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[SOLVED] corrupted ip routing table

Q: [SOLVED] corrupted ip routing table

I am a complete novice so please be patient and talk to me like i'm a 6 year old if possible.
I have a 10 yr old hp with xp. I use a modem with Charter internet supplied by my apt complex for free. I recently bought a belkin router and a netgear tv box. Everything was working fine until we had a power outage during the night. The next morning nothing was working. A day later i got my modem, router and tv box to work. The computer worked after trying to turn it on 3 times. The monitor wouldn't come on at first. Now everything is working but i still can't get online. My connections say they are connected but nothing is received.
I ran the IE connection problem diagnostic tool and it says:
default gateway
no default gateway entry
corrupted routing table
the default route is missing or invalid
invalid IP address
could not connect HTTP connection
HTTPS and FTP connections

I have no idea what any of that means. Can you help? Thank you.

Preferred Solution: [SOLVED] corrupted ip routing table

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: [SOLVED] corrupted ip routing table

I assume you have tried to reset the router?

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I need to keed a static route added to the routing table on my pc.
Each time I turn off the PC it is removed.
How can I get it to stay?


A:Solved: Route added to routing table is deleted when pc is off

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My daughter's IBM ThinkPad 600E won't boot up into Windows 98SE. It tries to run scandisk but gives an error message that the FAT table is bad and it can't run. It then freezes when trying to open Windows. I also can't boot into safe mode but can boot to a DOS prompt. Any idea of a utility that can fix the drive?

A:[SOLVED] Corrupted FAT table?

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As mentioned above, i'm using an Alcatel Speedtouch pro - which was actually upgraded from a Speedtouch home.
Due to some security problems I was going to set up the internal NAT, to cut down on hacking attempts and to improve security.
While configuring the routing table on the web interface, i erased 2 entries, that were apparently default settings - starting with an ip of that were forwarded from PPP4 (my connection).
After that, i lost connectivity, and was unable to access the internet.
Luckily i was able to restore a dialer settings, and am now connected, through a dialer.

I tried restoring the router to defaults, but it doesn't seem to work, since i can still see my own entries in the routing table, and the entry i mentioned is still not there....
The manual i downloaded from the Alcatel homepage didn't offer any help either...
I need help... please?

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I have found the following in the event log and wondered what it is and why it is happening in the middle of the night.

2.01 AM Event ID 5000:
Recalculation of the routing table is complete. Result: The operation has completed successfully..

3.05 AM Event ID 5003:
A request was received to generate the offline Address Book.

3.05 AM Event ID 5004:
Generation of the offline Address Book is complete. Result: The operation has completed successfully..

Any ideas?


A:Recalculation of the routing table?


Um... looks like normal Exchange messages during it's backup and cleanup processes. Is the Server part of a larger organisation? Do you have multiple Exchange servers connected via the Internet, or X.400 links, or any High Speed direct connections?

If you are still worried, you can have a look at this Technet article: XADM: Routing Calculation Fails Across Entire Organization

Hope this helps

Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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I am setting up a test network to learn routing table and have encountered a issue. 
Main Internet gateway(, static routes / /
I used a dual nic machine with windows 7 as my second router . NIC 1 address, NIC 2 address 
this machine has static route on interface
Then I used another router with wan port addr, lan port addr
Added some clients machines at ,
Internet gateway routing table ...
Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags    Metric Ref    Use Type Iface
172.c.v.1    *      UH       0      0        0 WAN0 eth0   UG       52     0        0 LAN  br0   UG       51     0        0 LAN  br0    *        U        0 &... Read more

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I'm running Windows XP Home Edition with a Netgear Wireless router. The firmware of the router is up to date and I think the network drivers are also.

I periodically lose my internet connection. Running xpnetdiag fixes the problem. The diagnostic log says that the IP Routing Table is invalid and that there are invalid ARP cache entries.

How can I fix this permanently so I don't have to run the diagnostic software every day or so?


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I have a wireless network, I use a Linksys router.

When I click on "Advanced routing" (in the router interface), I see that two similar IP adress (one ends with .0 and the other ends with .1) are there which I am not familiar with. One is in the "Destination table" and one is in the "Gateway table". While I am not familiar with the IP-adresses, they are similar to my IP-adress which I have (the only difference is the last number, while the other IP-adresses ended with .0 and .1 my ends with .50).

