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After installing Convenience Rollup ROBOCOPY.EXE is copying files with the creation date more recent.

Q: After installing Convenience Rollup ROBOCOPY.EXE is copying files with the creation date more recent.

After installing the convenience rollup KB3125574, robocopy is copying files considering also the creation date of the file. So, when the file exists in the source and in the destination, it will be copied when the modified date is more recent or when the
creation date is more recent. In windows 7 without KB3125574 and in Windows 10 only the last modified date is considered.
Is there a hotfix for this bug?

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Preferred Solution: After installing Convenience Rollup ROBOCOPY.EXE is copying files with the creation date more recent.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Checking for updates get stuck in my laptop so I did some search and found this site:

How to Update Windows 7 All at Once with Microsoft?s Convenience Rollup

I follow all those step and after that I check for updates it almost took 5 hours to found updates and then I check updates again no updates.

My concern is if I downloaded the convenience roll up for this month do I need to download another again for the next month when release, the one that I download is KB3125574 in Microsoft Update Catalog.

Can you explain what is convenience rollup? I done some research what I understand is it makes the update easier.

Windows 7 SP1

A:Convenience Rollup

The convenience update was released to cover the 200+ updates required after installing SP1.
ie its just a lot quicker, 1 instead of 200+, just set your comp to update normally, and all following updates will install as normal.


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Hello everyone,
This is my first post to the Bleeping Computer community. I am thankful that such a large volunteer effort exists to help with serious computer problems. You are probably appreciated more than you know.
Over the last few months, I've noticed strange filenames in my recent files with 0 kb filesize and no creation date. They appear to be chinese characters but I'm not 100% sure. I tried Google Translate to no avail.
They would appear to be generated by some (malware?) process and subsequently deleted (they are not on the desktop), and are not in the recycle bin. Would this indicate an infection?
This is some of my info:
OS: Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
Antivirus: Windows Defender, MalwareBytes Anti-Malware (nothing found)
I've noted a similar thread to Bleeping Computer that appears to have been solved, but I wanted to create a new topic since I'm sure the different computer environments dictate different strategies. Similar thread: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/597789/strange-files-in-recent-files-list-files-have-chinese-names-and-zero-byte-size/
Thank you for your help.

A:W10 - chinese filenames in recent with 0 kb size and no creation date

Sorry for the wait. To better help you I will need you to do this:Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your Desktop.Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system. If you are not sure which version applies to your system, download both of them and try to run them. Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version.Right-click FRST then click "Run as administrator" (XP users: click run after receipt of Windows Security Warning - Open File).When the tool opens, click Yes to disclaimer.Press the Scan button.When finished, it will produce a log called FRST.txt in the same directory the tool was run from.Please copy and paste the log in your next reply.Note 2: The first time the tool is run it generates another log (Addition.txt - also located in the same directory the tool was run from). Please also paste that, along with the FRST.txt into your next reply.Once you post those logs I will need 24 to 48 hours to process them.

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At the moment I didn't experience any problem because I didn't try it yet.
My PC is HP notebook with Win 7 pre-installed. In 2011 was updated to SP1, and then after few more updates was left for variety of reasons not updated for about 3 years. Now that I see MS has issued the Convenience Rollup I think maybe it's an opportunity to update it in one shot.
1. Will it run on the laptop with pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium?
2. Is it OK that some updates since SP1 were already installed?
3. Do I need a MS account to access 2 updates files they mention?
4. How long the installation will take? How to trace if it goes smoothly or got stuck? Will it be only one re-boot or more? How to get out of the loop if it got stuck?

Thanks in advance!

A:Questions regarding the new Convenience Rollup for Win 7 SP1

Hi and welcome.
To answer your questions:

1. Yes it will run
2. Yes it is okay. The update will install those needed.
3. I do not believe you need a Microsoft account but you must use Internet Explorer to download the files.
4. I cannot answer the last question. I have not used the update yet.

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I have a fresh copy of Windows SV SP1 x64 Windows 7.
I have integrated Convenience Rollup. First the stack update KB3020369
afterwards the rollup KB3125574.

I used Ntlite tool for the intergratetion into the WIM. I'm familiar with DISM integration
but i prefer Ntlite.

