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Printing out BIOS Settings?

Q: Printing out BIOS Settings?

My comp. uses a MSI-6330Lite Motherbord with Award BIOS 6.0.
Can all of the BIOS settings be sent to the printer, or will I have to go thru it screen by screen screen & write them down

Preferred Solution: Printing out BIOS Settings?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Printing out BIOS Settings?

You MAY be able to hit the print screen button on each page.

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My daughter got a hold of my mini HP and I can't figure out password what do I do

A:Bios settings for Mini - what are the default settings

Hi, Are you referring to a Windows log on password or a power on password? If it's a power on password, at the password screen, hit enter 3 times and you should receive a 'halt code' - post back with this code. Regards, DP-K

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When I press Restore Settings button in BIOS setting (through F2 when Dell logo is displayed at booting) then the dialog with two options is shown:

BIOS Defaults
Factory Settings

What is the difference about these two options (BIOS Defaults vs. Factory Settings) please?
Thank you.

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As per subject, after installing Ubuntu 17.10, the BIOS has been changed with two results:1) it's not possible to save new BIOS settings - after re-booting, the old settings are restored2) not possible to boot from the USB - not recognized anymore so for many users without a cd-rom (as per Lenovo Y50-70) we cannot change OS I've reported this major bug on Ubuntu bug tracker here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/1734147 please reply if you are affected too.If you cannot see the post, login in and then search the post named: "Ubuntu 17.10 corrupting BIOS - many LENOVO laptops models" So far the following models have been affected:Lenovo Y50-70Lenovo G40-30Lenovo U31-70 Thank you,Bye

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Hi there -- As best i can remember, there was no restriction on BIOS access to my Yoga 710 until i created a BIOS user password for security. After a short while i decided to remove the user password, but found that i could not remove it without supplying an administrator password, which i never heard of before, did not set myself, and didn't need when setting the user password. (I have tried a factory reset by pressing the pinhole button, and this did not help.) Q: Why would an admin password not be needed to create a user password, but only needed to remove it? Does that sound like a bug? [Probabaly unimportant: the dialog box denying removal of user password and stating need for admin password did not ask for one; i guess it would be entered at boot instead of the user password?] [[Maybe-skippable details: I bought the unit returned-and resold-as-new from a large retail brick and mortor store. It's possible the previous owner set a BIOS admin password, and that the store and i didn't notice the restrictions on the BIOS -- but the situation cannot be that simple: I have replaced Windows on the unit with linux, and i believe i remember having full bios access to try different settings of secure boot etc when trying different versions of linux. It's possible i'm confusing this with another laptop, but again, this cannot be the explanation, because...]] Most important: Back before i set the user password, when i installed the linux i'm using on the uni... Read more

A:BIOS is locked with admin password not set by me, BIOS settings have changed

No laptops are supplied with ANY administrative passwords.  You need to enter the password twice for verification when you set it..  Why don't you try to enter the same password you set for the user password as the administrative password.  BTW, you can set an administrative/supervisor password on the BIOS which has nothing to do with an administrative password on the disk.

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Good evening!
A week ago I reinstalled Windows 7 in EFI mode on my laptop, and now I've got this problem: whenever I turn on my computer after a shutdown, the BIOS says "System Resuming" instead of "Press F2 to enter settings". This makes impossible for me to access BIOS settings. Previously, my BIOS used to say "System Resuming" only after a hibernation. The weird fact is that - as far as I remember - this thing started happening only after a few days.
Can you help me?
Thanks in advance :-)

A:I can't access BIOS settings because BIOS assumes Windows is resuming

Try doing a shutdown command from a CMD window, or Start button / Run
The command is shutdown /s