What are those IP-adresses? Are those the IP-adress my ISP use, for me, to connect to? But if so, why two of them?
Or more concrete, what should I see in the Routing table?

A:Unknown IP-adresses in Routing table?

You're certainly not giving us much to go on. Is this a serious question?

If you are talking about that's the router's LAN address and is the "network" address, a reserved IP that is the lowest address in the IP address range.

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When I booted up today, I get a PCI IRQ routing table error.
I don't know what hardare this relates to or how to fix the problem.

RAM loads fine then circular booting occurs.
Interestingly, computer came with Win XP and when it tries to load, it flashes me a white Win ME screen!

I'll be happy to provide more detail if someone can try to help. Thank you.

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Hi, I use a Wireless Router in my home. My Dell inspiron and HP desktop connect fine to network. However, My Dell Vostro makes me jump through windows Vista repair hoops each and every log on. It first says it can't connect via IE. It then makes me DIAGNOSE PROBLEM. AFter 5-10 minutes it tells me it has detected Routing Table problem and problem with network Adapter. It takes 12 minutes to get a connection,.

This should be an easy fix; a driver update, a plug-in, and patch, etc.

Can anyone help please.

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I an developing a Digi XBee pass through serial to WiFi station device which will eventually go into a Linux environment.  But I am doing proof of concept with Windows.
With a pass thru device on a comm port (USB to TTL UART) how do you modify the routing (route add) to redirect the IP traffic to and from the specified serial port.  The PCs ethernet and WiFi cards are disabled.

Any ideas?

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Anyone know how to fix a corrupted partition table?
Every program i have tried has not worked because they all say that the table is corrupted.
I have reformatted once and i wouldnt like to have to again.
So any help would be VERY appreciated.

A:Partition Table corrupted

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Hi all,

For the past week I ve been having a lot of notifications on my Win2008 AD. They are the same:
NTDS (628) NTDSA: Database e:\Windows\NTDS\ntds.dit: Index DRA_USN_index of table datatable is corrupted (0).

Anybody knows what this is?

A:NTDS table is corrupted?

Your boot hard drive is failing

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PCI IRQ Routing Table Error on Boot
on: Today at 07:48:47 AM
I'm a novice, so I appreciate any help you can provide! Thanks!

This morning on boot, system froze at Black XP loading screen.
On reboot, I noted this error listed in POST
RAM loads fine, then white Win ME screen flashes (I'm running Win XP Pro!) then circles back to POST.
Recent changes to system:
installed PCI eSATA card over a week ago
installed pair of Corsair VS1BG400C3s and removed the old 512 pair over a week ago
installed Adobe CS3 Master Suite 3 days ago
YESTERDAY I installed drivers for a Kensington micro Bluetooth adapter, and the adapter is in a USB slot.

I have a 1TB LaCie external sitting here that I was going to install via one of the eSATA ports this morning to set up a backup system. Gulp!

When I installed the memory, the system autodetected and everything was running fine, so I've not messed with manual config.

Thank you.

System Info: (sorry if this is too much info - it's my most recent Belark file before the eSATA PCI card and Kensington installs)

Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (build 2600)
Processor - 3.00 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
8 kilobyte primary memory cache
512 kilobyte secondary memory cache
150.76 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
45 approx Gigabytes Hard Drive free space

3.5" format removeable media [Floppy drive]

EPSON Stylus Storage USB Device [H... Read more

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My Hitachi Touro 4TB disk partition got corrupted.
Originally it was one 4TB partition with about 2.5TB of files.

One minute it was fine, then it came up with "Need to format hard disk before use", then it wouldn't even start up.

The disk is currently mounted in a disk dock. The disk wouldn't start up in its original enclosure so there might have been a hardware problem with the electronics of the enclosure which corrupted the drive.

Now it has 3 partitions

465.75 GB RAW - Healthy (Primary Partition)
1582.25 GB Unallocated
1678.02 GB Unallocated.

I have tried TestDisk but for some reason after about an hour of scanning or so, the drive seems to switch off. But it seems fine when I'm using Windows software. I've tried writing MBR but TestDisk says it can't!!

Should I use something like easus partition manager and set the primary partition back to one 4TB partition and then use recovery software to recover the files or is there a better way?


A:Best way to sort out a corrupted partition table?

Sorry to say this, but in every instance where any of my partitions were reported as "raw", that mean that the drive had suffered physical damage. And, in NONE of those cases was I able to recover anything of any of the drives.