SFC fails with the message "damaged files found and repaired" I translated from Swedish.
I tried to re-do the integration many times but it fails everytime. The OS is totally fresh SFC
is the first thing i do.

I have tested only with a fresh SP1 copy and SFC don't fail after installation. I also made my own version with SP1 and 303 MSU updates included and it dont fail SFC

The CBS logfile is big 170 MB. Do you guys get the same result as me?

CBS log download: Mega File Upload - CBS.log Choose slow download.

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Back in May it was reported that Microsoft would publish what they called "A convenience rollup" this summer for Post-SP1 Windows 7 to get us upto speed in 1 shot.With only about a month or so to go in the summer,it is looking less and less likely,is Windows 10 to blame? will Microsoft abandon the rollup in fear that it may cause even more Windows 7 holdouts? is a Windows 7 SP2 more attractive than Windows 10?

A:Will Windows 7 ever see the Post-SP1 convenience rollup?

They might just do it
It would make it a lot easier to include all of the added windows 10 stuff many of us have been rejecting,
How to remove Windows 10 upgrade updates in Windows 7 and 8
What easier way than making a sp2

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Hi all together,

last week microsoft announced their new Convenience Rollup for Windows 7 SP1.
I installed different different virtual machines and bare metal devices with en_windows_7_enterprise_with_sp1_x64_dvd_u_677651.iso and applied only really necessary updates for KB3125574.
But even after installing the Convenience Rollup more than 200 Updates are available.
So cannot see the advantage.?!?
Am I doing something wrong??

EDIT: in Setup eventlog there are no errors - neither warnings ..just informational entries

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No, I don't mean how to USE it - I mean, how does one open a file like this?

Clicking a download link for KB3125574 gets a 476MB file named 'windows6.1-kb3125574-v4-x64_2dafb1d203c8964239af3048b5dd4b1264cd93b9.msu'.

From what I've read on other websites, this apparently-single file is made up of 122 smaller files.

So my question is: How to split this file into its component files?

A:How to open Convenience Rollup KB3125574?

You don't open it you run it like manually installing any update
windows update

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Im on my backup pc and this one has Win7 pro x64 without any kind of updates. I wanted to update it and I installed first KB3020369, which is a prereq, and also KB2670838 (suggested by WHDownloader to install before the roll up). Of course, I restarted after installing these two updates.

The problem I have is that the update wont install. Its always at 0%. I tried several times, after 1 hour waiting, nothing. I even tried installing it with ntlite and its exactly the same problem, stuck at 0%.

Do you know what am i missing here?

Thanks you

A:Unable to install KB3125574 convenience rollup

Hi Brick,

follow Thrash's instructions here, post no2 its upto date
Windows Update will not update and I've tried multiple fixes


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Hello All,
I need some help on troubleshooting this issue as i already spent too many hours and now I'm out of ideas.
I'm rolling out convenience rollup(KB3125574) for windows 7 to all workstations but some of them are failing with the below errors in cbs logs. I tried all basic stuff like sfc /scannow, reset windows update components, update win update agent,
system readiness tool, manual installation, update using dism tool, but nothing is fixed this issue. it is working in 70% of workstations and failing in 30%. i cannot see any pattern here as it is failing in all kind of models and both x32 and x64bit.

I ran this command as well but no errors were found.
dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth

Of course i have installed pre-requiste of servicing stack and also updated windows update agent as well.

Please help me to fix this issue.
2017-06-10 16:50:45, Info                  CBS    Progress: UI message updated. Operation type: Update. Stage: 1 out of 1. Percent progress: 12.
2017-06-10 16:50:45, Info                  CBS            INSTALL index: 51, phase: 2, result 0, inf: mpio.inf
2017-06-10 16:50:45, Info                  CBS            INSTALL index: 52, phase: 2, result 0, inf: stornvme.inf
2017-06-10 16:50:45, Info      ... Read more

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Hi all,
Got the heads up on an article regarding KB3125574
A must read if your thinking of making an ISO or a fresh install of Windows 7.

Known issues of Convenience rollup KB3125574

Hope this helps folk out there..

[Edit: dunno if this is in the correct section but move if it's not - Sticky?]

