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Adding a timestamp field in a table in Access

Q: Adding a timestamp field in a table in Access


I would like to add a field to the end of my table called Timestamp. I want this field to be populated with the current time if a record is updated. I know I can set the default to =Now(), but that only sets the time and date the record is created. If I go in an update this record, that time or date does not change. Is there a way to inset a time and date that would automatically change? If not, is there an easier way then to just type in the time and date manually? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


Preferred Solution: Adding a timestamp field in a table in Access

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A: Adding a timestamp field in a table in Access

Have you tried =Date() ? That is what is used in the contact management database that comes with Access 2000.

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I am using a query in Access to clean up some unneeded text from a table, then create a new table with the cleaned up text. In addition, I need to add a column to this new table that is boolean format defaulting to a "no" value. I have successfully created this query except for the new boolean column. I can get the new column to default to a value, either no or 0, but it is in text format. If anyone knows how to do this I would appreciate the help.

A:Access-Adding a field to a table with a query

This query will do it:


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Hi! This is probably a pretty basic question, but I can't find an answer anywhere here or on the net. How do I add new fields, using VBA, to an existing table in Access? Without destroying thd data? My process: I initially import, using VBA, an Excel spreadsheet into a new table (this table is replaced each month by a new spreadsheet.) To facilitate my analysis of the data contained in that table, I need to add several fields to that existing table. Those fields will be used to store the results of several automated processes using that data. Because the table is created from the spreadsheet provided by another department each month, I need to add the new fields each time I import the spreadsheet. I am trying to do everything in VB because the final user needs to perform all functions by merely pushing buttons on a "Switchboard" My version is MSAccess2003. Thanks for your help!

A:Solved: Adding a new Field to an existing table in Access using VB

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I need to add an field to an index in a table using VB but I keep getting getting

Run TIme Error 3376 Cannot Append. An object with that name already exists in the collection.

Below is an example to try. What I ultimately want to do is add a field to an existing index but in this example I simply try to create anew index and add fields to it.

In this example, I create a table named "t New Test" then try to create an index that would be appended into the TableDef Indexes collection for that table (if I could get as far as adding Fields into the new Index in question.
Sub TryCreateTableWithIndex()

Dim CDB As DAO.Database
Dim TDFS As DAO.TableDefs
Dim TD As New DAO.TableDef
Dim F As DAO.Field
Dim NewIndex As DAO.Index

Const NewTableName As String = "t New Test"

Set CDB = CurrentDb()
Set TDFS = CDB.TableDefs

'Check to see if there's an existing table with the name we want...
'If already exists then quit
For Each TD In TDFS
If TD.Name = NewTableName Then
Call MsgBox("Cannot proceed.. a table named " & NewTableName & " already exists", vbOKOnly + vbCritical, "Table Already Exists")
Set TD = Nothing
Set TDFS = Nothing
Set CDB = Nothing
Exit Sub
End If
Next TD

TD.Name = "t New Test"
Set F = TD.CreateField("R... Read more

A:Solved: MS Access having trouble adding a field to an table index in VB

This appears to be a case where you have to know the "magic incantation" to make things work.

I was under the mistaken impression that you could just get a field definition from any convenient source (like the TableDef.Fields Collection) and append it to the Index.Fields Collection.

Rather, you MUST apparently use the Index.CreateField method on the Index object
and then append the resulting field to the collection.

In the example above, replace
'This is where the code fails...
'says there's already an object with that name in the collection
NewIndex.Fields.Append F
'This work nicely now
Set F = NewIndex.CreateField("Rec No", dbLong)
NewIndex.Fields.Append F
I don't know what havoc might be wreaked if the field definition appended to the Index.Fields collection is different from the field definition (of the same name) existing in the TableDef.Fields Collection.

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I have a table titled time_slips used to track the amount of time an attorney spends with a member. In the time_slips table there is a field titled reference_id which is a combo box pulling it's displayed information from another table titled references. Also in the time_slips table is a field named details which is native to this table.