I had two fairly new Seagate drives do this to me last year, and in both cases, they were sudden head crashes.

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Hello Sir,

First of all,to inform you, this has happened due to my mistake! and i am really very guilty about it.

The thing is that i have both ubuntu 12.04 and win 7 home basic installed on my system.
I installed ubuntu later so as expected the win7 loader was replaced by the grub loader.
What i wanted to do was restore my original win7 loader so that i could set my default OS to Win7 so that i didn't have to select it every time my system booted up.

In this regard,i searched some youtube videos and then ended up with a video which was not described very well, still i followed it because i wanted to get back the win7 loader desperately.
I am providing the link to that video:

Restoring Windows's Bootloader After Installing Linux - YouTube

I went ahead with the steps described in the video, And then shit happened.
My windows partition got corrupted and now i stand at the risk of losing about 500gb of important data which i had collected in about over an year.

I am able to boot using ubuntu but i am unable to browse my files on the hard disk(which i could do easily, earlier) as it doesn't show any partition.

When i inserted the recovery disc,it simply gives the option of restoring the factory settings,nothing else(like repair,which it used to give earlier).

My question to you sir, is that, is there any way through which i can restore my computer to normal and save my data?

I will be really very very grateful to anyone who helps me out of thi... Read more

A:Corrupted Windows partition Table

Hi ankitSurfzen and welcome to Seven Forums. You could try Minitool Partition Wizard to recover the partition. This video will show you how. How to perform Partition Recovery with partition magic? Partition Wizard Partition Recovery Video Help.

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Silly me, I just saw the instructions here on how to post which I somehow missed before:

Is Windows 7 Professional
- x64 (64 bit)
- the original installed OS on the system? yes
- an OEM version
- OEM = NOT pre-installed - I installed myself when I build machine

- age of system (hardware): almost exactly 1 year old
- age of OS installation: almost exactly 1 year old also
- have you re-installed the OS?: no, I have never re-installed the OS

How do I get the dump files from a machine that won't load past the BIOS???

I haven't seen any recent threads on this so here is the situation:
I had a failed Service Pack Install so I ran both the Chkdsk C: /f function and a sfc /scannow System File checker functions as described in this article about Fixing a Failing Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Install.

I then installed and ran the Windows Update Readiness Tool.
Upon a 3rd reboot, I get the following error: 0cx000000e

I used the System Recovery Options from the Windows 7 Install Disk and the Startup Repair has diagnosed:

Test Performed:
Name: Check for updates
Result: Completed successfully. Error code 0x0.
Time Taken = 0 ms

Test Performed:
Name: System disk test
Result: Completed successfully. Error code 0x0.
Time Taken = 0 ms

Test Performed:
Name: Disk failure diagnosis
Result: Completed successfully. Error code 0x0.
Time Taken = 109 ms

Test Performed:
Name: Disk metadata test
Result: Completed successfu... Read more

A:0xc000000e - Partition Table Repair - corrupted F:\windows

Well, I see there has been some views of this post. Any ideas? even a RTFM comment would be appreciated. just tell me which manual. please. thanks.

or even tell me to just do a new install. or is it possible to do a repair install from the installation disk?

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I have a 20G hard disk that is (used to be) divided into 5 partitions.
When my computer booted up yesterday, only the C partition was visible -
the other partitions, containing all my personal files, installed games and
digital photos, had disappeared without a trace. Partition magic, which I had
used to partition the disk in the first place, informs me that "Logical drive
chain points to sector without partition table." Is there some utility that
can recover my partition table for me?

A:Any way to rescue corrupted partition table on hard disk?

Disk Doctor, which is part of the Norton Utilities or Norton System Works depending on your OS, may be able to correct your problem.

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The partition table is corrupted and I need to backup some stuff from C drive. I tried taking out the hard disk and backing up data but I got an error message saying that I need to format the disk before using it. Then I tried data recovery software recuva. It said " unable to determine filesystem type". Then I tried Testdisk n through it I recovered 2 partitions but not the C drive. Now I am using Mini tool Partition Wizard but it hangs at 9%. How should I get data from C drive?

A:Internal Hard Drive Partition Table Corrupted

Please do not start more than one thread for the same issue.

Closing duplicate.

