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Visio 5 - saving files

Q: Visio 5 - saving files

Get the following msg when trying to save to the network. This applies for any new document I create but I am able to save locally? ANy ideas?

An error (119) occured during the Save As.
The file was saved succesfully . Visio cannot open the file because the file is write protected.
You may open the file in read-only mode from the file menu

Preferred Solution: Visio 5 - saving files

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Visio 5 - saving files

You might want to check with the network admin to see what rights or permissions are set for the folder you are trying to save to. I have set my document templates folder on my file server to be read only so people aren't changing templates.

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Visio files are received as attachments in Outlook 2016. Visio Viewer 2016 and IE11 are also installed on Windows 10 (1607).
Previewing the Visio file (VSD in this case) is successful. However, when you try to open the Visio file, IE11 attempts to open it (as expected) but only displays a blank page.
Does anyone know if there is a fix for this issue?   Other articles suggest that Visio Viewer 2016 does not support IE11.

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I am wanting to save a drawing so that nothing can be removed from the original drawing, but things can be added to it.

It is a building layout and it is done to scale, I want people to be able to add shapes and items to the drawing without having the chance to mess with any of the walls or doors, etc....

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We have recently upgraded from Visio 2002 to Visio 2007 at work. It seems that there is an issue with the majority of files created in our previous version (2002) where the print size wasn't saved and defaulted back to 8 1/2 x 11 instead of 11 x 17. I found all the information I needed to make the macro to convert all of the pages (code listed at the end) but the only way I found to save it for future use is to save a new file as the template. Unfortunately, that doesn't help me as the files I need to use the macro on are preexisting. Is there a way, in Microsoft Visual Basic, to create a add-on with this macro? Also, if you create a Macro in Word it gives you the option to save it for all documents (Normal.doc) but there doesn't seem to be a corresponding option for Visio. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sub pagesetup()
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+q
Dim pag As Page
Dim UndoScopeID1 As Long
'Run through each page in document
UndoScopeID1 = Application.BeginUndoScope("Page Setup")
For Each pag In ThisDocument.Pages
With pag
.PageSheet.CellsSRC( _
visSectionObject, _
visRowPage, _
visPageWidth).FormulaU = "17 in"
.PageSheet.CellsSRC( _
visSectionObject, _
visRowPage, _
visPageHeight).FormulaU = "11 in"
.PageSheet.CellsSRC( _
visSectionObject, _
visRowPrintProperties, _
visPrintPropertiesPaperKind).FormulaU = "4"
End With
Next pag
Application.EndUndoScope UndoScopeID1, True
End Sub

A:Visio: Saving Macro for use in preexisting documents

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I am using Microsoft word 2016 and Visio 2013.
I put the Visio images directly in the word document and a Visio object is created.
However, if the file I have created is opened and saved in lower version than word 2016 (let's say word 2010) the visio object is shown as an unidentified object in my pc. Whereas, in the other pc where it was edited (which was having a lower
version of Microsoft word) it works fine.
Please help me solve this problem.
Thanks in advance.

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A:need a good teach - yourself visio book...mine is visio v 4

Many of them out there. Try Barnes & Noble or Border's Books.


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The Microsoft Visio IFilter is a component used by the Microsoft Windows Indexing service, SharePoint Portal Server and SharePoint Team Server to index text in Microsoft Visio files (.VSD, .VSS, .VST, .VDX, .VSX, .VTX formats).
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP

Requires one of the following operating systems:

Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (with service pack 6 or later)
Pre-requisite: install the updated Windows installer for Windows NT
Windows 2000 Professional (with Service Pack 3 or later)
Windows 2000 Server (with Service Pack 3 or later)
Windows XP Professional

Requires the following minimum hardware:

PC with Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon-class processor running at 200 MHz or higher.
64 MB of RAM for the operating system, plus an additional 16 MB of RAM for the Microsoft Visio IFilter
5 MB of available hard disk space.



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At work, we recently upgraded from Visio 2000 to Visio 2003.

Mistake. Big mistake. Huge.

Now, when we try to edit the graphics, we get the same types of problems that many other users have reported: lines don't connect; text is improperly kerned (spaced between letters); text appears lighter (medium gray) in print and on screen; some elements don't display.