See if entering the command manually makes a difference in how it starts up

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Hi Guys
I restored an image created with Macrium Reflect on my wife's computer (Custom build with Asus P8Z77-V LX mother board) and everything went fine until rebooting when i got to the "Please press DEL or F2 to enter UEFI BIOS settings" then everything stopped.
I have tried F2 DEL F8 F12 just about all the F combinations and nothing works, I have two SSD drives one with Win7 Pro and one with Win10 Pro (not connected at the same time) and neither of them will boot up.
I have tried changing the jumper pins from 1 and 2 to 2 and 3 for 10 sec to clear the RTC Ram in CMOS then returned then to 1 and 2 and tried rebooting...no change so i removed the battery and repeated the jumper pin swap then reinstalled the battery and still no change, cannot get passed press DEL or F2 to access the BIOS settings.
I even downloaded the latest BIOS and updater as shown and put them on a USB flash drive together and tried the Macrium Rescue disk, and still nothing happened and it will not open the BIOS maybe i got it all wrong ?
I was hoping someone here might know how to put it right, i am out of idea's and any help would be greatly appreciated.

System Specs

Intel Core i7 3770K Ivy Bridge 3.5GHz 8MB
Motherboard Asus P8Z77-V LX LGA1155 ATX Motherboard
Memory G.Skill 8GB Kit (2x4GB) DDR3 Ripjaws X C9 1600MHz
Samsung 840 Series 120GB 2.5" 7mm SSD SATA3 530/130 x2 = 1 Win7 and 1 Win10
Storage Drive Western Digital Caviar Black WD2002FAEX 3.5" 2TB 64MB 7200RPM
Graphic... Read more

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Here's my setup: I have an XP Pro that I'm using as a print server through a main Linux-based server. I have been successful at printing from other computers on the network for some time... until recently. Since some kids got to this print server, I needed to lock it up a bit, but while doing that I think I inadvertently changed a setting that has locked up the other computers from the printer. File sharing is still working fine, printer is still shared, but there's no printing from other computers. The print server can open up files and print fine, though (but that's not the solution I'm looking for ).

Any ideas what that magic setting might be? What I need to check? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:XP settings for network printing

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I have a HP 2760P and I'm running Windows 7 64bit,I did a clean install since I replaced the harddisk, I installed HP Protect Tools. Problem:Most of the BIOS settings are grayed out, I can't change anything. Do I need to login to the BIOS as Administrator or so? When I enter the BIOS I get asked to login.I can only login with my Domain-Account, I can't enter another account name.I therefore login and see the bios-settings.However most settings are grayed out."Set Administrator Password" is also grayed out. How can I enable the BIOS-settings?Do I need to Login into the BIOS as an Administrator? How can I do that, during entering the BIOS it only let's me login as my regular domain-account or how can I even set an Administrator-Password? Thanks and best regards 

A:BIOS settings grayed out, Login To BIOS as Administrator?

leonardlin wrote:I have a HP 2760P and I'm running Windows 7 64bit,I did a clean install since I replaced the harddisk, I installed HP Protect Tools. Problem:Most of the BIOS settings are grayed out, I can't change anything. Do I need to login to the BIOS as Administrator or so? When I enter the BIOS I get asked to login.I can only login with my Domain-Account, I can't enter another account name.I therefore login and see the bios-settings.However most settings are grayed out."Set Administrator Password" is also grayed out. How can I enable the BIOS-settings?Do I need to Login into the BIOS as an Administrator? How can I do that, during entering the BIOS it only let's me login as my regular domain-account or how can I even set an Administrator-Password? Thanks and best regards What I have found is that this situation arose for me when I logged in to the BIOS as a regular user after installing HP ProtectTools and enabling Pre-boot authentication.  I needed to log in as an admin user. However, in my case, I had yet to set up an administrative password for the BIOS prior to setting up HP ProtectTools.  What I needed to do was the following set of steps: 1.  When the system reboots, it SHOULD give you the option to log in to the BIOS as a guest or registered user.  Log in as GUEST into the BIOS instead of a registered user (wierd, but it works).2.  Go to BIOS Security settings and create a BIOS admin password.3.  You... Read more

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I recently took a BIOS update and I later on found out that it has messed up my Notebook. File transfer speed has been riduculously slow, games and movies stutter occasionaly. Everything has changed and it does not look good. Product Info: Model: Pavilion AB522TXOS: Windows 10 64-bit ( updated to the very last) RAM: 8 GBProcessor: i5-6200U

View Solution.

