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Want to replace hard disk in laptop with SSD drive

Q: Want to replace hard disk in laptop with SSD drive

Guys I am looking to replace the hard disk in my HP Pavilion dv6 laptop with an SSD drive to improve performance. Can someone please advise what interface/size/height/dimensions that is required for successful installation. Please also advise any additional information that I might require. Thanks in advance,T

Preferred Solution: Want to replace hard disk in laptop with SSD drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Want to replace hard disk in laptop with SSD drive

actually you can't upgrade there are differnt slots for SSD,means its coonecting port with motherboard is different.

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Product # LR656UA#ABA - warranty expired. Ran system test at boot up error message (F2 Hard Disk Test)... Hard disk failed the test. How do i get hard disk replaced A.S.A.P. (i need it "yesterday"!) and how much does it cost?Thanks. Rebecca

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Product # LR656UA#ABA - warranty expired. Ran system test at boot up error message (F2 Hard Disk Test)... Hard disk failed the test. How do i get hard disk replaced A.S.A.P. (i need it "yesterday"!) and how much does it cost?Thanks. Rebecca

A:Hard Disk Failure - what is cost to replace hard drive in 10...

Hi Rebecca, Contact an HP Service Center or a PC or laptop shop and ask them that. This is not a business unit of HP We do not provide prices for HP's services. We are volunteers. If you want to change it out yourself, then that is a different matter.  We can advise you as to what type hard disk or SSD is needed and show how to replace it.  

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My Dell Inspiron notebook hard disk is about to fail (SMART event warnings; Crystaldiskinfo status: bad)
I am still on Win 8.1; reserved upgrade to Windows 10; status is"we will let you know when your system is ready for upgrade".
I have a replacement hard disk available; how do I replace it without new Windows 10 licence ?
Do I need to need to re-install Windows 8 (with Dell OEM installation disk) and then upgrade to Windows 10; or can I do a clean install of Windows 10 (using Windows 10 installation media downloaded from Microsoft) on the new hard disk?
As I am entitled to an upgraded OS (Windows 10) - I should be eligible to install and use Windows 10 on a replacement hard drive. Please correct me if that is not right.

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The 32-gigabyte (GB) NAND flash-based solid state disk (SSD) can upload and download data quickly and quietly as it uses instantly-accessible static NAND flash memory instead of the rotating discs found in hard drives.

SSD weighs only half as much as a hard drive, reads data three times faster and writes data 1,5 times quicker, it said.

It consumes a mere five percent of the electricity needed to power a hard disk drive and operates silently as it requires no motor or any other noise-making parts.

A:Samsung develops drive to replace hard disk

Awesome. Solid-state memory needs to replace ferromagnetic plates of glass. Methinks this step in technology is long overdue.

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Hey all,

Lacie bigdisk ethernet 1tb took a dump.... I want to replace it with another hard drive but don't know how to install and put the right portitions on the new drive so that it may detect and read the information from the lacie console.

I know that it is a linux based, and i have the gls files just need to know the next step.

Any help or idea's would be great thanks.

A:HELP! need to replace hard drive in lacie big disk ethernet

Do you mean you physically are unsure how to put a new hard drive in the system?

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My primary HDD was failing so I backed it up and replaced it with a larger 1TB drive.  After reinstalling everything the new drive is displaying the same size as my old drive and the extra space available is unallocated.  I can allocate it as
a separate drive but I find that annoying and would prefer to just have my primary C: drive show up with all of the available space.  I formatted the extra space and made it available separately as drive G hoping that I could EXPAND drive C but that option
is not highlighted as selectable on drive C for some reason.  Should I just live with this extra space or is there a way to easily combine C and the new G space?

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The hard drive on this laptop is beginning to make intermittent noises.Where can  I buy a replacement hard drive and how do I transfer the complete contents (i.e. OS, Office Products, 3rd party software, etc.) of my old hard drive to a new bootable hard drive?I assume MOVING all the contents of my old hard drive to the new hard drive satisfies my licensing agreement to have only one copy of the software operating at a time.  I wish to remain with the Windows 7 operating system.