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Hi, I just started using Robocopy to backup my files to my JBOD recently and I noticed that it does not copy anything in My Document folder. Here is the result log for Robocopy regarding the backup.


Total Copied Skipped Mismatch FAILED Extras
Dirs : 4287 0 4287 0 0 0
Files : 34164 22831 11333 0 0 0
Bytes : 107.783 g 90.408 g 17.375 g 0 0 0
Times : 20:32:46 2:02:26 0:00:00 0:15:26

Ended : Mon Sep 08 02:58:21 2014


Even though it says that it copied 22831 files the destination folder says it has not been modified at all.

The strange thing is that when I was checking back on the progress in the cmd window, it showed that it was copying files. The problem is I have no idea where those files went, the files that were supposedly copied aren't there at all. Here is the script I used to back up my files.

robocopy F:\Anime G:\Anime /mir /copyall /np /tee /mt /log:"C:\Users\C.C\Desktop\my_backup_log.txt"

robocopy "E:\Disk Backups" "G:\Disk Backups" /mir /copyall /np /tee /mt /log+:"C:\Users\C.C\Desktop\my_backup_log.txt"

robocopy E:\Downloads G:\Dow... Read more

A:Robocopy not copying My Document files

CC mate I don't understand the Robocopy stuff and personally I use the Macrium for back up / imaging it is free and so easy to use.
Just a suggestion to get you out of strife
Imaging with free Macrium

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Hi all
I have just found Robocopy and it seems the perfect tool for what I am trying to do....
I make an incremental Backup on one of my PC's (Called Server-PC) every day using AOMEI backupper and I want to mirror that folder on my main PC I have been fiddling with Robocopy for hours now have Googled everything I can think of and can't find out what I am doing wrong.

First of all I Mapped my E:\ drive on My Main PC onto my Server-PC and called it Z:
Using this script --- robocopy "D:\AOMEI" "Z\ServerDriveCopy" /R:5 /s /purge /COPYALL as a test I Get
Source : D:AOMEI\
Destination : C:\Users\mike\Desktop\Z\ServerDriveCopy\

It starts and then says "There is not enough space on the disk" There is still 700gb empty on the disk! I have checked if Quota's have been enabled and they haven't so can't work this out!

I just found out there is a GUI for Robocopy so I tried that and made a slightly different script:
robocopy "D:\AOMEI" "Z:\ServerDriveCopy" /MIR /S /V /NP /Z /R:10 /W:30 (The only difference is the colon after Z !
and that goes MAD keeps repeating in the cmd window forever but no error message and no files get copied.

So I tried it without using the mapped drive which gives me :
robocopy "D:\AOMEI" "\\Main\e\ServerDriveCopy"
and that says "Access Denied" !
I can drag and drop files in explorer OK so I am stumped.

If any one can help I would be very grateful

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Last week I used a robocopy tutorial on this site to create a backup script, and it was working fine. Today I tried to run this script, inputting new destination information but leaving everything else the same, and now it is copying all of the folders, but none of the files.

It counts a total of 509 Dirs but 0 files--no skipped, no mismatch, no failed.

My syntax/options are as follows:
robocopy "source folder" "destination folder" /E /tee /log.Public_backup log.txt
robocopy "source folder" "destination folder" /E /tee /log.Training_backup log.txt

Does anyone see what might be causing this problem or have suggestions?

The source folder is directory:\folder and the destination folder is directory:\folder\subfolder\subfolder, if that matters.

A:Issue with Robocopy only copying folders, not files, in Windows 7

It should default to all files (*.*), but you could put the *.* in the command to see if it makes a difference.
robocopy "source folder" "destination folder" *.* /E /tee /log.Public_backup log.txt

If that doesn't work can you post the actual commands you are using, with the real folder names ?

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I realize this thread was opened in 2007 and is closed now, but it was never really answered and is still a pretty serious problem. I have see the problem on Vista and Windows 7, and someone online here reported that it is also a problem on XP. The problem is that whenever you copy files from A to B, that the creation date is lost. This is still very much a problem, although I have not tried it on Windows 8 yet (I do not have a Windows 8 system yet).

