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windowblinds no transparency

Q: windowblinds no transparency

hey guys, im trying to use windowblinds (ive had it work on other computers before) but theres this one particular computer where when I try to apply skins with transparency the window isn't see through. ive replaced the uxtheme.dll file with the patched one. any other things i can do?

Preferred Solution: windowblinds no transparency

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: windowblinds no transparency

ok it says the reason is that the hardware in this pc "does not support acceleration of per pixel alpha". The PC has a PCI Radeon 9250 with the most updated drivers and software. Any idea how to enable this?

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I cant seem to get rid of this, not even in SM... Tray.dll , wbhelp.dll , wblind.dll and wbsrv.dll, says they are in use, but I cant find any program that would be running them


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i have windowblinds installed on my pc and everytime i try to run it it asks me to reboot my pc and says pls reboot your pc etc....(see attached pic)
i tried installing it as administrator and running it as administrator but still the same message!
pls anyone help!!!!


A:Can anyone help with Windowblinds?


Is this the trial or full purchased version? I would also try uninstalling and disabling any anti-virus/anti-spyware applications that might be running.

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Juz 1 2 ask,can i use WindowBlinds application.4 info,i already use patcher to enable theme.


windowblinds is differnet than patching to allow custom themes. windowblinds is a skinning program but they both work in a very similar way. i believe you can install wb on a patched system and use their skins if you would like but just to be safe create a system restore point before the install so that if it creates a problem you can revert back

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I have recently bought a version of WindowBlinds 5.0 , when I tryed to use a skin on my desktop everthing freezes up until I unload it . Everytime I reinstall The samething happens . Any help would be much appreciated .

A:WindowBlinds 5.0

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Skin your Windows Desktop Interface with WindowBlinds

WindowBlinds 10.03 changelog:
? Windows 10 Compatibility!
? WindowBlinds supports min/max/close buttons for universal applications
? Three new skins from Danioc
? Improved DPI scaling for large monitors
? Improvements to LibreOffice skinning


A:WindowBlinds 10 released!

Glad to see this finally released for Win10! Not many Win10 skins available yet on Wincustomize, but looking forward to their development.

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I downloaded windowblinds (trial) and I am trying to check out how to put skins on my XP. I click the skin in WB and it sends my skin to the old windows style. I'm not sure what the problem is, can someone help!

A:Windowblinds problems!

Have you used the trial before? Did you reboot after installation?

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I have been looking for a black theme for Win XP and I downloaded WindowBlinds trial version to see what it could do for my Windows XP GUI and I was not impressed with what they had to offer at all.

Ok just go uninstall this junk software, right?

Well when I try to uninstall(Using add/remove prog, and uninstall from program menu) I get the following error message from Wise Uninstall:

Could not open INSTALL.LOG file.

Please tell me how I might go about getting rid of this nuissance.

Thank you in advance to all who answer.


A:Can't uninstall WindowBlinds

Hi, Use Revo Uninstaller:1.Please download Revo Uninstaller. 2.Extract the ZIP file to a folder and run revouninstaller.exe from there! (You can copy that folder to an USB Mass storage drive and use it without any installation required!) 3.There are two ways to uninstall programs with Revo Uninstaller:Important: Please, try to close the application you want to uninstall first!Select the application in the list of installed applications and press the Uninstall button in the toolbar.Right-click the application and click the Uninstall command in the displayed menu. Follow the instructions.

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Ok I have full version of WindowBlinds and I used a skin.

How can I change the settings of this skin?
The skin I am using has some color/text settings to it that I want to change. Basically, I just want to keep some of the settings in DisplayProperties>Appearance>Advnaced.

I want to change:
- Title bar text/color
- Desktop color
- Hilight color

WindowBlinds won't allow me to change it though. I've unchecked some things listed under "Basic Settings", such as:
- Apply the skin's color scheme

Please help

A:Stardock WindowBlinds

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I was thinking of getting WindowBlinds 5 and putting it on this machine:
AMD Sempron 2800+
GeForce 4 Ti4200 64MB
512MB PC2700
60GB Maxtor 7200RPM HD
300W PS
7VM400M-RZ GigaByte Mobo

The computer is going to be used for old games, Max Payne, Max Payne 2, MOH Allied Assault, Call of Duty, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam, Splinter Cell, Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto III Vice City and maybe Half-Life 2, if it'd run it.

I was planning on using a Vista Theme (of course =P) but will this have any effect on my game frame rates since the computer doesnt have a whole lot of power in the first place?