Has anyone been successful at getting Visio 2000 images into Visio 2003 format without heavy image editing?

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Is there anyway to password protect a Visio 2003 drawing? With all the reading I have done I have only been able to find marking the file as read-only for protection.


A:Password Protecting Visio Files

I'm surprised. Is there no File-Save as, and then choose Tools?

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I use Microsoft Visio to design Traffic Control Plans for my business. Monday am I could suddenly not open any file including ones saved on flash drive. I have had 2 services look and we have uninstalled reinstalled did repair etc nothing works. Files say Corrupted how can 100's of files be that way. I noticed something when I was playing with it because it will open new sheets to draw on only to be "corrupted" as soon as saved and closed. I usually name them MHT #etc. If I name them drawing 1etc I can now open my new ones. Anybody out there use this program. I use Windows 7 Home Premium.

A:Microsoft Visio 2016 Corrupted Files

How to Repair a Corrupt Visio File


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I open a file sent to me in email, click enable editing, work on it for three hours, hitting save all the while, then go to email it back and the file is gone. It isn't in my documents where I saved it, and it isn't under recent files.

Please please please help me. I am sure you can relate to the feeling of losing something you have worked hard on and I feel helpless.

A:Saving in word but files are not saving

It may be saved in a different place that you think.

Best option is to save the file attachment to some location, such as your desktop. Then open your wordprocessor and then open the saved file. You can work on it and then save it (use the "save as" option) to your My Documents (the usual location - or wherever you save documents). Then when you reply to the e-mail, "attach" the saved file to the e-mail.

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I have a PC with Windows XP SP2. Also have an IPOD and its software loaded on the computer.

When I reansfer files from my Nikon camera SD card (they start as jpeg files), the automatically are converted to Quicktime files.

I have no problem opening them with MS Office Picture Manager or picture viewer.

Problem is when I want to share with friends and email them and they cannot open them.

How do I stop my computer from changing file extensions (type) when I copy jpegs to my hard drive.

If I can find out how to stop the changes, then I need to go and convert extsting files back to jpeg (several years of pictures).


A:Solved: Saving NEED HELP - copying jpeg files result in quicktime files - how to stop

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I have a problem with a program not saving preset data. Possibly due to harlink extenstion with only one piece of software.

I use symbolic hardlinks on my system but I do not know if the following has any bearing on the issue with the software I am using.

The software is a plugin that works within a host digital audio workstation software (Steinberg Cubase and plugin Soundtoys V5) and uses presets for different settings.

All software is legit and registered. I have contacted the developer regarding the issue with no resolve so trying here as the issue may largely be to do with windows.

The associate plugin has been installed with admin permissions and the host DAW software is run with full administrative rights. I have double checked that there are no hardlink main or subfolders used in the installation path for the plugin software.

All other 3rd party plugins work fine when saving presets and using symbolic links of which there's about 60+ 3rd party plugins installed using the main host system, however this particular software is not saving correctly.

It will save the preset name as a zero byte file and reports unable to save at location.

All other plugins work fine even when using symbolic links when saving preset data.

The issue may have been to do with a previous install of the soundtoys software as a phantom install directory is being created during the installation

E:\Users\Public\Documents\Soundtoys\Soundtoys 5

I did originally install the ... Read more

A:Data files not saving correctly [File names but zero byte files]

If you can select the save location, try saving to a different folder or on your desktop. It could be access right issue. I would find the specific folder, right-click on it, select Properties and then click the Security tab. To make sure there is no access restriction, I would add the user Everyone and give him (as well all the others) full access, just in case.

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I am running Windows Vista and Excel from Office 2000. I have previously had no issues creating, editing and saving Excel files. I have recently started sharing files from my desktop which is running Windows Vista and Office 2007. However, the files that I am having issues with saving were initially created on the laptop where the issues are occuring. I can open the shared Excel files with no problem and make changes. When I save the files however, I get this message, "Your changes could not be saved to 'file name.xls but were saved to a temporary document named 'D6C73000'. Close the existing document, then open the temporary document and save it under a new name." I can open, edit and save changes made to Word documents in the same shared folder structure. Can anyone please explain why this is happening and what I can do to stop it?

