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Lenovo T400 technical question - upgrading to Win 7 Prof + Samsung SSD and 8GB RAM

Q: Lenovo T400 technical question - upgrading to Win 7 Prof + Samsung SSD and 8GB RAM

Hi there, I have a T400 running Windows XP Professional that's in pristine condition, that I'd like to upgrade to Win 7 Prof + an SSD + 8GB of RAM. It came with a Window's 7 upgrade DVD (and companion DVD) with instructions that note I will need to do a clean install since I have XP. I specifically had this system downgraded from Vista when it was shipped to me in 2010. The Upgrade DVD says "Win Vista Bus to Win 7 Pro UPG Fulfill Lenovo" on it. I'm okay with the clean install since I'm running XP, but my question is: if I'm already going to swap out the HDD to an SSD and I need to do a clean install anyway, can I just remove my old HDD, F1 boot from the disk and then install Windows 7 straight to my new SSD? Or will the "Upgrade" version of Windows 7 look for something on the old HDD to give it permission to install? Thanks for any advice. So essentially

Preferred Solution: Lenovo T400 technical question - upgrading to Win 7 Prof + Samsung SSD and 8GB RAM

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Lenovo T400 technical question - upgrading to Win 7 Prof + Samsung SSD and 8GB RAM

If the DVDs came from Lenovo, I am fairly sure it will work fine and use the Vista license in the BIOS

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Hi everyone, and thanks for taking the time to read this. I recently decided to upgrade my 2k prof installation to xp prof. Everything went fine and dandy, until I went to log in after the installation, and my mouse and keyboard didn't work. I figured something had gone wrong, so i decided to redo the installation. Now, I can't even re-install, because after I get done with the text-mode portion of the setup, the keyboard doesnt' work, and I can't enter the CD key to continue setup. Both the mouse and keyboard worked fine before the upgrade. I have tried both a PS/2 and a USB keyboard, to no avail. If the caps lock or nums lock lights were on before I get to the Setup welcome screen, they stay on, but I can't turn them off, and no keystrokes are recognized by setup. Has anyone run into this before? Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I'm now on hour #9 of trying to resolve this issue. Thanks again

A:at my wits end - problem upgrading from 2k prof to xp prof

I ran into this on a 2k and an XP system after installing updates for logitech wireless mouse and keyboard. On the 2k system I was able to get back by using one of the choices given by tapping f8 at boot, I don't recall which. It was on an MSDN 2k, and it seemed to have another choice or two. On the XP machine, the only thing to do was a parallel install to get the data back.
Try the f8 options and see where it goes. Once you have the reinstall going though, it always wants to boot back to completing it, and loses the kbd again.

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Hi all,I'm trying to figure out how I can connect the T400 to the TV. I already know I won't get the sound.Is there an option to work without a signal converter? What is the best option? The laptop only has VGA out. The TV has the following inputs: Component In, Composite In,HDMI The Component and Composite are combined, as shown in this picture: http://content.abt.com/image.php/5-UN24H4000.jpg?image=/images/products/BDP_Images/5-UN24H4000.jpg&c... Thanks for any tips   

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My t400 has now been searching for updates in a week. Nothing happends. Any clue?

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Hi, I'm just wondering if it is possible to upgrade the Graphics Card on my T400 Laptop. I opened up Device Manager, went to Display Adapters, and it's a pretty weak (so I hear) Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family. I would like to upgrade this, because of many different reasons. (One of which includes sometimes having my computer "black out" for a second, then say that some sort of display thing has failed but recovered, and images/videos loading slow, etc..., as well as the main problem of whenever I load something that is graphics heavy, whether it be some imaging assignment or a video game, I hear my computer working extra-hard and a "clicking" noise comes from my computer I think, and I feel like it's because my graphics card is not "good" enough, and I might as well upgrade it if possible). So yeah, I was just wondering if it is possible to upgrade the Graphics Card on my T400 Lenovo Laptop, and where to buy a new one (if possible). Thanks!


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A:Upgrading Graphics Card on T400 Laptop?

there's no "graphics card", per se, in your machine. it's all surface-mount soldered to the planar. even in the case of models that feature switchable graphics, the discrete gpu is soldered (vs socketed) to the planar. so, there's no upgrading that way, sorry.