A:Replace HP laptop hard drive

Hi,You can buy any good branded 2.5 inch SATA 9.5mm HDD. Western digital, HGST travelstar are good ones.For moving, you can use Macrium Reflect Free cloninghttp://kb.macrium.com/KnowledgebaseArticle50081.aspxYou need SATA to USB adapter to connect hard drive to computer:https://www.walmart.com/ip/StarTech.com-USB-3.0-to-2.5-SATA-III-Hard-Drive-Adapter-Cable-w-UASP-Stor...But word of caution: if OS is corrupted or hard drive is failing, cloning wouldn't be a good option as it may not successfully move with all OS integrity retainedRegardsVisruth

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I'm new, plz help.  My laptop's hard drive is failing and needs replacing.  I can order a similar drive (a 160 GB SATA drive) from ebay.  Question: when I get and replace the drive, what steps must I take for the laptop's BIOS to recognize the new drive, make it the primary, then install the Windows 7 OS from my Recovery DVDs?Perhaps the BIOS will see the drive automatically and I can simply use the Reccovery DVDs???? Thank you!

A:How to replace my laptop's hard drive

It's really straightforward. Stick the new drive in the machine, boot from the DVD and let the installer initialize, format and mount the hard drive.  Hard drive "how-to" is on p. 4-10 of the Service manual here: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c01868653 These older laptops are a joy to work on. Reminds me of when the computers and pollution control stuff became common on cars. Makes you nostalgic for your 1969 Chevy Impala which you could tune up yourself.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.   

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Hi, I bought a new Acer laptop, with the usual 500GB hard drive.First thing I want to do is get a higher capacity drive in the new lap top.Are there size limitations, or bios or motherboard concerns? QUESTIONS:(1)Can I get any size (6TB for example) drive and just stick it in? Acer 17.3 P2020ME1-731-20204G50Mnii Thx!Mark 

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Hi every one. I had been using the laptop fine then the next thing it restarted and wont start. Then im hearing the dreaded ticking and clicking from the hard drive. Ive taken all the screws out of the back of the case but i cant see any way to separate the case to get at the hard drive. Id really appreciate any help.

A:How do i open my laptop to replace the hard drive

Hi, The Specifications Page for your notebook lists it as shipping with Windows 10 - if that's correct, the machine should still be under warranty so you could contact HP and arrange to have the drive replaced free of charge- If needed, you can check your warranty status Here. If you live in the UK, contact HP Here. If you live in the US, contact HP Here. If you are in another part of the world, start Here. If you do want to replace the HDD yourself, the procedure is detailed starting on Page 56 of the Maintenance & Service Guide.  ( Note that there are 2 screws under the rear rubber feet that are easy to forget- Page 39 ). Regards, DP-K 

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I was compromised by a cyber locker virus/malware. It completely has my computer in it's control. It wants me to pay a ransom to unlock it. I decided to get a new hard drive and toss the old one. There is nothing important on it. I'm using my desk top to write this question.
This is a HP Zv5445us laptop with Windows XP, a FUJITSU 100GB hard drive, and 1152 MB memory. I purchased a SEAGATE 160 GB hard drive to replace the original. I do have the recovery disc that came with the lap top.
After installing the new hard drive and turn the power on, and click the ESC key, I get a boot menu. If I click on hard drive, Media test failure screen shows.
If I just turn it on, There is a screen with PXE-E61:Media Test Failure.
If I turn it on and click F10 key, I get a PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility page with the PC specs.
My question: What is the procedure to format the new hard drive then install windows XP and use the recovery disc? Any and all help is very much appreciated. Thank You.

A:Replace a compromised laptop hard drive

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A:can i replace a laptop hard drive with a newer one???

Originally Posted by nostaw5

the title says it all

Yes, you just need to make sure the newer hard drive is compatible with your laptop (cables/voltage/etc.)

Hope I helped!

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I got so confused searching for a solution I decided to ask for specific detailed answer. My 80 year old brain doesn't help especially since I am not a techie, just to poor to pay to have it done!!!
I am getting notices that my 8 year old Win 7 laptop 80 GB HDD has a problem, but it still works and I haven't used it since the notices appeared.
I purchased another 80 GB HDD.
How do I clone the existing HDD to my external HDD, install the new HDD and transfer the clone to the new HDD and have it boot with all the existing programs and files working as before.
I appreciate someone's help.

A:Need to replace dying hard drive in laptop.

You could try a clone. Or you could try an imaging procedure.

Either can work or fail.

I'd say the best tool for the job is Macrium Reflect Free Edition. It will clone or image. It's free.

Windows 7 has a built-in imaging capability, but it can be confusing if you are unfamiliar with it.

With Macrium Reflect, the general procedure would be:

Install Macrium.

Use it to make an image file. Save the image file on the external disc.

Make a "recovery" CD with Macrium.

Install your new hard drive.

Boot from the recovery CD and navigate to the image file you made.

"Restore" that image file to the new hard drive.

That's the basic procedure, but it's not foolproof. Neither is cloning.