A:Solved: WindowBlinds 5...

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Just recently I got WindowBlinds 5 did all the registration and everything . I grabed the VistaXP WB 3.0 and added it then clicked "apply now". The results at first we horrid everything just froze. I reset and still nthoign would open properly and the start button was gone and it takes about 10 freakin minutes open up pait and saving an image!!!

This is just driving me crazy so I finily got onto a different machine to post a message. Dude, WindowBlinds screwed up mycomputer badly!!!!!!!

Does any body know what i should do or have any suggestions???

Thanks in advance,

A:WindowBlinds 5 Problem!!!

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I don't know to much about them but i saw a link here to the site of deviant art. i was able to download a theme on my lap top but when i went to install on my desktop, it won't work...i tried dl file to desktop, tried just straight "run" i don't get it!!
the one i'm trying to dl is http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/12742929/
when i unzip the file, i just get a bunch of pictures..like so....! I'm soo confused...please please, help!!! txs

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A friend of mine has styles on a Dell but won't share how do i get that cool look on my PC?

A:where do i get xp styles or windowblinds pls.

A Google search shows Window Blinds,


And Style XP,


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Hey there guys! I was wondering... is WindowBlinds worth it to skin Windows? I don't really want to do it myself and when I tried to do it myself, I had so much problems with permissions that it became a chore just to apply a skin.

Do anybody got any problems with it? Is it worth it?

A:WindowBlinds : Is it worth it

I use third party custom themes from Mr Grim there are tons of themes on his site.
Whats New - Welcome to Virtual Customs
there are also loads more at deviant art.
Browsing Windows 7 Utilities on deviantART

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Whenever I try to apply a skin, it just appears as the Windows classic skin. However this only applies to skins not made by Windows.

A:WindowBlinds problem

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I am running win98se and just installed windowblinds for the first time for about 5 months. it installed fine and i can download skins, but when I click "apply" in the display properties, it does NOTHING... the hourglass doesnt even come up. what is wrong with it? it worked fine the last time I had it... that is, until i uninstalled it... there were some problems there. what do i do?

A:WindowBlinds NOT skinning

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i've installed windowblinds 4.2 (a skinning prog), on my pc. every time the pc boots a popup window appears asking if i'd like to upgrade to the $19.95 full version,(which I don't). Sometimes if another prog is running said popup sticks over it and is impossible to shift without a restart. any one know how I can kill it?

A:windowblinds 4.2 popup

that is probaly the price you pay for the free version.you could try the google toolbar which has a good pop up blocker.(free) and see if that stops it. if not you probaly have 2 choices buy the full version or remove the free version.

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In my search to freshen up my Win98 desktop, I've been pointed to WinCustomize.com and found a couple of interesting programs. Has anyone used these two before and if so, how are they? When you change the skins and icons, would this make the computer run any slower? Thanks for any thoughts you've got.

A:Used WindowBlinds and IconPackager before?

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Has anyone heard of this program? Anything good or bad to say about it?

A:WindowBlinds? Good or bad?

It does pretty much what it says on the tin! Some people swear by it, others swear at it. The only really bad thing you can say about it is that it costs hard earned cash to do a job that can mostly be emulated for free by the wonderful people who create W7 themes at deviantArt, virtualcustoms.net etc.

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Just in case anyone is curious, WindowsBlinds, the new version 7+, does not work.

Not only does it NOT change the display, more seriously, depending on the theme you select, it totally hoses up the display so that all you get is a black screen with a mouse cursor.

I was trying this because my old tablet PC is one of the infamous Intel 915 chipset laptops and I have been using WB successfully in Win7 to get themes that are better than the Windows Basic default.

Also tried the latest beta, and it has the same problems.

A:WindowBlinds doesn't work

For those who like the Seven Start Menu there is Start8, from Stardock.
I'm using it right now and it's doing good on my system, very configurable.

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I don't understand what's the deal with windowblinds files. These themes don't work proberly. The UXtheme.dll file is patched.

This is how it should look: http://img102.imageshack.us/img102/9470/shouldlooklikethisuz6.jpg

This is how it looks: http://img255.imageshack.us/img255/8308/itactuallylookslikethisro9.jpg

I tried a .msstyle file, I loaded it with StyleXP and worked perfectly. It looks like this: http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/2456/anotherstyletq3.jpg

I'm using Windows XP SP1.