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Hello everyone,
After I used "Acronis Disk Director" in a HirenBoot CD to cut some space from my D drive to my C drive (boot drive), I've got this "Windows is checking the D drive" then "Corrupted master file table. Checkdisk is aborted" on my D drive. After doing some homework, I've tried corrected it by using testdisk's Fix MFT function but "Both of the MFT files are corrupted. Can't fix".
I did not back up the whole partition.
Are there any other ways that I could try to fix this? I do not really want to buy $60 + commercial software that TestDisk recommends just to fix this possibly once-in-a-lifetime issue. However, if recovery softwares is the only option left, then I have to use them.
Cheers guys. I'd really appreciate any help.

A:Corrupted master file table after resizing partitions

You could try running:
MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record

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I have a Western Digital MyBook ES 500 GB external hard drive (USB and eSATA interfaces) for data backups formatted from a Windows XP PC that I now use with my laptop running Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. Recently my son connected it to his Apple PC and tried to create a partition to back up his files. Apparently this corrupted the partition table. I can no longer access any data on the hard drive. The drive does not appear in Computer but does appear in Device Manager and Disk Management.

I believe the problem is that the partition table (formatted for Windows) was modified by an Apple computer so that Windows can no longer tell what file system is on the partitions. My son is gone for a month and I no longer have access to his Apple computer so I can't plug the drive into an Apple computer to check if the drive gets detected.

I looked at the drive using:

1. Windows 7 Disk Management
2. Acronis Disk Director 11
3. EASEUS Partition Recovery (latest version)
4. Partition Wizard 5.2

None of them could do anything except delete or format the partitions. I saw no repair option or ability to mark the partitions as NTFS file system.

The partitions on my external drive are still there but no file system is shown for most of them. Acronis Disk Director shows the following information:

Disk 1 (GPT)
EFI 200 MB 200 MB Ba... Read more

A:Corrupted Partition Table on External USB Data Backup Drive

A big chunk is unallocated. Was some of your data there? If so try Partition Wizard Partition Recovery Wizard - Video Help.

See if PW can also run Partition Wizard Check File System which can recover some partitions that are not readable.

If not some success has been reported repairing the partition table using Disk Genius trialware: http://www.diskgenius.net/

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I have a Make Table query that when I run it and view the table in the query it shows only the data I want. But when I go and open the table that theis query made, there are entries that should not be there.

It is putting in rows with blank fields, I am not sure how to stop it. I have tired to put something in the query for that field but I get back the error "Invalid Use of Null"

If I could put in the criteria that worked I would be all set.

Any ideas?

A:Solved: Access (Make Table) Query Results Returned not Same as Table

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A previous thread indicated problems encountered when trying to update a Table of Contents and Table of Figures, etc. using Word 2007. I couldn't find any solutions to that message. I am having the same problem. I tell it to update the Table of Contents or Table of Figures, and it does that correctly, but as soon as I click "print" the page numbers all change to 2! Any ideas?

A:Solved: Word 2007 - Page Number Issues Updating Table of Contents and Table of Figure

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I am starting this Access database from scratch. I have to import/upload a sales file weekly. I will be adding this file to a main sales data table. The issue I have is that this file does not have any dates on it. I need to be able to add a start and end date to the table.

Example fields that I would need/have

start date
end date

Item #
Store #
Sales Units
Sales Dollars

What is the best way to handle this? I have an idea - just not sure what order I should put my steps for importing the file, asking for the date range, adding the date to the table, etc....

A:Solved: Access - import table - add date to table

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I am having trouble updating data from one table to another. I am not Appending the data.

I've linked the two tables on an ID field.
I created a select query to see the data I would update.
I changed the query to an Update query.
In the Update To field I placed the following: [table].[field name]

After running the query I noticed the update did not work. The data from the first Table did not get updated to the second Table it wound up being deleted from the first Table.

Your help is appreciated.


A:Solved: Access 2003 Update Table from another Table

Buttercup1, welcome to the Forum.
I am not sure why you wan to update the second table with data from the first table.
Can you show me a screenshot of your query with the table(s) in and also your Table relationships?

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Hi SF dudes

Just seeking some help with a bsod problem, iv followed the SF bsod posting guide and have collected the dump files(attached), if iv missed something please let me know.