Are you ready, willing, and able to reinstall Windows and all of your applications if cloning and imaging fail?

Have you backed up your personal data, bookmarks, and email to the external hard drive? That would probably be my first concern as the old hard drive may expire in 2 minutes for all we know.

Can you give the exact message you are getting about a bad hard drive? What is giving you this message?

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Is there a video (YouTube) or manual that shows how to replace a hard drive on  my  HP 14 -n018us laptop? Thanks MP

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I am trying to help out a family member. Her little used laptop (now 8 years old) slowed down to a crawl.
After trying all software solutions (repair, restore etc), I ran HD Tune which showed the heard drive was failing (plus the fact at idle the drive starts spinning furiously for a few seconds every couple of minutes).

I have taken an image of the drive onto an external hard drive using Macrium. As it is an HP Pavillion (dv6404tu) and came only with the system restore on the hard drive and no op sys disk, can I install a new drive, make a bootable CD and boot from this and then transfer the image onto the new drive? And is it that simple?

Also, as a new 120gb drive for this model will run approx $125, a SSD makes more financail/performance sense, only from what I have read, am I correct in that I can't use a SSD with this older laptop?

Thanks in advance.

HP Pavillion dv6404tu with Vista 32bit

A:Replace hard drive in HP Laptop without install discs

The chances are that yes, it is that simple.

On my old Dell laptop with Vista, that's how the system had been transferred to an SSD. The difference was that I've used USB not CD boot disk. The imaging with Macruim did not impact licensing of the OS and applications, they are working just fine. Vista is SSD aware and will adjust the boot sector size for the best SSD performance.

The wild card is how HP handles licenses for the new hard drive, be that HDD or SSD? They may do it differently than Dell, but I doubt it...

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I have a Dell Precision M4500 laptop that I bought a couple of years ago. It has a 64GB SSD with 64bit Win7 on it, and a 500GB internal 5400rpm Toshiba storage HD linked to the SSD. Lately I've noticed that the Toshiba drive is starting to click noticeably, which means it's probably time for a replacement.

The question is if I go out and buy a new 500GB or 1TB drive, is it just plug & play and the OS will just detect it automatically? Or will I need to install some kind of Intel storage drivers and do some additional tweaking?

I've never done this before so any help here would be most appreciative.

A:How do I replace a storage hard drive that's built into my laptop?

It will likely be plug and play, but laptops can be kind of finicky. If it does require drivers, Windows should install them automatically, or through Windows update.

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It has been a long time but stilll see some familiar faces. My hard drive went and we just installed a new Toshiba (direct replacement) on this Dell Laptop.

I have the original OS Re-installation DVD (from Dell) but it is not recognizing it. Not quite sure what to do/try next.

Appreciate any input/direction.

A:Replace Hard Drive in Dell Studio XPS Laptop

Post here and ask Peter (Ex_Brit) to send you the link to the versions of Vista you need, 32 or 64. Include your E-mail address mucked up, like abc at xyz DOT com then edit your post and remove it as soon as you receive the link.

The ISO Peter provides has both SP1 and SP2 applied.

Pick up the Tutorial: How to Download a Vista ISO and Create an Installation DVD or USB here:

To Create Vista Installation DVD or USB Flash Drive with ISO File

During the install, when asked for the key, don't enter it. You will then be given a menu where you can chose the version you want to install.

Activate once the install is completed.

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Can someone help me an advise . I want to change the original hard drive broke with a SSD drive .I would like to know what model I need and if it is comaptible with my Ulrbook HP ENVY 6 Model 1201 SQ .Thank you in advise.  

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Hi all.

My laptop was working fine with a new replaced motherboard. Suddenly one day it showed some problem in processing further when I started it. When checked by a local service guy, it was diagnosed that the hard disk had got damaged. He couldn't exactly specify the problem but we got to know that the hard disk was not being detected by the laptop, or any other PC or laptop.
Now when we connect the hard disk with any system/laptop it gives a little sound of the fan or the motor (or whatever) running but then it stops.

It is a Samsung make, 160 GB one.

One guy has said that he will try changing the PCB and it may work. I jus want to know if it can be repaired and more than that I have my sister's wedding pics and videos in that with no back up. Is there any means by which I can recover those files, I don't want anything else.
Please help, I am in trauma.

A:Hard disk drive not being detected by the laptop

Now when we connect the hard disk with any system/laptop it gives a little sound of the fan or the motor (or whatever) running but then it stops.Click to expand...

It is most likely dead, and you'll want to find a recovery service provider, which by the way, are usually quite expensive.