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i want to upgrade ram, so i have selected two rams.                   1. Corsair 4GB DDR3L Low Voltage 1.35V 1600Mhz Laptop Memory SODIMM and 2. Corsair CMSX4GX3M1A1600C9 Vengeance 4GB Memory Upgrade Kitnow i want to know which will be better.thankyou.

A:Lenovo G505s - question about upgrading RAM memory

Hi subhamzzz , 
Welcome to the Lenovo Community Forums.
Genral specifications for G505s :
- DDR3 / DDR3L * 2 SODIMM, 1600 MHz.- Dual channel for AMD Richland- Upgradeable to 32 GB Memory with two 16 GB SODIMMs
Lenovo recommend RAM listed on the hardware manual (item 16 page 83-84).
Regarding third party reseller options , best to check with specific manufacturer Corsair to match advantages of the higher priced RAM from a cheaper value of their product.
This may include heat spreaders , backward compatibility and auto detect speed technology offered in vengeance.
Sticking with OEM recommendation is still the best option but do not limit users to their choice as long as those choice works for them. 
Hope this help answer your query.

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Hello All:

I am running Windows 7 Prof. x64 OEM on my HP Elitebook notebook.

Do I upgrade to Windows 10 using the integrated upgrade tool (2GB) or do I download the upgrade from Techbench which is 3GB.

What is the difference between the 2.

Thanks & Regards

A:Upgrading from Windows 7 Prof.

Hello and welcome to TenForums

There will be no difference in the end, the integrated tool (Media Creation) uses compressed files so it is smaller, it also detects your version so you are more likely to get the correct one downloaded. Tech Bench relies on you selecting the right version and language edition.

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First of all, Hi everybody That's my first post here.

I use Windows XP Home Edition, Greek version (original copy bought with the laptop 2 years ago)

This is the whole story:

I was running NOD32 for viruses and ZoneAlarm for firewall+antispyware when for no reason I realized that Zone antispyware is not working. Nothing that I did fixed the problem. I got suspicious and downloaded spywaredoctor to run a scan. BIG MISTAKE!!! The System crashed 3-4 times and even when I unistalled the software the OS didn't become stable. On the contrary, it crashed and couldn't start windows (only on safe mode). I unistalled all the software (NOD32 and ZoneAlarm) and that is how I managed to get into windows. But the loading of windows was taking a great deal of time!!! I was sure that registy got damaged and I had to repair windows... But there is a big difference. My original copy is in Greece, and I live in a foreign country. I couldn't find a copy of a greek version here so I asked my friends in the office if they had any original copies of other versions and I found XP Home and XP prof in English.

I thought that I might upgrade from Home to Prof with no problems. So I went to "Run", typed "cmd" and then D:\i386\winnt32/unattend to reinstall. A message poped up "you run a different language, upgrade will not be available" but i ignored it (one more BIG MISTAKE). I finished installation and now I have 2 Windows versions on the same pa... Read more

A:Problems upgrading from Home to Prof

I tried to upgrade from home to professional and ended up messing up my computer being stupid and all. Drivers were a ngihtmare to find and had to just re-do the whole lot again in home. so my advice would be, stick to home.

to install, shutdown the computer and run from the disc and do a hard format while reinstalling the os. DONE.

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Hello everyone,So, i have a lenovo t400, that i had for the last 5-6 years. Had zero problems with it, untill 2 days ago.Two days ago, while watching a movie, the laptop suddenly powered off. No error code, no bsod, no nothing.After removing the battery,(it only has 15-20 minutes of life left, so i was worried it dying might be the cause) i managed to turn it on again, and it succesfully booted into wondows, just to turn off after 10 minutes of web browsing again. but this time i caught a glimpse of what looked like a bsod, so i kept trying untill i caught it:After a short google search, i was left with the inforamtion, that it was caused by a hardware malfunction, which i suspected was the battery dying, except, even after it was removed, the laptop kept crashing, usually without any errors, or the occasional glimpses of the same bsod. I do not consider myself an expert when it comes to computers, but i certanly can handle myself. I always built my own towers, and serviced all the computers of my friends and family, but now, after 2 days, it reached a point, where i cant even get into the bios let alone into windows.Sorry for the long post, I'll get to the point. So, i suspect that maybe my dedicated graphics chip has died, but i cannot confirm that, as i' munable to get into the bios to switch it over to integrated graphics. My question is, that have anyone ever seen somethong similar? Is it the gpu, or somethong else? (mobo, cpu, ram)All help would be welcomed, as i cant a... Read more

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I have an existing windows XP with a Raid 1 (BIOS) configuration on an Asus Motherboard.
How do I go on upgrading to Windows 7 64 Bit?