My question is, can I have the details field auto-populate "no charge" when a certain reference id is selected (i.e. 300)?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

A:Solved: Access Auto-Populate a Field using a field from another table

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I've been playing around with this and can't figure it out...
I'd like to add a sold versus capacity percentage (I call it Load Factor) to a pivot table. I have attached my sample file with my notes. Could someone please try to help me out?
Thank you so much.

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I'm relatively new to access, only been working with it on and off for the past few months or so and have run into a little problem now.

Basically, a date is entered in a field on a table called "Date of Entry", and another value is entered in a different field called "Serving Period". Now I have another field called "Expiry Date", and basically it's the value (date) of "Serving Period" added to the date in "Enter Date". I suppose that it would possibly have something to do with the Default Value of the "Expiry Date", but that's where I'm confused. Of course, I need not make it automatic and let the user do the math himself, but I'd rather it was done this way if possible.

I'm using Access 2007 on Windows 7.

Any help appreciated.

A:Default Value for table field in Access 2007

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Please help

I have 2 tables:-

1 Master Input Table.
1 Job Lookup table - (contains Job Number and Name)

When in-putting job details into the Master Input table i would like to enter the job number only and have the job name appear automatically without running a query, much the same as a 'vLookup' command in excel.

Is this possible?

Can anyone help?

A:Auto Fill In MS Access Table Field

Yes it is, the easiest way is to have the Job Lookup Table as a Sub form on the master form (Master Input Table) linked via the Job Number.
Or you could select it from a combo box, (no typing).

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I'm fairly new to access and have created a database which amongst other things, keeps track of the current status of drawings.

I have a table called "Drawing Register" which contains the information on a list of drawings including drawing number, title, revision and status.
I then have another table called "Review"

In this table I can obtain the title of the drawing from the drawing register, then i manually enter comments on the particular drawing and also it's status (Status being either A, B or C)

I want the "Drawing Register" table to be updated with the status of the drawing (when it is entered into the "Review" table.

The reason for this is I want to print a report from "Drawing Register" showing the current status of each drawing.

Now is the bit I cannot work out.

If I review a drawing which for argument's sake is called "100", I enter the current status (eg Status A)
The "Drawing Register" table updates the "Review Field" to "A"
At a later date, I may want to review drawing "100" again (but create a new record as I don't want to overwrite the previous review record), so if I add a new record in the "Review" table and add new comments for drawing "100", and then I make the status "B", the "Drawing Register" updated the "Review Field" to "B" which is correct, but it also updated the pre... Read more

A:Access 2003 - Update a field in another table (one way)

Hi Phil, welcome to TSG Forums!

If I got the picture right then your approach needs to be altered a little bit.
1) The Status field should be removed from Drawing Register table, beacuse the status is, actually, not a property of the drawing, but that of the review. Additionally, placing the same data in two or more different tables/fields is breaking one of the most basic rules of databases.
2) A query should be created, which contains all the necessary fields from Drawing Register table, and also the newest Status from the Review table. The tables can be joined by the name or ID of the drawing, and the query can be used as source for report printing.


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I have a table which is quite large, and is updated every week, so far no issues, but this week I made a mistake when entering the week number and had to delete all the entries from the database , this was a endless task as filtering the week took some good time... question is:

Is there any way that I can "update" a field on the table with the new field, all of them are teh same value, in this particular case is a week number.

Appreciate the help.

Thanks in advance,

A:Access 2010 - Update field in a table

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I have 2 tables that are linked by a zipcode field. One one table there is a kinda count field. If the zipcode field on the first table is updated, then I want the count on the second table to increase by one.How can I go about doing this? Thanks for all the help.

Additional info left out: The zipcode field on the count table has a list of zipcodes. When a zipcode is entered on the other table, I want it to match the zipcode in the count table and update the count for that zipcode. Thanks.

A:Update one field in a table based on another field in another table.

Not quite sure what you are trying to do, but is linking the zip code fields a good idea? Are you tring to find the number of times that a particular zip code is entered?