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History (long story short):
I bought a used HP Pavilion Ze4300. It gave good service for 2 years. Then the HDD died.

I came to TSG forums for help. They recommended I buy a new HDD and install it. So I ordered a new HDD off NewEgg. I also bought one of those USB caddy thingies to plug in my hard disk into.

I bought this HDD:

And this USB enclosure:

Note: I don't have the original XP CDs, nor do I have recovery CDs. I didn't bother ordering the recovery CDs from HP because I have access to a low-cost XP license (I teach at a university).
Present time (i.e. today):
I tried installing the new HDD into my HP laptop. My laptop gave the same error it was giving with the bad HDD. I thought maybe the new HDD needs to be formatted.

Next, I plugged the old (dead) HDD into the USB enclosure and tried plugging it to my other, working laptop. It gave some kind of hardware installation error. Fair enough.

Next, I plugged in the new HDD into the USB enclosure and tried plugging it to my other, working laptop. No error, it said my hardware was installed properly. HOWEVER, there was no new drive letter. I concluded that this was probably because that HDD is not formatted, so my other, working laptop cannot assign it a drive letter.

So my questions:
1) How do I format this new HDD of mine?
2) Is my above analysis correct?

Thanks for your help.
... Read more

A:How to format a new laptop HDD (hard disk drive)?

Go to start>run and type diskmgmt.msc and hit enter, you can format from here

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Hello guyz,
pliz help me with the steps involved in upgrading or replacing an MFM hard drive with IDE-class hard drive

A:STEPS TO UPGRADE/REPLACE an MFM hard drive with an IDE-class hard drive

Hi kfkaggwa, and welcome to TSG.

Any chance the motherboard has and IDE controller built in? If not, what kind of expansion card options does it have?

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Hello,my laptop is Acer E5-573G, with Windows 10 in dual-boot with Kubuntu 14.04I'm thinking to replace the hard disk with ssd, because the start-up of Windows is very slow,I would like to know if this operation is very difficult, I never tampered with laptops, but I assembled my desktop pc.There is a guide on the internet for that operation?Thanks.

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Can anyone please help me figure out how to replace the 500GB spinner the laptop shipped with? I see it is snugly affixed in there with a black rubberish frame around the drive. There is also a tab at the front but I am afraid to pull it with much force for fear of damaginng anything. Is there a screw holding the hard drive? Nothing is budginng at all. The plastic frame around the drive seems pretty tight and the pull tab does not seem to make it budge at all. I feel silly even asking how to do this but drive is packed in there quite tightly. Can someone please explain how the primmary hard drive spinner should slide out along with the rubber/plastinng strip around it? Do I first remove the plastic frame around the drive? Thanks so much!


Go to Solution.

A:P70: Help Replace Hard Disk with SSD

Okay so I actually found the process described in the repair manual but still I am stumped. It seems I should pull on the tab atttached to the black frame but the frame is not budging and I am afraid if I pull much harder that I have something might break. Is there something I am missing in pulling this tab/frame around the hard drive? https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles_pdf/p70_ug_en.pdf  

DriveReplacement.JPG ?243 KB

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I have HP Pavilion G7 1232sg laptop with broken HD. I was looking on internet for that specific HD but I didnt find it.
How can I find it and does it need to be for HP Pavilion G7 1232sg or I can use any HD I want.

A:How do I replace hard disk with right one .. ?

Seems you've got a 500Gb Sata 2,5" running 5400RPM in your laptop.

You could pick up the same HDD brand running 5400Rpm or one running 7200Rpm, but be aware that the 7200Rpm will produce more heat while running faster.

You could also upgrade to a SSD 2,5" but at cost for less GB but running much faster than traditional magnetic HDD.

If you're on the way to change your laptop Hard Drive, i would recommend to make Recovery DVD to save the hidden recovery partition of your laptop.

You should find it in the HP Software (HP Recovery Manager) how to make those Recovery DVD before replacing drive.

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Friends i was usigg wd 500Gb hdd for 2 yrs recently it starts corrupting by deleting files at startup saying that 1422 unreadable and deleting these files and correcting Index Entries. It deletes My Media Files. Aslo bad sectors are created. I replace this hdd and got 1 tb as replacement . I connected it but after some days same problem is persisting. I changed SATA cables And SATA power Cables but not working But when i interchanged SATA Pin from SATA0 To SATA 1 HDD working Pretty Good for some Days and again Deleting Index Entries gain Interchanged SATA cable From SATA1 To SATA0 problem solved for some days and same
My dealer says that its PSU problem.
Friends Is it really PSU problem Or MOTHERBOARD Problem ?
My system is
Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.2 GHz
Intel D945 Motherboard
2 GB ram
1.2 TB hard disk
450W PSU HYTECH(Actual 390W power rating for 12V is 14A

A:Replace 2 Hard Disk

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy

My dealer says that its PSU problemClick to expand...

presuming that he tested the PSU, either with a PSU tester or with the installation of a utility that reports the voltages, or checked the voltages in the BIOS - then one may presume he is correct

3. Whether it eventually transpires that he was or indeed was not, the replacement of the PSU, is a relatively simple task, compared with the motherboard.