Do I just do a clean install and provide AMD RAID Controller driver during installation?

A:Upgrading from WinXp with existing Raid1 to Windows 7 Prof 64 Bit


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Hello! I've googled my question first but tbh I didn't really get what to look for for a fitting RAM for the Lenovo T400, I only saw that some of the RAM was not accepted by the Laptop and the Laptop didn't boot then, so I don't want to risk too much, because I don't feel like I will be able to solve the problem with the RAM afterwards.  Can anyone tell me if this RAM is compatible with my Lenovo T400 and explain me what to look at for compatibility with the RAM Module: https://www.willhaben.at/iad/kaufen-und-verkaufen/d/ram-module-2x-4gb-1600mhz-pc3-12800s-183801765/If it is compatible then how much should I pay for it at most?

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Hi, After the release of Thinkpad Lenovo, the screen is completely dark, barely visible (illuminating the display only) to see something. What could be the problem? if someone already had one, write, Thanks

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hello, I'm having trouble with my Lenovo T400 Thinkpad lower click key on the right-hand side. If anyone would post or send me a link to a video on how to get it back in place I would greatly appreciate it, in the meantime, I will be searching for more info on how to fix it. Any suggested tips on this matter will also be appreciated. Thanks!

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I am purchasing a new Lenovo T400 laptop. Lenovo offers the Home Premium Windows 7 OS in both 32 and 64-bit versions, at the same price, with the 32 bit version being the "standard" choice. What are the tradeoffs of having the 32 v. 64-bit version installed? I understand that 32-versions may eventually become obsolete, but I am more interested in immediate performance and utility. I also have a lot of memory on the comptuer.

John L

A:Windows 7 32 or 64 on new Lenovo T400

Quote: Originally Posted by John L

I am purchasing a new Lenovo T400 laptop. Lenovo offers the Home Premium Windows 7 OS in both 32 and 64-bit versions, at the same price, with the 32 bit version being the "standard" choice. What are the tradeoffs of having the 32 v. 64-bit version installed? I understand that 32-versions may eventually become obsolete, but I am more interested in immediate performance and utility. I also have a lot of memory on the comptuer.

John L

Well John, It all depends on how much memory/RAM you have installed and the GHz of your CPU.
Looking at this: Lenovo - Laptop computers - ThinkPad T400 even the ultimate version only has 2GB, so 64-Bit Windows 7 will just about be able to run on it.You won't experience any better performance than if you were running 32-bit. A good minimum for any performance increases is 3GB of RAM.

That's my 2 cents

If a user helps you, click the scales at the top right of their post and click I Approve.

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Hi  I have problem with booting throught network on T440.As I scan network with wireshark there is no packet sending from T440.Another computers in same network is working fine and boot througt PXE.I have last BIOS.I have set Secure boot and UEFI Only.On screen is just Starting PXE IPv4 and after some time Starting PXE IPv6 and this is all.  Help

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Hello to one & all   T400 -  ONE                             I have a problem with two T400 thinkpads. The first  T400 was dead when I bought it ( suspected graphics card ) . Well I managed to get this laptop to boot up. The screen was black but I found by chance that if shine a lamp or light on the screen it is working.  Now being able to see what I was dooing on the screen faintly. So I updated the bios & that did not fix the problem but I was well happy about finding out this trick. I then added 8Gb kingston ram which works with my other T400 laptops. I installed Win 7 ultimate.  The laptop is working fine. No issues  just extreamley dark screen almost black "but working"  Very strange indeed. T400 - TWO      Now the second laptop was working fine. But I was swapping the parts with the non working laptop to determine the problem.  Now I have two T400 laptops with a dark almost black screen. But over about a month working on them I am making progress.  I am determind not to give up on these computers. This is not like fixing or repairing a computer. More like rezerecting a computer. I did not intend to spend so much time on these laptops but I have found a common problem that effects a lot of people. I would love to know why a  working laptop when re- assembled gives an almost black screen & still works. Norma... Read more

A:Lenovo T400 very dark screen

HI there, it seems you are suffering from dead screen inverters, maybe you shorted out the second one when swapping parts. Look at the Hardware Maintenance Manual for the T400, find the inverter FRU and order one to test the screens.
I think your problems will be solved. Post back with results, help others solve similar problems.