A:Excel Files not saving and creating temp files

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I have some songs on my computer that I wanted to save as data files or burn as an mp3 cd because they take up too much space as regular music files. And my Drag'nDrop Burn Program that came w/ my computer got deleted somehow awhile back. All I have is Real One Player and Windows Media Player now. Is there anyway to do this through those programs?

* I tried playing around w/ the Real One Player but it didnt work...of course I dont know that much about computers.


A:Saving music files as data files?

You can burn CD's with Windows Media Player

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I receive the error message THERE ARE NO MORE FILES when I try to files in MS office.

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Hi there. On 'my computer' it says I have two drives, a C: Drive and a D: Drive. Now, my C: drive is 116gb and there is only 1.12gb free On my D: drive, it is 329gb with only 325gb free.

How do I go about saving my files to my D drive, and moving my files from C drive to D drive without moving any important files.


A:Saving my files to D: instead of C: help

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I recently updated my host in which i have placed certain websites that people are not able to access. Now whenever I try to add or delete a entry and then save it , it says that i don't have permission to save this file in this location and that i need to contact the administrator?. Why is this doing this now, and how do i get rid of this problem?

windows 7 home edition
intel pentium cpu p6000 @ 1.87 ghz
4.0 gb of ram

A:Saving a Files

Is it read-only? In use? What permissions does it have? Are you an administrator?

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Hi all I was wondering how to save a file to avi or wmv format using windows movie maker? When I click on save project as the only option to save it as is the windows movie maker. I want to upload a video on youtube and the format isn't right. How do I do this. I'm using windows vista, does that come with something to change the format that I can use? Thanks for your help. Genevive

A:Saving avi or wmv files

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When saving a file to download, such as in my first attachment,(named klite) there`s no option for which folder to save it to. On my computer they save to a downloads folder all the time. In my second attachment,(named second attach), when saving a page there is an option to save to e.g desktop. Are there options to make all files save to where i want to put them?

A:Saving files

This is a Mozilla question. I have the same problem. It's one of the reasons I don't like Mozilla; I want the file to save to a directory I can find, use and change rather than the way Mozilla does it.

I think in the Mozilla settings you can change the default download directory.

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I'm trying to help someone who has a laptop that is running a copy of XP Pro that cannot be activated. I'm wondering is there any suggestions as to how i can save her files before formatting it and starting over on ME and installing a legit copy of XP Pro upgrade. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Saving files

One of the easiest choices would be to replace the hard drive in the laptop wit a new blank one and install the old drive inside a 2,5" housing with USB adapter. Install XP on the new drive, then using the USB drive gradually copy over all files that are wanted until you are sure that you have them all.

You could start beforehand with File transfer & setting wizard to find all the files, setting and folders that you want to transfer (before swapping the drive) then after making the transfer, double check that you missed nothing (I Think I would wait a few months) before formatting the old drive.

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I save bank statements as PDF files. Recently, when I open the statement there are no controls for Acrobat that used to appear. Where did they go? I use Acrobat Reader X. Thanks.

A:Saving PDF Files

I don't use Acrobat Reader. Does it maybe have a full screen mode that you've somehow activated?

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can a CSV file be saved as a FTP flat file. If so, how?
I have never heard of this being done, but a friend swears it is possible and wants to know how...FRIENDS...

A:saving files

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I want to make a program that will save files in C++. I want to save the files 1000 bytes at a time. This the code I have so far:


#include <iostream.h>
#include <fstream.h>
#include <string.h>

int main()
ofstream out;
ifstream in;
int X = 0;
char buffer;
char szTotal[1000];
in.open("C:\\Folder\\Program2.exe", ios::in | ios::binary);
out.open("C:\\Program.exe", ios::out | ios::trunc | ios::binary);

if(X == 1000)
X = 0;
out << szTotal;
szTotal[X] = buffer;
szTotal[X] = '\0';
out << szTotal;
cout << "Done" << endl;
return 1;

When I do this, the whole file isn't saved. I don't want to use filebufs to save/store the file. Any suggestions?