4. Are there any other problems, if it is the PSU one might suspect that you may have graphic problems when the power demand is made.

5. Download this and see what results we get please

the download is below the HW Monitor pro on the right of the link screen and you want the info shown on the image re voltages

6. That all said
450W PSU HYTECH(Actual 390W power rating for 12V is 14A
Click to expand...

Hytech is at the lower end of the PSU quality range and 14Amp on the 12 volt rail is illustrative of that. One may expect it to be closer to 25+ to 30

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Hi I have done some testing and I got a Replace Hard Disk1 dos it mean need a new hard drive  and if I need a new one what kind of hard drive can I use  Thank you


View Solution.

A:Replace Hard disk

A classic. One of the best laptops HP ever made but now getting a little long in the tooth.  You definitely need a new hard drive. Here is the Service manual: 6910p Manual It does support SATA hard drives and could theoretically run a solid state drive. See page 44 for replacement "how-to". You have to remove the hard drive from the caddy by removing the four screws at the corners of the drive, and then replace it with the new one. The biggest drive offered from the factory was 160 gigs which is laughably small by today's standards. Now hard to find anything smaller than 320 gigs.  https://www.amazon.com/Seagate-Momentus-7200RPM-Internal-ST9500420AS-Bare/dp/B001R4BBLU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1482634689&sr=8-3&keywords=2.5+inch+500+gig+7200+rpm Above is a 500 gig 7200 rpm drive that would be bigger and faster than what you have. Post back if you need any more help with software migration/reinstall or anything else.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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I have an older HP Pavillion a6319fh desktop that has a failing hard disk ,and needs to replaced. the failing HD is 360mb and I would like to install a larger capacity HD. My question is how big can I go, and if there are any restrictions? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Manufacturer: Asus
microATX - 24.4 cm (9.6 inches) x 24.4 cm (9.6 inches)
Northbridge chipset: Intel G33 Express
Southbridge chipset: Intel ICH9R
Operating speed: Up to 2.2 GHz

Pentium E2200
Operating speed: Up to 2.2 GHz
Bus speed: 800 MHz

4 GB


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I have an HP Pavilion Nootbook that needs its Hard Disk replaced. Exactly where is it located and how do I find a replacement, what do I look or ask for?

A:Need to replace a hard disk

Are you sure?

Try to download the manual at HP. That will give details.

Maybe someone here has that exact model.

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I have a laptop with a hard drive that crashed. There was no recovery disk made nor do I have the installation windows vista CD. Laptop is at least 2years old. how do I go about reinstalling the new hard drive? Will HP Support provide me a free installation disk?

thank you

A:Laptop Hard Drive CRASHED but no recovery disk

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HP Pavilion dv6700
Windows Vista Home Premium
Intel Pentium Dual CPU T2370
3 Gig Memory

Ive made a Vista Recovery CD, since turning my comptuer on all it said was BOOTMGR or something is missing clt+alt+del to restart...and it does it over and over

boot to the disk and choose Command Prompt from the list of recovery options.
At the C prompt type:
cd Windows\WinSXS
and press enter.

Then type:
del pending.xml
and press enter.

Restart the computer and boot to the hard drive.

i did all this..it found no versions of windows installed?? so im guessing i need a full vista cd now to get this to install....since I'm assuming somehow everything is deleted?? I have windows XP pro on my desktop. Tried installing windows xp pro onto it...using my cd. Its all good then this error comes up

Windows XP
Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer??? (WHAT THE???)

seems like things are worse off then when we started doing this.....

A:#10009 - Replace Hard Disk

The first error would seem to indicate the hard drive is dead or the install is damaged but XP may not be a good indicator since it may be SATA and not detected by XP anyway. Does the drive appear in the BIOS? Also if you download and boot with a Live CD of Ubuntu or some other Linux OS, it would be a better indicator depending on if it can access the hard drive or not.

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I have a dead 6 gig drive on a IBM 300gl used to work in a machine shop hooked up to run a machine. The software will only run
on an nt workstation. How do I format a small hard disk to run on nt os on this computer?