As one of the response in the old thread suggested, doing a Copy and then a Paste with Explorer resolves this, but it does not! It doesn't matter how you copy the files. I use Total Commander for my file manager (TC) most of the time, and it has the same problem. I even wrote to the creator of TC, and his response was essentially since Explorer cannot do this, then TC cannot. But researching further online, there may be some hope with the backup product by 2BrightSparks (http://www.2brightsparks.com/). The claim by a user of this tool says it retains the creation dates. I have not tried this product yet. It is not free.

For those of you who do not know how to find the creation date with Explorer, once you have highlighted the file in question, you need to right click on the row where Explorer says 'Name, Date Modified, Type or Tag', then select 'More...' at the bottom of this drop down window, and find 'Date Created' and set its box to checked. If you are a TC user, then you need to go to Fil... Read more

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I did a clean reinstall of windows 7 on a Lenovo laptop and now Windows Update has been "Checking for updates" for more than 24 hours now!, I tried getting the Convenience Rollup but I am unable to! It tells me that my browser is outdated despite that I have the latest Firefox. I click "get with different browser" but it only leads me to the download center where it just tells me to go to Windows Update in control panel, the same place that has been stuck checking for updates for 24 hours now! Microsoft seems to make it impossible to get the convenience rollup. Even the IE only brings up general updates to Windows 7, no convenience rollup!

Any ideas?
Any help would be appreciated

A:"checking for updates" 24+ hours now! unable to get Convenience rollup

There are essentially 3 updates needed for a clean install of windows that will get you updated through April of 2016

KB3020369 & KB3172605 & KB3125574 all can be downloaded from the M$ catalog using internet explorer
Microsoft Update Catalog


To manually install them you will need to ensure the built in windows update service is stopped and disabled first.

I also have all 3 updates on my OneDrive if you have issues getting the updates from the catalog.

Oops forgot to add OneDrive link

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I just transfered/copied 8 TB of data to a new drive only to find the file creation dates have been reset to the copy date for every single file.

I will now have to wipe the new drive clean and re-transfer everything in a way that keeps the original creation dates, how can I do that?

I'm quite sure "move" keeps the original dates, but I'd like to be able to keep a backup copy in case there's a problem with the new drive.

Thank you

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I just transfered/copied 8 TB of data to a new drive only to find the file creation dates have been reset to the copy date for every single file.

I will now have to wipe the new drive clean and re-transfer everything in a way that keeps the original creation dates, how can I do that?

I'm quite sure "move" keeps the original dates, but I'd like to be able to keep a backup copy in case there's a problem with the new drive.

Thank you

A:How to copy files and keep original creation date?

Open an Admin Command Prompt and type Robocopy /. It explains Robocopy which is the modern XCopy. When you actually use it check "Help" for COPY/ and COPYALL/

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Known issue in this convenience rollup

After you install the rollup, virtualized applications in Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) versions 4.5, 4.6, and 5.0 may have problems loading. When these problems occur, you may receive an error message that resembles the following:
Launching MyApp 100%

Note In this error message, MyApp represents the name of the App-V application.

Depending on the scenario, the virtualized app may freeze after it starts, or the app may not start at all.

Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you follow these steps carefully. For added protection, back up the registry before you modify it. Then, you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
322756 How to back up and restore the registry in Windows

To fix this known issue, configure the TermSrvReadyEvent registry entry on the computer on which the Microsoft Application Virtualization Client is installed.

For Microsoft Application Virtualization 5.0

Registry Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\AppV\Subsystem\ObjExclusions
Value name: 93 (or any unique value)
Type: REG_SZ
Data: TermSrvReadyEvent

For example, type the following command... Read more

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Hello everyone!

I'm using Windows 7. I have a Western Digital external HD that I use for backups and to clear space off my desktop's HD. I basically do mass copies of files on my desktop HD to the external's corresponding folders, using Windows Explorer drag-and-drop.

Sometimes, I run into a file in the batch that's been re-downloaded or re-saved (like an edited Word document), and has the same file name but a different size and/or download date. Right now, when the transfer runs into two files with the same name, I have to choose file-by-file if I want to keep both files (adding a (2) on the newer file). This ends up getting overlooked when you have hundreds of files in a batch.