A:Downgrade a BIOS update or Optimising BIOS settings

Hey @Rahul_mk,  I would like to welcome you to the HP Support Community. If my reply resolves your issue or answer your question(s),  please let others know this reply was helpful by clicking the Accept as Solution button. I understand that you did a BIOS upgrade but it did not take well to your HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab522tx. You mentioned that your Notebook is now slow and games and movies are stuttering.  Many HP Notebooks have an HP BIOS Restore tool that may recover the BIOS from an earlier version and restore basic functionality. Please follow the documentation to do a BIOS reset.  Have you tried to perform a hard reset?Which BIOS version did  you upgrade to? You said that Windows 10 is up to date.Have you tried using the HP Support Assistant for updates also?  You can try following the below steps to reload the factory installed BIOS Setup Settings:In the BIOS Setup utility, select the Exit tab.Select Load Setup Defaults.Select Save Changes and Exit (pressing F5 and the Enter key will also load the Setup Defaults).Press Esc and then Enter to exit Setup.If you require further assistance, I would be more than happy to continue to help you. Please re-post with any information you think may help me find a resolution for you. Please also let me know if the BIOS reset works. If yo... Read more

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Lenovo B50-80 rnmde bios ayarlar?n? de?i?tirmiyor durmadan medya kontrol hatas? ve ba?ar?s?z hatas? al?yorum.bios da bir arada yap?p kaydetti?imde olmuyor en son linux kurulup haz?r sonra dzelmedi i?letim sistemi ykleyemiyorum,  I get a media check error and a failed error without changing the bios settings on my Lenovo B50-80.bios also make a change and save the latest linux after installing and uninstalling did not recover the operating system can not install 

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This is my first post here, so hi to everyone.
I just got an ASUS X401a Notebook and I want to use a flash drive to boot from Linux.
I need to change the sequence in the BIOS so that the flash drive is first choice to boot from.
I have no problem accessing the BIOS utility, but it allows me to alter only some settings. Those in blue colored font I can change those in black font I cannot. What drive to boot from first is in black and not adjustable.
I used command line to work as admin and I also set up a password for admin in the BIOS to access the BIOS utility, but still no go; some things are allowed to be changed some aren't.

Any help is appreciated.

A:BIOS: Can access BIOS utility, but cannot change settings.

Is it asking for a password or something?

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I have a Samsung 950 PRO NVMe M.2 SSD (512 GB) connected next to the original 512 GB SSD (Samsung MZVPV512HDGL-000H1). When I have the 950 PRO in the Studio I cannot enter BIOS settings. The Studio just stops (hangs) if I try.When I have the drive in the Studio and upgrade BIOS the Studio stops (hangs) during reboot. I have to open the Studio and remove the SSD to be able to perform these two tasks. Then I can insert it again. Otherwise the SSD is working nicely in Windows... This is the strangest thing that I have encountered for years! Anyone else have encountered this? Any workaround?

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One of my clients is legally blind, so he needs an extremely high DPI in order to use his machine. However, When DPI under screen resolution is raised to 255%, the right two inches or so on every page is cut off only in Windows Live Mail.

Steps I've taken:
Printing from different programs - normal.
Printing from IE (which defines WL Mail margins and other settings) - normal.
Different machine with same printer - prints normally.
Different machine, same printer, change DPI to 255% - Windows Live cuts off page.
Different machine, different printer - prints normally.
Different machine, different printer, change DPI to 255% - Windows Live cuts off page.
The main problems I have are: one, I don't want to have him change programs since he's legally blind, and two, we can't decrease his DPI for the same reason.
Is there some underlying cause to this, and something that can be rectified without causing a major change for my client?


A:WL Mail printing cut off with high DPI settings

There usually is a setting of Shrink to fit on the Page Setup, I use it to get the full content but for those with vision issues it may not work. Another solution may lie in setting to page to Landscape but it will use more paper for the same thing.