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This is a problem a friend of mine, Cyberlizard, has been having. He had downloaded WindowBlinds from a torrent and installed it. Upon uninstalling it, it messed up his computer. Here are the error messages he gets.http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j153/Halohacker/error1.jpg (occurs when he starts up Windows)http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j153/Halohacker/error3.jpg (occurs as a result of error 1)He has not taken a screenshot of the 3rd error that occurs after he enters his password to connect to the internet.He is unable to get on the internet using his computer. He had tried a System Restore, but that only made things worse.I and another friend of mine, Daniel (who is an expert with computers) had attempted to help him using HijackThis. But HijackThis didn't detect anything that could be causing the problem.I then came across instructions on how to recover lost files in the RECYCLER hidden folder, and attempted to help Cyberlizard with that in an attempt to get the MoHlog.txt file back, but it kept coming up with an error message. With Daniel's recommendation, I had Cyber download Stellar Recovery to try to recover the file, but he has no idea how to use the program.Is there an easier way he can recover the MoHLog.txt? And would that fix his internet connection problem? If not, what can he do to fix his computer?

A:Problem Caused By Windowblinds

downloading shareware from a torrent?

modem on hold text file missing?

and wireless adapter profile missing

since he can't get on the internet you might download some scanners for him and see if they find anything?

It takes a long time to learn to read a hijackthis log

Sometimes it's best just to reload the computer

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I recently downloaded WindowBlinds 4.6, double clicked the windowblinds4_public.exe file, the blue wise installation thing comes up, then it says some Glbb126.tmp file caused an error in glbb126.tmp. Whenever I try it again, the GL is the same but the letters and numbers after that are always different. Can anyone help?

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Hello! I installed windowblinds and rebooted my pc, what i found next is that all my fonts where more big and white and i cant find where to change them back to normal!
Its a dumb question but if anyone knows can someone help me ?

A:WindowBlinds changed my fonts!

Have you tried right clicking on a blank desktop>clicking the Appearance tab and changing the font settings near the bottom?

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is windowblinds 7 worth the money? is it really as good as everyone seems to think, reliable? does it have better themes than custom shell? ive been using custom shell for a while but while browsing the deviantart i found windowblinds underneath windows 7 styles and had a look.

my question is:

which is better and why?

A:Windowblinds 7 VS custom shell

170 views and no replies, awesome. >.>

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I installed WindowBlinds for a theme, all went smooth on the install, i selected a red and black theme (its near the right hand side, forgot the name) i opened task manager to close a few un needed programs and my taskbar has dissapeared, with the background showing in the place, just an empty gap. cannot provide a pic due to not being able to open a program, i cannot right click anything at all, and whenever i go to make a new task and explorer.exe, it freezes the task manager. Anyway i can uninstall from control panel?

Just worried if i reboot and it won't show it still i cannot access the internet as the shortcuts are on the taskbar and not the desktop.

A:WindowBlinds, lost my taskbar.

Welcome to the Seven Forums

Press the Windows key on your keyboard and the start menu should open then try a System Restore you are still going to need a restart to do a system restore.


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I recently UN-Installed WindowBlinds and it gave me a crapload of trouble. I first off couldn't go back to a regular XP theme. And when I did it gave me just black everything, and I can see very few things. I can't change it back because even in safe mode it is impossible to see. I am using the administrator account on safe mode to send this. Any ideas as to how I delete the themes that were left over from WindowBlinds and go back to a normal desktop? Thank You.

A:WindowBlinds/Desktop Problems

Do you have Windows XP disc?

If yes, try a repair installation...you won't lose any data but should be able to repair the themes :)

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i've installed windowblinds 4.2 (a skinning prog)on windows XP, on my pc. every time the pc boots a popup window appears asking if i'd like to upgrade to the $19.95 full version,(which I don't). Sometimes if another prog is running said popup sticks over it and is impossible to shift without a restart. anyone know how I can kill it? cheers folks!

A:windowblinds skinning prog

Buy the full version...

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Hey there. I want to know if people out there really like their Windows skins or if they are customizing the look of their PC with WindowBlinds, etc. Are people bored of the same old. maybe trying to get skins that looks like EVEN, Mac OS X. I liked the Vista taskbar and system tray but not in Windows 7 >> so far. It wouldn't be so bad to have more 3D stuff. Finally, I would like to see the next Windows Media Player released soon, with a great UI as well.

Let me know when I can get the Windows Media Player "12".