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Hi All,
I need an help in creating auto number field in access database. Let me explain you further. I have an access database which 20 million records. When i am trying to add auto number field i am getting error "File sharing lock count exceeded".
Then i did some google search and got some infomation like editing the registry file , in my case its not possible due to security restrictions.
And another option of adding a code in VB immediate window also i tried but this option is also not working.

"DAO.DBEngine.SetOption dbmaxlocksperfile,25000000"
Can anyone help how to solve this issue else can you please help me on how to auto populate the numbers in a specific field using VBA codes.
Thanks in advance.

A:Auto number field in a Access database table

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Over a month ago, I posted this topic here:


However I never had the time to try out the suggestion. I've finally gotten a holiday though, and so gave it a go. Here's the code I'm using in the After Update Procedure, as advised by OBP:

currentyear = Year([DateofEntry])
newyear = currentyear + Me.[PeriodLength]
Me.[ScheduledDateofRelease] = Left(Me.[DateofEntry], 6) & newyear

It does work, so thank you for that

However, it does produce some odd errors. First of all, it only updates the "ScheduledDateofRelease" after I have clicked "Save" on the form, and once I try to close the form access gives me an error saying that:

"You cannot save this record at this time". In the same dialogue box it says "If you close this object now, the data changes you have made will be lost. Do you want to close the object anyway?"

After clicking yes on that box, and navigating to the table which is the source for this form, I find that the new record has indeed been added, contrary to what the error message was saying.

Another odd thing that occurs is that once I enter a new record into the form and click save, I can't go backwards or forwards through records on the form and am instead presented with the error stating "You can't go to the specified record."

Any help appreciated

edit: I've just rea... Read more

A:Solved: Default Value for table field in Access 2007

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I've been working on a database to save subscriber & ticket information for my community non-profit theater group. After lots of trial and a ton or error, I like what I have, but determined that I need to change the way I store some of my data. This required the addition of a text field which has a list of 3 lookup values. I added this to the table in design view--no problem.

The problem is in the forms I've already generated. I went to design view for my form and put in a combo box for this new field. The wizard asks me what I want to do with the values: remember them for later or enter them into a field. I would like them entered into my new field. That's what this combo box is for. However, to enter them into a field, the wizard lets me select only from a drop down list of the fields available in that table, and it doesn't include my newly added field. I imagine that this is because the form itself was created before I added this field. I could recreate the whole form, but I spent a long time designing it, and all I want is to add the one new field. If push comes to shove, I'll start from scratch and do the whole form over again, but I can't believe there is not a way to do this.

If it's of any consequence, this form is actually a subform, but I'm attempting all the modifications to the subform on it's own, so I don't imagine that's got anything to do with this prpoblem.

If someone could please educate me I'... Read more

A:Solved: Access--new field in table & problem with form

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This seems like it would be a common task in Access but I can't find any reference to it.

I have a combo box with three choices, Kamazaoo, Grand Rapids, and Traverse City. The field name is location. The location is entered only once but there is no limit to the amount of records that can be added. When one record is finished Access defaults to the previous location and starts a new record.

I know how to do a make table query but can I do a make table query based on the fields value? For instance if the entry person is finished entering data for Kalamazoo a button could be pushed that would make a Kalamazoo table.

Building the Ultimate site list for PC support.

A:Make table based on form field in Access

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I have created a database in Access 2007 with 4 tables, Customers, Products, Orders, and Order Details (the specific items for each order). I know you don't want to dupliate data and "calculated fields belong in reports and queries" but we change the prices frequently and I need the UnitPrice from the Product Database to "update" to the Order Details Table on the day the order is input.

I have a Order Input Form with 2 sub-forms and my relationships are set one-to-many on primary keys. All other queries and forms work great. I have tried looking at the Northwinds database to determine how they do an "AfterUpdate" event procedure but I haven't used VBA since Access 97 and am not able to convert it for use with my form.

Help is appreciated!