I would like to know if there's a way to automatically have files with duplicate names but different sizes or dates copy and keep both files, so I know they're both intact without going through everything.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

A:Question About Copying Files With Same Name, Different Date/Size

Win7 will prompt you when it finds duplicates. You can verify each duplicate as it is found, or when you verify the first, tick the box at the bottom of the window (do this for x remaining files - or something to that effect) and then make your selection. Windows will then do whatever you selected for all duplicates (in that session).

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I'm reorganizing my hard drives on my Windows 7 Professional system (because I am filling up one of several).  I've copied a directory structure and files to a different drive, using:

robocopy "F:\Documents and Settings\Dan\Personal" "I:\Personal" /MIR /DCOPY:T. 

What I noticed after the copy process is that all the *.exe files have a new "modified" date on the target drive.  It appears the *.js files are likewise adorned with a new "modified" date, too.

Can someone explain what happened and how I might retain the original date/time info on the executable files, please?

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I have to move a few thousand files and folders from my desktop to external USB hard drives to free up space on the desktop drive.

I need to keep the original folder and file dates. When I copy or move folders, Windows changes the folder date, but does keep the file date (created, modified and last accessed now become the current date.)

Is there any "tweak" in Windows I can do in order to keep all the dates accurate?

I've even tried a couple backup programs to move/copy files, and the folder date is changed to the current date in all three categories as above.

WinXP Pro

Thank you

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I want to use Robocopy to backup the data from my external hardrive D to a file called 'Backup' in a cluster storage W.
I only want to backup the modified and new files. In other words, I don't want to back up all the files in D every time I run Robocopy.

This is what I wrote by reading other posts on the forum:
title Backup personal files
robocopy D:\ W:\Backup /e /mir /np /tee /log+:backup_log.txt

However, the script below does not back up all the files.
Any suggestion on how I can improve the robocopy script?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Hey guys,

This may sound like a really silly question, but I'm just getting to grips with using Robocopy.

How do you copy folders with spaces in the title? E.g: T:\Admin Tools
I keep getting an error.

Any help would be great thanks.

A:Robocopy - Copying Folders With Spaces in The Title.

It's ok, I've worked it out. I didn't realise I had to put Quotation marks in!

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I have the following issue: I want to copy files
including all their attributes and ACLs from my
computer to a network storage.

Our architecture is quite simple: a single domain
controller (I believe it's Windows Server 2008 x64)
and many desktops connected to domain.

Our administrator said we could do this with robocopy
utility which is installed on our desktops (which vary from Vista to
even Windows Server 2003 - just because it's more stable than
XP). She said we have all the permissions required for the operation.

When I tried to perform the following operation:

robocopy C:\MyDirectory \\Storage\TeamA\MyDirectory /E /SEC
I get the message "Access Denied" on 3rd file. When I spoke to our admin,
she told me to find exactly what set of permissions should be defined, and she
will set it as I say.

So, can anyone explain me exactly what permissions/settings/anything else should
be existing for C:\MyDirectory and \\Storage\TeamA directories?

Should our users be defined in some specific way? Anything in policies?

I'll be really appreciative.

In addition: does robocopy perform privileges elevation? So it can accomodate the
minimal required level to perform the operation?

Thanks a lot.


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I've set up a back up batch file to copy my Documents, Pictures, Music, and Videos folders from my computer to an external hard drive.
However, while running the Documents backup, it seems to find, the pictures, music, and videos folders all inside the documents folders labelled "My Music", etc.
However, these folders do not exist. When I navigate in explorer to C:\Users\username\Documents\ I cannot find a folder labelled "My Music". When I try to navigate to C:\Users\username\Documents\My Music it tells me that "access is denied". I cannot find them through command line either.
As well, when I try and find the folders on the backup drive, they do not seem to be there either.
I just don't understand where this is coming from.

A:Robocopy copying folders from the wrong place


It sounds like you are running foul of junction points. You may need to use the /XJ switch.

Post your BAT code here, and I'll take a look at it for you.


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Another question straight from the depths of my ignorance. I am going to reformat my hard drive again this coming Friday, why Friday?, you ask. Beacuse that will give me the weekend to try to get things going again, The question: I have just copied Program Files form the to be formatted drive to another hard drive on the system. Will I be able to install programs from the transferred Program Files onto the reformatted disk? For example, will I be able to install Zone Alarm or AVG to the newly formatted disk before I make an internet connection?