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So I tried to power on my T400 today and it wont work. The green lights come on like they normally would but the screen is black. I really need to go on the laptop for school. Any help is appreciated.

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how do you turn off  the three buttons above the mouse pad on a Lenovo t400.. they are a real nuisance when typing. thank you

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Hello today my Lenovo Thinkpad T400 just stopped working.

I turn it on and it stops at the IBM logo and nothing happens.

I tried removing the battery, turning it on with and without the battery. I checked the HD connection and still nothing

Last night it was working fine, this morning it was in sleep mode, I used it, closed all the application and applied a normal shutdown.

Thank you

A:Lenovo T400 Startup problems

Reseat your memory modules, if there are more than one module and this does not help, remove a module, if still a no go, swap out and use the other module.

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BSOD randomly on lenovo t400 help please

A:BSOD randomly on lenovo t400

Virus check
Scan your system with the following:

Kaspersky TDSSKiller - TDSSKiller Rootkit Removal Utility Free Download | Kaspersky Lab US

ESET online scanner - Online Virus Scanner Eset

Windows Defender Offline (optional)/in case above two show infection) - Run Windows Defender Offline

Start up
Keep less stuff at the start-up. Only anti-virus, this helps avoid driver conflicts and improves time to log in to windows.

Performing a Clean Startup
Startup Programs - Change

Run Memtest86+ for at least 8-10 passes. It may take up to 20 passes to find problems. Make sure to run it once after the system has been on for a few hours and is warm, and then also run it again when the system has been off for a few hours and is cold.
How to test and diagnose RAM issues with Memtest86+

Pay close attention to part 3 of the tutorial in order to rule the faulty RAM stick out.

Do this test overnight.

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hello I have a lenovo T400 that I received recently, it comes with a core processor 2 DUO P8700 @ 2.53 GHz.then I have seen on the internet that they sell this same model with Core I5 processor.it's possible? to update the CPU and have good performance.Thanks everyone for your help.

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Hello. I get BSOD some times... I do not know what with it I attached dmp file... Can someone help me? Thanks

A:Windows 7 x86, Lenovo T400 & BSOD

Can you tell us what the computer is? What version of Windows are you running? Looks like a memory issue... Do you know how to test the memory?

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I'm trying to disable the bluetooth radio (but not the wifi) on a T400.  the T400 does not appear on support.lenovo.com or support.ibm.com Fn-F5 does not respond.  Some other Fn combos do work like the keyboard light and the screen back light and numlock. There is a radio power switch but it turns off both the wifi and bluetooth. I've installed 3 different bluetooth drivers but non have a TURN IT OFF command. XP sp3 bthprops.cpl is version 5.1.2600.5512 (4/14/2008)Looks to be a Broadcom device.The system/hardware device manager shows drivers installed and working.no sign of any bluetooth options in the bios. After several years of use, this T400 just started (today) with the messages to install blue tooth drivers.  Something must have triggered it to try.  The auto install failed so I downloaded drivers from the www and non allow me to turn it off.  Weird.

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I recently bought for my old t400 a   a AUO screen ,model B141EW05 V3 (FRU 42T0699) with 30 pin connector from ebay. Sadly i dont know and i cant find any  led board compatible with this panel (my inverter from my old panel dont match of course). Anyone familiar with this led panel and the exact led board model i need to buy? Only info from manufacturer is its compatibility with t400, r400 laptops , 

s-l1600.jpg ?184 KB

A:lenovo t400 led board help for my led screen

T400 was a transitional model.  The previous model, t61, had CCFL backlights.  The next model, t410, was all LED backlights and the video cable also had the power for the backlight.  The LED board just had the status LEDs.  T400 had some CCFL backlight screens with a normal inverter.  As inverter converts the DC on the motherboard to the AC used by a CCFL bulb.  Some T400 machines had screens like your picture which has an LED backlight, no inverter and an LED control board that split off the DC to the LED backlight into the little ribbon cable in your picture.  The LED backlight models use an entirely different video cable.
It sounds like your machine originally had a CCFL backlight.  The net result is that the panel you bought won't work for you.  Return it if you can.