A:WindowBlinds Skins Vs. Windows 7 UI

Hello unisol.

Regarding skins: have a look at the tutorial; at the link below. Not really what you're asking; but it opens endless possibilities.

Desktop Slideshow

Later Ted

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I have had quite the trouble reinstalling this program. First off whenever I try to uninstall I get a Error Message " Could not open INSTALL.log file" So i destroy every thing i could find related to Windowblinds on my PC. I re-downloaded Windowblinds and continued to install. During installation process it I get this error message...


A:(Solved) Help Fixing WindowBlinds

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I have recently downloaded, and installed WindowBlinds. After I installed, it had me reboot, and I did. My problem is the fact that it will not run. It just keeps giving me the message asking to reboot again, with the option to use additional process. I have tried that, and it will not work. Please help, and thanks in advance.Moderator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Windowblinds Reboot/installation Problem

Try uninstalling it and reinstall it, sometimes downloads get corrupted. Stuff happens.

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WindowBlinds 5.0 System Information Report:


WindowBlinds is installed correctly on this PC.

WindowBlinds appears to be activated on this PC

Your machine does not support per pixel borders on WindowBlinds skins.

This is because :

Your computer graphics hardware does not support acceleration of per pixel alpha. WindowBlinds requires this for per pixel alphablended borders as without it performance would be poor. Please see if you can obtain new drivers for your graphics hardware. Recent ATI & NVIDIA boards should support this feature. Onboard graphics tend not to.

You have one monitor in total.

(NEC AccuSync 95F) 1 is attached to RADEON 7500 SERIES

Wblind.dll 2006/03/21 13:33:46
Wbsrv.dll 2005/12/20 22:57:44
Wbconfig.exe 2006/03/19 14:33:44
Wbload.exe 2005/12/21 00:04:40
Wbhelp.dll 2004/09/18 15:37:00
Wbui.dll 2005/12/06 21:29:06
Tray.dll 2005/11/02 13:28:26

A:Windowblinds perpixel blending does not work.

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Recently I installed WindowBlinds and was impressed by how the appearance of Windows 98SE changed.
My problem surfaced when I tried to print from my Epson 600 printer. I now get an error message stating I must re-install "journal.dll" Running a "find" on my machine yields no journal.dll nor does it yield one on my wife's machine running Windows98SE also. Her machine doesn't have WindowBlinds installed and the printer works just fine with her machine.
Does anyone know of a fix I might try to clear up this problem ???????


A:WindowBlinds problem, journal.dll reinstall

try uninstalling and then reinstalling your printer software.

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Is there such a program/utility that will work in Windows 7?

I used to use winshade on XP, and there are a number of other ones that will reduce a window to the title bar only when doubleclicked, but I haven't found one for 7 yet.

A:Windowshade/windowblinds for Win7? (rollup/down windows)

Stardock.com - Your Edge In Software


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i use VS theme and want to switch to windowblinds (public).
i restored files that UTP offered and installed WB, but all i get is sort of windows 98 blinds (gray and no aero) and something with explorer goes wrong so when i open window i just see frames (of the window) and no content.
when i uninstall WB and patch files with UTP again everything goes back to normal, but it's not what i want.
can someone help me with this one?

A:remove universal theme patcher and install windowblinds problem

You have a couple of options..

1. run sfc /scannow from an elevated command prompt

2. do a repair install ... Repair Install

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Anybody know of a good program that can make ANY program transparent. I want to make windows like AIM 6 and Winamp transparent.


oops...should've tried my older stuff, glass2k still works

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So i need to know, what file actually makes the transparency in Windows 7 possible, since Windows XP isn't even capable of transparency and Windows 7 is, it means there must be one file ( or many files ) that are responsible for it, and im very interested in finding it.

I mean responsible in the way, that if you delete the file ( or files ) then you will no longer have transparency ( and probably mess up your Widnows 7 too. )

If anyone could help, i would be happy. Thanks.


There is no single file, many sets of dll files (the number should be logically almost double in case of 64 bit system in contrast to 32 bit), png images, bitmaps with transparency makes the look.

Many of these dll files are heart of the whole operating system (like explorer.exe, explorerframe.dll) ; if you want to delete, keep the installation DVD/ restore media ready for the next boot
Actually you cant delete them by default, Windows will not allow you. There is ways to overcome this barrier (taking ownership) to modify and make new themes.