A:Saving Files in C++

Your code looks ok to me. What part of the file is not being saved? Is the target always a certain amount too small?

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Saving files using Internet Explorer

(I found how to for Firefox 3.6 as follows>
Click on Tools | Options

In the Main display window look at the Downloads section.

If you wish you can put a check mark in the box beside Show the Downloads window when downloading a file.)

Check the circle beside Save files to and then Browse to the folder you wish.

However could you tell me how to save files the same or similar way using Internet Explorer please?

A:Saving files

Your only choices are Run or Save As. There is no Download Window which is why (among many other reasons) so many of us prefer FF.

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I'm new to Windows 10. I use the Chrome browser. On the old computer, I could save html files and it would show in documents as a Chrome file. On the new computer, they're saved as an Edge file. I don't want to have to use Edge browser to open it, I want it to open in Chrome. Help?

A:Saving files

Have you set Chrome to be your "Default" browser?

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I'm having a problem with animations.

I've always saved in particular, gif. animation from the internet and they've worked fine.

Only now, I think ever since I formatted my computer, it doesn't give me the option to save them as gif's....

The only file extension I am allowed to choose when saving anything seems to be .bmp

So I unhide file extension and rename the extension to gif but that doesn't work either, it still comes up as a still image. I have tried with many different animation and can see they are supposed to be .gif's by checking the source of the file.

Any ideas?

A:Saving GIF Files

Go to internet options and delete your temporary internet files.

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I'm not even sure if I'm posting this in the right area, but I'm not sure where else it would go....

I recently sold my computer to a good friend b/c my husband and I had purchased a new one. The one I sold is a Pentium 4, 2.6 ghz processor, almost 1gig of ram, dvd burner, etc... running windows xp

She is claiming I ripped her off, and sold her a piece of **** computer. The problem she is having is this: when she tries to download a file (primarily from Limewire), she says it isn't saving anywhere. I've walked her through choosing her destination folder over the phone, but it "still isnt working". ....

Now you can confirm this for me: Is this even possible? "saving" a file, but it's not showing up anywhere on the computer (so she claims). She's said shes even tried searching for it on her computer but it still won't show up.

She also claims this is MY fault: a result of selling her a "piece of **** computer".

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if she's actually truely unable to save files, that would be a software problem, not a hardware problem, right?

She's now ended our friendship over this, and I'm hoping to get some answers from here to at least show her that I'm not full of it.

She even claimed she had paid someone from The Source $75 to come over and take a look, and apparently, he was going on and on about how I ripped her off and he couldn't even fix her "p... Read more

A:files not saving?

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every time I save an xps file, I cannot find it in the location I saved it in and I tried searching it in all programs found it and it took me to the place I saved it to but the file was not there. This is on Windows 7
I tried changing permissions on it but I received an error message that said "unable to set permissions on this machine"
I also downloaded program "win2pdf" but that won't work either.

A:XPS files not saving! Please help!

What program and version are you using to do this?

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Ok so i just got a new laptop, with vista and so far love it! i am a huge Flight Simulator player so of course i went to install it on my new machine. I installed it and am loving it but i wanted to get back some of my other downloaded files from my old PC. I used a jump drive to transfer and everything worked great. Now though i need to edit a aircraft's configuration file in order to delete some planes that i had. I opened up the file using notepad, just like i did in Xp, i edited it, and then click save

now the problem occurs, it says " unable to save, check the file path" and when i look at the save style it says it trys to save it as a .TXT, not a .CFG file. I need to know how to edit and save .CFG files so that i can edit my flight simulator

any help is greatly apprciated!


A:Saving .cfg Files

Usually a .cfg file is just a text file with a different extension. Try saving it as a .cfg file (retyping the extension). If that doesn't work, then save it as a .txt - and rename it to .cfg once you get it on your desktop.

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Can I use the 8.1 software to scan a doc and save it as a pdf?  I can save docs as jpegs, tifs, etc. but pdf's.  Why?

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Hi There
I cannot save doc. & xls file by the same name after doing any modifications, It prompts me to save as "copy of (original name of the document)" I tried by reinstaling ms office but still the same

Can anyone help me


A:Saving doc. Files

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Got Microsoft Home Student 2010 working. However I notice that when I save a word document, after nameing it, in the "save type" box it's not gvivng me the option to save as text, pdf, html, etc. Is there a way to change this?