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I have just received a Lenovo T400, with XP installed, and it wont shut down. When shut down is attempted it reboots. The only way to shut it down is to hold down the power button during reboot for 5 seconds. The reason for the XP is that I am a helicopter engineer and all the helicopter maintenance manual and part catalogues are only ported to XP and wont run on Vista. The T400 is designed for Vista and I feel this may have something to do with the issue.

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Today, i installed windows vista on my t400.
I got all of the drivers installed...
I installed the 4500mhd driver then when i made sure it was working inside device manager, it had an arrow . If you need other information , lmk
BTW : I used HWiNFO t find out i had the 4500mhd

A:Lenovo T400 4500MHD Driver Issue

Hi did you go to lenovo for the drivers Lenovo Support - Drivers & Software (US)

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I recently changed my BIOS password (aka supervisor password) on my ThinkPad T400 and I did not write it down. I do remember that the character limit for this password was short (maybe 6,7,or 8 characters long). If I knew the (default?) character limit or length I could rule out dozens of other passwords in my memory and gain access to my computer that much sooner. Ive read every manual and users guide for my laptop and there is no other method readily available, no bypass solution so it is imperative that I remember what I set.. Thanks for your time.

A:Supervisor(BIOS) password for Lenovo T400...

rillo31957 said:

so it is imperative that I remember what I setClick to expand...

Indeed it is. That's the only solution so there's nothing that we can do as we don't assist with password issues as per the site rules.

As a result I'm closing this thread.

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Hey guys! My colleague & I recently purchased 2 Lenovo Thinkpad t400's with windows 10. Both laptops were supposed to be equipped with bluetooth. However, my laptop doesn't seem to have the bluetooth connectivity option available, while my colleague does! I have tried following the answers suggested in this post: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/user/VerifyUserEmailPage/user-id/1235911/mail-message-tracking/J02S5C8U... but still no luck. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance! PS I know the laptop has the bluetooth option because the small dash under the screen has the indicator for bluetooth but does not light up.

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Lenovo Community I'm in need of a new 9 cell battery for an older Lenovo model (T400) the Lenovo price is $179.00 (which is fine) but a see many other advertised prices as low as $33.00.  Anyone know why such a discrepancy. I would expect Lenovo?s prices to be "slightly? high but not as much as $146.00.  $33.00 is too good there is something I'm not aware of when it come to new batteries. Comments

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In this discussion, Amy from Lenovo recommends that we purchase Lenovo SSDs if we want thermal management: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-P-and-W-Series-Mobile/Can-I-add-a-Samsung-950-Pro-NVMe-SSD-to-... The link no longer directs us to a particular model. So I perform a search on the Lenovo site and see (among others) this model: ThinkPad 256GB SAMSUNG PCIe NVME TLC OPAL M.2 SSD http://www3.lenovo.com/us/en/accessories-and-monitors/memory-and-storage/storage/HDD-BO-ThinkPad-M-2... What is this? A Samsung SSD rebranded as a Lenovo SSD? Would I gain in compatibility with such a drive or not, and specifically regarding thermal management? Also, is there a misprint below concerning the read speed? "ThinkPad 256GB SAMSUNG PCIe NVME TLC OPAL M.2 SSD supporting PCIe 3.0 interface standard up to 4 lanes shows much faster performance than previous SATA SSDs. It's sequential performance is up to 300MB/s for read operation and 1700MB/s for write operation by 4 lanes. Test-Prove 100% Compatible with ThinkPad machines. " That has to be 3000MB/S, right? 

A:Thinkpad-Samsung or Lenovo-Samsung NVMe SSD? What is this?

My impression is that even Lenovo themselves does not have a clue.

