megatrends Inc.
version V5.0
date 04/19/2012

My system is not muted
I have tried to update the driver from both Realteks and MSIs web pages - no luck.
I have tried to connect my headphones in both rear and front - no luck.
When I play audio - I do see green bars in under the playback tab under sound devices.
I do have the Realtek HD Audio Manager
I have noticed that when I mark "Disable front panel jack detection" in the Realtek HD audio manager, the headphones appears to be connected in the playback tab, when I uncheck it, the headphones seems to be disconnected in the playback tab.

Can anyone help me please
Kind regards

A:realtek high definition audio device - no sound

Is the "Speakers" set as the default audio playback device? That setting is in the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Sound Panel.

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Hi All,

Could you please advise me about an issue I'm having with installing realktek High Definition Audio Codecs?

After installing R2.82 (latest) I cannot see the tray icon or launch the app directly (nothing happens). (Source: Realtek)

I've tried a reinstall, restart etc on my Windows 10 64-bit Desktop PC.

Screenshot is attached.

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I have an Acer aspire 5710 notebook.I bought it last week.
I am a musician and ? always record something with my computer.When ? try to record something with my new notebook ? saw that ? can not hear the voice of microphone.
I am trying to solve that problem .Please help me.

A:Realtek high defination audio microphone problem

i have the same problem on hp compaq 6715b. I've been tweaking windows and searching google for 24 hrs now, and i'm left under the impression that soundmax HDA (realtek HDA in your case) just doesn't support hardware mic monitoring. I'd venture 3rd party software is the solution but haven't been able to find anything useful. SOMEONE PLEEEASE HEELP ASAP

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Hi, I recently upgraded my Yoga 2 Pro to Windows 10 and was excited to try Cortana but unfortunately I could not get it to recognize my voice. It turns out that the microphone level with the Windows 10 Realtek High Definition Audio drivers is abismally low. This also causes a problem with Skype and Google Hangouts. I have tried every driver I could find (Realtek.tw, Microsoft Updates catalog server, etc) and none of them resolved the problem. I also tried the "generic" High Definition Audio driver and that also did not work. Has anyone else experieced this problem and if so, has anyone found a solution?Thanks.  

A:Realtek High Definition Audio drivers for Windows ...

did you fix this problem?

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My sound works fine even though the driver says 2006 ( Is it necessary for me to update to the newest driver?

A:Is it necessary to update the Realtek High Definition Audio driver?

No,as long as it's working you don't have to.

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