A:Solved: Copying and installing files from Program Files

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Hi All,

I have one folder A and have another folder B in the same drive E: I need to move all the content from folder A which are more than 2 years old to folder B. Hence when I ran the robocopy it just copied and I lost all disk space in drive E.

My question is even though I used /MOV command why it is not copied and deleted from the source?

robocopy E:/A E:/B /e /MOV /MINAGE:730

Please suggest..

A:Robocopy /MOV command copying but not deleting from source directory

I created folders Test and Test2 on drive E:, copied some files over and under two years old and tested with command

robocopy E:\Test E:\Test2 /e /mov /minage:730
Works perfect. All files older than 730 are moved, copied to destination and deleted from source. I can only think of two possible causes for your issue:System considers files to be newer than 730 days old
A syntax error in your command
Please run the command, take screenshot of the last part of summary (under the dotted line, highlighted in screenshot below) and post it here.

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Well, after several failed attempts to clone my boot partition the right way, I broke down and used RoboCopy. Now, I know that you're not supposed to do this. I know it's bad joojoo. But I've done it now. It is done. Now I want to work with the partition I have and make it bootable. I have a sense that I will need to recreate the junctures that were on the original disk. And maybe something with securities as well? There were some "Error 5"s. Other than that, what do I need to do? The files themselves are copied. Now it's a matter of the hidden stuff, I think. Surely you guys know the secret glue that holds an OS together.

A:Copying boot partition with Robocopy, making it bootable.

Do you have a dual or multi-boot system (e.g. Windows XP and Windows 7 installed on same PC) ? or do you have only one version of Windows installed ?

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This happens to the Winodws XP Explorer.

Would people out there please explain it to me. And also what I wish to see is the downloaded file creation date which should be identical to the one kept by the hosting web site. Or maybe other ways around

A:Why can Last Modified Date and Creation Date be the same

If I understand what your asking:


Why can Last Modified Date and Creation Date be the same

They would be the same, for example. You draw a picture in paint, save it and dont edit it again. When you save it you create the file, and seeing you dont edit it the modfication date and the creation date will be the same.


And also what I wish to see is the downloaded file creation date which should be identical to the one kept by the hosting web site.

I am not sure if that is possible.

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Well, after several failed attempts to clone my boot partition the right way, I broke down and used RoboCopy. Now, I know that you're not supposed to do this. I know it's bad joojoo. But I've done it now. It is done. Now I want to work with the partition I have and make it bootable. I have a sense that I will need to recreate the junctures that were on the original disk. And maybe something with securities as well? There were some "Error 5"s. Other than that, what do I need to do? The files themselves are copied. Now it's a matter of the hidden stuff, I think. Surely you guys know the secret glue that holds an OS together.

A:Solved: Copying boot partition with Robocopy, making it bootable.

Well, I ran chkdsk /v /r on the old drive, and it became stable enough to read without problems. So then I copied the boot partition with Partition Wizard. After all that hassle with Acronis, it was a free program I already had that did the job. I'm good now, so let's call it solved.

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Hi All,

I have a problem that whenever I start copying files or install a program, my physical memory consumption goes to 100%. When I look at the resources, not process seems to be using this memory.

I've tried to disable write-cache, it helps in a way that it takes windows a little more time to consume all memory.

After the copying is done the memory is released slowly.

Thanks for helping

A:Memory consumption when copying files / installing

What antivirus are you using?

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I currently want to upgrade from Win XP to Win 10.

At start up of the PC, the Bios loads up, the USB devices or DVD's are detected and I can see the blue Win 10 logo. After a couple of min (I'm guessing after copying files onto the hard drive) the PC restarts, and the same thing happens all over again.
When I wait until the PC restarts and quickly disconnect or remove the DVD before the BIOS loads, all I get is
"Press F1 for reboot, F2 for start up utility."

I have downloaded several Win 32 Windows versions I was able to find. I burned the ISO onto DVD's, created USB bootable sticks and USB bootable Hard drives with Rufus 2.9. Windows 7 creation tool did not work either.