A:Access 2007 Update Table Field from Form

Cosla, have a look at the database that I posted here
at post #5.

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I am currently using Microsoft Access 2002. I wanted to know if there was a way for me to append an entire column from a table into a single memo field.

I am trying to make a distribution list memo field in an access table. I wanted to grab an "email address" column to upload into this memo field. I could reference the memo field later on when I send emails from Access.

Is there any way to do this?

A:Microsoft Access - Appending Table To Memo Field

First, you don't really give enough info: is this a one time append or is this for continuing functionality in a form?

If it is the latter, what you would probably need to to is create a list box that populates all the email addresses in your database. Then, based on which items in the box you chose, you could loop through, using vba, and create a string value. Once you have the string with the email addresses, you would commit that to your memo field.

Hope this helps,


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Hi There

To make a long story short say I have a table called Table1 with only 3 currency fields called Deposit1, Deposit2, Deposit3 and TotalDeposit. I then create an input form based on Table1. On the form, In design view, I use all 4 fields. On the TotalDeposit field on the form, I do a calculated field as follows:


I then populate the 3 fields with currency - $100, $200 and $300

On the form the calculated field shows a total of $600. However, when I go back to the table, the TotalDeposit field has a zero? How come? How do I get the calculated field on the form to appear on the table??


A:Access problem in calculated field on form to appear in Table

Hi Mario

How exactly have you set your TotalDeposit field to be populated with the sum of the other three fields? That is - where have you typed [Deposit1]+[Deposit2]+[Deposit3]?


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I have a control in a form that calculates the Gross Monthly Income based on amount entered in Annual Income (=IIf([AnnIncome]>0,[AnnIncome]/12,0)). Can the results of this expression be used to update the Gross Monthly Income field in the underlying table?


A:Access-Update field in table from expression in form?

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Okay I hope this will be easy.

I have a form that links to a Table. We input information into this form it then dumps the information into the table. Lets call this table Table 1. We also have a second table that has all of our facilities information (I.E. Site name, location, phone number, and whatnot). Lets call this table Table 2.

Now on Table 1 there is a field that has a listbox of the Site Names you click on it get the drop down and pick the location you want. What it DOESN'T do is the following.

I have a phone number field in Table 2 that I want to auto-populate the phone number field of Table 1 depending on the site picked in the listbox where this listbox reffences the same table 2 I want the phone number from.

EG Table 2 has Site A in the first column and hone number A in the second column, Site B phone number B, Site C and phone number C and so fourth. I want to pick on Table 1 the Site A and have Phone number A auto populate from Table 2's Phone number A and so fourth.

Can this be done fairly easily?

A:Solved: Access DB -Autopopulate a field from a secondary table.

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Does anyone know the best way to copy records from one field in a table to another field in the same table? There are approx. 40,000 records that need to be copied.

A:Solved: Access Table: Copy Data from One Field To Another

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Hi All!

I have a form that calculates an employees current age in a Text box (based on today's date and their date of birth). I created the form to act as an 'entry' form for new employees in an HR database.

I have a field called 'age' in a table that I would like to populate with the result of this formula. How can I do so when the 'Control Source' property of the text box on the form is holding the formula!? That's where I would normally link it back to the table!

Thanks in advance for any help!



A:Can an access table field populate from a calculated cell in a form?

You use simple VBA code in the Date of Birth field's After Update Event Procedure and set the Age field's Control Source to the table field to store the data.

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I have a form that I'm using to enter orders for inventory. I just ordered 2 phones I'd like to have listed as 2 separate records (they will be physically tagged individually, so they need to be separated in the table).

I'd like to have a Quantity field that when I type a number and save the record from the form, the number in the Quantity field adds that number of identical records (aside from the Autonumber field for the primary key).

Is this possible? If not, how should I go about it?

We have larger orders, sometimes 10-20 items, all with the same everything in the record except for the physical tag number that will be applied to each item when it comes in.

Thanks in advance.