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I want as much transparency as possible (startmenu, titlebars, the window backgrounds (at least in explorer and other winds windows ) the optionbars, bookmarkbars, etc.) and i am willing tp use 3rd party software/designs, if anyone can tell me a specific one which could work!


A:Want as much transparency as possible

Quote: Originally Posted by tAfkaA

I want as much transparency as possible (startmenu, titlebars, the window backgrounds (at least in explorer and other winds windows ) the optionbars, bookmarkbars, etc.) and i am willing tp use 3rd party software/designs, if anyone can tell me a specific one which could work!


You want transparent? Take your monitor and get rid of it. Now that is transparent!

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How can I make the background transparent under the icon so that only the writing under the icon appears? I have tried doing it in properties but there is no transparency. I am using windows 2000pro.


I use a free program called TransText

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How can I create DDS files with transparency?


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Need help !
I don't know why.. but for no reason, my windows transparency is totaly gone.

My taskbar and windows, everything, not transparant anymore

i realy want it back ..

Here is an example of what i mean .

what i have tried;

- changing the theme to standard and to others.*
- rebooting ^^
- downloading a costum theme (still thesame..)

*The window where you can choose your theme gives a transparant icon, so transparency should be on, no?, still doesnt work..

And i should get something like this :

But i dont .......
I get this :

Did some more research and i found out that the aero transparency is automaticly turned off when your pc-score is lower then 3, mine is 2.9, because of my hdd..
does this means my hdd is bad?

A:Help, transparency gone :/

Have you tried refreshing your WEI, sometimes you need to do this to enable areo.

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How do you create an image with a transparent background?


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Does anyone know how to create a transparent background in Paint Shop Pro 9. I can't seem to get the hang of it.


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Im using vista 64, how do i get transparency to work in the classic start menu view ?



Hi raks,

Personalization/Window color and appearance.


Sorry i completely misunderstood, better go to sleep

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What do you consider to be CD-transparency for: AAC, HE-AAC, MP1, MP2, MP3, Vorbis, WMA,, WMA Professional, PCM (LossyWAV), Musepack, and Opus. Due to poll size limitations MP1 & MP2 aren't included in poll, but you can still comment on them.
What is your prefered audio codec?
What is your prefered audio container?
I'll get things started....
While I haven't personally tried all of these codecs I usually find 128kbps to be CD-transparency, which is what people used to say back in the day anyways. I've used AAC alot, but only HE-AAC a few times so I can't really compare them fairly. I find WMA, WMA Pro, AAC, and Vorbis comparable though I've not used Vorbis much. I've never used Musepack, MP1, or MP2. MP3 provides fine sound, but I find it not to be as good as WMA, AAC, or Vorbis. Of course that could just be a placebo affect of knowing the track is an MP3. I tried an Opus track for the purpose of this thread, and would rank it slightly below MP3, everything was there it just seemed a bit lifeless. LossyWAV doesn't currently provide presets for 128kbps ranges or CBR, but on it's lowest quality setting it still has great sound even after being reprocessed multipel times! I'd say lossyWAV (PCM) is equal to or better than a similaritly encoded AAC based ... Read more

A:What Do You Consider To Be CD-transparency?

hello hollow face 
At night, when I'm asleep, in the dark, I am not tormented by a fear monsters nibbling off any part of my leg that protrudes from beneath the sheets into open air. Rather I am haunted by the idea that someone might break into my home, intending to install Linux or a Windows upgrade on my Windows XP machine.
I agree with above, xp is the most simple gates ware to use, less geek, more subjectivity, the latter be the feeling and healing enjoyment factor and advast has made it so far safe as anything out there,,,,,,,so far.
At the Chicago high end audio conference in 1999   The engineers at sony said "we will never make a CD sound better then a well made "Record"
And my friends will attest you have never heard "Dark Side Of The Moon" till you have heard a half speed super vinyl 1 minute 220 gram pressing of the albumn.
HOWEVER, that being history for the average music lover, it can be said that Digital compensation equipment has come light years, I can trully enjoy many recordings to the max, tho some CD's I just throw in trash cause the ADD stood for "another digital desaster" or DDD was just coldhearted beyound redemption., 30 inches per second of 1 inch thick recording tape may simply never be equiled in sound quality by 1 and 0's.
What i think is the real anserw to your question is, "what devices play back which codec the best" wmp sounds like hell on my equipment, but MP... Read more

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Anyone seen this happen yet? I would love to make this thing completely transparent.

A:100% Taskbar Transparency

have a look here

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