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When I try to print a photo, I check the settings to make sure it is in color, but when I select color, it reverts to monochrome when I go to print. This happened before and I cannot remember what I did to fix it. I think it has something to do with photo
viewer or paint that is messing it up.

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I have a VN7-572G. The presented BIOS settings are sort of lackluster for a gaming laptop and I know what I'm doing enough to tinker with more advanced settings. I've examined the BIOS for this laptop and there are a ton of locked-away settings. Unfortunately, there is some sort of BIOS security implemented that prevents me from just flashing a modified BIOS onto this laptop. Is there perhaps some sort of way to officially access more advanced settings or any way of requesting one from Acer?

A:Advanced BIOS Settings and/or Unlocked BIOS? (VN7-...

Hi, Short answer, NO. 

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Im starting this thread so that for all who have unlocked their bios for wirelesscard whitelist removal or what ever, using the link on techInferno using svl7 mod can have a guide as to what settings can be used to improve the performance of their y510p and what settings to stay away from.  For those who have difficulties in retrieving the files from techInfernos website can pm me. Any and all suggestions and requests are welcome. Happy modding.

A:Y510p Bios mod, Best unlocked bios settings.

I would do this, but after paying 1000 for this laptop, that risk of bricking the bios..

Lenovo y510p - Intel Quad-core 4th gen i7-4700MQ @3.40Ghz - 16GB RAM - 1TB HDD 8GB SSD - 1080p FHD - Nvidia 755m SLI

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I have scanned a 4 x 6 professionally taken photograph into my PC at 300 dpi. It is a photo of our daughter at her college graduation standing between the US flag and our state flag (Tennessee) with a deep blue background visible from about her neck up between the two flags. She is wearing a black cap and gown with blue trim and collar and her hair is brunette with lots of blond highlights. She has a tan, but not very deep. The image prints very clearly with good tones, vibrant colors, etc. However, the skin tone is way off. Other photos I've scanned have printed perfectly except for this one. I have tried various profiles, settings, etc., but to no avail. I have tried making adjustments within Photoshop Elements 5.0 with respect to the printer, also to no avail. Reviews of this printer indicate that bronze skin tones is a common problem and in this instance I get either very bronze images, slightly yellow images or washed out images.

I am scanning using a Canon CanoScan LIDE 25 scanner and its software.

I am printing on Office Depot Premium Series Professional Photo Paper, just as I have for numerous other photos that have been scanned in, as well as images imported from two different Kodak digital cameras and had no problems with any of those either.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!


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I have tried to print my BIOS by getting into the BIOS and using Print Screen. It does not work. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
My PC is a Gateway, 500 MHz Pent III.

A:Printing BIOS

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When I right click an image choose print the "How do you want to print your pictures" wizard starts. My problem is that this wizard ignores colour settings of the printer. Printing from word, pdf, paint works fine and the printed document/image
is in black and white as it should when I choose the "BW" printer.

So how can i get the print picture guide to obey the printers settings?

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I recently upgraded my BIOS, with much back and forth with esupport, and the flash went smoothly with no apparent problems. Some of my previous problems seem to have reduced. Fantastic .

I kept getting a found new hardware pop=up for my already installed Canon Multipass C755, I am running Windows XP SP2. The printer worked fine. I checked the hardware and found an LPT1.4 port. My lpt1 port was still there.
The found new hardware wizard was just annoying. So, finally today I thought I would remove the printer and reinstall, hoping that that would place it in the correct spot.

Well, now I can't reinstall the printer. The current disk is not compatible with XP, but I have an update and a patch for xp2. When I try to start the printer installer it does nothing. The hourglass icon flashes for a few minutes and then nothing happens. I've checked the event logs and nothing seems to be pinpointing the issue.

I've tried totally removing all the bits of the old software right down to removing the registry entries, without any luck.

I've tried plugging and unplugging the printer from both the computer and the power.

I am at my whit's end.

The printer is connected via a parrallel port, just not a LPT1.4 port.

I removed the key for the LPT1.4 port from the registry, but when I turned the computer back on, it was back.