A:Access 2010: Form quantity field that adds records to table

If the form is for entering the actual order details then you shouldn't have a record in the order table for each item in the quantity field.
What you could do is is to add a record for each item in the quantity field in the Inventory table using the Item's ID to identify it.

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I have been struggling with this for a couple of days.

Here's the scenario: I have 2 sets of data, one shows repeat calls for a list of customers, the other shows trouble reports for the same set of customers. I want to count how many times each of these customers called within 30 days of the original trouble report.

I have tried using a nested count Iif expression but I don't have a lot of experience with expressions and apparently am using it incorrectly. What I have tried is something like this:

=Count(IIf([Contact Date/Time],+30,1))

Any suggestions or ideas are welcome at this point. Thank you in advance!



A:Access 2013 - Count only if date falls within 30 days of field from different table

I would create a 'groupby' query using the DateAdd function for criteria. If this is a report you should be able to link this query to the report query by acct number or something.
SQL looks like this example
SELECT Table1.Name2, Count(Table1.ID) AS NameCount
FROM Table1
WHERE (((Table1.Date1)>DateAdd('d',-30,Date())))
GROUP BY Table1.Name2;

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I have a form (parent form) that has more than 1 pages and on 1 page I put a sub-form with text boxes and combo boxes linked to a table say Table 2.
In this Table 2 it contains historical data of a particular field, say previous employers and the current employer and the data on each employer of a person, so there's a field: a flag to mark that a record is the current one and the other records of the same person are not flagged.

On the parent form, there's a list box displaying content of say Table 1, say list of people.
Whenever a row is selected in this list box, the text boxes and combo boxes on the sub-form should display this person's current data (a record with the current flag checked).
So I linked the list box to the sub-form by the person ID in both tables, by populating the child and parent fields on the forms.

What I'm confused about is the first text boxes display the current dummy data, but then the combo boxes are empty.
It's dummy data cos for now in Table 2, there's only 1 record for a person.
I haven't put the criteria to display data that has the current flag checked, cos there's only 1 record per person now.

I linked each combo box to the relevant field of Table 2 on the "control source".
There's nothing in the "row source" of the combo box, even though later on there should be.

Any idea what went wrong?

Thanks in advance.

A:Problem displaying value of a table field in a combo box in a subform in Access 2003

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Now that I have the rate information pulling from my other table, the Rate Total won't calculate unless I overtype the rate field with a new entry. What I would like to do is just press enter to confirm the field and move past it and have the total automatically recalculate.

I think that this would be an event procedure on Enter but I don't know what VBA code to use to make it happen?

Can you please tell me if this is correct and what code will make this recalculate?

A:Solved: Access 2007, Recalculate field after data is pulled from table. OBP??

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I currently have a button (Command88) on a form that searches a field (FirstPick) for the value that the user enters.
What I need is to edit the VBA so that if it fails to find a record containing that FirstPick value, it goes on to search a second field (SecondPick) on the same form, for the same value.

I'm sure it's really simple, but I don't know how to do it and have limited time to find an answer.

The code behind the button as it stands is as follows:

Private Sub Command88_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_Command88_Click

DoCmd.DoMenuItem acFormBar, acEditMenu, 10, , acMenuVer70

Exit Sub

MsgBox Err.Description
Resume Exit_Command88_Click

End Sub

So... on failing to find the value in the FirstPick field, I need it to check the new SecondPick field. Failure to find the value in either field can go to the error message as usual.


A:MS Access: adding a second field to a search using VBA

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Good afternoon all!

I am working on writing a Security Incident Report program, and I am running into a problem. I have a Date/Time field, which I am attempting to auto-update from another Date/Time field, based on the result of a Yes/No field input. Is this even possible? To be specific, the user enters the date of the report. On the next form page, it asks the user if the report date is the same as the incident date. If the user answers Yes, I would like it to enter the data from the report date field and grey out the option to enter the new date. If the report date is different from the incident date, the user would then be required to enter the date of the incident. This takes place three different times on the same form, based on the incident date, date responders cleared from the incident, and the date the incident was placed under control. I am running Access 2007. Thank you!