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Hi .I have a Lenovo T400 6473pvu and at the same time two USB ports have a slot and I do not know what it is. It measures approximately 6 CM.Could you tell me what is please?Thank you.  

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A few things I can rule out here..

It's not the firewall: I've disabled the firewall through firewall.cpl
It's not the internet connection: I use the same cable as my other PC which works fine
It's not the antivirus software: I've done an uninstall of that.

A few things that could be useful
The servers I'm trying to connect to will connect with my second PC with the same internet connection
It won't connect to most MMOs (Starcraft: GE, San Andreas Multiplayer servers, Second life) but for some reason connected to Fallen Earth
A few San Andreas Multiplayer servers actually do connect, about 5 out of 1000, seemingly at random each refresh.
I recently had the Alureon.h rootkit trojan which I removed with TDS killer
Microsoft Forefront Client Security was my old antivirus. For some reason it wouldn't let me allow any programmes or change settings. It claimed I wasn't the administrator when I was. I've since uninstalled it.
It's a lenovo T400 laptop I purchased second hand. It was installed for me. Here are the specs if they're useful (DxDiag)
System Information
Time of this report: 6/13/2010, 22:38:28
Machine name: JNJ-54BFABD230E
Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3 (2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.100216-1514)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: LENOVO
System Model: 2768BN3
Processor: Intel(R) Core(... Read more

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My parents recently bought me a Lenovo T400 thinkpad. It came with Windows 7 Enterprise installed on it but it keeps saying that im activation key is incorrect/invalid. I've done some research and have came to the conclusion that it was previously used for some company that had volume licenses for this laptop.

1st. Am I right to make that assumption, and how can I keep windows 7 enterprise without having to purchase it since its already on my laptop and every time i sign on it keeps asking me about it and changes all my settings?
2nd. If i were to change softwares i can get windows 7 professional from my university but would i lose all the software from lenovo thats already on here like; fingerprint reader, updater, power controls etc.... and its ability to boot up in 20-25 seconds?

thank you in advance.

A:windows 7 enterprise activation issue with Lenovo T400

Is ther a Product Key Sticker on PC.

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Hello everyone
I am missing the wireless network icon from my task bar and Network Connections folder.
I have an inbuilt wireless card and the driver seems to be installed correctly.
Thanks for your help.

A:Missing wireless network connection icon Lenovo t400

Look in your manual, you probably have a wireless switch somewhere on the desktop or sides switched off.

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I finally got that dreaded "Fan Error" at boot time on my T500.  After some research on this board, this is what I have concluded: 1-  hit Escape, and the machine will boot.  It can do a lot of stuff without a fan turning.  Gaming caused it to overheat.  Either the processor would slow down (by being intermittant) or you get the black screen of death. 2-  It is relatively easy to follow the Hardware Maintenence Manual and remove the fan and heatsink assembly.  Once the assembly is removed, pry open the fan, and remove the blades and clean and lubricate the shaft.  My fan restarted, and the Fan Error went away.  No need to replace the fan. 3-  Unfortunately the machine overheats now (black screen of death), even though the fan does operate.  I traced this to a too liberal application of the thermal joint compound.  Made the compound a very thin film, and that seems to have helped.  Also when replacing heat sink assembly and before bolting it, wiggle it while pressing on it so the thermal joint compound spreads itself at the surfaces of contact.  This seems to have helped. Anything else that you may want to add to this thread?

A:Fan Error Lenovo T500 T510 T400 T410 T60 T61 - rejuvinating the fan

I run into the similar problem here.But even after I clean the fan assembly, the 'fan error' message persists. In fact when the machine is powered up, the fan will run about 3 second, then stops. The sys. self test then reports the error.It is quite weird. The fan is apparently working. The online search does not return much useful info.Anyone likes to comment?

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Hello all! May someone please tell me where this part belongs? I know it came from the left side under the part of my keyboard opposite of the cmos battery.. Somewhere in that area. I appreciate any help.


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A:A small piece/ part came off my laptop underneath the keyboard lenovo thinkpad t400

Nevermind guys, I figured it out. Thanks! ?