Buils as follows:

CPU: AMD FX 8150 8-core (stock not OC)
Mobo: ASUS Sabertooth 990fx (latest firmware flashed, shows all system correctly)
RAM: Corair Vengence 1600mhz (cmz16gx3m4a1600c9)16gb 4x4gb
GPU: Gigabyte GF GTX670 OC 2gb (as factory, not OC)
PSU: Antec HCG 900w (SLi down the track)
SSD: OCZ vertex 3 240gb
Hdd-1: WD Green 2TB (WD20EARX)
Hdd-2: Old Hitachie 300gb 2.5inch (as per cutomer request)
ODD: LG BD-DVDRW combo (CH12LS28)
WiFi adpt: TP-Link Wireless N pci-e(TL-WN881ND)
OS: Win7 pro 64bit with SP1 Retail with key(not burnt,DLed or USB)
Aftermarket CPU cooler: Corsair H80

So i went through quite abit of ram testing, each dim and each slot tested with win7 memtest, clear with 10 passes each.
Done all win updates, 3 .net framework updates failed(could be a lead)
Device list shows all driver working, (no(!))
I dont want to rant but there are other details that could help so just ask for the specific info/data/spec and ill post.
I checked out the SF tool files but...
So if a few minidump & debug gurus could jump in here and take a look it would be great.
Thanks in advance and happy computing


A:New Build, Bsod at randow. Stop:0x1a sub:41790 table page corrupted

A few extra details:\

CPU: Idel 30-35 Load 42-46
MoBo: Load 36-42
GPU: Load 36-48
Collected using Asus Ai Suit(UptoDate)

All Bsod are Memery_Managment, stop:0x0000001a
with almost all 1st sub codes being 41790-table page corrupted

The GPU driver has me worried, everytime i go into device manager and hit the auto update button for the GPU the screen flickers and jumps but to generic stock resolution and fails to even see the driver, just shows generic driver,to resolve this i must uninstall then reinstall the driver but the same thing still happens with the update button even after the reinstall
Lets Go SF, hit me!

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2012R2 box won't join the domain, tried reseting computer object, tried deleting it/recreating it...  
Any ideas on where to fix the currupted policy table?  







SystemTime="2020-04-30T22:00:24.021435100Z" />





UserID="S-1-5-20" />

<Data Name="RuleName">{b76ed7a8-be84-4713-9504-6fb495209d03}</Data>

<Data Name="ErrorCode">1018</Data>


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 Event viewer displayed an error message Master File Table contains a corrupted file record . This system has no other symptoms.  I have run chkdsk /f and it did clean up/moving of the files it did not fix the MFT.  Can this been done with utility Dell Backup and Recovery or do I need a 3rd party program such as TestDisk?

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Hi I've ran a mem check through windows and it says my ram is fine. I was thinking of re-flashing my motherboard.
The story:
A week and a half ago I had to go back to windows 7 from windows 10. I did a clean install with a boot drive everything seemed fine then this blue screen happened. Updated it and everything the blue screen happened again. So... I reinstalled windows 7 again from my CD this time and wanted to upgrade to windows 10 and I got Safe OS error. Tried it with a boot driver had the same error again. Then it blue screened again. So I reinstalled windows up Updated it completely and it messed up with the updates.
I reseatted my ram switched slots reseated my gpu etc. I do not know why windows 7 is being so unstable when everything was fine when I had windows 10. I'm thinking its a driver issue but I do not know where to look.
Currently this version of windows 7 SP 1 I have only has a few updates. IE 11 has direct x stuff etc.

Win7 on SSD
two secondary hard drives
M4-CT1128M4SSD2 ATA Device
ST10000DM003-9YN162 ATA Device
WDC WD101EZEX-00BN5A0 ATA Device
Sapphire 7950 as gpu
i5 3570k cpu
biostar motherboard B75MU3B LGA 1155
Ram Patriot Gamer 2 DDR 3 PGD38G1600ELK 8GB

The computer can run hours at a time without blue screening
TLDR: installed windows 7 around 4 times still same problem

A:Blue Screen: A page table page has been corrupted win7?

Hello Toonation and welcome to 7forums!

Please run this as it will help us help you:

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

The dump files are a good start but to reach the finish line we need more!

Cheers, Boris

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I have a database that i'm creating that has 3 different tables. Its for safety violations at work. One table is the innitial one that has all the pasic information on it. I set it up so that it automatically assigns a number to each complaint filed. The other two are for follow up. One is for how the problem is going to be fixed and who is supposed to do it, And the other one is for verification to make sure that the problem has been fixed. My problem is that i want the two follow up tables to automatically import the complaint number when a new complaint is filed. I tried to set everything up myself, but had no luck. Can someone please help? Thanks.

A:Solved: update the column in one table based on the column of another table

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I would like to know if it is possible to achieve the following and if so how to do it?