A:Creating Access 2007 Auto-populate field based on different table Yes/No data

GrahamTechnology, welcome to the Forum.
Yes it is using VBA.

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Hi all,

I need some more help with a form in Access. I used the wizard and created a form with all fields I thought I wanted. Now I want to add another field (item from the field list) from a table in my database. I cannot find a way to update or change the field list of my form once I have created it.

It is the same form I had help with last time (an overtime tracker). I select an employee from the list who has his salary info saved in the employee table. When I select the employee in my form, I want to display his salary in another text box so I can use it for calculations.

On a similar note. I updated the table that my form is based off of and renamed a column. Whenever I open the field list in my form, the same column heading remains even though it exists nowhere else in the database. How do I update the field list?

Any help would be appreciated. If you need more info please let me know, thanks.

A:Solved: Adding field to Access Form

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Hi Techguy,

Have attached a access database. Once you click "New WF", you can see the fileds listed.

In the field "Amount" that has to be in "Currency format" also it has to be reflect in the front sheet.

requirement 2 :

In the field "Remainder" i need a list has to be pop up as "Remainder 1", "Remainder 2", "Remainder 3".

As i just created both "Amount" and "Remainder" column but its not working, can you please amend the database and help me to get this done.

I could not be able to attach database tool..... i would appreciate if you could count provide me clear comments on this, so that i can amend the tool.

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Hi there,
I am not that cluey with access vba programming and I need some help please.
I have a Table called (Parts) with columns (PartName), (PartNumber), (PartCost), (Quantity)...
I have (Parts) table linked to (Repairs) table in one to many relationship.
I have a Form linked to the table (Repairs) with different fields to enter different repair details.
Among these fields is: combo box (PartsNameCombo) where you can select the Part Name from values listed in (PartName) column in table (Parts), and I have used the following codes to populate the selected part's cost accordingly:

Private Sub PartNameCombo_Change()
'Auto populate Part cost based on Part Name
Me.PartCost.Value = Me.PartNameCombo.Column(2)
End Sub

I have repeated the above combo box three times (in case different parts used in one repair).

My Question: I would like to add code to automatically subtract (1) from part's Quantity in (Parts) table whenever a particular (PartName) is selected in the combo box.
so for example, if in a repair, I selected: (front case) in the first combo box and (display screen) in second combo box, I want the cases quantity to drop by one and also screens quantity to drop by 1?
Any one can please help?

A:Updating table value when different table form field updated

At least two ways to do this but I wouldn't make it automatic. What if the wrong Part name was inadvertently selected? I would ad a button to the form "Take one from Inventory" and execute an update query that basically does Quantity= Quantity-1 . This query would need to link to PartNumber on the active form.

The other way would be to write the SQL to do the update in VBA and run the EXEC SQL command under the new button.

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Hi there,
I am not that cluey with access vba programming and I need some help please.
I have a Table called (Parts) with columns (PartName), (PartNumber), (PartCost), (Quantity)...
I have (Parts) table linked to (Repairs) table in one to many relationship.
I have a Form linked to the table (Repairs) with different fields to enter different repair details.
Among these fields is: combo box (PartsNameCombo) where you can select the Part Name from values listed in (PartName) column in table (Parts), and I have used the following codes to populate the selected part's cost accordingly:

Private Sub PartNameCombo_Change()
'Auto populate Part cost based on Part Name
Me.PartCost.Value = Me.PartNameCombo.Column(2)
End Sub

I have repeated the above combo box three times (in case different parts used in one repair).

My Question: I would like to add code to automatically subtract (1) from part's Quantity in (Parts) table whenever a particular (PartName) is selected in the combo box.
so for example, if in a repair, I selected: (front case) in the first combo box and (display screen) in second combo box, I want the cases quantity to drop by one and also screens quantity to drop by 1?
Any one can please help?