A:replace nt workstation hard disk

As long as the computer supports booting from a CD, just insert your NT disk and restart [after you have installed the new hd] Setup starts and shows you the drive; choose what type of file system ie FAT or ntfs. If the system does not support booting from a cd, then you will have to use the four [I think] setup floppies. It has probably been at least 13yr since I have installed NT and this is from memory so it may or may not be completely accurate.

Finding a hard drive that will work with that old of a computer is going to be an issue. Most likely it is limited to 10gig or so and those are just not made any longer.

Here is a technet article that might help you;

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So my laptop broke, something to do with corruption of data and i have no idea how, already angry because of something i didnt want to happen... during a very important time of the year for work...

I now am in the situation where i already spent around 300 dollars USD fixing my laptop, now that i have a fresh new working hard drive how do i get my OS back?

I bought it from a retailer, my broken hard disk is inaccessable so i cant get into it and seek out it's activation code ETC.

Anyone ever had this situation before? how do i get back my windows 7 OS with it's key that no one is using.

Im not going to spend all of that money again since it was part of the package of buying that laptop.

Please assist.

A:Laptop Broke, replaced hard drive Disk, What about my windows 7!?!

Quote: Originally Posted by louis cardinal

So my laptop broke, something to do with corruption of data and i have no idea how, already angry because of something i didnt want to happen... during a very important time of the year for work...

I now am in the situation where i already spent around 300 dollars USD fixing my laptop, now that i have a fresh new working hard drive how do i get my OS back?

I bought it from a retailer, my broken hard disk is inaccessable so i cant get into it and seek out it's activation code ETC.

Anyone ever had this situation before? how do i get back my windows 7 OS with it's key that no one is using.

Im not going to spend all of that money again since it was part of the package of buying that laptop.

Please assist.

Your laptop should have a sticker on the bottom with the key for your version of windows. Also, your manufacturer might provide recovery disks.

This is another good reason to always make the recovery disks when you first setup your new laptop.


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I have a dell inspirion 9100 and I just recently installed a new dvd-ram drive because the old dvd-rw died...
I have a pioneer dvr-k16 and when I boot up it stalls for like 30 seconds now and then flashes "secondary hard disk drive 0 not found". Windows starts up like normal and my drive works, although I've only watched movies so far and haven't tried burning anything. How do I get the error message to go away? I've tried going into setup and that doesn't seem to help anything because I don't know what to do in there. I keep reading on other threads that you have to change the slave to cs or something like that but I have no clue as to how to do any of that or if that would even alleviate my situation. Maybe just a dirty computer? I do have two cats and I have fur balls floating all over the place that I can't seem to get rid of...that's a whole seperate issue of course. HELP?

A:secondary hard disk drive 0 not found on a dell laptop what do I do?

The bios in your laptop was set up to use your old drive, the specs on your new drive will be different.

First off, have a look at the drive you took out to see if it was set to master, slave, or cable select. To do this, have a look at the back end of the drive near the connector for the jumper setting, then make sure your new drive is set the same.

Then you need to go into the bios and look for any options to scan for hard drives (this will scan for optical drives too). You need to make sure its set to your new drive and not your old one.

If you don't know how to do any of this the your manual will help, if you don't have it you can probably download one from dell.

If you still have problems then let me know and i will do my best to help further.

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Hello friends, I got a problem down here hope you guys will help me..

Just couple of minutes ago while I'm surfing the internet I got this message informing me that I must back up my data and should replace the hard disk. I was unable to capture the screen at the very moment but here's the final window I got. I don't know whether this is fake warning or a real one. please help me out guys. what should I do.? thank you..!

A:replace or repair your hard disk warning

Quote: Originally Posted by sudheera

Hello friends, I got a problem down here hope you guys will help me..

Just couple of minutes ago while I'm surfing the internet I got this message informing me that I must back up my data and should replace the hard disk. I was unable to capture the screen at the very moment but here's the final window I got. I don't know whether this is fake warning or a real one. please help me out guys. what should I do.? thank you..!

To determine if it is fake or not, download malwarebytes and run it.

I suspect it is not fake (but run malware just to be sure) and you should back up your data then run a check disk to TRY and repair it.


Run CHKDSK /R /F from an elevated (Run as administrator) Command Prompt.

Do this for each hard drive on your system.

When it tells you it can't do it right now - and asks you if you'd like to do it at the next reboot - answer Y (for Yes) and press Enter.

Then reboot and let the test run.