I have changed the Hard disk drive sequence, USB device first, Systems Bios boot devices second and vice versa.

I also have 3 hard drives, two SATA and one IDE.
Fastboot OFF
I have also disabled the two sata drives, enabled only the IDE, same thing.
Primary Sata enabled and Secondary SATA and IDE disabled, same thing.

The PC just restarts no matter what I do without proceeding with the installation. What am I doing wrong, or what am I missing? Suggestions?

A:Installing Win 10 on 32bit / P4; copying of windows files in a loop

You can't upgrade from Win XP. You can only do a clean install with a new purchase of W10. There is no upgrade path from XP to W10.

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I have an original completely LEGAL copy of Windows Server 2003. During Installation I get a few errors saying it cannot find the following files on the disk:


Does anyone know how I can solve this or where I can download the files and try copy them from a floppy to hard drive using command promp

A:Copying Files error when installing Windows Server 2003

Usually files aren't found because of CD has scratches / dirt on it. Sometimes the drives themselves don't work with some discs and you could try another drive (for the installation).

Are you able to finish the installation without those files? If you are, check if they really are on the CD and use expand command in the command prompt to uncompress them.

mswrd632.wp_ is MS Word document converter for Wordpad (and maybe other applications too) and goes to %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\TextConv (filename mswrd632.wpc).

The rest .exe files are Internet connection wizard's files and go to %ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\Connection Wizard, if I'm not mistaken.

If you use another way to setup your network connection and don't read Word 6 documents with Wordpad, you could just ignore those files.

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I bought a new computer with Windows 7 and Word 2010 and had all my documents transferred from my old XP PC. Now in Library/documents the "Arrange by" choice is only "date modified" which for all existing documents was October 5, 2012--i.e., the date of the data transfer. How can I get the documents to be listed by date created ?

A:creation date

Go to My Documents folder, not library. Right click on top bar and checkmark Date Created. Then click on that header to sort by Date Created.

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So, I've had this 2TB external hard drive for a while. I'd say about 3 years, maybe a little more at the most. It started when I was downloading some mods for one of my favorite games. I was making backups of the files just in case anything didn't work and I needed the original. So, after about 2 or 3 days of modding. I noticed my game would stop at the loading screen, music stopped too and the game did absolutely nothing but just sit there. Wasn't frozen, just waiting. I thought this was quite odd, but I didn't think much of it considering I was modding and changing files all the time (even if I did keep them straight and knew what I was doing).

So I re-installed the game without any mods, tried to load the game and play. Same thing and I thought it was related to the game itself until I noticed.. Windows 7 was checking the drive (and fixing, every time) errors on that hard drive every single boot when something on the drive had been changed. Windows must be detecting issues when writing files and thus, checking the drive. But it's weird, there's always just a few files missing. I've tried other games (installed them) and got the same result.

I haven't used this drive much. In fact, it used to be used for data storage. I know there aren't any issues with installing games to external hard drives. I've done it many times. The drive also runs off of a external SATA (eSATA).

Anyone have any ideas? The drive doesn't c... Read more

A:Solved: Hard Drive missing files after installing, copying, or moving anything.

Really? No one?

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maybe the wrong forum. let me know

I am seeking help in one of two ways:

1. tips on how to open .pub documents (created on my old computer using MS Publisher) on my new computer which has MS Office (without Publisher)
I do not have the install disk for Publisher and the HD that it's on is way too small to swap in to replace either of the new comps HDs. Is there a way I can transfer the entire contents of the old HD onto one of the new ones and have Publisher work? Is there another program that can open .pub documents that is inexpensive? Can I buy a used copy of Publisher somewhere?
If any of this legally questionable??

2. recommendation on a cheap (or free) and SIMPLE forms creator. All I need to be able to do are invoices, expense reports, and proposals. The only 'whistle and bell' features I seek are automatic date insertion and serial numbering each time the template is opened and to be able to put my company name on the stuff.


A:business forms creation or copying a HD

As for the Publisher files read this: http://desktoppub.about.com/cs/publisher/f/share_pubfiles.htm

I use the free Microsoft Excel Templates found on the Microsoft Office website and they are fully customizable.