A:Updating table value when different table form field updated

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I have an old database with customer info in it. I am working with a new database however, that has some of the old customers in it. The old database has some customer details about these customers that I would like to have in my new database. I am having trouble adding the data from the table in the old database to the table in the new database.

So far I have imported the old table into my new database and have tried to Insert Into the New Customers table the CustDescriptions FROM the Old Customers table WHERE FirstName=FirstName And LastName=LastName And Address=Address. This did not work it just added new rows to my table instead of inserting the data into the current rows where the criteria matched.

Any help on how to make this work would be great! Thanks ahead of time.


A:Access 2000 - adding additional data to a table

Hi - firstly are you using different or the same versions of Access? Secondly I would just cut/copy and paste the records from table to table but you must ensure that the properties for the fields are identical.


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You guys have been a huge help in the past with issues I've had with Software Licensing database I created in Access, so I'm hoping you can lend a hand with a new issue I'm running into:

i copied some data from a table to do some comparison and clean up in Excel. I realized a little late that I should have pulled more fields than I did... I have done the clean up and now I'd like to get the additional fields to finish the job. I've imported the cleaned up data as a new table (Table A) and want to run a query against the original table (Table B) to pull those additional fields. Not all of the records in Table A are present in Table B, and vice versa.

In the query design, I show Tables A and B and join the First Name, Last Name and Application fields. The Join Properties are to include all records from Table A and only those from Table B where the joined fields are equal. Table A has 1606 records, so my hope is to have the query return 1606 records with the missing fields added. I'm bringing in all of the fields from Table A and adding the missing fields from Table B.

The query returns 1899 records. I ofound one user who only has four records in Table A, three records in Table B, and the query is returning 12 records for them.

What am I doing wrong?

A:Access 2010 - Adding fields to a table using a query

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Basically I have a situation where users are creating data tables in Microsoft Word using the creating table functionality, and are then resquesting that the data will be imported into a single Microsoft Database field.

Please could someone show me the best way of doing this!!!!!!

Cheers !!!

A:Importing Table Data Into Multiple Access Field Data?

Do you mean they're creating, say, a 3-row by 3-column table and then they want to import everything in that one table into a single field? a single record?

Out of curiosity, what happens if you copy and paste, perhaps with an intermediate step through Excel?

Also, is there a reason why your users cannot work directly in Access?

More details, please.

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Hi, how do I add a timestamp to all of my images on my pc?

A:Adding timestamp to images

Where do you want to add it?
In printed photos?
As text appearing on the actual photo?
In the filename?

Are these photos from a digital camera? There is a timestamp embedded into these files. You can view it in Windows Explorer, by viewing 'Date Taken'.

Xnview, a free photo editor can do all these things using the embedded date. You can also batch process multiple photos.

IF you need help with the setup, just ask.

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Here is what I'm trying to do.

For lists Equipment in drop down box.
Whatever equipment that is select, the equipment type field needs to be updated from a table.

Is there a way to get a value from SQL statement?

SQL = "SELECT [Equipment Type] FROM OrderDetails Where " _
& " Equipment = '" & Me.Equipment & "'"
[Forms]![OrderDetails]![Equipment Type] = SQL

A:Help with access form (insert table value into form field)

Mhouser, if you are trying to "display" a value related to the Combo selection you can have thta value as an extra column in the combo and refer to it with simple VBA.
You should not populate a Field's actual value with that from the combo as that is duplication.
Can you tell me which one you are trying to do?

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Hi Guys,

I am running a batch file through the night to copy things between servers (using the xcopy command).

The files being copied are quite large (171MB) and I am wanting to know what time they finish copying over.

I have a Pause command at the end of the script which allows me to see that it has finished successfully when I arrive at work in the morning. Is there a way for it to insert a timestamp just before the pause to show the finishing time?