It may take a while for it to run, but keep an occasional eye on it to see if it generates any errors.

See "CHKDSK LogFile" below in order to check the results of the test.

B- Elevated Command Prompt:

Go to Start and type in "cmd.exe" (without the quotes)

At the top of the Search Box, right click on Cmd.exe and select "Run as administrator"


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My friend's laptop (Acer Aspire One 722 - Windows 7 x64) has been shut down after opening an email and Windows never started up again. When you attempt to start up the windows, it stays the black screen and says "No bootable Device Found"!

1- I inserted Windows Live Disk and loaded it (Windows XP Mini - Golden Edition). When I went to "My Computer", it did not show any local drive. I went to "Disk Management" and in there, there was also no unallocated or allocated space.

2- I even removed the HDD and plugged it back in. No thing happened. Then I removed the RAM card and inserted it back. Again, nothing happened! By the way, HDD had movements when laptop was on (I had removed the beneath panel).

3- I inserted Windows 7 Disk to install a fresh Windows 7. But when you get to the part where it asks you to choose the partition to install the operating Sustem, it shows one unallocated drive with 0 (Zero) capacity! The options to Delete and format are disable. Only the option "New" is active and it gives you (0) bite to partition!

What has happened? What should I check/do next?

A:Hard Drive Disk is not detected in laptop - No bootable Device Found

Sounds like the hard drive is dead. Do you guys have a spare HDD to test with?

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Soo, I own an Acer Aspire V3-771G-9456 laptop, before the crash it was running windows 8, which came preinstalled.

The other day I had gotten a USB in order to make a recovery disk for my laptop. A few days before the hd corrupted and I had to completely reformat using its recovery partition, but then before I could make said recovery disk, the HD started 'buzzing' and needless to say...it's dead now :[

So I ordered an erecovery disk from Acer the other day, and purchased a decent looking SS hard-drive.

I have the new hard-drive installed, but who knows when the recovery disk will arrive!!

So here's where you geniuses come in:

So I'd rather not wait for the disk to arrive as it might take up to 2 weeks!

My brother informed me that I should be able to download windows 8 online and use the product key that's usually listed on the back of the laptop. However, there is no win 8 product key on the back :-/
So I'm at a loss... his laptop has a windows product key, but mine doesn't? Is it located somewhere else that I'm not looking?
I checked the bios but at first glance it didn't appear to be there, and that's as far as I've gotten.

Any advice on how to get win 8 onto my system legally without any more purchases, so that I can be using my new SS-hd laptop preferably tonight?

Also possibly useful info:
I own a student copy of Win7 (Ultimate?) upgrade that i'm not using, which I would be fine using on my laptop, but it is not a copy, it is the upgrade...so it requires a prev... Read more

A:Acer-Aspire V3 laptop hard-drive died, no recovery disk

The Windows 8 key is embedded in the BIOS, there is no COA sticker.

I believe you will have to wait for the recovery disk if you want Windows 8 as you will not be able to download a Windows 8 ISO without a retail key. Microsoft really screwed this up and has made no attempts to fix it.

You can do a clean install of a Windows 7 upgrade disc, see here: Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version - Windows 7 Help Forums

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I got new Desktop recently, Lenovo K450e, and when I went to plug in my external HD, Seagate 500GB, it didn't show up in either My Computer or Disk Management and there are no exclamation points next to the drivers suggesting that I would need a driver update. I plugged it into other ports on my computer with no luck but when I plug it into my laptop it works fine. I have read so many different forums with no luck. My computer is a Windows 8.1 intel core I7 processer.

Thank you

A:External Hard drive not recognized in My Computer or Disk Managment but it is on my laptop

Make sure you update and apply all the Windows updates before trying to use this new computer. You can run Windows Update manually for this

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I upgrade my laptop hard drive to 1tb hitachi travelstar and restoring the image with macrium reflect went well and prompted to reboot. After rebooting, it showed the hp logo then a black screen with an underscore on the top left, no hard drive activity. Windows boot manager said "the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible: status "0xc000000f". I used the windows system repair cd and it said that it will repair the following: "windows boot manager". The following startup will be deleted "windows setup", path "system.sav\2ndCap\boot.wim", windows device: partition=cprimary) 447134 mb. Everything was okay after the repair, but after a long 5 hour night of updating programs, windows updates...etc, I looked in disk management and there is 465gb unallocated space at the end and 200mb free space in the beginning with the c: drive (main partition) after the 200mb space followed by the recovery partition. I can't extend the c: drive at all, it's greyed out. I don't know what to do now, please I don't know much about these things, so go easy, thanks! On top of that, when reinstalling the hard drive, one of the screws from the enclosure fell down the sink drain.