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i am using turbo c++. i have read a file and need to read the date of creation for that file. so using c or c++ functions . how can i do it?
can anybody help me out?

A:Finding Date of creation?

Probably not the RIGHT way to do it, but since you know how to read files, you can output the dir command's results for the file, to a tempfile and then read it.

#include <cstdlib>
system("dir /TC filename.ext > tempfile.ext");

Then the first 10 characters on the 6th line of the temp file will be the created date.

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Hey guys

I am using Outlook Express 6 and would like to reduce some of the clutter in my contacts list.

I would have thought that there would be a creation date for each contact when they are added to the list.

If there is, I can't seem to find it.

Does anybody know anything about this?


A:OE6, creation date of a contact?

You are right, it is not there. So just pick some other field and use
it for your purpose. For example "Other."

Or use the birthday field since it already has a possible date entry.
You can also right click on the contact folder columns and include
the birthday field, so it is visible whenever you open that folder.

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My computer crashed, but all of my pictures were backed up. They are in a folder structure based on their creation dates. The problem is that when they were copied to their backup folder, they all got new creation dates and times. How can I set all their creation dates to the date of the folder that each is in?

Also, I want to copy them to an SD card so that I can import them again. How can I do this and still preserve the new dates?

Thanks so much.


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I just reinstalled XP 2 days ago, however tonight I noticed in my system information, almost every of my video and audio codec creation dates are 12/31/79. I've had this happen once before in my codecs but I cannot remember at all why & what I had to do to fix it. Also though, I got to looking and realized not only are my codecs creation dates wrong, but almost EVERY single one of my running tasks, loaded modules, drivers, etc. creation dates that my system information lists are also 12/31/79 too! Any Clue? I dont know what would be the best way for me to correct all of them or how much is it going to affect me. Any Ideas...

Thank You to anyone who can shine any light on this for me!:

A:wrong creation date: 12/31/79 ?!?

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I had recently copied a folder in the same drive. With having been deleted the original folder, I have no way of finding the original date it was created. Is there any way to find the "date created" for the original folder. Please help.

A:Restore Creation Date of a folder

Hi, and welcome to TSF.

Assuming the folder is not still in the recycle bin, (did you check?) have you tried system restore to go back to a point before you deleted the folder?

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I use Windows XP Pro. I need to change the date stamp on some image files that recorded the date years early. The digital camera batteries were left out for several days, then when the batteries were installed I did not set the current date, they stayed at the cameras default date.

Windows help file talkes about "file properties" window with tabs, but I only see one tab. Any ieas?

A:changing file creation date

Hi Chas9 !

If you're talking about a date that appears at the bottom of the image then there's nothing you can do, it's part of the image.

If you wish to change the file attribute then there are many freewares on the internet that can do that. A google search found this freeware which should do the trick :

Else Total Commander (fully fonctionnal 30 days shareware) has many other uses but can do just what you want. Select your files with right-click (or press + then type *.jpg if these are all .jpg files) then go to files => change attributes.

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How should I go about getting a listing of all the files on my machine
sorted by their Creation Date?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

A:Solved: File creation date

Not sure if this will give you exactly what you want.

Open up a cmd prompt
CD \

DIR /ah /as /OD /S

This will show files in each directory sorted by date.

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hello guys,
I have a question,we have an external hard disk that some files and folders are created there,suppose someone with a third party tool (like Attribute Changer) modified the creation date of files or folders,is there any way to find the original creation date of these files or folders?
windows is seven

A:Changing the Creation date of a file

The file system does not maintain any kind of history of date changes. Once the creation date (or any other data) has been changed the original date is lost.

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I have an issue with the creation/time taken of a particular photo.

On the 13th of October, I took a photo with my mobile at 17:23. When I placed this photo on my computer, the date & time taken, date & time created and date & time modified were all the same and correct, as 13th October 17:23.

Now, on the 1st of November I transferred this photo again from my mobile to my computer and the time created changed to 18:23. (on October 31st we changed to winter hour, and we've set our clock to -1hr).

Can anyone tell me what is going on/wrong and how I can transfer this photo again and get the real values for the date & time taken, date & time created and date & time modified and make sure that they all match the timestamp 13th October 17:23?


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