A:Saving Files

When you click the file button then save it should bring up a Save As... box

Then you should be able to select the file type to save it in

I have Office 2007 so it may be slightly different

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In windows 7 I can easily download and save files,videos, pictures etc. by right clicking and selecting where to put them. It seems in windows 8 my only optoin is video or picture library.

How can I select which location on one of several hard drives to download files to?

A:Saving files

Can you post a screen shot, as that doesn't seem right.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums

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I truly hope Ive put this post in the right spot. If not, I apologize as I am new to your forums and just couldn't figure out where this would go.

Recently, I somehow lost my software call RecordNow7 which was already on my computer when I bought it. When I tried to reinstall it, a popup revealed that it was unable to install. I had been using the software to save data and so forth, including my zip files.

I have Nero7 ultra edition and another software called cd burner xp pro. I tried to save my zip files and I can't.

Do you know of a program that I can use that will allow me to save my zip files to a disk? Everytime I try to save my zip files to disk using the above mentioned, nothing happens and they are not there.

Thank you in advance for your response.

A:Saving Files

Are you trying to copy them to a CD or DVD? If so, then try this free burner that doesn't require any installation on your system: http://www.silentnight2004.com/microburner.html

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In OE 6.0, when saving files. In the file save as window,
it shows the subdirectories available. This window was
always comming up in alphabetical order. Something
happened & it is now coming up in date order. How can
I change this back to alphabetical order. To stay that way.
I can right click & change it to alphabetical order for that
directory only. As soon as I change it, it's back to date
order. Any help would be appreciated.


A:Saving files

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win 8:

former XP user - not unhappy with win 8 - takes getting used to i guess but one thing troubles me - with XP i could choose to save a file to desktop and i can still do that. But when i try to 'open' the saved file all i see are a list of what i 'think' is the total 'package' of what makes up the file - it doesn't 'open' to view in total 'what' i saved i.e. an article, an email, etc. as i viewed in prior to saving. This never happened with XP - when i saved anything all i had to do was find the file, click and it opened the same as the original that i saved. I tried to find a solution on the ''tutortial' section of this board to no avail.... thanks in advance for help. edythe

A:Files - opening after saving ???

hi,not sure why yours is not working ,but anything I save to desktop works just fine ,,does the file open if you save it to documents.
what email program do you use, I assume an article means a web page story ,

i.e. an article, an email, etc. as i viewed in prior to saving

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Problem recently occurred on main computer, where any attachments that I attempt to save freezes the browser, also experiencing the inability to attach files to emails.
Main browser is Google, problem started over last 2 days, running on windows 7 sp1
Just for the record my lap top  running the same O/S is working normally allowing me to save files and attach files to emails.
Possibly a glitch causing the problem on the main computer, would appreciate any suggestions to recover from this problem.

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I go through the steps to saving, the system more or less shuts down and comes up with the followig message.

STOP (followed by lots of numbers mainly zero)
Address F8185c94 Base at F8181000 , datestamp 36baf86c - INO FLTR.sys.
Beginning dump of physical memory.
physical memory dump complete. Contact your system admin or tech support.

I have to turn the computer off to get started again.

A:Saving files to the A: drive

Hello-Try shutting down all other programs by ctrl+alt+del and end task on all but systray, explorer and whatever program you are trying to save from.

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I'm using windows xp home and having a problem with saving the passwords to websites and also in outlook express. When I go to a website and login a pop up asks if I want to save the password information, I click yes, then next time I go to that website, no password saved when i'm logging in. In outlook, I've gone into accounts and saved the password to my email accounts, clicked the check box that saves them, hit apply and next time I go into email I have to type in the passwords, but the check box is checked off that they are saved.

I've searched Microsoft, and found things on corrupted password files, and it said to find the .pwl files in my WINDOWS file, but there isn't one, or any .pwl files in there, period. Now what? Microsoft wants to charge me 30+ bux to talk to a rep, and Dell is not in any way shape or form helpful in this matter. Once I had done the Microsoft thing, Dell said basically there was nothing more they could do that I had not already done.

i'm using a dell latitude 100L with windows xp. I bought the computer less than a month ago, so this is really giving me issues.