I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

A:Upgraded BIOS added an LPT1.4 port , Printing wrecked

Many motherboard BIOS default setting for printer port is SPP (Standard Printer Port) not bi-directional.
When you flashed the BIOS it was probable reset to the default SPP.

Delete both printer ports in Windows and then boot into the motherboard BIOS.
Enter the BIOS and set the printer port to ECP/EPP.
Boot back into Windows and let it detect the printer port.

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I have an hp compaq dc7900 convertible minitower and my graphic card is chowing only 64mb while in diagnostic tool it shows 804 mb i heard i can change it in the bios settings but it doesent show any settings 

A:Bios settings

Hi: You can't change the amount of dedicated or shared system memory in your PC. The total is 804 MB.  64 MB is dedicated system memory and up to 740 MB of shared system memory can be allocated to the graphics adapter if necessary.

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note the FSB at 266mhz

does this look optimal setup for an MSI P35 Platinum Motherboard and a Quad Core 2.4ghz cpu?


A:Do these bios settings look about right?



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Hi all.

I'm trying to install Suse Linux which I have on cd-roms.
I need to boot from cd-rom to install it but I don't know what button gets me to the bios before xp startup. It doesn't display startup options either while booting up.

I made sure I'm using a ps2 keyboard.

My motherboard is a Compaq 0650h A2.


A:Getting into xp pro bios settings

try hitting F10 when u power up

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Bult my new system and all is working well:

Athlon 2000XP
Abit KX7 333

I'm not sure if I've set the CPU bios settings properly though. The bios defaulted to the lowest supported CPU. I've set the CPU to my 2000 but I haven't touched the FSB and multiplier settings as I'm noy sure what they should be.

Its working fine but expect by setting these accordingly I'll get a little extra speed.

thanks all

A:CPU Bios Settings

How to tweak my ABIT MAX boards for good performance? (AT7 / KX7-333)

Don't know if you have read this FAQ at www.abit.com.tw but you could try some of the settings that they advise for more performance. From what I can tell your system should automatically set the fsb and clock multiplier. Unless you are talking about overclocking the fsb you shouldn't need to set anything else.

The Abit Softmenu III Bios software should allow you to play with the fsb speed and also set the PCI speed to fixed at 33Mhz so that you don't encounter any PCI devices limiting a stable fsb setting...

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how would i enable vt-x on the bios, i want to changed it to enable but don't really which button to to press inorder to make it enable. really need help on this one. thanks

A:bios settings

@balafe? What is the exact model number or product number of your laptop/desktop??? REO

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when i go to bios setting; i cant save and exit.. it just give me a clicking sound in my cpu.. hope someone can help me with this problems..thanx!

A:bios settings

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I recently built a new system, with an ASUS A8N5X motherboard and two internal hard drives, one ide and the other sata. Everything works great with the exception of one thing. When I do a cold boot, the boot priority of my hard drives will not stay the way that I want them to. The sata is set to be a master drive on the channel it is on, and the ide drive is set to be a master drive on it's channel. I realized after I already had my operating system installed that I should have set the sata drive to be my boot drive, since it is a faster drive. However I do not really wish to re-install my operating system. Is there anything that I can change in my bios to force the system to accept the hard drive boot priority that I want it to have?

A:Bios settings

The only thing I could find in the BIOS is in the Boot section under Hard Disk Drives. It's got 1. 1st Master:XXXXXXXX, try putting the SATA drive here.

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I have a custom built- ASUS P5k-E with Wi-Fi mobo, 1333 FSB, Intel 6850 Core duo (3.0 mhz x2), 4 Gb's Corsair DDr2 memory (4 x 1), disabled onboard sound, added on X-Fi Extreme Gamer sound card (not working), Originally set up in RAID 1, .. lost few months ago ... nothing but trouble since ... lost user account (disabled- had to type in Administrator) & was booting the mirrored drive, now config has changed ... Now it will not boot & I get BSOD with a message that "ntdlr" files is missing. ... it's been hard to keep up with. ... My ? now is; How to set up the BIOS to enable it to boot again until I take another back up of the recent data? Once in the BIOS, it is set to IDE & Hard Disk Write Protect. ... Should I try reset to RAID, or leave at IDE. & should I set the Hard Disk Write Protect to Enable, or Disable?
Thank you,