We have a corporate network which host a private extranet. At present external users access the extranet via a public url e.g. www.ext.domain.com and users inside the network access the extranet via an internal hostname e.g. http://extranet/site

Is it possible to enable internal users to access the extranet via the external url? When I attempt this all internal users get our router login page.

I understand why this happens but not sure if it can be fixed. Reason I am looking at this is because some people are really thick and do not understand why internally the link is different lol.

Appreciate any help

Many Thanks

A:Solved: Routing Question

You should be able to modify the hosts file to acheive that.

I would guess you can group modify with a policy edit...

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I'm looking for the easiest solution to this problem that nets the least down time. Networking is not my forte so please forgive any flaws in this explanation. I appreciate any and all suggestions.

1. I manage a client's voice network that begins with a DS1 on an Adtran 3430 (managed by the ISP), to a Cisco Small Business VPN router to 2 PoE switches, to a VoIP phone system, voicemail server and several IP phones. The Cisco router is set to DHCP.

2. My client's LAN is separate, broadband ISP to Zywall, to PC's, printers, etc. and managed by a local IT company on an hourly basis. Somewhere in that setup is also a Barracuda.

So here is what I would like to accomplish. My voicemail server has an app that needs to communicate with the client's desktops whenever a call comes in for that particular user. Can I route this across the network in the router alone? Would I need to have the IT company just allow the traffic from that particular IP address of the voicemail server? If so, what would be the configuration?

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I have a D-Link adapter, aside from the on board Nic, both of which are working--but I can't get onto the net because the TCP/IP isn't configured, and I can't get it to configure.
I talked to Comcast and they said it's a MicroSoft problem.

It's a new PCChips mobo with 775 Intel cpu, and a XP Pro with a 250 GB Hitachi HD and 2GBs of mem.

In a program called Net Tools, it says that the IP Routing isn't enable.

When I go to Local Area Connection, the Properties tab is greyed out, and so is the Repair tab.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: IP Routing not enabled

I uninstalled the network adapters, and then reinstalled the mobo network drivers. The problem solved itself.

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I have a question on routing 2 network/subnets on my home network. I am running Windows 7 and have 2 virtual machines created that seem to be on a different network/subnet. The virtual machines have internet access, but I cannot ping the other pc's on my LAN. The IP assigned to one of the machines is:


But my internal IP are 192.168.1.x
same subnet
gateway 192.168.1.x

Do I need to create a route?

A:Solved: Routing 2 Networks/Subnet

You probably are using the NAT option for the NIC, change it to the shared NIC that uses the hardware directly, and you'll be in the same subnet.

At least that's the way Virtual PC and VMWARE work.

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I have a network on which we run a fairly high bandwidth application on a daily basis. It's all well and good. I have a machine running dnsmasq for DHCP and DNS queries. We also have internet access over this network through an ISP provided router. I think this is all pretty basic stuff. The router is the default gateway.

I am adding a security camera system using IP cameras, and a server running ZoneMinder (a web based application for controlling IP Cameras). I would like the entire security camera system to be on it's own network both for security and bandwidth reasons. My main network is all on 192.168.1\24 and I thought I would put the security cameras on 192.168.0\24

So I have this Netgear router connected to my main LAN on it's LAN side with a static IP ( and on it's WAN side, I have the router configured with a static IP ( connected to a (unmanaged) switch where the web server also has a static IP, and all of the cameras will also have static IPs.

I have turned off the DHCP, RIP, Firewall etc. on the Netgear, but I cannot ping the webserver on the other side of the router from inside my main LAN. If I traceroute, of course my requests go out the default gateway to my ISP. Now here is where I am stuck. I am sure that this all sounds like a bit of a dopey situation to many of you, but I am thinking that I may need to set dnsmasq to have a second gateway (the Netgear) so that my pings get there (I have no very good ideas abo... Read more

A:Solved: Simple routing problems

Update: I can now ping my webserver on the other network. Of course, it was a simple matter of adding a new route (in Linux: route add -net gw Under windows it is similar, I think route add -net netmask gw

But I really wanted to setup this route in the dnsmasq.conf file, so I wouldn't have to set it on each client. After MUCH head scratching, I think I found the solution for that...


This is for setting classless routing according to RFC-3442 (you can add additional routes by simply comma separating them. There is an example in the dnsmasq.conf file, but I must confess it took me awhile to understand if this was what I wanted, and if it was, exactly how to implement it).