A:Upgraded laptop hard drive, disk management unallocated space problem

I assume you were upgrading your hard drive?
that can happen when the your image has less hard drive space than the current

if you cannot extend your partition, you can simply create new volume, or using a partition software to try to extend.

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so i was told to buy a sata data and power combo cable and connect the hard drive to my desktop but i don't know what to do after that, is there a certain web site i go to to fix this problem or reformat it is a dell inspiron 1545 and i have windows vista please help

A:Dell laptop says internal hard disk drive not found and no bootable devices

Can you say what happened to your pc, does it boot into Windows?
What do you want to do with the SATA cable you have bought?

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I moved about 10GB of files (using Photoshop Elements) from my laptop's hard disk to an external hard drive. I double checked and the files were moved correctly - they don't show up on the laptop and show up on the external hard drive. However, the laptop's C drive does not show an increase in space. I restarted the laptop but it still shows the same free space as prior to the move.

Any idea why? This is with a Lenovo T440s with Win7.


A:Moved files to external hard drive but no change in laptop disk size

Dumb question, did you delete the files off C ?

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I'm trying to replace my hard disk of my computer that has Windows Vista OEM. I have the recovery CD's with me. If i buy a new hard drive, and install it in to the computer, will i be able to install OEM version of Windows Vista i had in computer using the recovery CDs?

A:Replace the hard disk of a computer that has OEM Windows Vista

You should be able to do that, if the disks work. Usually they do, sometimes they don't.

You won't end up with an OEM version of Windows. You'll end up with an OEM version of Windows plus whatever other stuff was on the PC when you bought it---whether you want that other stuff or not.

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Hello,My warranty is over few months ago and I need to replace my HDD which is useless as all the space is taken by OS, I can't even upgrade to Windows 10. Would you please help me how to recover my Windows key and HP drivers before changing my HDD + any tips on replacing HDD would also be helpfull. There are no HP service around here so I have to do it myself.   

View Solution.

A:Replace SSD ( hard disk) and reinstall Windows and drivers

Thank you , I finally solved the problem by creating a Windows recovery drive and chosing the reset and partition under advanced options. Finding Windows key and using Windows image didn't work with the OEM version of Windows. 

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My motherboard is Intel 915GAV. where there are only one IDE channel. Now When I use my Hard Disk (Samsung 80GB, 72000 RPM) with this mother board its ok. But when I add any other harddisk or DVD/CD ROM with it as a slave, then it says "Pri Master hard Disk S.M.A.R.T. status BAD, Backup and Replace" during boot up and wait for "Press <F4>..." and after I press "F4" it takes much time to load OS(WinXP Sp2). And after loading if I check with Intel desktop Utilities there it pops up "ERR_SMART" or in details of Dard disk says "Status: Error ID=02". Now I think my hard disk is ok. Now please tell anyone how to solve this problem. If you need any more information please tell me. I will be waiting for your response. Thanks in advance.

A:Pri Master hard Disk S.M.A.R.T. status BAD, Backup and Replace

Do you have any jumpers on your hard drive? Are they set correctly? It should be Master and Slave Present (if possible). The slave drive should be set to slave of course.

If you are using a 80-connector IDE cable, then it does matter which plug goes where. Black is master and grey is slave.

How about replacing your IDE cable?

In BIOS, have you set all your IDE devices and attributes to "auto"?

If your BIOS version is earlier than 0457, then you could try updating to the latest version.

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i just follow the instruction from replace or repair your hard disk warning but its seem that sudheera did not post back. so here the copy one.

Did i need to format my pc or change the hardisk?

Log Name: Application
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Wininit
Date: 2/2/2014 7:02:56 PM
Event ID: 1001
Task Category: None
Level: Information
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: AzrilHafifi-PC
Checking file system on C:
The type of the file system is NTFS.

A disk check has been scheduled.
Windows will now check the disk.

CHKDSK is verifying files (stage 1 of 5)...
138752 file records processed.

File verification completed.
357 large file records processed.

0 bad file records processed.

2 EA records processed.

60 reparse records processed.

CHKDSK is verifying indexes (stage 2 of 5)...
188778 index entries processed.

Index verification completed.
0 unindexed files scanned.

0 unindexed files recovered.

CHKDSK is verifying security descriptors (stage 3 of 5)...
138752 file SDs/SIDs processed.

Cleaning up 7 unused index entries... Read more

A:My PC shows replace or repair your hard disk warning

I don't see anything wrong. What are you concerned about?

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