A:Password files in XP not saving

Start/Run Type services.msc click OK

Scroll to Protected Storage,right click on it and select Properties.On the next page,set it to Automatic and click the start button.
Hope this works for you...let me know.

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When I download a file/photo/program etc. I get 2 options, "open with..." and then browse so I can choose what toopen it with, and "save file", but is there any way to choose where I want to save it? Because at the moment when I save a file it goes into "Downloads" and I have to move it from there, but can I choose where to save each file individualy?

I hope you understand what I'm asking and I appreciate the help


A:Saving Files On Firefox

Open Firefox and go to Tools > Options > Main tab. Change from 'Save files to' to 'Always ask me where to save files'.

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This is on a computer running Windows 98 SE

I installed apache and php on my laptop tonight. Everything appears to be running right for my server and php. I was making sure .php files would work, so I made a file in notepad with:



I saved the file as info.php with the "Save as type" set to "All Files (*.*)". I placed it in my server folder. When I went to load it up, it brought back just the text from the file. I checked to make sure php was loaded right, and it says it is. I checked the file, and it actually saved it as info.php.txt

Any clue on getting notepad to save it as just info.php?

Edit: Nevermind. Found a way to fix it. Just turned off "Hide File Extensions for known file types" in folder options, and renamed the file from info.php.txt to info.php.

A:Notepad only saving as .txt files

Yes, Notepad always saves as .txt. God bless the bright people at Microsoft

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I often see embedded movies that i would like to download but the actuall swf or flv link is often hidden leaving just the pages html address in the browser. I've tried the temp internet folder technique and this worked with my old pc on XP but in my new comp using Vista the said movie never appears or i can't see it anyhowz.

Is it possible to grab or dowload an embedded web-page movie without using software? I know this can be done with firefox but what about ie. I tried some software, SOTHINK and a couple of others but they didn't work and caused page freezing and i had to reboot time and time again. Seems they are useless with Vista. Surely this must be able to be done without software somehow. Any help would be great.


A:Saving SWF files with Vista & Ie

I suggest getting firefox 3 and the Download Helper add-on.. works great.

It's the easiest way... IE doesn't have the same sort of Add-ons(from my own experience).. i've also used sothinks but never had problems...


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I have a rather large HD and thanks to my son who has been messing with my PC I am now the proud owner of the slowest computer in the world, that either scares me to death with the blue screen or just takes a millenium to load.I don't know what he has been doing, or deleting or clicking on but I have to do a total redo. I have allot of files I want to save that are too large to put on CD and since I have another HD on this same computer is there a way that I can clean it. (it is an old one I was getting files off to put on my new HD). I used a special utility for that but since this old HD still has residual files on it from Windows XP, etc, I need to get rid of that and just prepare the HD for file storage only, right? If so, how do I go about doing that?
I have searched the net and get everything but what I want answered. LOL Maybe you can give me better luck since the option I am after is clearly going to be seen by a A PERSON, and hopefully replied to by a person. Thanks.

A:Solved: Saving files on other HD

Ok, just to recap, you want to move all your personal data onto a second hard drive that's already in the computer. But first you want to remove all the current files that are on it?

To clean it, the best option would be to simply format it. Open My Computer, Right click the drive you want to clean, choose format, then choose the proper format option that you want, and click ok.

Once it's done you should be able to just Copy/Paste, or Click/Drag your files to the newly formated drive.

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Hey guys,

When I try to download a file from the Internet, I get a box sasying "Run/Open", "Save", and "Cancel" as always. When I click on either of the first two options, however, the box simply clicks and unclicks with no actions following it. Almost as if you click "Post" in a forum, but you hold the click on it and move the cursor elsewhere, stopping the system from performing that action. On some days, I can get my system to download about 5 files before I can no longer click "Save" or "Open".

Any ideas?

A:XP not saving downloaded files

try to run a virus sweep through your pc. then try to get another browser like firefox. and see if the problem still accurs

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How can I avoid losing all email files when reformatting hard drive?

A:saving email files in OE

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