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I purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad T460S last year.  Two and a half month later, I could not connect to Internet via wireless.  I shipped my laptop in to Lenovo.  They cannot fix the laptop.  I requested a replacement.  It is more than 1 month since I shipped my laptop to Lenovo.  Still no replacement.  I have been out of computer for more than a month.  In this day and age when computer is so much a part of lives, this is very unacceptable.  Many times, I tried to contact the manager, who submitted an order for a replacement, to learn when I will get a replacement, I have never gotten a call back.  I called Lenovo sales department to check if I order a laptop with the same specification I had, how long would it take.  They told me they can ship it out in 10 days.  So, why can?t the manager tell me approximately when I can expect a replacement?  Looks like Lenovo has already taken my money so no more money to be made, so the order for replacement went to the lowest priority?Reading the message that I copied from Lenovo?s website below, Lenovo did not do what they said.  It is shameless to put the nice words out in the public but their actions do not reflect that.Another comment I have about Lenovo is that their technical support team is rather weak.  So, you may want to think twice about buying any Lenovo computer.  I definitely will not buy any Lenovo product again.  I also will tell all of m... Read more

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I have XP installed on my PC and wanted to install it on my laptop. I called MS to activate it and was told that the license did not allow me install it on two machines.

I can't believe this. Any comments?

A:not a technical question

"license did not allow me install it on two machines"

I believe technically it's supposed to be that way with all there OS's according to the ELUA

more info...XP Activation


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Can I change my Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5914 built with a AMD Sempron™ 3600+ CPU to a AMD Athlon 64/X2 CPU. Toshiba Tech support tells me that the processor is soldered and built into the motherboard but it is not. Both processors are socket AM2

A:Technical Question

The only hardware upgrade that you can usually make to a laptop is to add more RAM - if it supports adding more.

From what I've read so far, that model laptop comes with the AMD Sempron 3600+ 2.00 GHz processor and supports up to 4 GB of DDR2 PC2-6400(DDR2-800) RAM.


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Right hopefully someone can assist here!

I used to find Windows Media Player had a useful automatic cleanup option when 5 or more mp3s were found in the library without an actual mp3 file to relate too....

I want to know why now when i have 7 or 10 tracks that have been removed by myself, when i go to play them (forgetting i removed them) do i no longer get the option pop up asking if i would like WMP to cleanup the library!?!?

I use Windows 7 btw

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On my Lenovo 20FQ...With Windows 10 64 bit Redstone 2  build 1703 with latest updates...Original Samsung NVMe Ver.2.2 drivers can not be installed...for the 1TB m.2 2280 SSD PCIe NVMe, FRU 00UP414 Samsung PM961only the  Windows NVMe Standard drivers are accepted...With Windows Standard drivers too slow....who can help..Thanks in advance... 

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I just got a new Lenovo E545 laptop in the mail today with Windows 7 Professional.
I get randomly disconnected from my Wifi.  This happens anywhere from 5 minutes apart to 30 minutes apart.  I can't seem to find any common reason. 
I have Verizon Fios Quantum and am almost positive it is not an issue with the router.  All of my other devices including another laptop have no connectivity issues.
I have looked around online but can't seem to fix the issue.  I just checked and my drivers are up to date.  Once I troubleshoot the connection it has said several different things, from something related to my ip address to something to do with the wireless card.  It always is connected again within 30 seconds. 
Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks for any help.

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On my Lenovo 20FQ...With Windows 10 64 bit Redstone 2  build 1703 with latest updates...Original Samsung NVMe Ver.2.2 drivers can not be installed...for theThinkPad 1TB m.2 2280 SSD PCIe NVMe, 00UP414 Samsung PM961only the  Windows NVMe Standard drivers are accepted...who can help..Thanks in advance...

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I have a client who needs BOTH some PHP and some SSI code in a webpage. The filetype needs to remain as SHTML. I tried making an SHTML page that included PHP, but what happens when I modify the .htaccess file is that one or the other gets done, but not both.

For example, I used this in the .htaccess:

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .shtml
AddType text/x-server-parsed-html .shtml
DirectoryIndex index.shtml index.php index.html

That does the PHP coding just fine in the shtml file, but not the
<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/Tracking/ax.cgi" --> SSI code
line in the shtml page.

When I switch the first two lines, it does the SSI, but not the PHP.

How can I get it to do both the SSI *and* the PHP?



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