Now... if I could just get internet access for the webserver (for updates and so on, not for serving to the internet). I can't seem to get any requests from the WAN side of the Netgear router to get passed back to the main LAN.

But I guess I may need to start a new thread for that.

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I need to disable my open relay on my Exchange Server because my ISP in control of my T1 is upset about the spam going thru it.

My problem is that I have remote sites which use me as a POP3 server. If I disable the routing I can not support them. Is there a way to disable it without discontinuing the support to my clients?

A:{Solved} - Routing On Exchange Server


If their accounts are stored on your Exchange server, then they have to have NT accounts. All they need to do is authenticate themselves with your SMTP server before sending the mail. This is easily accomplished in Outlook/Outlook Express. Go to your mail account settings and click on the Server tab.

Then put a tick in the bottom box for "Outgoing Mail Server" which says "My server needs authentication". You can then click on the settings button.

If they have NT accounts on your NT server, and use that username and password to access their POP3 mail, then they can use the same username and password.

If, however, they are just using your server as a Gateway to another mail server, and just want to use your server as an SMTP server, you will need to create an account for them to use, which they can input in the Settings area.

Disabling the Open Relay will not affect how the get their POP3 mail, as they have to give their username and password anyway.

And please, close the relay.

SPAM is bad, mmkay?


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Website: www.xperts.co.za/multiboot

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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I live in an area not served by cable or DSL. Wireless telephone providers offer "broadband" internet access using either a PC card or a USB device.

I would like to connect 2 or more computers (one Mac and other(s) Win XP) to the internet wirelessly using one or the other of the above-mentioned cellular products. I have been told that it might be possible using a wireless router, equipped with a USB port and the USB cellular access product . Another conceivable option, less preferable, might be to use my Dell laptop, equipped with the PC card cellular device, connected by Cat 5 cable to a wireless router, using Internet Connection Sharing, and have other computers access the internet wirelessly using my Dell laptop as some kind of a gateway.

Do you think either of these scenarios can work?

A:Solved: Wireless Routing using Cellular USB Device

Yes, people have used both. A router that can work with the cellular access is preferable (more convenient and more reliable), of course, but more expensive.

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Hi all ,
am new here , but have been following up your site for almost all my tech needs. KUdos tothe modo for keeping up with the content.

here is my situation. we have more than 200 POS units ready to be installed in restaurants for loyalty program. by default we decided the whole concept would work in the following manner

merchant swipes the card-----> pos unit connected to router sends information to singapore (our location is dubai ) -----> the information is processed and returned to merchant in dubai .

now that was a simple dream. but the reality of it is the following ,

none of the merchants have dedicated internet line (RJ45) , they use the telephone connection , where the POS unit dials a local number (UAE based). if we change that to dial to singapore , that would be just more than ridiculous.

hence i thought of hte following ,

merchant swipes card-- local tel line-----> information goes to local server --internet----> information sent to singapore ----processed---> sent back to dubai server ------> to merchant POS.

is this possible, can anyone help>?


A:Solved: POS machine data routing problem.

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I trust this may be the correct forum for my question:-

I recently changed my password for ebay and received an acknowledment to check that it was indeed me that changed the password.

My IPv4 address is 192.168.x.xx.

The email from ebay said that the password had been changed from IP address!

I clicked onto a site that I knew from previous experience showed the IP adress that was visiting (to show how easy itis to identify an I.P. address). It too showed my IP address as

I telephoned my provider (Virgin) technical support to ask why this was happening. The advisor had to consult a supervisor. The reply I then received was that my IP address is only valid as far as the router. From the router to any visited site, it was then Virgin Media's IP address that is displayed.

I find that hard to believe.

Can anyone confirm that this information is correct - or conversely that it should not be please.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

A:Solved: Is my provider re-routing my online activity?

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I have a persistent problem with IE7 in which instead of getting the page I wanted, I get an error 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage' and find that I have been routed to followed by a long string of alphanumeric characters.
Repeatedly attempting to get the required webpage does eventually succeed after several attempts but this is very irritating. The problem is particularly bad in Google.
I have Windows XP Home Version 5.1
Anyone help please?

A:[SOLVED] IE intermittently re-routing to unknown address

OK Solved it myself. Used the Reset option in Tools/Options/Advanced. IE now working perfectly.