A:BIOS Settings

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i got a problem all my bios settings are all wrong and set at "0" how can i find all the right settings also half of my files are missing because of this i have tried to load the drivers disk but comes up with ms-dos has been terminated!!

can any one help me?

i got a patriot comptuer model number, pk 500-20

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hi there!
can anybody help me please?
i have a wired problem.almost every week my bios change
back in default settings.i changed my cmos battery allraedy
and still the same thing.

my system:athlon 1700xp
win xp pro
512 mb
40 gig maxtor

thanks for awnser

A:bios settings

Flaky board.. I got a older A7V266 board that loses it's settings every time it's shut down. New battery makes no difference.

Also, I'm familier with your mobo, PC chips boards are notorious for troubles such as this.. You're lucky it works at all. You may be able to find a replacement in the same model and brand on ebay for around $25, but I'd really recommend a good name brand board like Asus, ECS, Abit, etc,,, You can pick up a good name board for around $50 in www.newegg.com refurb section.

I'm not trying to crack on your mobo.. PCchips mobos are a real good deal when they work, but most of the time they don't work right.

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i have just upgraded from a intel celeron D 341 processor to a intel pentium 4 460, i have a packard bell 1307 imedia pc. I have been told i needed to change the settings in bios which ive done, just want to make sure these settings are correct, if i remember rightly so the only setting i changed below was the CPU Target Temperature which was on auto. My CPU temparture idles between 56-59C is this o.k. Thanks, Steve

CPU Configuration
CPU Internal Thermal Control [Auto]
Hyper Threading Function [Enabled]
Intel(R) SpeedStep(tm) Tech [Auto]

Power>Hardware Monitor
CPU Q-Fan Control [Enable]
CPU Fan Ratio [Auto]
CPU Target Temperature [60degC] (lowest setting available)

A:CPU fan settings in Bios

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Hello. I suspect that maybe my RAM memory settings in BIOS are wrong. This is my laptop - ASUS - Notebooks- ASUS F50Gx . What settings should be in these BIOS ? should be set on 800Mhz?

A:Ram settings in BIOS

For some reason its reading in MHz?

Did you upgrade the BIOS at all?

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where can i find a site that lists all bios or other settings that would help improve the speed of you computer?

my specs r
p4 1.8
gf2 mx 400 64mb
20gb, 40gb hd

A:Bios, etc settings...

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I upgraded my RAM and now my AMD Athlon 3200 processor is being read as 1100MHz. I guess i need to reset the BUS speed but I'm not sure to what as the automatic setting appears to be wrong. I have a PCChips M848A motherboard.

A:BIOS Settings

because it defaulted to 1100mhz, that would meen a multiplyer of 11 and a fsb of 100. The XP3200 with an 11 multiplyer has a 200fsb. So you need to change the CPU frequancy in the BIOS from 100 to 200mhz. If there is an option to run the RAM at the same speed as the CPU FSB and you put slow memory in (PC2700 or something) then the MB may have set the CPU fsb to match the memory. Some motherboards alow you to change the CPU and memory speeds seperately. If the memory is slower then DDR400 (PC3200) then you may have to run the memory at 166 or 133mhz and the CPU @ 200MHz. Hope this helps.

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What is the standered bios or computer setting for it to run normal

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I have a really old computer Pentium II to be exact and of course something had to go wrong on me. it was the bios settings. It is a PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0.A102 and these following message come up when i turn it on.

02B0 : Diskette Drive A error

Invalid system Configuration data - run configuration utility

Warning : IRQ not configured PCI network controller
Bus : 00, Device : 03, Function : 00

Warning : IRQ not configured PCI display controller
Bus : 00, Device : 09, Function : 00

is there any way you people out there can possibly help me?

A:BIOS Settings

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MOBO, ASUS M3A78-EM, installed devices, 1 x sata 11 HD, 1 x floppy, 1x dvd rom, ( IDE), 1 x sata DVD/CD drive, 1 x sata front panel multi port hub.