A:Solved: Adding a timestamp to Batch Scripts

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I have been using Window 8 Pro's "File History" feature for the past couple of months.  However, I recently had to start over due to a Bitlocker Issue.  I set everything the same as last time.  Yet, when I navigate into File History's
directory on the external drive (e.g., J:\FileHistory\user\Data\....) I see that Windows is now adding a UTC timestamp on all the files, such as "familyvacation(2013_02_23 20_47_36 UTC).mov".
My question is whether there is any way to remove the automatic addition of this time stamp information to the file name?  I don't recall this being present on the initial FileHistory backup I initially did. 

Any and all help is of course greatly appreciated. 
All the best,

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I have different mailing lists that I want to add to a mailing list in my database. There may be duplicate addresses in these lists. I want to only add an Address, FirstName, LastName record once. So how do I combine these lists with my original list without adding a duplicate Address, FirstName, LastName record?

A:importing data from a table to another table without adding duplicates?

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Using Access 2003-

I need to use an existing table field value in an If statement- I have found only many different ways to get error messages.

The user selected the table name "Module" and is just a text name.

I want to look up the value of the field "Valid" in the "Modules" table.

If the value is "Yes" [straight text field] then I want to open a form and have that module number be already loaded into the "Module Number" field.

If the value is "No" then I want a pop-up form that tells the user "That number does not presently exist. Would you like to create a new Module now?" with two buttons- one that says "Yes" and opens the new module form and the other to just say "Cancel".

Thanks for your help!

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I have a database where I have created a form with 5 places to chose types of errors on an application. Those errors are associated with a Grouping. For example: In the table called Summary of Errors I have an error that reads " Agent Calculated New Rates" in the column beside it the Grouping would be "Premium Differences". Within the form, if I selected the "Agent Calculated New Rates" error I would want the grouping to auto populate in the table. Could someone please explain how to do that. I am sure its something simple.

A:Autopopilating a field in a table

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I have a column for Count of Missed rooms, and a count of Total rooms. I would like to use a calculated field to create a % of Missed and Successful.
Every time to try to create a calculated field, I get #DIV/0! and 0
What am I missing here? I've even taken the raw data and moved it to a new workbook to try and re create it... same issue
I'm attaching a print screen

A:Pivot table Calculated Field not doing its job

the fields with Red and Blue are added in... they are not part of the pivot table. In fact, they have the formulas that I want... Only, I want them as part of the pivot table instead of formulas just sitting there

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I have 2 tables and need to copy all the values from one field of tblB to an existing field in tblA.

I am using the RunSQL command from within an Access Macro and have inserted this SQL Statement.

UPDATE tblA SET fieldA = fieldB from tblB

This syntax does not seem to be correct since I am getting error message:
"Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression 'fieldB from tblB'."

Can you please help.


A:SQL statement to copy field from one table to another

try this:
select * into tblB from tblA

I hope these helps.
good luck.

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Hi There

Does anyone know how to convert a merge field (for multiple letters) into a table.

I have a list of assets and values saved in an excel workbook seperated by a | and want to convert the merge field into a table once all records have been merged. Its impossible to split the cell in excel (truth be told theres more than one list and without knowing how many assets there are in each cell I will end up overwriting data and the excel file is already big enough)

For someone reason it converts the merge field into just one cell of a table.

I tried this on a just plain text (same data) and it works fine.

If anyone can thing of a way to do it hopefully as part of a mailmerge before/after event it would be appreciated.



A:Word - Converting merge field to table

You need to click on the "Update all Labels" button when using the Label format. I think it is the 4th step into the wizard at the bottom of the taskpane. It is easily missed by many.

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Dear all,
I don't know how to elaborate my problem. But what i wanted to know is Eg, i got a master sales type table [ ID, orderTYPE , OrderNo] which is related to sale table [id, ordertype, orderno date] in a relationship of 1 to many.
SO, how can i insert 2 fields (ordertype and orderno) into a form in which i would select the ordertype from the Sale Type table by combo box and it will auto-shown the orderno which is in sale type table. Meaning that i would need the sale order no to be like YD (ordertype) 1(orderno) , YB.1 and so forth.The orderno in sale table is duplicated as well as the ordertype.
Hope u help me out.

Thanks a lot.

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