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For some reason I cannot send emails to my brother or his office staff anymore. He runs a small business and I work for him from home. All of the emails that end @xxxxxxx.co.uk keep bouncing back with Failed; 5.4.3 (routing server failure).

I am using Office 2007 and BT Infinity.

I am not that great with computers so an "easy to understand" reply would be appreciated.

Neither of us have changed anything so why is it happening ??? I can receive emails from them ok and everyone else is getting mine.

Thanks to anyone who can help

A:Solved: Help ! Email Routing Server Failure

You are using the BT Infinity SMTP (outgoing email) server? And it is from there that the messages are bouncing back? If so, I would guess that the problem is BT Infinity's, and you'll need to contact them.

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I am using Outlook 2003 with several different email accounts. Is there a way to have email sent to a specific account routed to a folder other than the "Inbox". In other words can I have mail for Account A sent to the Inbox and mail from Account B automatically go to another folder?

Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Solved: Routing Email in Outlook 2003

You should be able to set up a Rule (Tools menu -> Rules and Alerts) to process messages coming through a specific account and put them into a specific folder.

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This may seem silly and I don't know why I never bothered to figure out why this is, but I hope I can get an answer here..

My network is a cable modem -> Linksys befsr41 -> HP procurve 1800, VOIP, main computer.

At the HP procurve 1800, I have 3 comps, 3 gaming devices, and in the last 2 slots, i have a wire carrying over to another procurve 1800, and to a wireless router. Now heres the question. Any computer connected to my linksys router, or the procurves, see my netgear readynas pro server array and shared drives. However, anyone connecting to the wireless router, do NOT see those shares. I am trying to figure out what routing or what settings need to be done so people who connect via the wireless router can see the shares from the readynas pro on my procurves?

I hope I explained it well enough..


A:Solved: Networking Routing? Users on One router don't see files on another?

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If I move a table row in Word 2007, it seems to split the table at the point it is inserted. The row above gets the table bottom formatting, the row I insert gets both table top and table bottom, and the next row gets table top. If I hover the mouse at the start of the inserted row it offers me the table start marker, as does hovering over the next row. This happens whether I drag and drop or cut and paste.

What&#8217;s going on, and how can I insert the row as part of the existing table, or at least re-merge the tables back to one again? I never had this problem with 2003.



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I would like to populate an excel sheet with the values that are there in another adjoining sheet (The excel file is the same). The issue here is the data in the adjoining sheet table is pivoted. So what I want is:
Sheet 1 (Columns): Server_Name, Oracle - Category backup etc
Sheet 2 (Columns): Server_Name, Monitors only and the monitors here have different values for each server.

Sample for Sheet 2:

Here is an excerpt from the first pivoted data sheet. This is my sheet 2 (the pivoted table) and my first sheet is the same as above.
sDisplayName sMonitorTypeName sMonitorTypeDescription (Placeholder?)
AQUA3 AQUA3 - AOL Jobs Monitors the ETL jobs on AQUA3
RPC Service NT Service Monitor
SNMP Test availability of SNMP
AQUA4 Oracle - Category backup Active Script Monitor
Oracle - DataPump backup Active Script Monitor
Oracle - DBA account created Active Script Monitor
Oracle - Keep Cache Active Script Monitor
Oracle - locked accounts Active Script Monitor
Oracle - RMAN backup Active Script Monitor
OracleDBConsoleORCL NT Service Monitor
AQUAMARINE3 RPC Service NT Service Monitor
SNMP Test availability of SNMP
BASIL3 RPC Service NT Service Monitor
SNMP Test availability of SNMP
BERYLLIUM1 Beryllium 1 - Eon Incremental Monitors the ETL jobs on Beryllium 1
RPC Service NT Service Monitor
SNMP Test availability of SNMP
BERYLLIUM2 Oracle - DBA account created Active Script Monitor
Oracle - Keep Cache Active Script Monitor
Oracle - locked accounts Active Script Monitor
OracleDBConsoleCBORC... Read more

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Just wondering if anyone could tell me if and how i can revert back to an older version of a table.

I had a table saved contain product details
whilst i was away a work mate accessed the table deleted some colums and saved over the table.
i was just wondering if the was anyway to undo this save, or if a back of the previous table could be found somewhere.

using Access 2000 on Win XP (no restore point available).

thx in adv.

A:Access 2000 table backups? / undo a save to a table

Not unless it's on a drive where you have been backing up the entire database or have specifically set up for the database to backup the data...

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