I?ve been trying to resolve some issues I have with boot times and I don?t understand some of my bios settings, could someone advise me please or correct my selections.
1) IDE dvd rom set as master, ( no slave ).
2) SATA 1 = HD.
3) SATA 2 = DVD/CD drive.
4) SATA 3 = multi port hub.
5) Onchip Sata chanel 1 = enabled.
6) Onchip Sata type = Sata, but options for RAID or AHCI.

7) Suppend mode = Auto.
8) ACPI 2.0 support = disabled.
9) acpi-APIC support = enabled.

Boot Sequence.
10) SATA 1 = HD.
11)SATA 2 = DVD/CD drive.
12) Floppy, ( can?t see the IDE DVD drive but can see it elsewhere and drive works ).
Please see 1,2,3,4, which drive does gets priority here on boot up, I hopping it's number 3/11, ( same drive ), or do I need to change sequence.

Advance, Internal Graphics
13) AMD 780 HD Audio = Enabled, ( I have no HD devices fitted, I have legacy 97 Audio enabled elsewhere ).
14) Audio Controller = Enabled
15 ) SPDIF outmode setting = SPDIF output, (option to select HDMI).

A:My Bios Settings

If you don't have a Hard drive RAID setup you can safely disable the sata chip for RAID.

You can also disable the DVD and floppy from the boot sequence. Just leaving the Hard Drive. That sometimes saves a few seconds. (re-enable them only when you need to boot from disk/dvd etc. They will still work within Windows if disbaled from the boot sequnce)

You can probably enable the ACPI 2.0 safely (advanced power management). However if it does cause issues, just disabled it again. It won't save you any time at boot, but will help with things like Sleep/Hibernate

The AMD 780 HD is an on-board High Definition Audio device. Try setting all options to HD instead of legacy 97

SPDIF is the digital output to things like stereos, surround systems etc. (yellow plug) Not needed if you plug speakers straight into the green/blue speaker jack ports.

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My son's computer is an emachine athlon Xp 3200+ The default setting is 166 and that makes it an xp 2500. I'm trying to extend its life. My question is, will it help to keep the default setting or can I go back to the 200 setting that will make it a 3200? PS: I've had it at the 200mhz setting for a couple of years with no problems. What are the pros and cons of this. Thank you

A:CPU settings in bios?

Well, the main pro is that it will be a bit faster! I don't really see any point to underclocking it as long as it is sufficiently cooled.

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Hello there folks,

The trouble I'm having is with my Compaq Armada 1590DT laptop/notebook.

The manual states that to access the BIOS I should press the F10 button during start-up, so far I've had no success with this method.

Can anyone tell me if there is another way to enter the computers configuration/BIOS? (possibly thru' MS-DOS)
I'm running Windows Millennium, if that's any help.



A:Getting into BIOS settings

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I would like to understand some of the settings on my AMI BIOS v02.58 plus get suggestions on the recommended settings for my XP Home SP2 system (ASUS P5K3 mobo with INTEL Core 2 Duo E6850/3.0/4MB, RAM 2GB/DDR3/PC3-8500):

1. Advanced / PCIPnP / Plug And Play O/S: Settings are NO (default) and YES
NO = Lets the BIOS configure all the devices in the system. YES = Lets the OS configure PnP devices not required for boot if your system has a PnP OS.

Should I leave the default NO setting or change it to YES and why?

2. Power / Suspend Mode: Settings are AUTO (default), S1 (POS) only, S3 only

What each one does and what is recommended?

3: Power / ACPI 2.0 Support: Settings are DISABLED (default), Enabled

What each one does and what is recommended?

4: Power / ACPI APIC Support: Settings are ENABLED (default), Disabled

What each one does and what is recommended?

All is working fine on my PC except it will not go into Hibernation (Hibernation has been enabled in the Power Options Properties)

Thank you

A:AMI BIOS Settings

I would set your BIOS to the default settings. They are designed to run best that way.

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Hello guys !

I have a " little " question,AGAIN .I'm using a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L (rev. 2.0 ) motherboard,and a WD SATA II HDD.I was curious witch settings should i change in my bios because my HDD shows up while i'm booting as IDE Channel Master 0...I'll put a mark " * " beside the settings that i'm unsure off if i set properly,so you can guide me and give me a hand.

PS: Sorry if my "curiosity" its a bit long

Integrated Peripherals

SATA AHCI Mode [Disabled] *
SATA Port0-1 Native Mode [Disabled] *
USB Controller [Enabled]
USB 2.0 Controller [Enabled]
USB Keyboard Support [Enabled]
USB Mouse Support [Enabled]
Legacy USB storage detect [Enabled]
Azalia Codec [Disabled] ? ( Onboard audio )
Onboard H/W LAN [Disabled]
x SMART LAN Press Enter
x Onboard LAN Boot ROM Disabled
Onboard IDE Controller [Enabled] *
Onboard SerialPort 1 [3F8/IRQ4] *
Onboard ParallelPort [378/IRQ7] *
ParallelPort Mode [SPP] ... Read more

A:Bios Settings !

Hello Suspekt.

Here's a tutorial about AHCI that may be interesting to have a look at, at the link below.

AHCI : Enable in Windows 7 / Vista

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i dont know what settings i should have in bios, i dont know where to look for info on hard drives or cd roms. can anyone help? In standard setup window, there are acronyms or abbrev. that i do no recognize. CYL, HD, WP, SEC . What do they mean and where do i look for information to put numbers there. or do i even mess with that? E machine pentium III, with windows 2000 xp home edition.

A:bios settings

ag31 said:

i dont know what settings i should have in bios, i dont know where to look for info on hard drives or cd roms. can anyone help? In standard setup window, there are acronyms or abbrev. that i do no recognize. CYL, HD, WP, SEC . What do they mean and where do i look for information to put numbers there. or do i even mess with that?Click to expand...

You can start to learn what hardware you have by downloading Everest Free:
It will tell you about the SMART status of your disk drives and the temperatures of your System, CPU and Aux in addition to the rpms of your fans. Definitely do both the Quick and the Full Report.

The place where info and updates for your BIOS is located is at the website of the manufacturer of your motherboard.

The place where info and hard drive utilities is located is the manufacturer of your hard disk drives.

You can also learn by googling for example: "disk drive" & cyl
or checkout the hardware guides at http://www.tomshardware.com/index.html

If you are not interested in overclocking your processor or having problems booting up, which usually means some kind of hardware problem - best not to mess with the BIOS settings until you know what you are doing.

-- Tom

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In my many efforts to curb fan noise on the X1 Extreme and address other annoying issues--laptop turning on when plugging in the AC adapter and turning off the BIOS/Boot Menu beep so it doesn't beep loudly when you enter them and forget to mute before doing so--it seems like some of the BIOS menus and options in 1.19 don't do anything at all. The Power menu and the various options related to Battery vs Maximum Performance: I've played with these and there is no discernable affect. I managed to finally get Windows almost silent once it loads, but holy crap, the second you turn this thing on it starts howling like it is about to take off. Of course queue the comments at the airport, office, conferences, etc. along the lines of "Holy sh*t, is your laptop going to blow up?" There is no reason for this and the settings in the BIOS that should be affecting it do nothing. (Yes, intake and exhaust are perfectly clear; fans cleaned; paste and heatsink properly applied; etc., etc. etc.).The Power option that is something along the lines of "Power on with AC".... tried it disabled/enabled. Still turns on when I plug in the AC adapter, which is pretty annoying.There is no option to turn off the beep that you are entering the Boot Menu or BIOS... I can assure you, no one within a 100 yards of me needs, nor wants, to know I am trying to go into the Boot Menu or BIOS. I especially don't since I'M THE ONE WHO F'ING INITIATED IT. Can we get an option to turn this crap off? It scares the ... Read more

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Anyone tell me the best settings for AMi latest bios.

A:Best settings for bios

Thats very vague, there's sop many different settings varying on the motherboard.

This may help though:

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